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Episode 305 Scott Adams: Swalwell Derangement Syndrome, CIA Leaks, Pelosi Votes

2018-11-17 | 🔗


  • Alexa…Do you record everything you hear?
  • President Trump offers to help Pelosi get votes she needs
    • Bipartisanship for key things America needs
  • If POTUS gets deals on his remaining objectives, he won’t run again
  • Court rules on Jim Acosta press pass
    • Will President Trump call on Acosta? Yes, of course he will
  • Kellyanne Conway husband becoming very vocal anti-Trumper
  • Khashoggi leak says Prince Salman knew 
    • Our governments options are limited by the leak
  • Swalwell tweet about using nuclear weapons on Americans
    • He was talking to his base, prepping to run for President
    • It was a “big ask”, outrageous, over the top, attention move
    • Was he serious? Of course not
    • Like Ocasio-Cortez, he’s using persuasion effectively
  • Projection: Imagining other people have the same faults as you have
    • Should conservatives act like liberals, use their playbook?
    • It feels good to attack your opponent in an unfair way…
    • …as payback for unfair attacks against your side
  • Julian Assange previously offered juicy info in exchange for immunity

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bump bump bump bump on bump bump bump bum everybody get in here it's time for saturday morning coffee wisc on adams who is scott adams alexa who is scott adams scott adams is the creator of the dilbert comic strip in the author of several nonfiction works of satire commentary and business his dilbert series came to national prominence through the downsizing period in 1990s america and was then distributed worldwide adams worked in various roles at big businesses before he became a full time cartoonist in nineteen ninety five so i've been living with a number of alexa devices which it's hard to talk
without it without triggering it so i got several of them and put them in different rooms and i've been trying to live with them for awhile to see what i see what i think of having these devices and i gotta tell yeah i realize everybody's reaction is going to be different and there is no product that everybody likes but i am so hooked on this alexa thing i use it all the time i walked from room to room talking to it asking at the weather the time i tell a tab joked make it tell me jokes uh i ask it questions of facts i ask it trivia now there is one problem there is one problem apparently it's recording you all the time so if i commit a crime
the police apparently can get a full record of all my conversations of the house wherever i was within talking distance on it now you might say to yourself my god how can you live with that level of giving away your personal information and here's my explanation have you noticed that there are no large crimes they go unsolved there there's no such thing as privacy privacy is so go on privacy is so gone you know imagine trying to get away with a crime they know where your phone is they know what you've looked up
they they yeah they know literally everywhere you go on with your phone they know where you've purchased things i know you've talked to they know every comment and picture you've ever published they can get a hold your phone and find out everything you like you've done every app ever communication you've ever had their video cameras everywhere there's and you know there's a lax about probably ten percent loans now but that will be climbing over time and i don't think my phone listens to me all the time but they can is the fact that you know if the if the deep state or whoever the cia ready want to turn on my phone and just listen to me i believe they have the technology to do that i could be wrong but i think they could just listen through
my phone is sitting on my desk if they wanted to so having discussions about whether we should or should not give up our privacy is so two thousand and ten your privacy is gone you know how you don't have any privacy the only privacy you have is based on being boring being boring is the only thing that keeps you private because if nobody cares nobody is going to look and by nobody i mean the government right now we do have at least a little bit of privacy from our other citizens all right let's talk about a president trump going all bipartisan
you saw the human bipartisan on the the prison reform bill and that was a really good what i call the new ceo move it's the first thing you do after you take the job you saw that trump and pence to that when they first got elected before they were even signed in they were going to forward and carrier and trying to convince him to bring jobs back to the united states so on day one trump and pence branded themselves as the one who were really going to fight for jobs that was good branding and now after the midterms so the midterms happened in that sort of a new day right it's
it's a shake the box and start over again moment and the president comes right out of the box was prison reform so he says the stage for being a bipartisan and the best part is that he just promised i guess yesterday he just promised live polos he needs more votes to become speaker for the democrats that he would help her get republican votes because he says he likes her and she's smart and she's tough and she's good at her job and it's really kind of amazing now you know it's politics
