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Episode 323 Scott Adams: Colorizing a Dilbert Comic on a Wacom Cintiq

2018-12-02 | 🔗


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from a bumper ah so i'm gonna watch myself so that i can see your comments without turning around how clever that the study works so there's a little bit of time indifference but i can now i can look in this direction i can find out what's happening so people sometimes wonder what's the process for make an atomic answer i thought i would show you realize you can see it well but you'll be able to get the just in it so what i'm using here is a a walk him soon teak
and there is even a newer version i'm gonna pick up pretty soon the soul of the bigger but it's a drawing surface so it's connected to a mackintosh you can also connected to windows computer and it operates as a regular monitor accepted as the dual purpose that you can draw on it now little reggie half a glove that i'm wearing that makes me look like something out of her dickens thing is so this is my own little hack that i learned from somebody else that if you're if your hand is gonna be resting on the glass you dont want the oil supply hand beginning all over your computer i wear this love this really just stay photographers glove for handling neighbours not just cut off the fingers so this is a comment that i drew this morning and the words or in several file i'll tell you why
and an ongoing is put again colors in the old days had this had to be done paper and the added indicate what color and it is on a separate piece of paper and who system asp so a problem that can be talking about too much politics today i just i'm doing this for those with interest in knowing what's it like to be a cartoonist so this is where i spent a lot of my time doing is looking at this computer screen and drawing on it and doing what i'm doing now which is that this is the last stage of putting the color on
what i do the daily comics those colored at the printer why is there a coloured by this indication service than they are sent to the printer if you ask me why did they put the color on the daily comics whereas i put the color and the sundays i have no idea it's one of those who story called oddities there has something to do with somebody's contractors something at her do i have templates of dilber or do i draw him every time here's your answer i don't know if you can see this but these are a bunch of dilber heads i want to enjoy a new comic for the rough draft i'll grab one of these and pasted in now just look for the one where his face in the right direction
so if you have one of these roll the major characters but still and drawing doing an original draft every time so even though i come these them they're always sized and little will twisted seller throw is drawn from scratch ultimately so i just use these templates too were getting started and make sure the dimensions row is the same right here is so right now just scrolling through and looking for places that are the same colors so pulling their skin tones honour making sure i got everybody here then the kohen tina telescope like air
you will notice are not very organise when i do this because it's so insanely boring if you do this a lot is i really boring i've been doing this for thirty years of the last cheddar's or whatever it's been been doing another computer but its insanely boring so if you do it same everytime you just go crazy so i turned you don't have other things on and german model my way through without my brain
exploding one of the reasons that i'm talking to you on periscope is to reduce my own boredom of doing and yes i could get somebody else to do it but there is something to be said for knowing that the creator of the coming touched every part of it and i sure how well you can see this but it's just one tab with a stool and fills in next subsidiary seizure cartoons he element we tell you what we want this today i would want to have templates of dilber then i could actually just rotate and then and then you
paste so i should be over take a template rotated round interaction and then just have the comic come from the reedy template yes everyone's job it's boring even glamorous once you know that the thing that most of you don't see is that it's the mcintosh what are you going to see is that as an official celebrity my my life is exactly sight was everybody else's young ninety nine percent of the now is the time those people are watching me because otherwise it's completely ordinary i mean it's really good but it's not like an alien experience
scottie you friends with any other major cartoonist stephen process passes is good friend the californian i would say that i am acquainted in friendly with the point of view cartoonists men over the years we tend to live all over the place you know it's rare is pretty if there's another cartoonist in your city you know at least i am cartoonist i don't know any cities have to indicate a cartoon that would be interesting maybe you're a measure am i tried the new ipad prove for art i tried the the version just before it ends my impression
is that if you just playing around through your kid or something the the ipads fun toy but for actual you career related production stuff it's it's gotta useless only because a small and is limited and that the space having that this much real estate is about eighty percent of the job do you know of scots status work i know of it do you know the ex case he d cartoonist now never met his deal on your end that is correct this rag you little half glove doubles as data
you ever made a spelling here yes many times most cases the the editors catch it before it gets printed but i still i stole likewise let one slow by everyone now and that serve it every now and then i have any spelling her but maybe once a year something or less everything now one of the things you have to learn about polarizing movie colleagues is that
