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Episode 257 Scott Adams: The Kanye Meeting, 13th Amendment and Turkey

2018-10-12 | 🔗


  • CNN’s attempt to “Cultural Gravity” Kanye
  • The alarming attacks on Kanye for trying to make a positive difference
  • CNN weaponized its staff and Don Lemon called it a “minstrel show”
  • CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson’s out of context, list hit piece
  • 13th Amendment of Constitution, understanding Kanye’s point
  • President Trump crashed Turkey’s economy to free Pastor Brunson

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but a bump bump bump bump bump everybody given here hello ellison hello unix tyler flee convent amazon i can read all of your names because some of them are silly i just really once a sound like real name's edward melissa howard good morning hello susan hello wreck come on in here you know what time it is i know know what time it is don't even need to look at your watch because when you see this abraham it's time for coffee was got items do you have your coffee do you have
any kind of a beverage do you have a cup of vessel a mug chalice fill it with beverage or enough to sip bring into your lips and join me for the simultaneous sap i feel like the simultaneity was extra good today didn't feel like that you it was a little note of hickory and maybe just that just a little note of simultaneous simultaneous simultaneousness say more simultaneous ninety this probably a word in there and i don't know it all right all right all right let's talk about currently meeting with the president with a little time to digest it i remember i introduced
yesterday i think it was the idea of cultural gravity called rural gravity the idea that it's hard to get away from your culture now that could be good if your culture is all positive but it could be bad if there's something about your put your culture that you like to escape and differentiate yourself does your culture poles you back and i watched this happening with kenya with great alarm i don't know there are very few things that have disturbed me as much as watching black people come after conway because conny visit of the president and was trying to make a positive difference in may i have already done so so my perception and i realize were living indifferent movies brawl i'll just say it's my perception
secondly i had legitimate important issues that word of vital importance to his community the say his community in this case colonies community is the world but just in the context of this conversation let's talk about inner cities and the african american community countries bigger than that but for this conversation and he met with a bunch of urban leaders apparently who knew what they knew the issues and understood them and they helped coach him he brought one of this issue is the the question about stopping for to the oval office in front of cameras in front of the world told the president's you didn't think that was a good idea the president said well you know on flexible have you ever seen him say that before
so it would be difficult now for the president to go go hard this idea of stop and frisk neither colonies starting from the world and all the cameras gave loved president trump saddam she loved him where's his hat and then says to him in front of the world i'm not doing talking to a bunch people from the community and they say this is a bad idea i don't thank you understand how powerful that is he created a situation where his influence when from you call me a high already right just in kenya he has influence but by engineering the situation where is in the oval office on camera the entire world is watching he puts us out here and what was president from going to say to that was he going to disagree vigorously with them in that setting no way wasn't even an option cartier
created a situation in which his influence from really really high conny a high too oh my god we haven't seen this before except from president trump me you're seeing some world class influence going on and now what would be the reaction to that from people from his community people who would benefit from his actions people who would like to have a greater say in the oval office people would like to bring the country together people who would like issues up such a stop in friskin yeah potentially prison related things people who have these very high on their priorities what what reaction should you have expected from the people who embrace the exact same issues
the economy is making a big dent in simply by the attention he gets you would expect when you expect full our support but that's not what you saw you did not see full our support inserting like that instead cnn immediately weapon ized its its african american staff yo meaning the otter on air personalities and they this brought on the eleven wasn't during his shall i think was a anderson cooper brought him on africa but the lemon gave a fairly long an impassioned response in which it was embarrassed by cotonou embarrassed that's it that's a powerful word
because it's one thing to disagree with somebody on on policy but linking disagrees on policy is one thing to somebody doesn't have the other background ensure that knowledge that's always fair that's affair comment the summer doesn't have the background maybe they should know more etc but dont lemon referred to it as a minstrel lacked that's kind of personal isn't it oh yeah i'm not black obviously but i would feel that that was a pretty deepen salt and that it was a dip there was an insult about my collar about my my culture about my my dear
may and to me those of you saying is racist i never buy into the black people could be racist against other black people what that means so as well my intention that so it's not a racist second all it felt like cultural gravity it felt like here was cotonou who is worked himself into a position where where he was ambiguously able to make a difference in positive way that the people from his community is culture and national if he's got his culture anymore causes superman but from the culture he was trying to represent an urban black poor people in general and here he was being dragged back it's like no you can't do that let about all the things you did wrong here talk about anything you did write he got in the room he got in the room
