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Episode 247 Scott Adams: Biased Judges, Amy Schumer, Soros

2018-10-05 | 🔗


  • Anti-Trumper says “everyone can see what Trump is like now”
  • Judge Kavanaugh’s WSJ article and the “parent filter”
  • Amy Schumer, the casual sex and drinking humorist, and Kavanaugh protester
  • George Soros influence on American elections
  • Senator Daines dilemma…attend daughter’s wedding or vote?
  • President Trump’s innovative approach to economics

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but the bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on make on mecca man an oasis all the people names i campaigned else marie i can elsa tyler tyler always in early you have fast fingers kelly i like done the mountaineer did you know time it is it's time for the simultaneous up the people got your first get the best of all if you'd like to join me lift up you cut your mug you're jealous your glass your container of liquids and join me for the simultaneous coffee prefer ah that's good stuff so i got a little lad twitter exchange this morning where the mantle jumper
sad and i'm paraphrasing this is this is some we said this in public so here's the funny part about you think you're living in same world with everybody else anything well everybody must see what i say right you're seeing what i say right such this you watch and there were also the same thing and if i've told you nothing is that that is untrue and i thought it was a little more obvious by now and twitter exchange with and a trumpet said summarizing every one can see what trump is like now serve your sport m while you're irresponsible because according to her everybody can see what trump is like now and i responded that is the lowest level of awareness you're ever likely to see the i level of awareness is to imagine it's all its mind boggling there's somebody
somebody who can walk and talk and read and write someone who smart enough to tweet so they use device of some sort and adult and yet they have not noticed have not noticed the people have a different section of who trump is suffered a star from the presumption that we're all saying the same thing is the low the level of awareness that you're ever gonna say there was a point and the evolution of the civil war nation the human mind point was a long ago was just maybe twenty fifteen i would if you set in twenty fifteen hey everybody's look at the same thing so if you're still supporting this president or this anything well you're gonna have to own it because we see what we're getting that was so twenty fifteen
i warned you back then the tromp was gonna rip a hole in the fabric of reality we're just gonna see reality in a whole new way for most people i think they have made the leap they had made the leap from them what i call the second dimension to the third dimension the second dimension as you think that everybody says where you see and this poor twitter was stuck in the second dimension i forgot anybody still there and the third dimension is theirs of it's absolutely obviously true there were watching too movies are one scream we're looking at this same stuff some people say cavenaugh definitely guilty some people look at the same stuff definitely innocent how could it not be obvious now i come lately understand if in twenty fifteen
somebody was still saying i think we're looking at the same stuff serve you ve come to a different conclusion here either you're either evil or stupid as we have the same information we now know that that's two dimensional thinking and there were all living in a world of our own creation that that exists most entirely in our own experience in her own mind it does not mean that if somebody supports president trump they must be evil on the inside it just doesn't mean that it just means were seeing something different than hearsay here's a curious one we're having this big national discussion about judge cabin was temperament now we're says i've told you temperament is a saxons term there's an anti male term you don't really see it applied that much to women
in a similar way you don't see the word hysterical applied to men hysterical is sort of the sexes word applied to women ten prevent seems to be the sexes worthy supplied to men but what were watching is a lot of people saying well we ve all watched the same thing we ve watched judge governors say emotional response in his comments in front congress and some people are saying that especially here references to and the democrats trying to get him the tat makes him and that makes it a biased judge they never be unbiased because he's talked about clinton these talked about clearly one side out together and i said to myself
did you say the same thing about judge carol do remember the judge curio case the judge curio case would presumed that because he had mexican heritage he was not he was not mexicans he was second generation above because his whole family had heritage from mexico you would imagine that he had a lot of family influence and his family in all likelihood we don't know but in all likelihood members his family were anti trump because the media had set up that that fight and they turned the from strong on immigration into some kind of an anti mexican thing says one half of the country was saying so it was completely reasonable in that context in a legal context to say well there's a situation here
