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Episode 334 Scott Adams: Wondering if we got Everything Wrong About Russia

2018-12-12 | 🔗


  • Is the Russian government unorganized and incompetent?
  • Putin personally checked…says Maria Butina isn’t a spy
    • Does Putin know everything going on in Russia?
    • Did he know somebody spent $4,700 on election influence?
  • Prince Salman, was he in on the detailed planning?
    • Or did he just give a generic “silence him” order? 
  • Mika Brzezinski calls Mike Pompeo a “Butt Boy”
    • Homophobic insensitivity?
  • Democrats: Women and men who believe in the superiority of women
  • Millennials influenced by social media entering the job market
  • Pro Tip: You deserve NO credit for accomplishments of others…
    • …who happen to have the same skin pigmentation as you
    • …who happen to have the same genitalia as you 
  • Judging people by their mistakes is “loser think”
    • How they handle their mistakes is what matters
  • 20 Year Rule of Forgiveness:
    • Don’t judge people by anything they did or said 20 years ago
    • Let people grow, evolve, improve

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Bump, bump bum bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, hey everybody, good bilinear, it's time for coffee with Scott Adams, some would say it's already too late, and little bit late this morning? Sorry. Uh. But I did a periscope for you last night, so you'd have one to wake up to. This is sort of like a bonus, and so please join me in raising your class to the simultaneous sip grab your chalice, your mug, your glass, your container, your stein and join me for the simultaneous ip.
So I have a new hypothesis I'm going to try out about Russia. We keep hearing all these user usher stories from Russia interfering with the election there's a russian spy who's. Part of the NRA, rushes doing all kinds of stuff. in one of the things we we kind of assume about Russia is that they're they're very capable and they're a good at stuff, especially the KGB. So the the assumption is that the KGB is, as you know, super capable group and doing all kinds of stuff. But what, if, it's. Nothing like that. What if what? If Russia and all of its you know, entity.
Or just really really bad at what they do. What, if they're, just all bad? What, if. KGB, just isn't very good. What if the government is completely unorganized, the most ridiculous thing that I keep hearing about governments goes like this yes well Putin would certainly have to know if something something was happening in his government. And I say to myself well That sounds like something that might be true in the United States. If If some, you know Press entity were messing around with some other country. The president would probably know: probably but is that true in Russia. you think in Russia? If there's you know, let's, let's take this alleged KGB spy
hey. What's your name but or bulimia, or something Who is in the NRA, was not. Who is not trying to hide that she was a russian citizen. She was operating openly. Trying, get this whole that are a thing going and then I saw clip of Putin say that when this whole thing came up, he. He contacted all of his heads of his security organizations. and nobody ever heard of her and I thought to myself: Okay. Okay, we know, who's going to lie about everything but on the other hand, doesn't that sound kind of true to you, does doesn't ring true that in himself would have no idea who this this little spy once if she was a spy. Secondly, what kind
the clever spy this is sort of real name, so she's from Russia, you're, exactly what she's going to do and then Does it right in front of you it's it's kind of a strange spice situation is not so let, let's just test the hypothesis that instead of Russia being this well oiled machine in which, knows everything that's going on? what if it's the opposite? What if it's uh Very unoiled machine and Putin has no idea what's going on half the time. In any other big organization. That would be the case, the United, stays might be unique? maybe a few other western countries in which we probably would know everything that's happening or something like that. Look at look at any meeting with the president or you know any any even the president makes on any topic. Does it seem like the president has talked
All the people who are experts in the topic and any knows the topic from top to bottom not really, and that's not exactly just an issue with this president. It's a big country he's a busy guy, he probably doesn't know, what's happened in everywhere. All the time. Do you think it's any different in Russia the best example of that is that russian troll farm we've from the very beginning of that story, we've taken it for The Pooh knew all about it and it's because the. The guy who ran the billionaire who ran the troll shop. actually close with Putin, so you put you know two and two together and say: well Who knows everything that's happening, you know with his spooks and he really would know something that was happening with with this bill I know that he knows pretty well so, therefore,
it was an honor. He authorized the bad memes that cost all of thousands of dollars Well, maybe maybe you can't rule it out, but Just try on this concept see if it fits. What? If there are a lot of people in Russia, yeah. At the billionaire level or at the government level who are just doing, a lot of things. They don't run all by Putin, because Putin is sort of busy he's busy, Is it more likely that there are plenty of things happening in Russia were by Russians the Trump that Putin doesn't know about or is it more likely that he's got his finger on everything, and like every other leader of a large organization, actually understands. What's adding everywhere all the time
Does that seem realistic? So I think there are I I think there are two ways to look at this russian thing. Some people are saying absolutely knows, I'm watching your comments. Absolutely Putin knows everything. That's happening well,. Maybe you know I think he knows what's happening happening in Crimea. I think he knows. What's happening in you, is doing with the Ukraine. I think he knows that. I think he knows if he senses bomber over here to get too close to us, terror. He probably knows that. But did he know that one of his billionaire friends spend one thousand dollars to make some memes that went on Facebook, maybe.