sometimes it's more fun if you're picking colors that don't make real sense in the real world so i don't try too hard for example to make jobs i don't try to large bank a building look like a building in terms of the colors so this tool is the gradient tool so what i did was made it look like the uniform is hitting these windows so that blue not uniform there's here little there's a little less blue
corners here then i'll do the same thing with the outdoors so i'm just gonna selected without tool so now all the space rounded is selected picker sky color and then use this tool to make gradients or its darker blew up here probably are to tell on your monitors and then toward the bottom it's a lighter blue because the tool used to put it in there then i get colorized stupid table how many times have i touched
to do something we look like a table when she dies turns out than the chairs and i've gotta pick a chair color that it will have some contrast to their clothing like that look more will more graham he asked me why i pick the colors i do nearly every selection has a whole story of the history of why i first he was dead or why it makes sense in this so is actually a lot of thinking that goes into the colors but it's the sort of a story that goes with each one that would be its own story at one point the dilber universe change from neckties too casual clothes and has also changed from
standard coffee mugs to a starbucks like coffee the backs of phones are usually gray in the dover world in the way i indicated to found is a subtle dot up in the corner that looks like the phone camera so one of the acts of being a cartoonist is figuring out where you can cut corners and still tell the story salamis zoom in on this see what i mean so here dilbert is holding something and it's meant to be his phone because it's a cartoon nero have a lot of detail and a phone looks like really just sort of a rectangle
so how do you indicate that is holding a phone instead of some random rectangular object and in this case unfortunately phones have that distance simple camera in the corner and that allows me to have something to serve universe we recognised as a camera shape because it's gonna dot the coroner so that's the least i could show here to quickly make you say that's a camera the very the lowest level of information that also get you there in a very quickly now
find some background colors surrounded them drawing complicated backgrounds i user fill with a faded so i'm just selecting all these backgrounds and then i'm gonna change them all at once we all use my favorite background color which is sort of darkish green at the top and then i'm gonna uses gradient tool to give a little a little interest so the background one of the ways of i indicate that there's something behind but i dont need to show it to you is by a faded background if i had a solid background it would look like there's just a wall behind them and your brain would say let's boring there's just the wall behind them
but because i put a little afraid and the color sort of tricks the mind into thinking oh i'm just focusing on the foreground but there's probably some there's some stuff back there and i know it's an office and i know it's a conference room looking thing so your brain just fills in the stuff and by the way that
really two parts of the same the same technic cartooning you don't want to show all the details it will get busy here the picture will be too busy so you want to do the smallest emerge again and often you ve got to do things wrong to make them look right which is real magic of cartooning right now i'm just gonna use a brush and i've defined the borders of the coffee cup pick a larger brush and then just add a little grey acts of here this is probably more or city than cartooning right now is a measure that the reader is gonna pick up any any difference
with what i'm doing but i'm putting old gray accents like there's a shade on the cap that tells your brain that may be rounded the lowest level of detail i can give it the still tells you as quickly as possible what is that's why i'm going so a dilber cartoon because it's not kelvin hobbs is not not bloom county and is not any cartoon there has good our work or in those cases great our work and since i don't have the great or work thing working for me i make you concentrate on the writing and the idea and the best way to make sure that you are looking at the ideas and then i can control the timing of how you perceive the comic which is very important so
even though the comic it is something that we read in evaluating the hurons your own rate the cartoonist controls how quickly you you're going from one thought to another yes there are the cartoonist so this is another one of those cases we're having a talent stack that includes persuasion and hypnosis makes me a better cartoonists one of those unexplored not obvious things so i think i have colored everything and i think i was in the middle of some other points what i'm saying is that the cartoonist tries to truly the timing
of even how are you reading a cartoon so if for example i wanted to put in a pause i might i might have somebody sitting there silently for a panel just so i know that you'll think about her for a moment before you go on you'll see lobbied over cartoons where this next the last panel nobody's talking and that say that's a humor pause then i've decided as these will say the conductor of this orchids orchestra in this slow right there before it gives you the big fanelli then also part of the art is how do you have you give people to read the situation quickly so in the dilber universe i have the advantage that you already know they're always at work you know there are work you dont have to put in a lot of cues let me give an example here
