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Episode 318 Scott Adams: The Steep Drop in Racism, Climate Change Reporting and Human Shields

2018-11-27 | 🔗


  • CNN top headlines today, racism, racism, racism
  • SPLC tracks racism organizations and events…
    • …but NOT the number of racists?
    • SPLC business model incentives
  • If it wasn’t for the news…would you think racism is rising?
    • MSM is profiting from promoting racism
  • CNN using children as “human shields” for their reporting
    • Kids in cages
    • Now it’s the lady with kids and tear gas in background
  • The good news about climate report…
    • The GDP will increase 700% in 80 years, with a 10% pullback
    • Why isn’t any major news organization picking up on that?
  • Fentanyl/China leader, Xi Jinping, unable to stop Fentanyl problem?
    • China and Xi Jinping, no longer deserve respect
  • Why can’t we duplicate human intelligence in a computer?

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Bump bump bum bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, Bum, Ba Bum bump bump bump bump bum, hey everybody it's time. Finally, a few minutes late getting Here- Sharona Matias, Chris Fuzzy Donna Dabbler Russell get in here, and you know why. You know why. It's because it's time for coffee with Scott Adams and if you're prepared- and I know some of you- are grab your mug grab your stein, your glass, your cup, your container you're jealous and raise it with Maine for the simultaneous ip. Oh.
So I use of the title- maybe perhaps you saw the title of my scope in which I talked about the steep drop in racism in this country. Have you see the story? No, you haven't seen the story I just made that up and normally I would feel bad about just making up stuff, especially about something so important racism. That's important topic, you shouldn't just be making up stuff, about racism. Oh, unless you're the news, 'cause. Apparently you can just make up stuff. So do you, member how yesterday- and I think, the day before I was talking about how the charge of racism had just disappeared from CNN suddenly went from the biggest issue too
just disappeared and I try- and I don't know how many CNN producers follow me on periscope, but man was a little over compensating today today, the entire first block. You know the the top headlines on the, left where it was all racism? It was every angle you could have on racism and, of course, most of it is let's say, not legit for example, one of their articles again repeats the the hoax that they're actually reporting, as fact that the presidents of the White Supremacists and Charlotte School were fine people. Now, of course, that didn't happen. He said that the people on both sides of the statute question, which is a lot more than the few people who were marching. He said that they were good people.
both sides of the question about the statue. But again again, CNN allowed an opinion person to report it, as fact without any into now normally you would be kicked off a website if you refuse something, that's not a fact as a fact that she should be enough to get you no longer able to write opinion pieces for CNN, but apparently that's almost a requirement these days, but here's the funny part the top two articles on CNN about racism. Of course it has to be about Trump right. So here's the first headline, it says: Obama's victory, lifted millions Americans, but for white supremacists he lit a powder keg that was exacerbated by Trump's victory right. So the first story is that the election of President Obama, a black.
working uh made racism go up. Here's the second story, Trump says he's, not a racist. Well, that's good, but the second part of the title is that's not how white Nationalist see it and you read the story. and the second story is that racism went up because President Trump was elected now. The first story just to some prize. The first story is it: racism went up because President Obama was elected the second sorry is it. Racism went up because President Trump was elected. Therefore, therefore, right, if those are, if those two claims are true and we're going to talk about how true those claims are, but if those change, if those two things are true, what has the trend taught us
I think it taught us. The CNN is going to report that racism is up no matter what happens if Elizabeth Warren became our next president would CNN report. Racism is down, probably not probably not. and how do we know racism is up or down? Have you ever wondered at? How do you measure weather racism is up, now. We've already determined that the racist groups, the few people, that I will go on camera and say, races, stuff and, and there okay being quoted in their their picture taken so that group of geniuses. I will tell you that they have been inspired if a black man becomes president or a white, and
