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Episode 313 Scott Adams: Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Clinton, China

2018-11-23 | 🔗


  • Two views of the world…
    • Crown Prince said kill him in the embassy
    • Corporate version: A non-specific order to silence him
  • Yemen warring parties are planning to have talks
    • Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each others throats
  • Glenn Greenwald says Trump is first President to be honest
  • Hillary says “Europe needs to get a handle on migration”
    • Public enforcement of need to tighten immigration
    • CNN for last week no longer pushing “Trump is a racist”
  • Why have they stopped pushing the Trump racist attack line?
  • The direction of things is more important than where you are
    • We’re maintaining good relations with key allies
    • The economy is doing great
  • Stock market: One thing is more predictive than others
    • The unemployment rate predicts the economies strength
    • Stock market 5-10% pullback is completely normal
    • End of year profit taking is completely normal
  • Facebook announced…just before Thanksgiving,
    • Facebook hired people to “out” Soros connected groups
    • Soros backs groups that promote identity politics
    • The groups were pushing people to abandon Facebook
  • George Soros versus Tom Steyer
  • Twitter suggestion: Ability to block anyone with an anonymous profile

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bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody i know you're all out shopping or sleeping off your thanksgiving meal but you know some things you just have to do everyday and coffee with scott adams is on the top of the list and here we are i think it's almost time to grab your mug your cup your container your glass stein your chalice fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous well some good stuff all right i would like to begin
talking about some of the news is funnier than some of the other news a number one there is allegedly some kind of a new recording of prince saman installment an on it he is alleged to say we don't have a confirmation here but the allegation is that he's he's telling his underlings to quote silence chucky and his now do you remember what my prediction was about been solomon's specific guilt in the murder remember i i'll give it to you again and i'll contrast two views of the world and see which one these two views you think sounds right view number one that just like a a tv movie the
crown prince held a meeting with his underlings and he said look i've got this whole caper plan what you're going to do is you get to meet to show he could train him to go to the embassy you going to bring a bone saw you gotta kill him in the embassy i've got a guy it was really good with the bonesaw he'll be on the team you're going to meet i've got the schedule here's here's some plane tickets i bought you so go kill him in the embassy 'cause that feels like a good plan so that's one view of the world here's another view of the world in which let's say more of a corporate view of the world first of all is what i would call a more of an oceans eleven you know the movie plot the other one would be more like normal life here's normal life here's the crown prince rate
isn't news on his phone man that just showed you guys just keep saying stuff we don't like oh man gotta do something about this guy hey hey guys you know this just show you guy you gotta figure out how to shut this guy up do something shut this guy up done now if you're in the underlying and you get the order to quote silence somebody what's the first way you try to do it well the first way you try to do it isn't play the bone saw the first they might be to bribe him perhaps try to the worst sam enough in good ways but you know in pre evil ways maybe you maybe you try to get him to come to the country maybe try to embrace it maybe
bring him in and once he's in saudi arabia they can control him but if those things don't work we want to go back to your boss and say going silence him i don't think so i that you figure out what you can do to make this work so see this whole murder in the embassy has the smell of desperation about meaning is something you do is sort of a hail mary pass last resort you're going to die if you don't do this because that's probably exactly what the perpetrators thought they probably thought if we don't silence this guy we're going to get killed and they're probably right about that so it sounds to me like an underling plan not really a plan that the top guy comes up with the top guy just says take care of this problem
the underlings figure out how to do it without getting executed they failed looks like they're all going to get executed but could it be true could it be true simultaneously that prince almond order the killing but also true at the same time that didn't know about the killing when it was happened or that it would happen in the embassy probably so the most likely explanation of events is that he had a general order out to silence him and it didn't matter how it happened you just say a silence of and the underlings knowing that they would be executed if didn't silence them did what they could and turns out they only plan they had was to kill him they didn't have a backup plan or at least one that they liked so