and you know that people are saying things for a fact but did you ever think you'd see the day now who was it who predicted to you the president trump would become more affected with the split split the house and senate who told you he would become more effective not less i did dana perino did it too so i'm not the only person the world i'm sure other people to send it to but remember the here here is sort of a principle that you can always take to the bank the person who has the most power is the one who can change sides that's why flake has so much power at the moment you can change sides it's one of the reasons that are rand paul
this is one of the reasons that he is more effective than other senators because sometimes he'll change science and likewise mentioned some of the others so president trump is the ultimate deal maker meaning he will go where it makes sense to go and at the moment given the the the composition of congress it makes sense to make friends with nancy pelosi and find out if they can get stuff done because all of the remaining stuff is stuff you need some democrat votes on immigration health care center now i have an interesting thought experiment for you
what i'm going to say next it is very unlikely to happen so it's not a production it's just a thought experiment it kind of crystallizes some of the concepts they talk about imagine if you will this is not going to happen this will not happen but just imagine president trump announcing that all of the remaining big things we have to solve from the budget deficit to health care here to immigration all of the big stuff and even climate all of the big stuff this remaining has to be bipartisan and i think most people would say ok that's true even education
etc so everybody is going to agree with the statement that the only way to get this next bunch of stuff done is bipartisanship now we didn't need bipartisanship to isas into stop them down we didn't really need it for trade negotiations we didn't need it for a lot of things that the president has accomplished but for the rest of the stuff we need it imagine if you will and again this is not going to happen this is just for fun imagine if president trump made the following offer that if by the end of his term he had deal signed meeting bipartisan deals for health care immigration and maybe throws it in a couple more and he says if i get a bipartisan deal on these three or four big things and maybe the deficit has to
there somewhere you know that he would not run for a second term think about it there if you got a bipartisan deal on all of the remaining big topics he would not run for a second term now why is that so powerful because the entire the entire sort of force organized against the right is really sort of personal it's really more about trump that it is about anything else in the world so if you were to offer to get out of the way under the following condition so he had accomplished more in one term that any president has ever accomplished 'cause that's within grasp am i wrong if he did get bipartisan deals in the next two years on the big
the big remaining stuff could you not argue that he was the most successful president of all time i think it would be a slam dunk yeah so somebody saying judges judges judges but so he might he might get maybe one more judge so i think that would be a you know a good you know a good head start so that people may be could live with the deal now no people saying they don't want him to resign and i realize so so there's also here you have a personal investment you like your president etc but just think about just think about because right now what's the biggest thing that's stopping by artisan deals from getting done and again i'm not selling you this idea
i'm not telling you he should do it or it'll happen i don't think that's going to happen but it's fun to imagine it because it would remove the biggest obstacle to getting the biggest thing solved in this country which would also allow the democrats to have you know more of a clear chance that the presidency well the damned while the republicans could still run a strong candidate maybe when again and and the president it would take himself out of the picture allowing himself to enjoy his grand father years as the best president whoever lived that would not be a bad deal alright i put that out there so watch the bipartisanship happen it's going to be i think it's going to be fun to watch i think it will be fun
let's talk about jim acosta so the president humorously is talking about restoring decorum you have to have rules and so you could say that the president loste this round but did he you know the white house was trying to stick to their guns and have a cost as permanent pat
the permanent i guess the hard pass revoked but did it really matter to the white house let me ask you this do you think the white house is better off winning or losing that they're way better off losing the best possible outcome for the white house was to lose and i think they know it right it's one thing to fight it because it's always good to fight it because you don't want to be the one who rolls over so just always it's just permanently good to be the one who fights right just fight everything because at the stylish as your brand but this was a good one to lose because i'm a customer and trump both understand the nature of what they're doing which is that there's the theater on top of government and that they both count because the theater doesn't for more
