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Episode 319 Scott Adams: False Memories, Chinese Re-Education Camps, Facebook Racists

2018-11-28 | 🔗


  • Jerome Corsi being interviewed by Mueller team
    • Were they attempting to plant false memories?
    • Implanting false memories study: 70% successful
  • Trade war pain hits both sides
    • The concept is that it hits your opponent worse than you
    • Of course you suffer also
  • Re-Education camps in China for the Uyghur…till they’re “normal”
    • Muslim beliefs treated as a dangerous medical problem
  • DHS reports 600 known criminals are in the caravan
    • How do they know that?

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a bump bump bump bump bump hey everybody hello aaron jack ensure ronan tyler and the rest of you come on in here we allow us talk about and i think you know what time it is you do now you know it's time for coffee was got elms join me now grab your stein you're beverage you're you're your cup your muggers stein you're jealous and have the simultaneous up right now i got a bunch of stories
let me start with the some things i tweeted there was a student group college students who have been working for here's to try to develop a inexpensive twenty thousand dollar house and they showed a picture of the twenty thousand dollar house that they say they can build and i applaud the effort some a big fan of the process of trying to created design having having some particular things you're trying to accomplish working and over time to improve it but i'll say the headline twenty thousand alone is a little bit misleading as many people have suggested the land would cost much more than that the process of getting something
approved and any locale would cost more than twenty thousand dollars and in my town it would cost you more than twenty thousand dollars just to get a permit and i'm not a permit to specifically but all of the approvals so you should not believe any story about a twenty thousand dollar house for poor people and an ever a few criticisms although i love the process the thought i love the the attitude of it what is that the house itself is just god awful ugly and i just can't believe that has to be the case i don't believe that design necessarily has to cost more so that's the first problem what it was built for me it appears to be told not from a living perspective from me what's it costs to build a perspective so i would say on a scale of one to ten
where ten is learning how to build a good luck mobile home for people who do not have much money twenty thousand dollar houses closer to it to any town ten meaning that we're not even close to what we could get too but i love the fact that they took it from zero to two it's the right direction so directly i will be joining the body of the blight authority you ve heard about it a lot on fox and friends on friday morning less though whether gets in the way i'll be ship it s a little bit too had to new york and wool will tell you some suggestions for what to do with a bullet cleared landed the inner cities in one of the the main things that is important and other people and pointed this out
is it it doesn't really work to take a nice house no matter what it cost it doesn't really work to take a nice house and just plop it into a bad place and then filled with people who don't really have the training tonight manage their in other finances manage the home etc she after approach and a sort of assistant problem yo you might have to build a community that then how's the people who were in it to coming and and experience are a little world within the community and then maybe have a chance but there's a lot more you have to do a lot more than just get the cost of construction them so the first next there is secretary of state powell bail as they a article in the wall street journal in which he defends working with saudi arabia and he lines all the things that we have there we have that we were
with saudi arabia to accomplish everything from trying to figure out what going on with yemen trying to marianne trying to get something going with the we base something about we all its unreservedly and i thought it was a good article that laid out the case now as i watched people make reasonable arguments about things i have noticed that the what i call the i hate to uses raise but it just works the liberal approach approached arguing if you haven't noticed is to use
orgasm instead of reasons of notices to use sarcasm as if it's a reason and it works like this i have to ask they'll come in so let's say i make a claim the two plus two equals for unless i do it and i say two plus two equals for now you know that whoever is on the other side of the political divide has to disagree with it sometimes there are things that are hard to disagree with and so instead they critical a man and they'll say something like this all card boy says to blow though it calls for a look everybody two plus two because for us oh you calls for do you believe it cable have you seen this have you seen this guy check this out
this is just like all the mistakes is ever made in the past or put into this one one new mistake to plus that we call for answering so we're we're seeing a lot of that with the air with saudi arabia situation because as one of those deals where pretty much everybody in the same situation would act the same way another if they really wanted to help the country they would prefer we work with saudi arabia given given all of the variables that are in place but since we have to take sides you have taking sides again something that they would do you see same thing with e these so called gassing of women and children at the border nobody is blind to the fact this is a normal procedure that apparently obama did many times on the border and the
easily usually what is at stake the space gas whatever's vehicle the reason you use it is this the least bad thing you can do and of all the alternatives so who were who is it who would pick a pepper mayor who is it who supports doing the most dangerous thing or not right everybody agrees if were in the same situation they will do whatever is the safest thing to do it turns out the lobbying a few pepper spray cannisters into the onto the others i kind of is the safest thing you can do so what are you how do you argue against doing this safest you can do given the situation well i'll tell you how oh so now we just shoot projectiles a tool and women
