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Episode 317 Scott Adams: Lying Pictures, Chinese Super-Babies, Senator Hyde-Smith

2018-11-26 | 🔗


  • CNN cropped and created a misleading tear gas photo
  • Alan Dershowitz says Mueller report will be “politically devastating”
  • AOC makes a provocative statement
  • White supremacist article on CNN…now taken down
  • Chinese gene-edited baby has been born that’s HIV resistant
    • Our gene-edited future…is guaranteed
  • Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said some racially insensitive things
  • Climate change report continues to amaze
    • An example of Cognitive blindness?
    • Report said GDP impact in 80 years will be 10%
    • GDP will increase 700% in the next 80 years
    • Is a 10% pullback from a 700% increase “dire”?
  • Why would anyone want to be 140 years old?
    • Someday, 140 will be the new 60

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but i'm pumping pumping pumping down yes i'm a little late this morning took me a little extra time to find my coffee you know if you don't have your coffee sometimes can't find your coffee you might be wondering why i've got one cup in my hand in one coffee mug over my shoulder because i like coffee you should do and hey you know what time it is it's time for the simultaneous hip it's time for coffee with scott adams his time to grab your mug your cup here container you're jealous your stein your beverage holder lift it to your lips and join maine for the simultaneous ip now as you know it's the holiday season and the news is getting squirrelly and less fun and in some ways
another other words the news is not big anymore but there's still lots of it so let's talk about the news that's not that big but there's lots of you may have heard that eric bolling who lost his son to an opioid opioid overdose i believe is having an event with melania liberty university talking about the issue and i'm just gonna call them down to give us kudos to both eric bawling and had to malanda for raising this issue so that the higher its priority goes the more likely we're going to get something productive done so good work by bawling and by malattia who is definitely being best all right have you here are the pictures don't lie there's a
photo on the front of cnn the their page where there's a photo of a then with two young children and she's running in fear from a a cloud of of what is it the smoke tear gas so there's two yeah she's at the border she's part of the caravan and she's running from the smoke and it's a scary picture now did you see the picture before they cropped it this is a cropped picture i saw the original before it was cropped and if you see the wider picture it right so they've got a it's narrowly crop so you can just see the gas and the the woman with two young girls
we are running in fear from it now first of all distance wise the gas looks to be maybe i don't know five thousand and fifty way and it's just a little cloud of gas on the ground and it's just tear gas so he says i guess but what it whatever it is that the police used to disperse groups somebody says it's a smoke bomb not a tear gas i wonder if that's true could be it could be just a scare people into running so that would be even smarter probably but here's the thing i saw the picture before it was cropped and the background there's something like several hundred young men trying to climb over the wall and invade the country now i know you don't call it invading 'cause they don't have weapons and they're trying to trying to escape their country and stuff like that
so i get you can play with the words and not call it invasion but this is one of those clear situations where photos lie and more than that is an intentional lie you know sometimes the photo can be misleading sometime you can interpret it wrong but in this case it's obvious that a decision was made to crop out all of the things that would refute the photo itself so that my friends is a lie that's fake news no the photo is photographing an actual event these are real people and i do feel sorry for them i feel can you imagine having two young kids and you know being a socially homeless in a in a different country and you don't know if you can get into this one and then so in for
and empathy perspective i've got plenty of empathy so you know i would like to see a good outcome for these folks as well as everybody else but the photo is a lie is the real story that the photo would tell if you saw it was that it's very there's just a very few people are even female or children i don't know what the percentage is but they have would make it look like they were literally the only ones there and the rest were been that's not true that's just what the photo would look like if they had been corrupted somebody this prompted me to talk about apparently alan dershowitz has predicted that the mullery ford will be politically quote devastating for the president politically devastating and somebody asked me
hey are you going to change your opinion on the molar thing now that dershowitz says it will be politically devastating and the answer is no 'cause that was always my opinion it does there anybody think who thinks that the molar report will not be politically devastating i don't believe there's anybody who's on any side of this who believes anything else today i certainly agree with their insurance that there's no legal risk that we another words there's nothing we know of directly or indirectly that would suggest that the president is in in any legal risk but if you enough lawyers on something and you have talk about it long enough and they produce a report for non lawyers to read it's going to be filled with stuff that they can jabber about