canada was in the room talk about doing something right this is right you can get your when one president trump said he would after giving young people said i know but giving in the room with them is probably the most important thing that will help north korea go in the right direction so kindly it does the same thing he gets in the room that's it i was showing up is what ninety per se another any didn't just show up he raised he raised issues probably made a difference in how we look at those issues personally i didn't know much about stopping frisk snap not something i pay a lot of attention to but now that canoe who said he talk to the people who were in the community and they they hate that idea i'm buying as against i i guess
i've changed my mind if somebody had a good argument or something but i'm kind of biased against it and it's because can you did a good job of representing it briefly as you did it was still powerful and that i read another article on cnn from one of their other shit she's a purse of color but i don't know exactly what or ethnic mixes it looks like you she may be african american but a measure and so she runs she also rights i hear peace against him willoughby when they actually call that up some looking at it so so rude of me not to use the actual name of the writer see if i can find out quickly analysis why colonies lunch with tromp was a disaster and this is written by nea
weaker henderson one of siemens regular corresponded types and if she does the list persuasion those here are some ideas west raised and the car text of it is that these ideas are just crazy crap so she has to put him in a list because individually none of them like crazy enough socio suggested list persuasion so here here sir lyster crazy things he did bring trump factories and easy ideation centres to chicago ideation meaning a place where you come up with ideas and you create more of a design creation is that crazy to bring factories to the city he's he's trying to support his own hometown and talking to the person who has influence over such things and then saying that bringing them in with his own
resources he would have skin in the game easy would bring in his own ideation centres a good idea about idea it good to me sounds really good to me right then says his mega hat makes them feel like a superhero so of course they take them context so sounds crazy right now if you put it didn't count can you talked about how it made him feel fear his armour was on use superman is just a way for us to imagine it now who else do you know who uses visual persuasion present tromp right so cardio doesn't just say i feel stronger with my head on would be weak concept talking he says i feel like superman boom major silverman pops and read the image or superman's cape that's read like the hat pop pops into your head that's how you communicate try to forget them
you can't you remember for the rest of your life the canyon said he's like supervision with his hat on its instantly memorable that's why he does that we should make the dope ist no the fly asked cars so again he's just talking about america should make the best stuff let me let me put this in context america makes cars cars but their boring right american cars are boring easy mixed footwear footwear is boring accept tunnies footwear you ve seen them his sneakers whatever you want to call them are actually way above ordinary footwear because of design same way the tesla is way above regular cars because of design cut and why are or cars design better right
a lot more cars overseas especially if i we're better designed good idea or a bad idea it's a really really good idea the it is so good it's beyond good it's actually a glaring hole and are in our capital the system that i've never even noticed why had noticed i had i have actually those that cars are not well designed except for the tussle and i always wondered what what's up with that country is calling out this huge opportunity which is to make it better design cars so you want the more you sell more there is better cars that's actually pretty good point they make it look down here ices school is boring kids should be playing basketball what they're doing math now of course if you put it out of context people at this how do you play basketball and new methods same time well that's not really the point the point is this
school is boring in these to be redesigned rethought something to wake you up keeping you interested right that's what it means honey described it in a visual away you can bet can somebody bouncing a basketball and trying to do math right once again he goes visual watch how many times he goes visual you can't get it out of your head it's quotable and here's the important point it's a little bit wrong because you really you'd have trouble play basketball into her mouth at the same time right so your brain is well that's a little bit wrong but then you members because his visual you see somebody playing basque what you put yourself in the scene you imagine yourself fling basketball and doing math is brilliant is brilliance persuasion that the cnn is is trying to make look like it's silly because they take
context and put it in the list he said the time doesn't exist well here he is your green with einstein so i'm stayin said the time is a persistent illusion conny says time doesn't exist cnn could say conway and albert einstein have the same opinion on time because that's true conway and albert einstein have the same opinion on the nature of time but they left einstein end of the story they just on this list with these other things what makes them look down right he literally said the smartest things amelia and come up with himself but it is one of the most well understood concepts in physics there i'm a sort of an illusion and they make it was like is done but i think the context there might have been let's get going
moreover a little more to do with we should get going stop worrying about the future we only have today that's more about time you said trump and calling copper neck wearing make amerika great had set the superbowl again visual instead of saying let's see if i can get the president and copper neck to get together would show that would be a little bit visual but he took it to another level he made you imagine the two people and then you imagine the hats on their heads that is great persuasion he painted a picture and he brought you went to it and is a little bit wrong again right