that has a unique potential can guarantee it but potential impact on the bias of this judge is that fair to say is it fair to say that if this judges likely surrounded by family members who don't like president trump that that could have at least the appearance of bias in his decisions and people pushed back and they said no you can't call a judge with max narrow did you get you can call him potentially biased because that's racist well it was crazy then because people can still crazy because people are biased machines were that's what we are we are pattern recognition machines and when we see patterns were influenced by them and in the legal context is perfectly appropriate to say i think these patterns are having an larger than normal influence on a judge maybe this judge should refuse in this specific case
likewise with judge cavanaugh just so we can be consistent either judges are are never biased by their situation or just those are biased by their situation the camp it can't be true that both are true in general we are talking about these specific judges now but it can't be i'm real dangerously true there i'm curious could not be biased by his family which is weird aiming at that if there's anything this gonna bias you scan of your family right families gonna buy as you pretty much what is it that's bothering judge cavenaugh well to a large extent it's the effect on his family to and he's feeling that this is coming from one directions for the democratic sort of the clinton friendly were part of the world and so
he called it out now i would only ask people to apply the same standard if you're willing to say that this year it has shown a political opinion or a political yeah political opinion if you think that him displaying this political weapon and make some unqualified to be a judge just be consistent that's all i'm asking i'm not asking you to change your opinion emasculated consistent because if it's true the cavern or could be could be biased by his son nation in a way that would make him ineffective as judge stick with your opinion but also accept extended to judge carol who having nothing to do with his particular here's that his essence they wasn't really even the issue it was his family is very likely to be influenced by this
and they would be hard to imagine that his family doesn't influence him right so i am of the camp that by judges are the only kind theirs such thing as an unbiased judge because their human no such thing as an unbiased human there are however judges you can learn to read and interpret the law in a way that they can do in public and other people can say ok you're probably right on the inside but looking at european level here your reasoning i'm looking at your conclusion and i would say that was fair comparative law right so you ve got to drug to judges here who are accused of bias in a way they should make them ineffective i say pick one picture i'd either judges are biased by their side relation their environment especially things
solving their family of course they are of course there but are they to biased well it's hard to know you saw maybe judge governors he wrote in a bed for the wall street journal living and in it he said i'm not gonna call him because i don't wanna take time to look it up but essentially you he said that his primary audience for he is testimony and statements in front of congress that is primary audience was not necessarily the public at large not just the people in the room but that is primary audience was his family where have you heard that before who was the first person who told you that if you're evaluating whether bread cavanaugh was exact
we accurate when he said how much he drank if you're evaluating to see if he was actually accurate about the meanings of those words in high school on his yearbook i said to you he's talking to his family you cannot judge a man who is talking in front of his family because if he's talking in front of his family and he stopped in front of you he's not thinking about you you got that right if as families in the room or than the other their part the audience his family the people who cares and most about his children his children that he's trying to raise right trying to be a good role model if there were in the room he doesn't care about you do you want them to be different do you want him to care about you when his families in the room i don't i don't
i want him to care about his family we can certainly room and care more about me or more about senator feinstein or even more about getting the job if you you care about any those things more than he would care about the the example he setting for his family the the way that they exist as a cohesive family unit the way they think about themselves a reputation what experts hence the children would have when they when their dealing with their friends if you can he can ignore his family in ever of giving the technically correct answer about something trivial really is things he did when you seventy talking about the alleged delegation than talk about the new drinking in general and talking about the comments in general on his yearbook so to me and i didn't see anybody call
now for what it was i haven't seen anybody until i'm doing right now when cavanaugh wrote that editorial he said my primary audience was my family let me interpret that if it wasn't obvious do let me interpret it my primary audience was my family means there on the little bullshit how much he drank did he black out did you say some inappropriate things your book when he was seventeen he live he just admitted he lied and he told you i in very clear language in my opinion no apparently wasn't clear enough because i think i'm the first person sand have you heard anywhere else say this but now you here it is obvious right once i explained to you it's obviously when he says my primary audience was my family has expired that
