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Episode 272 Scott Adams: Talking About Bombs

2018-10-25 | 🔗


  • Who was and wasn’t on the bomber’s list…and why?
  • Was the bomber activated and programmed by the press?
  • CNN makes a radical claim (with no details) about violence from the right
  • Senator Hirono says President Trump is a racist white supremacist
    • Hirono is despicable, should be (legally) removed from office
  • Humor changes over time, it’s generational
    • Funny decades ago is now completely inappropriate
    • Trump and Biden, same age, same sense of slapstick humor
    • Eric Holder “kick ‘em”, same sense of slapstick humor
  • The Dems and press are intentionally painting half of US worthy of death
    • NOT the same as “old guy slapstick humor” from both sides
  • The bombs appear to have been a message with no ability to explode

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oh papa above all in order to monitor the rest of you too commissioner ricky john gather around here you gotta get ura mugs of coffee because you know a timeless i think you do it's almost time for the simultaneous up sign for coffee was got adam scrub your mug your stein you're you're container your cup and lift it with your favorite beverage i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous hip well let me start off today's periscope the same way likely to end it
just by saying nobody don't violence and by saying there's nothing funny about somebody something bombs to public figures especially because i'm a public figure i don't like any anything happening to public figures you can see obviously why that said life does go on and there are some very interesting dare i say a humorous elements of the story but violence is not funny with one exception which all talk about a minute so where to start with us socialists lisco fbi profile or again so let's play f b i profiles and we're going to try to figure out who the perpetrators
now some people have said hey it's a false flag in its probably some kind of some kind a democrat pretending to be a republican because the midterms are coming to which i say possible possible but i'm not know that way i'm still saying it somebody on the right somebody who is a trump supporters specifically but may not be mentally all there were certainly as monthly not all there now there's something that has been missed it seems to me and you might not see this on television so what i'm gonna tell you you may never see in the regular media because there's something they can't say you're ready for it
there's something about this list of the people who got the fake bombs and today we heard that possibly rubber deniro and also joe biden may have gotten bomb packages that also did not go off what is it about this particular group of democrats i saw that deniro spokesperson said well it's obvious that these people have something in common but did we get the right thing that they have in common let me let me describe the people who got the bombs but i'm going to describe them the way the press has described them now when i talk about the press in this case i'm talking about both the left and the right surplus
what is this what will i'm going to present is not my opinion this is not my opinion coming up this is a description of the people who receive these bombs according to the press the presses the press on the right and the press on the left so sometimes i'll be picking the right sometimes from the left for here hears you ve got to people who have said public they want a punch the president less than narrow own you ve got at least one accused cereal rapist that's bill clinton you ve got one person who painted half of the country as nazis if you pay have the country has nazis you really sort of marking them for violence
that was hillary clinton was that one person on the list who's accused of being a nazi collaborator collaborator i believe that's not accurate but if you're reading various types of press not that not the top level press but the the lower level less dependable press on the right will tell you george soros was collaborator when he was fourteen years old which i consider ridiculous that's my opinion but the press as branded these people the way i'm the way describing there's one percent less list to electrically who who allegedly roger regular election and succeeded there's somebody unless you try to rig the united states election and succeeded debbie roslin there's somebody on the west is deep deep state trader the list and the leader of them
again not my opinion i'm giving you characterizations that you would have seen in the press is the left or the right and one of them as they had the head trader of the deep state i'm not saying this in my opinion i'm saying that saw the presses portrayed brennan there's one person list you said you should kick kick republicans when they're down a call to violet there is one person the list who said you should harass republicans were if you find them maxine waters and there's obama was on the list but you could make a case that he has or has not done anything there would put him on this list i would say not so much by you sort of the head symbol of the year other side so here's here's what's interesting here's what's that
about two people were not on the list lotta people were not analysed for example whereas nancy policy on this list nancy policy is not on the list chuck humor is not on the list let me tell you why nancy policy and chuck schumann were not on the bombers list because those two people you might not like their politics but they are not frickin assholes again i'm not i am not defending a bomb that's not what's happening here i'm saying that if we're trying to profile the barber
and try to figure out why would he target this group as opposed to any other group he has left off to the biggest democrats he left off bernie he left off pelosi he left off humor what did those three people have in common to their credit to their credit policy humor and burning have never advocated violence of any kind against republicans nancy blowsy drugs humor and bernie sanders have never use words that demonized the entire republican party as an deplorable as in racist well they probably played with the races term but that's sort the sort of routine politics their case those three people are not on the list
