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Episode 252 Scott Adams: Israeli Bots, Ye, North Korea, #FentanylChina, Colbert

2018-10-09 | 🔗


  • Colbert writer’s comment clarification…48 hour rule satisfied?
  • Kanye heading to the White House, meeting with POTUS and Jared
  • North Korea prediction: Meeting will happen this year (December)
  • 2 Chinese nationals producing Fentanyl have been identified
  • Democrat concerns about the courts being too conservative
  • Would any state be dumb enough to outlaw abortions?
  • Clever persuasion play by Adam Schiff, 0+0=1
  • Nuclear power plants, the only known solution for global warming
  • President Trump’s comment about Taylor Swift

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but in front bum bum bum bum bump bump bum aj hey tyler tyler you're always fast getting it in here a unix rab hey beau hey julia irreverent dan come on in here and of course is erica good to see you again michelle tom so grab your beverage we got a lot to talk about but before we talk you know what's coming it's a simultaneous up it's the best part of the day so far join me please grab your cup your mug
shell your glass your container fill it with your favorite beverage coffee is the best and join me for the simultaneous up have i become the bob ross of periscope pretty sure i have wasn't my plan kind of worked out that way we will begin by talking about the writer for the cole bear show who wrote a tweet that got people jumping and in the tweet the key part was that the writer said well we didn't get what we wanted there with the supreme court but it yes we ruined kavanaugh's life at least we ruined kavanaugh's life now people said my god add did you really say that did you really say at least we ruined kavanaghs live and
people said you're horrible you're horrible you writer for colbert you you liberal lefty enemy what you all want to know is what is my ruling and why am i i to make a ruling on this at all well i am a professional humorist and her excuse or explanation i should say excuses is biasing the the jewelry her explanation her clarification was that it was sarcasm and that the real meaning of at least we ruined kavanaugh's life is that obviously we had not meaning that he would go on to actually an excellent life being on the supreme court to dream job a better life than ninety nine point nine percent of the world so that was her explanation of what it meant but when people read it they said at least we ruin kavanaugh's life my god his family and every
so what is the ruling was it a joke that was just poorly written or was it a serious thing that she's lying about now and trying to get away with her bad taste comment i give you now my ruling she says i did the forty eight hour rule for clarification that is correct this is my invention but i suggested as a great social new social norm that she said something that was provocative and ambiguous according to people within forty eight hours she clarified it in a way that i as a professional professional humorist say is plausible plausible
now the only the only reason i would dismiss a forty eight hour clarification as if it was just ridiculous you know just something that just was impossible to believe rare instead in forty eight hours she gave an explanation which when i look at it i go ok if you are predisposed to thinking the kavanaugh had not been injured and was going on to a very good life this would be sarcasm and she is a professional humorous sarcasm you know joke rider so then she clarified it in a way that is satisfying to maine i rule free bass free pass if you disagree with that i would just you know it's fine to disagree but i would ask you to check your thinking and ask yourself if you two would like
the benefit of the forty eight hour rule should this come your way someday remind every time you give somebody the courtesy of forty eight hours to clarify and you don't try to read their mind don't try to read into their soul just let them say what their opinion is other people get to tell you their opinion you don't get to read their mind and tell them their opinion that's not a good way to run some because if we're blaming people for what we imagine our their opinions we're in really bad territory but if we give everybody forty eight hours just to be clear what they think we're all better off that's my ruling as you know connie is going to the white house going to meet with jerrod kushner and president apparently one of the issues is there might be more than one issue but one of them is training for
or at least getting jobs for ex cons very good issue i think it works very well for cardies portfolio if you will i would say it went i'm a problem that we was easier to ignore two on this now vital because the economy is working so so hard that if we don't have a better pool of workers on every level for everything we're gonna be short so we have the added economic advantage on top of what was already a social and you could argue about whether do we owe anything to these people but but certainly there were a dragged on society if they did not have and the connie approach seems productive it i'm going to be very amused watch
carly a and watching you know kim kardashian continue to do things which are useful while other people are criticizing them you're just a celebrity you don't know about the details but just watch what happens so i i was so you do you go there's a good chance you're going to be surprised because they're just things that come on you can do that route ordinary people just i do know partly because it is cut me a you know and he's got the the frame and the brand and the the recognition and all that the power of persuasion that comes with that but just i'd say i'd say keep an open mind and watch what happens live me put this in context i've said where there were open we're entering a golden age and the way i've have it this is my own definition of a golden age