that low level stuff that everybody say well if you lied about how many beers head he must allow about raping somebody or whatever it not accused of rape i must be clear about that so i believe he just told the most adult thing you ve ever seen in your life think about it it's the most adult thing anybody ever told you he just came out and said listen in his wall street journal editorial i'm talking to you adults because guess what is i guess what but here's children probably or not the audience for the wall street journal maybe they did because of their dad in this case but he's talking to adults when he writes an article in the wall street journal wall street journal is for adults talking to adults
and you say adults understand i was in public but my primary audience for some of these questions force some of these questions my primary audience was my family is there anything else you need to know so if you're such a reckon idiot are you gonna say that he lied about how much he drank in front of his daughters and now they use told you explicitly that's what he was doing i think you have to see this in a different light the parent filter thank you i guess you you have to put the parent filter on this as a perfect way does it he wasn't he wasn't a judicial candidate are candidate for the supreme court he was now a supreme court nominee
every minute during that testimony of course he is he was a springboard nominee technically in every sense but depend on the question he was answering he was he was changing his mood he was putting is his dad moved on therefore as a pretty long history of knowing that he is willing to give it up for the kids if you don't i mean right he coaches z he sacrifices for so this is a guy you know gives it out for the kids we know that about him it was a long record them so people in context so you may have seen that amy humor and adapt who said i dont know what she's in but emily rather rather caskey
jackie said emily rather go ski your joe ski she's a i guess she's a well known actual southern what she does and amy humor were protesting the governor situation and they got arrested now here is a problem with hollywood now i'm usually that's the one who rails against the the famous people in hollywood who have bad political opinions i believe it is true as a general statement that the the famous actors favours hollywood people it does seem to me that their lesson formed than the average person maybe that's an illusion because the average person is pretty uninformed but let me put it this way the high we want people seem consistently
us informed then the professional pundits who were also on television talking about issues on either side i'm not talking about which side does was either on there and they are addressed significantly lesson formed it seems than the average hollywood slept now i usually go easy on them for it obvious reason that i am a little bit famous obviously better known for being the creator of dover and i would not want that same filter not what the hollywood filter to be put on me because i think this is my own opinion enough myself here your mileage may may vary but i feel like my education and the way i approach politics is additive it's it's adding a little something that wasn't there without your opinion may differ but i dont
in the same category with some of the famous folks so i never normally go easy on a by yours a problem if you situation is potential drunken sexual assault and that's what this gets to write the complaint is about drunken sexual salt who are you gonna send as your representative to speak out against drunken sexual assault well i'm gonna pick as my worst joyce amy humor what did she say for a few if you know at her famous hurt she is famous for talking about getting inebriated and having a lot of casual sex now i'm coming we are in favour of both of those things she could ever much casual sexes she likes and i like it love is a
as an artist desert as a humorist me i'm a big fan i think she's terrific and i no complaints i've no moral qualms have any yeah i'm not judging her lifestyle and i don't even know if her lifestyle actually matches the thing she says on stage in many important way so there's no judgment here i'm not judging her as a person not judging your lifestyle a more of a failed anything else but if you're gonna put a famous phase in front of let's not get drunk and have to groping she would be the worst choice i am certainly in favour of her having a voice and exercising your free speech and tried to make a difference and that those are all good things and i think she's well meaning so in my opinion she has no evil intentions i think she only good meaning
but i'm just saying as the face of this movement very bad but if you think she's a bad choice of again good person good intentions just as a match for this topic bad choice but it turns out emily rather chaskey is perhaps a slightly worse choice even than that and i dont know if you'll be able to see it but i'm got to show the picture let's see if i can do this so here she has her sign says respect female existence or expect our resistance which is a lot of words not as clever as it could be but respect female existence this is why she wore
