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Episode 246 Scott Adams: The FBI Report, Bullies and Male Privilege

2018-10-04 | 🔗


  • Dems trapped themselves with their Kavanaugh 1 week demand
  • Bret Stephens NYT article
  • The Kavanaugh dust-up feels a lot like “proxy revenge”
  • Alyssa Milano’s MSNBC anti-men, anti-Trump comments
  • China’s chip hack was a massive intelligence accomplishment
  • Democrats challenging the FBI’s credibility over Kavanaugh
  • BLM slogan is genius…and also racist
  • “Believe Women” is sexist…implies don’t believe men
  • Ye brokering sit-down between President Trump and Kaepernick

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but a bump bump up up up our own joanne hey julian dirty uncle a rather russell they order the mountaineer if you in here on time it will be time for you to enjoy the unparalleled pleasure this called the simultaneous up a whole you know how it goes it goes something like this you grab your mom you got your vessel you're jealous sure your cup you fill it with your favor beverage lifted your lips and you simultaneously sip on my mark go so in the headlines the
we has submitted its reports this report is not an investigation is just right for some people they talk to and of course all of the conversation will be about hey was at the fbi investigation good enough now as i said before the the democrats sort of trap themselves with this demand for one week of an fbi investigation and although the following conversation never took place i want you to imagine as if it had i'm going to one of the characters in this one act play will be dale deal the anti jumper
you can imagine corey bucker or anybody else and the other character the president trump it's a one act play and it goes like this present jump you have to you have to have a full investigation followed by delegation with you with the fbi investigating and looking into this otherwise we care about it's it's all wrong we have enough the fbi investigation well are you just trying to delay because it feels like you just trying to delay why are you giving us delay we just want one week just one week of an fbi investigation just like they did with me the hill does one week at all and then at me a full investigation president trump so if i let them
investigate for one week then i we have satisfied the main thing you're asking right i know you'll never do it you'll never do it never get investigators you dont want the truth all we need is one week president drop oh yeah how i say yes let's have that one week in vain donation in which we talk to people there must these three or four people we haven't talked to who apparently have nothing important say or we would have already talked to them but we we'll do that i think absolutely right let's get to the bottom of this let's have one week of one for robust week of maximum fbi investigation
and then you'll be happy right what's happening here i understand why have the year well happening as you ask for something and you said it was important and i'm offering you to the fbi and i'm glad and yet one week investigation a i see the trick gonna be overly narrow you're narrowing it it's too narrow is too narrow well good point i think i'll tell the f b i too sure they do what they need to do we won't we will narrow too much just talk to the people they think are necessary what's happening what's happening here i don't know what's happening here well deal giving you what you're asking for
don't like the ones and seen so the funny part here as i look for my power cord is that the democrats totally walked into a narrow ravine and surrendered well we're in the narrow ravine happens now i like there's narrow ravine who are those up on the ledge they seem to be armed i think it a workout what's happening now so so it's hilarious theatre and the claim that the democrats had that the process was unfair just one from a reasonably good claim to
pretty weak claim does now not you have an investigator them now it's just what l maybe i could talk to some other people or or maybe those people investigated for hours at a time the people testified cabin on four maybe we needed ass the more questions as if they had something else to say so the requests of a very weak hand here it's another another good week for the present i would say that the commissioner will certainly be approved unless there's some new supplies today now here's an interesting fact toward the because the devil rats treated kevin i as a solid block of no votes or no democrats who are saying if it maybe because these they voted along party lines and it was clear that word before any accusations came out or anything else it
it made it is safe for the administration the trump administration to do any kind of power play they want because the democrats had signalled so so completely their lack of willingness to be part of the system as we know it the advice and consent once they gave up all legitimacy as part of the process it was no longer reasonable to negotiate with them so while the rescue work and we have some other this and other nominee you can imagine that in some earlier time imagine if you would for example that half of the democrats had a problem with them be a few republicans were wondering too
in sort of a normal working together a collegial situation you could imagine where the president might say you know maybe a different president but might say you know there are enough people concerned we got to get this right i'm going to have to get we're going to take all these opinions into consideration if we move on to another person but because the democrats were a solid block it is absolute permission for the republicans devoted a solid block and to simply counter it all counts as another site cuz you want a little bit of balance of power right you don't want one power to be one side to be able to walk over the other side of the system but it's less of a problem if the majority if the majority is getting what it wants which looks like that's going to happen
so the democrats gave up all credibility by voting as a solid block without without regard to really any information and so the republicans have the same free pass it's too all free pass devoted men now i would say that the the larger question of can we let somebody like like cavenaugh be taken down by accusations of things he did when seventeen can win can we live in a world of users solidly no solidly no i i also suspect that mail voters a lot of male voters are gonna be defecting the democrats i don't know if you're have a lot of feed