people were on the list are people who specifically allegedly according to the media not according to me again the media either the left or the right have them promoting violence against the right or living involved in something that looks like literally and overthrow of the government so i would say let me say this every ten seconds is not my opinion giving you the characterisation that someone would have if they watched the media not watching me but watching the media so i'm gonna say definitely republican and here's the reason it's not a false flag if it were a false flag some
the people on the list would be the kind there had not called for and overthrow of the government who had not been nazis erases had not been accusing people eraser sunny had now been offering offering up the idea of violence against republicans if it had been a black would know now what would you call a a false lag then a false wag they would have picked even accidentally there were two pixel people who didn't blow nonetheless they would affect pelosi they would a picture tumor maybe bernie they would affect corey bucker has corey booker calls for any violence against republicans i'll think so right it's not an accident why this group is on the list to me
as every look of a republican who has been pulled him by the media in words the media has created a narrative about all these people which in some cases is deserved amassing it's not deserve but is clear to me that it's a republican some republican now i said there's nothing funny about attempted violence but you re the judge i tweeted this yesterday and i got over six thousand retreats which is a big number for me and twenty thousand likes and i said about the topic my first love was that the bombs came from a republican then learned the bombs don't work use your own about one less worrying or insightful but this
just a joke it looks like the bombs were either made by someone who is not completely in their mental stay or somebody who didn't and tell them to go off so that's that's possible but my official my official prediction is a republican who has been activated by the press in this case more by press the right leaning press than the left leaning press but certainly both now what's interesting here is watching the the press try to make a case so right now the press is trying to make sure that the president most of the blame because the alternative that is the present self so the press
them fall out it's not us not ass especially the cnn side of the world now lemme give you my taken here here are some of the things that people are in the press are showing as equivalence they will say for example well sure that were there was a person on the left who took a gun to the baseball game and shot up steve's police and other folks and yet ass an example of something that happened on the left but it's not just the left they would say look at that guy brought a gun to the pizza parlor because he believes there were that there been children somehow in the basement of the pizza parlor based on a conspiracy theory that they were being sexually abuse are those equivalence there's something different about those two situations
one is somebody you went to a baseball game to kill people the other is somebody you went to a pizza parlor to save children now he was wrong there were no children there but but did that guy go to the piece of parlor to kill people there's no evidence of that he had a weapon because you would need a weapon to do whatever he was gonna do but he was fortunately had them hoechst by the media and by social needed more social media than the media also social media and it's not exactly the same thing so when we compare those do but mind that one was trying to save children and the other was trying to kill adults not exactly equivalent but let us look at the things that are equivalent i'm seeing in the media and i saw this morning and see it in that
since nine alone this is the number of people who have died and why you would call terrorist acts of be nice states there are then suddenly three right wing victims of seven and seventy i'm sorry seventy three right wing attacks in other words have been suddenly to classify terrorist domestic attacks by people who would be associated with the political right cnn reports that there were a hundred and forty four hundred and four jihadist attacks but we're not talking about that nice was just look at seventy three right wing acts and then they said there were only eight or aid das was a seventy two seventy three people died from re written access what is is not the number of attacks at seventy died seventy three
people die for railway tax eight people died from some kind of black activist shooting and they left out how many left leaning des lower another i've cnn reported on the number of people were killed by political affiliation and left the liberals why the whole categories there the hall door frickin categories and there there's left it out with these the categories that their reported right wing attack things specifically related to african americans and then jihadis where's where's the guy who attacked the baseball field where's the guy who shot i guess because nobody died so it doesn't have to nonetheless as our right so i saw this other less to where there were all these people killed by re wings and let me ask you this i watch the news
do you remember that in the last dozens of years whatever is it your recollection that there have been lots of right wing terrorist attacks that he'll people why don't i remember them and how every time the reported either on cnn or the reported on social media there lots of graphs using nobody nobody points today little why is it remember any of these any of my remember a couple of the big ones but las vegas was not a political act so that wouldn't even be in the west were originally so are we being duped again because when they the news is consistent reporting leslie left leaning news is consistently reporting there
right wingers have killed a far far more people love not even close farm people in the united states in been what would be classified territory do you remember those have you see the less job there las vegas would not be in the less because their mode of his unknown and didn't seem to be politics so yeah there's something wrong here right there may be a claim that are really radical claim but they never point to the detail there is a reason for that there's something about the detail the doesn't work if they if the details worked in other words if pointing to the details and saying all these railings attack attacks happened here's the list look at this long list if the details were persuasive there would point to the details every time they talked about it