you're gonna be able to do as as a government a customer is a big part of the theater he is you know i've referred to him as a rodeo clown but you know the the rodeo clowns a star the rodeo yeah i'm not say bad things about the clown the clown gets a lot of attention people like the rodeo clown that's why you have on it's not the only reason but i'm how much do you want to see president trump call on jim acosta well some of you are going to say never never call in again show him to which i say i don't think that's going to happen can you imagine this president not calling on jim acosta knowing knowing what
what it will mean in terms of the show i think he always go with the shell you gotta go with the shell and the show is calling on him and seeing what happens now if he does call at a cost will it cost to be perfectly well behaved and maybe then drift in the future you know get a little get a little more dangerous overtime or will jim just the come right out of the chute as aggressive as before like nothing happened tell me you don't want to watch that show i would i can't imagine what i wouldn't put down if i heard that was on tv like if if i check my twitter and said you know you get to the tv the cost is going to ask the pro
the quote the question i would walk out of the meeting i would pull my car over there's nothing that would stop me from watching that all right that's not a bad thing i think people have observed in i've observed that citizens are more engaged in the hole theater and and even the in the the education about how government works than ever before we're we're we're loving the stuff now because we have people on both and cnn yeah fox news too and the all the big news media msnbc and the president all simultaneously understand the importance of the show it's a show
and that they'll do a good job at it so people are criticizing the president for being so hypocritical how could you be so hypocritical to be to be the person who never recognizes decorum and then to insist on decorum well there's a big difference two in what the president does and what what our customers doing the president is in a provocative etcetera nobody is can i didn't know about jim acosta being provocative nobody is complaining about jim acosta saying stuff that you don't like well we complain about that but that's a separate separate category people are complaining about him taking up time and
leaving the unspoken rules within the setting of the white house the decorum is the peoples decorum it's not really about the two people it's not about the you know it's not about trump the cast are there in the peoples house there in the white house in the white house the voters the citizens of this country have an x dictation of things can be done somewhat coherent leanne in an organized fashion so you need a little quorum it doesn't really have anything to do with trump it doesn't have anything to do with the cost that has to do with the business of the country so if you're saying that trump is being hypocritical because he says
bucket of things and he's complaining about somebody else acting provocatively that's not really what's going on yeah in the context of a press conference you have to have some rules that's completely different from saying things that make people unhappy they're not even slightly related let's talk about mister kellyanne conway are you this drama where top advisor to the president kellyanne conway's her husband is becoming one of the most vocal anti trumpers now i don't know if he would have been this high profile had he not been married to kelly ann so some of it is the fun of the fact that there are and it reminds me of was the the two people
whose names i can't think of it reminds me of them i guess i'm not very reminded carver no merry merry and i'll come i'm blanking on names you know and talk about carmel yes james carville and and his wife were opposite of the political spectrum and network but they were also just for the most part pundits right now that's not you carmel was actually working for the campaigns was pretty pretty similar i i i can't decide if that even matters yeah i i think the story is
interesting but it does make you curious about how they deal with each other at home how does kellyanne conway go home to her husband and then they just kick back and have dinner and talk about the day that feels awkward to maine so next topic cnn reports that there is somebody in the cia and i guess i would call this a leak they didn't call of lee but the reporting from a confidential source that the cia has determined that the prince salman was behind the ordering of the murder of show show guy at the turkish embassy now you say to yourself oh that's
for more business we already expected that that was true and the cia looked into it and the cia found on its true it's no big deal right no big deal we're just finding out what we thought was true that is not the case whoever whoever leaked that i don't i don't know if there's a a legal basis for this but just in terms of you know is there should be a law against if there isn't whoever leaked that should be executed as for treason whoever leaked that should be executed for treason 'cause this isn't a normal link this isn't like regular leaks regular leaks are just in carousel new or
they they make some news people have to scramble little bit at the you know maybe some of his career against her that's a normally in this case here's what happened because of this leak until this link the government meaning the president had the option of pretending like we didn't know who did it if we could pretend like we didn't know who was behind it we had we had the ability to we have the ability to work with sprint salmon and say look we're gonna pretend we don't know who did this but you're going to have to step up for some other stuff we need to get done maybe we need to move you to make a deal in yemen maybe we need to you know get some help with the larger middle east peace so whoever leaked this took away
