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Episode 292 Scott Adams: The National Temperature, Jim Acostya, RBG, the Shooting

2018-11-08 | 🔗


  • Jim Acosta has combined theatre with what we used to call “news”
    • It’s the same successful concept President Trump uses
    • CNN works for ratings, so Acosta is in sync with CNN
  • President Trump, in his own house, was disrespected by Acosta
  • Is agreeing with your boss a valid reason to recuse yourself?
  • Weed stocks went up yesterday after Jeff Sessions was fired
    • Perfect opportunity for a “new CEO move”, legalize it
  • Current shared power situation will reduce the political temperature
    • Tucker Carlson and paid professional costumed protesters
    • They should go to to jail for terrorizing his wife and kids
  • Whiteboard: 3-Legged Stool of Trump Hatred
    • President Trump praised and congratulated Nancy Pelosi
    • For 87 minutes, President Trump spoke on a range of topics
    • The “enemy press” asked about the only remaining leg
  • George Soros funds the left, he’s a visual icon of the left
  • President Trump’s reply to reporter asking “a racist question”

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beau biden upon well above or below joanne you were on it you must have your coffee ready and your finger poised to push the button i appreciate your good attitude tyler brown hello dave for prez hello dale zada real name hey everybody it's time for coffee with scott adams although there is sad news today there's lots of news today so will
talk more about the less sad stuff but before we do you know what it's time for it's time for coffee with scott adams if you have your copier mug your glass your stein your container for beverages fill it up with your favorite liquid's uh i prefer coffee and shall we enjoy the simultaneous hip somebody said is it me or is the camera sideways the answer is correct well there are so many things to talk about uh will start the big news there's another shooting that doesn't people are dead at a bar we don't know about it except that the perpetrator had a long trench coat and a ski mask and guns
the sounds to be a slightly more likely to be a loner who has been bullied in some way even at twenty nine simply said they thought it was twenty nine but it seems like a loner who got bullied a little bit more than it seems like a political act but we don't know so that's not a prediction that's just a state of non lunch at the moment so let's say let's wait for developments on that but will talk about other things politics for example let's talk about jim acosta and the and the press
event so i'm sure by now you've all seen a million videos of jim acosta and he's at the president's so press conference and he keeps talking the president keeps telling him to to stop talking and give the microphone up but he resistant when the intern came and tried to take it away now the debate that i'm watching online about did he assault salter or did he toucher or did he slap her arm and all that stuff it's for i need to talk about that if you're doing it for entertainment and i suppose if you're doing it for a the
and with the other side because of corey lewandowski years ago if you do it in for that i'm not going to stop you because that's part of the game but i think i think the most useful frame for looking at the whole press event is like professional wrestling and i'm going to do what none of you did i'm going to give jim acosta more credit than the rest of you so what one of the things that made president trump so successful is that he successfully combines theater with politics and he makes he makes politics stronger in his case he makes his position stronger
by taking what has to be considered a reality tv type of theatrical sensibility through the boring job six and when he combines it just makes some super powerful so it's okay to say that about the president that he takes theater he matches it with politics and he makes those two things work better together and that makes him successful that's what i've been telling you about the president for years now let's look at jim acosta jim acosta you've been saying he's showboating he's crossing the line yeah he's doing all of those things but he's also taking theater and come with what we used to think of as news to make it more powerful
the reason we're talking about jim acosta is a he combines theater with the news successfully because you're talking about jim acosta every person knows his name he's the most famous news person now probably right he is the is the single most famous new this person in the world because he successfully combined theater with news now you can hate it you can not like it because of what it does it the fake news etc you can find lots of reasons not to like it for the same isn't so you can find lots of reasons not to like president trump's combining theater with politics successfully if you don't like his politics and you don't like the fact that the successful but the truth is the cnn has somewhat to publicly abandoned the just a news organization
stance so he's not really that far out of out of his let's say who is not that far out of his approved channel so the attendant knows that they work for ratings their bosses said cpas leanne in public he said if we don't talk about trump are ratings plunge so the head of cnn actually said that we've tried not talking about trump but the ratings go down we talk about trump now obviously since there they have built an anti trump audience talking about trump means talking crap about trump so cnn doesn't pretend what to be something it isn't really i mean in a professional wrestler kind of way they do so when you
that president trump going hard at jim acosta in public you should see this as two people who understand theater who are both using his successfully the president is using it in his way the cost is using it in his way so whatever else you want to say about jim acosta i won't talk you out of it your opinion is your opinion but i'm tell yeah you're seeing him to successfully use president trump's technique which i have praised for two years and i'm not going to change my mind just because someone else is using the technique probably not what you wanted to hear
