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Episode 294 Scott Adams: Enemy of the People, Wildfires, Tweets, and Whitaker

2018-11-11 | 🔗


  • Bad forest management tweet
  • Fake news industry is going full racist, based on their racist reporting
  • CNN reporting makes Antifa comfortable terrorizing Tucker’s wife and kids
    • Does Don Lemon feel any responsibility?
  • Republicans are demonizing illegal immigrants
    • Democrats are demonizing Republicans
    • Both Democrats and Republicans are exaggerating
  • Trump “the dictator”…congratulated Nancy Pelosi and Democrats
  • CNN coverage is evil, do they know that?
  • Brenda Snipes and Broward County vote counting fraud
    • Fog of war applies, but not looking good for BrendaWhat happened to the Russian collusion narrative?
  • Trump knew about the payments to women for remaining quiet
    • A minor lie about a personal situation
  • The biggest stories/complaints about President Trump
    • Insulted French President…does anyone really care?
    • Insults black women…and anyone else, if they’re hostile
    • Mueller might get fired…not news, mind reading
    • Protests over Sessions firing…pretty tame 


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unemployment bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey joe any jenny scott welcome to coffee with scott adams the weekend edition he can he chris he sharona andy fuzzy and nikki good to see you all here and i know that because you're the type of people who were responsible and prepared not to mention smarter than usual and inexplicably sexy yeah i'm talking about you doctor
are you i know the you have prepared for coffee was scott adams by preparing your favorite beverage it might be in a glass mug the stein a vessel of some sort i prefer a coffee you might go a different way but join me now for the simultaneous at you're probably wondering what the air quality looks like at my house in northern california
you're looking out my window so this is my view so the tree is the you can see are there's a focus the trees you can see are literally my neighbor's tree is so those are close everything behind it is obscured from view so the the fires i think through over a hundred and fifty miles away now a magic this this is my air quality in pleasanton california and so i'm in the bay area the fires i think the closest one is like a hundred and fifty hundred seventy miles away something like that and this is my air quality imagine if you're within ten miles
were fifty miles so this is this is don't go outside air quality some of you saw the president's tweet blaming california for poor forest management and people said my god you can't say that when people are people are in the middle of the fire to which i say i think it depends if it's true and i don't know if it's true do you is california a bad at forest management does that have anything to do with anything i don't know i'd like to see some fact checking on that i'm seeing people online blame the increase in forest fires on climate change
which i don't rule out i don't think you can rule it out but i'd like to know all the factors one of the factors might be that there are more people stomping around doing dumb and what are the factors might be forest management but i don't know anything about that topic and i don't know how you did how you would know so people are saying yes that forest management is it you but let's see some more information on that from from qualified people all right so my brother who's location i won't reveal to you is
also in california but he's already lost his internet and cable connection and he's i guess the fire is six miles away and he's an evacuation so my brother is getting ready to abandon his own to the fire anytime now i think probably there's more there's more chance that smoke would be an issue where he is then fire but i could be wrong because that fire could come right and as you might imagine i know i know quite a few people who are in the the fire zone so i'll be worried about today anyway let's talk about other things are happening watching the devious and diabolical work of the enemy of the people
the enemy of the people being the fake news industry whoever they might be especially as the fake news is the dangerous kind so here's the fake news this being spread by cnn right now which is by the reporting the racist reporting and by the way you see it this one for racist now so they're not hiding it anymore they used to be a little bit i don't baby little bit more clever about it and they are reporting that the president is singling out black women for criticism now that's just a lie that's fake news because he's criticize everybody from mccrone and france to jim acosta
to whoever that guy was a stood next to jim acosta it's hard to think of anybody who hasn't criticized this week at least anybody who's on the other side so so the reality is he criticizes everybody and actually really good news that that there are so many african african women in important jobs they have swim jobs weather in the line of fire same as jim acosta why is jim acosta in the president's line of fire jim acosta is a really good job why are the other women that trump is is a well he did like it they allege but the other the other women that he insulted what do they have in common okay
if you see it then what you say they have in common is that they're black women if you are not a fucking racist you say that what they have in common is excellent jobs i apologize for the cursing sometimes it just so but i'm watching the enemy of the people the fake news industry report it like it's fact that the president's singles out black women for insults when right in front of our eyes we observe is that not to be the case there he insults all of his enemies his critics and he's is to all of his friends it's pretty consistent if you can't notice that you ought to be in the news industry so i think cnn has now just disgraced itself and going full racist with that claim because