voters defecting republicans over this probably song is it's a big country sounds there's always somebody doing something but i would expect therefore every republican woman who might say i'm gonna go the democrats on this one cause of this issue there might be one in five men who say i don't want to live in a world where an accusation is enough so there was a great article by breast stevens in the new york times about how easily apparently no trump fan but in this particular case he prefers a bully is one of those trades do whereas the bullies on your side you can like a bully because you don't wanna get bullied and the best person to stop you from getting bullied is a bully
i'll tell you that in high school bullying of course is a thing in every school but my high school the the biggest physically the biggest most dangerous tafurs boy was a friend of mine i like him we are we delay stuff together play sports together stuff and so when lesser bullies attend to believe me you didn't really work because the biggest boy was on my side i don't think i planned it that way i remember my thinking but trump is unlike that use the bigger bully so there are a lot of men were looking at the situation saying sure this is fair anymore you remember it wasn't long ago that the complaint against men sounded like this who is your mail privilege white male privilege
and when i hear stuff like that i said to myself ok that's that's actually a real thing not in every situation i don't think the unemployed ex steelworker in the rush belt is gonna love bill prevalent white male privilege but i do so i would say that there is now like a white male privilege the excess so suddenly complains about it i'm gonna say well is not some kind of universal thing i don't know what to do about it is not necessarily fair you can say about it but a leash you're talking about something you're talking about something that's a real thing and you can you say i may not agree but it's a legitimate conversation but does it like it went past that they went past led to outright and e mail behaviour to me it felt like the cavern nothing was
see revenge proxy meaning a stand in that there were a lot of lot of women and lot of probably a lot of damage thus in general who fell like victims a lot of women were literally victims of men in their past are the democrats who probably feel like victims just because their party is not power and they're afraid of trump etc so feels to me like the attacks on cabin worry and partly naked politics as you would expect them but they they seem to be fuelled the energy behind them the the enthusiasm wasn't just about abortion because as i have said before the states would probably keep the abortion laws largely intact and most place not everywhere but does seem to me that this was more of a revenge situation did you feel that way to you to me i fell like
the people i didn't know were taken revenge on people like me people like cavanaugh because there were very angry about other things that have happened and that is such a big important thing that you have to stop that he can have a civilization where people get products revenge this was revenge against trump it was revenge against every man and would every wrong them it was hatred of of white people by some people not everybody in nothing i'm saying is true of every person these urgent
rallies what it felt like anti way they male anti trump it was just proxy revenge at least for the public for the public if i like revenge for the politicians it was more of a power grab in which they were manipulated the emotions of their there are people did everything you see the view that a listen may gave honour thinkers msnbc in which she actually speculated that trump had some kind of called like mine control going now she said if you actually saw the the on msnbc msnbc the most the group they probably headstrong more than anybody and they just looked at each other like when she's talking about his call like mine control abilities
but the horse you just like your even they weren't able i'm bored so once again we see a and over reach that is almost certainly going to activate more men than women enter the degree that they the democrats have branded themselves as the anti male party and that's where it is now i would say that it wasn't long ago that i would have said that the democrats were more pro women and i would have said that might be a good idea could be healthy i like that better democratic process where there are parties that are different they got a distinct point view they might be advocates for some group more than others as long as its explicit as long as we can vote against it or for it i'm ok with a good healthy
competition of ideas so there's nothing inherently wrong with having one of the major parties be far more heavily young female centric there's nothing wrong with it but i think they overshot the mark and they have gone to you they ve been emboldened and become bullies and they become leather anti mail at this point in a way that the democrats and i'm sorry in a way that the republicans are unambiguously not anti female the republicans do have a number of policies about reproductive rights and stuff that women would not prefer by a majority i believe i think this
women by a majority would not prefer those things but there's nothing in the republic in philosophy that's based on a dislike or an animal to women in fact is the opposite the reason conservatives in our
pro life includes women were lit a female female fetuses shall we say if you want to be specific the the republicans are specifically trying to protect women from immigration crime there trying to protect women from being aborted but they do not give them the same without would prefer that women i had the same options for reproductive rights in some cases but there's no hatred and that it is just a difference of what's the best way to organise society on that and the democratic side there's actual agent and
when was the last time you saw everything they look like a well hold back that question there is always something so fast enough about that so the anti male party is probably made one of the probably this this cavenaugh in situ and there's a non zero chance the historians will look back at this as the worst mistake a political party made now you can argue that one hillary clinton said her deplorable comment that was a gigantic problem but there was one person making one comment in one place you know so it turned out poorly but i dare say that was the party the whole cavanaugh thing really is about the whole party guesses and organise party wide attempt
