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Episode 268 Scott Adams: Saudi Halfpinions, Russian Missile Deals, and Midterms

2018-10-21 | 🔗


  • CNN Political Analyst, Julian Zelizer’s “halfpinion” article
  • CNN shifts into alibi mode for possible election losses:
    • Two minority vote suppression articles now on CNN
    • Would Mueller wait till after midterms if he had anything juicy?
  • President going hard on Russia…right before the midterms
  • Jamal Khashoggi, does anyone care beyond the journalist level?
  • Possible fallout from #FentanylChina assassinations
  • Wearing, tweeting, displaying the American flag just prior to midterm elections

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bob bob own power that is by seems all it's the sunday version it's a little slower and lazier than the week day version by still really good thank you agree those of you or musically minded good morning jeremy good morning eve on j p mike jean susan ed it's good to see all of you gather around have you ever noticed that one of the things about periscope that makes it a special that it feels like you're having a face time conversation with somebody you know because you know me at this point but you're you're not doing much of the talking you're just sort of lessening the ever have those friends who do all the talking
well i'm like your friend who does all the talking in the morning when you're getting ready for work or you take a break you have in your coffee speaking of coffee it's time for the simultaneous hip grab your cup your challenge your mug your vessel your glass fill it with liquids of your choice i like coffee and raise it to your lips for the simultaneous up one of the best parts of your entire day here comes ass good well let's talk about a few things i've i've introduced in the past my
my views on something called a half penny a half opinion is like a fool opinion if he leave out half of it now a full opinion of anything will include all the costs as you say that and all of the benefits as you see them of any action so if you have included both the course of the benefits that said full opinion if you have only looked at one of them is of course only or the benefits only that's a half opinion we're single lotta happenings about saudi arabia but their their little bit disguised and i want to show you one that is just wonderful so here's the setup there are a lot of anti shoppers were saying things such as you ve gotta get tough with saudi arabia
we cannot let them get away with doing what they did to journalists but what they leave out is what do you do gimme a suggestion if there's a suggestion we should put that in the mix look at the gas look at the benefits consider all of the suggestions on for all that but i want you to see how the alternative is being framed here and watch how this is just word salad so this is an article i just waited from cnn says why trump can swallow the far fetched saudi cover story now as i tweeted yesterday i think the saudis version of events is pretty a ridiculous that cash yogi gonna fight and that he accidentally died in the fistfight or something
something ridiculous source now really believable but apparently the president is showing indications that is he is willing to believe it now the president's view seems like a full opinion if we if we do something the polish saudi arabia italy their punishment more than them or it will be counterproductive to our larger interests if we don't punish them well you know if we lose all in terms of our interest in protecting the press our interest in protecting human rights there's not much we could have done about that anyway we gain in terms of stability in the middle east and our objectives so the president has a full opinion but this writer foresee at em
julian zealous her seat and political analysts he describes the case and then here's his here's as alternative so the alternative to pretending to believe saudi arabia's excuse and let's be honest the president if he accepts their excuse in public he is pretending we all know that right so what is the alternative two pretending that you believe saudi arabia see him get past it here's what here's the word salad alternative and see them if americans are serious about their outrage and were not so the very first both part of the sentence should be the end of the end of the summit
if america if americans are serious about their outrage we are absolutely not serious about our outrage about the situation as a whole there might be individuals were outraged but the country now we're not outraged by well just read the resident the americans are serious about their outrage they need to do more than condemn president trumpet and i'm thinking ok here comes what's the more tell us the more that we can do that would be useful the situation fill out your opinion they need to push through a thorough re evaluation of u s foreign policy ok ok so far not something you can do you thoroughly re evaluate u s foreign policy there probably a good thing do every now and then no matter what so so far with good they need push through a throw revaluation of yours foreign policy here's the second part
that makes human rights a much bigger priority in how we and all business beyond our borders what what does that mean to make eu us to make human rights a much bigger priority what does it mean it's already a top priority it doesn't mean anything so it's this is how how the folks with half pinions pretend they have full opinions and it looks like this are using different example also for example we should not put murderers in jail murderer should not be punished and if he asked me why why why
should do a thorough evaluation of our penal system to make sure that were not punishing people in a way that unconstitutional i just said nothing this is word salad so you see this lot the alternative to trumps apparent plan we say apparent because we don't know what he's thinking but his action so far would suggest that he is leaning heavily toward give saudi arabia some kind of a pass on this the alternatives to that is this to push for a thorough re evaluation of u s foreign policy that makes human rights a much much bigger prior de and how we handle business beyond our borders so the alternative his blah blah blah if there's only one choice and the other choices words the sound together the sunlight
they work in the sentence but don't actually mean anything one choice so can you criticised president who has one choice and takes it we're only pretending there's another choice and i can't consider this a valid criticism of the president there is no other choice disgust enough on that do you know how many journalists were killed in mexico last year so do you know the context of this josh yogi murder is the context that rarely rarely does a journalist get killed in another country sadly that is not the context the context is the journalists get killed