yesterday i saw a a tweet where somebody alleged that they would use their alexa i have to be careful because when i say that my alexa comes on and they were they were saying who is jim car stuff and in the tweet you could hear somebody that looked like it was the election system look like or sounded like it was saying that he was a fake a journalist and i saw that i said that's not real i had i was reading it while i was in the same room with my own i i could i want to stop saying the word because it activates my system a l e x i
so i thought well i'll ask mine and see if it says the same thing so i did so i said alexa who is jim acosta amelia james jim acosta is an american journalist who is the chief white house correspondent for alexa shut up uh so when i first did it it actually said that jim acosta is a fake journalist that was actually on alexa and i i checked again this morning and then it you probably couldn't hear it but they've removed that now so i don't know who got to it but it was a good prank so hats off to whoever whoever hacked it and and made that change was pretty funny i didn't think it was real but it was real so that's that's enough for that and then the question of whether costa should have been banned and having his
white house credentials removed i would say that's appropriate but it's also part of the political theater and if you argue about whether he assaulted the intern he touched her didn't touch i don't think any of that matters yeah it might be fun to talk about it but none of that matters here's what matters a customer was in the president's house this actually and the president of the united states whose job it was to inform the public and to give all of the press sixty whatever people in their time to ask questions the thought that this one person had asked all the questions he needed to ask and so he was he was trying to move on to me the only the only question
is did jim acosta do what the president asked him to do in the president's own house and the answer is now so the president banned him from his house i don't see how you could possibly argue with that the president of the united states in his own house you know essentially his own house to do with the president asked you to do yes the context is trying to inform people trying to give everybody a chance so that's that's really the only thing that has to be said about that there was only one person who was in charge and that person you have made sure you knew he was in charge i have no problem with that alright let's talk about jeff sessions
so one of the things that i haven't heard somebody say explicitly maybe somebody did is that there could have been no more perfect timing for the dismissal of jeff sessions timing was perfect it is because it can so close to the the election because first of all it took all of that election talked over the president it was losing support or whatever it took all the attention on to jeff sessions which was brilliant but i've argued that the day after that election might be what i call peak bipartisanship and the words it might be the day the one day when the opposition was feeling good about themselves because i just won the house so in a sense you know if the the the country is this far apart
for a moment it was a little less apart because the winners the winners of the of the house we're feeling like they made some progress probably you know politics will pull things apart again but at the moment i'll just block anybody who uses that word but at the moment it looks like yeah it was a perfect timing to do it because they change the conversation and that was well let me let me explain explain that a little better in a moment here but the whitaker the guy coming in the opposition to trump is saying he should recuse himself because when he was appointed he wrote some things about how muller should have his funding cuts and how his his scope should be limited to what is coping
to which i say without the benefit of any legal training i ask you the following question should you recuse yourself for agreeing with your own boss 'cause that's what people are asking him to do they're saying hey whitaker you seem to agree with your boss and you're on the same page you've got to recuse yourself to which i say i don't think i know what boss means if boston mean hiring people who will agree with you what the hell does it mean does boss i you randomly hire people does it mean you hire people you know will not do what you want if you get hire somebody who agrees with you what the hell can you do as a boss so it's silly the recusal is even in the conversa
and i think i think the democrats are only doing it because they they know that the public can't tell the difference they can't tell the difference between a sitting judge for example who has to have the appearance of impartiality versus somebody who is just being hired for a job and they happen to agree with their boss that's pretty pretty harmless uh now the other interesting thing about this is that getting rid of jeff sessions as the weed stocks showed yesterday when they went up probably paves away for the federal government to get out of the the weed business in other words for the federal government to decriminalize or otherwise step out of that question it would be are you are you ready for this it's what i call the new ceo
the new ceo play when there's a brand new ceo the first thing they should do is something that really sets the tone you notice that pence and trump did that as soon as they were elected and before they'd even been side in they started traveling to forward one to carrier and they really made a big deal before they were even signed them and doing it early is the the big part of the the thing they did a big public obvious visual thing that was the the sort of their brand and that brand is carried them they've been the jobs fight for jobs brand since then so the thing you do on day one matters more than the thing you do on day twenty that's just how it works 'cause first tions matter so now that we have a new a new congress in the sense because we have a new balance of power
