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Episode 339 Scott Adams: Fixing Immigration, CO2, Beto, Loserthink and Hyperbole

2018-12-16 | 🔗


  • Jordan Peterson interviews Bjorn Lomborg about climate change
  • We all think…that we know how to think.  A lot of us are wrong.
  • Bricks (or jet fuel) constructed from CO2
    • Review of dumbest comments I received on this topic
  • Cognitive dissonance from recent tweet about the news is fake
    • Both sides are lying all the time
    • Sometimes…the truth is the worst option to select
  • Is the President’s lying, bad for the country?
    • Aren’t results the determining factor?
  • You are NOT…your good thoughts
    • What you DO, is who you are
  • Beto is being seriously considered as the Dem 2020 candidate
  • Joel Pollack article about President and Congress finding middle ground
    • Both sides agree on need, only the descriptor is an issue
    • Call it a “Wence”, a combination of Wall and Fence
  • Idea: Job finding app for people from other countries to come here
    • Jobs aren’t listed or available till Americans have had 1st shot
    • Sponsorship of the potential immigrant that assumes responsibility

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