but it seems like if he knew that he would have told them either don't do it or do it a lot better so to Maine it's a head scratcher, whether he he actually knew all that stuff um. I thought this was the Perry Ellis take the case of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. And his knowledge of the murder of to show G does it feel more likely to you that he was in on the detailed planning and he knew where it was going to go down an what was going to happen. Or does it seem? more likely that he told his people this guy up one way or the other, and then let them figure it out. Which one would be more likely, because this is
three that yeah he you may have ordered him to be either. Co opted Or somehow silenced, I believe, I believe the order was that he needed to be silenced. and what we watched was them first trying to co opt him, in other words, trying to not kill him, but rather you know I'm into the kingdom and then when that didn't work plan B. So it seems to me that the most likely explanation is that the crown prince, gave an order that was sort of generic and then The way it was carried out was maybe up to the the underlings
that doesn't make that doesn't take you off the hook by the way. So there there's nothing. I said they would release the crown prince from responsibility because it's his people and he certainly would have given the order to shut him up, but the way we we think of this. You know if you're thinking that the crown prince said yeah bring, the bone, saw probably that probably not I'm seeing some of you say that Micah has done something you don't like, but I don't know what that is. So I'm going to turn on my computer and find out what Micah said must be good something homophobic. According to your comments, uh, so Nika Brzezinski, I assume, is who you're talking about here
Let's see what the make up Micah Anti Gay, let's see, which is a I'm gonna, look at something that happened in the last twenty four hours. Nothing from Micah you're. Probably telling me right now, Hold on now I'll have it in the moment. Eighteen hours ago that looks good. Something about Micah Nope can't find it it's an mediate I'll do one.
or try mediate, make no snow. Can't be much of a story go to Don Junior's twitter is that where it is alright will do I'll. Look one more place, as you can tell. I am not as organized this morning as I should be, so we'll go to Trump Junior. Let's see what he saying.
All right, so, let's see more so mean just asked if MIKE Pompeyo is a wannabe dictators, but boy watt as a homophobic term, as I've heard make a called, Mike Pompeii all want to be dictators, but more than that can't be real. I'm gonna play this video sort of my headphones here all right. All of
for reasons that are unclear. My speakers don't work all right the I don't know why, but my computer speakers are working. My headphones are working, so it you have a certain there's, a some sound problem. I'm not gonna. Try to fix today, but let's say that she really said that. That's
She should apologize well, yes, so the forty eight hour clock is ticking just Everybody else everybody gets forty eight hours now, uh I'm not sure that you, you and I or maybe just die. I'm not sure that it's up to me to forgive her because she didn't insult Maine. She insulted the Lgbtq Community and so it's up to them to either accept your apology or not, but if forty eight hours later, she is not clarified or or apologize uh. Then that's who she is Her apology is not really an apology. Oh she apologized about twenty minutes ago. Ok,
Let's see if I can find that will go to her twitter. Totally agree with you super bad choice of words it is said, water boy like for football teams, or something like that, apologize to Senator Durbin too. So sorry, I should say the water boy. Like for football teams or something like that. Yeah probably should've, said water boy. Well, let me give you some social media advice. If you're tempted to somebody in social media by the intakes to their butt ox.