the president of the united states the option of having leverage productive leverage not in a bad way but a productive working relationship with saudi arabia there's somebody in our government who took that decision that option away from the president and may have may have removed the best chance we ever had for some kind of a comprehensive middle east peace including may be nuclear weapons get created in iran somehow although i think that's unlikely at this point but at least it's more of an option now i'm not sure that you could criticize why is the news organizations because they do sort of have a you know a special role that if it's news and they hear it they report it
so i'm not sure that i would come down hard on cnn in this case or whoever else reported it but whoever leaked that and took that option away from the government when it was so i like literally it could have been the difference between middle east peace and not now i know you're going to say what are the odds of middle east peace but we've never been closer and one of the biggest keys to make that possible was being able to say ok we don't really know what happened in saudi arabia but let's see if we can get some stuff done and now that options been taken away whoever i think that probably not legally should be executed but in terms of how badly a damaged the country and how dangerous it was and how completely inappropriate was that's the
sort of thing you have the death penalty for there's a reason that reason is a death penalty because if you're destroying the entire you know putting the whole country at risk you need to for that so that's one of the worst things i know one of the worst things i've ever seen it would you say now it could be that whoever said that just figured well it's going to be obvious anyway but he did take the option away from the government for treating it like it was no big deal even though it is a big deal all right some of you many of you saw a tweet five one of my california political representatives eric swalwell you're all familiar with eric swalwell you've seen him on
to be a lot of full disclosure i've met him a few times locally his his friends of friends and he tweeted so apparently he's got a plan for taking away people's a r fifteens or assault rifles so called assault rifles
and uh somebody tweeted at him that they would never they would never give up give up their guns you know without a fight and then swalwell tweet it back that the government has nuclear weapons so it would be a short war because you know fighting the government and their nuclear weapons would be a short war now a lot of people said my god my god a congressman just threatened to nuke citizens that's not what happened and i felt so bad having to explain it to people have we not just watched president trump use this exact same place successfully it's the same play that aoc alexandra cave you cortez is using its the same technique this wall
well i was using its this gigantic first ask in the context of getting ready to run for president if you're getting ready to run for president you say stuff like let's build a wall let's deport fourteen million people you say stuff like that when you're running for president because who is he talking to he's talking to his base when you talk to your base the only way you can get through the primary cut through the noise you've got lots of people running as you say something that's so outrageous that you can't look away you suck all the energycap out that's what swallow did he said something that is so outrageous
that he sucked all the energy away and people are arguing about whether he really meant to nuke american citizens let me tell you something with complete certainty he did not mean nuking citizens now i know what you're saying now area you're saying ok i knew he didn't literally mean nuking nobody thought that well according to twitter a lot of people thought he was serious a lot of people thought he was serious about nuking you citizens i am so sad that anybody thought that was serious but most of you did not most of you said okay that's just you that's just sort of a a colorful way of saying that the government would use for
in whatever form military and or does it have to be military but law enforcement to to take away your guns
here's the thing what our laws if the if not enforceable the whole point of having laws is that if you don't go along willingly the government will send people with with guns to make you comply with the law that's what the law is the law is something that the government will enforce at the end of a gun all the loss you know all the all the important ones not the jay walking lost well all of the laws that are important are enforced by guns so if if the country passed to some kind of a ban on a r cysteines and if it passed some kind of constitutional supreme court test and if they were enforcing it it would be a force like every other law at the end of a gun it wouldn't be different it would be just the law so so saying that
