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Episode 260 Scott Adams: The President’s Portfolio, a Systems Idea

2018-10-14 | 🔗


  • Jamal Khashoggi mystery…
    • How much risk should the west take when one proponent of Sharia Law kills another proponent?
  • Kanye is operating at a higher level of awareness than his critics
    • A “President’s Portfolio”, spotlighting startups with the potential to reduce healthcare costs
    • STOP thinking yes/no…START thinking test small, see what happens

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but both open everybody all better than many people who are already awake at least not my timezone hey bat come on in here the rest of you can watch this on replay but the early birds you're commies live now doing what good morning the morning good morning do you have your beverage with you i hope you do a jason everybody it's time to grab year muggy your glass here cup your vessel your stein fill it with a liquid have your choice i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous up
let's talk about the serb could show you things more circus yogi was the journalist who was allegedly by salaries security forces come into being these were the bones are and news body removed from the turkish consulate now as i've question before you always have to await with the sort of thing because there's always gonna be more to the story it just in quite makes sense the way we heard it sounded a little too fantastical for us to really have understood it everything about this there were still waiting so we don't know what else will learn but there's i have an interesting question that's a sub question about this the the journalist who was killed is a muslim brotherhood proponent
and the muslim brotherhood as i understand it the current incarnation promotes a peaceful transition a democrat transition to sharia law and an islamic world so there at least a nerve the republic face the muslim brotherhood is a a non violent way to conquer the world in for the benefit of islam and i'm wondering how we in the west should look at something like this alleged murderer should it become confirmed and suddenly saying are you insane nonviolent no i'm not insane your bad listening i said their public face and their their public pronouncements
nonviolent what they're doing behind the scenes i have not addressed so if you believe they're doing something behind the scenes to support of ass or sport other terrorist groups you would be agreeing with some some other middle eastern countries will also consider them a terrorist group but if we're just talking about ok i have not been presented with any information at least in the press there would suggest that he in particular is in favour of any kind of violence so i have not seen that suggested and i think i would by now right but he was a muslim brotherhood person and i think it would be fair to say that their our members of the muslim brotherhood who do not favour violence but what they do favor
in view of the world that's by western standards vary anti women and perhaps even more anti i don t q so anti gay i l l b gdp q i can never say there right any other woman so what we're watching this and we're saying to ourselves how much trouble does the united states wanna get into for what looked like sort of the middle east internal problem because i'm not sure we want to take this guy side doing what you how much do we want to support the person who would change our system to something we would consider a form of slavery for women
now i not saying this necessarily everybody's interpretation but by western standards what could show you was pushing was kind of women second class citizen baby making slavery situation by western eyes right obviously within the lama community there were very different opinion of it but the written so the issues in question if i take my own judgment than this some so i'm trying to and tried to describe this without infecting it with any opinions of my own cause i don't really understand opinions a lot of the staff in the middle east because i don't have the full contacts were things but it's an interesting question how much do we in the west and we in the west are fifty percent women and then
you add ons that the algae beauty q community and that's a majority right in the democratic west most people as a more than fifty some of our population is either a woman we're a gay man because if the half roughly half that of women to the area ten percent or so the real djibouti q and half of them are man something like fifty five fifty five percent of the west women and gay men some like so is majority how much should that majority in our democratic society care about two proponents of sharia law and one kills the other because its
is somebody's arguing with my estimates you can argue with the estimates that's fine but it's the same point the there's a clear majority in the democratic countries of people who are either a woman or if man had others two categories together more than fifty percent of the population everybody agrees with that so it's not clear to me how to risk the west should take over what kind of an internal squabble between two sides there we shouldn't we shouldn't like other one of them too much because of what they want they would do with with the topics of women and gaze in particular should they get their way and then you have this weird situation where i dont think you could argue this saudi arabia has a more enlightened
more enlightened policy approach to men and gave them the man some brotherhood i'm thinking it necessarily make that case but in terms of the public we see this didn't solomon guy looking like a reformer can drive i think there some other smaller changes there so it this is heading in the right direction so in terms of how it feels to us in skinner it's gonna feel like at least salmon had something no one on their that was the right direction even if we don't like whereas at the two yonder on the regime somebody says that could show you had dirt on the regime which it i've heard is true but we don't know what that was anyway