so the essence of it is is that his supporters or even on his giant racist scheme but if this is the kind of shit that they that they used to to make their case they are the enemy of the people there's no other way to spin this anymore there's no other way to spend it their full racist enemy of the people at this point that and said one of their biggest complaints and i think bernie sanders said the same thing is that there was a racist that the midterms we're a racist camp and then some of the races the individual races were racist
in particular there was a racist ad that was so bad according to cnn even fox news wouldn't run it it was that racist here's my take on that i saw the ad and the first thing i thought is oh crap people are going to say this is racist and then people will complain and if fox news you have a obligation to your stockholders and when people complain and there's enough of it complaints you have to act because you're you're that kind of a company so is it true what fox news is i'm sorry what cnn is reporting that even fox news won't run this ad because it's so racist that is not true that is fake news what is true
the fox news is not running the ads that's true what is not true is the reason cnn says it's obvious that they're not doing it because even in their minds they know it's racist fox news has never said that they may have said which would be completely consistent with every corporation they may have said we can't take the heat this worth it so we don't want the advertising money 'cause the complaints are great then the value of the advertising money now that yeah good reason not to run that because the corp mission can handle that kind of pressure that's very different from saying the fox news decided the ads were racist so they wouldn't run them so it's fake news now i'm not saying that they could be that chose the wrong all i'm saying if the news is based on mind reading another
cnn's assumption of what fox news people are thinking i haven't said if they're judging their thinking from what they're doing i would say they've got one explanation which fits the data if fox news thought it was racist be a perfectly good reason not to run the ad but why they think that in the first place why did they run it in the first place i'll tell you why it ran it in the first place because when looked at it it didn't look racist to them when the public looked at it and the half of the country that's that's completely hypnotized by the enemy of the people those people said my god this is clearly racist this just like willie horton situation when they said it's just like the willie horton situation what kind of logic were they using was it an analogy yes it was
they were making an analogy to the willie horton ad which i think is less it's less ambigu the willie horton ad willie was racist it's hard to defend that and why the willie horton ad was racist because of all the minerals in the world did you have to pick the black guy now i understand that this particular criminal had an especially bad record so it was extra scary but i don't think anybody's believing that he was randomly picked and he just happened to be black i'm sure there were plenty of white criminals that they could have picked from so the willie horton ad sir play all of your antenna should have gone up and you should say well why did you pick the black guy ok little hard to defend
although i'm sure they did defend it by saying he's a real person we didn't make it up but still doesn't feel right now compare that to the border question what type of people are coming across the border people who live below the border the people who are coming across the border whether they be awesome people which i think most of them actually are uh i'm actually quite pro immigrant from an emotional you know just a human level i'm very pro immigrant from a systems perspective you have to have good systems have a good country in good outcomes it gets more complicated but is it true that with all those people come in some of them would be criminals that feels unambiguously true did the
add that neither fox nor see would run because they because the impression they gave did they haven't option of showing people who did not live south of the border not really this is this is almost exactly the opposite of the willie horton situation showing the people who are essentially one hundred percent of the people coming across the border rp who live across the border those are the only people who can come in illegally from south of the border are people who live s of the border
so showing somebody in particular and you know this the particular cop killer that they showed was a horrible person but in the context of a campaign that the whole point of a campaign that is not to show an accurate picture of the world none of them do that they're trying to show the worst case scary picture that's what all political commercials do they're all complete bullshit some are worse than others but they're all
that's what they are so the showing that there is danger coming from below the border is typical campaign stuff making you more afraid of something then you should pay what do the what do the democrats do in their campaign finance well the democrats make you afraid of just different stuff they make you afraid of your of your citizens letters in the same country so the only difference between the democrats and republicans is that the republican ads are demonising people who don't live in the country and are trying to get in illegally they're not demonising people who are coming in legally no matter what they look like you have you ever seen a republican ad campaign ad that demonized people who were legally in the country