swalwell how can you say that you would use you know the weaponry of the united states government against the citizens he's just my interpretation is that's how every law works why is this the special one why would this be the only law that you didn't enforce that doesn't make sense the argument here is not about using nukes 'cause that was just silly talk it's not using force against the citizens to to enforce law because that's how all laws are enforced they're all at gun point that's the point the real question is whether or not you know that law should exist you're already talking past the sale if you're talking about what
what to do about it after the law has passed you've already sort of uncritically accepted that maybe this happens and now i'm only dealing with the aftermath are they going to nuke main what happens when come to my door it will i buried in the backyard have you ever seen this play before yes it's what the president used to become president it's exactly the same play that aoc is using by by big asks with take care and with education she's asking for a way more than she knows his practical do you think that alexandria octavia cortez someday i'll learn to say this cleverly do you think that she really doesn't know that we don't know how to afford that stuff of course she knows should she not say it because she knows we can't afford it nope not if she's smart
is smart she will make sure that we can't look away and do the way to make sure that you can't look away is by saying stuff this just a little wrong and you it's just a little wrong we'll figure out a way to pay for it how are going to be other countries do it and spins in your hair goes on fire ha ha she's crazy
is a socialist she's saying things that can't possibly happen she can't do math she can do persuasion yeah maybe she's not good at math but she's really good at persuasion so if you don't see this coming if you don't see how strong the technique is from from all of the players that i just mentioned swalwell asking way too much confiscate the ar fifteens it's not even a serious there isn't the slightest chance that could happen do you think there is do you think there's a slightest chance the ar fifteens could be confiscated i don't like wise when when candidate trump said he was going to deport fourteen million people forcibly i said don't worry about it that's not practical
and he doesn't mean it anyway and share it off when he got elected he said you know that that looks pretty hard why don't we deal with our other problems instead all right it's the same play you have to recognize it as the same play you can hate we tried to do and that's fair completely fair you can hate the ideas but please recognize the tag i think if you're already saying that there are crazy if already saying they don't understand how things work if you're saying they can't do math you're completely missing what's happening they can do math they are rational they're using persuasion
really well and how can i tell the doing it really well because of your reaction because i'm talking about it because you care about it because this week you thought about swalwell and you thought about they see and you didn't think much about anybody else that is good technique so if you want to them not to get their way the very first thing you need to do is understand what is technique and what is real things that might happen there is because they're very different you are projecting oh let's talk about projecting so often on twitter arguments and in politics and social media you hear people say so and so is projecting now the idea here is
people are using their own thought process an imagining that other people share it so there so in other words if if you happen to be a huge liar then you accused other people of lying if you know if you've if you have some bad character flaw or opinion you imagine that other people have it 'cause that's what you would have done in that situation i guess here's my take on projection in the rare case that you're a trained psychologist and you've worked with somebody and you've you know you really know about them and their your patient there could be a good chance maybe forty percent they you would accurately diagnose that a patient had
some problem with projection if you were just a person on the internet it is far more likely that you just don't understand why people are saying what they're saying so the fact that you are accusing somebody of projection is a completely irrational thing to say because you don't know you can't read minds and you would not be able to tell the difference between somebody who just had an opinion and something that you think is projecting you can't do that it's not a thing you can't read people's mind now it is a thing according to psychology the something cold projection exists and that makes sense to me because if you it it if you are or what view of the world to say you're a liar and everybody in that is a liar then it wouldn't matter who you're talking to you would kind of assume all that person is probably lying so so that's a real thing your your worldview is determined by your own internal
but to imagine that that's the likely reason for why somebody has an opinion on politics is completely irrational because people have reasons for their opinions lots of them why do they need to project yeah there may be projecting but you can identify it all right not in the wild with and then when when i pointed out that swalwell was not being literal talking about nukes and it really wasn't saying anything except that if it were a law it would be enforced like every other law that's that's basically saying nothing and to that nothing and when i said don't get worked up about the this is just hyperbole people said to me on twitter and a lot of people said this they said we