so you can tell very quickly that he's sitting at the table and then i don't have to draw feet does feel european to draw nobody likes to draw feet fun to draw feet so i usually have them from the the knees or the or the waste up if i can then that all i want to make us as simple as possible i was literally just a rectangle but i need to show that it's flat and not a wall that they're sitting behind no your brain figures out that it's a table just because you see chairs and its office and they appear to be sitting so your brain is fully in a lot of detail and a huge part of the the skill of cartooning is to know when i can cause your brain to do the work and so i don't have to
but the detail into the comic so your brain is turning this into a table even though literally nothing but a rectangle and there should be no cues tell you that its one orientation versus the other issue you shouldn't be able to tell but then i made sure that nobody is confused by putting a coffee cup or any other object on it and since as such a recognisable iconic thing the coffee cup erect instantly and that it immediately adjusts what you know to be the the flatness of the table there's a huge let a bunch of art in help are standing so this is one of my most frequently used positions see if i can blow this up
here this is tina and she's got her her hands together and this is this is one of the think i learned this actually from birth breath it i think that's the first time i saw it because in the real world people are really stand like us with her here like that pretty sure that i saw birth brother do it in bloom county for the first time and then i stole it so there is a technique that you'll see in in comics letter will pieces you ve stolen from other cartoon the years which by the way is a really good way to be to learn to be creative you steal other people stuff you put it together poorly and then nobody can recognize the original sources because you did such a bad job combining all these peace and that's only that's only slightly meant to be a joke because
it is literally true that if you tried to copy a great cartoonist you would probably do a poorly and cuz there are very few great artists ads few do a poorly school with like your own thing so much money the characters in the dumper universe are poorly copy of creatures from other people sergio aragon us and gary larsen are mostly the influences behind delbert spotty shape is little potato body and not having now that that comes from those cartoons years ago and now you're wondering where the words where are the words scott so i'm gonna go get some words you know
we must be able to follow along on the spot but trust me i'm opening a file so this is a an earlier version of the file that has words and over here all of the words individually and their own layers meaning that their little separate compartments if you will placing all the words into it now the reason the words were not there in the first place has to do with the editing process so the reason the words are separate layers if you will is that when my energies as if i've made was a minor graham
error or something that they can just edit the text because they have control over it and making they can play with it but the art itself they don't change the exception the mode minor ways but the art ideals work on and change the layers and flattened and make it all one layer sets there's just state a technical boring reason why the why the words were indifferent files case wondering so now that i've transfer the words over the the file that they came from is now no longer useful but i'll keep it around just in case something gets broken i need a later and now reveal i shall read you this comment that will not run until so this comment
making would run in the internet and newspapers for the first time on january twenty ninety ninety was day sets a month and twenty twenty days or so eighteen days i think i'm supposed to get them in six weeks at times like them i forget but anyway so are at the finished comic here let me really do here's the set up dilbert is playing with his phone he's sitting at the table team other decorator comes in and tina says sometimes it seems as if you don't like me dover says don't be ridiculous and he doesn't really quite put his phone down because by it was found he says unjust an introvert dover continues being people drains my energy and we can do
i only avoid because spending five minutes with eu feels like being buried alive with sleaze instead of dirt and tina says so it is personal then dilber was already starting to nap says i need an app sir if you know any insurers you know the interval actually lose energy when they're around people and actually covers gain energy when the ram people so this will thus type
cartoon there will appeal a great deal to people who are insurers and will not appeal much at all to anybody else the next thing that i'll be doing is just dragging the file into her into enough tb upload site it will appear in new york and mice indication companies server and they will distribute that's the newspapers and too sites you seem down scouted none at all terrific mood i'm in a very limited but i've been working they were almost a view
then playing i have been working late into the night more programmes it is just plain or photoshop please in all photoshop so the set up here for those you coming late is he the company is welcome that makes the the big display computer a good new one the biggest size will be thirty four andrea somewhere between three thousand four thousand and the lower under that i think and i can connect to either mackintosh or windows computer and then i just use plain old photoshop as my drawing software no other people use other software drawing i just have my own personal preferences