historians are going to say it just looked so anti mail that they just kill themselves the other you shut themselves in the foot others story today moving on about apparently china managed to cleverly insert a very tiny grain of rice sized chip a lot of circuit boards that end up ended up as com and a lot of different technology in different countries and this little chip would give them the ability to control those machines or monitor them or spiral apparently it's a really big deal because there are so many somebody devices others spider bottom now have two reaction that number one apparently it was a pretty awesome spy accomplishment so if you just if you just trying to assess how good a job
how capable the chinese are how well do they spy a plus servant a plus spy operation until they get caught who knows who knows how to help them until then but and some good spy work that's good spy work except that they got caught now if you are what you learn isolation you'd say to yourself you know that's all the countries aspiring against each other if weaken it to them we certainly would have year will have the opportunity sure worse by about them there's by about us it's a tie but when you throw that in with the fact that the majority of the artificial sentinel is coming from china and we assume that they could do a lot more to stop it
maybe intentional so they have a massive you know hacking and spying operations against us there are killing tender room maybe ten forty thousand people a year with their their sentinel that they could stop and their stealing intellectual property which is the basis for our entire economy no and i hope to be helpful in north korea but one has doubts about that now given all of that how just as my in reaching a trade deal which either a lot less interested that i was a week ago a lot less interested so china i just want you to know that you know you ve certainly lost face because the sentinel situation and petition
you got caught with a spy and you're not willing apparently to do a good trade deal with the united states and your encroaching on these self china and expanding jose china your brand is the worst i've seen it in years and johnny you should be ashamed the the the proper feeling for chinese citizens should be shame because your exporting death to your customers the united states people who should be your allies shame on you shame on china shame on president she for this situation and firm yeah i certainly don't want anything bad to happen to you s companies because of a trade war with china but my vote in the government might need to prop up some of the u s industries because this i'd be in favour of that
but i say go hard on china as hard as as hard as we need to go for as long as we need to go and if takes down the chinese economy by twenty percent it's not our problem time to put china on ass i had been not aid china hawk until they were implicated in the death of my steps on this week who died of offence at all overdose for those of you who know me will be buried him on saturday and there's no way to know that that specific dose offence in all came from china but apparently most of it does most of it does and so china you are my enemy as long as this is going on and you should be ashamed you should be ashamed and i've never been more supportive of president drums
trade war than i am right now so the other funniest thing this going on is that we ve been watching for how long have we been watching president from criticise the fbi because of political politicize polarization police the size about the election and people live in the cave and struck at least the page where election and people live in the cave and lisa page were allegedly politicized and it made the fbi look politicized but what does the democrats say the whole time the fbi is not politicized you should trust the fbi so
criticising the fbi and then the fbi does this extra interviews for the cavaliers situation and what does the left say that's not good enough what kind of fbi investigations that while the first thing is is now really stagnation is just a background check it although these these to secure actions are entirely different right there leisurely logically there's nothing in common with what struck and page and those people were doing with these interviews completely different people completely different situation right but in our minds in our minds the credibility of the fbi is still sort of the summary of both those stories and
so now the left who has been defending the f b i for all of its goodness and my god they would never be political has to look at this situation and completely reverse their opinion so assuming cavanaugh gets approved it's gonna it's gonna make trump law stronger is gonna make trump look more like he is fighting on the side of the underdog e g falsely accused it's gonna make every accusation made against trump himself the various women who made active nations guess them it's gonna make all of them look less credible just by us moses just by association with the story because the because the stories coming
the cardinal story were extraordinarily non credible at least two of the more you one of them had at least a credible person who has no bill i witnesses we're story so and that's the most credible one so this lack of credibility on cavanaugh sort of transfers to all of us and trumpet particular so i would say that women in terms of the the believe ability of women i won't let me let me say this as clearly as possible what the democrats would like is that women be believed when they make claims so that would be i would say that would be on the top of the stated list of what they want the unstated stop as you know they won't power they want women something that both of these states
did objectives the things clearly inconsistently said by democrats is we need to be in a world where women are believed with these accusations what is the outcome of all this cabinet stuff when he gets approved can confirmed which i think is gonna happen well what all what will happen to the credibility of women way down when you say now again i'm not talking about truth truth we were not really ever now what happened thirty five years ago so the truth is beyond her beyond our grasp but in terms of credibility do do you believe it enough to act on it do you trust the person say enough to act on it and find out the real facts in terms of credibility
