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Episode 288 Scott Adams: Elections, Alien Probes, Racist Ads

2018-11-06 | 🔗


  • CNN reports cigar-shaped interstellar object, possible alien probe
    • President Trump says he’s going to tone it down…be nicer
    • Have interstellar aliens taken over our President?
  • “Even” Fox News won’t show the GOP ad accused of racism
    • The standards of 2018
  • Both parties have tried to brand other side by the worst few
  • The possibility of a split congress
  • Hawk Newsome and voting rights for ex-cons

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bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bah bah bah wow hey everybody come on in here eddie good to see you this morning eddie cool who else we got coming in here well everybody's coming in now alright hey nancy hey fuzzy hey ronald dan it's almost time for the special election day midterm version of coffee with scott adams yeah it's going to be good it's going to be a fun day and let's start it by enjoying our favorite beverage grab your you in your mug your glass your cup your container filler your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous ip
i know you may have missed some of the big news of the day when is reporting that a harvard paper claims that there's a cigar shaped interstellar object then may have been an alien probe when went through our solar system that's right a gigantic is cigars interstellar object may have been an alien probe harvard papers as and they show a picture of it it jeff the alien probe looks exactly like a big rock and i know if i were an alien and now we're design an alien probe i would make it look like just a regular rock that's how i would do it so while this alien probe which coincidentally looks like a rock
has been visiting our universe i think it's a sign a sign it's a sign that anything can happen yes i said cigar shaped and maybe everything will happen the same the same time we get a report about a stellar object that might be an alien probe we hear on an interview that president trump has agreed that perhaps he should tone it down and be nicer hi in the same week that we have an alien probe president trump says he's going to tone it down and be nicer connect the dots let's people connect the that's it only ends have already taken over our president i think that's obvious now however
as does not turn it down he does not agree to nicer has to be aliens i think we solved that problem for that mystery anyway it turns out that you know that campaign ad that trump campaign that showed the cop killer it was a very very well let's say well distributed got a lot of attention turns out the even fox news won't run it anymore because it's too racist and everybody poor fox news everybody saying even fox news will run it that's pretty racist so you have to work on your brand when people are saying even you think it's racist you know that something you've done something wrong with your brand when people say it that way instead of yeah when nbc nbc also decided not to run it
when they report nbc decides not to not run it they say nbc decided not to run it they thought it was too racist but when they report their fox news didn't run it they say even fox news so maybe news needs to shore up that brand a little bit now my take on it was that if you're going to talk about crime in your talk about crime from south of the you're going to want to make it visual because just talking about crime as a concept doesn't work and if you're going to make it visual it's going to be a person would be a person who came from south of the border so it would have been hard to tell the crime story without creating a commercial that looked racist based on the standards of the day so the standards of twenty eighteen are that can you show one person and that one person have
do not be white or white male i guess that person is not a white male the assumption is that you're talking about all of the people now you can question whether that assumption is a reasonable one or a true one or crazy but that's the standard two thousand and eighteen the standard is if you're only going to show one person as a bad example the only and you could show would be an adult white male and then people wouldn't make thompson but if you show any other ethnicity if you show a woman if you showed any kind of strange group let's get rid of that guy then if you get if you show any other strange with them people make assumptions now might think about it was that it does it does come across as racist which is different from saying that the people who made it a racist right
there's a big difference between saying the ad comes across to people who watch it as racist thus the same as the people who made it are racist and they wanted you to know it those are different concepts but i would say here's the interesting part we we just watched an election cycle that's similar to other election cycles in which both sides try to brand the opponent by the worst few people in their group so the we brand all republicans by the whatever small others are actual racists and so the idea is well even though it's just some small percentage of racist let's call them all racist because they're not doing enough about the racist or something like that and then of course the republicans ran democrats as being exact
really the same as the worst democrats you know a few of them from the and have open borders and crazy stuff like and soros is the devil so both sides are branding the other side by the worst few people in the group normal politics the same was done with the criminals coming across the border exactly the same technique both parties are using against each other pick the worst people in the group and then say that somehow represents the group so when the ad campaign commercial did the same thing uh unfortunately it came off as looking pretty darn racist so the big network should not running it but does that matter well not today 'cause the elect is already here and the ad probably did whatever whatever damage