so this is what she wore to thee protest against women being objectified so here is my little protest up if you are protesting about women being objectified probably dont go like that probably don't collector so so all i'm saying is and again i don't know this i don't know this actress i don't know emily even know rather chaskey caskey arena pronounces and i apologise to her for that i have nothing bad to say about her she if she's probably a good person who think she's doing the right thing trying to help i like people get involved i like all that and even i respect that act there she obviously knows a lot about diet and exercise and fitness
so if you were to ask me of my personal opinion of her i'd say what pretty hot looks like she has lots of talent looks like she's done a good job with their fitness looks like looks like a pretty solid citizen and she's getting involved in important issue i like all that's all i'm saying is all i'm saying is if you're gonna put a famous for on this movement now you're right choice unless your dress down a little bit to make your point so that's all i'm saying so trump let me clarify that because if this is taken out of context is go look worse and i mean it i'm complete in favour of women wearing anything they walk wherever they want so i don't have any idea no problem with women dressing anyway they want and i dont believe that that beyond gives anyway you're right to attack them so
there's no there's no retrograde thinking like that going on i'm just saying that for a branding purpose its little bit off brand thus homesick tromp went full soros today he actually mention george soros being a funder of protests now you boy wonder a lot of people have asked me that's why i don't talk about george soros and i dont know what to think about all the george sorrow stuff my first my initial thoughts about it all was that it was just a conspiracy theory on the right and that he oh george soros funds and organizations who are involved in some things and likes different things and we like but isn't a big deal or is it just a convenient convenient person
blame for stuff i never really had a sensitive and then if you try to into it the rebel just goes down forever and he can't really tell was true because if you read anything written on the right about george soros you get your threesome this is in any star scratching you heard me say i don't know how true any of us is it just feel like it it's just feels to impossible to be true which doesn't mean is not true it just doesn't pass the sniffed asked with me but i'm sure it is true that he gives two groups ends but money ends up in the protests groups that's probably true but i ah how important it is and i say to myself whereas the dividing line between
active and funding things in your trying to build a good cause in the world where is it where is it dividing line between that and influencing and election from a different country if george soros is doing what he is accused of being of doing shouldn't the u sanctioning him so here's where the disconnect is if we don't like other countries influencing our election and he seems to be universally accused of doing exactly that by funding groups who are protesting in and clearly trying to change the outcome of politics why isn't that foreign foreign interference and why are we wizened the u s actively acting against them as we would if russia did it as we would have china did it
there's so so one of the reasons i don't talk about the sort of situation is that none of it makes sense to me it doesn't make sense that the people who have the power the trump administration and the other supporters it doesn't make sense to me that were accusing them of all these things but then were thing is though there not happening so what we are saying and what we do we don't seem to have any connection so i'm hoping somebody can explain and always a u s citizen sources a u s citizen where does he live there it doesnt live in america does he somebody told me were soros lives i have looked at up sore rooms
he's an american citizen by yours born in hungary right let's look came up here george soros i should dig deeper into sorrow scot i think you underestimate him well here's my the problem is that when you dig deeper into him you can't really be sure there were you're reading is true so use a hungarian american investors are born in hungary and an american citizen as as that as you said but does he live here
he was born in budapest his children relatives website but where's he live and emigrated to england but where is he now let me ask you this he doesn't where does he live in new york now i can't believe that he lives in new york and is in favour of open borders unless he plans to leave new york he's an austrian visas are aware you probably as a number of houses but here's my question that i just generated just now if it is ok for sorrows who is an american citizen as as even for me
if it's ok for him to influence our elections directly would it be okay if he lived in another country and did it suppose he was an american citizen and lived in russia would ok for him to try to influence our elections if he lived in russia right it's an interesting question isn't it let's say you lived in russia but he was an american citizen could he do anything you wanted them influence our elections i'm not sure good but maybe you could i don't know sort of an interesting question but he lives all over the world