it's sort of a new ceo opportunity again for president trump so what is he do he says congradulations to nancy pelosi i think you deserve being the speaker hi nu co play is setting the tone he's setting the tone in a way that will help in the future but even other than that getting red getting rid of sessions sessions is a hard nose on immigration he's a hard nose on weed and weed is the perfect first thing to do i don't know if it's going to happen by christmas but it would be great christmas present i can imagine that the president would maybe find somebody on the left two partner with him to simply make an announcement that says look in the in the the bipartisanship there's nobody on the left and nobody on the right who is going to
agree with what we say which is let the states work it out because the people on the rights are going to say it's a states issue it just doesn't need to be a federal government problem let the states working out the people on the left are more likely to say it should be illegal anyway so there's an opportunity here for the president to do a a new seo move first second time because it's a new government it's almost like he has a new job his new job is to be president of a split congress and if he did something that showed bipartisanship right out of the chute faster than you could do an infrastructure bill right anything else he does is bipartisan is going to take awhile but he could probably make a dent in we'd just buy a proclamation and just say alright bipartisan let's get let's get some by party
stuff going here so that might happen we'll see because the simulation that we live in keeps serving up one interesting story after another ruth bader ginsburg apparently felt she's age eighty five and broke a few ribs this is not her first brush with health problems she said cancer a few times she's fallen before she said i think a heart issue with a stent so she's eighty five and she fell and she's probably to the point where it's just sort of dangerous do her job and we don't know how long she's going to stay in her job i hope she heals i hope she does well but there's not much to say about that yet good she could just go on
another five years you never know but the news just keeps serving us up keep serving us up new things to look now i'm going to go to the white board here to defend something i said after the midterms what i said was i thought that the national temperature would come down because there's a shared power my critics of which there are many came on to twitter to say how wrong you are it's time for you to eat crow adams because you said the temperature would go down but here's a tweet of people who have gathered some anti five people they've gathered so in the end you can see it in the comments are we to
do you were wrong no i'm not wrong and i'm gonna i'm gonna tell you why you're wrong to think i'm wrong in a minute so it is true that there are some organized groups this seemed to be organizing to protest one throwing up or another one of them shockingly and disturbingly had tucker carlson's home address when he wasn't home but his wife was he's got four kids i don't know if the kids were home i don't think they were but think about that a crowd gathered in front of his house while his wife his in the pantry not knowing if they were trying to command there were some dangerous sounding talk this
get over here imagine how scary that was that is seriously inappropriate but how many people were in that group you have to make a distinction between the professional protesters of which i think these were these are the people who sort of job is protesting you know they're organized as a part of a group they can't wait for the next protest right those people may protest more than ever so my prediction about the national temperature is about voters about ordinary people so i'm double down on my prediction that the temperature for ordinary people not not professional protesters not people who are a now people have an organization with the costumes so i'm not talking about the costumed professional protesters
may be more or less and probably more so i agree with you on that and the tucker carlson thing looked like professionals making a political point very very different from the public let's talk about the public and let's go to the whiteboard to make my case i believe there is a three legged stool of trump hatred the three primaries so people hate about trump are accusations of he's crazy accusations of he's a racist accusations of he's a strongman dictator and you need that whole stool be as mad as as you could be and you notice that it's kind of like lack all every time one of these legs gets sort of just and by evidence somebody yeah well he's not one of these but he certainly wanted these well he's not one of these but he certainly wanted these did you say
he's not one of these well you make a good point but he certainly one of these so you need all three legs so people can bounce back and forth leg to leg and still have at a wobbly stool but my point is this that after the after the house went to the democrats there was this huge check on the president's power at least in the way that the public thinks about it so if the president tried to something and uses his friendly set up to were mostly republican to get his way they would now be prevented not just potentially by a supreme court which now leans his way so that wasn't really the protection that people needed but now they have a friendly how's the opposition to trump has a friendly house so i would argue that the dictator leg went away this week
so if you were just a regular voter again i'm not not talking about a costumed he'd protesters like the ones who went to tucker carlson's house and by the way should go to jail in my opinion surrounding the house of tucker carlson's wife and saying you know i'm sure they were on this property i'm sure they were saying threatening things that should be jail time all right i hope that i hope that it's jail time it's very very serious and so we you know we should never make light of that but well for the regular people the people who are not costume to role players they just saw one of these legs go away they just saw the president trump make any law he wants it will absolutely be stopped by congress so the entire