is when you reach a point where you're you're restraints or your constraints are not so much physical anymore is not the you don't have money is not there you don't have the the know how the thing that's missing is the creativity because in this will surprise most of you but smart people tell me this is true we don't lack money for solving these problems we don't lack money for training convex we don't lack money for fixing urban areas not really let lack money for even fixing the blighted areas within the cities and we don't really like money for you handling some of the opioid things you know money is it's it's good that money has been passed by congress recently president was talking about that and i think that's a huge good step but most of are all
the goals are not money because there are enough billionaires the government is big enough that if you have the right idea it will get funded i used to do budgets in my corporate days so i would be in charge of the budget and department heads would come to me and they'd say i need more money for x or y and i'd say well just put it in the form of a business case explaining what the benefit is and what you want to spend before and i'll bring it to the boss and if it's a good idea you'll get some more money and they had a hard time believing the money wasn't the problem that if they had a good explanation of why they needed it i could i could make it happen that that we didn't have a budget top in any meaningful way
we simply had a lack of good ideas we actually had more money i was working for the phone company at the time we were awash with capital at the time i actually had more money than we had good ideas now that's the usual situation for a corporation but uh it is it is becoming a normal situation in the country that we have more money than good ideas for how to solve the problems with that money what does connie bring to the situation think about it name somebody who is more creative more creative
in more ways than connie so he's not just creative he's creative across fields in other words he's mastered creating which is almost as separate skill frumusica separate skill from design separate skill from making sneakers a snapper separate skill from designing home he's he knows how to create and if you're entering the golden age where you have people really know how to do stuff you know things that are other things you do to run society people who have the money the biggest gap we're having and this will increase overtime so the value of somebody like kanye starts
a big right now but is actually even going to get bigger does not mean you need ideas and he's he's an idea person you need to check the box who shakes the box better than khan yay well one person drop you can only think of one person in the world right now i think can you think of anybody else who would who would be like a candidate for number two the top box shaker in the world as president trump right nikki haley resigned somebody saying here that's interesting will follow that story but i don't have the details anyway so connie is actually the right person at exactly the right time having a meeting with the two most right people in the world because jared
and the president are exactly the right people in the whole frickin world that are the perfect pro people for connie who is the perfect creator you know he has he has the right intentions he has our attention he has kill set that's a really good team so i'm pretty optimistic about at least the possibilities is what they can come up with together let's talk about north korea there's an expert who says my take ten years to fully work out the details of the nuclear rising north korea let's say he's right but what do you think about the timing of when the north korean summit with the in the united states will happen and i'm gonna make my guess here's a prediction of full
full disclosure yesterday i went to predict it and i placed a bet so what i'm going to say now is consistent with a bat i've placed so disclosure right i have money riding on this bet not a lot of money it's a small band but my bed is that the meeting with kim will happen this year before the end of the even though it's going to take a
on time to work out the details here's why see if you follow this my best my best predictions are the ones that have a a persuasion cover on them you know that there's something about the persuasion element that is predictive all right on i'm no good i would not be good as say predicting the outcome of the house race in the mid term that's why i've avoided it because they're too many other variables about who's incumbent what's the you know how how how are they do stricter than you know just all kinds of stuff that you can't you can't see i don't have visibility on that stuff in in the the questions that are sort of a a one off you know do you have a summit yes sir now and with north korea
and then when do you do it i feel like i have a little bit more visibility now the common thinking is that these things take a long time so there's no way that it would happen before the end of the year here's my take on it and this was a persuasion in flu prediction the president united states billy really understands the news cycle and the importance of dominating it what happens in december of every year well i'll tell you in december of every year very much like august of every year or two months when the news stops happening you know we can always be surprised but as a general pattern the news stops happening in december
so if you know that the news is just going to slow down around christmas what would you do if your president trump and you're the the best the best manager of suasion and brand we've ever seen you would make sure that you got kim in in december because if you bring north korea into the headlines in december you at you get something good and i imagine that what would come out of it would be something like a a formal end of hostilities there are no hostilities for the moment but a formal end of the of the legal declaration of war whatever that whatever that the actual terms for that you know what i'm talking about so we're still technically