so that's a big problem in my opinion now i want you cnn say that there the responsibilities with president let's let's talk about that when these let me start by saying that it is probably true that anybody who am sup the emotion in politics has has a risk of activating the crazier parts of society this is very low risk that the average person is gonna pick up a weapon but you have to country you only need one bomber to complete dominated our attention so out of three hundred whatever million americans what are the chances that lets say provocative political speech would cause somebody to pick up
and i will tell you the odds of that it's a hundred percent it wouldn't matter who the politician was one matter if we're talking about news doing something that was provocative you wouldn't matter if we're talking about a democrat it would matter if we're talking about a republican if you elevate the other temperature of political speech you ve got three hundred million people some of them guns some of them of time some of them are crazy someone's gonna pick up again now is that a reason to not do it some would say yes but the trouble is that free speech has this problem in all kinds of topics there are all kinds of topics where if you simply talk about something in in a public way there are so many people in the country there are some
who's gonna go kill themselves or kill you i have also made the the argument that when i was i used to laugh when when people say that the music or the here and now you say the video games but when people say that they would call somebody do go murder or kill themselves or some like that and i would say nobody's gonna kill themselves over a song nobody's gonna go
berger somebody because of music but then i grew up and i learned about persuasion learn how different people are they learned about how deep the mental health problem is in america and now i take it as a matter of fact with no doubt whatsoever that i want to say there is no no hesitation no doubt not the slightest chance i'm wrong if you have three hundred plus million people and you send them provocative messages on any topic some of them are conducive to do really bad stuff you don't want to happen that is worth free speech looks like so if you dont want that stuff to happen you have to get rid of free speech cause that's the only way you get rid of it is to guarantee free speech you're not gonna do that that said is still fair to police our speech were
let's talk about the president and compare him to the media and to the democrats the media and the democrats the entire choppers less i have created a picture of reality through consistent reporting there has been reinforced as recently as yesterday by senator dorani who said there when the peace calls himself a nationalist that we should not give him the benefit of the doubt that he's just talking about our national identity but rather he's a racist what is what happens when a sitting senator says without any hint of hyperbole that the president of the united states is a racist what does that due to the political temperature
well the first thing he does is if you're a man or were you around the right you're conservative if you don't both this year here frickin crazy because this is the sort of thing you need a lot less of ronnie as actually issues insulted men and she's insulted essentially republicans and all conservatives because pretty much all of them would consider nationalist a compliment not an insult or at least that it would be a they would consider nationalist and just a objective description of somebody who follows the constitution basically and so compare that no compare from the from leap elect ugh
at hilary and her team have been painting republicans and me i'm gonna put myself in this category because as a label tromp supporter people have been calling me a nazi and joseph gobbles since the election am i less safe because of what route because of what democrats and what the press has said about republicans and therefore has extended to me i'm not republican but they ve extended it to me and my less safe country absolutely am i a danger of being killed because of the environment that the press and the democrats working together have created absolutely i am absolutely at greater danger
in this world because of cnn souci had announced on that scene and has made me less and less safe now of course the other side would say but you're all a bunch of racist so you ve made us less safe by electing trump etc that's that's their movie the thirteen in their head the movie in my head is the one gets people killed movie that other people singular had is not materializing because there are no concentration camps that is just now materializing but the one in my head the one worthy the press has made it a dangerous place the live did call somebody to take up a weapon to a baseball game and start shooting republicans la happened that was real so no less compare that
to the president's rhetoric and there's a shelter i'm gonna put on this that you ve never seen before that's why you watch my periscopes here's the filter you ve never seen before humor changes over the decades nobody said this to you before i've said it indifferent contacts but it's important here the thing that looks like a joke the thing that looks like humor is different in the forties then it was the fifties than it was in the sixties about ray ten years or so what we consider the is the best form of humor the popular form of humor changes this is an important concept for what comes next in the wood i was a kid humour was very slapstick when i was a kid the three stooges were huge phenomenon i was never a fan i never cared
the three stages but their entire their entire act was getting slept on the head and somebody poked in the eyes and and hit by aboard and it was all physical violence humor now from viewed from a lens of twenty eighteen you say to yourself my god whoever thought that was funny but that's not the point the point is that used to be generally considered what humor look like and now it's generally considered an appropriate last night christine and i watched a movie that i think was made in the nineties called there's something about mary it's a humorous movie with well you don't need to know more that's a humorous movie and we watched and the word there is very little in their movie though you could put it in a movie today at least a third of the movie probably a third
of the humour in the movie involved laughing a people with physical or mental disabilities can you even frickin imagine that light i remember watching it at the time when it was a new movie and laughing uproariously i remember being offended by it but even i who is not by anything i watch movie through a lens of twenty eight june and it was cringe worthy you shouldn't you should go back and watch it it is cringe worthy because of making fun of people who had physical and mental disabilities we really are to watch so that's how much humor has changed in those few decades now here's how this matters
