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Episode 269 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, Blue Checks, Opioids

2018-10-22 | 🔗


  • Khashoggi cover story weakness and flaws
  • Is Middle East style lying fundamentally different than our style?
  • We have moral cover to take out mass murdering illegal Chinese Fentanyl manufacturers
  • Big proposals should first, be tested small
  • Good ideas have an efficient path directly to President Trump
  • Is Soros a bad guy?
  • Cory Booker accused of aggressive sexual restroom behavior
  • Imagining a network system for safe, efficient self-driving cars

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bobo mob of all everybody it's time for coffee was got arabs i'm scott atoms this is coffee this is also coffee do you have your coffee but some line on amazon apparently some trump supporters were made a trump brand of coffee i haven't hastily yet i'm saw my old me but i thought i'd buy a bag and support this entrepreneur eight it's time for the simultaneous up yes it is
do you have your mug your copy your vessel your stein your glass the full of a beverage your favorite beverage i like coffee join me now for the simultaneous sap ah that's good somebody said talk about the caravan in others not that much to say about the caravan there has already been said the caravan creates this horrific visual imagery and you know visual imagery is among the strongest persuasion so it's happening at them very worst time from democrats does it mean terms approaching on top of the visual element the other strongest kind of persuasion is fear
the look of the grounds there so many of them most of them were men are heading toward the border it just triggers sort of a basic fear response just because the numbers of people when the the chaos of it all so i don't think things could be ok here did a weird way further republicans coming up to the mid term spitters much else to say i'm pretty sure the president wilson down the military to stop them i'm sure they'll be successful because a lot of people but they're not gonna get past the military let's talk about some other stuff you may know that a barrel it's been discovered that the saudis story about a flight broke out and you know sister big mistake some someone injured by the fact that the team of or is there went to the embassy for cash hoagie
one of them was a body double who left the embassy wearing gosh obese close now if you're go to make up an alibi or an excuse like you to do a little bit better job than that i so far saudi arabia is just absolutely embarrassing our president by not giving him any cover whatsoever this is this is how i see the situation i think that realistically other countries may be the country doesn't really care about one south east being killed by saudi arabia whatever reasons i had on an individual basis like on a human level of course we care
we care about anybody use being killed so as a human we care but in terms of politics i don't see anybody who thinks that it would be a good idea to derail an ally in some important stuff in the middle east over this i've never talked anybody in person who thought this one burger was a big deal so under those situation all we really needed to get past the was signalling this as clearly as you could signal anything which is we can approve of it but give us some kind of some kind of story there we can at least say well maybe maybe it went their way and the a story that would work is that there were there were underlings who play
the entire operation including killing him from the stark patsy explanation they had any chance of being sold which is to say that you're the crown prince didn't the order and didn't directly know about it but some below him did directly order it and did know about it that's the only story that you could possibly so now nothing that's true thing the only story you have a chance of any reasonable doubt because it is actually feasible that the that crap prince didn't know the details didn't know i've been ordered by an ongoing i dont know how likely nora represent does represent but at least give us something but now we see this week excuse of it was an accident in a fight broke out
and then you see his body double leaving in the victim's clause so that the whole saudi thing has just completely turned into an embarrassment for our president who who is really just trying to help if you know what i mean is trying to make this not something that affects our country and try to make it not something that affects the alliance and something that doesn't fact the larger plans in the middle east but enter they make in a hard there making it so hard and then i realized that ran paul has taken a strong stand against saudi arabian says something must be done so it looks like the smart people in this conversation are saying that the thing which couldn't be done is directly punishing maybe royals maybe leadership people
we seem to be involved in the decision making i don't know how you identify who they are i dont know how you'd leave the crown prince out of it if you are the president and you ve lost your president trump and you lose rand paul that sort of thee can area in the cold wind in i've told you for that i have a high opinion of ran paul for him independent thinking so that is an independent thinker makes it especially powerful when he agrees with the president does you know not automatic but also especially powerful when he disagrees with the president for the same reason you know he's an independent thinker and he's following the evidence following following his moral inclinations
another rainfall has said something else to be done something has to be done what once you ve lost ran ball you can just say well let's just move on and mean you could but scott this allow ardor so i'm wondering what the saudis will say now that the news has come out of that the body double left wearing a showcase clothes if they follow pattern there modify their story again and it will look like this well sure one of the guys did leave wearing custodial clothes we acknowledge that that's on the camera but it's not what you think it was at first sight the fight broke out think one of the guys punched could show you so hard that he ended up wearing his clothes
