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Episode 338 Scott Adams: Imaginary Presidential Risk, LBGTQ Under Trump, Inauguration Expenses

2018-12-15 | 🔗


  • CNN says Trump Hotel in Washington overcharged campaign
    • Every hotel charges as much as they can get…so what?
    • No better place to hold the event, negotiation advantage
  • Reading CNN for the jokes…
    • Trumps worst nightmare!
    • Devastating revelations!
  • Highly qualified lawyers are debating IF actions were illegal
    • NOT debating guilt, they’re debating if a crime exists
  • LGBTQ pushback on my opinion yesterday
    • Trump’s live and let live attitude has fostered acceptance
    • No more anti-gay talk from the GOP
    • Pence has been silenced in support of President Trump
  • Transgender in the military
    • Discrimination in the military is by design and universal preference
    • Is it just a cost consideration?
  • Twitter photoshopped Nazi images gone in one day…thank you!
    • Google still shows the images in top 10 results
    • Are there other racist images allowed on Google?
  • The “network effect” of social media platforms
    • If all your friends are on a platform…so are you
    • New platforms have difficulty replacing existing ones
  • An app to auto-post tweets to multiple social media platforms
    • No comments, just the original tweets

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but a bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump yes it's time for what what is the time for that's right cipher coffee was got atoms and you are here to enjoy it hello everybody o brien hallo sam hello array and everybody else whose names are real name's allow michel tyler marcus j p cannon here and it's time we have a thousand people it's time to reach you clash your copier mug you're jealous your stein you're container of beverages lifted to your lips i hope is filled with coffee but it doesn't need to be to enjoy the simultaneous sip it happens now
oh that's good simultaneous seven sir we ve got a number of stories in the news most of them are minor but because the news has to sell products they are being treated as major so the present has new temporary hurry whatever that means chief of staff move any initial reports are good the people who seem to know this morning guys say he's smart and he's the deal and he could be good so has done much to say about that sounds like you may have picked a good person next lose a judge you who seems to have a judge in texas seems to have said that obamacare is unconstitutional like the whole obamacare
i don't know what that means yet my first gas is to ignore it why my first instinct is that ok that's big nothing it'll be appeal that will get turnover and appeal so the obama care story is probably closer to nothing then something but war wait and see there is another story on cnn who is always looking for trouble there are always looking for trouble if its anything about trump and the latest is that the trump hotel in washington where i have stayed actually stated the trump hotel when i went to washington less than that apparently they charged we more than normal for the campaign so in other words the term
campaign paid the trump hotel this is what i see him in his reporting and they're saying that vodka may have been involved in some part of the negotiations for the price and they talk about the price and they say i guess somebody wanted today eighty five thousand the night but but the hood tromp was ripe hotel was trying to trade to charge a hundred and seventy something a night so here's was missing from the story you see anything missing from the story so for a big no regulation party the trump campaign wanted to use the trump hotel and the price was about double what the campaign wanted to one or two bay and therefore its a scandal
there is something missing with a story yes there's something missing here's was missing it's what every hotel does has summit some major said do you know what a hotel charges for their facilities here's the exact price that every hotel charges for everything they do and i'll be very precise this is exactly what every hotel charges for everything they do whatever they can get all hotels charge as much as they can get and that varies based of the season the day the occupancy various other a lot of things now if your name was the tramp hotel and europe occasion was washington d c somebody named trump just
the presidency unexpectedly what is the market value of space and the tromp hotel in washington d c answer about double the market rate about double right because there is no there was no place in washington there would have been cooler more appropriate more perfect for that event for that group where was the second place they were gonna go well wherever their second place was gone probably was busy probably they're gonna overcharge and then if you were there we're not in a trumpet property which would have made it twice a school when i when i visited the president in august the only reason i wonder to washington was to visit the president and
for me there was not there is no decision about whether to stay i did even price and the other hotels because if you they go visit president trump the troll bardell wrote this is it just makes the whole trip a little bit more complete in some way so when i watch cnn cover the story i watch to see ok somebody's gonna tell them they're all hotels raise the high as possible for the market conditions and that is that this particular case was the ultimate market conditions so was a true that a trump hotel property and i'm not sure exactly what the ownership is their hotel if it's more of a life
single whether using the name ruffians it doesnt matter really but should they have negotiated as hard as possible with the campaign usa shut the trump hotel should negotiate as hard as possible with the campaign do you know why they should do that let live without other if the hope if the trump hotel had not charged as much as they thought they could get what will we re talking about today such question what would we be talking about in the news today if the trump hotel i give him the campaign a good price right it would have been an illegal campaign contribution the one and only way this was this was legal the
