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Episode 298 Scott Adams: CNN Teaming up With White Supremacists, Anti-Science Democrats, Macron

2018-11-13 | 🔗


  • “Failure of imagination” examples
  • CNN and anti-Trumpers are amplifying white supremacist message
  • Democrats believe prediction models and  economics are science
  • Are California forest fires a result of climate change?
  • Dale defends the mind-reading tendencies of the left
  • Health experts say one of biggest people killers is…chairs
  • Website for free or cheap healthcare options
  • Special healthcare plan, paid by government
    • You’d agree to give up all medical privacy
    • Privacy is a health plan feature, you pay more for privacy
  • President Trump’s funny France tweets and brilliant framing
  • Prediction: We will NOT find massive voter fraud in Broward

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but above all by above all hey embody joanne duncan uranium quickly that means you're the most nimble of all the watchers of coffee got atoms now i know why you're here and it probably has to do with the simultaneous followed by insightful comments today's news so join me now grab your cup your mug your stein your class your container of delicious liquids i coffee and join me for the simultaneous now i know that some of you i am appearing sideways i dont know exact we what that's all about i've seen myself
appear sideways on some devices but i'm broke casting the usual way in a normal way but a number of people have been commenting on that i don't know why i guess that's a new thing sure it applies to every device but some of you are seeing me sideways dont had to fix it so we also some amusing stories day one is that the g q magazine is running serena williams on the cover and let made a little bit of graphic mistake so instead of saying was a man of the year they crosstown men and then the big handwriting they put woman so the picture serena williams and they rostov men and put woman we are making making a point that has not man of the area even though its g q
so either their honouring women on this this particular issue so far so good right how cool as at the serene and williams is so successful so important that geek you departed from man of the year and decide woman earlier so far excellent here is where they went wrong the artist who apparently does the graphics or did the other north it's a foothold has sort of style where they put things in quotes a lot so is pursuing the artist style when they mr mann and poor woman the artist what the artist does in other things as well and poor quotes around woman so now says cheek you woman of the year with a picture of serena with woman and quotes
how many editors do they have to go through with nobody realising them this might be a problem and if you don't read the backstory you would never said you would never suspect that's the reason there are quotes on it is because that's what they it is always does in every other context as well you just wouldn't know that so this another example of what i call the failure of imagination you hear a lot more about this because it is so important to understand the world and then the new jersey and all the time if you had seen that cover without knowing the background story that the artist always puts courts on stuff how you ever ever have imagined what the real story behind that is
in your wildest imaginations would you have imagined the real story that the artist always puts quotes on it and still not a single editor who looked at that thing and you gotta think that a cover a lot of people see a cover before it goes out and it will be easier for x you know so would you have ever imagined the real story it's almost unimaginable and can you use that example it may even use my book because it's a perfect example where people make assumptions base what they know and simply a problem of imagination they simply can a man there will be some other explanation and in this case there obviously was take the case of the president who i was accused of pulling out of these cemetery trap in france
now the news reported there was because it was raining and and so people with limited information said he doesn't want in his hair wet because that's the only thing they could imagine if other leaders are going to this rainy cemetery events in france and the president was scheduled to go but he doesn't go because as rainy people this completely doubts and go out he doesn't like a rain on his hair so tweeted this morning the president did you said by the way like i like that we started with by the way is just i'm just gonna toss us and by the way when the helicopter couldn't fly to the first seven in france because of almost zero visibility i suggested driving so your service said no too far from the airport and big paris shut down speech net
stay in american cemetery and pouring rain little reported fake news so what you hear the real context europe is that right here you always have to be careful about what you believe in what you don't i do believe that the president asked why not we drive that would be the reasonable clash right we can't fly snapped therefore but what are we drive so that is probably true that he asked the question or suggested but is also true that the secret service makes those decisions for him so if the president chooses to do something dangerous the sea service overrules and they may have very broad authority when it comes to his physical safety so that they can actually pick him up and carry him places he doesn't want to go so it really is not the president's decision how his security works unless we should
that would make in was a imperfect decisions because the president is another security experts so i think the real issue is that you don't want to drive an obvious presidential motorcade too far because if there are exposed in the countryside for too far there's just too many things you would have to defend against too many directions to many miles it's hard to defend now i know what other people can say well those leaders those other leaders made it why why couldn't he can you really not imagine why tromp can't do it but others came to me it seems easy to imagine he has first of all a different risk level second of all a different secret service group meaning that our secret service just may have different standards that's not up the trump