they're gonna say i think i think they're gonna buy this i think this is gonna work no that won't happen but you know this thing is making me wonder about the cultural differences and were honesty looks like doesnt seem there's some kind of a cultural thing this happening here that the saudis explanation sounds region gillis even to liars people who live for a living look at that one say dude i live for a living partition that's all i do i lie all day i don't do that whatever the hell you're doing over there who told you to lie europe herbal liars and this gives me back to a point that i noticed decades ago whenever you see the middle east
people were leaders representatives in the least talking i would always save myself but wait a minute the the the the islam folks are lying just lay both sides near earth in a political situation i take it as a given they're all sides are lying all the time so i'm not gonna say the other one side is the bigger liars gaza mice and so the world everybody's lying or exaggerating they're leaving our things they're lying by omission so licence the world is everybody's lying all the time but is so when the the muslim country leaders were lying it look different and the way it look different was it was lacking at least up at least six a thin coding of credibility yourself
like there are some countries some leaders when they lie slowly exaggerated the others at least a little is this why is it slowly exaggerated there's always a little bit of a little bit of protective reasonable doubt around there lie seems like a western form of why is trying not to get caught whereas the middle east form of lying and again this is just an observation so i'm not i'm not me any claim that anything i'm gonna say here would hold up to any kind of scientific scrutinise observation that i'd be interested if it held up to scrutiny but i'm not predicting that we cannot predict that based on in total evidence but arrogantly it seems to me that the i'll of lying is fundamentally different and that to us there
dial of line looks like not even trying as the western style of lying looks like you're at least trying to get away with it does just an observation so i dont know if there's cultural difference there that matters are now let's talk about the stock about opiates so i'm getting a lot of pushed back on my call for china to execute their sentinel lab owners as they find them and people are pushed back this way they said hey you idiot don't you know that a few you shut down one lab just be another lab or people are saying you idiot you know that europe thousands thousands of illegal sentinel labs china
couldn't possibly know are they all are couldn't possibly shut them down to my critics i say you are completely right there is nothing that china can do or that we could do we'll ever change the supply because nature it is you can start an illegal lab just about anywhere so sir if you shut down one sure enough now another another laboured jump up but you're missing my point in time there's nothing i'm saying that has anything to do with supply so when i say that china should execute its illegal no lab dealers it's not to reduce the supply because i can't be done i am not suggesting that anybody try to do that what i'm suggesting is that their mass murders in some
is a mass murderer and collectively they're killing perhaps thirty thousand americans a year thirty thousand a year that changes everything if one person was dying in america even would say well maybe that person should have been better choices if a hundred people per year were dying in america from chinese sentinel i myself myself that's terrible but that's a hundred feet you shouldn't made better choices if a thousand people per year americans died from chinese sentinel i might be tempted to say a thousand while that's a lot of people but there's a lot of people who should have made better choices when thirty frickin thousand people a year are dying from chinese sentinel that's a war that's not personal choice anymore personal choices
yoke involved in the fabric of it but the size of it changes entirely what it is and therefore your approach to it has two entirely change to recognise one it is in one of the things that is a big friction problem that should be attacked with maximum maximum strength on every dimension you could attack it so when i say that china should be executing their sentinel dealers and if they can't that we should do it for them with whatever what work type people weaken arrange literally kill them is what i'm talking about and dont care for he caught so if if we get caught executing chinese citizens who are illegal drug dealers in their country i don't care i don't care if thou becomes public i don't care if china doesn't like it because this is no longer about some sort
i am demand and a product and some people should be made better choices it's a war in a war you don't care the summer you guys get caught killing the other side it's a war we were not we are not at war with the government of china and i think we can make that distinction because they would be on the same side trying as hard as they can to go after their own the sentinel dealers now let me ask you this we killed a few of their friends in the lab owners and china's government found out about it what is the most likely response
well of course i complain and here they they might make some trouble about it but the most likely responses they're gonna try a lot harder to police their own business now they can't stop all their federal that's never the goal because it can't be done here's the goal to send a message about big the problem is that's my goal when i say china the executing these funds in the lab dealers or we should go in and do it for them on their soil even at the risk of getting caught when i say that is because i'm sizing the problem i'm pretty waiting i'm using death of people who deserve because their mass murderers and they