only way it was legal as if the trump or tell tried as hard as possible to screw the trump campaign and that's the trouble campaign tried as hard as possible to screw the tramp hotel and according to the story that's exactly what happened the trump campaign negotiated as hard as it could against the trump hotel and they they ended up on the price i don't what price was but if you can tell me tell me with a straight face the that's not the way it's supposed to work tell me how what's the other way it supposed to work the other way is illegal we live in a capitalist country there we're supposed to screw each other as hard as possible that's what they tried to do no story when there's no story there
i want to read you something that's funny to me when i read when i read thence homepage on their website i'm not joking about this i read it for the for the jokes you're when i said the jokes i mean the things that just strike me as funny when i read sealant clears the top left story meaning the most important story and seen in opinion because they put it on the top and the left that's where you put the good stuff says trumps worst nightmare as the big headlines and i'm thinkin my goodness this is gonna be some bad stuff whatever's under the headline trumps worst nightmare in the top positions in the news that some bad stuff let's see what it is says weeks devastating revelations unlike oh my god devastating revelations
these are not normal revelations these are devastating go on have left the president's political career clouded by criminality and his life under a legal microscope way what that what does that say clouded by criminality that means other people's criminality do you know who else is life is crowded is clouded with criminality cnn you me we're all clouded with criminality is key i did with criminality means people you know well or have worked with have been criminals while i'm pretty guilty of that i have known people i've even had friends i've read friends were total chris
oh i didn't know about it and then till they went to jail so clouded with criminality serve you notice the cnn they must have a whole department whose only job is to come up with new ways to say that the president is a criminal without actually say he's a criminal so you want to say things like the evidence indicates or the evidence implicates the president or he's under a cloud of criminality or there's a swarming turd parade around him here they're just coming up with more and more clever ways to say he is not doing anything he hasn't everything himself but there is the war
rules are closing the walls are closing it that's what am i to everyone's worse than watergate worsen watergate compared to watergate this would make people tremble it'll make people travel and then you actually look at the news and you say if everything about the kohen story is exactly the way it's reported there's no problem let limit let me tell you something going you gotta be mad you haven't heard on television if you watching the news i gotta tell you something that's insanely obvious insanely obvious but only after i sat and watch others watch others hit you true or false and i believe everyone on all sides of trump related things would acknowledge that the next things i say archer so
a thing to be any dispute on what i'm going to say next there are very highly qualified lawyers who say that the present in the united states has broken laws and that he is in serious legal jeopardy over this current situation troop we'd all agree that's true right there are a number of highly qualified lawyers who say that this presidency has broken laws and that the key one situation is a dangerous legal jeopardy for him true everybody else would also agree that there is an other sort of lawyers more pro trump lawyers who are also highly qualified highly paid highly accomplished who say there's no problem here at all right now i'm not saying which ones right i'm saying that as an observer is objectively true that their
highly qualified lawyers on opposite sides some say he's guilty as hell and in love trouble some say there are literally nothing here right now can you remember what is the standard for conviction is the standard for conviction some people say he's guilty and some people say he's not know that's not the standard the standard for cars action is guilty beyond reasonable doubt did i just describe guilty beyond reasonable doubt if i can fill a stadium if i can fill a stadium with high
qualified lawyers who say in my opinion there is not even a lawyer this been violent is that guilty beyond reasonable doubt not even close not even close now do you feel angry that nobody put it to you the way i just it if you take into consideration the size and the quality and the experience of the lawyers say as no real problem here doesn't matter if they're only ten percent and there are ninety son saying the other thing that doesn't matter ten percent of highly qualified lawyers who are not even involved in the case who say and was it looks to me like its confusing
was ambiguous is now being applied evenly there's nothing to see here that's a hundred percent good enough to guarantee this president's not in trouble legally yes but legally now so now that i've said that how do you feel about the president's legal jeopardy from just the kohen stuff we're just limiting it to the council so so sundry saying judging and volatile on fox news said the president's in trouble i didn't see that but i saw the headlights does that matter does it matter how many lawyers say he's legal trouble it doesn't matter it only matters that there is a substantial number of your legitimate