not in recent time i can't think one probably not since you know i can think what has that ever happened so both sides are demonising a portion of the human population the democrats are demonising republicans essentially painting them all as ignorant racists who are dangerous literally dangerous and republicans are or portraying the illegal immigration as being especially dangerous now both of them are exaggerating because it's a political context so you have to put it in context that it's yeah exaggerating so the enemy of the people has now created this fake narrative which causes people like antifa to feel comfortable camping out on tuck
carlson's doorstep and terrorizing whoever was inside which happened to be his wife and i asked in a tweet i asked the following question has anybody asked don lemon i just pick him as one of the enemy well as anybody else don lemon if he feels responsible for him to follow up and showing up on tucker carlson stores that because what they were complaining about tucker their complaints were right off of c and then it's like they just took the cnn talking points put on masks and walked up to tucker's door now how you feel about all of this depends on how you feel about the base claim which is that the people are or are not racists 'cause you would feel perhaps less
say less empathy for somebody who was straight up racist you know maybe you'd care less but carlson clearly is not that i mean he to have a more public record you know if you want to check his record it's all there he it's a lot is on tv a lot you can look at it yourself they need they just need to produce one clip one piece of right any evidence of their claim and then maybe we could talk about it but i haven't seen that of you instead we see that the enemy of the people have hypnotised half the country including anti fa to think that there are monsters among us and that they appear on fox news yes there was a pen click you heard uh
so let me say again that i think the temperature of the public probably went down a little i'm talking about the average that isn't even watching news necessarily just the average public i think when democrats won the house one of the three legs of the the trump criticisms just disappeared one of those legs was that trump a dictator and that he was going to run roughshod over the rest of the government well now that house is owned by the democrats one of the biggest three things you're worried about just sort of went away it was never true and they're not really realizing that it was never true but
in fact that it went away so easilly meaning that the president said congratulations and i think i can work with nancy pelow see he didn't say let's overturn the result let's ignore congress he said let's see if we can work together that's exactly what happened so that one way and at the same time talked about how the president was so public doing all of his rally doing an eighty seven minute you know public press conference covering all kinds of and in none of that does he look mentally deranged that's wrong word in none of that did he look like he had some kind of a mental problem which this is the other leg of the stool so that's two legs that just got kicked out of the stool three if you count if you count the russia probe this stool has
multiple legs as as many legs as my analogy once it half and all that's left is imagining what's in the president's head think about it all of the complaints that they had about the president that were a fact based are being disproven alright so one of the fact based predictions about this president is that he would be bad for the economy well then now the facts have clearly shown that the economy is thriving under president trump you could argue about who gets how much credit and that sort of thing but can't argue anymore that he's bad for the economy now some people have argued yeah but what about the deficit to which i say nobody even knows what a government deficit is it's not like personal debt unlike you the
it doesn't actually have to pay its debt i know some of you just want what what do you mean the it doesn't have to pay its debt if it doesn't it'll default them now no all the government just has to pay the interest on the debt you can't do that eventually if you have a business or personal loan as an individual or as a company eventually you have to pay it off right after you've paid it down you can talk about refinancing and getting other but even if you ever revolving credit you kind of have to pay it down the government doesn't need to do that the government can simply pay the inflated pay the interest rate and wait for inflation to take what is a gigantic number down to a small number but of course it could only do that if it's not adding to the debt more than it's deflated but the point is
it's not like regular debt so people who are looking at the economy and saying this is terrible don't really understand how our national debt works the other thing people don't understand is that i understood this is my my factual belief subject your fact checking that the percentage of death is actually not as high as it's been in the past so as a as a a number it's the biggest number it's ever been but as a percentage of gdp i believe
spend higher in the past so there's that and the other thing people don't understand is that when interest rates are low that's a good time to borrow a bunch of money and interest rates have been low for awhile so it's actually pretty good time to rack up some debt if your intention is to stimulate the economy and if you think in the long run you have a way to trim that debt later if you if it's going to go up forever you've got problems but you should be paying down the debt when the interest rate is high and i think the interest rate was higher during the bill clinton years wasn't it so that would have been in time to pay down the debt as clinton and under obama and under trump even even on obama and trump