so i'm not mind reading what i'm doing is i'm presenting to alternate explanations they're both exaggerated but one is sort of the movie version where the top guys your own doing he's doing the planning and he's in the room and you know he all part of the operation and the other one is the corporate version or somebody says so take care of that i don't need to know the details now that doesn't make him innocent not really but it does give him deniability and so it is perfectly believable in my view i'm not reading his mind i'm just saying what is likely based on what we're looking at and what you know about the world it is likely that when prince salman says i did not give the order to kill him in that embassy
i would say that's more likely true than not but he did give the order to silence him i think that's yeah that that seems likely enough all right you remember that i was saying that i drew a diagram on my white board in a prior periscope and i said that given how everything is connected in the middle east that this could be an opening meaning that saudi arabia might be getting kind of flexible right now in is there has never been flexible before 'cause they sorta need to of themselves as a good ally to try a little harder to make sure that they are ok with the united states etc and sure enough we saw the announcement that
that the warring parties in yemen are going to have peace talks i think for the first time or at least the first time at this level if in switzerland i think and that's going to happen in the next month now why that simple when is that yemen is a war saudi arabia is backing the the government of iran is backing the rebels and until yemen gets fixed you can't really fix much else because you you need saudi arabia and iran to at least not be at each other's throats to get anything done and so the first domino as i call it is yemen meaning that if we can get a good result in yemen and it looks like both sides are exhausted by the five so maybe we have a chance if we get you haven't go then we've got a little goodwill little bit of inertia
and maybe you can get some other stuff done maybe maybe hamas maybe some other stuff maybe syria so i've said this before that the world can't tell the difference between good news and bad news we really can't because we're so bad at predicting future there a good event in a bad event we just can't tell the difference we don't know if that's the the thing that happens right before the gigantic good thing or if it's the thing that happens right before the bad thing we can tell the difference i have speculated that the of chucky as morally reprehensible as it is might have virtually become the straw you know the final straw that allowed the you know progress to happen now i'm not gonna predicted
'cause predicting that everything goes well in the middle east sort of you know that's a bad prediction because the odds are always against but we've never had a better chance that's what's different so if you if your senior leaders for go what would be maybe the best chance ever that would be a real problem which is different from say that ultimately there will be a success a grim glenn greenwald greenwald i don't know if i had to pronounce it writes for the intercept famous journalist had a great article today that i tweeted around now keep in mind that greenwald is no fan of the president but he is one of the few journalists who is willing to say good things about anybody if they do good things and he's willing to say bad things about any
if they do bad things so in terms of willingness to be at least attempting to be objective i would he would be near the top of your list i'm not a fan of him personally he's kind of a deck you know i've had a little interaction with them on twitter and can't say i'm a fan of him personally but his writing is really good and so what you talked about was how trump is the first one first president who is willing to be honest so remember he's not a fan of the president and i am not i'm understating that he doesn't like the president at all but he says ok in this case it's the first time we've had an honest president who acknowledges that the united states has been friendly too brutal killers forever
that that's actually just our normal existing policy that we've had forever and it unlikely to change but he's this is the first time anybody ever was honest about it and it's a really well written article and he backs it up with lots of examples of our backing brutal people in the past so that part's is hilarious and it feels like it feels like they're starting to be a turn if you see something that looks like progress in yemen or even if they start talking about it like there might be progress the soldier show guy thing is going to start taking on a different look 'cause the first thing that's going to happen is the novelty is going to wear off that's sort of already happened so that the spectacular the nature of it you know the fact that you could imagine it so vividly and it's so so nonstandard what happened in the in the end
you can't get any of mine so it takes on this great importance just 'cause it's unique and shocking but if you look at it in terms of the arc of history totally normal alright historically even though it's an unusual way to kill somebody historically totally normal not normal in a good way but normal in terms of predictably similar so i think we will get over our our age as we realize those completely consistent with history i think we'll get
will get over the president's reaction to it because like glenn greenwald says and he's very influential you know a lot of people will see his article and and it's going to be the hell they will see his article anvil they'll certainly know that the better make sure i don't have something coming up here hold on second nope not that on my calendar so that's but there's another piece of great news just hilariously grade news that i'm going to say for a moment let's talk about china so reporting which i'm not sure is reliable to this point is that us and china or going to get serious about trade talks at the g20
