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Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout

2018-10-20 | 🔗


  • Paul Krugman’s IQ, credentials and his tweet this morning…TDS
  • The persuasion that’s propelling the #JobsNotMobs slogan
  • #FentanylChina, 30K Americans killed per year
    • Arresting and/or assassinating the lab owners has value
    • President Trump considering China postage increase
  • Thought experiment: Big tech decides to impact election results
    • Algorithms be tweaked to target only GOP and discourage voting
  • Sight of American flag influences voting GOP, pre-suasion example
  • President Trump, the last President who isn’t owned by anybody
  • Saudi explanation of Khashoggi event…not plausible
  • Adam Schiff’s (and other dems) wide-eyed look, what does it mean?
    • Lying?
    • Hallucinating?
    • Both?

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follow up on my own bom bom pull pull pull hey everybody come on in here gather round i hope you have your coffee because you know what time it is hey jack one in here he jeremy avon facts are safe good morning good morning good morning grab your cup your vessel your your mug your stein your glass your container make sure it's filled with your favorite beverage i like coffee and now join me for the simultaneous up well we got stuff to talk about i just retweeted tweet from your your favorite economist paul krugman
nobel prize winning economist so let me in this by saying you don't really win a nobel prize unless you're pretty smart all right i'm talking about the scientific economic prizes you don't win those unless you're really smart so paul krugman by any objective measure upon which you can measure intelligence you know it others grades as his accomplishments his is a credentials is nobel prize smart smart guy alright so i think we'd all agree that unroll a iq very smart smarter than me smarter than most of you but here's what he tweets today so it's a une part of a tweetstorm about the president and how he's in saudi arabia so paul krugman says so this
who is the economic payoff from dealing excuse me so the supposed economic payoff from dealing with a murderer he's talking about saudi arabia here is a meraj why does trump keep talking about it now here's the fun unfortunately the answer is obvious he like autographs who murdered journalists as looking for excuses to stay friendly with them what what well so let me give this to you again because you probably the same reaction i did which is it looks like you saying two plus two equals orange i i have no idea how it gets to this conclusion so the because he was talking about how we have far more economic connection to china than we do to saudi arabia saudi arabia is just a tiny
and the deals that we have that trump is talking with their very small compared to our economy so that much assume is true i doubt you got that wrong but and he takes it takes it from why is he treating saudi arabia different than china because the economies are so different you think you would be at the river so you should be harder on china and lessard on saudi arabia if economics was really trump's reasoning i'm ok with i'm ok questioning the size of the economic impact so far perfectly reasonable but then he jumps from that to why does trump keep talking about it fortunately the answer is obvious no whatever follows answer is obvious is usually something that's just batshit crazy all right unfortunately the answer is obvious
he likes autographs who murder journalists he likes autocrats who murdered journalists how the hell do you get from uh during the economies of china and saudi arabia to trump likes grants who murdered journalists i'm pretty sure that's not the only explanation of the facts that are in evidence here's another solution here's another set of facts there would help explain white rumped saudi arabia the way he does how about arabia is critical to peace in the middle east peace in the middle east is critical to our security how is that you know i can't i can't read trump's mind but if you're leaving out the possibility that the middle he says something to do with world security in the united states security
i think you're leaving l a pretty big hypothesis you know so it is really fascinating to watch somebody who is in again i'll say this and i mean this if you were to just major paul krugman's iq it would be higher than probably all of us you know not all of us some of you are pretty small will be higher than mine i'm pretty sure if he and i took an iq test see what else for me and i'm pretty sure if we did a a test of general knowledge about politics better economics he would kill me but you can see the trump derangement yeah that eds is a case of trump syndrome i guarantee you that when he wrote this he thought to himself this makes sense i would be very
surprised and again i'm not reading his mind and i'm just saying this is i'm speculating that this is the most likely explanation is that you wouldn't put a public tweet out unless he thought it a good one which means that he thought this made sense i can't i can't imagine that there's any other possibility for why you put that in between if you you know if you didn't think it makes no sense why would you do it all right that's enough about that it's it's mind boggling when you see it i also am amused by the comparison of the way trump treats the media the news media particular and dictators