but it s like a little bit of an internal problem and i'm not sure how much the united states should embrace it is our problem a stock about systems versus goals you know that i wrote a book called had a failed almost everything still when big in which talk about having a system something you work on every day they give you a good result by you necessarily know exactly how it's going end so a system is something there proves your odds of a good outcome but you don't know exactly where it goes verses a goal which says we ll have single payer healthcare just leave just used as an example so ago would be a single better healthcare so it assumes the exact answer where something like an exact answer as opposed to the system which will be a way to work towards a better healthcare situation but you don't know exactly how that works out that's what a system of look like let me suggest
new ideas here i'm gonna throw some ideas into the mix what do you already about how they did something much bigger than the than the press realized or reported that work it was suggested the what he called ideation centres in urban areas and that would be a centre where you would work with the local folks to come up with ideas for solving things if you come up with an idea ideally one builder tested in maybe city or one community within the city something small that you can test so the idea of centres would create ideas you'd you'd package them so that you ve got something investor say a billion arrow just wants to help or even the government the just wants to help and they ve got some money to a small test of the smaller
works you implemented now what makes us the system is you don't know what the thing looks like you don't know what you don't know what ideas are going come up with its system we don't have a system colleagues it is operating at a higher level than anybody whose criticising him that's my take because this doesn't exist and this exactly what needs to exist not a solution a system for creating solutions and testing them as many solutions as you and come up with the dust but i would extend this idea and say maybe we should do even more of it you take healthcare is my example and i'm going to introduce this idea that i just made up so you won't find this everywhere this is just a mental experiment term i made up the president's portfolio know what i mean by the president's portfolio
is not that the president is gonna be investing in any stocks or anything like that so it's not that it would be a portfolio of start ups or companies that are working for the betterment of the united states as a whole so most start ups are just trying to make money right so if you're losing your games up you just had to make money does really make much difference to the united states except in some general my hope the economy but there other stored up so would drama likely lower healthcare costs there are start ups with their would get you german equally better results in healthcare there are startup that are working on the systems the databases the processes there were greatly reduce the amount of complexity for example the president's portfolio would be
this is an idea another not a real thing than the idea would be that the president working with a team of people who would help him that what's in the portfolio what isn't would be a list of companies and this in this one example for healthcare the healthcare companies that are start ups that would really make a difference in the cost of health care if they work and the aid of the president's portfolio is not that the president invests so there's no investment he's just spot lighting so would be a spotlight the says look if you ve qualified because your spent your startup a serious one and lets say there's some criteria such as you have to it least the money from a high end venture company so if you have sequoia or some big venture companies already put money into and and it can be demonstrated that year for the benefit of the larger society not just making money then you could be
the president's portfolio what would be the advantage the advantage would be the spotlight so that the the billionaires who want to would know exactly where did look they say oh god of the web page with the list of start ups that are part of the president's portfolio and i'd like to do something good for the country and why not maybe make the money at the same time so the billion goes here looks down the lessons as well there is a company that if this works out they're gonna maybe i'll make an mri the cautious ten dollars instead of hundreds of dollars so i'm gonna invested that might not work but if it does the whole country maybe even the whole old is better off now i use healthcare is my example because i was a clear example where spot lighting the companies that can bring down costs would be very important but this could be any category it could be claimed
change what are all the companies working on things that would make a real difference to climate change wouldn't you like to know wouldn't you like to know that there are a dozen companies there looking to capture of two scrub it ended the world and the air maker maybe a better nuclear plant when you like to know what is the small portfolio of companies that are gonna fix our biggest problems so that our billionaires can be weapons used to make a difference right now if you ve got a billion dollars and you want to help the world what the hell are you going to do so this is the genius of the gates foundation when bill gates decided in here yeah i don't want to read his mind but it seems obvious from the facts it seems a bill gates said to himself with some version of this i have these billions of dollars i wanted