the state of war with n korea and it might take ten years to workout all the details of denuclearisation and december is a slow news month and n korea and the united states have already said as soon as possible about meeting with kim and trump in the united states that looks like december to me because december would just dominate the news coverage 'cause they're just wouldn't be enough competing news and it's just a big win for n korea it's a big win for the world it's a big win for the president and i think a formal declaration of the end of hostilities
with some kind of a declaration that yeah we've already agreed to let inspectors and and you know we're working on the details but denuclearization is going at you know it'll take us a long time to get that done but we can start so i place my bat let me say this is carefully as possible don't ever bat based on my predictions it just doesn't make me feel comfortable i i've met i've personally talked to and met a number of people who one huge amounts of money betting on president trump's election because of what i said i had no idea that was going on by the way so it and i will try to stop it if i'd known but there are people who bet hundred thousand dollars you know fifty thousand dollars or people who made huge profits betting on trumpet because i made the prediction i don't like you do in that i don't like
you doing that but i'll tell you i placed a bet on december or at least by the end of the year kim and to trump meeting let's talk about something else on twitter i saw a i was pointed to a story about the apparently the government must be jeff sessions etc have identified to chinese citizens people who live in who are at the head of some drug labs that have been sending drugs over here fentanyl and one known person is dead at least from a batch of that drug so we're asking for practicing for them to be i don't know indicted or whatever happens when somebody's overseas and you name them i don't know
process works with china but i've called for china assuming that the charges check out right i don't want anybody punished if they're not actually guilty but assuming that china is satisfied that these two people are culpable i've called for china to execute them or to deal with it as harshly as they like to does the the names in the families of those people should be well known within china and i'd like to see china execute them if they don't or if they assist of i don't know what the other options i guess i is there any chance that china would ever give up their citizens for american justice i don't even know if that's the thing i don't know the details but if they don't cooperate whatever that looks like in this case i don't think we should do a trade deal with them i i
it's important enough if there the president said that fifty thousand people a year or dating from opioids and we know that china is the major source other sources being india and mexico but if if it's true then say thirty thousand people a year are dying because of chinese friends at all i think that's a big enough issue to hold off on a trade deal until we can get some justice
now i i've seen some people on twitter who were pushing back on my suggestion that china kill their drug dealers on our behalf to improve their reputation and no longer be called fentanyl china which by the way is the top hashtag i'm very proud of the fact that if you if you search for fenton all on twitter the first suggestion that comes up is functional china that was me so i've created a hashtag and many of you have been kind enough to amplify it and now it's if you search for fentanyl fentanyl china's the first the first search term remember china doesn't like a bad face they don't like a bad reputation and they are fentanyl china unless they do something about it now on twitter people have
i'll say quite a fairly said wait a minute wait a minute you can't blame the supplier and it's not a case of blaming them it's a case of putting friction on it and people have said but what about abolition abolition didn't work in the united states when we tried to make it illegal to have alcohol 'cause it just became an illegal trade and people had all the alcohol they wanted i say that friction almost always works and i'll give you a counterexample it is difficult to get a fully automatic rifle in the united states why because it's illegal and there's a lot of friction to it i don't know that we've seen a mass shooting with a fully automatic weapon i can't remember one in ten twenty years you know i am sure so there may be there has been one but
i think one and the semi automatics are deadly of course and the handguns are deadly of course but it's here are the semi automatic weapons in the crowd or a fully automatic weapon in any kind of a crowd situation would be the ultimate killing machine and people can't get them very easily so it's somebody says it's not illegal you're correct let me i mean modify that it's been by law it is very difficult to get one you can only get one that's made before one thousand nine hundred and eighty six or something but you gotta do some paperwork you get a pop up on i assume you're going to pop up on the government's radar just as it's changed hands etcetera so there is friction on fully automatics and we we note that they're much less used in the kinds of crimes where you would expect to use that very tool so i think friction does work is the reason we
laws about anything the reason we have laws about anything is because friction works you get less of it when you make it illegal but at the same time people are saying wouldn't it be better to make fentanyl an opioid's legal so that people who are using them anyway 'cause you can't really stop at an addict from getting 'em somebody is going to make it if you close that all the labs in china they would just be new labs in pakistan or some other damn place right so at that point is that point is fair that the fentanyl labs because there's money to be made would just pop up somewhere else but i think you work both both ways you could certainly test and here's here's the key point i'm going to make you don't have to say to yourself let's either make drugs legal or let's execute chinese