if our secret service is more careful or perhaps they have more evidence of specific threats maybe backing them when there on the road for too long there is also some thought that the only way they can do it that the only way they can do it as safely as our secret service once it done right we're not look here anybody else a secret service we don't care if france does it differently we don't care if germany handles the security for their leader differently totally irrelevant to us all that matters is what our secret service wanted period is not compared to anything if you're comparing and other people secret service you will have to be a secret service expert and you'd have to also assume that we have the same level of risk and risk avoidance i thank the president of the united states frankly has a far higher risk of attack so anyway
there's another example where you it was hard to imagine what the real story was but once we europe does sound pretty pretty reasonable next i just we did this and see how many retweet i got because that tells me how popular my story is so twenty three rieti tweets apparently it's nothing to be very popular but others this sum else when we just look polar bear with me scipio coffee while awaiting a disco look is something i tweeted seems to be missing it's weird ok well let me tell you what i intended to it
i see them as a headline and the headline hers i gotta give you the exact headliner no fun the deadline is white supremacist celebrate the mid terms as a victory and then if you click on it you see it says troms says he's not a racist that's not how white nationalist see it was scabbard so the article says that well this fuckin i'm sorry piece of their troubles us he's not a racist that's now white nationalist see it that's a scene politics headline now correct me if i'm wrong but isn't cnn
giving the same viewpoint as white supremacist is not true that this article is as good really is possible the saying the cnn and the white supremacist have the same worldview italy on this topic and they're their shared worldview is that trump is racist there are two groups that believe trump is racist why supremacists and cnn literally cnn is boosting the signal for the white supremacist because they agree with them the cnn is actually getting its news from white nationalists waste or processed their pretending that the problem is withdrawn if you came from another plan
and you said are years the situation there are those people called way supremacists or white nationalists kind of a little but some are not the same but the kind of in the same ballpark and and there's a group called cnn that agrees with them and then as a group called conservatives who don't agree with them and disagree with both of those which which groups are on the same team while the one this boosting the message and agrees with their point of view sort of all the same to you at least on this minor point in and then you ask yourself is it reasonable to call cnn the enemy of the people i've extended this from fake news being the enemy the people to see an end because it's not
the cnn it's not about some specific fake news stories these are editorial decisions so at that management level cnn decided you sell an image of the press as a white supremacist probably the most irresponsible disgusting reprehensible thing you ve ever seen because of what could do to the wall what it is doing to the country now see and hence not alone there are the answer jumpers are also it and i traced back to the what i call the charlottesville hoax
when the president said they were fine people in both bowl size of the question about confederate statues should they stay or should they go find people on both sides the news decided to report that as he just called white supremacist marching with tiki tortures and saying bad things about his own only they decided to throw in with that group on public tv as president of the united states and call them fine people nothin like that happened at anybody who is not it doesnt have their heads firmly after ass knows it's of obvious that didn't happen but they still reported to this day see then allows their pundits and that's pro
where they get away with it they'll they let the pandit say it and they just don't don't ended it they allow their pundits to keep that out there like it's true when is obviously not true you don't you don't have to research it just look at the story itself is obviously not you so when you say you see it only enemy of the people and i'm extending it other than the president ask as you say fake news is the end of the people you have dissociated is absolutely taken a position against civilization really i mean a sort of a position against civilization at this point
so i see a man and the white supremacist have joint teams to help the signal boost their common view of the world about this present now let's talk about the democrats being die science so i'll give you some examples i've given you this example before witches democrats like to call republicans anti science because of climate change but what democrats always get wrong is that the climate science topic is not just science there's a science part chemistry physics measuring things writing papers very i fancy that's the science for but the models the prediction miles are nonsense
nor is there estimates of we owe the economic impact that economics see are three things you ve got the science you got the models which are now science and you ve got the economics which is economics and now three distinct parts to understand what's going on how big problem is what is gonna cost the democrats consider all three of those things to be science and if you don't believe all three of those things the science the models that are now science and the economic predictions which are not sites if you don't believe all three of those your aunt i science thus literally the opposite of rational thinking rational thinking would say if you both believe the science part