now one of the things that i learned because i'm very serious about efficiency is that draw with my right hand and i also use the computer mouse with my right hand i'm gonna put down the pen all the time or the stylus it was and it was also raised in my hand which i thought would be bad at it to be mousing with the same hand that i drop so i taught myself to mouse left hand so whether i'm using actual mouse or bad i dream i left to end to do over the the mousing whether i'm drawing or just do that all the time feels natural now so it takes a while takes i would say a month before you're ok with it and in two months you dont know you're doing left handed which is where
because that the first time you try to use your mouse left handed you just feel like you're you're drunk hard if you ve never use you your left hand the mouse the first time you do if this doesn't work but it takes a bout two months of doing a lot here just your normal using in every day and you actually stop even thing about it being left hand ah you know is that your mouse and somebody keeps saying am i a cook
i am pretty far from a cook although i have cooked for a living in our own restaurants so i have cooked and i can't cook but it's not really my thing or somebody else thought themselves use left hand our somebody's did the same thing with a calculator and writing here it's amazingly efficient year without that without that one change of not having to put down my my pen is probably twenty percent more efficient just for that reason alone i've never carpal tunnel but i have had problems with other names with my aunt
when is the next course of troll college well i think that the first course of truck troll college seem to fit oliver the nodes what's the best real cheese you ve ever had no real cheese dense spin off that different wonderland acts what is less than we do at dover on paper spam really i out what about the other day it was whenever the the walk him soon the device of using its whenever that was invented or at least marketed
i think it was ten years ago some like that don't know exactly was true or college sarcasm well depends if you wanted to be a troll i guess as a drum coming i just got delivery of my new drum sets and so i am actually probably gonna set that up tonight with christina she's gonna help me do you have a cow tools the sticks with you it's funny that i i know what that means so that's a cow tool for those who you not entirely the weird trivia of cartooning cow tools refers to a gary larson cartoon in which cow tools was the punch line on the subject
i guess it was unusually popular sir i'm not sure that have one that's quietly comparison to that did he get sucked into the extended drum warranty i did that what is good way to find a great girlfriend i have an answer to that go into the gym and a lot and having a good haircut undressing well and being rich the obvious things but if you doing all you can to look good and may be a productive person that i recommend finding something that you can be good at even if it's because
septa practice lots be good at it and do it where they're there are women so find something that you're extra good at and do it in a in an observable way because people are we sort of evolved to look for traits that we want eight rhythm and make babies and so any kind of skill or talent can even be redness something that would make somebody go while i can't do that certain something that you know you're just extra good at so just find something you can be good at the trick is you have to be good at it while you're being observed in some environment in which there are some women of the type you might want to meet
get good symbols i did i get the zeal jean valjean says the symbols are pretty i and what was the thing that christina was drawn to euro christie that i i don't think anybody believes there we have something like a normal traditional relationship we just we're just compatible and alone four ways there there's no magic to you no money never hurts being attractive never hurts you can pull off either one of those things here you're definitely getting increase your eyes what's the best branda cowbell funny you should ask i literally was
i literally spent a part of today wondering what kind of cowbell i should buy some random thing in the world than i was actually thinking about cowbells yes we need more cowbell did you get a gong idea about how does friends no plan to trumps upcoming negotiation i'll talk about that on one of my political periscopes i'll talk about that tomorrow action i have no reason to be on here right now except that i appreciate keeping me company while i was bored doing my work
do i have a problem coming up with ideas for the comic well so different question going by and i'm wondering if i'm gonna answered everybody's got something that's been my experience you and i'm not talking about just career wise but everybody's everybody's got his something even if it's just being a good friend or even if you could just lift heavy objects everybody's got something and if it if other people are gonna something you're not good at it looks really mysterious and magical does you say the hand i can do that for example when i watch christina learn will say a new song on the piano airless as beethoven
watching somebody who knows how to play the piano break down like a beethoven peace and learning parts and then putting it all together into this incredibly complicated thing how many notes do you have to learn to play you know any any song on the piano and much less beethoven that probably has a few extra note well i know so when i watch that it looks like magic to me because i don't have any those skills and if i worked really hard my mind is quite wired in a way that outfielder pull that off because i don't have that kind of memory i can remember six thousand notes in there in order amount on how many no sir are in a bait open song but what would you guess like hundreds right hundreds and hundreds of notes and they have to be