well trying to draw the comparison between what happened in with church okay reverses what president trump does when he talks about the media so here's here's what they're comparing so according to trump's critics the following two things are roughly equivalent because that's our point they're making the equivalency here they're saying that trump and chuck todd sleepy eyes is very close and it might be a slippery slope from calling chuck todd sleepy eyes to dismembering him with a a bone saw know as soon as you start making fun of somebody sleepy eye slippery slope and next thing you know bone saw time do they really think that makes sense
given that yeah so far everybody leaves out when people criticize the president for criticizing the press here's what they leave out the press really deserves some criticizing if the press were not you know fairly corrupt in terms of the way they they skew stories if the press was not corrupt if the press were not corrupt with the president be trash talking them well maybe but we'll never know we'll never know because there's a lot of fake news and he does call it out now you may over play that but he over plays everything alright hyperbole is sort of his brand
so watching people try to compare calling somebody sleepy eyes or saying that megyn kelly has blood coming out of her whatever to compare angry not angry but to compare insulting tweets to dismembering somebody with a bone exactly the same thing somebody saying that they came up with talk jobs that bob so so you've seen that is caught on and now the president is using it multiple times
using the other politicians sort of picking up on it and its gigantic me now you were asking me if i started it down i i was not the inventor of jobs not mobs i did help popularize it meeting that i yeah i tweeted about when it was in its infancy and just the the way numbers work if somebody with a blue check tweet something is more likely to go viral than than if somebody with a blue check did not so i don't know if i was the first blue check to tweet something like that but i might have been in the in the among the first so i was i gave it a fuel and i helped explain why it was powerful but i did not invent it and i saw it i just saw it on the internet
um somebody says ellie alexandra is giving me credit now he's only giving i saw what you were talking about i saw his periscope he's only he's only giving me credit for popularizing he's using the same word i'm using right now popularizing and he's very clear about that so he's i appreciate i appreciate the clarity that he's talking about my involvement so i don't want to exaggerate that but here's my point about that uhm you know the president is the best brand or you've ever seen but it's bigger than that the president is very clearly through his staff probably not directly but he's very clearly scouring
internet for the the memes the approaches the attacks the tweets that work so people are clearly looking at what the trump followers are doing collectively finding out what what is popular what because a lot of flex work is slow likes and then taking that to the bosses some point one assumes or taking it to the speech writer which ends up being very similar because plus it's going to look at it um and then he ate be tested so he's just good at branding sitting in a room and thinking of brands he's an expanded the cyst so that they're scouring the the internet for things which are naturally viral things that people are already responding to and he sees
presumably somebody in the administration saw jobs not mobs somewhere on some twitter feed and said let's give it a try now the next part of this is the ab testing which is where you just put it out there and you see how see how people react and you saw him do that to at his rally and when the had a visceral reaction to it you could tell that what he he landed at the very first time in a rally the the that the crowd responded with a with a big laugh and good reaction now if you have ever smoke is spoken in front of big crowds you can really feel the energy i've i
spent years giving very large keynotes too big ballrooms in theaters filled with thousands of people so i've had the experience of being on stage hundreds of times with thousands of people in the audience who are just there to see me and if i lay and a good joke the we the audience response if you could just feel the energy that you know the crowd the crowd is just like giving you energy at one dropping the stage and a laugh here's your little persuasion tip a laugh or a reaction like that like a grown so it could be a negative reaction or positive one those are the ones you really walked here you here's a reaction you don't really care about if you're on stage and you're trying to influence people here's a reaction you don't care about yeah hey clap clap clap clap clap
clap clap clap clap clap that doesn't tell you anything 'cause people in crowds clap they might be clapping just 'cause they like you just 'cause they're you know there may be there drinking maybe it's a fun night maybe they're out to have a good time clock clock i thought that tells you nothing but if you land a good joke or in his case you know within the political context just a clever slogan you know jobs not mobs uh and you hear the audience laugh in unison simultaneously and that's the important part it wasn't like a little laugh that caught on or something the moment people heard him yeah he used his own phrasing you know we've got jobs they've got mobs um instant laughter i can tell you for sure that the president could feel that you know like actually feel it in his body 'cause the
