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Episode 344 Scott Adams: The Wence Funding, Kurds in the Way, Mattis, Gatwick Drones

2018-12-21 | 🔗


  • The Wence gets 5.7B from the house, now for the Senate
  • The “baseline noise” that forces President Trump to go big
  • General Mattis wrote a scathing letter and quit over Syria
    • CNN now supports unauthorized wars, like Syria
  • Will Turkey slaughter our allies when we leave Syria?
    • President Trump failing an ally? Does that sound likely?
    • Where is the UN on this topic?
  • Iran will be worse off when we pull out of Syria fight against ISIS
    • Russia and Israel will take over for US, and be effective
  • The markets are down because of UNCERTAINTY
    • Jobs are always the key
    • Jobs are strong and unemployment is low
  • “Steel Slats”…is that a wall or a fence?
    • Call it a wence so both sides are happy

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but i'm bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bump bump bump bump bomb hey everybody come on in here you know what is time for it's time for coffee with scott adams and we've got a lot to talk about i was not expecting to have a lot to talk about before christmas but our president the entertainer in chief come through once again with plenty to talk about the i say before we talk about that would you raise your cup your mug your stein your goblet your tankard your container of fluids i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous at
so let's start by talking about the drone that's been closing the gatwick airport over in england so apparently some so far undetected person operating a drone has been buzzing the airport which is causing the entire airport to close and it really sort of it shows you how unprepared we are for the world of drone well terrorism really could you believe that there is a major airport that day not already have anti drone technology that that is scary to though i would have that all the big airports
uh would have anti drone technology but apparently only the military has that at least over in great britain so that's a big wake up call probably it was not a terrorist probably just somebody who's a bad actor but we have to watch that all right let's talk about the fun stuff will talk about madison a minute but wall funding so i think the news is doing a good job of covering all the elements of wall funding nancy pelosi you said you'll never get the votes in the house and then trump not only got the votes in the house but they five point seven billion i think he was only asking provide billions and they now he didn't answer not count the votes right because he actually one comes
but they gave him more than he more than he asked for that's about as wrong as you can count the votes however the senate will be a different situation unless unless here's the most interesting thing about the wall funding the most interesting thing is when it's happening because uh don't you imagine that all of these senators though you imagine that their family is on the phone with them so every hour say all the relatives are here already for christmas uh you really need to wrap that up and get home so the president weirdly has time on his side because i think he cares less about you know where he is because his his his family sort of travels with him
so he doesn't have to go home he's sort of always at home when you're the president you're just always home 'cause your families wherever you are if you want them to be so i think he's holding congress hostage in a way because they really really want to get home and no i don't hear anybody really talking about how much that would influence people's votes i really do think people could vote differently maybe not enough to make a difference but i do think people would change their votes because their family numbers are on their backs you know just get this done get over here but it doesn't look like the sun is going to pass it so looks like the government's going to shut down now we're going talk about also madison syria in a moment but there's a archers sort of story here it
seems to maine that the democrats have inadvertently made the biggest mistake they can ever make you won't hear this anywhere else so this will be the have you ever heard this theory and you can you can judge yeah how much credibility to give it and it goes like this do you remember when i made my move into politics and i took some really big risks with my career with my reputation with my income etc the only reason i was able to do that or really willing is because i didn't have anything to lose so history in comes down put me in a situation where i didn't mind taking higher risks because i can handle now take president trump if he
and then an average president doing an average job what would what would be his instinct to be if if there were enough people say you're doing a good job let's say he had a let's say you had a solid forty seven percent approval rating would he be as risk king as he is when things going to hell let me another way the president's critics have unleashed the weapon of mass disk in other words the legal challenges on trump are so extraordinary and so bad that they've pushed him into a situation where he has nothing to lose
so the critics of the president have pushed him into a situation where if he doesn't do something big that makes it prince he will lose because they're chipping at him with all the legal stuff and the media's chipping away he has to the noise so there was this baseline level of legal challenges and noise and criticism higher than we've ever seen for probably any isn't although obama had a pretty bad too and in order for him to get out of that the one and only way to do that is to do something that's so big it's outside of it so that this stuff becomes less important so they have forced the president to do things then he might have otherwise been inclined to do because if they were if the boarding had been you know we didn't support
president but even we have to agree things are going well if that was the reporting how big a risk would he take to ruin a good thing probably very so it seems to me that the sort of accidental effect of the this isn't from the left becoming more effective and i say more effective because now that the that the democrats will have some control the house and they're going to they've already said we're going to unleash unlimited legal pain what would you do if you were in that job if you put me in the presidency i would put away my list of ordinary tasks i was and myself ok here are all the ordinary boring things i was planning to do ok