i'm using their death simply to amplify the message that's it i want to kill people who have a coming their mass murderers i'm not killing adam favorite killing any innocent people ever period but people who mass murders we can morally kill if it improves our result it changes the size of the message so don't argue with me about supply if you would like to try and legalised in all in in the small trial i say let's try so anybody use arguing that the problem is on the supply side i'm not i'm not ruling that out in fact that's a very good argument and we should work on that as hard as we can at the same time were helping
helping the world see the size of the problem by executing chinese sentinel lab dealers if their government do for them and by even if china is doing it as fast as i can anne and there really trying to help if it's not fast enough which should also kill their sentinel dealers because again and makes the size of the problem look more more realistic let me put this in starker terms there are damn opinions every big policy decision so what are you talking about attitude opium toys or climate science or just about any other problems from the urban urban situations the if you say here's here's a proposal and if you say yes
let's do it or you say no listen no less now do it those are the two stupid opinions i led a lotta hang there for while no matter what the proposal is if it's a big government proposal there are too stupid opinions and i'm not being blood here there's no way to shaded there are two opinions that are stupid about major proposal idea one of them is yes let's do it there is no less not do it those stupid opinions now let me tell you what a smart opinion is can we tested small that's what a smart opinion looks like a smart opinion says if you can see in doing this big plan we don't know how it'll turn out nobody knows nobody smart enough so if you say yes let's do it you're stupid if you say no not you're stupid those are the two stupid sides if you say
is there some way to test the small we would have better visibility about whether owed work that's a smart decision so when you're saying to me let's is it's smart words dumb to do this or that about sentinel you're not part of the intelligent conversation if you say is there something the test in small scale and then we'd know whether it's worth considering for large you're part of the smart conversation so when somebody says me scott you why have you ruled out you're making it legal in some cases so that people can get a safe supply of their drug and then you work on the addiction problem and i say can you trial it is something you can do small the answer is absolutely yes
so if you can tested and has some me some reasonable chance that it could work then the answer is you test it absolutely and when the size of the problem is this big you test every frickin thing you can think of you don't leave any rocket and earned the problem is this big you test you test so when you're looking at any big government programme there's some exceptions like for example well probably somebody like tax policy is the sort of thing that either have to do it or not do it but most things can be tested small there's almost about eighty percent of everything can be tested small and that's the smart way to go every time you thank you and i know that you are now has you're receiving this
those of you who have experience in business are probably thinking some version of dha all experience business people are saying this right of course you would try to small if there was a way to do that you would of course stridency trial before you one big but most people don't work for a big company most people don't have this kind of experience the average american doesn't think in terms of is there a way to do a small trial as a result our government does not think in terms of can we do a small trial this kind of rare to see that isn't it rare to see the governments are we don't know if this is gonna work so we're just doing the small trials will find out that's how the government needs to evolve i think it can and will under a
tromp administration if you hear somebody in the trumpet administration say we don't know if this is a good idea that's why we're trying or that's why we're suggesting somebody tries it then you know dave evolved livestock well something fun and interesting for change oh and by the way it s for an expert on my app the interface by one how back my my companies up i'd s for an expert on some box and it's a chemical used to get people off of opiates and apparently make you sick if you take an actual opium
when you are on a box and i think you get ill so it keeps you from doing it but the question is can you use a box and and then we knew self off of subjection or are you on a box and forever because it's the only way to protect you from the opiates so that was my question and i'm looking for an expert on the interface by when hub app to answer that at the same time i had done a sort of a public call for and so this box and is something the false the category of something that you could test so the hypothesis is that you can win yourself off of the box and even if that's not the medical recommended treatment under doktor supervision it would be easy to test that of a small scale test saddam i'm wondering if it's been done so a number of people have
started getting on the interface by one how back to volunteer as sponsors so we're getting very close and i think there are already some sponsors on their let me check others look right now i'm talking so the idea is that sponsors could show zero for their time because the app lets you set your price and you could charge zero if you want some just gonna look up at addiction and see if anybody's other so we have addiction sponsor it looks like hers one two three four three people who were on right now that does mean illness necessarily answer but there her online as sponsors so somebody can guess somebody the now do i know that that will work i do not