dad was going to do it already did uh now i've asked people if they want to give a report from a polling station to use my company's app interface by one hub and to put in either election or poll and i see there is one person in newtown connecticut who is a poll watcher i can try to call her up i tried a minute ago and she didn't answer ok hello she answers this time so this is somebody at one of the polling places in connecticut but i don't know if she's really there or just left her profile on so she answers will see
he says if there are others of you who see something interesting at a polling place today just use the free interface by one how about sign up as an expert and put it in your keywords words or election and i'll give you a call and it looks like maybe she's not online anymore okay looks like she's offline so with anybody else wants to try later will be calling in i'll be i'll be checking in with you every once in awhile today i'm using it as a real yeah we just have to get more more
is is on there and then the value of it goes up for everybody so it's really a chicken and egg problem we're working on right now who will miller and date tomorrow yeah i could get interesting right after the the election but here's my advice for all of you no matter what happens today it is a victory for the united states is a victory for democracy election day you know if i hate to be the one who's always looking at the good side of things but if i may here's the good side today as rancorous as things have been an entire nation is watching all the people who are willing to actually vote show up by the 10s of millions to vote today odds are that
will be no violence think about that and there might be might be a skirmish here there but the odds are in this entire gigantic country there will be no violence for the most part chances are that whatever the result is the country will accept it that's amazing chances are that when we're done we will still have a government that functions better than most governments and we will move forward if it turns out that we have a split congress seven it goes one way how it goes the other i am not convinced that will be worse for the country we will do different things than if it were not split but my guess is that healthcare and immigration maybe infrastructure maybe prison reform you've got all these
things may be drug laws there are a whole bunch of things they're almost require probably do require both sides to buy into them if you don't have a split congress i don't know if you can get any of that done 'cause if it's just one side the other side will just go nuts trying to stop them so you need both sides have a little bit of power to have a creative tension that somebody use that phrase yeah so we may be on the cusp e even if it ends up being a split congress a being stronger than we've ever been because that will give us the power to do the things that need to be done a split first we do have a president who can deal with both sides if it needs to he sort of unique that way i so again i would say let's all is today
tens of millions of americans who are deeply committed to the preservation of the system and the betterment of the united states and all of its people going to these polls or have already voted watching with great interest in the in the best interest of the country and as the united this goes so goes much of the world so you say one of the coolest things the civilization can ever serve up election day a successful election day in the united states it's one of the greatest things that could ever happen in the whole history of the world and you get to you get to watch it live today so here's my preview of what i'm going to say no matter what the outcome is good job good job whatever the outcome is both sides fall hard both sides
their best i saw a tremendous energe i think if the democrats pull it out if the democrats grab the house i for one am going to say good job right you put in time you put in the work you know he did the legwork if you win good job let's get something done if you don't win i'm not gonna rub it in that's my personal decision i hope they so we may be on the verge of something very good and it almost doesn't matter who wins i think we're on the verge of being an even better country than so that's my optimism for today i hope some of this rubs off i don't know if you share this feeling but i don't know if you share this feeling but it feels like something about election day in which
all of the anger the division just one day guess collapsed because everybody is doing the same thing which is voting or watching the vote with great interest so at least at the moment just for today that were at least until the results are announced we're all very much americans at least those of us who were actually americans soak in this everybody voted and can you report on the size of the lines compare to other mid terms i don't know if anybody can do that i'm gonna check the interface up and see if anybody signed up yet for i would love to know so it's six am where we are longer them
sixteen lines longer than the longer than the big lines longer earlier i voted early longer i've ever seen i'm just looking at your comments so is she small massive turnout rainy pouring down in pennsylvania big lines and taxes yeah you can't really tell because of all the early voting but i sort of i think you could tell that you can't tell them put it this way you would not be able to tell much from the early voting but you should able something by the physical voting today because the early voting was bigger than ever so if the law things are also bigger than ever that does tell you something it tells you that combined their bigger than ever des moines was quiet
that's probably not a big surprise miami lines were empty that's interesting miami you would think that would be pretty busy depends on the location yeah there may be some cities some where people just get up later there's something to that as pouring in delaware in georgia is raining alabama big turnout go alabama early voting seems more than two thousand and sixteen it's still dark in south africa thank you for participating huge lines in texas rainy in north carolina democratic democrats vote tomorrow somebody pennsylvania took five minutes rally long lines fort pierce fl
