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Episode 289 Scott Adams: Checking in With You on the Vote Count

2018-11-06 | 🔗

  • Lots of blue on CNN

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bump bump bonbon everybody here probably watching the election just like i am i thought i'd check in with you see our everybody's feeling a fracture dave wig wag witzig wise everybody was strangely aims coming in here justin rich so i don't know if you're having this experience but i'm watching cnn and and see anyway any a pretty much all the rest is there showing are democrats in the lead
of course is far too early to know anything but i switched from fox news i swear i thought on fox news they kept showing republicans in the lead that then you you're gonna cnn and their only showing democrats believe so i think it would be here i think it would be fair to say that there both showing their version reality does anybody have a revised guess was happening so stick with my entertaining protection that we will not have a result tonight meaning that the result will be so close and nor be a few races that are in dispute that we will actually now at the end of the night who one so that's my fun protection because everyone
answers predicting one sided the others going win so i thought i'd make the most unusual le prediction but we may not be drinking the tears of our enemies we may be drinking our own dear stay or some of you will but i like to give you my good news perversion here's what i think is likely to happen if we imagine that the democrats when the house they're gonna be like the dog that chased the car and the dog has to figure out what happens when you catch the car what are you gonna do serves the the democrats win the house but let's say not the senate which seems that's
where the experts are our having i think that the president will be better shape not worse i think you will be able to get through the congress the stuff that he need congress for and you'll be able to bank the staff that he didn't need congress for so in other words it will still be fine on is supreme court he'll still be final north korea is still be fine on negotiating trade deals so he's gonna be fine on array middle east and all of the big stuff living doesn't need congress for that much he's gonna be fine the things that he has been weak on up to this point we're almost entirely because he had a republican majority and it made the others i looked like a bunch of losers if they rolled over on any of the domestic stuff does best like stuff being
anything from healthcare to infrastructure to prison reform that sort of thing the maybe even something about we'd who knows i'm not sure you d congress for that but my my guess is that a democratic victory tonight if it happens if it happens would be the best thing that ever happened to this president because once they have a little bit of power they care really just be the just be the the obstacle party assembly you do when you don't have power but once you have a little power you got a little research instability so i that they may do a little less investigating than you're worried about a little more legislating
nobody's gonna be a little bit unhappy with the results the democrats and the republicans not be entirely happy about infrastructure not entirely happy about what happens with healthcare etc but we might move forward so i think that there is a reason for optimism and yet so trumpet progress more supreme court picks no matter what i dont think that trump could have succeeded on health care or infrastructure or maybe even prison reform few other things unless he was working with democrats and they're gonna put themselves in a position where they can they have to work with him and he canada has to work with them which is the best possible situation so i would not be too said and as i said before if democrats
when if they take the house the appropriate response is good work well thought that you put in the report in the time you put in the effort apparently the strategy was good good work that's that's the system were in tim came just one i think that was expected it didn't that work for ragged why work for bill clinton bill clemming managed to triangular eight and we may be on the dawn of something really really good here see i wouldn't panic about any this war i'm seeing is a system that a few
hundred years old are our constitution are republic and its work really well think about it our system was designed hundreds of years ago before anybody out an idea that they would ever be a computer or cell phone or anything like that and the system is still organ is working really well in fact we have the highest citizen engagement of all time we do have a president trump whose promised to take down the rhetoric a little bit we'll say maybe well maybe you won't but he is made that is made that statement anyway
yeah immigration is going to be a tough a tough sell but i feel as though nothing can happen to good with immigration unless both sides are in on it so i think that's what's going to happen i don't know if i'm taking the high road so much as the realistic road realistically if you dont have all sides in the decisions for the domestic stuff you just don't get decisions so we might be in a stronger position after tonight we'll see little too hard to know for sure so you colleagues you from the dems or what
no i'm not calling it yet my prediction had been for a time at the end of the night and then no prediction about which way the thai falls ones all over so i'm not gonna bet my reputation on a tie but it's a fun prediction and will see how it goes so i guess cnn and right now and it's looking more blue zone a lot of blue and the syrian map but will see if there's
surprised or then the the predictions that i did have are his followers so i predicted back in january that the republicans would do a lot better than people thought is that seems to be true and secondly that the republican turn out would be jawdropping i think that will be true as well so that was as far as i could go on predictions what scots called them do once they realize he's a hack well you sound like someone who is not read wooden bigley if you were to educate yourself a little bit you might understand what's going on take a chance to close to go and get a hobby checking
with all of you a few times tonight and it's the cnn map scott were all say it's gonna be exciting tonight and objectivity later life now
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