kind of all the time in other countries and i believe the number for mexico in one year was sixteen i think you're sixteen journalists killed in mexico in the most recent one year there was an eighteen eighteen or sixteen something so how how upset did we get about all of the mexican journalists who were killed in the past year we did not get upset should we have been upset about sixteen journalists being killed right on our border in a bordering country ah
we should be a little bit more upset about that then than one person in in a saudi embassy but we're not but i think is more fair to say that where does not concern better than all frankly now here's some foreshadowing you're going to enjoy there's a little bit of worry starting to seek out on the left about the mid term elections do you see have you seen the the confidence in the mid terms has now very rarely turned into worry and see it on cnn home on cnn homepage they have to stories minority votes suppression so there two stories on the front page of cnn about minority vote to suppress
in one of them is county mrs hundreds of minority ballots in the other is black senior citizens pulled off the bus taking them to vote watch how many minority voter suppression stories you see because they need to they need to create the ala i include in case the terms don't go the way the democrats want so they're setting the stage to say well we ve been reporting about all this minority voter suppression so i think you can see that they result in go away not because of russia but because a minority vote suppression so they had that russia russia interference thing go in for him in the presidential election but now that's probably not going to work for the mid term scores were watching them to carefully so they need a new economy
use in their already lining up so it's gonna be minority voter suppression speed russia you may have seen in the news today that the president has decided to pull out of russian arms trading agreements which apparently their violating like crazy which is the production of short range missiles i guess missiles that would endanger you're and i say to myself a what kind of russian coup that kind of comes in good time doesnt imagine you're going into the midterms and your new source i told you that mahler isn't going to talk until after the midterms why would mauler wait until after the midterms well it's a good idea to wait you dont want to interfere in the mid term elections
so i'm glad he's waiting but it does make you wonder it does make you wonder what mueller has if mueller had the goods on president trump what do you wait until after the midterms to tell the country maybe if he's a stray shooter he might actually wait no matter what the evidence suggested he my wait until to the midterm just to be a good patriot and not interfere with the election bought but if he had some kind of a smoking gun and it was clear to mahler that something important and happened with russia and change the election and that president trump is working with putin rennie thing like that i feel like you want to tell the country so that they could vote accordingly maybe not but
you have to ask yourself whether he would so i feel as though we have ruled out the possibility of whenever the worst case scenario looks like if molly had some kind of a smoking gun you we ve got we ve got the goods on the president's sort of thing feel like we know now so is almost certainly that the trump kaluza thing has fallen apart and other doing is waiting for the paperwork and and the report but at the same time the president just cancel dismissal deal with russia that doesn't make sense for a computer so the voting public is gonna look at this as an trump going hard on the russians right before the midterms timings pretty good for the president
i don't know how many things get line up in the president's favour before we start noticing what's the worst thing happening from the president right now the worst news for the president what is it the worst news for the president is the saudi arabia situation and here was years was interesting about it the saudi arabia situation has the the left media solidly sort of against the president as usual we questioning how he sampling saudi arabia that's the left's media now i'm not positive but this is my intuition about my fellow citizens on both the left and the right i feel as though even the political left even the democrats don't care about saudi arabia and what i mean by dont care is they too would rather
a good result in the middle east the larger picture then they care about one saturday got killed in the south end embassy so i think the worst thing that president has against him is not even resonating with people who don't like him it's it seems to exist only at the journalist level have you as anybody ever met anybody in person who cared about the story i'm actually curious have any of you met anybody you ve gotta coworkers family member have you heard anybody whose actually outraged about those journalists being killed by the salaries and outraged at the point where we they think we should act against our own national interests to do something about it i haven't haven't seen one day do you remember seeing on cnn were there went out to sea
written there interviewing people on the street and there were saying are you outraged and should we do something about this murder of the saudi journalists and their than they would talk to the people on the street oh oh that's right that didn't happen why is he not doing focus groups where's the cnn focus group of citizens that they asked them how much they care about the saudi story i don't i haven't seen a focus group because it seems to me that no matter how you chose as people you couldn't put you couldn't put together a small focus group with anybody you cared i don't think you can find a single person unless they were actually journalists working in the middle east that's about it
so let's move to another story as you know i've been railing hence the sentinel china because they have illegal illegal as key word here labs in china apparently associated with some big gang over there jeanne gang or something and their drugs might be killing something like thirty thousand americans per year keep in mind that the entire vietnam more saw the deaths of fifty eight thousand americans so in two years china will kill more americans then the vietnam war and thus now count carrying the wounded how many people are families that have been wounded by the death or their addiction over the child so so china is