You gotta have some trouble. You get us in trouble, go with water. Everywhere that you could have said but say water instead, so instead about boy water boy, it works for everything. Instead of a pain in the it's a pain in the water. Just put water in there every time you won't be as disparaging Waterboys, that's funny. She is disparaging Waterboys, yeah. I didn't think about that, but that's that's actually what she's doing if you're a water boy. First of all, you know: why are you assuming gender but the second? isn't all work worthy of respect,
I don't even know if I would use the term water boy. Would you Would you call somebody somebody's waterboy, because the the essence of the insult is that a water boy is worth less than the people on the team, the water boy, if it's insulting, no matter what it is right, uh yeah lapdog is better. Doesn't insult the dog as much a water person. Anyway, that's that's. I guess that's the most fun thing happening, so you have noticed that the that the news has become horribly on interesting lately ad, it's because of the holiday things are well, I mean every few days heats up, but it's heating up with anything with substantive
when the news it's up. It's because CNN is hyperventilating over some New Muller thing that doesn't make any difference. Nancy Polo sees so I talked about this last night, so Nancy Pelosi has cemented the Democratic Party as a place. This note no place for a man if you're a man and you're supporting the Democratic Party. Well, it's an interesting choice. Let's just say it's sort of rare to on a team that can. there's you unworthy of being on the team, which is largely what the Democrat Democrats become they've largely become A female oriented party that has
bad attitude about men and, if you said to Maine, Hey Scott were forming some clubs. You know we're putting together some social clubs, which one I would like to join how 'bout the one that men are considered. Second class citizens. How would you like to join the club and I'd be like yeah? Let me join the club that treats main like I'm a second class citizen. Somebody says that's false. Scott What part you are welcome to give reasons, but it's pretty clear that the that women by a solid majority prefer Democrats and it's looking like Republicans by a solid majority, are supported by men and women who, like men, uh. so I would say Republicans are a combination of men.
Women who, like men well as a like women that that seems to be the the branding this happening now, where the Democrats are women and men who who is saying that women are better than that sounds like week, persuasion, yeah, there's no persuasion here at all, I'm actually describing it in as close to an objective way as I can I'm not trying to persuade you of anything. so I've been reading up a little bit on millennials, apparently millennials, are seventy five percent of the workforce and the stereo type of millennials and by the way I don't really, I don't really buy into stereotypes of entire entire groups of people so
these stereotypes, I read in Forbes, but you can use your judgment about how accurate they aren't any individual they're, not accurate, any individual, but the characteristics were that they are not so much. about the money as they are about autonomy and recognition us? So Kaname and recognition and accomplishing things, so they want to feel they're doing something and they're being recognized for it. They have a lot of freedom to do it and. It makes me wonder if that mindset, is more or less successful than other mindsets. You know in When I was twenty one, when I got out of college, I was looking for a job
the only thing that really matter to me was how much it paid and whether whether a gave me some path to something better. That would even paying even better, and so for me? I was willing to take almost any kind of pain. to get where I wanted, and I thought that that's how it worked, I thought I thought it doesn't matter how much it hurts. That's the deal the deal is you do stuff that hurts they give you money and overtime. You can work yourself into a better situation, as I did, but uh and, I think, was the Forbes article that was speculating that what may have you changed. The mindset is video games and social media And the idea is that video games social media are somewhat immediate gratification. You have lots of flexibility of what you do
but you get this immediate recognition. People like you're, saying- and it was also kinda service- see and you don't have to work. Hard. Imagine the rewards you get for posting on social media and getting lots a likes or playing a video game in which you succeed within the video games. You get it you're, getting all this feedback all this positive feelings. You know the chemicals in your brain and branch. yeah happy happy happy happy when you go to work and you go to work? Everything about work is opposite everything about work dehumanizing, you you've, beg for credit. The is gonna. Take you forever to succeed at anything. If you ever do so, I don't know what that does to people's
success, but here's one of the things that I like to point out every now and then uh I'll put this in two different contexts: one of the things that makes white people racist. is they say, hey look at all those white people who invented great things, and you know they were very successful white people and then the races as But I'm a white person too. So people are awesome. but that white person who is the racist, didn't invent anything. How does the racist get credit for what completely different other people did it? the strange the whole racist, a belief system is so irrational.