if the interest rates were low so it's probably a good time to run up some debt and use other peoples money anyway the point is nobody really knows how much debt is too much but uh we all feel like we're economists when we talk about this thing somebody says this is a dumb thing i've ever heard you left out your reasons hey it was probably an oversight did you this is an accidentally leave out the reason or is it just dumb because it's not what you think because if you and i are talking to each other and you think i'm in india and i think you're an idiot we can't tell what's we can't tell which way is right so i can't rule it out i can't rule out that everything i say in these periscopes or even just that one thing is completely stupid can't rule it out but if you hold it down on your end
we've already identified who's the dumb one here hum alright so my point being that the factual stuff about the president is being disproven at a fairly clip he hasn't he hasn't blown up the world he is not active crazy he is not gotten richer as far as we can tell he's probably gotten poorer so you have to if all of the facts are not lining up you have to you have to back up to mine so cnn the enemy of the people and by the way you know the president has been saying that fake news is the enemy of the people but i don't think there's a distinction anymore it feels to me that cnn has just gone over to the dark side and they're not they're not they're no longer even trying to present the news uh
because most of the reporting is about the president and the way they present the president is so obviously opinion dressed up as news that i don't know if you can make that distinction anymore about the fake news versus cnn it feels like they've they've completely gone over to the the darkest of the dark side this is literally evil this is actual literal evil but i almost wonder if they even know it thank if you were to talk to somebody from cnn early any of the honor of talent if you get them in a room privately and talk them what they know what they're doing because i actually don't know the answer that and i try to be consistent
about not reading minds of other people and and just observing what's happening you can observe that what they are they're what they're promoting as news is clearly not true and clearly slanted for for a narrative i mean that part is obvious it's it's obvious on both sides right nobody is doubting that anymore but we don't know exactly what they're thinking and i'm actually i'm actually genuinely curious there are some people and i would say yeah navarro something somebody mentioned her name probably in the category of you know if you're just going to bat without actually knowing because again we can't read their minds i would bet that there's a mixture of people who really believe what they're saying and some of them who don't by they're sort of going along with it and i love to know what that breakdown is i feel like
i can tell by looking at their demeanor but i think that's probably my imagination um anyway so the enemy that people is working hard this week look for the number of stories where my reading is the primary thing they have to buy into to buy the rest of the story all right will i go on bill maher again i don't see the slightest chance the bill maher would invite me on the show again do you do you think there's even the smallest chance that i could ever be on bill maher show again now keep in mind that might the parents are probably got pretty good ratings as i said something that was provocative that trump would get get elected i gave my reasons and i hear anybody push back so that that alone
been remarkable in the context of that show and then once i was proven right about all of the big stuff you would think i would be the ideal person have back but i would break their world so badly if i came back the i don't know what i just don't know if it could be done i don't know if they could ever invite me back here they can they can certainly have people on the show who are conservatives not doubting that they can do that but having personally on there with a long string of being right about things and in public and on that show in particular would break the narrative a little bit they can always say you know steve bannon he's the devil he was the before he still the devil so having steve bannon on the show doesn't doesn't challenge their worldview
having me on the show would definitely challenge their worldview and so but things can happen and i mean that literally i'm not i'm not just saying that for a fact i don't think that that can happen like was a i don't see any scenario in which i would be invited on cnn because i've been too critical of the all right let's talk about election fraud we are watching marco rubio five valiantly for some kind of a transparency in the vote in broward county and i've said this before but marco rubio's is kind of a a good dude yeah i kind of like at least since the presidential election is over you know when
rubio's in his presidential mode i'm sorry when he's in his senator mode and he's just doing his job as a senator i really like the stuff that comes out of him seems pretty reasonable he never seems crazy and he does seem to pick topics put a good yeah i'm gonna view of good you for that good view point on them you know whether you agree or not he's he's a he's a credible player by all appearances seems to be you know trying to get good results for the state in the country but here's the thing to watch out for the the broward vote counting situation is a fog of war situation almost everything that we hear coming out of there for the next few days you should assume is not credible
it would not be credible coming from the other side it would not be kredible coming from your own side 'cause right now there's a whole bunch of speculation and a lot of mind reading there's a lot of mind reading you know some of it won't be wrong in other words some of the things that people are suspecting about the other side will probably be right but we can't really know 'cause we can't read minds now part of what makes this interesting is that the woman in charge brenda snipes is here's the best i mean everything about the simulation and the script that we're watching here is so interesting in sometimes all the wrong ways so while the enemy the people has been calling trump a racist for criticizing black women why couldn't