help the world how do i do it that's aid is actually harm cause you don't know where to put their money that the government to a better than i can really make a difference what do you do so gates created the gates a whose primary job as i understand it is to figure where to put his money goes figuring out what to do it is the harbour a sort of the sign of the golden age so golden age as i do find it is the time rim where the biggest problems are the way we think about stuff we don't have a resource shortage we have an idea shortage cartier under failing that were in the golden age where we don't have a resource shortage we have an idea shortage we have a systems shortage we have an organized into the re systems has suggested
a hugely important idea that the press has completely overlooked a place to create ideas and package them so you can put them in the front of the billionaire or put them in front of the government and say here's this idea the community's on board we ve packaged it we ve looked at the economics he how can we get ability to do a small test likewise on healthcare i am greatly annoyed when i watch the debate about single bear the about single pair goes like this yes or no that's the whole debate right yes single bear or now but is there a smarter middle ground where you can find a way to do a small test we should never be saying no to big ideas let me say that again
we should never say no to big ideas instead we should say can you tested kenya testing small as that doesn't mean looking at your up and seeing what they did although that's useful right could you and i don't know if this is true could you pick a state could you pick up county could pick a county and say i we're just gonna test single bear in this county for the next three years or whatever you're all gonna beyond the single pair the government will artificially lower your drug costs in other words will subsidizing to give you the the impact of what it would be if we had negotiating power on a country wide basis which we don't have yet because this is just a test so as the experts said well if you can get the
if you could negotiate the prices down thirty percent you really have something so you just artificially do attest where you forcefully prices to be thirty percent lower see what happens now that particular test might be asleep good idea it takes people were working in the area to come up with what a good test looks like if if we're saying yes or no to any kind of a health care change it feels like the wrongs process the right processed meat sounds like kenya test is more if you can test a small you don't have to say yes or no right you wish yes or no one change their colleagues bring to the world is together sound of yes now we're not oh yes no world we should be a systems world war continually trying new ideas packaging them in a way we can test them small see how it does and then make a separate decision whether you wanna go big
so yes now is just an unproductive way too to address these big things i competition health care is a failure but love well i would imagine that there are lots of things you could test in health care and other ideas and by the way the yes i am suggesting here these all the normal ideas in the business community so everything i'm describing here is the very very way that could see exact way that capitalism works so capitalism works great because they think of ideas i test in small before they decide to go back now the government does that in some cases but i would think that should be the standard form and you should never if you're republican
and you're saying no to any other health care i deal from the left that's just the wrong approach the right approaches can you tested small if you can't test a small than you can say no if he can then you should be saying you put together a package and lucy if we can test is somewhere small i r and d suffers with universal we don't know that new iii we don't know that we do know that there might be some kind of a trade off but we don't know what the trade off looks like so so when you say stuff like such as innovation will suffer i think that needs to be tested
it is fair to say that if you took the profits of the of the healthcare businesses if their profits reduced it probably would come aren t but that doesn't mean there wouldn't be something else jumping up to replace it some other entity please talk about persuasive systems are or are not yeah so systems generally fall into what i call the high ground maneuver high ground maneuvering persuasion is something that takes you under the wheels of the details it brings you to a level where everybody in the discussion says that make sense and you saw we do that right in front of you so if you said a single there good or bad is this particular change to healthcare good or bad
the staging this rule or this regulation would there be good or bad the the weeds is yes now were what's was the trader the higher level is where no was run a test so the rather test it is always the high ground it would be unusual to come up with an example eichmann that's hard to think of one in which is better to start big before you ve tested a small and everybody recognises that right everybody's sense of the world are common sense if you want to call it that is gonna recognise attesting small before you go being just make sense we have tested communism well nobody suggesting communism so how was i play into improved immigration system pursue all so the wall is exactly the same situation as this
