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Episode 280 Scott Adams: Hillary’s “Joke” and my Awkward Meeting With Diamond and Silk

2018-10-30 | 🔗


  • Hillary made a joke about people that say what she said
  • My awkward meeting with Diamond and Silk

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bump bump bump bump bump and everybody come on in here it's time for drinking water whisk evans also known as the tears of our enemies get a big less of the tears of your enemies and join me for the simultaneous step so my this is kind of shot because i don't usually talk so much during the day but on promoting win bigly if you didn't know the paperback version of win bigly dropped today so pick it up in a sick i've just been talking too much as a cartoonist i don't do that much talking so let's talk about hillary clintons joke
i think most of you sought but let me just call it up here hillary joke holder this should come up in a minute i'm pretty sure all of you so hillary was on video she was being interviewed recently by cara swisher and so the question was as there was some question in which kera swisher ignore arm she confused cory booker with eric holder
so keris wisher was interviewing hillary and and the the person interviewing keris wisher confuse cory booker with with eric holder in terms of what one of them said hillary smiled and said this i want to get the exact quote uh to church he said so this is hillary saying quote yeah i know they all look alike clinton joked triggering holes of laughter now some people said hey that's racist you can't say that two african american people look the same and you can't tell them apart
but i'm in the awkward position of defending hillary clinton and here's how you can't separate the message from the messenger for example if you happen to be african american and use the n word you're okay close the messenger and the message are compatible if you were a wiper and use the n word in any context even if you're just talking about it you're probably in a lot of trouble because the messenger and the message are always connected the clip that we all saw of hillary so
saying this this thing that would normally be racist if it came from another person the context is often edited out the context just before this bad joke was hillary talking about the need to be more diverse and the how the democrats have more diversity in their party and basically she was saying all the right things that would be compatible with someone who's you know a positive influence at least in terms of race now i'm not reading your mind not talking about the past i'm not talking about you know anything she did twenty years ago but at the moment she is the standard bearer in a sense for the the democratic branch of the democrat brand is very pro inclusivity pro diversity
that's just a fact so within that context hillary told the joke that uh people can't tell because if a trump supporter told that joke yeah they would be yeah they'd be fired they be kicked off social media etcetera but it's not because of what they would have said it would be because the message and the messenger are at a sink hilary i'm going to give a pass i know you hate that but i i try to be consistent it was intended as a joke and because her credentials at least in the modern era for credentials for being good with diversity or so strong that it came off as a joke so in other words let me put it in clear terms
she was making a joke about people who say that it's very different to is very different saying it is different from joking about people who say it that's very different so i would say the in this case i wouldn't even ask for the forty eight hour rule for clarification because i think she's in a unique situation where she can say that consider for example if a black person had said the exactly the same thing suppose well let's just say any any african american was on the stage and let's say the keris wisher and asked the same question and charis wisher had confused cory booker and eric holder if a black person was sitting in the chair
and said yeah i know it's hard to tell them apart you wouldn't take that as a racist comment because the person saying it is connected to the message i'm going to say that clinton has earned sort of an inside position all right not african american but he's been good on that topic to the point where when she makes a joke talking about people who say it as opposed to just saying it though she's in good situation now remember that story let me tell you my awkward encounter this morning with diamond and silk alright so on fox and friends this morning and i walked into the
green room and you know i see diving insult there and kenzo wins was there and you know i saw some of the host goodbye at henry etcetera so it's it's sort of a a fun atmosphere because you see all these people you see on tv so one point diamond who had been done in self could been on fox and friends earlier came back into the green room and diamond sat at my tea so it was just the green room is a bunch of little tables and some couches i was at a table by myself so there were a few chairs there so diamond comes and sits down now she was just using an available chair people were just sitting all around but i thought oh i love diving i'm going to introduce myself so i introduced myself to diamonds and i you know extend my hand and say i am scott adams and the big fan and she shakes my hands and you know she's she's polite
but the but as soon as i shake your hand and introduce myself to diamond silk walks up to the table right next to me and i think i'm going to have to the better introduce myself to sell because i just introduce myself to diamond so yes you have to get this physically to understand you have to you have to get this physically all right some sitting at the table and silk walks up but she's here so i'm not looking at her face i just know that this is diamond and and you know obviously this is because i can see around the corner of my eye so i stand i go like this hi scott adams i'm a big fan
and silk looks at me and she says i'm not silk and it wasn't it was one of diamonds sucks friends who was just with them so imagine imagine how awkward that is i just said that i'm fans which i am actually i loved an insult their terrific i love what they're doing with their careers i love their act i'm very much i'm definitely a fan but because of the because of the proximity i just assumed here's diamond the person walking up to her and talking to her who added the owner of my eye is a woman of roughly in the same demographic i'm thinking of i better introduce myself so now i've introduced myself to the wrong silk
and i did it right in front of diamond and was thinking to myself what is the what is the good way to get out of this situation there's no good way so i just said well i'll be your fan too and i i sat down and now i'm sitting across from diamond the most they literally the most awkward situation you could ever via and so and now i'm not like most people in lots of ways i suppose but one of the ways i'm not like most people is that embarrassment even if it's my own i find hilarious so even if i'm embarrassed i can't stop laughing at it because it's so funny and so i had to pretend i was looking at something funny on my phone because i didn't want to just get up get up and leave the table
and i felt like it would be awkward to continue the conversation so i just looked at my phone and pretend that i was laughing at something on my phone because there's there's just no place to go with anyway i'm still laughing at it's pretty yeah so i'm seeing in the comments that so the problem of course is the assumption that i can't tell the difference but the real problem was i wasn't looking at her when i extended my hand i literally send an extended my hand and introduce myself before i'd even really look at her face 'cause i know when you shake hands you're sort of looking at the hand to make sure you know you're you're getting a good grip on the handshake so but i'll tell you if you were observing it
there's no way in the world that that you would have a positive you know a positive opinion of me which is what makes it so funny all right so my my apologies to silk and then of course the real silk is there and i'm like oh god i can't introduce myself now it's just too awkward so i didn't i did get to meet later after the at a different time i got to meet candace who is one of your biggest fans and that was that was a big treat for maine i huh all right so i'm going to be on ama at three hundred pm eastern time which is about half an hour
if you have questions you want to ask your go over there i just we did the i tweeted the link so you can see that in my twitter feed what was diamonds reaction she didn't really react to it which is which made it more awkward for maine and i don't know what she was thinking or feeling but she is she was also busy doing something so she was sort of involved with whatever she was doing on her phone so i'm not sure it registered necessarily
he is he seventy seven like every rich guy you've ever met you're not wrong all right so how many of you saw me on fox and friends because i got to i got to use my point about the charlottesville hoax that was really about both sides of the statue question and not not both sides of anti fog versus the the races when the president said they were fine people and all sides and i don't know if anybody said that on a national news program before have you ever heard that i think i might be the first one to say that
i got to get used to get ready for my a m and and a get answer some questions and i will recognize i'll talk to you later sorry it's a short one today
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