since there's another powerful successful black woman and again how can we gloss over the fact that there are so many highly successful black women in the news it's literally like the best news you've ever heard in your life that there are that many successful black women working at the highest levels the they can come under fire from the president of the united states it's kind of it's got a good news you know but because the enemy of the people has set it up so that they're they're saying the president keeps keeps going after black women yeah kind of tying his hands very cleverly by the way i'm not saying it's they don't lack they don't lack skill said the skill level is pretty high
but they've done a good job of inoculating this brenda snipes because there they're they're telling the story that the president goes after black women so she's already got a little protective shield around her thanks to the enemy of the people and but let me let me jump in and say this call cnn the enemy of the people want to be really clear nobody should act on that in any physical violent way i don't think anybody should be accosting them no pun intended nobody should be accosting them in public but it should be showing up at their doorstep nobody should be doing anything physical or threatening to
he works as cnn or anybody or anybody just anybody what do you still can be true that there could be organized forces within the country that are working against the best interest of the country that can still be true but we still live in a republic and there are ways to there are ways to fix things that don't require showing up at somebody's house so don't do that let me be clear about that so anyway that my overall comment about the broward county stuff is i see what you see which is a lot of irregularities but so far the irregularities have not to the level of i
now is smoking gun the right word here they have not risen to the level of my god they all have to go to jail but it could you can't rule it out now yeah i see somebody saying come on come on scott pleased to have you said that come on come on it's obvious right it's obvious it's obvious things going on i'll get let me give you my opinion it looks to main exactly the way it looks to you on my irrational part of my brain that makes most of my decisions just like you everything i'm saying looks like voter flock fraud so trust me i see the same thing you do it all looks like voter fraud to maine it looks blatant it looks obvious but it's also the fog of
so the things that are being reported initially just take it with a grain of salt if i had if i had to place money on it i don't know if you can bet on this could you bet in this if i could bet on this on predict it i would place a very large bet that there's a substantial fraud non in broward county this week so if you can ask me to bet on it that's easy i would definitely about those happening i don't know how big it is you know i don't know if could it really be tens of thousands of votes i'm not going to rule that out say the odds of substantial fraud or close to one hundred percent would you mostly agree with that the chance that there's something that you would call substantial and in turn
general fraud in broward county i think the odds of some of it being true are close to one hundred percent the odds of it being so big that third blatantly trying to steal an election is less than one hundred percent maybe eighty percent maybe seventy five maybe ninety five percent but it's less than one hundred so let's wait and see you know it if it turns out that there is provable massive intentional voter fraud in the 10s of thousands of votes and they were literally trying to change the outcome of an election you can't say i was wrong because i'm putting very high odds on that being the case i'm just saying don't jump to one hundred percent yet just
just maintain a little bit of healthy skepticism and then you know if you put it if you put in ninety percent or ninety nine percent on it at least you're part of the rational conversation yeah if it turns out that it's eighty five thousand extra votes and it changes the election then people got to go to jail people have to go to jail um here's my idea four checking voter results here ready for this that goes like this you have an app just an app that anybody can download or if somebody gets a link by an email they can click the link and it takes him to the app so they could download it and the app's only purpose wish they ask you who you vote
four and then have some way to to to compare that to how your vote was counted i'm not sure if they can do that but after you vote you can you tell who who it was who was the voter here's a dumb question can the people counting the votes associate the vote with an actual space perfect individual do the voting does the voting process do that or does it remove the identity and just make it a a voting thinking somebody answer that question for me there's a little delay here so um so let me just finish the point the point was that randomly people would get a notification on the app they wouldn't be able to do it on their own but randomly they would get a notification and the notification would say they are secrets that people are saying it's a secret ballot
so how about we change that there's probably a way to associate the person and the vote in a way that still keeps at yeah i'll bet there's a way to randomize things or to hide identities so that you can figure out if the person who has the app says yes i voted this way that you can match it to the actual vote so i think there would be a way to use a nap with some changes to the voting system so that you could guarantee that checked enough places to find any problems so if you find several people in one city the say i voted this way but you can check in the vote went the other way there you go now one way you could adjust this is that there there must be plenty of people who would not care if their voting record was public