so he's financing alot of people on the left well i guess i just have more questions about soros think we completely understand what's going on that is it still true that there's a senator whose planning to he might miss the vote i think he's republican might miss the vote on cavenaugh because his daughter s wedding is still true because i saw i heard a yesterday but then i didn't see it on the news so you say wedding cavenaugh senator i forget which senator was senator danes we'll be on saturday i hold open the vote overnight so you ve got a republican whose every it is necessary but here
a republican senator whose daughter hasn't wedding on that day what we you do what would you do if you two choices were there your daughter's whether that you really can change you know it's gonna hard going at this point you got your daughter's wedding you can be at or you can be the important final vote to change the course of the courts for maybe generations in a way that your side wants what do you do what would you do when you go to the wedding if it were before your daughter would you gotta the wedding i would you stay for the vote if you had to choose he might have to choose he said he'd vote here's what i do
he's gonna i'm just gonna put my thing at their if it were me i'll go to the wedding if over me i gotta the weapon by here's what i would also do i go to my democrat friends and let me say that by the time of the vote everybody's already announced their vote so let's say that the undecided people by the time of the vote have already decided so that there is no doubt which way the vote will go at the last minute when they actually vote or don junior fixed it because he's gonna fly him or something but just hypothetically here wouldn't senator danes of the geopolitical suppose he asked his democrat friends once they knew that the vote was gonna go for confirmation that there was no doubt about it
but the only way could happen is if he is the only way can happen is if he got somebody was democrat to vote for him don't you think it would be completely legitimate to ask for a volunteer just one person who is a democrat devote his way so you can go for the wedding when you like to see that that person would have a little bit of a problem in their own district because in their own district they'd have to explain no it wasn't a real vote i was just voting so the stooping guy could go to his daughters wedding its it would be nice and maybe i could work in favour of the person who did it but here's a better suggestion if we get to the point where we know which way the votes gonna go and the only differ this is whether this poor guy gets to go to his
others wedding or he doesn't if it came down to that and it looks like baby we ve solved is so there will be a problem but it came down to that i think the democrats should vote unanimously for confirmation because of the if the democrats voted unanimously for confirmation no sing gold democratic could be singled out as the one who fled would be a bigger story and it would say here we ve had this huge fight over this thing but when i got down to the final thing were human beings and the human thing to do would be to preserve the vote the way the geography was gonna get it anyway if this poor guile neo didn't day for his daughters wedding and still let him go to the wedding because there there salt is gonna be the same you still get the confirmation of cavanaugh that's a done deal but why not
why not be nice people why not give some cover for a colleague it would be a tremendous just it would beaches tremendous a good look for the democrats because they would take them the human element as a priority and that their feet on brand to them and it would be a good collegial act i don't see any of that happening by the way and it looks like it solved but it's fun to talk about the vote is over simply says how you'd have to trust them to do that well would you or would you just have to come back and do the whole again vitamin yeah not about saying any that's gonna happen but it was certainly would be either
be a fund and memorable one and good for the world votes are taken in alphabetical order and his day and so you can be a front you just jump the shark do you know how many times people have told me that i jumped the shark can you imagine what first wall so dilber is entering its thirtieth ear so for thirty years i've been drawing dilber and spend one of the top comics in the world for most that thirty years probably twenty five of those years and was one of them
top comics in the world and for at least twenty five years i get about one message a week at minimum in which somebody tells me well now you jumped the shark you know you're ok for those first warriors but now you jumped the shark so forth thirty years people have been telling me well today you went too far it was ok yesterday but now you ve gone too far so i always laugh when i see it because it's such a such a low awareness comment in my case play i talk about three point seven percent unemployment as we enter the atlas the zone of the men terms were working now in the mid term zone meaning is so far slim in terms that that's all we're thinking about it harder and harder to say that
the economy is all obama's good work now i'm one of the few people in the world who is well to say obama did a good job trump is also good job i think it's possible the whole both those thoughts in your head when it comes to the economy they did different things and i think different things had to be done at different times think obama was probably a good fit for this emergency situation because he was a calm voice in the economy was going off the edge and he didn't want any extra risk introduced into the system so you sort of a com standard voice but once once things get moving along very well which obama did he gathered is moving along pretty well along with just now the economy has its own cycles but i think that trumps extra juice of cutting taxes cutting regulations