after is a whole other level of higher level impact if somebody laughs you've got control of their body in and uh well here let me tell it to you in the most easy to understand why if you can make somebody laugh then you showing them their involuntary actions 'cause the laughter is just something that comes out you don't really think about it just you just laugh right that is a real persuasive connection making somebody laugh getting somebody to clap is not as predictive 'cause they're there to clap right everybody's like ok other people are clapping and clapping
there's lots of clapping tells you nothing because people are using their brain to say oh this is the clapping time looks like one of those clapping moments clap clap clap but a laugh is involuntary if you can get it an entire crowd of people thousands of people to have the same involuntary action the same moment that's a keeper you keep that joke if you're a comedian you keep that joke if you're a politician you keep that meme so he may be tested it live god action that he liked and the same night he had already tweeted out the hashtag jobs not mobs so now compare this i always like to think about the poor
the poor democrats so do you remember the the the democrats slogan so the republican slogan for the mid terms the trump slogan let's say which is sort of the mid term slogan i think it's been called is jobs not mobs all rights you know that one has no it's a few weeks before the mid terms quickly tell me in the comments what what is the what is the democrats slogan for the midterms it is question mark question mark question mark the democrats slogan for the midterms is i don't know the democrats slogan for the midterms is do they have one i don't know right so imagine imagine that you were you were on
part of the democrat strategic you know high level people though people who are really the movers and shakers on the democrat side and there here jobs not mobs for the first time i would like to demonstrate for you with my accomplice dale i like to give you know a play in one act this is dale he is he is an anti trumper and these hearing thompson new mid term the slogan for the first time they got nothing i got nothing was the same what's the slogan jobs not mobs
oh hell i think we lost again ha ha ha ha ha ha ha same i mean just think about it you know make america great again we'll go down in history as one of the all time great branding of your branding moves but you you're probably thinking if you are a democrat you're probably thinking self and i've heard by the way what i'm going to say next i've heard from billionaires i heard it from really well informed jacked in people who have said that the only explanation for trump's that he's like chance the gardener you know the person who just became president by luck he doesn't know anything it just you just somehow the universe just through all this look at him and suddenly he's the president of the united states there are serious people
who are actually very smart people very successful should understand how the world works pretty well literally not a joke but literally believe that he became the president and his performing at the highest level in my opinion the any president has ever performed that that might be true he might be performing at the highest level any president has ever performed at and there's a belief that it's luck now imagine if you held that theory you believe that his winning was luck and then you hear jobs not mobs what do you say to yourself do you say to yourself he got lucky again oh my god that jobs not mobs thing is like one of the
slogans ever and he got lucky again he got lucky with that make america great again thing he got lucky with all of his nicknames low energy jeb he got lucky with all of his branding you got lucky with this terraces got lucky with the economy got lucky with isis got lucky with n korea but damn it he's got lucky again how lucky can he get uh it's gotta be a tough time to hold any of those trump derangement syndrome opinions because it's being falsify at a rate of what whatever the rate of falsifying is yeah the other thing that trump is saying is that is look the mid term is going to be about kevin on caravans or caravans and cavanaugh i'm now because it's too because sounds
caravans cavanaugh i say to myself okay that's yeah that's good because it's you know sort of as a good sound to it but there's a little bit of a problem here and and i think you know what it is right cavanaugh a caravan tell me what the problem is right so this one is not a winner cavanaugh and carol careful and if if you're that coming from the president what's the problem with that caravan and kevin all let's see if anybody gets us somebody is going to add a third because that's the problem and if you're a republican you don't
any slogans that have three sounds on them see where i'm going on this yeah so you can see in the comments i'm not even going say it but you don't the slogan that's two curse this caravan and have an all because some it is going to say huh let's add a third cuss out and even though caravan starts with a c because you're rain is hearing it as a k you're here in three days all right and even though it has nothing to do with anything it's not a real connection your brain doesn't care that that's not your brain does yeah collusion climate van kavanaugh it would be so easy for someone to add a third third cuss sound that ones chancy i ran
i'm so i hope that one doesn't pass the doesn't pass the ap testing that once there was a little risky um now when people are comparing i've been in this debate several times now so i've been saying about the chinese sentinel dealers for those of you don't know china is the main source of functional in the united states in federal skilling maybe thirty thousand americans a year yes you heard that right thirty thousand americans a year are dying primarily from chinese funds and all the illegal stuff from the illegal labs and i've said that we should execute