so maybe some people can say in go into the voting booth and say hey i'm one of those people i'm willing to be public and if anybody wants to be private they can still be private but i'm willing to be public and then maybe only those people use the app as the ones who have given away their identity and then you can you can check i think that might work i'm and and here's another question that i ask a probably yes this often but if i were if our voting system was so good why do why you read why do recounts even exist the whole the fact that every
it has a recount system and that we do it often is it only in case of mistakes really is that the only reason we have recounts because we might have made a mistake to me it seems that the fact that recounts are universally accepted probably suggests that the system is at least susceptible to corruption have you heard anything about russia interfering with the midterms did i just realize that the biggest story in the world is the one that's not being told it's a dog that isn't barking wouldn't we know by now if russia tried to influence them in terms shouldn't that be the top line story on every news
it should be the top line story whether they did or they did not right 'cause it's still the biggest story as long as muller is still doing his thing it should be still the biggest story russia did or did not or we don't know influence the election where is that where is that story there should be massive stories about how we cannot detect russia doing thing with our election how does that fit with trump can't manage russia how does any of that with the story that trump is a russian pop how how do we explain that apparently putin allowed democrats to win the house and didn't seem to do anything to stop does that seem like boon in and trump or working together there's a big
problem in the narrative that trump and putin are working together and there big problem in the narrative that trump is not doing enough to prevent russia from messing with our elections as it looks to me like russia got on a dodge or they're so clever that they got away with it this time plus i feel like we with at least have some rumors that they were doing something we don't even have rumors about russia interfering with mid terms do it it might be because democrats one do you think if republicans had prevailed in the house that we would have no stories about rip about russians influencing the election there's no way to know you have to ask that question don't you you have to question i was speaking of asking the question so when i tweeted that
there's somebody should ask don lemon whether his actions were influencing antifa his answer should be the same as trump's which is from the legal legal perspective you don't blame people who are talking for people who are acting so the legal perspective of course don lemon has no responsibility for antifa but also of course president trump has no legal responsibility for any of these mass shooters but are both of them involved in raising the temperature by departing from let's say a strict factual description of reality and the answer is yes yes from so from a scientific perspective there still a thing called because of the fact and it is certainly seems really reasonable to us
mmhm that anybody who's raising the temperature is responsible for things that happen when you raise the temperature and it's quite clear that both the president and cnn do that they get people pretty worked up i'm no stories of voter suppression i guess that's true there were lots of stories where people were attempting there were stories that people were going to attempt voter suppression but i haven't seen the story about actual voter suppression that's a good point i'm not saying there isn't any i just haven't seen any stories um somebody love my broadcast from last night that's interesting i'm so
heated rhetoric and never heard anybody that's not true heated rhetoric as her lots of people in what world has heated rhetoric never heard anybody heated rhetoric probably hurts more people than anything else is that always escalates not always but you can ask bernie and michael moore are cleanings suppression so i may not maybe i'm just now seeing those stories are not on the front page of cnn were all of the protests on thursday
peaceful is it my imagination or were the protests against uh jeff sessions firing were those protests the lowest enerji protests you've ever heard of it barely made the news there were a few pictures of it and then there's like a because trump messes with the minds of his critics so thoroughly that he had them protesting to keep somebody they didn't want and they desperately didn't want was the strangest thing you've ever seen paypal shut down tony robinson's account that can't be true um or you mean tommy robinson
it was very low energy protest and so i will read it reiterates my prediction because it yet so so my prediction is so counter to what you're observing that you should yeah okay talk tommy robinson uh my prediction is so counter to what you think you're watching that it should shock you and you should think i'm wrong but remember how many times i predict the things that you thought were wrong quite a few times right so here's another one i think that temperature with the regular voting public the people who don't really follow the politics is probably down because are observing the country is running okay cotton ok wages are going up the international stuff it seems to be totally under control you don't even here prices anymore they're not even a story i used