so you are you're like that because i don't know what you can argue now keep in mind then anybody watching this will now say cartoonist favours guessing what children now i know how to play this game so let me say as clearly as possible no children engages in oh guessing women and children so i'm just gonna do it all of the children in the argument say which is just forget about the big picture and just talk about them the little picture so that's what i'm doing because people seem to like that now that i'll area story of the day is that there is an african american ex facebook employee who is coming he was going after facebook for not having enough black people on the staff and so facebook he says is a much use platform by the african american community but the
boys within facebook or only four percent black in saying that the other needs to be something done about that now here's the interesting thing people have suggested that this would be the case that the view that the liberal entities would start eating themselves but i'm looking to facebook and i'm looking at all the tech companies who are you almost under present not on percent but that their over wellman lee left leaning the employees in silicon valley the employees and facebook etc and i think to myself how is it that the whitest or at least the least diverse group of people in the world have become the standard bearers for diversity
how is it how is it that ever made sense to us that the group of people that is the least diverse are the champions of diversity in other words its it's their biggest issue is racial equality inclusive anti your you're equality that those the biggest issues but am i wrong to say that the worst offenders sir the big complainers also the worst offenders i usually don't do the yoda hypocrisy things like all use are those but you're doing this i always think the hypocrisy claim is ridiculous this is more like a puzzling situation it's not calling them hypocrites i'm just saying how are you how do you reckon
silent how do you reconcile being clearly and factually the worst offenders at the same time we are the biggest proponents and you're the most aggressive proponents i'm not doing what you're doing this interesting situation let's talk about jack for subjects tweet this morning in which he talked about david course see sometimes called an associate of roger stone that's if you dont like president trump if you do like president trump he's called a new york times best seller harvard graduate oh drunkards right so and so brave whether the topic is a doctor
forty and being interviewed by apparently the mahler team and there was the report now let me let me clarify there i have no way to know what did or did i happen in a room that i wasn't in so so there's nothing that i'm going to say this invalidate the facts of the story because i don't know the facts but the facts that are reported that i'll just read over the next few hours is a linsky and re them especially the interval worse on the multi would use any number of techniques to push me meaning doktor coarsely we pushed me to remember a source finally the linsky said quote doktor cosy many people find they have to put themselves back in time to a particular dave in place
remember precisely what happened silly scale suggested there should go back to my trip to italy putting my self mentally back to july and august twenty sixteen i put my and up to my forehead close my eyes and tried to engage seriously in the regression exercise think i see someone tell me about yourself and i finally said trying to imagine myself in italy was of a man or a woman re asked with obvious enthusiasm that the prosecutors may finally be breaking through a mental block they presumed i had think it was a man i responded then i it is ridiculous was as i was beginning to invent people and make things up just a so there are persistent questions but really struck me as preposterous that serious u s dead department of justice your legs linsky what asked me to use this type of regression technique used by hacks promising to unlock for gullible clients
past lives embellishments to enrich otherwise troubled present existences so so the claim here or that the topic i guess is whether or not an investigator can plant false memories in somebody their interview and the answer is yes yes so unambiguously bs these facts happened the way their reported and that support i can't confirm or deny i wasn't there gave reminded everyone involve them in the mahler investigation is unreliable there are no reliable characters and any of this unending this drama xo even the people mean to be right or sometimes getting things wrong
so nothing's reliable but if it's true they questions were asked in this nature is this the type of approach just systems wise and process wise they could implant a false memory and the answer is yes i also retweeted this morning a youtube video of a researcher who shows that being done so if you don't believe that you can implant
memory with this technique watch the video and you can watch actual people believe they remembered committing crimes that they did not believe that after the people that the researcher tested what percentage of them do you think we had a false memory that the researcher and plant it would you say ten percent would you say ten percent of people gotta false memory because it was sort of suggested to them now is higher and higher than ten percent would you say twenty five now now is set seventy percent seventy percent of the people with minimal effort generated a false memory of committing a crime when they were younger now i i don't think that given the
there's one one study i would not say the seventy percent is necessarily something that you could reproduce so i wouldn't put too much faith in the seventy percent part but why you should put faith in is that they can easily be done whether this thirty percent or twenty five or seventy year ninety percent is a little less important than the fact that it is a real phenomenon so let me just put that out there that's a lot of what we think is reality is now now another topic i see a lot of people are coming after me here on twitter lately in their noticing there for example farmers are having a tough time and gm is laying off people and they say to me something like whole scot i couldn't wait
