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Episode 290 Scott Adams: Watching CNN Discover the Worst Case Scenario Develop

2018-11-06 | 🔗

  • If the Democrats gain a bit of power, it might be good for President Trump

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bump bump bump everybody carbineer stiver another update on the most exciting mid term election of my entire life in fact is the only exciting mid term election of my entire life i didn't even know there were mid term elections until recently that's how much i didn't care but this one exciting and let me tell you what i love about this first of all there are so many different races and it's all people i don't really know so unlike a presidential race were you really know the characters is all these characters i don't really know i think i've seen that one without i am on an interview unlike confusing one without one so most of what i'm listening to
no idea with players are i barely know what states they're talking about and then they show the statistics you're the other score so far of the votes and that their changing it is too early to know how will end in other words none of the numbers are really something you should depend on so i have this weird experience of complete we enjoying this experience of now understandably who any of the people are i can barely tell which ones the republican and the democrats and i'm not sure i care too much but it's so very exciting because its close and super close and i was just watching cnn coverage
keep in mind that by the time i'm done with with us periscope there the entire situation may have changed but what i just watched bordered on whole areas and could be getting funnier so i want to alert you to something that could be really fun to watch for the rest it tonight i i think i said this in a few different ways we're going to say it in a more extreme way than i have yet to communicate and which is that there is a best case scenario for president tromp was slightly different than the best case scenario for republicans theirs a lot of correlation between what's the best for the president and what's best for republicans like a ninety percent what's good for one is good for the other but there are a few things
in which the president commander head wall the republicans as all did not and that one unique situation looks like it's developing and it looks like this gaining republicans in the senate so he is even more powerful in the senate so he gets oliver's supreme court denominations and ethnic and you don't put off being removed from office you now say he's got a good power block because you'd ever stronger said it but the only thing they could make the president stronger the president is if the democrats held a narrow majority in the house absolutely if you could you know if you could step back and say you know i'm not i'm not by us for one thing or the other but i will
create a situation like this a little chess game in which the active of where to put the pieces would be to make the president of the united states even more powerful than the already is now if thou scares you because you're not a fan of the present system first that the more powerful he is the nicer he's gonna be because in spain quite clear that he uses is provocative rhetoric to break through the crowd and control the conversation and just squeeze everybody else the conversation but as he becomes a successful as yes things done and ass his legacy grows he just doesn't need to be the person and all of his advantage would be too big kinder a nicer and to tone it down
and he now has two years of pretty solid accomplishment the thing he hasn't done here's the best part the things up president has not succeeded at require cooperation of at least a few democrats now as long as the democrats were very weak position they can simply be the resistance party like it's like the two hours nipping at your heal in own nobody was to have a dog by them but it's a jew our you say just you know just school it out of the way you don't even kick it maybe just just another with your foot away so democrats could just play resistance all day long and you couldn't get anything done in immigration healthcare infrastructure prison reform you can think of a bunch of stuff all this stuff with the presidency needs to do next
i'll say he's already sort of solidified as your presidential powers plus senate powers so the things that gains he has with north korea while they ll stay right nobody's gonna undue that pardon me will probably keep our going pretty well he's still can do his executive orders so he's gonna be be sort of locking in half legacy and the part this conspicuously we the only thing he lacked to be able to get stuff done is tat the the democrats slightly and control of the house now i'm not saying it's gonna go that way it could go you could be a surprisingly it could be that the republicans people thousands as possible
but most of the year most of the weight of opinion and then this one i don't have an opinion which way is gonna leave just you my my jokers prediction was that it would be a tie meaning that we wouldn't know tonight you know that there will be something to close to all but the be the perfect situation for president trump to broker deals between two sides that are quite different party the somebody who's got a little more leverage then you can have under the current situation so i will be surprised if no see some some good things getting that but what the the the interesting thing to watch tonight is this if the result comes out in that narrow
that narrow little lain there were just suggest that the president is the luckiest luckiest person who ever lived because i think that's is sweet spot where where people are kind of close to a perfect balance because wouldn't here's the basic principle when things are close to a perfect balance between two sides the only person who has power is the one who can go either way nobody else is part of the decision right so if you ve got this perfect balance of the senate and the house and neither one can get anything on the we person in the country who can make a difference the one who can say now
i'm gonna go over here this time i'm gonna make this happen so watch if that's what happens see if there is a growing realisation that the president's power might increase but i feel quite confident that that would not be a bad thing because he had us form far more personal incentive plus you patriotic incentive to do a good job and he needs little bit more leverage over the legislative process to get a whole bunch of stuff that most people want to get done so i think you will be similar disorder the dog clinton situation where he figured out how to make deals are i would love to hear new gingrich's opinion
what i just said i've told you before other there are some people who is that i with my opinion all immediately change my opinion if something legal and judicial it says a different opinion not just change my opinion to whatever he said is that's it that's the smart play and this is a with new gingrich when it comes to stuff like getting legislation through sophie disagreed i'll change by open so how much fun is it watching the the results be so close and and switching back and forth its only like a video game in which who do you think is you're your player you have lots of lhasa data coming in from the screen so they're all your player losses round your players behind but then another
we'll be oh your ears as wedding you getting these little charges of whatever the chemical reactions that makes you feel happy and please weirdly exciting in a way i ve never seen before am i the only one am i the only one having this experienced by the way this area everybody i think most of you are watching us if you or you wouldn't be washing dispersed what are you are you having actual almost video game smart like experience because even so your cnn and you can see it but the point is the color the production look i was framed this is actually an imperfect framing so the other the quality of the production is really really high on us so whoever
is doing the directing a mushroom a job that is but both the network's fox news as well the both both of the major networks listen there's no worse than they ve sorry pulled out all the stops in terms of bringing the their best most interesting on your talent in design so even in the background of the colors the sounds ever you noticed that the video they're using for their exploiters our way better that you ve never seen before but they ve all get these animated maps under through this good things back fourth and say well if this goes this way this goes this way and i swear i do not know what's happening most of the time but is it actually the same feeling i get if i go to las vegas in a play one of those chinese themed video games with the big screen i ve ever play
one of those you put your money in whole bunch things happen on the screen and sometimes they give you some money back my muscles doesn't but you have no idea why is why sometimes is winning and sometimes it doesn't it doesn't matter as your knowing it wouldn't change the result so it issues exactly like that feels like watching slots where i'm getting window winners and losers but they're just enough winners that i get a little pay off
see how things are progressing just check it in let's go over to fox news the other universe fox news projects democrats gain control of house says the interesting thing will be by our much services like either i now yes a fox news projects democratic gain control of house so that that would go the way everybody thought but we'll see could we be surprised
now the real question will be will we know for sure tonight and how close willoughby will the blue rebel turn out to be a big victory for the president's because it gives a more leverage that he would have had even been both houses that's for now go catch up a news and i'll catch up with you later tonight
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