because imagining trumpet and captured act even though your that can happen is like a real thing that could happen and should happen is a luba wrong so i can't not think of it so again powerful out of the box interesting but important it would make a difference is visual using you you are genius hear that the cnn because they don't understand anything he's doing or writing it off as a bunch of crazy stuff all right let's keep going stop and frisk is bad so they they narrowed down his whole stoppin frisk thing from i talk to a bunch of leaders in the gee i'm bringing you their message because i'm in the room i'm in the room and they are not so i talked to them i got their best thinking i presented to you here it is
that was really important and probably change the nature of the debate in that moment how does cnn summarize an important change in the event for the african american community just once one bullet points stoppin frisk is bad that's it that's all those they're gonna say about that right next the solution to police brutality is love of course if you treated as a an absolute as in well he's saying that the only thing you need to do is love well then it look silly right this is what i call the at the absurd absolute we're somebody makes a reasonable point and then the critic takes the reasonable point and turns it into an absolute so it look silly would it help police brutality if there was just more love imagine if you will then every time a
and this is just a thought experiment announced suggesting slacken madam if you will that every time a police officer saw an african american young person let's acres that's that's where more trouble happens the young soldier say every time a a police officer saw an african american the african american made eye contact and say i love you man thanks for giving a safe i must say that will never happen but just go with me i'll need algae would that make would then make black people safer in subsequent arrests if every time a black what a police officer encountered a black citizen and the black citizen look them in the eye and said morning officer thanks for keeping me save today a lucky man what would happen what would be the the logical outcome of showing
positive affection towards the place you know what the answer is right you know that they would be safer because police officers being biased like everybody else would say oh i'm arresting one of these people who accused acting nice to me it absolutely will make a difference but if you turn it into like that's the only thing you need to do like that's the one step hey how about love it just sounds silly right it's not silly it is not simply is actually a very active thing you could do and you could do it tomorrow be pretty hard to convince black people who do that but if they did that if they did that it would be insanely ways of insanely persuasive is one of the best ideas you ve ever seen but because people are gonna quite embrace it i dont know how effective it could be
the solution to something about an eye playing so he did talk about the presidency the best airplane by are you here in this was more in the context of design and a human a greater and the fact that america should have the good stuff we should have design cars the president should have the most awesome airplane because if the president looks good we look good which is what can be said about thinking breyer israel the president should have not just good ordinary playin the president's plain should be like crazy good i now it's crazy good in terms of his engineering but we don't see that power so cunningly suggesting that be
a little more obviously awesome because it makes a better message president is supporting is presenting himself as the image of the united states perfectly reasonable perfectly reasonable idea opening up industries and tax breaks of course for the inner cities industries and tax breaks might be part of the problem but even a bigger part of the problem the thing the thief our cities are missing isn't this is allowed people to realise their not lacking money which is the weird thing there's plenty of money private and public too vest and cities were not out of money out of ideas is so so giving a tax breaks and leo trying to spur industry by itself it doesn't help
all right if all you do is go to the cities and say hey we're gonna give you tax breaks you got nothin tax rates don't get it done you need also an aviation sector where the community can that the ideas and say yes we did this with a community would be totally on board with it by the way with women i will then we built a prototype we tested it looks like i can even make money or at least be neutral so the kenya has looked at a big problem in which people have tried to pick off little pieces of like people say i was just do some more taxes but you don't have all the rest
the parts you playing with the taxes but nobody has any idea what to do gives you nothing conway saying i'm gonna bring attention to chicago first but cities in general i'm gonna bring attention so he did that we're talking now conway now we're talking about things colony cares about he just brought attention that step one attention he's talking about tax breaks important but not enough right he knew the attention you knew the tax breaks what's the partners the ideation centres the part the colonies as your bring the ideas were missing the ideas and we're missing ideas that are better integrated tied to the community it's not enough to have an idea that somebody who living in inner city has i can come up with ideas that i don't know if you're a good or bad i dont off the inner city would embrace them
they need the ideation centre in the city and even part of the community you need a colony type level of of power put into it and then you starting to look at you started see all the components who came up with a full suggestion of components that you need to fix the inner cities nobody freckled nobody nobody came up with that before it is the first person you ve ever seen who explained the entire solution early in conceptual terms you need the energy he brought the energy he knew the tax breaks wiki get those but they're not enough you did you need investment he can bring investment he brought the energy you need ideas he said he's bringing that as the big thing this missing and he said i'll bring it he's brain the biggest thing this missing