i dont know if having more sponsors on an app will save lives but cannot be tested ever small in a small way yes and therefore you don't have to ask if it will work or work you just test it that's the smaller thing to do given that the stakes are so high now what we're talking about the ability the testing small when we talk about something that really really exciting that's happening right before your eyes and it goes like this it was not long ago that if you are a citizen and you had a great idea for the government that idea would just be stranded in your brain the if you're just a voter you're one of hundreds of millions of people in the united states you're just a voter and you have a great idea how could you get your great idea to the government well it was possible
mean i'm not saying you couldn't happen but the average person really didn't have any relationship with a government that has completely changed and i'm gonna take you to my white board in a moment and show you you saw it recently and you ve seen it how many times how many times have you seen the president of the united states president trump how many times have you seen him a retweet an idea they came from just a citizen you see that a bunch of times right so we know that the president united states for on a regular basis risk is the ideas the framing the way of thinking of things from the public then actually retreated it's not an accident is happening on a regular basis
and i want to show you that pathway they didn't used to exist and it looks like this apologise for my whiteboard being hard you but let's say your citizen and you an idea and get their right bad idea the president of the united states this is how easy it is right now now keep in mind the only good ideas are gonna get there right bad ideas are gonna die dire premature death but now a direct pipeline for any good idea to get to the president yes filtered along the way so that by the time president gets it it's already been checked out in other words the president won't get the bad ideas the president would only get the ideas that other people have voted through and it looks like this if your regular citizen and they say you're sophisticated enough to know the difference
between linked in instagram so you know you know enough about the world the digital world though you could find me money how many of you watching the periscope have sent me a personal message one of the various social media mechanisms those of you who were clever have figured out that i'm on linked in and that i accept as a connection everybody s so you could just connected and lincoln and send me a message and what are the odds i would read your message almost a hundred percent so what are the odds it i would really message if you put it on instagram i owe him about six thousand instrument followers i probably say everyone what are the odds i would message if you said to me on the the patriarch app
i'm on patriarch guy collect from the funds to spread my periscopes into other realms to turn them into pod gas and stuff so i use that money for their help if you would know that you could send me a message on the app that those useful a patron and then i would almost certainly close to one hundred percent see your message so people who were comfortable technology now they can get a personal message to me through probably i don't know six to ten different channels and that the odds are missing at a pretty high so if you can get her if you can get a message to me i have i think too hundred and seventy eight thousand twitter followers so i'm a blue check so i
verified blue check but on the small side right having a few hundred thousand followers is still smallish but when i do have is larger ablution accounts the do follow me and there were certainly see my work if something i tweeted was popular so if you ve got a good idea your ability to get to me or people like me which other smaller blue check accounts is close to one hundred percent almost almost anybody could get to me or somebody who has a small blue check account if we like the idea we have filtered at once meaning
and it was good enough that we retweeted if we retweet it it's always gonna be at least noticed by the bigger blue check accounts if you ve seen this in my case right if i tweet something and it has some quality that people want to spread you'll see a command of the larger accounts doesn't happen often and it shouldn't happen often because most my tweets are not worth there are not worthy of the entire world seamen but some are so now the blue checks tweeted happens when you have this much visibility once you re
this much visibility there's somebody on the president's social media team who is going to see it and they can tell how popular it is when they see it i guess i'll see him they re tweets they'll see i'm really likes they'll see what kinds of comments people made so you you saw this with jobs not mobs idea so i don't know who actually came up with it it was a citizen so said some citizens said you're a good slogan will be jobs not mobs i saw that on the internet and i made a comment about it that jobs now mobs would you're a good slogan and it works on a number of levels in its persuasion correct and that doesn't have any downside so i said that it took a very short time
for other larger twitter accounts and for lots of other people too retweeted it took six days i counted for the times i saw a citizen with a good idea to the time percolated up and came out of the president's president's twit twitter account this is not the first time that you ve seen this happened and i think there is something special about this administration because obviously the tools are then here for a while but there's something about this administration that makes you think participating matters because the president does the so often you can feel here's the key point because the president's so often we'll take a good idea that comes from the base and amplify it