the risk that humans add sea to see or too could cause things up and temperature given messrs the conditions that society sport pretty much the kids it is believed the science part what they dont believe is that everything has been looked at and they don't believe that the models are now thoroughly reliable is more scientific not less scientific you know if if if you're seeing people disagree with a real science part of it i think that's anti science so that people who say it's the sun spots for example that would be a little bit going off the the science course because scientists do not think the sun spots are responsible the majority of them some of play some do no stick another topic the forest fires what is the most
common thing you're seeing in the news from democrats about the california firefighters they're saying its climate related does the science prove that the california forest fires are science website or climate science caused the answer is no the answer is it's one of the hypotheses it's just a hypothesis what are the competing hypotheses for why the forest fires are so much worse while we know for a fact act that the way the worse have been managed has changed and his changed in a way that would definitely predict that would be more fires now there are also more problems with power lines and the forests being close to things like and cause fires so there are simply more things in the forest more power lines more people
more campers just more things that cause fires and the same time there's more undercover less clearing bad bad forest management so if your polygon you probably say to yourself it's impossible to tell exactly what's going on but you certainly have to look at forest management you certainly have to look at their word for it but it's the encroaching civilization and how how all the house the technology and people in everything that we bring with a second cause fires there's more of it so that would be a factor and then there is the there is a climate change element
to it which may or may not be human cost in other words it could be experts sent human and experts unnatural we don't know exactly but i would say that republicans by and large look at all of those things which is more science who who is the anti science group in this example is an anti so is it are you being pro science if you settle on a conclusion at its alkaline science without looking at all the information which is clearly relevant myself very pro science ignoring relevant data is pro science to meet it looks like the republicans of the pro ones there is also the issue of mind reading and both sides are guilty of this for some reason you see a lot more of it on the left
and what i call mind reading is they'll look at us at a certain set of actions and there are no imagine they can read the minds of the people involved to know why they did what they did the president's cancelled trip to the cemetery because of the rain is a perfect example a typical away that the democrats resolved this situation their heads were they imagined they can read the president's mind i'm not even making this up they looked at the situations i her he cancelled the cemetery trip the utterly used and therefore i will read his mind when i needed will help for this i am putting all the data together i'm really his wine from a distance i'm seeing something about a hair and moisture got it got it
the presence united states according to my fine reading does not like together they are what end of story no further research needed i've got it i think i've got everybody else get that you got that right you got it here or are you got it we are on the same age ninety seven the scientists agree and seen what did republicans and trump supporters say when they heard the story about trump cancelling his in the cemetery well some of them probably did some right mind reading say missus dale bunny the most conservatives most trumps supporters said something like this there is probably a good reason
we just don't know this is probably a good reason and so i would say in this case people who had a wait and see attitude as well this protocol prisoner might there might be ten different reasons and we just don't know what it is so i would say that if you are open to just listening to whatever the situation was probably were the the solid thinker in this get in this case there is an article on in the news says that experts have determined that one of the biggest health problems in the country the united states that is does people sitting in chairs so it turns out that one of the biggest health risks one of the big the biggest killers in the country is chairs
chairs are actually killing people with all their comforting feel good quality these chairs are so often that people think i like the signature i am so comfortable also in this chair for hours and then the chair kills them causes saps them of their vitality and there this and there the building new move around and all those things are good for your help so chairs kill and the price day they parana was up and you have to take this kind of estimate with a gigantic grain of solid because i am sure they can't really these are the sort of thing but they're saying that moving around more would save a hundred and seventeen billion dollars a year on healthcare just just move around more and this leads me to my next point
this is something i'm working on a sort of on the side but is seems to me were approaching the point where you could build a website with links to all the ways you could get close to free or cheap healthcare and here's what i'm talking about and i'll give you just a few examples and that there should be enough to to paint a picture listen i created website and all all i do is as there is a new breakthrough a new piece of information we know something that would make your health costs go down gets added to the website so the people who can afford regular what healthcare have swarthy the poor persons version of healthcare that they can go dunes our i how can i pieced together i healthcare plan without paying for healthcare let me give you one example theirs
there is now a device you can put on your phone though they just put your thumbs on and it will measure year your heart and you can actually get useful measure of your heart we just as low hundred something dollar thing click click into your phone you would only need to know that one of your neighbors had one somebody around you had one day you can borrow and you can do you can check it once in a while there are a number of other little click and things that will turn your phone into basically a star trek he'll try corps for tests in your health but there are also things such as this movement thing imagine if you had a fit bed and all it did is reminding you to move enough that you would be unhealthy so well that sort of healthcare the fit better tell you to get up and walk around everyone somehow