well trained lawyers who say looks vague to me looks this stage it is not useful there isn't the slightest chance the given all of those lawyers who say it's not even illegal that he's gonna get convicted keep in mind the lawyers who say it's not even illegal are not saying that he didn't do it everybody's looking at exactly the same facts we're not even arguing the truth of the facts even people who say there's no law assume that all the facts i've been in evidence are the facts right that there was a band what what what logical fallacy is stacking the deck with all those lawyers what i'm saying is that there is no stay
the deck as long as there are plenty of lawyers who say we don't even we can't even determined that there's a real quiet crime here you can guarantee that no jury is gonna be a hundred per cent on one side if you can't even get the lawyers degree of its own legal costs not the case with anything else right if you said somebody murdered somebody could you find a lawyer to argue that murder isn't actually even illegal hell think so that was about analogy the scene and also has an article on here called peaches one and one says here how it would work and then in parentheses if it actually happened what what persuasion technique you see an amusing when they
when they read an article says impeachment one one hears our work if it actually happened that's not news that is persuasion they're making you think pass the sale so they're making you think pass the the impeachment as if we're just accepting that a sort of a routine thing and now we're thinking about the details of it so that is just persuasion now it's not and is not an unreasonable article but it would be better to say here so impeachment works just as a reminder that would be a little more objective than to say if it happens here's how it would work they're they're taking you mind into the future what you thinking about a specific president having a specific outcome they could have made this objective and said
it's very unlikely they would be an impeachment because the senate is never gonna go for it anyways was wasted time and is politically unwise would you like a refresher about one in impeachment is that would be an objective way said the starvation think a little bit pass the sale but because his frame differently you start by saying there's no way gonna happen buses we're talking about italy here's a refresher courses what impeachment is and how it works that would have been fair this is just persuasion ok now here's my most fun topic of the day i sent out i would say a poorly conceived tweet day before you in which i was saying that president tromp was the most pro elegy bt q president ever
now of course i knew when i said it that it would be provocative and get people chattering which is part of the fun why use twitter if he can can be interesting but i got some push back i want to talk about the push back because i was pretty good now since it such a rarity in this world see anybody incorporate a new information and then revived the european i thought it would be useful to see me do it in public now i will confess it was under informed on this topic and if you tweet something this under informed you will get informed very quickly so i got quite informed but there is still some big hole we'll see or maybe someday you can help me fill it in i am going give you the president trump pro argument
then i'll give you the push back so the pro is that this is trump as the first president come into office in favour of gay marriage we now having a problem with this is not so much in favour is just didn't care one way or the other so on that and that narrow point his views more advanced than every president before him because even president obama came in our little antigay marriage so there's one thing i will talk well the negatives moments on not ignoring them we're just gonna get to them second secondly he is the point the first openly gay diplomats to a major country embassadors grenelle to germany so that i think you have to give that right now i'm sure there have been plenty of
yeah openly gay people of serbian government so i'm not sure that's the biggest steel in the world it just it must be it must be just specific to diplomats so i wouldn't say that the biggest thing in the world but the fact that he did it all goes in his column now let's talk about the negatives so sears pushed back i got number one his vice president is mike pence in my pants could be arguably the most antigay politician that we ve known or egoism
top top ten percent probably so help it and the president's be pro while his vice president he back is so anti good point except was poured in contacts he hired trump i'm sorry trump brought on pens not because they agreed on that stuff he brought him on to win because he needed a certain constituency beyond inside and so pants for next four to eight years le say will save the not the next but for a period of four or eight years of the trump presidency what did trump due to them aunt voice in america pants he completely silence them
does the vice president doesn't have the option of having its own opinion on this there is not one that i can say in public so which which democratic president ever silenced the most antigay political voice in the country i have never heard of any democratic president silencing republican antigay voice but president dropped it he took the most antigay guy and completely silence them right do you remember at the i guess was at the the republican convention correct me if i'm wrong by believes the president present tromp candidate trump that help obey didn't he held up a rainbow flag with there was pro algae beauty
and i believe he had a full throated endorsement of me i'm taking care that community i said this the other day and and this next part is completely visible to the entire left an analysis the sense since tromp became elected i have never heard even i can think of one antigay thing coming out of a republican it feels as if trump changed the republican general priorities maybe if not their minds because he pace the republicans for so long that when