is drug dealers or at least go after them hard you don't have to show it you have to choose you can clearly both of those things and within the case of testing a legal source of the same drugs while you're trying to treat people it's a big trump announcement about haley in three minutes old my god does she have a new job there might be some of them have any others really interesting we'll get back to that but my point is you could test the from the concept of free opioids in the city you can test it locally and you can get a pretty good idea what's happening after maybe a year so yeah i'm not sure if fentanyl and here's here's my question that only an extra class i am aware that let's say portugal in places that have made it easier to get
safe and legal needles and and one and it's actually been a plus so we know that it's been tested and it worked out well for i don't know if that's the same for friends at all because one of the problems is that yeah you've got a you've got different sized margins between dying on a drug and have a good time and with fentanyl is a very narrow band so if you gave if you gave somebody to legal fentanyl pill and they were dumb enough to take both of them they'd still die right so i'm not sure you've been entirely you you can make a good analogy between her when and sentinel and say that what work with heroin also makes sense with frontal constructional is like a nuclear bomb compare to a hand grenade so you wouldn't say well the way
handle a hand grenade should be the same as the way you handle a a nuclear bomb right there's such a difference in the leaf illness of of this that i would want to see some experts weigh in on weather in this special case making illegal safe supply is even a thing i don't even know if it's a thing all right let's keep going you're going to want to watch the nikki haley thing i'll tell you what i'll do i'm going to turn on i turn on my streaming service year and i'll keep an eye on it now we can i think there's a lot to be told about what's going on here and maybe there's already an announcement of replacement all right so we'll just keep watching this keep an eye on it and when the news goes live to the president of it or break it okay
here's a question for you the folks on the left are very concerned about the court in about of being too conservative and especially about kavanaugh we'll do altered on cnn moments i've i'm what i'm watching it now and and until the president goes live i'll keep it off but cavanaugh is a special kind of judge right because he's very strong on precedent and we're also in a very special time of history in which is seems to me they're pretty much all of the social issues of unsettled am i wrong if you said to me fifty years ago let's have a conservative core who who is very serious about president well then you wouldn't get any of the
changes that we we mostly find are popular for fifty years ago you'd said let's stick with the tuition and young never never get creative with it you wouldn't have gay marriage which is i believe it's quite popular right popular in terms of public support i believe there would be lots of things that would that you wouldn't have now i'm not going to argue whether these things are good or bad that's not the conversation today personal i think most things have moved in the right direction but that's not the argument the argument is us if you like what the what has happened so far if you like where society is has brought us to this at this moment and i think it's pretty likeable you're in terms of social justice if i can use that word not in a negative way for once in terms
how we treat each other in terms of fairness in terms of trying to you know identify and eliminate little pockets of of abuse and unfairness we've really come a long way and so today if you get constitutionalists an people who like president they're sort of get a lock that in so there's it seems like there's a point there's a point at which it actually makes sense to switch from creative judges who the less a more liberal and they say well the constitution yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna leave the exact constitution and do what i think is right it might be that that was a good thing until roughly now a roughly now in our history we may have enough social justice built into our system through precedent that the supreme court has already decided on
that if you were to sort a lock that in and and and stay with president i'm not sure yeah i'm not sure that anything's going to change now here's another thing i want you to look for the people who are telling you that the whole kavanaugh situation is about roe versus wade there's something missing there's another dog that isn't barking problem with us because if the if the top court threw out roe versus wade and this is jeffrey toobin's estimate there would be twelve states roughly because of the polling in those days about twelve states would very quickly make it
legal in their states i'd like to check that assumption and that and i'm wondering why you haven't seen any reporting on the about the states you know what where are the people on the left who have said okay we we didn't get what we wanted for the supreme court let's take the fight to where it makes the most difference which is these twelve states is california is not going to make abortion illegal new york state doesn't none of the blue states are going to do it it's really a question of the twelve ish states so why haven't they moved all of their fundraising all of their efforts why haven't they move that to the states let me tell you why 'cause it's probably not about abortion i think it might be the biggest fake because we've ever seen
i think the people might even be internalising it that way and say this is a fight for abortion what is really art of a continuation of the twenty sixteen election you know feels to me that abortion is starting to feel more like what i call the fake it because a fake because is is the reason you give and you even talk to yourself into it that that's the reason not the real reason the real reason is probably tribalism it's probably revenges probably just wanting to win it's about power now for me to be wrong about that and that it videos about roe versus wade all you have to do
