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Episode 259 Scott Adams: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Weed

2018-10-13 | 🔗


  • CA Senator Dana Rohrabacher says: After the midterms…
    • Trump will federally legalize medical marijuana
    • Recreational legalization will be a state decision
  • The Jamal Khashoggi controversy and mystery
    • Contrast between an actual dictator and a clever Tweeter
    • One (allegedly) uses a bone saw…the other uses Twitter
  • US economy is so strong, we’re raising interest rates to slow it down
    • China’s economy doesn’t have the same headroom as US
  • A “good” President…is one that fits the times
    • Obama was a good President for his time
    • Trump is a good President for our current time
  • “Cultural Gravity” holds back some groups of people, propels others

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