overdue your twitter feed rub it in your face because as you can see just like every but he's smart nos eight a tariff wore a trade war never works for anybody is bad for the people who do it whoever starts a trade or they always lose just look at the facts look at the history look at the data look at the studies if you start to train or and always turns by have seen let me address that number one what do these people will think a trade war was if not something that hurts both sides so the fact that
trade war is hurting your own side in some ways in the short term is not proof that it's a bad idea it simply a description of what it is a trade war is both parties hurting each other until somebody winds or something changes right so you can claim credit for what everybody knew was going to happen because that's exactly what it was it's a trade war now the question about whether you can never when a trade war and therefore you should never get into one thousandth as order depend on was situation your starting with because for example if you had a deal that was kind of close to even
but you started a trade war i would probably be bad for everybody because the best you can come up with is probably something else is close to it but if you start with trade that is uneven you can take a lot of pain and worthwhile in the long run to even in up so if you're telling me that historically is always better to back down in negotiations i would say i would really like to be in the negotiations with you because the people who think the best strategy for negotiating is to give in because otherwise the other side will do something bad you you might be the dumbest people in the world i mean undervalued major who is the dumbest person in the world but the general concept that if he really negotiation your best strategy is always to surrender because that's what not having
a trade war is is simply accepting what the other side is giving you in what world is surrendering a hundred pounds under the time better than us or entering in a negotiation my experiences kind to the opposite lemme give you my best negotiating tipp you're ever gonna hear slightly off point but it's a good it's good learning experience so back when i was offered a contract to be a syndicated cartoonist i had never been a cartoonist and getting this indication contract and though this indication cells your conduct all the big newspapers so the big break for a cartoonist is to become syndicated so when somebody offers you contract to be syndicated cartoonist that is the biggest deal in your life is a totally transforming experience
and so the sunlit you gave me a contract there was sore like china negotiating with the united states right their initial contract said we want everything and you will have nothing exaggerated but it was a very uneven contract which is normal the normal situation is the first offer is sort of an aggressive offer and they don't expect you to accept all of it now normally in their situation you'd say oh no the biggest indication company has all the power because if they don't pick me they'll just pick somebody else and so there is nothing i can do because i have no negotiating leverage fortunately my background was not in art my backing
and was in as it turns out negotiating so i literally negotiated contracts for eleven during my corporate life there wasn't my entire corporate life or lose a big part of it and i had a mba and economics degree and had seen enough of the world from the corporate side to know the following fact here it is a fact that i knew that made me a fortune and the fact goes like this if a big company cs indication company makes you an offer and then enters into a negotiation because this is a lengthy process than the ghosts of the sort of thing if they enter into it they have also puts skin and game and they don't want to change their mind they don't
wanna be wrong in their offer and they wouldn't make an offer to you unless they thought you were rare so in other words it wasn't true that they could just as easily the next cartoonist i mean certainly there were thousands in line but it's very unusual to find a new cartoonist though you think as potential so the very fact that they had offered me the contract in the first place tipped their hand they took their hand that they needed me a lot because our entire business model depended on finding rare people so i with my lawyer and of course having a good lawyer helps lot pushed back hard so at the end of the process and successfully we gotta contract
send a guess at some version of i hope we never have to deal with your lawyer again because that guy that guy's just is like the toughest lawyer we ve ever dealt with now why was my lawyer the toughest lawyer liver dealt with two reasons number one he was a very good lawyer very experienced so that's good number two he had the best client in the world because i wasn't willing to take the us for an answer if something was a reasonable thing to s war i held out for it until i got so here's your tip for the day sharing if somebody is willing to enter into negotiations with you they have a her opinion of your qualities then maybe you do so and people rarely just walk away from a negotiation and don't come back so
you can say now as long as your productively saying now you don't it's bad idea did you say no i can't deal with you you're your first offers so ridiculous i walk away that's just done that maybe that can work in a car dealership situation that's a special situation but if it's a big complicated contract you wanna get him a little bit pregnant you want to get the lawyer involved you want to get them you want to make sure that if had meetings in which they said here we ve got this going it looks good because nobody wants to go back to their boston ceja negotiated with the sky for a month and i couldn't close the deal because it makes it look weakens so i allow the other side to get a little bare pregnant and