women have taken the biggest hit to credibility i've ever seen so if you are a woman and you wanted to be part of a party that was helping you you'd have to see that the democrats have destroyed the credibility of women with his cabin or thing only because the overreach only because only because at least some of the claims and until specifically talking about the the gang rape claims are so wildly unbelievable that they sort of morph in your mind as one big not credible false outlook is accusations my women will do anything to stop this white man you know none of this is necessarily fact based but if thou it feels to openness citing women took a gigantic hit this because their credibility will be forever cavanaugh forever forever
christine forwarded the out at every time a woman makes a claim of this nature a man who is going through this system is say well ourselves a warlike christine ford sounds a lot like those accusers cavenaugh that i didn't believe because those particular ones didn't reach my own level of credibility so women taken a big head of this which is not good for anybody yeah whose scooby harder for women now the so do do you agree with me therefore every woman who may have changed sides because this year
for every woman who may have gone over to the democrats because of this issue don't you think that's a number of men who turned against the democrats might be ten times at least i know things close it looks like this is just massively positive republicans like massively because the people who were empty republican pretty much gonna stay there are the people who were on the fence look at this and say that is an ugly party did the did the democrats literally organise fake sexual abuse accusations against a white male in public to stop him we'll never now but it looks that way so it's gonna register that way to a lot of people
yes and i do not have the name right horatio that centre from hawaii who said the man should shut up she might be the worst thing that ever happened to women let me ask you this an author of this question just four men but you can all you can all timing is her on her ani runnin lee i forgot the name of the senator but what she said men should just shut up and step up its started was shut up that was sort of that the first part of that thought step up part nobody can disagree with stepping up right so that there's no man says old men should not step up but when the first part of that is shut up
i would say that was the worst catastrophe for women might be the worst thing this happened for women around ten years was the can you think of anything else there was worse for women then a senator believing it would be ok to just go out i mailed and not take it back no apology yeah no no nuance just mentioned shut up probably the most destructive thing carano here probably most destructive thing any woman did for the cause of women lynne i can't i can't think of another i getting ready worse can they buy come up with anything that there was worse for women
the mad because it is one thing to sort of suspect there women were just hated men there is one thing to suspect that there were a lot on manhattan on the democrat side but actually have it explicitly stated and then not taken back and not i believe nobody on really criticise that today that they must be somebody let me let me now say nobody i can remember seeing a lot of democrats say yeah i think she went too far she should take that back now that i carry the way but i didn't see it happen
so i would say that this is a largely a catastrophe for thee the power of women in society women have massively lost credibility the democrats have shown themselves as anti mail there they ve shown a willingness to embrace guilty until innocent as long as it's a man whose involved you know i always hate the arguments that say well magnificent haven't obama our imagine if somebody else's than this one has a republican drivers i hey all of those arguments but i
we can agree in this case that if the if the candidate for the supreme court had been a woman and had she been accused with flimsy charges there isn't the slightest chance the democrats would say we should who believes that the accuser if it will say the accuser was a man and the candidate was a woman i don't think there's any chance democrats will said the the standard here is that you should i believe the accuser not a chance it i've said before that the black lives matter was both genius and terrible as as a slogan frigate
about the movement itself and what do you think about them just talk about the persuasion benefit of the slogan itself if you can if you can compare mental eyes for a moment i've said the black lives matter was genius in the sense that it makes you immediately well what about other people other people matter too and then you immediately call the racist because you have not embraced that that black lives matter so as a clever trap sword like do you still be your wife psych now i dont over that you still yes i shall be my wife than your white bitter there's no right answer there's no right response to black lives matter so on one level is genius got tons of attention and became a national brand so in all all of the levels that or at least most of the levels that a brand slogan work on it definitely worked my here's the problem it was also racist
issues racist because when you say black lives better you are indicating that there's something special going on their race logs which is exactly the opposite of a colorblind society will never be color blind but it's the opposite of everybody being treated the same and some and working toward you some more practical level of equality not just a legal level of equality and i think therefore that black lives matter thing people tried to be polite and you embrace it because if you don't get caught up in the actual words there's there's a good point at the bottom of it i've told you before i backed cavanaugh i'm sorry i backed calling cap her neck for being an effective
advocate for improving the situation for black people and i think that as protester ape loss but i think the situation with the cabinet is sort of the same problem as black lives matter and again i'm not talking well black people not only among women only talking about the persuasiveness and the slogan we're only talk about the persuasion layer here you can have your own opinions about the politics of it in the morality of everything else but when women started to characterize this as believe women that didn't look like believe people did it
