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Episode 248 Scott Adams: Senator Collins’ speech

2018-10-05 | 🔗


  • Senator Collins’ speech was very, very good…and important
  • She set precedent and rescued our founder’s system

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who built that their bone bone bone bone bone bone head when they then come on in here you know it's going to be a big one eric um everybody so you're probably watching the news and you are wondering where is he where is he to come in here and talk to us about service center due collins of maine just gave the best speech
i've ever seen it's the it's the best speech i've ever seen and so here's here's what i liked about it let me turn off my phone because it's going to be on their side what i liked about it was the first all the moment was amazing so the whole world was watching the stakes were high there was anticipation it was maybe the senator who couldn't go to the wedding with his daughter if this were a movie there might be a movie it might be the sequel to the first movie which is trump getting elected but this feels like if this were the good movie in the series getting kavanaugh through this process would be the would be sort of the end of the second movie
so in terms of script and cinematically and everything was amazing i have to admit i didn't know much about senator collins i could end of even added enough i could put a face to her frankly so i didn't have any preconceived notions i just thought she was sort of one of the you know the medium important senators but maybe she's more important based on this speech and i thought that was just the best speech i've ever seen i don't know who wrote it but her delivery was excellent i assume she was the primary primary author of it on some level uhm but she went through such an insanely rational explanation sort of soften the blow and she made us wait
yeah and although it was obvious before the end which way she was going to vote but she still made us wait which was amazing the fact that she was a woman down to at least historically it's going to look like it came down to one woman which perfect and she's one woman who is voted both ways so if there could have in a more perfect moment add an a more perfect person for that moment yeah it was it was just just shockingly important and so but i want to talk to you about was this you've been watching my periscope she know that i have been
predicting that it would come down this way now so much just the vote but that the principle of innocent until at least a little bit proven guilty would be just the more important thing to maintain now given this the the entire context was about the supreme court and the supreme court is really you know the the top of the pyramid for you know the legal system in general and the credibility of it it was terribly and and when you're talking about when you're talking about you know this principle as basic as innocent until proven guilty that has to take more importance because of the the context that it was about
court itself so i've been teaching you that in my my book when bakley those of you who have read it you know that my book when vaguely which will be coming out in paperback in about three weeks i talk about using the persuasion filter to protect and in this case the persuasion filter predicted this outcome and let me tell you the details of that very briefly i talk in the book in a few feet of chapters i talked about something called the high ground maneuver so the idea is that if you take the high ground and everything he recognizes it as the high ground you end up always winning sort of the only time you can guarantee you can win is if you've taken the high ground
now the high ground you sort of recognize it when you see it and in this case the high ground was the constitution and the principle of innocent until proven guilty or as senator collins put it more brilliantly since it's not a court proceeding you know you are not bound by that standard but there's sort of inventing the standard as they go and it made more sense especially in the context of the supreme court nominee to stay within a standard of fairness they had passed every historical test alright and so she she sort took the reasonable middle ground of more probably two or more probably not she worded it better but that's the basic idea and in so doing she's set precedent which was another major theme that she talked about
um and she she rescue the system so you watched a system that the the founders and created you know hundreds years ago that was supposed to be robust enough to you know take some tweaking but basically remain intact and the entire system was coming off the you know people are thinking anyway the way i felt was it the wheels were coming off the system that these accusations would be enough to derail a process that is revered as the supreme court nominations and my prediction was that the high ground is that the system had to be protected and that the concept of fairness and what it takes to do you
somebody's life you know the level of evidence for that that's a standard that nobody wants to set the wrong precedent in so my prediction was that that was an impenetrable our president as long as there were enough republicans who needed some cover to vote in that direction now because i'm not yeah i'm not i'm not blind to politics obviously most democrats were going to go one way most republicans were going to go another but what collins did because she's a woman that helped because that's what the you know the the biggest issues seem to be about the supreme court and because her speech was just flat out one of the most
doing things the best feature ever seen it was just brilliant from start to finish she laid ground cover for any other republicans and for joe mansion who wanted to come over and vote with the republicans this is done before she basically made it safe so she like she basically carpet bombed every bad argument you know is cleared cleared all the enemy out of the village and then here the other republicans can sort of parachute down and do their votes and watch watch how republicans from this point on explained their vote there's a smart way to do it in a dumb way the smart way for republicans to explain their vote is not hey
republicans i vote republican that would be the bad way the good way is senator collins speaks for maine everything she said i agree with bone just leave it there yet and you have you have as good a coverage you're going to get now i'm not suggesting that the you know the opposition is going to roll over anything it happened between now and the actual vote anything is possible but it looks like senator collins did uh an amazing thing for for the constitution for the country it was brave she's going to take it a lot a lot of heat for it of course she would have taken tahiti but just one of the most amazing you know acts of patriotism of good politics
yeah it was one of those moments when you thought you we thought everything couldn't get worse yeah see like the young democracy was just falling apart yeah the the constitution just was started to shake a little bit and it looks like it looks like it was just you know going to the park place and then she gives that speech yes it was it was an amazing moment i couldn't stop i couldn't look away i needed to do other things pretty badly but i just couldn't look away it was an amazing amazing thing all right that's all i'd say about that i love to stay but i got other things to do so i can run i'll talk to you later
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