you can feel the connection it's like a real thing is not a snug a concept that could work in theory is something we observe on a regular basis so you watching the most connected president you ve ever seen in my life who is essentially a be testing on a continuous basis and that and he's he's part of the system does it for him so the bad ideas don't go very far does i won't retweet them and then these people never see them and he just never sees them but if it's good enough to get the attention of somebody with a smallish account it could make it all the way to the top so that is a big change in society it unleashes the best ideas in the
world that could be coming from the people who are closest to the problem so when you see me doing these periscopes and i know some of you were complaining that year you ve seen too much on the opium and situation the idea of putting forth are that we should be trying everything on the oil crisis and if that's true if my suggestion that we should be trying as many things as is valid then some of the things they come through the system to me i can make their way up so when i asked about so boxes because there was somebody on the internet who have experience with oxen curing essentially being a very easy path to getting off of opiates but i didn't know if that was something that other people could experience till it might have done something specific about this person
and so i raised the question because it was such a good question that doesnt means it's the answer but i was the question that i raised it so you see me do it at my level i've put out the call can somebody tell me about the box and can we look at the question of whether tapering love makes sense because there's there's some suggestion that doctors are recommending so box and as a permanent drug so you just getting off one drug in getting out another and so the question is does it have to be permanent or could you win yourself off it and as i explained earlier the real question is could you a small test of that or has somebody already done the test of it and i would just find out that but watch the power of the system
the idea just came to me this week the question about the and whether it could help i raised it so far it's it's trapped here so far the the idea has filtered up to here and there's nobody with a larger account whose picked it up and said yeah that's a good idea probably nobody will most ideas don't go that far but the system is really strong if it doesn't go a fourth might be because the idea didn't have enough legs might be it's not quite the right idea but we get to test it and find out fairly quickly this is all knew this kind of this this effect is pretty little or at least its becoming something that works better under this present it's not entirely
society is not always ready for an idea well there also persuasive people in the stack so persuading people to get ready for an idea is part of the process or how many of you let me just ask this question is this model that i just explained about easy it is to get from a good idea to the leader of the country did i say no to you because it's a big big deal it's a super big deal and i've argued before that these citizens listen we algorithms take over the citizens are really in control of the country in a way that's never been true before because of this
yeah good ideas have now for the first time in history it's never been true before that's a good idea could take on its own life and anchorages rise before a good idea what would be sort of trapped in your little bubble of non influence now good idea can rise in chile there's nothing to stop it this is the golden age my friend the golden age when we realize that resource constraints are not the big problem anymore they live at the resource constraints were our problem all through history but now it's the good idea that's what we lack is a good idea and the president has a weapon the process of getting a good idea from somebody who knows something somebody is close to the problem we're just some it was a good idea these weapon eyes the twitter path to get them to him so he can
by then and by the way when the when an idea gets through the president and he tweets it that doesn't mean it's done that just means he still testing he's just testing it at the highest level what do you think a lot of input if its currency does more of it if the input his body does less of it this is a good system about the idea of prosecuting sorrows for the caravan i am a soros sceptic i can be convinced does those some kind of a enemy to the world my current impression because i've asked a lot of people who should know you tell me why soros is the enemy of the country
and i find that people get a little vague about that clearly his organization is funding some things but you have to connect the loved dots to make him trying to destroy the country so i would say agnostic sorrows but i lack i lack the kind of facts or argument that would make me anti soros i'm not pro sorrows i'm just concerned that so many people have a strong opinion and nobody can explain it to me in a way the sounds even a little bit convincing and i dont know what's up with that do we have other problems that care even be explained because i'm not saying i'm not saying soros did or did not do anything
i'm saying that nobody can explain what he did though what is his intention what it was he trying to accomplish and what did he do to accomplish it completely lost than that because it is a red like conspiracy theory to me which again does not mean that a conspiracy theory because conspiracy theories and the real thing can look identical to us right we can tell the difference most center but why why have we gone so long pretty well informed i am fairly well informed outside in the top at least five percent of well informed americans in that's without even trying really and probably in the top viper just as i pay attention to the news and i ve never seen never a good explanation of what soros is up do that makes them the
