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Episode 279 Scott Adams: Domestic Terror and Who Does It

2018-10-29 | 🔗


  • Nobody has been able to answer two basic questions for me…
    • Soros is the devil, got any links and facts to support that?
    • Who does more domestic terror attacks, GOP or Dems?
    • Shortcomings of the data and links received in response
  • Should President Trump take any responsibility for recent violence?
    • A “fake trick” argument, various filters are in play 
    • Anything will trigger somebody…in a pool of 300 million
  • If the Fake News was honest and just reported without bias…
    • would President Trump need to be so provocative?
  • Challenge for CNN:
    • If you think less provocative talk would help the country…
    • will you correct your reporting that promoted and continues to promote the Charlottesville hoax?

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