almost exactly like the president's tax returns it if you said to me what will be the outcome of the president releasing his tax returns which by the way i don't think he's going to do but it is suppose you was what would be your prediction about that well my prediction would be there's nothing illegal in there and it would be politically devastating not because there's anything illegal in there but because it's so much to talk about so much to be taken out of content so much to be spun the wrong way so much to be misinterpreted so when dershowitz says the the the it will be politically devastating whatever comes out of the mall a report done soon everybody think that mean you don't have to be the finest pool league
never mind in the world which dershowitz might be it's just sort of obvious of course it be politically devastating now let's put politically devastating in context politically devastating for a normal politician would mean that's politically devastating what is politically devastating mean in the context of president trump it's tuesday let's eight in the world in the world president trump politically devisive getting just means something to talk about for a week and then they'll be more news do you know how much do you know how much news the white house will generate at the same time that the the report comes out with its political devastating stuff you know
we're going to see so much progress made in this world then the week that that report comes out 'cause it'll will be trying to take the energy off of the report so unlike a normal politician who faced with something that politically devastating would have to crawl under a rock or would have to you know just give up or something the i think the smart money says of course there's there's no way to be certain about any of this stuff but the smart money says the trump will just create so much activity at the same time the you can't look away from that the the muller report will look boring by computer comparison so while trump cannot make the muller report go away and he can't make its conclusions anymore political any less politically devastating in terms of you know
the content he can certainly make them boring so i would look for that so compared to whatever else he's going to be doing that week when that report comes out the report is just going to look tedious no trust me on that so alexandra exandria octavia cortez back in the news surprise surprise made some reference to the holocaust and the care of or something i didn't even have to read it because it doesn't matter what she said what this is how people react to it and that way people react if it is huh how could she say that she is so stupid
that aoc that we can't stop talking about that person we're obsessing about she's so dumb wait what is she trying to do oh she's trying to make us only talk about her never mind of course she's saying provocative things did you think that was going to stop does it matter whether her analogy is a good analogy no it doesn't matter doesn't matter that it might be factually inaccurate i don't know is i don't even know what she said it doesn't matter none of that stuff matters all that matters is that you're talking about are now
i know i'm going to get in trouble for this next thing but i don't know what is it about me that can't keep out of trouble there's a there is a white supremacist writing for cnn let me see if i can find his opinion piece bump bump bum now you're probably saying yourself wait what what did you say there's a white supremacist looks like it's already taken down oh my god did they already take this article down it looks like i'm sorry i don't mean to be ignoring you for a moment
huh it looks like they got rid of it ten minutes after our run it which would not be the wrong idea so let me explain what it was i'm not even in and give the name of the person because apparently cnn's too embarrassed about the about this opinion piece that they even talk about it didn't last long maybe they're going to take it down anyway no way to know but so the the point of was that fox news is using a or c as their new their new whipping person according to this white supremacist was writing for cnn that the missile fox news was doing it to you know get all of it so white watchers white people watching it all worked up about the in a brown people and so that was his point of view but here's why i'm calling the author whose name i won't use a white supremacist
i'm actually using his own definition so that the way he defined it in in terms of the content of his article was that it would include himself quite quite clearly so definition of a white supremacist goes like this if you say i'm not talking about race but there's a cultural thing that has to be considered about immigration then you're a white supremacist if you're white and if you're obsessing with race instead of talking about things other than race you're probably white supremacist and now the article itself did exactly those things they talked about culture as being separate from the question of race that's exactly what the author used as a definition of some bud who is a racist and is a white supremacist so the author