all these liberals to the same standard that they hold us too because when president trump uses hyperbole they all flip out and act like he's crazy racist or whatever so people are saying why can't we treat them the same way yeah yeah yeah we know he's just using hyperbole but we have an opening here like he left himself vulnerable so why can't we attacked as hard as we are and here's why if somebody if you see somebody acting like a frickin moron do you say to yourself hey if that person could act like a frickin moron why can hi that would be a good idea right because i'm seeing somebody actually opened an ineffective so we should act stupid in an effective what kind of argument is that
you're watching people attacking the president with with completely ineffectively he became president all of their attacks did nothing but make him why would you do what doesn't work you know it doesn't work you know it doesn't work so the reason that you don't do what they're doing is 'cause you know it doesn't work that's why that's the best reason all right he will be true as he treats other an eye for an eye i don't have any reasons you know i don't have any reasons why he should be treated the same it doesn't help me doesn't help the country doesn't help him it doesn't help my dog there's no benefit of it whatsoever it only makes the world this place but i'm going to do it anyway because they did it
they did it's all do it now people are saying we you're doing it because it feels good the most honest people in this conversation and a number of people said this said okay we know it's not rational we you we know doesn't change anything but it feels good to attack him in the same way that you know your guys been attacked it does feel good i would consider that actually the most honest and practical thing anybody saying is that we're doing it for fun because what that does is it recognizes that were in a reality tv show if you think you're in a reality tv show them yeah absolutely he said something about nukes it's an opening your side
get in a few days had we're winning because we get in the few digs in the reality tv show well that's fine if you're doing it for fun i i i support that as long as you know what you're doing if you're just doing it for fun as team sport go ahead but just be aware it doesn't help anything doesn't help your side doesn't change anything all right hi i'm just looking at your comments the did i hear right that there's there are some
liberties were organizing a an abortion celebration party to celebrate their abortions i thought i saw that and i thought i don't even know how to i don't even know how to form an opinion on that because you know my my take on abortion is less after burning and what i say left the bernie what i mean is people on the right would like to limit abortions normal liberals like bernie would want to allow abortion under certain set of conditions an i left that which is women need to work it out meaning that the most kredible laws are ones that women asmat
they support and as soon as you throw in opinions like mine you know i don't have responsibility for having babies is not going to affect me the way it's going to affect women so i recuse myself i don't ask you to recuse yourself by the way if your mail and you're listening to this you can do it anything you want no
it's a free country we have a constitution you have opinions on anything you want until you my own opinion my opinion on abortion whether should be legal or not doesn't add anything to the process but in my use of tracks something it could subtract from the process but it certainly couldn't add because i i have a as the standard of civilization i think the people who i think the people who have the most responsibility for something should have the greater say you know it in terms of the constitution every vote is equal but in the real work real sense if people
we'll have more responsibility for something they should have a little more say let me give you example if i'm looking at let's say police decision let's say there's a law whether the police should do or not do something i'm going to look at the police opinion and take that as more important than my own they have responsibility for this area policing and i would like to give them a little more little more say than my ignorant opinion have enough knowledge about the place so i just take the same logic to the area of abortion and you're perfectly willing to have your own opinion and i'm not going to talk you out of it that's the whole point the whole point is that i'm not going to add any opinion to something 'cause it doesn't help women women got this and that would be the best somebody says cow
it has have you been watching me for three years do you think that can our li would describe my personality if anything it goes the other direction if i needed to change in some way it would be to be more cowardly because i get in more trouble by not being afraid of stuff that i get in trouble for being afraid of stuff i should be i should be more cowardly not less if i if i had any sense of self preservation do you get death threats of course yeah allah all people in my position get death threats now usually there usually they're not direct sometimes you know i i do have some that are direct but usually they're like better watch out when you go outside goebbels that's sort of threat