the is organized crime mostly we should execute the owners of those labs if the chinese government won't do it themselves so the first choices that we pressure china to to get more aggressive about the illegals sentinel you know because they're they're brand is now fentanyl china that's what i call so china is in my opinion disgraced at this point and they need to do something about it was the first choice is that you pressure china to execute their own big dealers in the second choices i've said the because they're killing thirty thousand people a year their master
if and if china won't kill them themselves to the extent that we can identify them or anybody in the you know again that's the group i think it's fair to send in or whoever does that whatever does the white work for the united states you know that every big countries got somebody who kills people i believe we should just kill them and if china finds out of that that were killing they're criminals yeah we give them the first try i i think you know it's not the lead to war because they were like they would kill them themselves if they could get it done i think uhm but what people have been saying to maine is they they hear this and they the first thing they say is you idiot don't you know that that won't make any difference to the supply because if you kill
all of the labs in china all the owners of labs it would take five minutes for another lab to pop up to fill the need and it's just little packages of course it's going to get here i totally agree with that killing killing the chinese owners of those drug labs would probably make no difference to supply we should do it anyway 'cause you do kill mass murderers it doesn't matter that somebody else is going to be a mass murder in the future that's that's not really even relevant if you can find somebody who is a mass murderer you kill him all right legally or illegally either way you kill them there is no exception to that so been saying to me things like well if you're if you're gaming the
the producer would you blame the gun owners should you kill the manufacturer of guns to which i say first of all analogies never work all right are you can't you can't really compare a legal product to an illegal product but that's not really a good comparison and secondly you can't compare something that kills you know x number of people to something that kills ten times as many people the size of it does matter right the fentanyl from china is the size in two years it will kill more americans than the vietnam war killed of americans um so you don't treat those the same you entry today a hang nail like a heart attack visible health problems you know but here's my advice to you so people been coming after me with that and i'll let me just finish the reason i think you should execute the mass murders in china is because it sends a signal
about the importance of of the sentinel so i would like potential users of sentinel in the united states to here on a regular basis the people who are producing it are being executed because use of this drug is such a bad thing right it's just for branding i really don't care about well what would you say in a different way it's not about stopping the supply because i recognize that's impossible it's about branding china and branding the the producers as mass murder and not just people who are making a drug that other people are abusing that's not the right brand new but anyway when people come after me with bad analogies this is my new approach i am a be testing this and so far very good
so i'll say something like let's kill those fentanyl dealers in china and somebody will say well what about killing you know would you also be in favor of killing people who make legal firearms which of course is ridiculous but instead of addressing that which is my old approach i used to just say well your analogy is bad here's the reason why i say i don't answer too bad analogies sometimes i add and all analogies are bad so here's my recommendation to you watch how often this is useful when somebody tries to argue with you argue your point with an analogy do not address the allergy never don't say one word about the analogy just look at them and say well i don't
i don't talk about bad analogies but if you want to talk about my point and tell me why it wouldn't work i would like to listen to that but i don't address bad analogy as an analogy is literally a different situation notice situations are like and you shouldn't treat it like that an analogy is like and by the way analogies as argument are useless and a waste analogies for explaining a new concept a useful so here's my useful explain a concept when people are using analogies of combat they're they're acting like an ingrown toenail and a heart attack might be similar in some way because they're both health problems right it doesn't help you knowing that heart attacks and hang nail
are both health problems doesn't tell you that you should treat them the same way so analogies are always misleading if they're used as an argument but they can be good for making a point as i just used it so the difference is if i just give my analogy to explain something i'm not asking you to respond to my analogy i'm just explaining something but if somebody says to you oh well then would you be in favor of a yellow killing children and they're making some weird analogy do not address the analogy just say you don't address bad analogies and all analogies are bad