and she will be there and president trump will be there there's some thought that there's been enough groundwork that there might be a little bit of progress maybe in the g20 again more good news that would make the make the presidents decisions look smart not just marks but smarter than all of his critics but i'm getting to the good part are you ready do you the funniest thing you've ever heard in your life well may be overselling this a little bit but hillary clinton was just adding an event all right and she did an interview with the guardian newspaper and this is what hillary clinton said about immigration in europe so she's talking about european immigration and she says talking about you know germany and angola merkel
and she said they need to send out a stronger message that they won't always be able to provide refuge and support uh this is hillary clinton quote i think europe needs to get a handle on migration pause i think europe needs to get a handle on migration is the that is well lit the flame clinton said referring to the rise of populist like trump and movements like brexit yes got that right uh if europe doesn't properly deal with the migration issue quote it will continue to roil the body politic so she went on a little bit by hillary clinton just gave a full throated endorsement of president trump's a racist policy about immigration
now i'm i'm of course taking her words for more than she actually said but it's to hear them any other way big when you see hillary clinton saying hey you european countries you better slow down migration or immigration because it's going to it's going to turn into nationalism and trump and everything else it looks like she just agreed with everything trump has been saying on the very thing that she spent the last three years criticizing him for now i'm not talking the details you know i'm not saying she's backing a wall but i'm saying that she has now completely endorsed publicly and clearly with ambiguity whatsoever tightening immigration what is that racist isn't it racist according to hillary clinton to act
aggressively to curb immigration of people who are try to have a better life and they're going to countries that might allow that to happen so hillary clinton just became a trump supporter she's not going to say it but it just happened here's another question for you do you remember for the past three years every time you checked a headline in cnn is said that president trump was a racist have you seen that in a week kind of went away for a week then it here's why well let me make sure that's true i'll go to the cnn's home page and see if there are any headlines about trump is a racist uh nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nothing about that trade war
blow up nope the only thing on the the entire first page of cnn that looks like good to define it as racism i'm not making this up what i'm going to say next i swear to god i'm not making up a look at the entire cnn homepage with all the different headlines there's only one of them this speaks to racism and the and the title is clinton europe must curb migration to hold nationalism another words clinton this telling people to haul it aggression it's the only reference to racist behavior is about hillary clinton on the front page of of cnn i'm not making that up i'm looking at it right now now of course i'm exaggerating when i say that her talk about control
ling immigration is racist i'm making fun of the fact that that's what people have been saying about trump for the past three years and he is now been spectacularly proven wrong how much more right can you be than your biggest enemy adopts your opinion is that is right as you can be as anybody ever been more right i don't think so what is changed in the past week that erased wrote a trump is a racist from the headlines several things one is cnn and the like they overplayed their hand by saying president trump why is it he's only only making fun of his only his only criticizing black women remember that few weeks ago they were saying why's he keep criticizing black women and then the very next week he praised stay
abrams you praise wrong gillins without reservation didn't give any negatives you just praise them both as being sort of awesome individuals who did a good job they lost but they did a good job and then he insulted or then he also praised nancy pelosi who if you had not noticed is a woman and and again he was not doing it sarcastically he was doing it quite legitimately actually complimenting her effectiveness so you can work with her no gillam is a band somebody else but the point is that he was accused of saying things against black people and women and the very next week
all of his criticisms were against white males and suddenly the frame didn't hold so now so now we have the whole narrative about why it is the only go after certain kinds of people clearly proven not to be the case we also hello last week i think it was trump and his whole family give me a full throated endorsement to prison reform which is very popular in the black community and you even saw van jones praising president on that narrow point and so and then you see hillary clinton backing trump's immigration policy essentia lee so they're going to have to find some new things to complain about now at the same time you said you may have seen the story that ns korea they dismantled or blew up some important guard posts
