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Episode 321 Scott Adams: Migration, China, Dogs That Don’t Bark, Soros

2018-12-01 | 🔗


  • Hawk Newsome’s recent tweet
  • Why aren’t there Fentanyl deaths and addiction issues in China?
  • Bjorn Lomborg and climate change report misinterpretation
  • Scott Adams Prediction about 10 years ago…
    • “Evolution will be debunked by science in my lifetime”
    • The simulation is straight-up physics and math
  • Economist argues for open borders to allow worker access
    • At what point does that concept hurt rather than help?
  • George Soros conclusion: 
    • He donates a great deal of money to political activists
    • His intentions and their impact on our politics are opaque
    • Without transparency, his actions warrant concern
  • Europe might make it illegal to criticize mass migration
    • If you can’t discuss it…what’s the impact on immigration?
    • China’s “re-education centers” treat Islam as a medical issue
  • In-Country immigration: Why don’t we develop and improve it?
    • Employment mobility within our own country
  • Politics use to be dry and boring
    • Now, entertainment and politics have merged
    • Anti-Trump “Gotcha porn” from CNN excites their faithful
    • The news now seeks to excite rather than accurately inform

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