was modeling the behavior of that he was labeling as white supremacy and i think maybe it's possible the somebody at cnn caught on to that now the of course the point of the article was to paint some i'm not even going to use their names but he pointed out some hosts at fox news who he said were complaining about the quote browning of america i you ever heard the most of you have seen fox news have you ever heard a host of fox news complain about the browning of america no no you have not heard that if there was ever a fox news person a pundit or a host whoever blamed about using this word the brown of america bam
believes believe that they would end the broadcast in the middle one side like i don't even think that show we get to the end of the hour they would be yang off the air that they would like put a commercial on and they would yank him off the air i'm pretty confident that that in case i mean maybe they'd go to the end of their show but they would definitely be fired like fired forever if anybody on fox news use that term or even that concept if anybody even referred to that they be fired in a minute who use that word a writer for cnn so simply talking about these topics is what makes you a white supremacist and
author was talking about these topics and so by his own definition would be including himself as a white supremacist so i guess i'm not too surprised not too surprised that that article is no longer at least featured on the front all right i had to mention that next there's a story that i'm not sure how true it is yet but because there are some denials on this story but there's a story that a chinese hospital has been involved in creating a gene edited baby i'll just let that sit there for awhile so the hospital seems to be denying it but there are reports that happened that a baby
was born with some gene editing the specific editing that is alleged is that the baby has been created to be you resistant to hiv think about that a baby who is jean edited to not be able to get aids now i don't know if it's true or if it's something that's so close to being true it's going to happen any day now but what does that say about the next eighty years let's say you're looking at the economic impact the economic impact of climate change let's say you're looking at that will talk about that in a minute too
well if you're trying to look at the economics of the world you're saying million eighty years will have a ten percent hit on the gdp from climate change even if that's true who knows of what's true in eighty years but even if it were true what would you do to health across if the baby is born in the next ten years can i get diseases what would happen to the total healthcare cost in eighty years if all of the baby is born let's in ten years from now an onwards are all gene edited so they just can't get the worst diseases that cost too much money what happens what happens in one hundred years if you have one country that is all gene edited kazlas adds a developed country and their rules allow it but they
have a competing country that has no gene editing either for religious reasons because they don't have the economics to do it what would be the what the the defense implications of that because one virus could wipe out one country and not have any impact on the other one 'cause the other one would call gene edited babies that can't get whatever disease that is does that become a defense problem there a lot of implications here think about my take on gene editing is that it's guaranteed meaning that because it can be done and people want to and there's money in you know it has all the all the qualities will make it a guaranteed trends are there isn't the slightest chance
this is one of those things you can predict with a hundred percent certainty which is rare usually things have you know well eighty percent chances will happen but gene editing is a hundred percent there isn't the slightest chance that in the future when it becomes easy to edit a baby's genes you know in the womb i guess not nor like they must do it in the test do before it gets a little but once it's possible and practical and affordable it'll be legal somewhere so if you have the money to do it you might have to tell it let's take for example let's say the united states says it's illegal to do gene editing i don't know if we will but let's just say that for a thought experiment
if the gene editing happens in the embryo and it you know in the egg and the sperm let let's say that's where it's happening is in a test tube it's not the person can't we just ship the list of offshore twelve miles offshore through the gene editing offshore and then ship the package back to the united states put it in a human being would that still be illegal because the gene editing didn't happen in the united states so if you're thinking yourself we will have laws that will stop that gene editing good luck with that good luck with that i don't see any way laws can stop gene editing it's going to be here all right uhm will they edit for super athletes of course know what they
will edit for intelligence for health for performance uh maybe for happiness and all that stuff but you know even before that i think i think one of the biggest here's my prediction one of the biggest improvements in health outcomes that you're ever going to say will be when we've got big data on what everybody is eating and doing so if you had complete data on the population and you say ok all the people with this kind of jeans are eating this kind of food and doing this kind of exercise and breathing this gun air and there having this kind of problem but if they like this kind of drug it works but if they take this time to drug it doesn't work as soon as we have big enough data about what