there's my ordinary list now check out the list of things that will set your hair on fire you take out the list of things that nobody would even dare to do boom bich that's what i'm going to do i'm going to do this list is doing the other list is a waste of time because if and do the other list of the boring ordinary stuff i'm going to stay below the noise level i'm going to stay below the danger level i need to get out of that zone entirely and so i believe the president is has been sort of politically pushed into a high risk high reward frame of mind and they use taking advantage of it he's taking it the fact that they have that the opposition has a boot on his throat if if you're in a fist fight and somebody
let you down and starts choking you to death and you you know and the only thing you could his rigid gun you're gonna use the gun even though it's a fist fight they've kind of forced trump out of his comfortable box and you know he his comfort level was a pretty big box do something that you just wouldn't even imagined which is to keep his keep his campaign promise nobody saw that coming nobody saw and that he would keep his campaign promise of getting a service area now let's talk about your general mattis as you know wrote a scathing letter and quit he quit people's hair is on fire and one of the funny things is it caused me nbc to love war glenn greenwald tweeting this morning and i retweeted it that the bizarre thing about this whole situation
is that rachel maddow who literally wrote a book not too long ago about how the us should stop being in all these unauthorized wars is complaining about the president leaving an unauthorized war she literally wrote a book on the opposite opinion that's how easily they're switching opinions and the world is turned upside down in the box is the box is shaking like crazy so you're saying uh i guess chris matthews came out in favor of the presidents action and you're seeing some a few left is being in favor of it i don't know about i haven't heard from sanders yet but he probably likes it you see republicans going crazy let's talk now medecins job and the president's job are not the same job and then we should not be surprising
that when you hire a war general meaning age general who is really good at winning wars the each of one all your wars and you could argue whether isis is completely defeated or just mostly get it on the battlefield but for all practical purposes we've sort of one all our wars so the guy who is really good at fighting wars doesn't have the same value she did when we needed to go in and beat isis so that's the first the second thing is that matters being a military guy he has no doubt made promises to allies and doesn't matter of honor if he can't keep his commitments to his allies he resigned i don't hate that i think as a military principle if you can't maintain
you consider your honor or your commitment to your allies resigning might be exactly the right thing to do which doesn't mean the president is wrong it just me things that matters can no longer be consistent with his commitments and with his his view of honor etc with what the president has done which is a hard decision so i'm not entirely sure that we should make too much of the fact that madison has a completely different set of circumstances would i have such a strong disagreement with the president who is you know of course carrying out his campaign promise now it seems like the big discussion is going turn on the kurds the kurds and are i suppose other allies in c
yeah that we now feel are exposed an will be slaughtered what was the first thing you heard about this story probably the first thing you heard is that some turkish defense minister or awesome job like that had announced that when america pulls out that they will move in and slaughter our allies the kurds the allies in that fight now twenty four hours later as i expected that story changed turns out that didn't happen so the most critical story the formed your opinion on this doesn't seem to have actually happened it was fake news what did happen as far as i can tell and again we're still in the fog of war so you know fact check me on this i could be wrong by tomorrow understanding is that the
minister or whoever it was over in turkey had with a general statement about defeating the kurds that was unrelated to whether or not we pulled out it was just sort of a general statement like all of their other general statements so nothing really happened there the next thing you have to ask yourself is what would the united states do if turkey to slaughter our allies as soon as we left would we do nothing well i don't know exactly what we do but it seems like that's part of the details that need to get worked out i would say if turkey immediately or even soon after attacked our allies who we had given guarantees of safety we might have to attack a nato country
that that wouldn't be good but we're in a world where all the choices are bad it's a bad choice to stay that's a bad choice to leave so here's the main thing about the kurds we have twenty two other people there who are mostly advisors i do believe that that's enough people to maybe keep the teams apart in other words nobody wants to accidentally kill any americans because that would be bad for their national interest so they probably do serve some kind of a peacekeeping role let me ask you this if the main reason that we're still useful in syria is in a peacekeeping role who is job is that is that the united states job to be in a peacekeeping role to keep two warring parties apart nope that is the united nations so
there is a discussion of the united nations keeping this probable massacre from happening seems like that's right down there their lan i haven't heard that mentioned have you where where where was the argument that says the united states needs to between all warring parties the sort of not our job secondly i'm pretty sure we can say that turkey and maybe already have well what do you think is happening privately in the discussions between the united states and turkey i've heard some conspiracy theorist that in order for turkey to shut up about to show gays murder by saudi you know we're going to give them something and we're going to give up the kurds that's ridiculous i'm sure that conversation is never happened and but i'll the conversation with turkey goes something like this if we pull out