would be really good for your health if you got all the little stuff right if you had a set of technology whether its apps whether its websites information whatever it is that change your diet from a diet to a better diet could change your level of activity from none too enough if you do that with technology that a lot like taken money right off the cost of healthcare and then if you pieced together things like web m d google and other sources where you can look at things and then you add telemedicine viewed in we talk a lot more about this in the next next the days and weeks but
you can get a doctor on the phone for a fixed see anytime you want you ve got doctors advice live for low cost much lower than the costs of having healthcare you ve got infinite resources of of thing you like things to test their now i believe there's start up i forget his name this making laboratories where you can just walk in with no healthcare and pay a small fee and have your blood test it so now you can give full blood work without healthcare just pay a small fee get a doctor live without healthcare small fee on the phone you can get all these testing devices apps new places you go much lower costs sore in unless the president does something with prescription medical cos
i don't know what they can do other than just forcing the prices down but there's some thought that the price of beds would come down if you put all this stuff together you get really close maybe maybe we're already eighty percent there to piece together and inexpensive the healthcare system that you just use as you need you just take the pieces you need we're gonna go and also the the direct pay doktor model is part of that mix right there people having a small fee per month and then you can use a doctor as much as you want but its is one doktor so there's more of that model coming right what about cancer and car accidents yet
so the other big piece of the healthcare pie and oh by the way i was out of here starting to break down which parts of health care are the big expense i'll talk more about that but it's kind of hard to get that information because people are measuring things differently some say the cost of hospitalization is about thirty thirty two percent of all health care costs so when somebody said what about cancer what about a car accident that fits into these thirty two percent of hospitalization stuff so there are parts that are harder to work on and idea is that you could have catastrophic insurance for the hospital stuff so for the hospital is asian stuff you privileges need insurance
during a cascade machine costs ten thousand dollars yeah i'm pretty sure that all of those scanning technologies the the total price of that should be dropping hard like ammunition really the cost of that should be coming down like crazy here i dont have auto insurance for tire rotations only rex exactly any ideas for long term chronic illnesses well depends the nature of it i mean if if you chronic illness just requires pills then the lowering of pharmaceutical costs could help but i would think that you're a catastrophic insurance should cover long term expensive stuff as well maybe there's it would make sense basically everything's gonna be super expensive issue
with the dollar mouth it matters not though not the type of problem if its if it's an expensive medical problem you need insurance were three printers to make everything in hospital yeah imagine imagine you have a hospital where they don't buy they don't purchase many of their supplies they they three day prince supplies as needed if somebody comes in and they have made an appointment for say they ve been an appointment for a specific condition the three printer just starts printing the things you are likely to need princes bandages whenever sometimes it can just guess in advance and i've got a feeling that cancer maybe getting close to cured so it might be that the long term cost of cancer is going to drop like iraq because we
i think we're close to the point with a new advances and in cancer close to the point where most of the cancers can just be being so you don't have to keep somebody in hospital to lay die is curate yeah and i would also thank you that there should be a special kind of healthcare i've suggest this before and limit let me just put this other suppose you had i like this idea before even say it suppose you had a special health care plan the offered people free healthcare no matter what it was like a free healthcare and the government pays it but only with this condition you have to give up all of your privacy just for them
cool stuff you're not all of your privacy about your whole life although a lot of it and the idea would be that they would you have whatever monitors or we're tests needs to be done that there would you there's the people who are getting the free healthcare to measure what works and what does it for everyone else so in other words the people with a free healthcare would now their guinea pigs and they would know that are giving up waymore privacy than the people who are paying more money but even though the government would be paying for this healthcare and it would be free and so would be really expensive the amount we could learn from being able to the major exactly what works and what doesn't the amount we would learn my pay for
all the other people in other words it might be the best investment ever to simply ever a group of people who in return for free healthcare give up private about their data so imagine if he will they euclid you could know that thirty minutes of exercise saves three percent on medical costs over your lifetime suppose you could know that suppose you could know that people who are more potatoes had more health care but i don't know that's the truth i'm just using these example suppose you could know that if you write a bicycle to work the odds of you having expensive accidents because the bicycle are very high suppose you can know all of those things so you could pieced together a set of recommendations