i and others have been saying that when the president says is provocative things at rallies that is humor and other people are saying that now humor when you say you when you say i'll pay for the doctors bills not back and then if you when you say stuff like that that's not funny here's was missing tromp supporters tend to skew older and rural the people who are against trump tend to be younger more female that that matters here to more female younger and urban those the groups have different senses of humor tromp comes from an era in which if you said i'm gonna kick your ass i'm gonna get a b you up
that is often said with an understanding that does not real it's just a way of talking it sort of a humorous kind of normal way to express things why do i say it is normal for somebody of trumps age to talk about beating people up and you say well we're just joking look at joe biden what did joe biden say in public the same age right so joe biden same age he said that take trompe i'm the bleachers if you were in school with him in and beat him up now what was the reaction when biden said that i don't remember but i'm pretty sure was laughter so in other words people who think that biden meant literally to take him take him in punch biden those of a certain age trouble of a certain age i'm
of a certain age i'm younger than them but i'm old enough to know that i can't tell you the number of times that somebody has corrected me o roon less and less ten or twenty years because i've says something i felt was funny that other people thought was to violent and it's a generation of thing slapstick humor where somebody gets hurt but near they don't get killed is a characteristic of an old type of humor the people of a certain age and especially males the three stooges was largely a male humor property if you're a certain age and your mail and you say you gonna kick somebody's ass you probably don't mean seriously and you also think that other people understand it as not being serious that's the problem
when when trump is in his rally mode i think the part we can all agree on is a he's trying to be entertaining he's trying to be funny and based on the laughter and the reaction in the size of the crowds he is succeeding really well right in turn of making an audience laughin be engaged him you just be on the same page with him he's really really really good at it and historians will agree for sure i believe that everyone in the trump rally with exception i think of one old guy who got confused and actually tried to her somebody once early on in the in the kivu but lately lately theirs
essentially zero i think zero altercations at tromp rallies wouldn't you say that people go to trump rallies understand that when he talks like that is for the effect as part of the act is part of the humor it's just that not everybody sees slapstick humour as funny if here young female and urban probably that's not your style of humor and to you just looks like a word of it that sounds like a little bit of violence let me give you another example how old is eric holder erica looks like he is somewhere around my age sixties i'm not sure eric older said that were in when the report
genes are down what way was older yeah you should kick him who says something like that when the republicans down should kick him well somebody who's mail at a certain age it's just the way people who were made yesterday's talk no i dont know where holder grew up if he was urban or rural but i've gotta feel that that was just not normal way to talk when he grew up you just extended it to twenty eighteen in it in play same is trump does unfairly pillar basis sannella compare these two things you ve got a point
sweden trump who makes frequent references to slapstick humour in my opinion he should call her back this this is the time to call her back i think you did its job of getting people fired up interested i think it little too far if if ever he was gonna call something back the city the time to do but i would call it i would lay bled slapstick humor and i would admit that you may he was a good time to call her back you don't even have to apologize you could you say going forward with young dialing battle so it's dangerous i'm not recommending that the president takes responsibility for any violence possess not our freedom of speech work
free speech allows you to say what you want to say in the people do why you didn't want them to do that that doesn't make that year responsibility there can be a cause and effect there so that this of the clause in effect might real but we don't assign responsibility because freedom of speech doesn't work that way one person can talk and another person connect and you don't blame the talker for the actor so trumpet
hasn't lloyd humour that i believe has been misinterpreted by many if you see it as a generational thing as a male form of humour that was appropriate in his life was a port was also appropriate and joe joe biden experience i'm guessing was also appropriate in iraq holders opinion because they both male talk the same way so that's the way you should see it but i do think it can be misinterpreted and i think that the president would be advised to not take responsibility for what has happened but to perhaps say they he'll dial it back in the that would be the right way to play my open but none of us should give advice to the present because he's the president were not more of always a little bit humble about baby silly time on humble noise humble about you
bing advice to people who are more successful than i am because easily whatever their doing whatever their doing is working now let's look at the press the press get rid of this guy who says i'm an apologist you're so twenty fifteen nell asleep in the press the press has legitimately tried to paint trump supporters as racists and nazis so they put the the left leaning press along with the democrats what is more dangerous old guys making slaps nick jokes or an entire media oligarchy painting a huge segment of society as worthy of death which is what
nazis and raises are in the minds of most americans their horrible people who deserve whenever that comes to them i don't think you can come those do i don't see any way that you can say that i am an old guys slapstick cure the din didn't with that wasn't received the way he hoped it would be received by everybody how do you compare that too literally branding people as nazis including me i dont even go on public anymore i look