president, I'm pretty sure, they're going to say they got inspired, no matter what aren't they in the job of recruiting so CNN talks to the people who are literally in charge of recruiting other races and they say hey is the news causing you to be better or worse at recruiting. is the racist going to say you know it's really bad for this is in these days people are being flexible. Colon open minded all over the place. It's really bad for business. Racism is way down. Recruiting. Recruiting is really being impacted by all the good stuff. That's happening, said no racist ever if your job is to recruit What do you say? No matter what, when somebody puts a microphone in front of you You don't say: yeah things aren't going my way. Everybody is being kind
to each other? I didn't see this happening. It's really bad day for racism. They do not say that now, if you're, a professional racist who job it is to recruit other races to your little racist society or whatever? no matter what is happening in the world if they put a microphone in front of your face? What are you going to say Yeah we're really inspired now we're in. Inspired by Obama. We're inspired by Trump were inspired by anything happens, basically whoever's Who is President Bernie Bernie Sand, This is president wow. I'm inspired so First thing you have to understand is: if you put a microphone in front of a racist recruiter, he's going to say, business is good. That's always going to say, doesn't matter what YO Now, how do you measure? How do you fact check
The you know the racist. Well, as luck would have it. There is an organization. Whose primary reason for existing financially financially being a keyword they make their money. By reporting on racist organizations, an racist, some events, so if there's a racist event. They report it so that they, Capture the mall- and we know what's happening with racist events, which is very important here- is called the southern Poverty law center. Now, if your job, let me just walk you through the logic, let's say it's your job, It's a new sort of a new industry right. We we have been reporting on racism in a
here way for hundreds of years. Rather it's sort of knew that we have this organization, the southern Poverty LAW center and that their job is to track races. Now, if it's your job. and you get money for it and the money makes you happy and the money allows you to have a good life and you like money, do you think money has anything to do with your decisions? I'm going to say yes, so for example. Do you think the southern Poverty LAW center is likely to report that racism is trending down sharply because they did. The people, paying them might be tempted to say, looks like this problem of solving itself.
We don't really need reporting is just down every year. You cannot expect the group that controls the data uses probably some degree of subjectivity, but it does look like the route. The it does. Look like the groups are reporting are legitimately races groups. I think that part is probably act, but have you noticed what they track If you were going to measure, let's say you had access to any kind of data, so you could you could any kind of data anything you are magic, what is the way you would measure racism in this country. Now there might be a number of the way you look at you look at violence for sure you would look at the number of organizations that are explicitly racist organizations.
sure in the southern Poverty law center looks at both of those things. That's really good right, so you should be tracking the number of organizations and they are, and you should be tracking the number of events. You know the violent events that are, he pays. You should track those things, but once missing isn't the thing? That's missing. The number of races? Wouldn't that be the most uh, illuminating number, just how many racist the committee, there could easily be more organizations but fewer races. I don't know if that's likely, I don't know if that's true, I'm not going to make that claim But don't you want to know the number of people as a percentage of the country or
even as a rule number both would be good. So I notice that the southern Poverty LAW center does not count number of people who identify as racist and it could be there's no way to track that. Maybe people just don't admit it. So, instead as a proxy, they tracked the number of events and the number of organizations. Now, if you are paid need to track the number of racist organizations. Do you think that next year you will find more of them or next year there? You will find fewer of them or next year? You will find that basically it's the same number as last year, which of those get you paid next year, more of them right if they started reporting well, it looks good we're. Trending in the right direction. There's fewer,
groups. Every year, woo woo and by the way we said there were one thousand of them last year, however, many that I think there about one thousand. Actually, we said there were thousand last year and you know it looks like at least one hundred of them were just a website by a guy in a basement, so we're taking that off the list. So really it's down under this year, they're not going to say that so not in the business. To tell you there's: racism, so the one, the one and only keepers of how much racism there is are strongly scented to say, there's more and it does make me wonder what it takes to be a racist organization, how many people have to be in the group before you're a racist organization. That's a serious question: if there's a website that says: hey we're racist group were meeting on Tuesday,