that would lower the healthcare costs of the people were not in the programme of the people who decided to keep their privacy and pay extra for it those people would let me put it this way let's say that privacy is a feature i just i just solves healthcare for you here you i just souls health care i'll write it down here you'll love ass it is i just solved healthcare privacy is a feature with a cost to suppose suppose you passed a law understands brainstorming now raised so don't take this issue seriously this idea is exactly ten seconds old suppose used
we passed a law the said every every company the charges for healthcare hasta itemised how much your pay extra for privacy and then you have to pay it or not so if you decide you dont want privacy you don't have to pay for it but your data would go into the system to make everyone healthier and drive down healthcare costs now say privacy they would try keep your name away from your data so that the intention would be that your name is not associated with your actual health problems so that if somebody got into those records they would you see summed up data and they wouldn't say your name was with the reality of course
is there is always a risk that somebody will figure out your name and link it to your health care so you'd have to know that if you decided not to pay extra for privacy there was some risk some risk the somebody would get your deep probably not the biggest risk in the world but some risk so i'll betcha if you made privacy a discreet thing to pay for there would be enough people who said screw that healthcare i don't care if somebody knows i am a bunyan why would i or whether it will be enough people who wouldn't pay it that you would be able to measure did i pronounced that right for you measure the outcomes so specifically that you'd probably veal to take on just guessing but i'll bet you could take thirty percent of the costs of health care just by taking privacy from a at assumption to a feat
just move from an assumption that you have privacy to something you pay extra for but you don't have to if you don't want the policy yes sir the reasons somebody
mentioned that the reasons for privacy might have something to do with you a eads and alcoholism and drug use software there are a lot of things that people do want privacy for but those people could keep it they would just pay a little extra so everybody gets to keep what they have nothing will change but you have an extra option did you smoke any meat out back the past few to his let me give you an update on the fire here's a view from my window if you ve been watching this over time you know that where am pointing beyond the trees that you can see without the forest fire there would be a huge valley and airport
a lake and a ridge and they would be all clearly visible there would be as so the part is missing behind the smoke is normally as visible as the trees that you can see those are actually my neighbors trees but the entire view is is wider and has been like that for a week and i think i'm still a hundred and fifty miles away from the closest fire so just just put this in perspective i am a hundred and fifty miles away and i can't go outside i can't take my dog outside more than a few minutes because it would be unhealthy the air quality sola so that's about it let's talk about i've got to talk about the president's funny tweet about france
so i got a review all three tweets from the president about france closer all their all gems they're all top twenty percent tweets there's a person on trade france makes excellent wine i love there's something about the the pacing or the simplicity of his sentences that make me laugh before even get to the point is you starts with such a clear simple statement he goes on trade france makes excellent wife but so does the u s the problem is that france makes the very hard for the u s to sell its wines in france and charges big tariffs whereas a u s makes it easy for french wines and charges very small tariffs not fair must change now this is the sort of stuff that people used to mark the president for talking
the sixth grade level and he doesn't in his tweets but it is so clear i mean that is such a clear tweet you know it's you don't really realise that other people are unclear until you see something complicated explained with such simple sentences then he goes out and he goes this is the next the problem is a manual we're talking about mccrone the problem is a manual uses his first name which is funny suffers a very low approval rating in france twenty six percent as half of the president's really and an unemployment rate of almost ten percent that's that's about triple the unemployment rate of the united states so he's first law called president mccrone emmanuel so you sort of humanised him my buddy emmanuel
because i think they probably do like each other and then he goes that he says talking about an annual tweet goes on he was trying to get onto another subject which you tell yourself sounds like somebody we now and then the presence as by the way i love it when it goes by the way within the city there is no country more national lists than france very proud people and rightly so and that his next week is follow up he goes in all caps make france great again now that good good stuff because remember is the president of the united states so his tweets are news although it looks like see ananas ignoring it so far maybe look over today but here
he's he's made cnn cover the fact there french wine is being is coming into the country but we're being tariffs and everybody likes wine right in the united states wine is one of the most popular things and always wine drinkers were mostly democrats i think all the democrats who drink wine i'm not saying that are the only ones to drink wine but as the stereotype we are looking at and sank a wise my french wine causing extra which is the larry's that is even like an issue wine wine is gonna be the least important thing in the world and but then he makes him cover the fact that france has high unemployment and the problem has lower approval so in terms of framing is brilliant framing because he's a forest
them to say there is a president of another country he was doing way worse i love that far but then when it gets into the nationalism as they like to call the president erases because he likes nationalism goes by the way no country more nationalist with a capital and then france very proud people so he makes it nationalist proud being proud and nationalist like it's the same thing and there's nothing wrong with being proud and then and then you have to ask yourself is that true is france one of the most nationalist countries and i think to myself tat feels true i don't know if that's true