they will take a lot of pushing once there a little bit pregnant because i can't on pregnant themselves well i will get into that let's talk about china and their persecution of the we are our if that right minority the muslim minority in china only they're sending them to re education camps now we're not noise actually was going on over there but so other diplomats vigorously chinese diplomat in united states said that they send them to the education camps until and here's the fun part until they can make them normal normal what yeah we're sending them to re education camps to make them normal well now
remember that what i told you is that the chinese model is that the that islam there treated like a mental illness without saying i'm gonna try to enter this part of the topic without giving you an opinion so i'm gonna describe it without so don't take the santa contacts and say scots is this their approach
whether is right or wrong might be less important than whether it works or one whether it doesn't because from china's perspective keeping order is a question of life and death because there are just so many people and is so hard to keep order with all these different people in a vast country so that the level of challenge for than the chinese leadership is much higher than it is for a lot of different places just as the scope of the thing they're trying to manage so for them they probably cannot tolerate as much dissension as maybe a smaller country in a different situation now that doesn't make it right so not defending anything china does as you know china is on my mind
my dad list for christmas because their sentinel practices but it is instructive to look at how they're looking at religion as a mental problem they can spread by association in and i wonder if there's any analog to that you're not that analogies or persuasive but is there any other situation where a way of thinking is considered a mental national mental problem and while we see it was termed ranging syndrome that's joking aside is an actual medical problem people are seeing therapists and reporting mental problems because of it but i have not seen anything in which
way of thinking is considered so dangerous that has been quarantine i'm but imagine if he would anyway and i could say much always somebody saying similar to trying to convert gave folks know it is the opposite of that it is obvious that the the folks or who are treating homosexuality as a mental illness were were missed in the biological and medical fact that people are born with a certain orientation and there's nothing they can do about it that's very different from someone who is born as an open slate and then a religion is introduced to their mind so it's not a is the hell you're born situation its that's how you were socialize situation so those are not comparable
some of you are saying engender disfigure is a mental illness i try not to get into conversations that are definition conversations it's always illegitimate to try to win a convert to win a debate by owning the definition so that's because you can say oh the way the or your gender orientation is a mental problem just the fact that you can put words on it doesn't change what it is it doesn't change i should deal with it it is just trying to win an argument by putting definition it is what it is and you don't need to define it in order to figure out what to do about it or or how to be kind i happened to be
far more open to the the flexible definitions of gender than most view because these simplistic version that you are generally determines your sex is a convenience for society but that's all it is this just a convenience they happen to be very inconvenient for a segment of the world so if your goal is convenience then maybe a stick with new year external genitalia which is very bad for some people who have were somewhere along the continuum not where you are so i can see i can see all the ways and i will be taken out of context when somebody says wondered if one if it is partially a choice while i don't believe in free will so the question is
valid it doesn't mean anything that if if you're chemistry in your situation in life have brought all of the particles in your existence to a certain point the next thing they do is gonna be the next thing they do there's not like it's not like your soul is changing what year you're gonna decide so the whole what if you chose it is just a word thinking because you can choose you gonna do what you're gonna do why don't you believe in free will i won't get into that cause i've so too many times were basically the the basic argument against free will is that the rules of physics do not change once lee
once inside your skull your brain is part of the world the world is based on rules of physics you can't think anything different than what you're going to think you don't have an option is just going to be what is gonna be you have an impression of free will but that's all is what about thinkers such a small problem i wouldn't worry about it go back to my china point so thank you so i haven't china point which was so apparently the chinese or using new sophisticated digital means to control their weaker population in this this reminded me of the caravan did you the news that apparently homeland security is reporting there are six hundred
known criminals in the caravan have you ask yourself how they could possibly know that how could homeland security no there are approximately six hundred known criminals in the caravan did they interview that did they ass though probably not did they photograph them and use a facial recognition well the technology is here so they say we have the technology to fly drawn over the crowd take pictures of all their faces runners against a database and find out how many of them were criminals and probably that's what happened just guessing
because i can't imagine any other way would happen unless they literally just made up the number which you can't you can't rule that out but so that some scary stuff took us ample size and expanded it and are you saying that the sample size maybe the sample size was based on facial recognition but maybe they could have interviewed people too i doubt it so we talked about your own purse course he if you miss that i've gotta get ready to fly on gonna cut short and i will talk to you later
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