we are currently in the process of replacing some parts of the existing border with better walls because there is funding for improvement so for upgrade they have some funding so we will soon be able to see if those better walls cause people to go to other places you know in the short run you you assume that they just move to a different place to get across the border if that happened that would be a valid asian that the wall at least is hard to scale is the wall is put up in some locations and people are just jump and over eddies lee or just throwing their front and all over the top well then you ve you learn something you didn't know so the wall because the world would take so long to do it it's a natural just by its nature your testing it before you get to the big implementation you can always cancel the budget if the first bunches of walden make any difference
what about scaling ideas from the territories different outcomes possible yeah so there are certainly some art and skilled developing and test that really does tell you something about it the larger implementation and there is certainly a risk that the test looks good on small but doesn't work and bad because you kids scale it there's something about the scaling so there's no clean answer other than its always better to test because you'll be smarter than if he didn't but you can also get the wrong answer that's always the possibility can you suggest a person could find employment in something like an ideation centre well you'd have to have the right
skill set others a firm in san francisco called ideal i d o and there the sort of design ideation centre you could call it i've worked with them before and what they do is if you come in euro corporate customers say i want design a new computer device it doesn't matter what you're designing they do design for all kinds of stuff and they ll put together team that makes sense for this project so they might include an engineer mine included designer might include and neo an architect might so they'll altogether high level people who ve got yo phds graduated mit and some really smart people and they'll put them together in adversity team and though very quickly run through the us so it s your question how would you get a job at an eye
the asian centre that doesnt quite exist yet you may i start by becoming one of those things an engineer a designer something that makes sense for being on that kind of a team in and then you have something to pitch should the ideation centres come into being what if you have a patent already i don't know what you're talking about so the the answer is it just depends the details i obviously here you're somebody's diversity is the enemy of the group not exactly
the i believe that there are tested show that the most effective group one where somebody is very smart and the other people in the group are not necessarily that smart the worst thing you could have as a group with five smart people who work on the similar because they would all have their a billion what to do but they're all smart and i don't want to give up so there will a fight with each other sometimes you're better with one small person one person who knows a certain skill some he has a certain point of view that's why ethnic ethnic diversity is useful in all kinds realms because if you're building something to sell it in one way or another either politically or commercially fear if you're looking to sell something in the general public
you want as many different opinions before you commit to the expense so ethnic gender diversity all others different diversities are useful because you get the perspective without the expense small tests tell nothing but how corrupt will be once large you're right you can't learn everything from a small test but you can often learn if there was something there that just doesn't work so can find no if there's a big obvious idea why something more work what about the middle class i don't understand the question
at some point to be unity in gaol there can be unity in process there can be unity in what the system is and there can be unity and what the criteria is for an idea the guests of the system is implemented the other cardio comment about bath basketball is it is not as crazy as this house in fact if you look that if you literally looked at any of the stuff that's being reported as crazy from kenya every bit of it as a perfectly good explanation which he actually presented in most cases there so even the stuff about the hydrogen are you know stuff like that
those all have a solid basis in in reason there's just that the press doesn't like reporting the good news then suddenly said the canoes periscope it keeps saying cultural gravity yet so the i've been getting lhasa feedback from people who are responding to the concept of cultural gravity uttered office just because people like it because it makes them feel innocent for many problems were when you think that cultural gravity is part the problem in urban areas that you're on your own communities is preventing you from success it is our relieves you the observer from any guilt like well looks like they're doing it to them
else so i worry that it could be taken that way as it does as opposed to taking as a useful way to look at the situation something that has a practical functional element to it can you was live earlier he delights dream on periscope her but he's not even on twitter and more but he was paris coping maybe so he's mine control scope from last night i'll do that i will watch colonies periscope from last night run with culture
gravity yeah needle stick with every while i'm gonna gonna be testing now in and see if it gets really any weight always back on twitter good deaf we're gonna watch colonies mine control periscope there's gotta be great can't wait i think we said everything we say and do the same for now and i'll talk to you later
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