what did cnn report does report that one of the most morton things that's ever happened for urban world just happened yesterday no they saw the circus they saw a minstrel act according to don lemon they they misreported this to the point of i don't know it's like a fiduciary you missed up i think there's something about liberals distracting black people by focusing on racism so look how cnn dismisses this so i can't you said was he re framed question of should currently be in the room with somebody that other people have said is racist meaning the present here is that even okay i select the set up how does colleague respond to that he doesn't say the president's races
the presence not racist he basically says we live in a racist world am i going to let racism hold me back maybe uncanny that's best refrain you ve ever seen right for this this topic he took the responsibility and the end of the environment he just sucked all the responsibility out of it it's not about president trump it's not about your opinion of me spell me and he says if it's about me i reject it can be i'm not gonna be limited by racism is one of the best answers you ve ever seen how did that your report is as one sentence one for second sentence that they can then they mock him for being immense relax this is disk
casting my though the way the sea and then try to apply a cultural gravity uncanny because he was really was six eating it up is is frightening its disgust it's it's a moral i'm not sure that they think of it that way so i won't open intentions in their hands who knows what their intentions are but the effective it is to be effective it is is really ugly so watch show watch others from the black community try to put some cultural gravity uncanny watch how much they try to pull him back from succeeding now
as far as i can tell the only people who are you who are speaking out uncanny side here are white people because correct me if i'm but dont most white people route for black people did do better and i say most ninety percent or something they if if they if you could go away people say why people there's a magic jeanne you just appeared and you know you ve gotta yes no question year could you do something if you say yes they'll help african american community do better i think almost all way people say we want we want them to do better of course we do but why wouldn't we especially republicans applicants are all about the constitution in the bible and and both of those documents say
treat everybody as you will treat yourself treat everyone equally so of course why people want it to succeed they would like black people succeed but we don't know how right why people dont know what to do they don't know how to do it i apparently is taken taken a big bite another them and he might know how to do it he is he's describing the problem in terms of the system and a process let's put these things in place and letter run put my ideation summers there will bring in some investment will see what we can do try some small trials so the other thing that they're going after four colleagues this is
is canada has said we should revoke the thirteenth amendment and this of course is being reported with puzzlement like what the hell does that mean and and mockery so he's being marked for not understanding history and i think it is a fair statement that may be the point is not that clearer but that's why more talk about so i will confess that i'm not a constitutional scholar and when anybody talks about any of the amendments i always have to look it up i'm going to see the exact words right so here's the thirteenth amendment that kenya has said in public a few times should be abolished so here's what the amendment says that he wants to abolish neither slavery
neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for a crime where the party has been duly convicted shelly just within the united states or any place subject to their jurisdiction so the way the critics are reading this is the first line that that slavery is banned and they're saying wait a minute why is conway opposed to banning slavery that's always been reported right very view even understood why his point was why would you get rid of the amendment that gets rid of slavery would that be like saying slavery is ok whatever else out makes sense can you not take a history lesson what's going on here that was my first impression because i was i was taking it off the news reports
nell us read this amendment a little bit better do you think the thirteenth amendment bands slavery it doesn't the thirteenth amendment says slavery is ok let me say that again the thirteenth amendment puts slavery into the constitution it does bandit says it's ok let me again now their slavery nor involuntary servitude accept so as they except part that's the problematic part so this is what the amendment says is ok you can b you can make somebody a slave this is our constitution says us you can turn somebody into a slave if they ve been convicted of a crime
did you know that our constitution says you can have slavery i have to do is convict somebody of a crime do they have to be guilty of the crime nope here's the here's the fun are the person convicted of the crime doesn't have to be guilty i just have to be convicted what would be a good way to get a lot of slave labour convict a lot of people either had minor crimes or war were guilty what is this duration and the black and every well loved people getting picked up for your drug crimes and everything else so in effect this prison system has become at least it by analogy you're not in a literal sense but like slaves