put together in a certain timing in a certain order so to me that's like magic the anybody could master that likewise when people the most common question the people ask me is howard is it to come up with ideas well i was just born with i think is mostly just being born with it could be something about my upbringing that then proved it and i think maybe there was but for me coming up with ideas is not hard but that doesn't mean you can learn to do it i love to tell you that if you were a little harder you could come up with a commercial grey you humorous idea every day of the year in which is the minimum laughter ducas i do a cartoon today
really from writing a book or doing some other kind of content on coming up with multiple creative ideas every day and after general luck now the boy was they happen be my certain things that i'm good at and then plus i've practice for decades it being creative and it is there is a skill to it also so when you're when you asking you know now have you come up with ideas or when they come up with whether is harder at anything around that topic i hate to tell ya it's possible unless it's easy is the closest second command come desert come up to foreigners for me as easy or most people would be impossible for a christina
the boy beethoven or at least he or she has the skills there to make that work is probably never easy but for me it would be impossible i just can never get there so it's just something i can do do you about the death of print yes i've i've been sure that newspapers would stop publishing in fact here's every year since well for twenty years at least so something like twenty or twenty five years i have believed that newspapers have no more than five years left slovakia there definitely not going to last another five years five years does why they go ok now now other definitely not last another five years and goes by like ok this time
i was wrong those other two times but now no way the last five years tell the truth is that when newspapers stop it'll probably became the sun they may all go on a business the same within two years or something but we are not there yet we are not there yet but i think you'll ever see a new newspaper you'll just see the ones that exist sort of fade out i suppose release moved to the internet what are your plans of newspapers stop printing well almost every newspaper has a website so most of them were not just go and a business they were just moved to fully digital and dilber would also run on their website in many cases as it already does
m dilber also runs on my website so if people who liked looking at it in physical newspapers no longer could see it there is greater chance that they would hunted down until burdock common then that would be good for me comics app there i can racists but an arab do you flak from newspapers for your views no one of the greatest things about working or at least mike my clients are newspapers i guess two thousand other marcel the great thing about having two thousand newspapers as your clients is that a lot of them would have to get mad before will make any difference to me so you if it
other newspapers get angry at me tomorrow that's a dozen after two thousand and very few of them would cancel me at this point because they would get many complaints so dilber is dead it is on these short list of content for newspapers the people actually do cancel a newspaper when the stops being there so for example there are people by the newspaper mostly from sports are mostly for the horoscopes or sleep for the crossword puzzle but there are lots of people by buy by newspapers mostly to read the comics and they usually really like maybe three gags so
one of them goes away the editors get another phone calls and anger dilber tissue tv show not any time in the foreseeable future there there was a dilber animated tv show we did to have seasons but is not on the horizon why keep doing it you're wealthy well is it so good to have more money and there's a variety of reasons one is that i stay young doing things that key my brain nimble and i like that the other is it gives me relevant it gives me plug them it's it's really good brain exercise
as and i don't know if i'm built to not work are you addicted to delivered i think i've addicted to being me and i've been i've been this way for thirty years so i've been doing dilber for thirty years no haven't not work any more cider i guess i have a little maybe a psychological barrier i can tell you that there have been many times in my career where i've set myself you know if i only get my net wilson if i can only get my net wealth to this number well then i'll just retire and all travel and all others every day i wake up and all these are the best day and will have to work in a rich and then i would reach their number and i would say to myself ok ok
this isn't as much as i thought i was but when i reached this number i'm definitely going to quit because when i get this money why would i work again and then i reach their number
and i don't even feel a little i couldn't so a lot of it is the psychology of it and maybe i'm rationalizing for some reasons i don't even understand do you enjoy presenting at eighty conferences live stopped doing any public appearances in front of crowds for security reasons so just as in safety in for me to be in front of groups of people who were familiar with my work is dangerous to be in the company of too many people who are familiar with my work which which is both true and worries was i influenced by his exemplary