Pretty sure you get on the list right, the southern Poverty LAW center is probably not going to drive to your down your town in you know Harry, but Montana the they're not going to drive into your little town and hairy butt Montana, which I'm sure is the name of a town. An and ring up the races and say: hey we're doing we're doing some research on all the racist you've got a website. It says you meet on Tuesday. Can I confirm that your real organization, and not a guy in a basement with a website- I don't think they do that, do they? Yes, I meant Harry Butte, not but of course, so Hairy Butte MT home of a guy with a website gets counted. Now. If there is some, let's say, there's some ambiguity, let's say you're in charge
counting the number of races organizations and some of them are sort of on the margin. You look at me like that. I could see why somebody would say it is, but I can see that they don't really say there are ways of premises. So is a fair to call them that when they don't say that of themselves. Which way is the southern Poverty LAW Center Catalin, which way gets you paid? you can always lean in the direction. I guess should pay it unless there's something you know mentally wrong with you. So I have made the statement that racism is in steep decline I don't believe, there's any evidence against that statement. Now I don't know, I'm not saying that, like I really know it's true or that I should put into is true instinct, so this is my
this is my instincts just living and breathing in the real world and interacting with real people and just being alive for as many years as I have. I want to test this against your own instincts. If there was no such thing as the news, what do you notice that it that racism is on the rise Because there's nothing happening in my town, my life, my family, my experience, there's nothing happening that I could identify as a rise in racism. Nothing will absolutely nothing. There's no gray area now, of course, I hear about racist events, but I only hear about them on the news. That's partly because of where I live a
low crime area in things work pretty well here, but you know I'm sure if you live somewhere else, maybe you'd hear about it all the time, but my feeling is so here's my here's, my well like all this, I'm going to call it true until Somebody can prove it prove to me it isn't. So this is my belief, I'll just call the belief subject to correction and if somebody could fact check this, I would I would like to know it would be good to know. My belief is that racism has steadily declined every year, My life would anybody disagree with that. And that has also declined this year. 'cause keep in mind most people don't follow the news, it's actually it's actually a rarity to follow the news and people, don't necessarily believe
news. So the news is, you know saying if it bleeds, it bleed. So, if there's any kind of violence- and they can put any kind of a racial element on that- and it makes it a better story, so the news is all racism, racism, racism and I'm not for for not one minute MIA diminishing the importance of the story really does help. It probably does help that they report it because it keeps us in check. Maybe it's a maybe it acts as a you know. A way to you know, keep it down or something. So I think the racism stories are important and they talk about an important thing what it feels like. There is less racism on the ground, then any time in american history. Maybe any time in human history? That's what it feels like now, maybe because I'm not black, I don't. I don't have the sensitivity to it, I'm just not seeing it.
but I would love to. I would love to know the experience of let's say a an adult black family. Let no less somebody who's older. Let's say somebody who's a forty year old, black man or woman who doesn't follow the news there there that's important. They don't follow the news or not being influenced by the news. Well, what they say with they say: yeah racism is worse this year than it's ever been they might and if they, if they did say that I would be very alarmed, but if they don't follow the news, I think the on the ground is just less every year and here's how I would define less um, your white business owner and a black job applicant comes in. Are you likely to discriminate compared to
let's say last year to me, it seems like the ability to get a job, the ability to marry anybody. You want to marry the ability to get a free associate, the ability to be friends, the you know the cross fallen, polarization to me it seems like it's better than ever. I remember my late step son who passed away this year but I remember when he was young, maybe eight hundred or so, and I would go into his bedroom and he would have one he had. One poster on his wall so hero, so is only one poster that thought it was important enough to put it in as well and of course it was Michael Jordan right, so only the only person that he wanted to idolize in the sports world was a black adult male.