let's talk about the postage situation so many of you know that i was proposing that we put a some kind of a tariff on chinese packages and that we increase the postage and use that increase in revenue to buy more fentanyl sniffing technology so that we could check their packages more efficiently and again i know that there's no amount of checking package is anywhere that will really make a difference in the supply but we should certainly do what we can to put the chinese dealers in the business you know we should at least make it a bad idea to be in business and to be a met mass burger in every way
yeah yeah so it could be dogs that could be some technology but we have ways to detect defensible apparently and then you saw that the government announced that they were looking to renegotiate some big international treaty about postage 'cause it turns out that china has unusually low postage and that it was intentional so that the developing countries could develop and now now trump quite reasonably is saying well those countries are now developed enough let's even the playing field it's now time to do that but really it's hard to do that because it's a big international treaty and it's just not easy you can't just unilaterally say oh we're increasing our postage so i make this suggestion here's my suggestion then instead of changing the postage we just slap a tariff on them i don't know if this is practical by the way i'll just put this side
and instead of saying we're increasing the postage which we should also do but that will take awhile we should just slap a fee on top of everything and say you're going to need a special stamp from china you know we're not even going to look at your package and less you've got the special offense in all stamp oh here would be a good idea
is it true i don't know if this is true but packages from china they're not necessarily going to have a stamp on them right they're just going to be yeah you don't necessarily have a stamp on packages anymore right but it would be great to have a fentanyl stamp that is only only applicable to china and say you can't this is not a practical idea this is sort of a wishful thinking idea so i understand that this is not practical but the ideal thing would be able to create a stamp that we will not accept any packages from china unless the stamp is on it but it's not a postage stamp is an extra stamp it's a fentanyl china stamp that says you gotta pay extra to cover the cost of us checking all the packages from china
i believe the i believe the american revolution was fought over something like that stamp tax something along those lines all right here's a here's a speculative idea for you you you learned a lot about influence in the last few years you've learned a lot about persuasion you've learned some of it for me you've learned some of it from reading my book win bigly and i also learned that the big media companies through hello there the surface stories and ads and opinions you know how prioritize how their algorithm works can influence events i wanted to put this out as a mental experiment as far as i know what i'm going to explain next might be illegal
all right so i'm not recommending at this this is just a thought experiment so not a suggestion just a thought experiment imagine this imagine if the tech companies decided to try to influence the vote the mid term vote and didn't want to be detected let me tell you how they could do that this is this should scare you the polling places around the country we're going to have different weather situations some places that we raining some places it will be warm someplace it'll be cold so they'll be all kinds of different weather situations at the polling places on election day imagine you're a big tech company and you want the result to go one way or the other conservative or liberal of course they would like to be liberal
suppose that all you do is tweak your algorithm so that the the places that have a combination of so wherever i say this way so that wherever the polling place legitimately has bad weather use service a weather report but you only show it to republicans so it's it's there's no fake news here all it is is you know you're on facebook or you're on twitter and also do you see you see something that says that at your polling place the weather is going to be extra bad that day and it might be in a positive way might say remember leave early 'cause it's going to be raining and let's say that the algorithm only sends us to one side they only send it to republicans or they only sent it to liberals what would that do to turn out it would be completely
accurate news it would be news that the person who received it would want to know so it would be useful it would be completely accurate but all you have to do is not show the bad weather reports to the other side and you would completely change turn out because i guarantee you the people who are on the margin of the trying to decide whether to vote or not the weather will make a difference if the is rainy you are or a cold or something you're going get that in your head you're going to cabela after work after work i want to vote whether it's going to be terrible well i could wear a coat i wonder if the lines are long i search want vote but i just heard the weather could be terrible well maybe i'll do something else so
the only reason i mentioned this and by the way let me let me say again i'm not suggesting this 'cause i think it might be illegal but i would love to know an opinion on that is it would it be illegal for a tech company to give selective weather reports that are accurate and are useful to them look at them they would be useful i don't know does anybody know the answer that yeah it would hard to trace and by hard you know it just wouldn't be traced weather forecast of a range of accuracy that doesn't that doesn't matter yeah somebody saying it should be illegal but do you in and that it is illegal so i imagine it's not illegal