works and what doesn't work in the real world it's going to be the biggest change in healthcare since may be washing your hands you know i mean what are the biggest changes in healthcare probably you know the discovery of germs the sort of thing but the moment we can tell that to a person with your dna shouldn't be eating strawberries not when you've got a cold stuff like that i'm just making that one up but once we know that stuff yeah he will everybody please stop saying gattaca we all know there's a movie called gattaca where there's gene editing blah blah the only reason the only reason i resist your hundreds and hundreds of comments about gattaca now and in the future is that the world
doesn't really conform to movies like with that level it may tell us a little bit about the future but probably not a lot so gatica exists but it is not useful or worthy of mention i i notice that you are thinking about it that's all hello hello let's talk about cindy hyde smith now if you're not following the story senator or i guess she's running in the hold on let me answer that
uh so she said some things that are considered a racially insensitive so apparently in two thousand and seven she said some good things about somebody who was the last remaining daughter of the confederacy yeah and she said something about if somebody invited or some to a public hanging she go to the front row indicating that she would do anything this person asked just in a colorful way so people are saying wait a minute you're running against the black candidate how can you even mention public hangings yeah then they said how can you how can you glorify the confederacy you know when that's all it was obviously a racist situation and let me give you my opinion on this
usually i have a cleaner opinion usually if you want the long enough i'm usually you know one direction or another and i can commit but this site is cindy hyde smith stuff and then there's also reports that when she was a kid she was sent to schools or created specifically so she didn't have to go to an integrated school so it's easy for me to explain away any one of these things well if you look at any one of those things individually they're all meaningless they really are whatever she did as a child i don't care right and it wasn't her just the word decision where to go to school so i use the twenty year rule which is anything that happened twenty years ago i don't care then
uh her use of the word a public hanging i would consider dumb in other words it was a mistake it was a dumb mistake but it was a mistake and then the way she handled the references to the confederacy i would consider possibly something that locally didn't sound like a mistake but perhaps nationally sounds like a bigger mistake in terms of vertex but it seemed dumb to maine a so i've got a really mixed feelings i've got mixed feelings which is is she doing things which you can unambiguously say are racist and the answer is no no she's not so there's there's no evidence presented which a reasonable person should say oh yeah there's some races stuff going on there
has she done things that don't come across as racially what would be the right password does she seeing racially tone deaf yes so it it does appear that she is not sensitive to something that the country is very sensitive about should that matter probably probably you know it's one thing to not be a racist verses being racist that's important are you a racist yes or no that matters a lot but then you certainly have to ask the next question the next question is can you can you try this topic the way the country wants it to be treated if you're a representative of the country and the country clearly has an opinion of what's what's in the acceptable
zone and what isn't so of course there are lots of disagreement in the middle but broadly speaking people want their leaders to speak in a certain fashion has she done i think you can make an argument that though she is she's falling down on that so i suppose you could make a partisan argument that you'd rather have a republican at all that and that you're not too concerned about her political incorrect approach but somebody says the gop should
embarrassed by this candidate yeah that's a sort of what i'm saying i'm saying that this is this is not something you should be too happy about but that's way different than say she is a racist somebody says check a record i have not looked at a record is a record which way there's a record indicate does a record does your record indicate this is some problem with race or that she's been on the right side of that i don't know the answer i only know what's being reported all right so i don't have an opinion about whether she should be reelected so if you heard it if that sounded like
an opinion i don't have one on her i'll let i'll let the let the great state of mississippi decide who they want to represent her but i don't see anything that at least on its surface looks racist to me it does look terribly tone deaf and that should matter as well but matter in a different way climate change yes thank you for reminding maine so i continue to be amazed by this lady report on climate change and i talked about the fact that we're in this we're all watching two separate movies on one screen and i asked myself is the climate report like a magic trick magic trick one of the ways that you can trick somebody with magic if you get them thinking in a certain pattern