being sorted out the cheerleader and chief were american industry is negotiating tariffs in alaska i do think that added the extra juice he was the one who put extra risk into a system that was ready for extra risk so we don't want any extra risk in two thousand aid because the economy was on the precipice was ready to go off a cliff but once you're strong you don't want that scene calm voice obama would be exactly the wrong leader for twenty eight team he might have been exactly the right leader for toothache made two thousand nine but today need moreover cheerleader you need a marketer you need somebody to put a little energy into it you need some juice he needs some enthusiasm you need some optimum
these are all these are all the president trumps bread and butter this is the stuff he does so i think you guess credit for you for a strong and not just strong performance but innovative when you say that president trumps approach to the economy in terms of his cheerleading optimism cutting regulations really is all the whole package of what he's doing it seems to me innovative because we haven't quite anybody you put together this package of economic ideas breaking your son senate votes to advance the nomination at the case let's see
save cnn agrees with your random person cnn says the vote is under way susan collins is a yes for now but will announcer final decision later i think is smart for all the people who the people who are undecided now a cabinet was not just confirmed i believe the vote was for closer now my right only before that we ve learned so much about our government because of the air the trump ears did you know our closer meant last week how many of you knew what a vote for a closer clo t you are how many of you even knew what that was away here
my understanding is is a vote to close the debate so that you can later have the real vote so it's only a vote to stop arguing is not about this the final vote so this this vote if it went away that we think it dinner will means that they have agreed to vote tomorrow why am i not watching the vote because i'm doing this i'm doing this and and i didn't think there is a mystery about the closer for me i assume that it was obvious that they would vote their vote to have a vote that bar seems easy to predict fifty one to advance the sounds there are enough votes to events they just got fifty one votes mansion and rakowski flipped now again voting voting to close the debate doesn't
have to be the same as voting for it because you can vote to close the debate and then vote against the the proposition there's nothing wrong with that so there is still a little bit industry let me ask you this you know that i predicted from the start that i predicted from the start the cabinet would get confirmed how many of you didn't believe that because i think at this point it sort of a done deal did did it didn't help you at all then i was confident in this and that my predictions had been pretty good so far so my my prediction was that republicans would say a lesser with some new information about cavernous past
my prediction was that the republicans would go with their would take the win and they would look at the bigger picture which is we can have a world in which this sort of accusation derail somebody so to me you seem like they would favour the bigger picture and the bigger picture is you can have a world where uncorroborated accusations of seventeen year old behaviour ruins your career when you're in your fifties yes they have agreed to the vote only than is correct but i think he is pretty safe to assume that the votes gonna go in the same way historically it's the litmus meaning that a step closer vote goes one way the vote itself will go the same way so the vote tomorrow at four p m
you may be wondering where i will be tomorrow at four p m because i won't be periscope at four p m i will be delivering eulogy for my steps on my eighteen year old stepson who died on sunday because of a sentinel overdose maybe from china so fence an old china the country of great shame they should bow its head in complete shame is likely the cause of the death of my staff son not certainly but likely and they must live with forever shame for being that country sentinel china i'm always gonna put their name in front of them they're just sent an old china they're not even china sentinel their friends in old china that's the first thing you think about somebody who's going thirty thousand of your people a year
if china is going thirty thousand people a year or something like that with their illegal sentinel then i think sentinel should be the first name not a good assumption says jappy well i don't know which one you making but apparently much of the illegal fetnah comes from china there's other stuff coming from other places cells the border as well i know i at three o clock they will say their vote what's that mean
will that make it in your eulogy no it will not i thank you all for your good thoughts and i'm gonna sign off and i've gotta i have a eulogy for my dead steps underwrite so this is my job today and i'll talk to receive you later
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