And then you look at His- I guess was in I bought at the time- and you say, show me what music you're listening to and would be all young black artists. so all of his musical preferences, his sporting preferences and then the way he dressed so he only wanted to dress in a way that was sort of you know inspired by that culture, and you know it, so you use the the widest little kid. In his world he was born into a world where being black was the best thing ever. now I don't, I don't know that he would say it that way. So I don't want to. I wouldn't put words in his mouth, but his his impression of the world is that being a famous black person was that's his role model
now was that true, when you were a kid most of your adult's, probably not, right you, your you, also had your your heroes. Some of them were black. Some of them were white, but in his era you know the kids that are born today. It's completely different, yeah, the the whole black white thing doesn't mean anything like it used to mean when I was a kid, so it seems to me that racism is just drinking every year and a lot of it just has to do with how much interaction you have you have the more you interact, the less the less the race matters because in in the daily interaction it just doesn't come up and and then you become friends, you become co workers you become lovers, you become whatever you're becoming, but I'm I'm gonna. I'm gonna put that stake in the ground. The
if you did not watch the news. Your daily life would suggest that the racism is the lowest it has ever been now might also be true that were more willing to talk about it and complain about it than we ever have been, so it could be that people are just feel more calm all talking about it as a topic, because it's in the news, because there's a president Trump, because the last president was a President Obama, those two things just give us. You know they trigger us to talk about the topic. But my guess is things about her all right, that's the I I've noticed that CNN has taken a new approach to the news which I would call using children as human shields. You know in war areas like Syria and Iraq, you'd hear that the bad people
we're taking the women in the children and using them as human shields, so that you wouldn't bomb them, because if you did you'd kill the children as well and I noticed that about CNN, so CNN wants to be. You know the anti Trump network and they are, and so their approach to immigration is not to talk about not to talk about assimilation rates and crime and you know rule of law and what what what laws we should pass there to stay away from that as they would not have a strong position there 'cause most people a good set of rules. You know and and actually the country I think, is not that far off on immigration, it's more like the government is not far off so, how did they cover it? They say Trump is putting kids in cages. In other words, they are creating a story that you can't argue again
Zte without sounding like you're, in favor of putting children in cages. You can't argue against a story: it's like a using children as human shields. Now you know if you were being objective and nobody is objective, but if it, if it were possible, you say well: Obama put kids in cages. Do you know? they were just less of it and the reason there was less of it is that it was a trend that had started under Obama and simply continued because nobody was stopping it. So the president tried to stop it, which temporarily created more children in cages which gave CNN, now they're doing the same thing with the caravan. Have you noticed the caravan coverage I talked about this yesterday. There's that one photo of
the woman with two little children and their say was a mateer gas or pepper spray, or something going off like fifty feet away from them. Now, if you were to talk about that objectively, you, say stuff like well. It looks like the caravan was using these poor people pushing them in front to make it a point to make it a new story, and CNN fell for it or rock writers sell for whoever took the picture, but everybody reported it and and you you would talk about it objectively, but they're using these pictures of the children in the and it's not tear gases. Thank you. They said it was proper pepper gas or something so they're saying that if you were to argue against whatever position, they're are putting forward that you would be in favor of pepper spraying children
so CNN is literally taking children as human shields for their new stories, so you can't criticize them like well, you could criticize our position on immigration laws, 'cause! I would just be talking bout laws, that's fine, but can you criticize us when we say it's wrong to pepper spray, a child? That's our position, our position is that it's wrong to pepper, spray's child. Every you say, I'm going to in into you in favor of pepper spraying children. Our position is it's wrong to put children in cages. Whatever you say, I'm going to say: that makes you in favor of children in cages, so children as human shields? Let's talk about the climate report Ann The financials have you heard anybody else besides me.
say that the climate port climate report from just a financial perspective is actually good news, because a ten percent hit to the dp over eighty years when the GDP is going to go up by multiples there's the GDP will be up this much, but the climate Four seven, a don't get so happy about it being up this much in eighty years, because it's really only gonna be up this much yeah. This is good. There's gonna be a ten percent head over that time. Has anybody but me. Have you heard anybody say They have literally reported good news that it's not that big, a problem. Yes, we have to do all the things we can do. to make sure it doesn't get worse and you would do those things anyway for green energy to make the world a better place.
Somebody said the Wall Street Journal did I haven't seen that link, so somebody can send me that link, but are you. Are you surprised the number one no one has debunked what I said. In other words matter what I say even on these periscopes, Most of you are or sort of friendly to my message as it were, so I would track here and that it would be normal for ninety five percent of you to agree with most. things I say, which is the reason you're here in the first place, because there is a type of message. That's not with you, but no matter what I say and you've noticed here, Arthur always at least five percent of the people who say my God, Scott. You can't do math, you, don't know the data, here's a link, you idiot, you moron, have you notice that that's a very consistent thing, but on this
one topic where I said, I'm looking at the same number as you are, and ten percent is a small number prove me wrong. Can you have you seen even one person on this periscope or
anywhere else in the world go directly. At that point and say no ten percent over eighty years is actually a big number and it's a catastrophe. Has anybody supported their own side in in the in the in the same zip code? As my point somebody said, I just made an argument. I didn't see it hi Wall Street Journal says it won't crash the economy. Well, our so the Wall Street Journal makes. The same point is amazing. Now I have you seen that point on either I haven't seen on Fox, and I haven't seen it on cnn- certainly not going to see it on MSNBC would.