really want won't do public events if there are big crowds air because of the security concerns is that security problem caused by president trump doesn't feel like it's me to me it feels like as it was caused by the antitrust media because they are the ones who have convinced the base that there is an actual races tiller happening here so i would say that people like her ruddy senator her away from hawaii who says that
a nationalist is the same as being a racist in her mind we swim president trump use uses the word and therefore extends to his base by association i would say she is one of the worst people i've ever seen just a horrible horrible person as a human being she is despicable and i have to say that i know i almost never have this reaction to just famous people i disagree with but i've never had such a bad reaction to anybody as i have to senator burundi
do you did to do any of you have the same reaction that can tell what else it is it's not because she is a woman now because i disagree with her i don't know what it is something about the way she says it that literally just sounds evil legged doesn't seem it doesn't seem like there's anything productive even intended by it it just feels evil to me and i can't believe this is the lected official if there's one person who should be removed from office legally legally nobody wants violence resurgam but if there's somebody you should be legally the move from office should be somebody who insists that kind of violence are so watching cnn desperately trying to avoid responsibility for what clearly
is the process and by the way i'm not i'm not letting fox news off the hook here so the the right leaning press is almost certainly who has activated this particular guy that's my opinion so my opinion is somebody watches she's the press on the right server fox news tat person probably consumes other right leaning media now i don't think not just to be clear if the only thing you wash was fox news i don't think you send bombs to people i dont think fox news weapon isis people at that level but if you're watching
news probably also consuming things that are a little less credible and i can see that his weapon rising you what are we making the fact that none of the bombs work or none of the end of kind of expect to hear them none of them could have worked here's what we haven't heard about the bombs correct me if i'm wrong we have not heard that there is any electronics with bombs have we has there been any reporting that the bombs have any kind remote detonating device if we don't we hear that and i don't think we will because whoever this bomber was couldn't spell
they have the right addresses did not seem to be a master bomb maker to me but the us that that person could have a remit that later you're given the low level of skill there was involved it does not sound like mr bonde maker so i'm guessing that there was no detonating device it was but obviously it was not based on motion if there were no electronics is not based on time and it will not be based on and i think they would probably not based on time because you wouldn't know exactly when the right person has the package and this is someone who is targeting specific people this is someone who is not trying to kill the security guard this is somebody who did not want to kill the postal workers who delivered the pact
or the courier whoever did delivered so there's somebody who was after specific people so that means out either had some way to detonate it and that seems to be missing yeah there seems to be no clock seems to be no remote detonation which leads me to believe that its aim right wing white adult male who is right public and leaning who was activated by the press will use weapons used by the press he is not a very good by maker he does not have an advanced education high school education tops and maybe not even that and that is not a good goodbye maker right so the were wires but there were over gauged somebody says which would be a sign of a fake somebody says false they had
electronic books so if they have electronics and if those electronics are real meaning that the electronics are actually hook to the bomb in a way that they could have done better then i will say yes but he just said that none of them were disposed of buying destruction what does it mean that none of the bombs were blown up on site just to limit their destruction i think it tells you that people who understand bombs looked at them and by sight they could tell they were not functional bombs probably so somebody says there were clocks but were they connected and where they connected in a way that would actually activate it there's a big elsie the clock and every one of them somebody says let's find out
something tells me that the clock as a mechanism for well can you think of anything that would be less effective than a clock i keep in mind we must think about this keep in mind that these are not bombs that are placed in the building you go away in your way for the clock to take down than they blow up these were things that we're going change hands these these packages and we're gonna be in different places at different times there are two possibilities the bomb blows up before it reaches its target or the target opens the package sees its a bomb looks at the time on it and says oh shit i've got five minutes left and then they leave the room if you gonna going to try to send package bomb to somebody a male bob you don't put a timer on it sir
what you saw was a clock on these bombs you saw somebody who is not really a bomb maker or really didn't want them to go off you would never use a timer on a map bob am i wrong am i wrong you would never use a timer on a male bomb because you needed to be in the targets hands at the very time somebody says soros is version was exploded so there's a lot of fog of war here so let me not let me not give you fake news i dont know that none of them were exploded maybe the service was one one was maybe some other ones were but that may also have to do with different law enforcement handling it in different ways
elsie the clock would be ridiculous right back so that's what we know for now so have my prediction it's an adult white republican leaning guy who doesn't know how to make a bomb or didn't mean them to go off they could have been intensely fake he could have been making a points but we'll see that's all i ever knew and i will talk to all of you tomorrow
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