he gets an office when peter teal spoke at the geo p convention i thought that was important so it seems to me that tromp has done something that no democrat has ever done he he complete leave it seems again i'm gonna put the sound to your opinion and or fact checking what is to me the trump has changed the geo p platform and entire attitude about the gay lesbian population in a way that no democrat ever did and no republican effort it am i wrong about that i believe
that trumps sort of live and let live attitude especially in here here's the weird part the weirdest thing about trump is that his own personal life is let's say complicated and therefore he takes a republic in group that was reggie about personal stuff right wouldn't you say the the gnp has traditionally been pretty judgmental about what you did in your personal life and am i correct that that's gone well it wasn't that long ago everybody was saying hey get the geo piano my bedroom it's not even an issue anymore it feels to me the trumpets completely taken the the antigay at least on the surface of the g opium just made to go away
i heard no antigay stuff from any geo papers period now but i'm not done because as i said the mai my critics on this point we're not without their good points here is an excellent somebody said that trumpet has nominated more antigay judges than anybody before now turn off that's true he i dont know if there are more anti gave judges or if every time a republican appointed judges they seemed antigay but here's the thing what is an anti gave judge
is everything because the republicans are more about just picking judges that will interpret the constitution and not favour anybody so i'm going to take my critics comment that there are such things as antigay judges and i'm gonna give them at least a little more than partial credit i'm not gonna discount that one because we do it live in a world where judges are not really unbiased entirely judges are biased because their human things and so that might be a real thing i would say that doesn't matter until actually rule on sunday the matters so if they never rule on something probably doesn't matter there was
another comment i didn't quite follow about dropping protections in the workplace but i don't remember what the details that were and are now how many people have effects but that probably was good point too i just don't know the details i saw the next one is the interesting one is about trends trends genders transgender folks in the military and on that point absolutely true that the president if not the most pro transgender president we ve ever had that would have been obama and obama was more permissive of a transgender and military the president's orders or his administration apparently is less so i think the current situation
the current situation is that if you are already in the military you can stay which is not really a very friendly policy so that's that sort of anti now sort of that's anti transgender justice are you can stay if you're already here but we yet whether more like you in so i would say that the critics are correct when they say that's more anti trans gender but i would add this context the military is the one place where discrimination is expressly allowed if not encouraged so if you try to take them military use situations and lump it in with any civilian situations just becomes nonsense it sorted nonsense to say that the way we treat
the military tells us something about the way we treat thrust life because the military is a discrimination organization by design and by universal preference let me give you an example if i went to join the military would they let me and now they say you're a certain age we cannot lay you and when my when my father went to join the military before world war to register weren't just started my father was not allowed to join because the other had an unusual deformity in his chest something use bournemouth and the doktor said no we can't let you in military because you ve got this just deformity thing and we don't know how that will affect your health
turns out we lived eighty six or something what every was eighty three eighty six so i didn't really affect us health in any way that we ever determined but they discriminate against them for a medical motion so that the military is where we ask people to discriminate we don't stop it we just make sure that they don't discriminate for stupid reasons so discriminating against black folks would be a bad reason because all the evidence suggests that
everybody's fine in the military doesnt merriwig restlessly is that doesn't make any difference here we want the best fighters now so the question on trans genders is whether they fall into the category than i do or my father did which is that there's something about is that from a standpoint of looking at the averages that you don't want people like me you know what people who are you too short to the unhealthy etc is expensive and they might affect the readiness now my understanding of transgender in the military is it if you're if we say if you ve had if you ve had your surgeries and euro good your health is good and proper doesn't make much difference in all but there must be people
were indifferent stages where they have greater military risks and costs i think that's the argument but i would not claim that to be true because i'm not the expert on the medical conditions of transgender but here's point if the decision about whether they can it's just the average meaning that there could be plenty of transgender who just don't have that problem there there stable they don't have the medical problem there are fit for service the reply there there are stable they don't have the medical problem there fit for service there a plus that can be true and still it would be ok for the military to discriminate because they discriminate against all kinds of classes