dictator thing just sort of went away by an act of democracy the founders have a system you know the founders of this country developed a system where when it gets out of balance it finds balance how many times throughout history as the country gotten out of balance and then the next election we american belts is the most common thing that happens in this country so we were definitely a little out of balance nobody saw the low was a nobody because i saw it but people did not see that the president would get elected and also have two houses and and a super poor on his side people didn't see that plus a lot of governors so when it happened the country got way out of balance to the right in terms of power and it just took a call for to get back in balance so i would argue that the trump is a dictator
leg of the stool is gone and you saw him you saw the president putting a nail in that when he went in front of the public and said he didn't just say my side las the president the united states said regulations you for wealth in nancy pelosi deserves to be the leader his biggest certainly his biggest you know name brand critic he just prazer for her good work in front of the you're in front of the world and said she deserves our position and i hope so i can work with her not very dictator ish but this crazy leg what about that we just watched the president of the united states do rally after rally
after rally and then we watched him do eighty seven minutes in front of the press now of course it was the jim acosta stuff in the you know the contentiousness with the press but did any of that look crazy did you see any craziness in all of that public exposure crazy people can't really hide it that well can they if believe he was crazy he has used continuous exposure and operating at very highest level because even his critics will say
you know those rallies they're really good he is really good in from the public it would be hard to be crazy and to be that good in public that consistently in it is seven minutes the public that the president ranged from how many topics to be covered he covered all kinds of topics and and he talked about them he said completely rational things that you would want him to say especially if you're a supporter none of it is that would be crazy none of it there wasn't a single thing he said in eighty seven minutes in front of the public operate
without a net right there's no editing there's no editing what's the first thing you do if you think your boss the president united states is crazy if you were if you were handling of what's the first thing you do the first thing you do is you say don't go i don't give a press conference just just say you don't do that will will talk to the press for it so obviously his staff doesn't think there's a problem and he's still the best person on camera of the entire administration and not even close so i would argue that the crazy leg they're still there a little bit but it's really weakened because the the way he treated the the loss if you can call it that of the house and the fact that he's been in public so much lately and operating at the highest level and not a certain
full slip is that there is not one thing he said in all of those public appearances ranging across all kinds of topics not a single thing that his enemy press called out and said i don't know when he said that one thing that sounded will get rid of this person sounded wrong so i think when you saw the press conference what was the one thing that the press wanted to ask him they wanted to ask him about this leg do you know why they wanted to ask him about this leg and not that one's gone they didn't want to ask him about the leg that's already gone 'cause it's already and they didn't want to ask him about crazy because
all the evidence was in the other direction it's all they had left you could see almost a desperation in the room and the the president yeah got got a little testy there when they were going after this last illusion so let me reiterate for those you say scott you're wrong the national temperature has gone up just look at the people protesting i say most
those protests were probably already planned because it takes awhile to get a good protests going these are people costumed paid an organized for political purposes it has nothing to do with the mood of the country nt five is not the mood of the country they're a group that has a political political agenda and and protesting public seems to work for so they do more of it all right soros so let's
well george soros because apparently if your trump supporter you can't leave him out of any conversation you know that i've been asking questions about can you explain to me why somebody says somebody just said the were costumes protesters well i'm not defending the protesters i'm saying they're not representative of the mood of the voters they are their own thing that's all i'm saying uh yeah so i'm just going to summarize my soros opinion for those who haven't seen it soros does fund groups who who play on identity politics so in that sense he's funding something that you may consider harmful for the world but a lot of people find them it's the entire le
is on the same side so picking out this one guy who finds them you could say he is a little more impactful than other people maybe but i'm not sure is the big story i think we like to pick on him because he's a visual you know he's a he's a single sort of yeah eight somebody said he's like a bond villain if if you had a different personality and persona i think he would be treated differently all right yeah somebody says i don't think soros's a micro manager that is correct i don't believe soros
is you know managing individual protests alright is there anything else going on we need to talk about oh let's talk about the president's response to being asked about the word nationalist and the president said that's a racist question was that a good response to say that's a racist quest i have to tell you i enjoyed it from an entertainment standpoint i enjoyed that he did that now the my logical facility said well what do you mean as a racist comment it's a you know it's a it's not mine it's not what a professional journalist should be doing certainly it wasn't like a legitimate news question so it wasn't a legitimate question but