show me look they've moved their attention from the supreme court where you're not going to be able to change that that's kind of locked in they should have moved their attention to the states and we should be seeing stories about the states we should be seeing stories about the governor about some of the some of the legislation let legislators in the states we should see interviews with them and have them say yeah tomorrow i would i'm totally voting we should see polls of those politicians to no actually that those twelve would actually make it illegal then we should see stories about what would happen what would happen if a state made it illegally what are the names of the major corporations in those states and would those major corporations can then you operating in those states would apple computer for example given that it would google for example two good examples would any of that act
have a headquarters or a major presence in the state that they found that objectionable by their standards i don't know that they would but there are smart people and i won't tell you where this came from but somebody who really knows the spring court once one said that changing at the federal level would have no impact at the state level and here's why and i've said this before on periscope that the moment a state made it illegal that state would become a pariah with the other states and the other major corporations it would lose tourism it would lose manufacturing it would lose investment it would be enormously expensive and here's the here's the next part after all that sacrifice
that one of these hypothetical states would make to make it illegal the people in that state could still get an abortion because you know that the women who care about this issue will organize if there's anything we know they're going to organize and they'll organized to make sure that the people who need the abortion in that state where it's illegal as the means the funding that it's going to be a go fund me situation to simply take a take an uber across the board now might be with somebody who can guide them you know there may be caveats to it but you know there's going to be an underground railroad right because states are not so big that you can't drive to the other one right if it's just a drive if it's a half a day drive to get over the state
order abortions legal everywhere even if your state doesn't like it you know the citizens just drive across the border so you would have changed nothing in your state except to greatly handicap it financially but there would still be the abortions so is any state going to be so dumb as to be the one who as well for religious for personal for moral reasons we're going to make it illegal in my state but the only net effect of that will be to be very bad for the citizens of the state economically 'cause nobody wants to deal with you or or they'll be enough people who don't want to deal with you that it's a big hit and those people will still get abortions we'll just get in the car and they'll drive for hours all you did is make it less safe that's all you did she how much of that's going to happen i'm guessing not a lot so
that's how you know the whole conversation that's been court is illegitimate because if they're not talking intensely about these individual states where that where the decision will pop down to if it gets overturned at the we're not really serious about the issue you were we're just using it as a fake because alright we're still awaiting remarks from the president well we're waiting for that marks i want to mention a couple things about my startup interface by when hub for those of you know it's an app it's already out it's on both app stores and you can immediately talk to an expert i'll give you more information about that another time but if you're an expert in mandarin the language mandarin or opinion which i didn't even know was a thing p i n why am i guess that's a chinese dialect maybe
there's there's someone on the app right now who is looking for an expert to to teach them the of the language so if there's somebody who can teach mandarin or teach pinion sign up as an expert it's free and you can make money for the time that you do it so it you'd be connected by a video call should a customer an expert be on at the same time and want to talk to each other and if you don't connect on the first time just can just signing up and having a key word a key word for opinion p i n y and were a key word mandarin would send out an alert to the person looking for you to tell you next your online on so that's so it should be good for for learning a language i'm learning by the way i'm learning drums online and it really works
and i didn't know that learn drums online wheel with a teacher who's on a video call with you i wasn't sure that would work but it it works really well because i have a lot of questions every time so every two weeks or so we have a we have all and i ask a bunch of questions and and then i can just practice on my own because the i don't i don't really want the teacher looking at me while i'm practicing so i just like that here the techniques the new ones figure out what thing i didn't know make sure i'm clear on things hear him play a few notes here and play a you know some a bit so that i can try to match it to you know a whole bunch of stuff like that so it actually works pretty well let me ask you a question we're waiting for nikki haley are waiting for the president to say something about it
i'm considering doing this opinion is a way to take chinese characters into romanized letters ok so correction pinion is not a dialect it is that something about the technique of translating chinese characters into letters that we in the west would recognize um i'm thinking about doing a paris special periscope in which i would teach you persuasion it would be an extended periscope on one topic in which i would teach you persuasion but it would be wrapped in