I don't even know how to call it racist instead of just stupid, because the other list things you can say that are scientifically valid about differences between groups, but the fact is The racist themselves, the actual individual racist did not invent anything, didn't do anything. So how does a person who is doing nothing but making erases website trying to draft off of these successes of completely different people, the people who actually make it, prince in the world. Are one percent or may is zero point: zero, zero, one percent, and if you're, not one of those people, you can't really claim credit, because people who have a pigment patient similarity to you did great. How does that work.
Same with men versus women I often hear men who are being sort of secretly sexist. Usually they don't say this public, but some version of men invented everything. Man invented everything Well, I'm a man, I didn't invent anything. I do have a patent, but it's for something completely useless, most men. Ninety nine, and they did that everything they didn't invent a damn thing so well, how can I take credit, because I have a penis and so complete stranger twenty years ago or one hundred years ago or five hundred years ago, who also had a who was you are smarter than me once invented something How do I take that as my accomplishment? What is the connective tissue, it's like. Oh, there are very smart, successful white people
Therefore, all the dumb unsuccessful ones get to get to be part of that success does it really work that way it is any racial pride. Ok! Well, ok is vague way to ask the question. I would put it this way. Racial pride either is either a useful to the person who has it. Word is not useful. If you can find a way to make it useful, then I'd say it's a good thing example, let's say you were a member of some ethnic group that was routinely discriminated against, doesn't matter who it is just any ethnic group that is routinely discriminated against. Would it make sense for them to have ethnic pride? probably probably because it might be part of. Part of the mindset that helps them succeed,
gives them a little little bit Of cushion and protection against other people's bad opinions and that sort of thing suppose you were a generic white person, as I am I'm about as generic as you can get Would it be useful for me to have white pride? I can't think of any way at that would be useful I mean like I, don't have a lack of pride and nobody is nobody. Discriminating against me, because other white people are bad in some way. so in my case wouldn't have a utility that I can see but if it did have a utility than absolutely so. If, if there's somebody who is feeling beaten up because of their ethnic generating a little bit of
it's real or artificial pride in your room, your group of people in my house of usefulness as part of your overall mindset, you know that as long as it doesn't dominate and push you in the wrong direction, I guess I guess my bigger point is that you should not be taking credit, for the success of complete strangers who happen to have genitalia that is roughly similar to yours. That's just doesn't make any sense, and I would go further and say that there is some is says gay pride gay pride had use. I had so gay pride was a very smart, very effective.
Mind set as well as a political movement because they were, they were very much. The ones were being discriminated against and and still of course, by Micah and other people still discriminate against yeah black pride gay pride, yeah. Any group that feels put upon it probably is useful. Do you think of it in those terms in terms of being proud of who they are, but it doesn't make sense It can be useful without making sense, they don't have to be the same thing and in my case it wouldn't be useful. So I don't take it too far. What's the opposite of pride in your race, I would
think of it. In terms of opposites, I think you can either care or not care. So Disliking your race, this kind of rare, I know anybody who discriminates against themselves. I suppose it happens but I think it's either a question of whether it matters or just doesn't matter it's more like one or zero, not one or negative. One. Men are arguably being put upon yeah. Man are being I, I think, we're at kind of a turning point when you say, but I think we're at a turning point in south
hey, listen and I'd say it's where being male is widely considered and also a widely meaning. I don't know forty percent of the public. Thirty percent of the public- that's pretty wide, let's say thirty percent of the public thinks that man, our just bad humans and, of course there are there. No two men are exactly alike. So it's a gross generalization like everything else.