you can also use the same technique if you're just making political ads you could do you could send on political ads based on your own databases and just pay for the ads that just says something like bring the rain coat gregory code to vote and only send those to certain types of people who are for example on the other side anne could facebook ban and add that accurately the weather will be bad and you know there's no question it's based on our weather report it might not turn out that way but it's based on the weather report it would be true in terms of the weather report and it would be useful breaker ronco you might be standing in line could they say that would that be a fair at
it feels like you shouldn't be but look how easy it would be to fake that now here's another way to influence the election without getting caught you may be familiar with the book called pre suasion priest vision and one and the idea is that when people are subjected to a certain type of idea or thought it can provide them to respond differently on and here's the important an unrelated topic so you can prime all with on related topics and there's a pretty big impact on on the other topic here the the test that children he talks about in pre suasion which you should you should read it's terrific book is
that when people are exposed to an american flag they were more likely to vote republican if they had just seen in american flag now apparently in peoples minds or enough people of slides the american flag is sort of pro republican in a way that it's a little less a little less democrat obviously both sides like the flag but you could pre suede and have a tremendous effect on the election and nobody would know nobody would know so imagine if um just to use the same example imagine if the social media companies wanted people to vote republican that's not the case but just imagine it for thought experiment and they knew that showing an american flag right before somebody votes would bias them a little bit republican
how easy would it be for them to say hey it's election day i hope everybody votes big ole flag now if you said it's election day i hope everybody votes and does their patriotic duty here's a big flag picture of the flag would that be illegal think about it would that be illegal for the social media companies to say it's election day i hope you all vote big flag that would not be illegal would it change the election absolutely absolutely would anybody know that they had done it intentionally well somebody like chilled any would know so i wouldn't know if i if i happen to know that they sent out a lot of those pictures if i happen to be aware of that i could tell you what was going on in some cases but only because i know those specific example if you did not
oh that that had been studied and that the american flag does bias people republican if you didn't know that and you just saw that ad would would it would it click anything in your head to save you some things going on it would not so now imagine if there's some other symbol that's not not the american i was there some other symbol the biases people to vote democrat could the social media companies shows that image a lot around election day and get a get a result that skewed yeah they could yes they could would it be illegal i don't know do you know i don't know if that's illegal should it be maybe but i don't know how you'd ever police it because the whole point of pre suasion is that it's not obvious
that this symbolism or this idea influence is this what you thank you is an unrelated topic if you haven't the study i don't really know alright so somebody saying hammer and sickle would make people vote democrat i don't think so but you have to think that there probably is some simple that would bias people do great so when i talk about how trump might be the last human president uh and by the way i talked about that on ben shapiro's um sunday show that will air and i think it's the last sunday of this month so yesterday i was talking with ben shapiro on on his shell i think it's the last sunday of this month that it will air i'll make sure i tweet it out but i was talking about
being the last human president and what i mean by that is that he might be the only president who is not run by some other billionaires he's not being as by other people's money because he's just a singular the individual he's got his own money he doesn't apparently need money to win because he one with far less money yes this sunday special summon somebody's asking for clarification so ben shapiro's sunday special last sunday this month i believe and i think that after trump the algorithms will be making our decisions at first it will be the algorithms will be influenced by humans but it will very soon be so complicated that there are no humans who understand what the algorithm is doing but the algorithm will decide
how will the algorithm decide why don't mean it will think and it will make a decision but it will be the decisive thing that moves people you know in whatever direction so for example if the algorithms of the social media companies accidentally would be in that this is possible just use this same example if they accidentally surface lots of ads with american flags in them then the algorithm might cause a republican victory but it wouldn't be because the algorithm decided and it wouldn't be because somebody who programmed them decided it would be an accidental outcome of a complicated system so i think that trump is the last president whose whose personal power is influence his style
