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Episode 287 Scott Adams: What the NYT Got Wrong About #JobsNotMobs, Polls, Midterms

2018-11-05 | 🔗


  • NYT article about the evolution of the #JobsNotMobs slogan
    • The article is accurate…at the same time it’s misleading
  • Prediction: On election day, the election results will be ambiguous
  • Prediction: If weather is bad in key locations…Republicans will win
  • 62% of women prefer Democrats, 35% prefer Republicans
    • How come the polls indicate a very tight result?
  • CNN headline says “Democrats still up”…still?
  • If the Democrats win the election, just say “good job”
    • If the Republicans win the election, don’t rub it in
    • Dems will not take it well if they lose, be aware, be careful
  • Diversity of thought and culture is a definite benefit to the U.S.
  • Obama says lying is destructive to our system and America
    • Have we EVER had a President that didn’t lie?
    • The U.S. is doing great under directionally accurate President Trump

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