does not even in the story anymore that's the that's about as successful as you can get militarily north korea you know it's a little bit of a you know up and down there but clearly moving in the right direction so i think the public is ignoring the news for the most part and that their temperature actually is down because reality is violating what they imagined was going to happen under a trump administration people are not being rounded up academy is fine no nuclear wars in fact all the opposite is opposite of what they predicted but the television news media there this model requires them to you know crank things up to def con twenty so that you're you're in a continuous fight or flight mode so the people who watch the television the most the people
who follow the news the most are probably at their highest rate of insanity but i don't think that describes the general population is clearly by now noticing that their life is going pretty well and then they have more things to worry about than the news so that's mine my purse my prediction is that the press will get increasingly crazy at the same time that the general public we'll get more more calm because
they're they're learning to tune out the crazy press one way that you could measure that is in six months check with the popularity of president trump if his popularity continues to inch up even just a little bit one percent two percent if the president is two percent more popular six months from now what are you going to conclude i think you have to conclude that the temperature came down even as the press is painting a picture of the temperature going up they need the temperature to go up for for their business model to make money florida has five minutes to give the count to the courts what do you think is going to happen do you think brenda snipes will be take it out my handcuffs
is that possible 'cause i feel like it's heading in that direction i feel like like brenda snipes will actually be removed in handcuffs yeah i'm not i'm not going to make that a prediction but isn't it sort of in that direction it feels like it is now that would be problematic in terms of the way it looks so the look of it would be terrible well maybe
reason to do it i'm not entirely sure who the whose side the sheriff is also the same as the sheriff the sheriff is on her side well if that's the case then is that the local authorities it's the state it's only the state who has authority right is it possible that the fbi and the feds could get involved in in the in a county is election results under the theory that the impact crosses the boundaries is there any theory that makes it a federal offense feels like they can make it federal well that's pretty radical for you radical what to remove somebody who's a criminal if if it's shown if it's shown that she is defying the court and it's actually holding up the country
i think it does feel like the issue should be removed in handcuffs doesn't that feel like the appropriate response to something that if it's shown and you know i'm still on the side of were in fog of war letter letter be innocent until proven guilty alright so my my view on brenda snipes is innocent until proven guilty i know you hate that but let's let's keep a standard here alright no matter who it is innocent till proven guilty i see the same stuff you see so i think that the odds of her being guilty or very high but let's keep her innocent until proven guilty all right um it was a federal election but i don't know how the laws work in terms of authority over the voting machines and the voting count that might be separate from the fact that it was a federal
voting is a civil rights issue is that good enough that might be good enough i don't know oh yeah the big story in the wall street journal about trump's pay offs two women talked about this last night but i'll just reiterate so it's being it's being called news that trump knew about the payments to the women to keep them quiet is there anybody in the entire world who thought he didn't know about it it's not really news if percent of the world knew it before it was in the news that would be the that would be an example of not news in fact if i were to define what not news beans
it would be something that everybody knew for a year that's like the definition of not news so it's not really news if the reporting that the president knew about it and if the issue is hey he lied about something in his personal life i say if you can't lie about that what the hell can you lie about lying just to make this problem go away is exactly what i would want him to do for the benefit of the country i would want the president to totally lie about irrelevant to the country irrelevant to the country if he needs to lie about that just to make it go away so we can get on with the business of work i'm all in i'm one hundred percent supportive of lying about stuff that doesn't matter in your personal life completely on board with that now somebody is going to say
hey does the do the ends justify the means to which i say yeah a lot because the ends were a minor lie about a personal the whole situation totally trivial to the country but he is the the you know the head of the country and so we want to be effective in his job so which one is more important being an effective leader of the united states or telling the truth something in your personal life that doesn't matter to one freaking person on the whole planet do the ends justify the means yes unless you're an idiot unless you're absolute moron the cost of the benefits can be compared the cost is he lied about
something trivial that we don't care about that we wish we had gotten away with a lie because we don't want to talk about it 'cause we don't care what happened to his personal life we didn't hire him for that we did not hire him to be our role model right bear to possibly destroying the united states in the entire world because as you know because he's become less you let's say less effective because he has to deal with this is these are not even close to being as important so i support the lie assuming it was a lie about his personal life and if he does it again i support that too in fact i support every lie the president tells and every other politician by the way i just just so you know i'm