all people short people etc and surely there are short people who could be good soldiers surely there old people who go to operate a drone or do some paper worker should judah or be a pilot suppose so so the question is in fact a basis is the military discriminating in a way that is similar to the other ways there are allowed to discriminate if they are then the then then they're doing the right thing if their discriminating without the benefit of fact well then it is wrong and that should be changed but i don't know which is which is the case so to my critics who said hey the president is not the most pro algae bt q president because
trends don't have as much rights as they do for the military as they did under obama i rank there criticism true absolutely true good push back and an accurate correction and i have to admit that when i when i have something to eat i often forget about the tea in energy bt q but i also have to ask myself why are they loved in their rank why why do you through transgender in with gay and lesbian lay who decided that that's where they belong isn't that by itself a little discriminating if you are transgender
would you be delighted that you are thrown in with the gay and lesbian so you might love i'm not saying that you dislike that but from a political perspective if you're transgender do is that your team is your team the people who are not transgender because you do know a gay people are not transgender dino astray people are often transgender right so i don't oh how algae b t q makes sense i gasped gay and lesbian that makes perfect sense why you want them in a politically active group but our know how t belongs in there but there said my my tweet that this ban it was the best to all the algae bt q is false false the transgender category and
with the judges and when the selection repents you definitely some eyebrows going up and that's fair say pence is irrelevant he's been silenced and say the entire republican party has been silenced on at least gay lesbian stuff transgender stuff ends up being a little bit more about the budget and we could be wrong about that where we could be right about that and it would be terrible to be wrong about it but it's not the wrong question because the military does get too discriminate i then there's one other issue in the same topic which is there some problem or there some issue with this administration has reduced access for hiv
testing of some kind because of access to stem cells or something like that and if that makes a difference then i would say that would also be a good criticism for something that would look and i urge you to hear in this case and i can let me and i again lisbon problem primarily in thy gay mostly so if that's true that say that's a good point add but here's my question a lot of what the trumpet administration does is get rid of regulations and and things that just more helping so it could be true for example that climate change is a problem
while it could be also true they're getting rid of getting out of the paris accord agreement was still the right thing to do so you have to do english between the problem and in what we're doing about it because if what we're doing about the problem doesn't help getting out of that doesn't mean you don't believe in the problem anymore likewise if whatever the government was doing before i don't know the details has really helping we stopped doing it that would be bad but the less the case it could be the case that whatever we are doing with allowing people access to stuff they have another way together so the government doesn't need to be involved etc so and under the details of that but i am open to criticism so i take my i take my criticism seriously when it's actually fact based so
the criticism i got in this were all fact based and i take them all seriously so i appreciate the correction and i'm getting beat up all day on twitter about this so maybe i'll send them to this personal ay thanks for that super hard herbert by the way any of those who like to reward me for the fun you have during the simultaneous up and coffee scott items you can send a super there's little icon at the bottom of your screen if you click it you'll you'll see what that's all of them google still ask me as a nazi you say well so giving you an update on that let's see
what i'm gonna do myself see what comes up due to do so it will be a test to see if there are still going me a nazi now on that up age are good as other the first search results they come up it looks like they ve been scrubbed of the nazi the nazi photoshop job there somebody did on me but that's probably because probably because at least some of those pictures at least one of them went to a twitter account that got killed by twitter so ferris fair let's give credit where credit does do i had a problem with twitter because those a twitter account name to be me in the nazi uniform
i reported it using twitters own process and within one day the account was taken that so if i may if i'm being objective twitter did everything i would ask of twitter on this topic i have no nothing but positive to say about this topic about twitter google however is another question because if i were to click the images how far down what i have to go before i see a picture of me in a nazi uniform photoshopped of course i would never have another uniform and then read below that a second one so google still has to be listed in the top ten which you would see in your first if you click google images and saw my images it would be
the top down now i don't want her to score this because the fact that so many of you went and clicked on it because i'm talking about it my be the reason that their surface so high it could be there i've just talk about it too much so there's no way to really know if the algorithm is driving it up at this point because so many of you clicked on it because i know drew attention to it some gonna have to wait a few weeks to see if the rhythm lower them naturally if it doesn't i would still conclude that google is a the google is racist basically there's no other way to say that right if if google
