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Episode 327 Scott Adams: The Arrest of Huawei CFO, My Mueller Prediction

2018-12-06 | 🔗


  • Arrest of Huawei CFO is just “shaking the box” for a better outcome
  • Prediction: Mueller investigation will turn out the same as everything else
    • Both sides will see what they want to see
  • Russia tried to influence the 2016 election, or just sow chaos?
    • They ran ads favoring Trump
    • They ALSO ran ads favoring Hillary
    • Russia hacked one side (the DNC)…and not the other?
    • Russia wouldn’t TRY to hack both sides?


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To to to to to opal pump from global problem everybody come on in here? Yes, I am in a new location, but that won't change the delicious Nahs. That is coffee with Scott Adams. It's good, anytime, anywhere so Find me if you will and lifting your cup, class? Your stein, you're jealous filled with your favorite liquid. I like coffee and join me for the simultaneous hit now. I realize I might be in the wrong time zone for many of you and I believe I am but- I'm in the wrong time zone. So at the
moment, I'm in Utah and Christina still asleep. So I so. going to make it a quick one this morning. So we got a few topics. This morning, One of them is the proof talkative arrest the Canadians who are going to turn over to the United States and extradite the CFO for chinese tech company, whose name is pronounced. who a I don't know how it's pronounced: I'm going to watch the news today to see if anybody could pronounce it Yes, I'm in park city, so you probably thinking to yourself is a very. This is very provocative
A that will actually arrest a top executive of the main chinese company, and I guess a somebody saying I pronounce it while way. The name of the company and the interesting thing about this is apparently the charge has something to do with tree. Even with the rand. So this chinese company you walk away. If I'm pronouncing it correctly was alleged alleged to be trading with uh, with a rare now I don't know how that makes it against am reckon law I'm a little unclear on. so chinese citizen can be accused of breaking a law that America can prosecute, if they didn't Do it in America and it didn't have anything to do directly with Americans, so I'm not even entirely sure
we have the legal standing to arrest. A CFO of a chinese company, but in any case we have now what's interesting about her. Apparently her father was the founder of the company and it's a major company, so there's very little chance that this does not catch the retention of president. She and the chinese leadership but I think this is an amazingly gutsy move because other things that Trump is good at doing is take things to the home field advantage you, what is the Trump is doing, sing in public. It is tweeting here. So The home field advantage and see that again with this situation, because where the president is strongest is what the topic is in the news
when everybody's talking about it and this arrest, take something that a child was doing and moves from some kind of a background law enforcement thing. the government and it elevates it too. Top headline NEWS now, if you're, so she ate it with China and there so those are the things that are doing, that you don't like, and your I did negotiated one after another. Don't you think they're just stalling yeah so you think that the primary uh- the primary you know. Strategy for China is just too Maybe you say oh yeah we'll do that and then just don't do it and then So another year goes by and you bring them back and say: hey I thought you said you were going to do x, but you haven't done it. Oh yeah yeah. Let's talk about that some more so what are the primary things you would expect, given that there are so many topics
that China is allegedly violated in trade and trade with the ram trade once in general, stealing intellectual. Property, so this is Jake range of things they're doing that we don't think they ought to be doing and as long it's a private conversation government to government. They really have the upper hand, don't they 'cause, they can just sort of stall. You know we can't we can't do much about it but by arresting this Super high profile executive in Canada, it shows an entirely different level of let's the but, more importantly, it moves the topic from government. nevermind to headline news, and that's where and it doesn't want it to be the lead in China needs is for
the things that our government knows they're doing to become higher visibility. So one of the things that this move accomplishes Is it takes it out of the home? field advantage of China, which is government to government. Hey, let's keep this quiet. Let's get this taken care of. Why do you keep a saying you do things and they're not doing him. That's their advantage to the public domain. We're now say a headline. so every time there's a headline the. Citizens of China get to learn for the first time. what their government is up to. So I don't think the The chinese government wants their own, population to be fully informed about what they're up to so this is. This is fascinating, so we'll keep an eye on this. My first and
It was probably the same first impression most of you had, which is oh, no, it's going to be a war now that escalation. Mice second impression after thinking about it, a little bit was that we've- probably we probably just shook the box and got a better better set up, but we'll see Now. I have a prediction about the outcome of the Muller investigation. Are you ready, you're, probably wondering Scott since you're, so good at predicting things. Can you tell us how the molar investigation will turn out? Well, We notice how everything else turned out. I'm going to make the bold recommendation. The bold that the way the Muller investigation turns out be exactly like everything else is turned out. Why would it be different
How did everything else turn out reality split into two movies. When president got elected, half of the country thought he's not really my president and they went into this whole movie where he was going to be leaving office in months and it you know it some temporary problem they could, they would get rid of and then half of the country. had a new president said: hey eight more years, so every time we have a situation where we think we're going to get clean result we never really do do we, we don't get a clean result with China. Hey. Let's do something about fence well. They said they will but I'll bet, the days are going to go by where we don't see anything happen, and then we We would get a Supreme Court nominee who's on the court it's always in question. Maybe he's going to be impeached, we thought