and then they can't notice something that's out of the pattern like if people expect something to be true their brain can't process it when it's the opposite there's a famous video of this where somebody did an experiment where they are i think four or five people bouncing a basketball in a circle like there crossing into each other in the circle and you the viewer is asked to count many times they throw the basketball to each other what you don't notice because you're counting the than throwing the basketball is that a man i think it's a man dressed in a monkey elf it comes into the
circle and start throwing the basketball and then walks away like literally somebody in a monkey outfit walks into the small group of four or five people and start it was it a bear and maybe it's a bear and starts contributing and then the people who watched it didn't notice the person in the bear outfit there are only like four or five people in the picture and one of them is dressed like a bear and people could see it they were i like to use the phrase cognitively blind meaning that their eyes were registering it clearly 'cause it was right there a big part of the picture but their brain made it invisible because they weren't expecting it to be there and they were focusing on something else which was counting the number of passes and so it feels like that with this climate report
so the climate report came out and the headline said a new devastating climate report comes out it's dire consequences and catastrophe so that was how the climate report was framed right now every other climate report you've seen i think at least the ones that cnn would report say the same thing right it's dyer is the end of the world let me change is going to kill us so the new one comes out yeah your brain is so primed here another one it's dire or its tire so you see it is dire but i didn't see it that way why is that is it only because i'm primed in the other direction 'cause it could be i could easily be the one who's who's experiencing cognitive dissonance
you can never rule that out 'cause if you're the one experiencing the cognitive dissonance you can tell you're in it that's what it is if you could tell you were in it you wouldn't be having it so maybe its main but i let me propose this i don't know in any world in which a ten percent impact on gdp over eighty years in the context of the gdp probably going up seven hundred percent that is ten percent less than it could have been so nobody so the i don't believe said that in eighty years our gdp will be ten percent less than it is today that's not what they said right fact beyond that there were a little vague about what that ten percent means but i think all they did was count up the doll impact if it happened today and said
well that dollar impact if it happened today would be ten percent of our current gdp was a something like that but the impact isn't happening today it's happening you know spread out over this eighty years so i read the report i said to myself my god this is the first time we've seen a kredible comprehensive report this says the worst case scenario is no big deal a ten percent hit to gdp in the context as i understand it and again i want some fact checking on this i could be totally wrong but it seems to me that what they're saying as it's ten percent less than it could have been meaning that over eighty years it might go up seven hundred and fifty percent but it could have gone up eight hundred and three percent
would we even know the difference in other words if you could fast forward into eighty years now and just appear eighty years from now and look around would you say to yourself my god everything's falling apart i don't think so i think if you could time travel to eighty years now and look around you'd be in a flying car all of your diseases would be cured and and poverty would be eliminated there might be a hurricane or two more than usual but we would be so good at dealing with them that they would be close to zero deaths from any of this stuff so when i heard this report that the worst case scenario is a ten
percent less gdp over eighty years when gdp will go up like immensely during that time i said to myself wow i can stop worrying what did you say to yourself do
you say to yourself it's another dire attack i guess things are worse than we thought because the information didn't say that is said exactly the opposite of that so did you see the monkey with the basketball the bear i guess was a bear with a basketball or did you not see the bear i saw a bear with a basketball just as clear as i saw it when i watched that video after they told me the bear was there the first time i watched it i didn't see the bear either but after i knew it was there i could see it clear as day and when i see this this climber report it looks to me like the worst case scenario if you did nothing is no big deal but since we won't do nothing will actually do a lot in eighty years
and and the the pace of technological change is probably so fast that we can't even they are brain can't even process what will happen in eighty years the odds of this actually being a problem in my mind has fallen from who there's a really good solid chance this is going to have some big big problems that's where i was no well regardless of what percentage is man made in my mind i was thinking this could be a big problem you know i agree that this could be a big problem after seeing the report i think you said it's not a problem now of course there's a trick to this i can only feel come if i'm confident that everybody else is remaining worried