inconsistent because this is the point where people jump in and say oh you apologists you will say anything to back the president in my defense the same argument i said about bill clinton when bill clinton was being taken down from this monica lewinsky stuff i said loudly and often i didn't have as much of a platform then or to anyone who would listen i said it's none of our business let him get away with a lie lent len just get back to his personal life not our problem so i think the standard that i applied to bill clinton which is his personal life is not my problem and not my concern and if he wants to lie about it just to make it go away i'm all in i was all in window clinton did it i'm all in when president trump did it assuming that's what happened so that story
it if those are the stories in the news things are going really well think about the biggest complaints about the present just just put these in context here in her the biggest complaints about president he said something that in the insulted the president of france so we care when they still had a good meeting with them and the crown is you know friendly enough with the president that's not really a problem so so that's sort of a a no big deal france yeah nothing's really happening there that matters secondly the news that he insults black women well that's just fake news because he insults every and the good news is it turns out that there are a lot of black women have excellent jobs at high levels so there you know there on the radar now that's all good news um then
let's see what else is in the news then the other news oh that he got rid of jeff sessions which nobody on the right one and one and just sessions to remain and nobody on the left one and jeff sessions to remain that's the worst criticism about the president z fired somebody that nobody wanted that's it he fire somebody that everybody wanted gone now of course the concern about jeff sessions from the anti choppers is that the next thing he'll do is fire muller but here's the thing he had fired muller it's not really news
somebody might do something you don't like because people might do lots of things you don't like that's not news that's mind reading right now if you were to do this well then it becomes news but at the moment it's not news it's nothing but imaginary news it's imagining that something will happen now let's say he uses wrecker or whoever uses to replace whitaker and by the way the president has signaled very clearly the whitaker's not going to stay around i don't know if you saw that but the president's acting like he's never met him and doesn't know him that well he's just a temporary filling and the fact rod rosenstein actually praise whitaker also makes it feel like maybe he sees it as short term thing and he's just trying to get past it so i don't think we
worry about would whitaker keeping the job it's feeling like that's not likely but it was suppose somebody like whitaker starts putting a lid pressure on miller just to wrap things up the same time that muller has signaled that he wants to wrap things up so what if muller is wrapping things up and mother thinks it will take three months do it but he's in the wrap up phase and let's say somebody pushes them to get it done in a month and a half that's the problem what is a manager do with every project no matter what here in no matter what industry rim there's a check going on and you're the boss what is every boss do with every project they say what do you mean it'll take three months i need that done month and a half wrap it up
right so managing somebody's budget and their timelines israeli just business as usual so given that muller's almost done and i think everybody is he's almost done now if it were the beginning of the process that would be a big problem but at this point is there anybody left to talk to probably not just the president and they're not going to talk to him so there's not much left to say so think about those are the biggest stories the biggest story
and uh and then there was the protest so the protest is because people think that that molar has the goods une trump another words the protests were over russia collusion which as far as we can tell if we're just looking at facts doesn't exist so the worst complaints about the president right now are the made up complaints about targeting black women for criticism which we can observe it doesn't require any research you could just turn on news and see him insulting everybody so that's easily disproven there's the russian stuff which is literally imaginary now i'm not saying that muller has found nothing because we need to wait and see but at the moment nothing is nothing is even slightly telling us nothing even leaning in that direction at all
so it's sort of an imaginary mind reading problem so if your problems have been reduced from think about the problems when trump took over the economy wasn't going well that's a big problem jobs aren't good enough that's a big problem things were going well but they were good enough these are these are big things isis is still a big problem north korea is still a big problem trade bill still a big problem how many of those things are still big problems not a lot so all all cnn has left are things which are imaginary literally imaginary like imagining that he's making fun of people use targeting people but clearly that's not the case you know the facts demonstrate that as clearly as anything could be demonstrated and
so you've got you've got imaginary racism in terms of targeting black women you've got imaginary russia collusion you've got imaginary he's going to fire muller which he might but at this moment we're just imagining it so if all of your problems are imaginary a sort of as good as you can get alright i think i've beaten that point into the ground and i'm going to hang up now and hope everybody does well in this california fire i've got some people i need to check on and i will talk to you later
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