but how does it feel feels like that's true right now i think it feels true because the stereotypes so it doesn't mean it is true but it definitely we also and so that's good enough right further for political purposes if it feels true true enough then he says make france greater after his only thrown them under the bus with their bad unemployment and lower hello approval rate he suggested that maybe maybe france used to be better maybe they they could take up a notch but make america make france great again briefly anyway
the people who don't have a sense of humour and as i told you before it's one third of the population and probably a greater percentage of people who don't like this present but if you don't understand the almost it almost everything that he says in his tweets is at least a little bit funny and he means it that way because that's that was that's what boost signal is wrong but just then what went wrong is wrong in the way that makes it funny the example i like to use hears the good example of why wrong is funny when the president said of of mccain that presents
you prefer people who didn't get cop that's the reason that's funny and to me it's larry s and it's the reason that chris rock use that as a joke before trumpeted use it in his stand back saint joke there isn't funny is because it's so wrong it's so wrong to call somebody who so you clearly a military
euro to say i prefer people wouldn't get caught it's the wrong this then is the humor that's the point right if you don't get that and that the it's not about the thinking that became is not a hero think anybody thinks out really that nobody thinks that is just scenarios that he would say something that you're not supposed to say that is so wrong but if you know he's got a sense of humor comes off completely different i'm just looking at your comments so how many days is a since the retail started or whatever the hell they're doing there in florida trying to count the votes
we still do not have a clear sign of massive voter fraud doing the thing you have to hit thing you have to watch when you're trying to judge what's happening in florida is it if if a place that is mostly democrat finds a box of uncounted votes to probably gonna be mostly democrat because it's mostly democratic place so if all we have is that twenty two votes got mixed and where they were exposed to and there was one box of unkind ten votes if that's all we have there we don't have massive odor fraud we don't we just have some minor problems the wooden changed the the result
case but i will agree with all of you that there is enough suspicious lookin stuff here that you may have to just put a lid on it and make sure that nothing suspicious is happening now i'm not going to say that we won't find massive voter fraud if i bet if i d better ask a question which way would i bet would you bet for or against finding massive vote or fraud and when i say massive it's gotta be more than we found a box of oats or twenty two votes gotten extend someplace station to have some like that i mean like literal everybody agrees so massive they even the democrats was a all crap i didn't know about that that's pretty message
do you think will find that how many of you will predict that we will find massive voter fraud and of brower commuter gimme your votes how many think we will find a massive voter fraud that slightly different from whether exists or does exist i'm talking about weathers detectable and i would say that if this massive it's gonna be detectable most of you looks like almost the i agree with you that fraud is fraud so if there's a punishment involved for putting twenty two votes in the wrong place and you can you can determine intent then that has to be pursued but in terms of changing the election so i think i only saw one person who thought that was not massive fraud but there might be a lot of micro fraud
won't find one floyd uncles i'm gonna go out on a limb here's my prediction are you ready my prediction is that we will not find massive voter fraud in brower so so that's my prediction now i urge you to track this one because remember i've i've told you since twenty fifteen they should i urge my credibility by prediction only don't don't judge anybody especially me by whether or not things i'm saying today makes sense in the past because everybody can do that that's easy it's prediction that gives you any credibility so i'm going
predict that they will find small small matters of irregularities but they will not find massive fraud here's why we would already now that's why if it was massive the odds are we already know we might be arguing about whether it is exactly what we think of it we might be arguing about how big is man we might be argued about those things but so far it's been a little bit of time feels like too much time has gone by no i'm limiting my prediction i wanna be carefully on limiting my prediction to brower so let let's just limit its browed khazars separate question of whether a lot of non residents voted and i think we need to look into that as well
i'm gonna i'm going to say that's that not the problem will he had an brower so i'll say this clearly again my prediction is only about four hours and i riddick we will not find gigantic fraud there's definite the reason to think it might be there and there that's definitely good that were digging into it but i think we would have found it by now or at least we be talking about things that look like it even if it wasn't confer the large a question of whether florida in general signed up some people who should not devoted that's a good question and i don't have a i dont have a prediction on that and obviously that would also affect brower but is not the kind of fraud there looking foreign brower they're looking for something you even even more granular
that is enough now i'm gonna talk trucks being videoed yeah i wouldn't put too much credibility in trucks being videotaped and stuff like that i think if if its massive we'll know about it and i will talk to you later
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