on the demilitarized zone and you saw videos of north and south korean military smiling and shaking hands now you say okay that's not that's not denuclearisation and you're right but if i've taught you nothing the direction of things matters more than where you are where we are is we don't have a denuclearization deal the direction of things is all good so psychologically you should always put greater weight on the direction of things that's how people think get predicts the future better than where you are and uh so things are going well in north korea compared to adding any historical comparison
things are going well and they trending trending positive i would say that the peace talks in yemen are a concrete example we don't know if they'll work out probably the first time you have a peace talk it doesn't workout you have to work at it a little bit but it seems to me like we might be on the border of something good in the middle east and you'll see that the president will get credit for helping to tamp down isis you'll see the president get credit for maintaining maintaining good relationships even though there's a good reason not to you know the can show he affair you might see them get credit for being in the background pushing the yemen thing maybe because of just okay yeah that may have been the the impetus to make this possible we might not know ever know
we see the economy doing well by the way let me talk about the stock market for a minute because one of things i often say is that when regular journalists talk about the stock market or the economy we usually a little under qualified now there qualified than the viewers most most people who cover the news know a lot more about the economy than the people who are watching the news but there still seems to me there's a lot of context that gets left out so here's the thing the stock market has taken a dump in the last few what should you make of that does that mean the economy is bad or turning bad and let me give you some context number one the thing you should know about economic there is one indicator that rules all the other indicators right
we're going to look at all the complicated economic indicators and you're going to try to find what's the one thing there's the most predictive it's not exactly the stock market could stock markets sort of go up and down their frothy the biggest indicator is the rate of employment if you can move people from unemployed to employed what that as for the economy is guaranteed to be good i mean you could almost almost nothing else can happen that will turn that into a bad situation as always you have strong employment you can look at the stock market going up and down and not care too much because you will probably trend higher over time the other thing you need to know is it the healthiest thing for stock markets is that they pull back for over ten percent every now and then because stock markets tend to get over bought and that can
in this especially a problem for the tech stocks you know the big tech stocks they can either go way up our way down it's typical historically for the tech stocks to get ahead of the market and then they pull back but when they pull back there's such a big percentage of the market it takes the rest of the market with them so in the specially the indexes so the first thing you need to know is that employment is the thing you should care about as long as that's good everything else is going to work out it'll be spotty but it's definitely gonna trend and read
next thing you need to know is that this kind of pull back is just completely routine and indeed it's healthier if you haven't then if you didn't the worst case scenario is that the stock market just keeps going up you don't want to live in that world because that's the you're you're coming for a a big disappointment that way because that is going to drop thirty percent and that's going to be disruptive a five ten percent pullback very healthy expected guaranteed health a good for the world and that's how you say it and the last thing you should know is that is completely typical for markets to go lower before the end of the year because a lot of people are selling stocks they made profits on
and there's uncertainty toward the end of the year people are taking vacations they don't want to be watching their portfolio so a lot of the professional money managers will will sell their positions just so they can go on vacation and they don't have to watch them in case the case they have to do due to do any quick solid so what you should be surprised that is when the stock market doesn't go down at the end of the year the most normal situation is that it goes down the end of the year just like we're saying right now can i support that theory like how much do i with what i just said well i believe it enough so that the only stock i was looking to sell i sold a few weeks ago
and the reason that i sold it a few weeks ago had nothing to do with the individual stock i had made that decision separately the timing of it was because i didn't want to get caught in the end of the year down down if i was going to sell it anyway i didn't want to sell it in the last six weeks of the year the odds of the market going down in the last six we so there are really high yeah somebody just said me too among people who actually understand markets and follow economics etc many of us probably trimmed our stock owning positions around october end of october that would be a good play you don't want to wait until mid november 'cause other people are catching up to the idea by that so and by the way there's a lower impact before summer it's very common for stocks to sort of fall down a little bit in the summer not every time but it's