who? Would you say that? That's that that version of analysis is just being ignored or smothered or people don't know which it sounds right or not? It was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal all right. So here's the thing. Why is it an opinion piece? So if the, if the closest that message got to being a mainstream message, is an appeal? Yes, it never made it to the news. Didn't the original report itself make it to the news you're, not just the opinion. The the climate report that just came out was reported as news. It wasn't reported as an opinion, because it is news, it's actual news. You should be reported as news.
but my point that ten percent is a small number compared to how big the gdp will be by then. That's also just true right: it's not an opinion. Is it and I like This is what I'm saying is that I don't believe I'm saying something, that's an opinion. It feels to me that it's just mathematically obvious, as in two two is four- is not my opinion. It's just the way. The way math works, um both were opinion. You say So look for look for how widely my opinion is completely unchallenged and still not reported. it's kind of interesting. Isn't it and I don't really have a? I guess the best Theory for why that would be now. Let me put.
it's a little bit of context, you probably know by now that all of the major News outlets, follow my periscopes and if I say something provocative that they can mock, it becomes a headline story. I think most of you have seen that right. You see me say stuff on periscope. And then a day later, they'll be a feature article somewhere in which they'll say Dilbert cartoonist says dumb stuff. Here's why we think he's an idiot or Dilma Cartoonist says something useful. So we're gonna talk about it? You've seen how often the rest of the media copy is what I say here or reports of the remarks that right it's a normal thing. I I I have high visibility, the end yeah and I get picked up by a lot of outlets. Now why it
Why are they so silent on this one point, both pro pro and anti now? My guess is that the people who who think I might be right that ten percent is telling us there's not much of a big problem. I think those people are not confident that that they can get away with that opinion. In other words, if they report it they're not they're, not economists and they're, probably thinking for themselves, he does sound right. Ten percent doesn't sound like a big big deal if you're looking at eighty years uh and the fact by the way the ten percent only happens. If we don't do anything about it, so the base assumption that even gets you to the worst case scenario of ten percent is almost certainly unlikely to happen, so it's not even ten percent is probably closer to zero. My gas, if I had to guess I would say the impact based on the report.
Based on their own report, I'm not making up my own report. I'm saying that the report that the government said that was reported as a catastrophe By their own report, says: that's only if you don't do anything to help it. In eighty years and eighty here is we're going to do plenty of stuff? Will be able to suck the c two out of the air if we care will be able to see the clouds will be able to geoengineer the whole planet in eighty years, did you factor in economic growth from climate change? My guess is that the ten percent did not do anything. Complicated in terms of figuring out, you know the anything from the the engine, the value of money all about they didn't include stuff, like inflation, anything else that would make it at least a complicated analysis, all
so I saw a headline that said that Fentanyl China might be humiliated and embarrassed by, upcoming G twenty meeting this week, maybe tomorrow or so in which president she is reportedly unlikely to reach agreement with President Trump on terrace, to which I say good good. I don't think we should make any deal with China. So I read yesterday that one of the reasons, one of the reasons that China is acting slow or at least not acting effectively against the Sentinel Producers- is that they have an archaic drug approval classification system and
The story is with the story, goes that because you can take sentinel and change a little bit until it's a different chemical, but it does the same thing that every time I try to classified as a new fentanyl variety. As the the drug users, the drug dealers, just change it a little bit in the lab, and now it's legal again until China catches up the argument is that the Chinese Legal drug classification system is too slow compared to the United States, where I believe fact check beyond this. I believe that our classification, more broad, so that if you made up of a variety, the offense and all it would still be illegal under our system or is still be classified the safest rental. Now does it seem to you, the China can't solve
that problem. Does it seem even a little bit likely that yeah. We understand that China is bureaucratic, things, don't work. The same things take a long time. but doesn't even seem a little bit even a little bit kredible that they can't solve this problem. That is as easy as saying. Oh, let's do what America did and classify the you know the whole group of drugs, even if they are a little bit different. You think that China can't figure that out. Do you think the president? She can't pick up the phone and tell whoever's in charge of that say: hey,
classifying these and with too much detail, you know just just say the whole with the whole range of am, is illegal and then we'll be done with us. Can you take care of that by tomorrow? Thank you, President XI goodbye. Do you think that China can solve that problem in twenty four hours? I don't, and so when, when the news