and i'm thinking to myself this is extraordinarily clever but i don't think it's sunk in and will see us will see a country takes this point further because it's it's provide it seems to me that he's doing a trump move here the trump move is the do something so provocative they can't look way and even though the provocative thing might not be technically historically exactly accurate it moves your mind to a new place and that new places where he wanted your mind so it's where he moves you mind that's the thing it's not the details of the historical accuracy the us not there what does this mean it's not me it's not that feels is where did you move your mind and where he moved my mind is this conversation i am now talking about this there i didn't know that the constitution of the united states doesn't
allow slavery is specifically spells around as ok did you know that i didn't know that did you know that the constitution of the united states approves of slavery you just have to have a convention how hard is that now when he says we gotta get rid of the thing this is slavery is ok under the right conditions on board i'm on board and i think it's necessarily that important that the words in the constitution get changed please move europe is moving your mind to a place where you imagining that the the prison system which is really what he wants to change the prison system the the sort of the institutionalizing of black use and mass he saying that mr brie rethought and he's doing it by by preparing the idea
every with it in a way that actually is pretty good if you are serious about trying to understand the point it's a pretty good point but you should take the thirteenth amendment approach these in this as more of the persuasion is more about how to move your mind into a productive place if you're just looking at the prison problem from the outside and you're not a prisoner and you don't know anybody who is what do you say to yourself he said he saw well be nice if it was better maybe somebody else can work that is just not my top priority but now i happens now conny has told you that you live in a country that explicitly approves of every an anders a disproportionate number of black people who are in this essentially slavery situation
now you could argue it surrounding faulty always if they committed a crime and they got caught ok why the analogy is not perfect right analogies never are but in terms of how it moved your mind pretty powerful soap so we watched probably one of the most amazing feats of persuasion they are ever going to see you would think that that the media would be able to reckon by now they had three years watching from do it essentially the same place and by the way you do recognise the colonial approach is so similar to trumps way of operating the whole thing is a coincidence i think is actually learning i think conny picking up is picking up
systems and processes and priorities and you know is operating from just watching somebody's reminding me that pastor brunson has been freed from turkey this interesting because turkey jail the sky was apparently a christian and might have been trumped up charges so to speak and i love the way president trump we do this now if you didn't follow the story let me summarize it for you turkey takes an american pastor puts him in jail now as user american christian there of course the the christian leadership in the united states so it took up the cause and it seemed like it was a political thing more so than any kind of actual crime what did president from do
when turkey took a christian and put him in jail and put their finger in the eye of the united states now keep in mind this is one person just one person what did president trump due to turkey for putting one person in prison for what looks like a legitimate reasons did the president say well i'm not gonna burn able just over one person to the presidency well we'll try really hard but me anxious one person didn't do that he basically slapped enough sanctions on turkey the mai investments in turkey which full disclosure i have some investments in a turkish cell phone company totally crash so my investments in turkey went down was sixty five percent
and when i went to sixty five percent even see the entire economy of turkey was just legists stamped on four one christian who happen to have an american passport president tromp was willing to take out the entire frickin economy of turkey for that one american what i say i a lot of money on the line because i've got big money invested turkey not as a percentage of my portfolio wants a large amount and i got crushed allow investment i hope it will come back but i got crush i thought holy cow this could actually decided to write it down but i thought to myself this can actually go to zero i think he would have taken the entire economy out and you know what it would have cost
a tremendous amount of money and i would have been ok with it because it's not really about that one one american right the fact that he was willing to coldly and calculating really take out the entire turkish economy who by the way is a nato ally nato ally and he was willing to crash the entire economy over one american he has my total support total support if it happens again and there's one american in some country that shouldn't be there is the next country gonna make a mistake like this because what did turkey get out of this turkey gotta crashed
me and they still released him what's the next country can do do you think another country's gonna grab and american and keep him for no good reason well if they do good bye economy because we know what happens now and that the thing i loved about especially as it didn't seem like tromp was making a big deal about it didn't like there was a lot of talk now he trump said yeah clearly you gotta give this guy back here's your sanctions and then he just stood back and waited i've told oh how trump likes to put time on her side so as soon as you put the pressure on their economy he just said all now it's up to you now it's up to you if you want in the colony you know what to do but we're
if it were were no longer part of your decision so if you want to keep this guy it's at the cost of your entire economy do what you need to do and then he just waited now i'm sure there was la going on under the hood but the president himself just said take american loser economy ok gotta go work and other stuff i love that i'm gonna go work on other stuff it you're it you're economy verses one american decide where you won't do it everyone that's enough today i'm going to go do something else and i will talk to you later
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