either allows or is behind demonization of me in a nazi uniform let me ask you this would they ever put a non white male and a nasa uniform well you may see a meme somewhere about that but generally speaking it's an anti white male thing it's racist so google right now i don't know it does go we have other racist images that they leave up is everything kit does google allow any image that's a real picture to stay up in their images if it's obviously and unambiguously just a racist image because i've got to completely races images so if
if those images don't go down in the rankings or disappear it's not reverse racism that just plain or racism well let's stop saying reverse reverse to it it's not fuckin reversed as just racism well there's an there's no other way to paper google is allowing the racist images another on the top search now if that's how they want to be always a week or so but if that's who google wants to be then i will i will certainly help
their brand if google wants to be racist i will i will be the first one to help them brand that hashtag racist google or hashtag google racist now racist school was better because unlike google to come up as a model phil whenever you type and racists if they keep it but yeah let's wait a week for that no i don't think lawsuit lawsuit is not really the way to go on any this because it's impossible to win lawsuits like us
did you know johnny heart i met him once the new free speech platforms doomed well it's the trouble is that the the big social networks have was called the network of fact if you don't invest in in start ups and tech companies don't know what that the network effect is a network effect is that once all of your friends are in one place such as on twitter facebook you just leave because everybody you know is on the other platform so now i would say there is no real chance that the big social networks will have a free speech competitor let me tell you why the day a new free speech competitor
ends up was saint gab they have one really really big problem who were the first people who go to a free speech app who goes first well who goes first other people got kicked off the other ones erases so real race real racists and are being you're your base users and then people were not racist they say i like free speech to something they'll go over there and the first thing they realise that their lot races over there so they have a business model that the free speech apps have a business model that almost can't work there to figure out how to tweak that business model to prevent that problem
and in one one of the ways of them i'm wondering i'll figure imposed on the ship but suppose ocean held up that allowed you to host to the social media entities but when it did it also posted automatically to a free speech place so let's say nobody can join the free speech site it's impossible to join and you can only join the other sites but every poet also shows up as a mere on me sort of a mirror free speech site and and and if you ve arbed and already been kicked off a twitter then hear year your message is goes wherever wherever its allowed if you had that wouldn't you be able over time to build a an audience for this free speech one
because it wouldn't be comments on how would you like to have a social media platform that showed all the tweets but none of the comments and if you want to see the comments you have to go back to the site of katy so i'm just brainstorm here but listen so say you ve got it up the posts all of your tweets to multiple platforms puts it on twitter but it also puts learn gab maybe it puts it somewhere and then if you want to read them fuel red tweets you just go to the free speech one do you see everything but the one thing it doesn't have is no comments because aren't the comments the bad part it if you had a choice of just now really any dumb ass for all comments without the applause or a native
somebody saying good so and who suite is designed for a different purpose and that's important because who'd swedish optimized for business user we were trying to schedule things and time things and major things and had all the social media stuff but is there awkward and hard to use so i tried to use who'd sweet a few years ago and it was just so hard that i just stopped using so if you had an app it would have to be as easy to use as just posting a tweet if it's not as
easy to use as just posting a tweet nobody's gonna break and use it and who had suite is harder to use than posting a tweet somebody says they like the comments the most well you you would still have access to the comments if you click on the tweet and he wanted to see the comments you were just over to the platform where it where they show the comments your tweets appear on gap my severe on on do that somebody says my tweets appear on gab than true somebody is somebody mirroring them somehow
eggs and you're proposing a magazine i guess i am you know i suppose you took all the year so here's a mile so right now if i read my twitter feed or any social media feed its in chronological order suppose you created a social media sites that organised it like a magazine so you would send year you're one message it would go to twitter in its normal way and people who comment on it everything goes to facebook ghost instagram if its vets instagram mobile it also goes to a magazine and what magazine does is it organizes the tweets by topic so you see all the you see all the tweets on this house to hang on his recent now of course you can always click on hashtag and do that within the social media networks but still electra step it's not edited and organise right also missing
flip board flip board is sort of what i'm talking about except that there's no app the sends one content to all those things including to flow board as far as i know not me too complicated so aspersion up that lay your posts all those media sites including this magazine anyone and from the app you can then go read your comments on any one of those sites some just let you go back and forth from facebook and swim twitter or whatever the others a way thus the idea nothing that the basic idea is that the current free speech platforms have a problem with their business model than i don't know you can solve and i will talk to you later
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