so when you see the media report on the stock market the that's the context there you're saying is completely normal and it doesn't matter that much compared to employment if you get employment right things work out all right yeah my apple stock is taking a dump at the moment but it's hard for me to imagine that there is a serious competitor to apple so i'm going to hold on to that do not take stock advice for maine that's not a stock advice nothing you heard should be construed as stock advice or financial advice please now
book made a interesting announcement just before thanksgiving which is what you do when you don't want anybody to see your announcement if you don't want somebody to see your announcement you do it right for the weekend right before a holiday in facebook's announcement was the terms they were aware that they hired a company to to embarrass george soros because apparently george sorry most had fun did some individuals who are part of organizations that started a dump of facebook campaign so some soros funded activists were active against facebook and facebook hired some people to essentia lee out them you have to explain what the house or else we're saurus was connected to all this so
so um you've been watching maine for the last month or so asking people to explain to maine why soros is so evil because i keep but nobody's giving me examples that they it back up where i can see it too for some and it was invisible to me and i was puzzled by that why is why so many people would be so sure at the same time that that i couldn't tell level i was looking at the same news i thought so a lot of people tried to inform me and they gave me lots of information that they thought men something that i didn't so for example is that it means something that when he was fourteen he did something in germany and i said now that doesn't mean anything to maine je personally that means nothing
people say he made his money by speculating tried to crash countries and stuff to which i said i get that i don't like that but has nothing to do with the complaint you're not really complaining about that
you're complaining about him using his money for political reasons so you don't like so let's talk about that the end of it the the best i could come up with yeah the best explanation anybody came up with in that process was as soros funds groups that push for identity politics in other words he finds things which if they were successful would make the world a worse place even though he thinks it would make the world a better place presumably and then i see this the facebook example and here's here's where i feel like some kind of a switch flipped in my head between being neutral and being anti soros and it was that there was this alleged grassroots movement
get people to quit facebook but the activists behind the grassroots smoke movement were not grassroots they were paid by soros now in that scenario it's pretty disruptive meaning that it is it's something that if anybody else did it any other american if anybody else paid somebody to make a fake organization to take down a major american company it no matter who it was i would say that process is not good for the system and so i am now persuaded so if you're those of you who are trying persuade me that soros is evil i am now on your side
doesn't mean that in his internal thoughts he's evil the the evidence suggests that's not the case meeting that i don't see evidence the soros is trying to make the world a worse place in his mind and and that his view of what it takes to be a good world is not that different than other people so my objection is only that he's using his money to corrupt systems there are systems if you screw up in somebody else's system i would care less but if he is corrupting the american system of of democracy and you know basically the the our are a are let's say if he's corrupting the operating system for the american the american experience and he's doing his secretly it would be very different if he did it publicly if
if soros said hey i gave money to these guys are trying to takedown facebook and and reason i'm doing it is acts i would say free speech okay free speech is good i'm okay was free speech and i'm okay with people doing what they need to do as long as they are up front about it but the fact that he's funding people and it's hard for us to know who's getting funded and how that's affecting people that is unacceptable yes i think that soros could be seen as an enemy of the united states in the same way that tom steyer would be an enemy of the united states so if i wanted to make sort in an equivalent class of madness i would say that tom steyer similarly similarly bad now the two
don't have anything in common right they're very different very different objectives and you know what what they want is very different so i'm not saying they're the same people i'm saying that if you're going to rank their level of madness let's say tom steyer would be sort of in the same somebody mentioned the coke brothers i'm not positive about this but my understanding is that the total amount of money the coke brothers have ever put into politics is actually small compared to soros maybe somebody could fact check me on that is it true that that the amount the coke brothers has done as big as it is a small compared to what soros is done although soros is also spread his money to other countries so i don't know how you do the apples and oranges there so i don't know enough about the coke brothers have an opinion about it