we get a clean. We thought we would get a clean. mid term elections so many elections are challenge them. So if it's everything else, The Muller investigation will go this way. The people who think Trump is up to no good. Will believe. That's what they saw. The people who think color is going to say terrible things about Trump will believe. That's what the report says: the people who think that Trump didn't do anything you beyond what you imagine he would do, which is keep his options open for business uh, people talking to a lot of people, but none of it criminal. So I think the world will split, but once again into two clean and different versions,
So the only thing that can't happen is that the president can't be here, be in serious legal trouble. So the only thing can't happen is a molar investigation that makes it look like the president will be jailed Instead, it will be an ambiguous report. It everybody sees exactly what they want to see Trump's, orders will see will say. Well, it's just a bunch of blah blah blah, but there's legal jeopardy, it was a waste of time. There's nothing. related to the central question of russian interference. Meanwhile, the anti trump we'll look at exactly the same report and they will reap and conclude that the damning report that shows that the president did everything he was accused of doing
but for whatever reason, blah blah blah, they can't put him in jail, so I think, there's no chance that it can go any other way. It will give you both worlds simultaneously and it, and they will just stay there. We will perpetually have to completely different views of the world and will be locked into them and they won't have to solve? one of them will not have to disappear in favor of the other. So that's my prediction. The now I've got a question about the way the anti jumpers are talking about Russia, so the most common statement about Russia. that we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were trying to influence the election and that they were trying to influence it in favor of Trump winning
but here are some questions that are outstanding for me, number one. Well, Let's look at the evidence, so one part of the this was that they ran ads, social media that were pro trump. This we believe to be true. I don't think anybody doubting that but here's the problem. They also ran ads. The same group of people who ran ads for Trump ran ads in favor of Hillary. were they cleverly trying to hide their pro trump focus They running ads that were also pro Hillary. How do we explain? that it was the same group of people did some of get the wrong memo my god, you're a bad employee. We told you to make pro Trump heads: why did you accidentally pro Hillary ads a
doesn't make sense. Does it, and these are the facts that are not in question? We know for sure that they made ads pro Hillary I don't think, that's in question right: we've actually seen them so the first part of evidence that the trolls were pro trump. seems to be violated by the evidence that we have so a better, a better interpretation would be that they were trying to sow chaos and get the country battling each other the next thing is the little often hear Well done Junior went to that meeting. that meeting didn't have any information, the didn't have anything. So there was no collusion. There was no possibility of collusion, so they're trying.
connect that Don Junior might have wanted to hear some information. That would be helpful, two russian collusion and it's a real stretch because of nobody tells Maine if you walk down first literally was in the building. He worked in. I believe, that's true that meeting with the lawyer was in his own building. If you walk downstairs might hear some stuff, that's bad about Hillary. That could be useful. Of course you take that meeting. Any but it doesn't take that meetings in idiot now, if it turns There's something comes out of that meeting that the FBI distant Nobel, that's the second decision, but you definitely take the meeting so conflating that, with these ads, is weird and then there's the whole Russia. the Dnc. Here's the problem with the Russia hacked the Dnc and therefore they must have been pro trump.
Don't you think they would have hacked the Republican Party too? If they could have is isn't the only thing that stopped them from hacking. Both sides that once It had better security, there is, no evidence that they only wanted to hack one side. there's only evidence that they only could hack one side. That's complete really different than evidence. They only wanted to have one side, so it's being repaired, by all the smart people that that the Vince is clear and unambiguous that Russia was trying to influence the election that parts true the second part that they were trying to do it to get Trump elected That's really not in evidence what The evidence is that they were meddling that part week. We can pretty pretty sure about. So every time I see it reported as fact that they were trying to get Trump elected
I look at all the individual pieces of evidence and say I don't see it of the facts that are in evidence. Don't don't indicate that at all they do indicate that Russians may want to mess with us and and create dissent. Now? What about? How did how would you? How do you score this? let's say, you're Vladimir Putin, and you know that Hillary Clinton is the worst thing that happened to the World Leslie. So you think that President Hillary Clinton would be bad for Russia, but also That's the red states, just bad for everybody, because she was going to cause trouble and destabilize things. Is it the same as saying that your pro trump to say that you're anti Hillary Clinton? would Russia have put The same amount of effort into absolute
anybody who, Hillary Clinton, and My guess is since there's some suggestion that they hated more than other people that Trump just happened to be the candidate had it been any other candidate, wouldn't they We have tried just as hard or wanted. much that the under the United States. Be anybody by Hillary, which is really different from trying to get Trump elected. Those are not the same. anybody- but Hillary is different than that. Let's get trump in there he's our guy very different, sure enough we're seeing that Trump is putting putting more pressure on Russia than anybody ever has before. So that's consistent. Alright, I'm going to keep this short today, uh and there's not much going on! There's a whole bunch of just show guy stuff in the news.
all of the show guy stuff just feels like Another way to attack trump, it doesn't feel as important as it ought to be so we'll see how that plays out anyway. I'll give you more information about Utah at another time I gotta go, do some stuff, and I will talk to you later