centrally at war with the united states except it's not the government which is where there are chinese citizens a drug cartels in china who were at war with america in all practical purposes if you look at the size of the death toll and i had said that if we can't get the chinese government to to execute these sentinel top dealership just the drug lab people not the small dealers if we can get to do it that we have moral cover we are morally within our rights too as a war situation and to go into their country under cover and murder it wouldn't be murder with its well would it be murder depends eyes it but we do killing those people extra legally in other words without the legal system
one of my smarter followers said wait a minute you're suggesting that we ignore due process and kill chinese citizens what what would be the blow back from that imagine that imagine the united states killing chinese citizens in china murdering them because their the fence in the lab people what would be the blow back from that well i'll tell you send a very strong message would china go to war with us if we killed their criminals for them the ones that they want to also kill well not if we got the right people if we got the wrong people they might be upset but if we get the right people know there
i have to say something maybe publicly but maybe there wouldn't even do that my guess is that they would not mention it we'll play this in your mind we send our are wet work people i'm sure we have them were we hire somebody in china to kill them so osage the chair he's government learns that the u s is behind the murder of a criminal sentinel lab owner in china does china make an international the thing of it now because sentinel china not want to be known as vent in old china they don't want to be known as the country that can take care of their own business they don't want any more publicity on the fact that they kill thirty thousand americans a year while they're trying to negotiate tree deals they would be more quiet about it than we would
do you know who would help cover up if the united states killed a chinese citizen who was guilty of being a sentinel lab criminal china would covered up faster than we would does it's the last frickin point that is the last thing they would want anybody to know well that we were in their country augmenting their own legal system because they couldn't get it done now the practical matters we might or might not be able to identify those people but to the extent that we have of zero doubt about identity there is any doubt about identity that's all different question but if we don't have any doubt about who's the boss of the drug labs i say full speed it lets if china won't kill em we shall kill them for them i say ass my view as a
listen now let's talk about influencing the midterm election i have a suggestion for you which are positive is legal i think i'm up violating the lawyer let me think this through a candle to say it but i'm pretty sure it's not against the law if it is somebody inform me and i'll take it back in the ideas that lets say three days before election day say the usa the sunday before election day you tweet or share an image of a flag and american flag with no words do not say please vote do not say
everything about the other side do not say any message any since you put on the flag in in the example i'm gonna give you detracts from its power now the reason is there have been studies chill dini talked about it in his book persuasion which the american flag biases people to vote republican no i dont know if the same effect would hold over social media especially since people are silos so the republicans will see republican messages the democrats will see democrat messages for the most part so those flags might not even be visible to the to the political left but that's not the point in this case so the point in doing this would be to make people think about america because my my speculation is this
i don't know this to be true my speculation is this if you show a bunch of patriotic images to republicans and now someday right around election day if you show them a lot of patriotic images i believe that motivates them to get off the couch and vote you don't need to put any words on it and if you do you do you're diminishing the power of the message but if you an anti far if you're a critic of the current government if you don't think a barrack is great you don't want to be great if you think america's over reached what does the americans i need you probably turns off a little bit doesn't it we think that the american flag has this unique quality in which its are so for all of us but probably at the moment given the hyper partisan politics it probable
is a motivational symbol republicans which would cause them to vote in greater numbers and it's probably entire motivational symbol for the other side given that i've never tested this hypothesis but it makes sense in terms of everything we know my intuition my my experience they all suggests that this would be a powerful thing to do legal is it legal to do what i just said is certainly would be legal if you all just tweeted your opinions you just said go vote republican that would be illegal that would be completely legal but is it legal to do something that isn't as obvious even if it's a little bit
obvious but that is a little bit more persuasion powerful you're simply reading the people should vote people are gonna look at them say i didn't change everybody's mind so they can ignore it but a billion american flags could actually moved the dial the they're probably is no stronger symbol for republicans and probably independence as well then the american flag it would be hard to think of anything any single picture the moves us that way i mean not counting leslie violence and children's like that but outside of the realm of violence the flag is the strongest used as the biggest visceral impact on us a loser bodies have ever done goose bumps
from the fly i ask how many of you have ever gotten goosebumps from seeing a flag i'm actually interests in that question so bennets alot of you and in which will get to my next point is waiting for the comments to catch up with me so the question was how many of you have ever felt goosebumps from looking at the american flag who say that the yes and starting to come so one of the ways that you can you can determine what is powerful persuasion and what is not is whether it is physically change