context of of persuading you to use my cut my start up sap now here's why i'm asking your opinion of it as i've taught you over time even if you understand the technique of persuasion even if you understand the technique is still works so if i do this i would i would warn people that i'm trying to persuade them i'm also teaching them persuasion so i would use the technique then i would pause and say here's the technique i just used on you and i'll explain it and then i would use another technique but it would be in the context of talking about my company's app and i would be trying to i would be trying to persuade you at the same time i'm teaching you how to how to pitch something like that
i'm seeing lots of guesses so i'm going to schedule that will come soon right i wasn't sure people would like this idea this is a much better this is a much better response than i was expecting alright it looks like we don't know how long we're going to be waiting for the president's remarks so i don't want to keep you waiting here much longer does anybody have i've got the sound off i don't know how long it's going to take i don't want you to just wait here while i do that let me check my notes oh yeah we didn't even talk about rick gates and the israeli bots let's talk about that while we're waiting for the president so the story in a new york times i guess that a senior campaign aide i think it was gates it had some
things with some israeli companies that offer to make fake social media accounts and try to influence the election the net of it is that the trump campaign said no thank you i walked away so it's not really a crime 'cause they listen to the bench and they said no that's not for us then they walked away um but i saw some tweets and which of see adam schiff i think started off saying isn't it a coincidence that the the trump campaign asked the israelis about a deal that they turned down and then the russians co incidentally provided those same services with the russian bots to try to influence election isn't that a coincidence and i thought
on a persuasion level that's actually pretty good like if you're not trying to deal with the facts or logic or anything but if you just trying to persuade it was pretty clever to tie that israeli the story which does have some meat to it it was an actual meeting but nothing happened right but as a little bit of me to do is at least the conversation happened right the the story so far has no meat on it all so she was shifted was he took two zeros the the russian collusion thing is just a zero as you know as no stickiness whatsoever it's a zero and he added it to the israeli story that you know the campaign listened to and rejected so that's a zero so he took twenty close and he added the zeros they said look what i got it's a one i added two zeros and i got a one
no persuasion wise that's exactly what he did in terms of how it feels to people who are mostly he's mostly talking to his base right he's he's not really trying to persuade republicans with something like that he's tried to persuade his base that they still have something to worry with this president so he literally took two zeros added the added them together in public i came out with a one and i gotta say it totally work for his limited purpose which was to keep his base feeling like there's something to be said issues of zero plus zero equals one shift actually pulled that off so i'm trying to be the was separating my admiration for technique from weather
or something is moral or ethically good i trust you all to make your own moral and ethical decisions and they're probably not going to be substantially different from my own right but technique wise you could learn something from that he added zero zero and got a one it was i'm bad i'm going to give him credit for that another interesting thing while waiting for the president to talk you saw that the ip pc a map with new warnings about climate change that the whole world go to hell and ten years or twenty years or whatever there's nothing we can do we're already probably passed the tipping point and blah blah but i think it was steven pinker who first pointed this out that in all the stories about this nobody mentions nuclear power and think about
it's a story about the world is going to the world is going to end yeah exaggerate but the world will have horrible horrible problems and hurricanes and flooding and people dying from drought and everything so it's like cataclysmic worst problem in literally well actually literally the worst problem in the world according to the people who who are accepting these projections and if it really is the worst problem in the world and we know this the the most effective solution which is to relax your fear about nuclear power plants and just build more them because one nuclear power plant melting down as horrible as it is is not even close it's not even close to being as bad
add as climate change so the climate change people if they were honest and if they meant anything they were saying they would say in practically the same paragraph the world is is going to go to hell because of climate change the only solution is nuclear power because it's true now we should certainly be working as fast as we can on the solar and all the other things but i don't believe any expert anywhere who believes that we can get those things ramped up in time so even if you prefer solar and and wind power even if you prefer them if you believe climate changes as dire as the i p p c year to year however says
if you believe it and you also believe every expert who says that no matter what you do you're not going to get there fast enough with solar and green power then you should be saying in the same sentence you need nuclear power and you need a lot of it and you need it fast 'cause otherwise you're not talking about risk you're not talking about risk if you're only talking about half of the equation you gotta throw in the solution and say is the solution better or worse than the risk and there's only one salute on the table as far as i know right there are a million things you buy wanna to do there's only one thing that will make a map that will make a difference the only thing that could make a difference fast enough is probably nuclear now that the fast enough part assumes that it doesn't take twenty years to a