can can kind of rise above the algorithm and rise above the competition after him a regular politician is going to be weaker than the algorithms because the algorithms getting stronger the next president is not going to be stronger than the algorithm they're going to be the less less persuasive all right oh well i guess we have to talk about the saudi arabia's explanation of what happened to josh yogi now before i talk about this i want to clarify because since i'm talking about this like a lot i'm having a lot of the critics come after me and twitter because they don't know my opinion they're just seeing what i'm saying that day they don't know the full context my opinion of the jewish okay thing is i don't care and i don't think the united states should care and i don't think
any of the citizen should care so don't come after me and say why do we care why are you talking about this we should just ignore it i agree but the fact is it's not being ignored and therefore it is it is a topic and it's it's insanely interesting it's horrible but it's interesting at the same time so i'm going to talk so we were i think a lot of us were hoping that the saudis would come up with a an alibi
there was at least a little bit believable just a little bit plausible and the the what they came up with was that that you show he died in a fight you know a fight broke out and it was sort of an accidental death now i ask myself was the accidental death before after they removed his fingers you know it is the most ridiculous excuse and it really exposes exposes trump if i were if i were president trump and i was counting on i presumed allies of saudi to give me some cover so that to make it easy to not punish them too hard you know give me give me some kind of explanation that is at least
a little bit plausable it should be something that at least one side believes something that either democrats my believe for or maybe even just the republicans would be inclined to believe but don't give us an ex relation of what happened that nobody believes literally nobody zero people believe that explanation i'm not wrong right zero people um and so trump is exposed 'cause now he can't act like that it's true all right it would be a huge political mistake i'd be amazed if the president falls into strap but they've sort of set up the president where i think they kind of wanted to say well maybe that could have happened you know i don't think he can say that he can say a lot of i mean we have a president who is not afraid of
i'm going out on a limb he's not afraid to depart the fact checking if it's if it's for a good reason i don't think you can embrace that explanation don't see any way that you can do that so what you gonna do well i've suggested yesterday that he take advantage of this crisis never let a good prices go to waste and suggested that the saudis need to pay a price because nobody believes that and in fact i i think i think president trump is going to be very tempted to say flat out we don't believe it how much would you love that how much would you love president trump saying well you know saudis abandon our ally they're very important we we wanted to wait until we had a full explanation they've now given us our explanation it is ridiculous it's not even slightly believable so now
that's that's the facts that we have to work on so now what are we going to do about it now i'd be that is still says it's just not worth doing anything about it because frankly it you know it's like an internal problem it doesn't have to be our problem if we don't want it to be so you could just say oh that's completely ridiculous but it's just not going to be our problem all right i would kinda like that myself not predicting it i'm just saying i would enjoy it if you did that but i think you should take advantage of it and say look saudi arabia every once in awhile i feel that i i have to swear with your permission or maybe not i'm going to where if you have kids in the room ear muffs but the earmuffs on the children you have been warned children
turn get out of the room ron children cover your ears there is cursing coming and it goes like this saudi arabia just flocked our president you know it saudi arabia with their lameass excuse just fuckd our president i don't like it wow like it you shouldn't like it either but that doesn't mean we have to shoot ourselves in the foot over it i do think they they've got some let's say they've got some amends they've got to make some amendments and it would be the perfect setup for this president to say saudi arabia you just fought me in front of the entire world 'cause they did by coming up with such a bad excuse such a bad
embarrassingly bad they exposed our president who was trying he was trying to make this work it's it clear that he was saying well let's let's wait was giving them room to come up with a good explanation just something you could sell a little bit some that would have a little doubt something that would just little reasonable doubt that's all and they didn't deliver that i don't know why but they decided to come up with the worse excuse in the world and they just totally exposed president trump i don't like it i think they owe us i think the it's time for them to make a bigger gesture there's nothing we can do to bring back to show key but there's definitely something we could do to make the middle east the safer place