The liberal indoctrination is to make you feel guilty about your white maleness. Somebody said yeah, maybe so so somebody said is Migos comment about about boy, a firing offense. It should be. Right, I mean in order to be consistent, it should be now, in my opinion, uh if somebody apologizes, and by the way,
he didn't apologize to the Lgbtq community. Did she she said it was a super bad choice of words and that she, oh she apologizes to Senator Durbin too, which seems to be a different topic. So so yeah, I'm not sure if saying you're, sorry generically is the same as apologizing to the community. She offended the gay community, yeah. I guess all day long people are going be talking about whether maker should be fired since Kevin Hart was kind of fired, Personally, I'm not in favor of firing people who, who are being corrected, an accept the correction. So I would say this case. Make it did something. Society collectively corrected her.
she acknowledges the correction that's about all! I would ask of anybody, so I would apply the same as Tamika that I would apply to Kevin Hart, and it goes like this. I don't judge people by their mistakes. If you do, if you judge people by their mistakes, uh That's the case of loser think because we all make mistakes all the time, we're in a continuous state of failure in mistake, making It makes more sense to judge people by how they handle their mistakes, so I would look to both Kevin Hart and we can say: ok what did they do about them? mistakes and it seems to me that in both cases they will say improved or increase, but let's say they improve their understanding of other people
sensibilities in the social world in which they live, and they've learned how to navigate their soci maybe in the more enlightened way now is it. It's just as likely that Kevin Hart would say an anti gay thing today. Now it's not, he has clearly You know I had to use the word evolved, but it kind of works here, Kevin Hart. Started as an imperfect person, as we all have He got a little bit better and this incident help him get there may be quicker than you would have make a really made an insensitive comment that was inappropriate according to society. She fairly quickly acknowledged it and and said she was sorry I'm not sure it was there the apology and needed to be, but still it's obvi as she has taken it as something that she needs to avoid
the future another words growth You know, and I say that about every form of of racism and sexism. If there's if there's, if there's one thing that We can say about everybody over a certain age and that age is pretty young, but everybody over a certain age was an adult. We used to be worse, that's almost true of I don't know- ninety five percent of people. Ninety eight percent of people, it's true of all of us. We used to be a lot worse. So if, if you judge me by who I was forty years ago. I'm not going look so good and guess: If I judge you by you know decades ago,
thing, you did that thing. You used to think you wouldn't look so good either, and so that's why I've proposed the twenty year rule the twenty year rule says that you just don't judge people by stuff. They thought or did or said twenty years ago. 'cause we're not really, The same people we were twenty years ago now, twenty years sort of a random number in you. Could you could apply it to you know five or ten we're fifty years whatever you want, but it's a good rule of thumb that. Nobody's complaining about. Let's say, George Soros, I'm no, I am George Soros, but when you tell me that I need to judge him by something he did when he was fourteen when he
in his 80s. I can't go there with you. Just can't go there with you just too far away. I seem to have a phone around here somewhere that just dinged. I need to find it alright, but anyway I will talk to you later 'cause. I don't have much else to say today, but let's, let's let people. let's, let's let people improve if they don't apologize and they don't improve. Well, then judge and judge anyway like, but if someone He used to be bad, even if even if used to be was yesterday and it's obvious to you that they understand what the problem is. And it's obvious to you that they've, you know they've said they're, they're, saris and obvious to you that It was changed to make them less like that in the future. I say we should applaud so Kevin Hart.
because I put them on the same team and the same Category, which is two people who were in perfect just like the rest of us and showed growth. Let's say I'd be happy about that and merry Christmas I'll talk to you later