sorry I've got it. She knows this is where I hit it with my nose itches 'cause. It looks like I'm doing something else, but it's literally just the edge um. So the headline which was interesting that I treated was that China would be humiliated at the G20 and I think that's the word. That's the operative word. This should be treated by President ST she, as a total humiliation, he's going he's going to the G20 to talk about international trade, and he can't even make a phone call think about that think how ineffective and embarrassing that would be to be the head of China, and you can't solve this problem that could be solved with one phone call and
back. You don't even have to make a phone call. If you're the President of China, you could just turn to your chief of staff, whatever whatever they call them there and say, hey chief of staff, could you go tell our version of the FDA just to classify all that fencible stuff the same and just make it all illegal? And then the chief of Staff says ok I think I can have that done in an hour and president. She apparently can't get that done now. Some people are saying it's intentional, its strategic, it's part of the negotiations, okay, I'm okay with you, thinking that if you're, okay with me saying that their humiliating themselves in public and making a laughing stock of China, China no longer deserves respect. I would you know if you ask me
You know a year ago. Do you respect China? I would say: well they do some. They do a lot of things. I don't like you know a lot of things I don't like, but you really how to respect that? Well they run you have to respect that they're doing a good job for China yeah, you have to respect where they were and how far they've come to to be a major power. and a year ago, I would have said you gotta, respect China and in fact I've said lots of glowing things about their. You know they have engineers in charge of things which I kinda like, because they make rash decisions, but I'd say in the past year they have disgraced themselves to the point where you can no longer afford them, respect and president. She is really the the architect of that. So you know he's he's, got to take the responsibility,
No somebody. Somebody asked me on Twitter yesterday, they were concerned about me and they said that they hope the China wasn't watching my periscopes at the at the implication being that China might somehow act against me. You know or kill me or something, and I thought to myself: nobody wants to die. Well, some people do, but most people don't want to die what it would actually be worth it my case. If, China murdered me. It's not gonna happen, but if China murdered me- and they did it because I'm talking out about their sentinel trade, it wouldn't be good for the fans and all business, I'm a little bit too high profile for that. So I see
You don't want to get in a fight with somebody who's willing to die. It is the is the ultimate fighting you don't want to get into. If China wants to pick a fight with me, I am actually willing to die on this issue. There are too many what issues I'd be willing to die for, but if I have to take a bullet to reduce the fountain, all destined this country, thirty thousand deaths a year- if, if me taking a bullet, could reduce the number of- espy ten thousand here you know- I don't think it would, but hypothetically if it, if all it did was raise. The rate is the the profile of the issue so that people can work on They got more funding, got more attention made a difference. I would take a bullet for that. Would you not I mean if you were. If you were in the military, and you know you could sacrifice yourself sent to save ten thousand people somewhere else. Would you do it?
Well, I hope so we have an entire military. You know my understanding. My understanding is that one hundred percent of the people who are in the military would take a bullet to save ten thousand people. So if China takes me out uhm, it's just not going to be good for China, but it might save alot of people all right. What would the simulation respond? You ask. I love that question because, as I've said before, there's so much of me on on public digital media? You know there's so much. In my opinion, my personality, my my my physicality, what I look like how I talk, how I move my hands? Every part of that is part of the permanent record and will live forever on the internet.
So anybody who wants to bring me back in the future, they can do it all. The parts are there now all right so. Somebody says and my real or a I so I've said this before, but I'm doing a series and dilbert you'll see in I think about a month. You'll see is here. Is I've said this before that? The the real reason we can't create artificial intelligence is that we're trying to you were trying to duplicate it in a computer, the the intelligence that humans have and we keep saying how come I can't duplicate human intelligence in my computer. Why is it so hard? It seems like we should have been done by now. We've been talking about ai for so long and we have a little bit of it, but it feels like it would be more human like by now MIKE we duplicate human intelligence and there's
real funny answer. You can't duplicate something that doesn't exist. Human intelligence is literally not in a jokey sense, an illusion. If you were to program a computer to act like a human, it would be a hot mess because look at look at twitter. You would have to get rid of all of its logic. You have to get rid of the area as a book or a willingness to look a context you would have to you know the a I would have to be emotional. It would have to call you a racist, no matter what you said The ai would would have to be crippled. From what it already is in order to be dumb enough and irrational enough to mimic human intelligence, and so I can't I can't emphasize this enough, I'm not joking
I'm not joking. This is literally why we can't develop artificial intelligence. We're trying to do something that logically can't be done. You can't make a copy of something that isn't there and that's what we're trying to do we're trying to make the copy of something that never existed in the first place, and we can't figure out why the copy doesn't look right. Um. What do I want for Christmas? Well, I have to tell you that many of you know I've been taking drum lessons online.