um somebody says at least tom steyer is open about yeah so i'm not saying that they are the same guy doing the same thing i'm just saying if you were going to say what's the what's the level of badness to it it's sort of this tom steyer level of evil you just my personal opinion i'm not saying that there are violating the law as far as i know none of them are violating the law but in terms of trying to ruin the system in terms of being actors which are
productive in a very high level soros time sires pretty simple all right yet soccer berg supports soros somebody said well i'll bet he doesn't support of so much at the moment i'm what when soros goldie you know that's a good question so somebody says what is george soros is objective and i've been trying to figure that out too and i will caution you that we cannot read his mind so it may be unknowable what soros is thinking but i'll give you what i would call the the obvious the obvious explanation which doesn't have to be the only explanation the obvious explanation
he made his money in very bad ways and he knows it meaning that even to soros his money is dirty and that he has too much of it and then maybe he can buy back a little bit of moral comfort before he dies maybe you can put some good back into the world because he he may have some guilt yeah so the could be a guilt motive there could be a legacy motive especially important to his children his children and their children so if sorrows offspring want to live in a world in which their name means something it could be that he's trying to do something good as he sees it now my understanding is the sorrow scott
somebody needs to fact check me on this that he got activated during the bush administration and the iraq war and that when soros saw the united states go to war against iraq in afghanistan there what he felt was it looked like not say he activity in other words he thought that bush i'm not even sure which bush i think bush junior was acting like a nazi by attacking other countries killing lots of people for reasons that were not good enough according to soros and according to probably most americans at this point and so it looks like soros is just decided that republicans are basically nazis so the weird thing about it is that wal wal peep
or blaming soros were sort of being a nazi when he was fourteen which is not technically true he seems to be primarily motivated by fighting against nazis that's not wrong is it but the problem is if you happen to be in american you're part of a system he's attacking the reason he's was attacking it is 'cause he thinks it's run by nazis are republicans equals nazis in the soros formulation now if you're looking at george bush junior attacking iraq and you say hey that's acting like a nazi it's not that far off it's not that far off i mean we have the benefit of hindsight right at the
i am people thought it was maybe necessary for whatever reasons but in hindsight it's some pretty evil stuff is certainly not a not a proud time in american history that we destroyed iraq and killed however many people who are largely minding their own business so somebody says bush was a nazi question mark i'm not saying he was not see i'm saying that according to soros and lots of other observers some of the things he did with the military we're too close to nazi behavior to be comfortable with letting it go on so the weird part about sorrows soros is that he seems to be i have legitimate sounding concerns about real evil that we would agree is able but
also has so much money that he's funding lots of different things and some of those things have political objectives that you don't like and i don't like but they're all different you know is black lives matter the same as some immigration group in hungary i don't know they don't seem to have that much in common so it could that when you put that much money out there some of it's going to end up in the hands of bad people and that's going to look like it's on soros and probably should be so since that's my view of sorrows i doubt that in his mind he's do anything bad but he's clearly messing with american politics in a way that give
more power than the american public would like him to have in some of the power is apparently secret so his power is not only immense because of his money but it's hidden those are the two things that the system can't by we can't have somebody with that much power and also would not be transparent it would be bad enough somebody's asked me if i mind reading i don't know how many times i have to clarify the easy stuff but i'm going to do it again for you i'm not saying i know what soros is thinking i'm saying based on the reporting and based on what he's put money into and the things he's actually said that he saw the bush administration sort of nazi ish
and it would be hard to imagine any other motive for funding these groups then that he thought it would be good for the world 'cause it doesn't seem like it could possibly be good for george soros do you think george soros is funding these groups because it's good for george soros that i would say that's the weakest hypothesis because his eighty five he doesn't need the money he's trying to give away money he is not giving away eighteen billion dollars because he thing so make a profit on it right so if anybody out there says so so this is giving away one hundred and eighteen billion dollars so far because he thinks he can make a profit on it you do not understand how money works that there's no chance that that's true there are a lot of races on here today more than