the devil yeah i know he didn't currency speculation that was his job that's all that's all well documented read the wall street journal article on sorrows i'll bet it the years without reading the wall street journal article on soros here's what i predict about it i predict that if i read it there will be lots of information about sorrows and when i was done i wouldn't know what to make of it thus before i've read it that's my prediction because that's what's happened every time i've read the thing about him i read it and i go well this concerning and i can see why people would be concerned and then by the time i'm done i think i dont think anything's been shown here in any persuasive way it's just a whole bunch of things
that should maybe almost concerns so nobody's credible on this topic here he's strokes social unrest and then profits from chaos yet so so somebody just said that his game is to fund the social unrest and then place financial bats in which he can win based on that that it is ridiculous to me that sounds so much like a conspiracy theory that i wouldn't even a even bother looking into it a little bit like it's too ridiculous on its surface that even if there was an article that i wanted to tell you about that idea i wouldn't even read it honestly that that would be too far beyond the believable so i did in a little more solid than that here
funding most if not all of the lefty groups well ok do you know who else first love of the lefty groups democrats is there some recently he can't fund lefty groups our corey booker let's talk about corey booker sleep there come back to me so those are reported in the media that i consider very low credibility and a man who says that corey booker tried to grope him in a restaurant or something now
my interpretation is that claim is very unlikely very unlikely but the context is i think i'm back now the the counter is that gory booker was on the team that were saying you accusers in particular women should be believed i think the audio is back now i think your comments are behind behind the actual so somebody tell me if you can hear me again because i believe that my audio is back so the user doesn't sound credible to me very much like the
are they the cabin on multiple re party accuser didn't really sound credible on the surface doesn't mean as false but just as the sound credible so i think it's corey booker suffering from karma suffering from a political attack but it probably has more to do with outing him so one of my assumptions is it may not be it may not be so much that somebody trying to take him down for this accusation cause i don't think it well i doubt their setting corroborating evidence doesnt some credible to me but i think it's probably a ploy to out him on his sexuality because it would make him look like a phony
so the thing that corey booker has to worry about in terms of his brandon and the attackers is that might be accused of being sort of a phoney and now his spartacus thing plays into that like you just pretending to be a sum gonna hero yo yo a phoney hero so if he's also if he's also been less than forthcoming about his sexual preference which again unearthing anybody in the country really cares about the other were way beyond that being a reason not to be elected were way beyond that being
the judge him i think i like to think i'd like to think at least the vast majority of the country could not care less about the president's sexual preference i hope or at the point where there s not a real issue but what could be a real issue is not being forthcoming about it so it would be i think a devastating blow to him politically if the people on his own team star asking why he has to hide his sexuality if in fact that's going up so i don't have any i don't have any inside knowledge about corey booker's sexual preferences and i'm not interested in them and i don't think you should be any kind of disqualification running of course the i think you were this is twenty eighteen snub nineteen sixty whatever but
there is a question about why somebody would hide it if that happened in ireland alone others happenings i don't know his sexual preferences and i'm not gonna pretend i do i'll just say it doesn't matter to me he says he's not gay my cousin works on his staff did you just write that somebody just wrote in the comments and i quote he's not my cousin is working on his staff you could do a word that definitely serve on that that count oh wait i'm not done yet
remind me tomorrow to talk about the self driving cars ah no longer do now this is interesting in fun i keep forgetting to talk about this self driving cars right when you think about the idea of self driving cars you think about them integrated and the highways whither human cars for however many decades it takes until they're all self driving cars i suppose will you imagine self driving cars and real cars driving together that's the first thing you soon secondly you soon that each of these cars as an independent entity made by different companies perhaps but they all operate like there they aware of their surroundings but their independent as the second assumption third assumption is that they would share the existing highways what if he's
railway all of those assumptions let's say you say to detroit hey detroit we're gonna make you the automotive capital again and we're going to overlay a new highway right on top of detroit which is just for self driving cars now of course there was a regular highways so the regular highways you gonna have to either go next to them when you need to cross them you might need to bridge over them or tunnel under them but there's probably enough blight in in a place like detroit map out a whole parallel a highway that would get you within a walking distance of any destination in the city so now imagine that you build you cited detroit gonna be the self driving a car test city and here the rules