so you need to speed up the approval you might need to build different kinds of plants that are safer in the same week that this happens there's a news report i hope you all saw this this was this was great that they've discovered a nuclear waste eating bacteria think about that what's the biggest problem with nuclear power produces waste nuclear waste or in my spell and then the nuclear stuff it's all over if this is true and of course you have to have a little skepticism or a lot of it for stories like this but if we've actually discovered we society a waste eating our nuclear waste eating bacteria
suddenly the the risk of a power plants nuclear power plants may have gone from you know on a scale of one to ten they might it might have been an eight i don't know how you measure that maybe it's a town but may have gone down to a a to or three so you can't you can't have the same conversation because it's possible that the risk of nuclear power has gone from a pretty high too not much yeah i'm not sure that's the case but we might be on the the virgin that being true all right i think i've run out of topics us sure i guess that's all i got today
and what is the bacteria mutate to somebody else yeah maybe we do need to worry about bacteria the becomes nuclear nuclear bacteria i assume that that big bacteria would have spider powers what else could
oh the taylor swift thing thank you so you saw the president i think he was on his way to his helicopter or something i forget where he was but they asked him about taylor swift's comments i don't even know what the comment was about it doesn't matter we definitely have the funniest president so the president looks at the camera and he says with that twinkle in his eye because taylor swift said something that would that was anti administration in some way i forget what the topic was but he goes now i like taylor's music twenty five alas okay if you'd said i like your music last it wouldn't be funny if he had said
she's entitled to her opinion that wouldn't be funny if he said he disagreed with her vigorously that wouldn't be funny if he said that substantially lowers my appreciation for music that wouldn't be funny but when he looked at the camera and he said with a twinkle in his eye that he enjoyed her music twenty five percent less now that is some funny stuff that is funny because what's funny about it is the the wrongness of the specificity this vessel the specificity of it registers as so immediately ridiculous the
just falling animation to think about it more than you would normally think about it because the ridiculous stuff so but he also said but he allowed that she was still seventy five percent tell him to so he's he he is sort of you for the term nagging where where you sort of insults somebody is used in the pick up artist world you you sort of insult a woman but you give her a chance to work our way back into your into your good opinion
so you sort of sort of just gave her a little ding but you know you sort of left room well you know you're only twenty five percent less enjoyable now but hey maybe in the future you could work your way back so that was one of the funniest things that's happened all week check me if i'm wrong but yeah check me if i'm wrong on this but uh well let me put this in a different context we have watched president trump be the dark horse come from behind to candidates he is the ultimate come from behind guy he's been he's been literally bankrupt and he came back right his his show on it you know his apprentice show probably was under some pressure i think it might have been close to being canceled or some
thing and then he leaves and he turns that into a presidential run that looks like he's going to lose and then it comes back and then collected and everything is well you got elected but you're definitely going to be a bad president and so he comes back and now everything is good so we've watched we watched the president go through this phase where we've seen him be a come from behind sort of personality and that's we know him we know him as sort of a come from behind personalities always been kind of in that mode he's always been under attack but lately he's had such a good week and as we come toward the end of the year you're going to hear all of the year end summaries and they're going to
sounds really good for this president when they do the end of the year december summary stuff where they say well let's look at how the president did over the past year and then they're going to say the past two years it's gonna look really good okay what we have never seen but we're just seeing now is president trump as a front runner we've never seen that before right yeah he's a front runner so that is a front runner for his reelection and he certainly uh he's totally in a good place in terms of managing the country right now things are going his way and it feels like his his more fun personality is emerging 'cause all of these rallies all of these
latest are are really just stand up stand up humor and he's just having a really good time it's obvious when you see them he is just enjoying himself on stage and when he said the comment about taylor swift you can see the twinkle in his eye he looked really relaxed like like he knows he's in charge and things are going well now so if feels as though the come from behind president is now becoming the front runner president you know kind of the man on top and you're gonna see a slightly different version of him because he gets the modifier right yeah he modifies his personality for every situation that's one of his strengths and you're gonna see the front runner trump which is going to be whole areas i think it's gonna be whole areas in a in a in a positive way
it'll just be funny waiting remarks from president trump i wonder what it was i'm very curious about nikki haley is resignation i wonder if there's something specific behind there's i don't see any speculation on nikki haley wrote the op ed somebody saying i don't think so alright i think it's going to be too long we're going to wait so i'm going to let you watch it on your own if there's something about it that's world breaking news i might come back on but i'm gonna let you get back to it right now i will talk to you later
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