this is the remaining worried part that makes them innovate and make some invent things that make some work on making sure we can manage the climate and make some hard and against earthquakes so i do want the rest of you to worry i'm not telling you you shouldn't worry i want you to worry as much as you want please worry because the more you're worried the more comfortable i am because the right people will be worrying and therefore doing all the things we need to do to remediate against that problem now your old you don't care that's a valid point that my my lifespan suggests that i don't have to worry about what's going to happen in a two years so you're completely right about that however i'm not so sure i won't be alive because as i would be one hundred and forty and it is
clearly within the realm of reasonable expectation that rich people can kind of live forever you know if it if it's not in my lifetime it might lifetime after mine when being rich means you just sort of don't have to die if you don't want to well we'll see if that becomes the case uh why would you want to be one hundred and forty so that's an excellent and so somebody said why would you want to be a hundred and forty and let me give you some context on that because i love the question why would you want to be a hundred and forty who would want that let let me ask you this did you ever think we you are twenty that you would want to be sixty one years old like when you
read to imagine what would it be like to be over sixty holy hell that would be i might as well just die 'cause if you're over sixty bodies falling apart you're not doing anything good here he is is over and above the law i have only big usually the best lifestyle i've ever had at my current age there is no age younger then i had a better situation on every dimension and i'm cool i'm including health i have the best health right now that i've ever had now you're saying but that's completely different scott i get it the sixty is the new forty but you're talking about a hundred and forty and my point is you can can't predict what one hundred and forty looks like in the old days you could in the old days you could say i know exactly what an eighty year old is going to look like
because an eighty year old looks like every other eighty year old who's ever looked like that throughout history but not today today one hundred and forty might be perfect health you cannot rule out and in fact i would think the odds are actually pretty good that by the but that in eighty years somebody is over one hundred years old my feel exactly the way i feel today completely possible remember we're doing gene editing i mean i don't know what's possible if you can mess with the operating system once you can change my operating system stem cells gina thing immuno therapy what would kill me besides a truck and if a truck kills me up by then i will ported my
consciousness into a computer i'm not even sure you can kill me in fact i would go so far as to say there's more chance let me say something provocative too and this periscope if i had to look at the odds and place a bet and going to bat on one of these two possibilities one of them is that i will die and i'll just be that some day just like everybody else right no different than everybody else i'll just i'll get old eventually all the high that's one possibility the other possibility is that i'll live forever in some form or other either my biological body will be continually
we renewed by tweaking the base code or i'll port my personality to machines and live forever in some form i would say the smart money says i live forever if i had to bet it's probably a six thousand and forty i think there's a sixty percent chance i'm already immortal and a forty percent chance or not in twenty years from now when you ask me again i'll bet my as of being immortal or closer to one hundred percent now you're also i'll pass on that i don't want to live forever and keep in mind that the happiest people are generally women in their 40s and 50s could you imagine for those of you who are women who are watching us
imagine when you were sixteen or imagine when you are twenty years old and you thought to yourself what would it be like to be four hours into my 40s and 50s wouldn't you assume then it was worse than being twenty like just common sense doesn't you know the fact that you're yeah kid is and you have your your your health isn't going away in your sex life isn't as good you don't have the freedom you're working a job he got all these problems of being older what do you just as soon
the women in their forties and fifties would be less happy but the studies show the opposite that that's actually your happiest years of your life is you know that the forty to sixty range for women and in fact they stay pretty happy into the road rage so you can't predict how you will feel when you hit that age because and i'm looking at this from the perspective of if you told me the this age would be i would be the most probably having the most influence in the world hello getting the most money the best health best personal life that i've ever had i woulda said you're crazy alright i'm going to end on that note an i will talk to you later
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