have i tried cocaine yes i tried cocaine in college maybe three or four times and each time i had the same reaction which was i i think it was anything in that cocaine i didn't have i don't know why i don't know if there was a i did it wrong longer i actually don't know the answer to the mystery but it didn't have any effect on me that i could determine and therefore yeah i didn't i didn't have any physical or mental manifestations now i don't know why 'cause it was different times with different people different batches it just didn't have any effect at me now somebody somebody
a liar i think i would say that to as i don't understand how that's even possible is it went into my body it just didn't have any identifiable fact none i don't know why due to too yeah i don't wanna talk about cocaine anymore i don't recommend it by the way i'm grow weeds if using it medicinally and you might be surprised to hear that i don't write
amanda marijuana for anybody outside of medicinal use it's a terrible party drug if using marijuana to party you'll you that's a bad choice tell us the i i have not tried lsd i've only did the only listen engine i've ever done was mushrooms and i only do that once best day of my life now i never done any math i had not yet yeah i've never done math but i have done in college some
i guess in front of means would be the the the word for it i don't recommend them either there a lot of things that people do in college that they shouldn't do or they should continue to do you left out the reason for which one do you have a fire evacuation plan i do i do have a fire evacuation plan it's called my atm card because for the most part i wouldn't have a problem in terms of escape routes because where i live there just plenty of action center down but if you can afford to live that's sort of your escape route let me show you the outdoors
how many days in a row have i showed you this view i will remind you that everything beyond the trees would be one hundred percent visible and it would be a ridge this maybe five miles away so you would valley ridge and you would see them even on foggy days you'd have to be have a really serious fog not to be able to see that for so right now you can't go outside in california where i live schools are closed people are walking around with masks you can drive places in your car and sort of go from you know car to building and close the door as soon as you can but you can't breathe outside now and not in a healthy sense you can't breathe outside and i guess seventy one yes seventy one people have been lost so far six hundred people were missing although i don't think most of them or do
injured yeah you see people driving with masks right how often does it rain where i live rain is unusual from from around may through november is actually unusual to have rain but we're expecting rain for thanksgiving so maybe that will make the difference doesn't the smoke get drawn in through the ac it does there are filters in the house which are probably completely clogged by now i don't i don't sense much in the way of smoke in the house but i'm also yeah malibu is pretty messed up
do you believe in directed energy weapons i don't know what you mean by believed any opinion on the julian assange story yes i do have an opinion on the julian assange story i have a feeling that where the julian assange story is going looks like this you remember that assange offered that in return for what's the right word not asylum but what's the word when you don't get charged for something immunity suicide she said that in exchange for immunity he would give
government information on i'm not sure what only has some good information so i have a feeling that if a son she actually got picked up by the united states and you know put into our legal system that the that the net effect might be the huge either have a very small sentence you know all almost trivial
or he would get completely out based on the information yes so i'm not entirely sure the sun she doesn't want to get arrested because but in the united states a song you might be setting up a situation we're getting picked up by the united states is the best thing that could happen to him but he'd probably have to pre negotiate you know what that looks like so that don't assume do not assume that if a suns gets picked up he'll just be tried in order to go to jail for ex number years that's possible and obviously he would have to worry about that but i think it's more likely that the things he knows have value
he's a publisher not a hacker yeah we don't really know opinion you have an assange is going to be based on lack of information it's hard to have an opinion on whether they're in my own in my personal take on the sun just i have not personally seen something that was suggested should go to jail but i'm not saying it's not there i'm just saying i'm not aware of it what what what what exactly joe rogan does school by winds one steam i'll watch that somebody else told me to watch those so that must be good when does moeller end i don't have any
insight into muller except that you know everybody who's watching seems to think that things are winding down i think that's probably true saudi equals a song which we don't know well i wouldn't bet on that secret text saint julian asked people together docks well that's what that's what they do that's just what we're helix does seems like espionage hello so the so that the question is this is sandra publisher because if he is is protected like everybody else all right that's all i got i will talk to you later
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