it is it's a is it my imagination or are there more more races on this feed then normal i think whenever you mention soros you get the anti semitic folks who have the secret by the way here's a suggestion why does why doesn't twitter have a filter so they can filter out anybody who has a cartoon in their profile yes somebody who's hiding their identity there should be two levels of profiles on social media let's say twitter will just talk about twitter there should be two types one of those types um one of those types would be
uh you know a fake account and you can follow anybody who's willing to let you follow them but i don't want to see comments from people who have hidden identities when i don't if i if i also had a hidden identity that be fair with me if i had a hidden identity and by critics had a hidden identity game on well wall just you know somebody said what about in all a special case because he he presents his real identity with no ambiguity is just his his icon is just not picture of his face so i'm really talking not so much about the icon but it's the icon lack of picture plus the lack of identification the others there's no idea who they are so if you really are a real person and your real identity
is in your profile either and you should be in the picture too ideally but that part is optional i think i should be able to block all the people with fake identities who disagrees with me if i could block all the people whose identity i can't determine from their profile for maine eighty five to ninety percent of all the unpleasantness would go away and it would be my option whether i want to see them or not somebody says i disagree strongly give me an argument for disagreeing why can't i have the option of not listening to people who don't want to give me their identity it and it is right now people would keep their anonymity yeah there today with absolutely still be allowed but i would have the option of not listening to
so you have the option of free speech which i would never want to take from you but i also have the option of going into a quiet room and not listening to you you can't take that right away why can't we both have our rights exactly the way they are spelled out in the constitution i have a right to privacy i can go somewhere and not listen to you you have a right to say whatever you want i just don't have to listen to it uh somebody says i don't troll why punish me i wouldn't be punishing you i would just not be listening to you
i should your why should your free speech be as powerful as someone who is willing to put their name behind it and why shouldn't i have the option of deciding whether i should look it listen to it or not somebody says you do have the option i don't believe that's true you have the option of turning everybody off and you do have the option of individually turning them off i wanted to him you know in one in one fell swoop so we do get people saying yeah i wouldn't i guess there'd would be some question about parody accounts you i i suppose i would treat parody accounts a little differently if they are labeled parody
you know have you noticed that the parody accounts in order to stay on twitter so they don't get booted out typically in their profile they'll say this is a parody account and they'll say it is clearly as possible 'cause if it wasn't clear i think they would get booted off the system uh so i think parody accounts could stay there actually funny most of the time somebody says don't block me please well i'm not going to block people just for having a comic in their icon i would only block you if you were being a troll and you didn't show your identity so true any negative any negative opinion i got on twitter from a anonymous profile is instead of block now it doesn't even matter if i like their opinion i don't even care about the validity of the opening of the pen and i just you
not listening i have enough opinions from people who are willing to who would give me their identity all right it's seven forty seven and this is when i usually stop and so i'm going to and you can get in trouble at work for your views yes you can yes you can get in trouble at work for your views and that would be a perfectly good reason to have an anonymous account i absolutely support you're right to be anonymous online i've i've anonymous online in the past i found an accounts maybe you've heard of it that's another so i'm completely in favor of anonymity but
why don't i have the option of not listening to it you're scaring your follower don't worry i'm only going to get rid of trolls i'm not getting rid of people who have opinions and by the way i don't block people for disagreeing with me i don't know if you've noticed that but i don't know if i've ever blocked anybody just because they disagreed that's that's not block or the i like the disagreement in fact i had one this morning somebody disagreed with a point of fact which is the right i'm gonna change my opinion on something and so i've asked for some clarification on that link so disagreements great hi i'm not gonna block anybody who isn't literally just trolling for fun
yep state you can stay as anonymous as you like and you're totally safe in my twitter feed as long as you know use it to be as long as you don't use it as a weapon all right i will talk to you all later
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