call heavy in miami w michigan big houstons packed uh we had some shared press who just said that i missed your name let's see if i can scroll that back i can't i thought i could scroll back so but apparently i can't no need to crimson tide and tornado a tornado so warnings in north carolina wow raining in n virginia pouring in philadelphia raining in upstate new york and you know what people are going to vote anyway because that's the kind of country we are well as needed well if you're over a certain age bring an umbrella if you're under a certain age put your hoodie up
raining hard in maryland this is interesting in getting this instant weather report from all over the retirement areas were big pennsylvania long lines grand rapids big melbourne long lines brisk the dead of already voted somebody says raleigh straighten wet thoughts on amazing grace yeah so if you watch you probably saw the results of the rally the trump rally in which it was some woman had some kind of a medical problem and i don't know she she passed down or she fell down and as the ical folks were working on her the president paused his speech spontaneously the audience started
amazing grace and it was kind of a cool moment you know it's a sort of moment that the pro trump people like a lot the anti trump people don't care what was yet so won't won't change any votes but it was his great shared moment that did not make the trump supporters look dangerous in the least you saw you saw the most well behaved well meaning group of people that you'll ever see in your life yeah i've often said that the safest place on earth would be a trump rally think about it where is the safest place you could possibly and i think the even the woman who had the medical problem would were they had medical medical people there and the moment one person
one person and of however many tens of thousands were in the stadium they all came there for a different reason the moment that one person had a medical problem entire stadium and the present and the united states stood back all it wants it was a complete this kind of this cool american moment because there are sometimes when everybody's on the same side and it's when somebody gets hurt so it was a cool cool thing somebody says i you left a burning yes i am socially speaking of that hot news texan texted me yesterday and asked me if i would help amplify his message i think it's for vision for something i don't know what the name of it is but it's the in florida there's a
ballot proposition to let ex cons who have paid their price vote to which i do agree i think ex cons should vote now if you're very polite tickle you say to yourself no we don't want them to vote because they might not vote republican and your republicans and you hate it because they get devote to which i say who cares you're in america if you've paid your debt you should get to vote and now it turns out that that you could always partition i guess you could petition to get your vote back in florida so it's not that you couldn't vote before you just had to do some paper and although i believe the new law does nothing but change it so that the paperwork is unnecessary so if you're telling maybe they're getting rid of paperwork and letting people vote
there's not republican enough so i say you don't know what a republican is if you could be a republican and you're not you're not in favor of getting rid of some unnecessary paperwork and you're not river of letting every american who is paid their debt vote you just not being very republican in my now of course i know that that will change the vote balance and it will be bad for republicans cas they might vote how many ex cons are really going to vote i mean it's hard to get anybody to vote and i've got to think that the class of people who are ex cons may just have other things to do they may not be thinking about politics so much so i was happy to amplify that message enjoying hawking that's because where we agree we agree and where we disagree we can agree to disagree but will work on our productively
you know in the business world there is a phrase for that somebody says it's a slippery slope you know if you're in business and you make a product in this hugely popular and everybody's buying at what is the first thing you should think about doing if you have a really successful product first thing you should think of doing is cannibalizing it meaning replace it with another product that takes the sales from the one that's good why does that make sense makes sense because if you don't do it somebody else is going to cannibalize your product so in business it is typical to cannibalize your own
and then in a very indirect way well if you're republican and you were in favor of giving ex convicts who have paid the price they paid their their death if you let them you know if you're in favor of giving them the vote i think that's just the higher level higher level of operating and you should hope that some of that good will comes back to you but preventing at this feels just doesn't feel american today all right no my stoned again it's only seven thirty in the morning here i am not stoned again i'm the victim should decide well that would be interesting
but here's the thing you know if if you need to add some extra yeah extra something to the sentence you know give him another year in prison or something but denying something the vote is just cutting off your nose to spite your face as they say if you don't let it come think vote you're also not letting them become part of the system and if they're not part of the system and they are already inclined to be criminals that's just not a good look best case scenario is to give the ex convicts the vote because it makes them feel part of the system allows them to buy in to some bigger than themselves so the reason you should do it is selfish you should want them to buy into the system 'cause that helps them get on the right path the last thing you want is for them to come in another
prime because they feel like the system is here and there here and it's just two different entities my computer just spontaneously turned weird i'm just sitting here and suddenly my computer screen just just went haywire that's not a good look all right i'm going to sign off now and i'll check back with you later today as we get more information about the election and we will talk then but to answer your question yes i am left a bernie on a lot of topics i guess i'm rebooting and i'll talk to you later
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