so I have an online drum teacher every couple weeks. We get together on Ipad and an I get a drum lessons. I had a digital drum set, but the digital drum set, while they have some advantages, just doesn't really sound like a drum set, and so I bought myself for Christmas, a drum set which turns out to be really hard, if, if you're, not a drummer, you can't really buy a drum set. Did you know that, like I thought I would just go on a line on on, I thought I would go on Amazon. You know just look for a good drum sets. You know, because I can afford to get the good one. You know just you know by jumps up, nobody sells at. Did you know that. did you know you can't buy a drum set unless you buy like a low end. Kit you buy the low end, it will sell you a set of all the stuff you need that looks like a drum kit as soon as
get up to the mid, the mid range and you look to shop for a drum set And you say: oh here's one. This looks exactly like what I want and then you click the details and it says, does not come with a snare drum like that's. The most common thing does not come with a snare drum and like snare drum. Eighty percent of everything you do on the drums is a snare drum and then it says does not come with the hardware that sort of holds them in place and I'm thinking it doesn't come with the stuff that holds it in place. What do you do? Put it on the floor? No, you have to figure out how to get a separate, a separate. a snare drum had a separately by the hardware and then you've got to find a kit. Has. The right number of things for the thing you're buying and then the symbols, didn't you think that if you brought it bought a junket, it would come with symbols right, 'cause, every drum kit as symbols. So if you buy one, of course it comes with symbols.
no, oh, no, you do not want to buy a drum kit and symbols as a package. 'cause you're not going to get the good stuff, so you have to separately shop and figure out what you want for symbols. Now you said yourself well, there can't be that many options right. Oh yes, there are there a lot of symbols and it turns out that there's a really big difference and if you don't get the good ones, you're going to regret it forever and don't go cheap on symbols. People tell me um so I was lucky enough to contact somebody at Sweetwater. That's big music store and they have a you have to be a drummer. So he talked me through. You need this in this and even the simplest stuff, so
says. I knew I wanted three symbols, but all the pictures showed for- and I was like I- how why can I buy three symbols? Woman called all basic drum kits have have three right after high hat your grass you ride, and he explains name of it looks like it's four symbols, but is really three because the high that is to symbols, just basic stuff that you wouldn't know how to navigate until somebody who's. Actually, a drummer tells you and then it gets worse. So so then he mentioned something about drum covers, and I said drum covers meaning the surface of the drug that you actually, with with the stick and- and he says, yeah you wanna, you wanna, replace those answer, replace some how long? How long will it take for the one,
is that I buy with the drums to wear out and he goes. I know you probably want to replace it on the first day like what he goes. Yeah, nobody likes. Nobody likes the drum covers that come with the drums. You know people replace them 'cause, they get some better sound and I said, ok. Well, I don't want to do that. 'cause. Apparently it's a big pain in the ask. You have to take apart the drawn and fit it in there and tighten it up and re tune it anyway. If you're, not a drum player, retuning is going to be a problem right 'cause. You don't have memory, Of what is supposed to sound like so I said: well, ok, what can you point me toward the drum set that already has a good drum head on it, so I don't have to do that at least until it wears out- and he said they don't make those- and I said, are you telling Maine that the drum industry, which is very advanced industry, lots of big players? Are you telling me that the drum
industry doesn't make a drum that you would want to play. If you knew how to play drums- and he said true- you actually killed by drums that a good drum player would want to play. You can only buy parts of things that you can. You can call pull together to make your own personal situation. Are you freaking kidding me and twenty eighteen? I can't buy a drum set. I have to compile it myself from parks and that's that's the state of the state of the industry. Anyway. That's enough of that I'll talk to you all later.