he did with it by going on the offense i kinda liked because he didn't play defense i can likely they didn't play defense he played offense now the logic used to say that it was a racist question i'm not sure all the all the parts that fit together logically but it was still perfect because the the complaints against him have the same character meaning they don't quite logically makes sense but they sort of feel like they do if all that the the logic behind the criticisms of the president don't completely fit together but they just sort of feel like they might right that's the entire logic so when he accused her of asking a racist question i had exactly the same experience which is well not quite logically a racist but it sure felt like it
so he basically gave them back a nice dose of what they've been piling on him for four years and i have to admit i enjoyed the i enjoyed the theater of it the the the judo of it i enjoyed the the cleverness of the response m and i think you sold it with some what would you call at this sincerity in other words when he said that if felt like you felt that he felt like you what would you say i'm going to put words in his mouth which it was probably dangerous maybe i shouldn't do that when we put my understanding was that reason he said it was a racist question is because it was an anti white question if he had said that's anti white it would have been the worst response anybody ever said about anything cousin
country you're not really allowed to say anything is anti white because if you do say that you're automatically branded racist it's as if fuse said the n word you know by by societal evolution we've come to the point where defending white people in a in a country such as the united states would automatically label you as a racist in this country again logic isn't part of any of this you know so there there's no logical connection with any of this so she said white nationalist now she said nationalist and then she later clarified what she meant by as big
as there are such things as white nationalist so i loved his response but i'm not gonna say it's a love logical response it is exactly like the way he's been treated and so that was one because i have to force them to wrestle with the non logic of it in a way that we haven't seen them wrestle with their own non logic so that was wonderful um yeah if you're looking at the the videos of acosta if you're seeing them in slow motion they look different if you seeing them from this angle they look different people are calling and saying it's the yanni in laurel situation where people are saying what they want to say i i all that stuff is fun but whatever happened you know
her hard he touched her or didn't touch her it's not really the story because it was trivial no matter what it was in terms of the contact what mattered was the president the united states asked him to stand down in the president's house to play by the rules that everyone else was playing by and he chose not to that's the only question question was did he do with the president in a reasonable way so that other people could could have their freedom of press that's the whole question so i think the white house played a cleverly and appropriately and he deserves his band but do not feel sorry for jim acosta he is involved in the theater not news and he's gay
the attention that you get when you yeah right so i i'm gonna tell you that jim acosta played it right in terms of the theater he's trying to to play with you did he i think he he a good job of advancing his career helping cnn with the ratings and that was that's what he was trying to do i can not to fall to success if somebody is trying to do something very specifically and they succeed
which she did yeah you can just like a mall you want like a like a wrestling villain he's he's like a wrestling villainous me but he succeeded i'm not ashamed i'm just saying you succeed all right does anything else we can talk about it somebody saying there his narcissistic he might be nurses sister but i don't think you could tell it from this what you can tell from this event is a jim acosta
understands the the theater added to something like the news makes it a different animal i think he understands that like other people don't understand but i could be wrong maybe he's just acting on impulse that's possible but it sure looks like he knows what he's doing he must've read when vaguely maybe so all right
the shooting it out the shooting we don't know enough about so what we have to wait and see about the shooting and we talked about talker fires a gate i don't have anything to say about that all right i think we're done here will check the news find out more about the shooter and let me say one more thing so the president said when he was asked about saudi arabia and the murder of because show he and the turkish embassy and i forget the president's exact words but they were something like he was going to have a strong
a statement on that coming up so this or worse that fact so there was something strong coming up about the saudi arabia situation i think that might be foreshadowing it may be optimistic but here's what i think it could be that the murder of a show game puts the saudis and a flexible situation in which maybe if other people are being flexible at the same time there could be something like a middle east peace still growing so don't be surprised if the next twelve months sees something like a middle east peace deal in which saudi arabia's role and that is more productive than you would have thought that
and that might be what saudi arabia needs to do to get back on the right side of history here so uh that's i'm not sure i'd make that a prediction but if it happens we're going to look back at that statement and say oh i get it he is the saudi arabia thing which was a tragedy to find some kind of negotiating advantage to get them to be a little more flexible maybe with just money that might be just how much money they they cough up but probably a positive thing all right that's all for now i'll talk to you all later
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