if you see somebody carrying assignments as believe women isn't that just sexist because there are lots of victims in the world and i think i don't know if this is true but i would guess the majority of victims of violence are probably mail just goes manner closer to violence all the time and i don't see anybody saying believe the believe the accuser because that would be a non sexes way to say it believe women is really registering my mind as don't believe men i i can't my brain can process that as being an objective statement about believes the accusers it just sounds like you
to believe women over men that as such it overreach and such a violation of what the constitution was about such at such a reversal of hundreds of years of progress towards something closer to equality that's gotta feeling men men reached there dammit i ever personality characteristic and i wonder i was wondering how commented is in my personality characteristic is this i am not bothered by things as they get worse and worse like others trivial give us more than trivial but i'm still not bothered us pretty bad but i gotta the things to worry about until things reach a certain level and then i just sort of like a bit the gulf leaped i just go from zero to
well i don't have any end between that's just always been true and got a feeling the men looking at this cavern or situation had always been sort of euro they empathy for both sides they were trying to see the logic of trying to you and the other four how'd you like it to be and i think there are of law on the shoe on the other how'd you like it to be and i think there are thinking of the conceptual stuff and what's best and stuff like that but by the time you get to believe women and you look at that sign and you said yourself believe women about believe accusers where are the men in this equation do we not believe them it feels like it feels like men or just gonna snap i dont think i think that
we missed all of the all of the inn between push back because society doesn't limp led men push back i'm not saying i should necessarily be different but we live in a world where men don't really speak freely i suppose i strove women to just people don't speak freely so there between i'm ok with you so between levels of you have a good point let's talk about your point there may be some unfairness here i'd like to help you get to them item it he between the reasonable i hear you unless be reasonable about this and believe women an end denied this guy job and ruin his life based on an accusation that's a big gap and i think men were just largely sort of silence during that whole gap but when they hit the point
believe women over men which is really what it turned into a thing man just think a bit just slipped and i am not yet ready to predict a red wave what it is lining up that way it's lining up that way as maybe the certainly it will be the biggest here i'll give you a prediction that's a safe one probably the biggest gender difference vote there we ve ever seen so here you see far more men voting for republicans far more women s presented voting for democrats i think that will solidify the the democrats s sort of the anti male party they used to be the pro more pro women pro ethnicities they ve just willie forgotten about black people far as i can tell what was less time one
last time you saw the democrats talk about something that would be good for the four african americans i had a member i remember seeing spent via service took about two so on a speaking cabernets candidate has tweeted use offer to broker a meeting between cap her neck and president trump how great is that now that's like the who is laying that's happened all year how much do you wanna see conny west literally introduced kaepernick to president trump in the oval office and then close the door and then they have a chat how much do you want to see that i mean i want to see walk and that doesn't mean they have to agree they could walk out and care
and i can say you now this didn't work out for me but the it's definitely the right thing to do the wrong thing to do is to keep complaining and not get in the same room and talk about what you could do about it that's the wrong approach our new unambiguously has the right approach let's put them in the same room and look at these space they conny his carved out and finally you i've been tell you that since two thousand and seven or something i've been telling you that whatever you think about his capabilities you need to increase that opinion because you have a seriously effective person here who's been seriously affected in a number of different fields and he's not stop and he's now slowing down you're not gonna get less less yea
there's gotta be a change his name from community i am not quite on board with the change only because when i talk about it in public i'm not sure all of you know of the chain so he stood still in transition less a yea pull this off and it seems like you should be able to do that there would be exactly the right thing for catherine act to do and it would be exact leaving rising from the presidency do it would be an example of citizen activism in this case i'm talking about yea there will be one of the best examples of citizen activism you'll ever see why would why would you do this you know it's not music it's not design enclose seems like it's out of his field why would he do it because he can because he can
that's the reason he has he has the ability to do this thing that may be but he also says in the home i reckon seven billion people in the world can you think of one other person who could put those too people in the same room and sat there with them and be considered a reasonably objective arbiter of a third party dennis robin go dennis rawdon has server the substance problem i think they can be ignored but i have little respect for dennis rodman for his this is weird this will be the strangest thing you ve ever heard me say i have a lot of respect for dennis rod means political opinions he doesn't go deep on the policies but he's is a very open minded practical i have a lot of respect for difference rotten for his politics
so i would mention them in the room either but not on this issue ok that's offer now i'm gonna go do something else and i'll talk to you later let's keep checking the news find out how this fbi investigation turns out and we'll talk to you later if i can turn this off
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