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Episode 340 Scott Adams: Our Useless Congress, Climate Hoax, Flynn Pardon, Wall Funding

2018-12-17 | 🔗


  • The wall isn’t a political decision…it’s an engineering decision
    • Only engineers can determine an effective solution
    • Congress can’t act, cause both sides need to win
  • Will President Trump pardon General Flynn?
    • The only serious crime committed…was by our government
    • Morally, legally, politically, a pardon seems 100% certain
  • Why can’t we have a “poor person’s insurance plan”?
  • Climate alarmists vs. Climate Skeptics
    • Both are equally persuasive
    • How can non-scientists know who is correct?
    • We need both sides in the same room to work it out
    • A famous stock scam is eerily similar to climate science
    • EVERYBODY believes in climate change
  • Recent poll said 75% in favor of immigration
    • Isn’t it 100% favor, and just a question of rate and process?
  • The way that everyone is going after Trump is changing politics
    • Proposed new law for non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
    • Legal in all cases to pay someone to be quiet for a LEGAL act
    • Cohen issue could be taken off the table by congress
    • Fix this for President Trump and every future President
  • China is an extremely successful country, why?
    • Are more human rights always better?
  • People who are NOT climate skeptics…
    • …have NOT been exposed to the better skeptics side
    • Looking at BOTH sides, the skeptics side is more persuasive
    • The skeptics might be wrong, but they’re more persuasive
    • What happens to models that don’t support climate change?

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