i was not knowing was but i wasn't i wasn't really a follower consumer vista was my favorite city it depends do you know the charlie brown guy think you're talking about carl shawls and i did know him i mean i didn't know him well but i knew him we were friendly and had some conversations best way what do i think about gregg felt i think is one of the best things on television i have said this before but my favorite tv show is the five son fox and what i like about it is that you get
filled in on the news you know through an opinion filter and i like that part but the personalities that they put together at the table it's the best it's the best production and the best cast for the for that type of content that i've ever seen by far this is worlds ahead of of anything that's in that same genre i don't know if there's any emmys or anything for that category but are there
other than an army category it must be rice but it's just i hadn't shoulders above the other stuff in entertainment and usefulness and how quickly seems to go by seems like i turn it on whose authority absence as rubbing my hands national mike sorry about that yep fox probably can't win mammy right did you cover the laura bloomer story no you no i haven't some of you may have noticed that i've been steering clear of the this person or that person got kicked off a social media and it's not that i am
unsympathetic is that it's a little bit of a sucker play because the idea is for people like me throw in with people who have said things that i agree with and then then i get painted with their opinion and then forever unlike the guy defended x and as much as for free speech i don't want to spend a day a week defending the next person who said something i don't agree with and i don't know she's anything i disagree with by the way i am i intentionally ignorant of her story does that genera of topic just don't want to be the one who's defending other people's free speech now have it if it had been too say one person once and the big story
and somehow i was like a real free speech issue i'd probably jump in like everybody else but it's hard to defend it so many people i just feel like that can't be my full time job somebody said what about alex jones and it's the same story that i would love to defend alex jones because a number of people said this by the way some good to say something i think you ve heard most people say purse boy he's really nice guy and it's hard to it's hard to overlook that like it's hard to see pass that he's like generally nice guy so bud
to the degree that he reports on things that i would not say i don't want to be in the position of having to defend freeze each and then it becomes i'm really defending what he said in the air yes everybody understands the difference but it doesn't really work that way you you just end up you end up funeral thrown in the same basket with other people and i just prefer not to go there enough people talk about those things that you don't need one more what about q i'm not going to talk about keto because it just brings out all the trolls when a smaller wrapping up the witch hunt you know let me put it this way
lou all the modern lawyers including mahler are working by the hour right eye they're all being paid by the hour at that level is probably a thousand dollars an hour more some big number and if you're gonna work at all and you ve got this gig do you wanna be done you everybody talks about the political part of it but in my experience somebody's gonna pay the thousand dollars an hour their job is to call people and talk to him if your job is to call people and talk to him meet with your other wires and say hey how you doing how's the weekend how was that witness i think you lied all right have somebody fill out some paperwork and we'll do whatever we need to do just feels to me
that there's something wrong with the model young mothers deeply incentives can ever be done to the is a degree that he wants to keep working and i wouldn't i do if he's doing and just for the country or its just like any anybody else really good job and these qualified and everything else did i see during brown under rogan nobody i've i like that podcast because i do and watching what about it no elsie ticket i don't think there's really any chance that data will be the candidate the democratic candidate because if you haven't noticed he's using adult white male
while that can work to some degree in state it just i don't know that tea the democrats are gonna come out so i don't see any scenario in which the democrats elect a white male you're just wouldn't they just wouldn't make sense for their brand nothing is good or bad you can put your own judgement on that i'm just saying it seems unlikely because the demographic being what they are they could just do better with a candidate who is a woman or hasn some ethnic flavour that makes them interesting it's time for
before we see and openly algae bt q candidate for president on the democratic side i think it might not be there far away and would do well imagine if you will if rachel meadow ran for present and we think about i'm surprised that her name hasn't been floated because much as republicans have aversion to her or politics on hers herrera smarmy attitude and what not there is no denying the she's super smart super sober smart and very successful and she knew she placed or audience right so imagine if you run for president
maybe now run away but some future time i think she might have shown certainly have the pole all knowledge she would have the name recognition she would have all the intelligence she probably would be super connected she'd be interesting she'd be interesting yeah she's great on television if you have somebody is great on television and other they check boxes the the brilliant successful connected she'd be tough debate i think i'm going to do more work that you don't need to watch and i'll talk to you later
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