write something that makes you laugh is a physical change that was somewhat involuntary and that means that that's good persuasion made you laugh something that makes you cry like actually physically cry is good for cleaning cuz it major body do something the american flag gives you goosebumps goosebumps or a physical change if you're persuasion no matter what your persuasion is give somebody immediate physical change that's powerful and that's the only kind of persuasion that you should be looking for you should only look for persuasion that causes a physical change the person not a mental change not an idea change nada not i'm thinking of things differently change nada my facts about your facts chain not my logic is better than none of that moves the body
the body moves based on feelings and the flag the flag has brought people the tears it is given them goosebumps it's maybe this is just given people every kind of feeling you can have butter primarily positive feelings overwhelmingly for americans so that's my suggestion if you want to see if you can influence about republican it seems to me that tweeting different images of american flag so your ears so the two tracks that you should really really be careful about number one don't put any words on it number two don't start too early
those people can get used to anything right if you start now the flag beam will be over used by election day in other words will become flag blind would you see too many flags between now and election day that they won't mean anything by election day of course is still the flags the means of thy but it's you will you be taking a little other energy out of it if you start to early sides around sunday before election day the reason i'm picking that is people make their plans a few days in advance people need to start thinking about election date sure that they opened their schedule they know how to get there they figured out figured out where the polling places are that sort of thing so you don't want to do to early you don't wanna edwards
and you dont want to use the same image of the flag every time so you want to mix up as well so some of you might use clip art some of you may it might take a photo of flags some of you might use em a closer blue flag others my show a flaming raised so what's a variety it's all flag but different pictures for the mind doesn't get snow blind to it right so i remember those who tricks no words just the flag started three days will say the sunday before election day and and different images it's ok to retweet other people's images but if you see too many of one kind of flag throw it another one just keep the variety up and that would be an interesting tests
nor is there any way to were probably there's no way to measure it whether own worker could you explain why there would be illegal here the the reason why i wonder if it would be illegal is that it's too powerful and too clever it's a sort of thing were let me make a bad analogy let's say you were thinking about being in a murderer and you were going to commit an attempted murder and so you took us snowball you made an ice snowball on you through it as somebody and hit him in the back with now even if your intention was murder you did such a bad job of it that is the police court you they say it's a snowball real
couldn't kill this person so maybe will charge you some small annoying thing but not really attempted murder even if that's what you had in mind yet battery or it's a sultan battery likewise if you're trying to effect a influence the election but you're not good at it nobody cares each is not good at so if you tweet some that shows your opinion whatever it was free speech doesn't move the doesn't move the dial nobody cares about but this flag thing has at least the potential to be so persuasive there when short circuit your rational processes and it could influence and election result in a way that changes the history of the world so when you take something that wouldn't be a problem if it's done poorly and small and then you
it up to super effective the legal system starts to look at it differently because it starts to matter so i dont see exactly why it would be illegal because it's something that americans are doing for their own election we are express our opinions you should no problem with your expressing your love for the flag but if it's to power you can imagine how if it's not illegal today maybe someday i will be i dont know how you'd make good persuasion illegal but in some way
my opinion is that it would not be illegal but you can imagine how somebody would would move to make it so you can easily imagine how the law would catch up to technology and they would do some tests and there was a wholly hack every time this flag thing happens turn up goes up on one side so we should think about no flag means before election day or something so it will only matter if it works sunday could be illegal at the moment i think it is not deserve all about influence elections there is certainly a lot about influencing elections in illegitimate ways i guess it depends what is illegitimate
is red wave better than blue wave road wave frankly doesn't sound like a positive thing does it would i think read i think i think blood in communist so when you say red wave frankly the persuasive power that is gonna weak because sort of a negative a blue wave feels like the ocean i liked the ocean surfing the nice day nice blue wave out there but a red way if you see a red wave red tied red tides no good nobody wants a red tide red waivers sort of something you run away from
so there is an unfortunate disadvantage for the republicans on that symbolism china's and red flag exactly no cure burning within fifty feet appalling place there's a well that's a perfect example thank you for that example so i was trying to think of an example where if you did something minor it wouldn't be illegal but if you did the same thing in just a more effective way it would become illegal and if your campaigning around the polling place that has been made illegal because the more effective the reason that you can't do your campaigning right around eight pulling place is because as effective as the only difference its effective now its effective for a different reason because it might be intimidating etc but it's only illegal because it works
if you think about it i guess maybe they re really also fight stone breaking there may be some practical reason for it or causes a parking problem or something some may have practical implications but you see the point in massachusetts sondra fifty feet in uk advocated for anything i think i've said everything i want to say i got nothing else have you noticed that the news is less injured
sing when the president isn't doing something provocative but you know what today is today is sunday provocative tweet day so i would expect the president to thrill us all with them sunday and monday tweets so watch out for that alright that's all i got i'll talk to you later
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