recognizing israel would be one that would be helpful maybe taking over some expenses in the middle east that maybe or something that we were spending money on or maybe something that would be positive for peace helping the palestinians in some way something like that so i think that they need to write a big check i think they need to write a big check and not just the money check if you know what i mean they need to write a big money jack but they need to write a really big check because they just screwed our president right in front of us and i think you president trump is smart enough that he's not going to act on your ego and say we use screwed me now i'm going to put
as a businessman thing that is not going to do that but i i think he's going to do whatever he thinks is you know best for the situation but man i don't like it i do not like what they just did to our president and i think they need to pay for it you know they got a right they got to write some checks if you know what i mean because i'm certainly not okay with that all right yeah all they had to do was say something like i didn't authorize this action you know i knew that they were going to end it but i knew they were going to interrogate them but i don't know the details i didn't know they were going to do in the embassy i don't know they're going to bring a bone saw you know i don't i don't give specific directions to people they were acting a little bit on our side there outside their mission
that would have been a totally acceptable not acceptable but at least reasonable doubt at least a little reasonable doubt something but they just left our president totally exposed on this and now i think he's gotta act aggressively in subway even if it's only for the betterment of the middle east not not anything directly about to show g let me ask you something that somebody mention to adam schiff on here which makes me think of his of his big guy googly eyes you know how is the white around his eyes as big and the eye part seems small within the eye i've been noticing that i'm wondering so this is a hypothesis
you see that look when people are either trying to well here's where you see that look the wide eyed look this the cory booker look the adam schiff look the octave you alexander look the you know if you see the photos of the pro clinton people screaming at the sky and they often have the big googly eyes and it looks like it means something because you don't see that on the right do you at least not right now and what it what it makes me wonder is i wonder if people are hallucinating when it happens
or are they trying to get you to think that what they're saying makes sense if you're trying to get somebody to believe you and you don't you don't and you know your story it's not believable i think something happens with your eyes it's like but you do believe my story yeah let me tell you a story it's really dangerous and it's important and totally telling you the truth look at my eyes my eyes are open so much i'm totally telling you the truth i'm not looking shifty at all my eyes are open so much now i don't think people have any kind of a conscious process about that but it seems like it's one of those two things is going on and i'm not sure which one to the they're trying to they're trying to artificially convey up a an impression of the reality that even they don't believe or there
actually hallucinating it looks a little and when i say elucidating i don't mean they're completely disconnected from the the the physical reality i mean if you see for example cory booker well you know do with the the wide eyed thing and and they don't do it all the time it just seems like in some cases arise get really wide it feels like in that moment he sort of imagining the you sort of hallucinating a world in which lets say presilla or or some ridiculous thing and he trying to get you to believe it at the same time he's imagining it maybe it's the combination
maybe maybe the wide eyes means you're imagining something that doesn't exist and you're trying to convince someone else is true it could be that combination somebody says adderall could be uh but i swear there it's too it's not my imagination right there at the moment that look that why do i look seems to be exclusively on the left and i don't know if it's because democrats have wide eyes i don't think it's that i think it's because they've been triggered into the trump derangement syndrome and that those eyes are part of that out
as for trump derangement syndrome or part of a tell for any kind of a hallucination any kind of a delusional look people are saying at all but i don't know about i have no reason to believe believe that's true so n p c eyes yeah so the the npc meme that's really taken off i have to say the muses me it's starting to get a little over played if you don't know if that means it means of non player characters so within a uh a multiplayer
video game you'll see some characters in the game there are other real people controlling those characters but then there are characters that are just background characters they're not players they are non player characters or npcs so its seat so the joke the medium is that if we're in the simulation and of course we probably are you know that a trillion to one odds of that that there may be characters who are not who are not players and then there's some people who don't have anything like a a soul or an actual intelligence or
any kind free will or something something they're just sort of background but they they walk and talk so i don't think that's literally true but it sure feels like it's true so it's a very effective mean all right i've been talking too long i'm going to go and i will talk to you later
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