highway we build is going to be an overlay to the regular highway system so that cars never share highway with human driven cars secondly all of the cars on the highway have to be able to communicate in real time with all of the other self driving cars so if you're an apple self driving a car or a google self driving car you ve gotta be in constant contact the reason for this is that if one of them has a failure the other car should know to get in the way because that lets say their tracking that car and it goes off line and they know it shouldn't of the other car should adjust let's say one of them has a mechanical problem perhaps another car could sense it come up
behind em all the cars behind him in that lane would slow down automatically and that in the back car would push the other car in a controlled way onto the side of the road until it could be service so the first thing you'd want to test is cars that only have driving cars secondly want to test is networking them altogether so that they understand for each other or is which would make everything much safer we have some kind of a requirement for that the next sunday says they have standards for this already but they don't have a place to test them in a large working i met with lots of indoors and so i assume there would be some protocol for that maybe not as extensively as i'm talking about here's another funding the self driving cars are gonna have cameras in three hundred and sixty five greece imagine if you were in a dangerous part of the city and you could choose
the live near a self driving car road you would automatically have a safer place because all the self driving cars would create a security video situation for anything they drove past so the thing on the street wherever there's a self drive a car is gonna be recorded or potentially could be so that you would almost remove street crime everywhere there are self driving cars because agree a camera in every direction next i'm wondering if you could put a wifi system into place so that each of the cars is receiving wifi but also broadcasting and unconnected as a node to other self driving cars could you build i'm just speculator here a high powered wifi or even
tell network their works on the cars as the moving cells so if you are in a situation where no cars were going by for a while you might have no service but since the city always as cars you probably would not worry about that too much a mesh a mesh wi fi system just spitballs now if you can build a system the people who live near these self driving cars assuming that they're the kind that you can be shared so it's like uber but self driving cars those people would have full transportation at a low cost especially if it's being tested in the city they have wi fi
more security it would bring the automotive business into detroit in detroit seems like a good place the test because you have infrastructure and you have four seasons seed want to test these cars and environment in which it snows it gets hard it gets cold detroit so i'm just gonna put them out there as a suggestion that detroit should be the new motor city but for driverless cars and that all the companies that are working no matter where else there working should put a facility in detroit this assumes that destroy thinks it's a good idea and figure out a way to building a test test roads in detroit they could start small maybe it's just a few roads and then they build them as they go maybe you need
decent tunneling to get around the existing structures say bringing the boring company you bring in illinois thus boring technology that makes tunnels cost effectively for just those places you need to get around something or under over it scott the self driving idea is a farce well you left them all the reasons i would say that self driving cars are a guarantee there's no chance that it won't happen so whatever you're calling a farce i would certainly be on the opposite under that open yes and bringing this level of industry and would create a whole range of jobs from the high end engineers to the laborer level
because used only to repair alot of cars you need to build a lotta roads so would be a massive infrastructure transportation jobs programme and at the end of it you'd have this vibrant motor city detroit again such as throw them out there is an idea i scott natural language processing if it isn't even there yet i don't know ass do any your self driving cars or all over mountain view for example some mountain view is testing and we'd still need to test the self driving cars in places where the it's gonna be integrated with other cars so somebody just was pulling my own words back to me to say don't you
where there is a good idea about idea say whether you contested small and testing a small it's essentially what i'm one arm suggesting so you could test as all simply by having a limited highway within detroit and then just build it as it makes sense to build it so yes biased nature could be tested small should the car protect the driver or pedestrian i think a lot of that problem goes away with self driving cars cuz one of the things you could do with a self driving car highway used to make pedestrian traffic non existent so for example if you're going to build a self driving car only highway
you might make sure that you have pedestrian tunnels under all of them or or across ways over them and you just get rid of the pedestrian question altogether they dont work in snow well that's what you'd be testing so self driving cars will be a choice right for the foreseeable future yes i think self driving cars will be a choice in the same way the owning a smartphone won't be a choice it also
like a choice early on but eventually be justly only way people do things because it will be so much better there's no way that human rights human driven cars will be able to compete in the long run just looking her comments human interfaces always the bug in the system yet the worst the worst component of your car at the moment as you the car every part of the car works well except the human the human as all the errors are ninety ninety eight percent of the accidents probably i'm guessing the situ wouldn't you guess that ninety eight percent of traffic accidents are caused by humans maybe ninety five some like them i that's all for now i'll talk to you all later
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