and you slaughter our allies we're going to fuck you up so do you think there's any chance that turkey has a green light slaughter our allies while the world watches there's no chance of that now the details of how we could protect the kurds if indeed we want to do that and that's preliminarily that seems to be what we want to do there is no way that we that we have told turkey so whatever you want to do that's ok with us there's no way we pull out without putting the fear of god whatever god they want to pray to in turkey there's going to be if they move on our allies and am
yes in front of the world by doing so much less yeah the bigger tragedy would be the obviously if they want to do that and embarrass the united states in so doing the price that turkey would have to pay for that would be higher than they are willing to pay and i'm pretty sure that that message has been communicated by now now here's the one way that i could be wrong about that more ways than one i could be wrong about that one way is are we entirely sure who are allies are over there does seem to me doesn't seem to you that we can't really tell the difference between the allies and the terrorists over there you know is it true some of the kurds are also terrorists is it true that is it true that
just a big mess of sometimes your terrorist and sometimes you're an ally it just depends which which direction somebody shooting i don't know if we even know who our allies are exactly so that's the i think you have to realize it's not like hey here are friends it's probably nothing like that it's probably well they did fight on our side and we did say we keep the turks away but they i've got some issues to that we'd all love they got some people mac group they've got some objectives we'd all love it's probably something like that so the main thing you need to understand what you're watching all this stuff is that you should
assume you don't know anything all i'm let me make a message here christina's text me so here's here's the here's what's interesting about the story if you watch the coverage of it pundits you're going to see a lot of what i call the half pinion a half pinion is where you consider only the benefits of something or only the costs a full opinion is where you've considered both and i would say that trump is making a full opinion meaning that he is considering
kurds is considering the israel will have to fight harder he's considering all the all of the pluses and minuses and he's decided make a hard decision that will be very unpopular to many people that appears to be what's going on now watch the coverage the coverage the pundits will be talking past each other without addressing the others point and it goes like this the people who are against the pullout will say if we pull out will be letting down our allies and the kurds will be slaughtered the people who want to pull out will say nothing about kurds they'll just say well ward working out last forever this was his campaign promise we can't be in these on wars
you'll find that neither side will address the point of the other 'cause that would be a full opinion and nobody could really give a full opinion does it would look ridiculous or it would look like you would agree with trump which would be even worse for a lot of people uh so now when trump threw in the pull down to troops in afghanistan he really made it clear that the us is looking to reduce its footprint now i said before that you have to look at the big big picture and i think there's a chance for peace in the middle east because of all the moving parts moving in the right direction and this is one of them one of the things that could help peace in the middle east
as a general impression that the united states is looking to reduce its footprint in favor of the locals taking care of business now this case it's the locals plus the russians but but as long as as long as the russians are not against us in this case we're in check that one of the things that matter said was we have to be clear eyed about russia not being our friend and i think he's right but here's here's the the thing i keep asking myself why is it that the most logical alliance in the world is but the usa russia and china wouldn't you say that the us russia and china can gain by fighting each other that that's just the truth right none of us can make an advantage
by directly fighting each other we can do our these little stupid proxy wars that don't help anybody 'cause whatever they proxy us we're going to proxy them we'll know what they did to us they'll figure out what we did to them and all we're doing is biting each other's ankles doesn't it seem like trump putin and she could sit in the same room and say here's the deal fighting each other with fiber with proxy wars and all this stuff this never works the only threat that the of us have is from other smaller countries and from you know terrace basically so it seems to me it seems to me that the three countries that should never be biting each other's ankles are china russia and the us i just don't know what reasons we have given that we can do
everything they do and they can detect everything we do it yeah different situation if we could do things secretly you know it if china got hacked and they would never know it was us but that's not the case we sort of always know who it is and there's just no profit and the three countries being at each other now uh so here's my big picture i think that the big picture is that we'll figure out something to do to either protect the kurds or will find out that the situation was for complicated than we imagined and smell we thought i think that russia was always going to be the ones taking the fight to isis at least in syria forever probably let's put that on there buddy
i think israel was going to do in israel was going to do no matter what anybody else one of them to do or was doing and israel will pick up its fight in syria and probably be pretty effective array on seems to be the big loser here now i know people are going to say hey ran is a winner because the us is pulling out i don't think so 'cause it ran to deal with russia and israel now that's not exactly fun so i don't think i don't think iran is a winner i think russia might be a winner but not in a way that's necessarily going to make us worse off we'll see now the other thing to keep in mind is that most of what people are worried about with mattis resigning is that they believe they can they can
dicks of the world and it's ask yourself this have you correct we predicted anything that's happened in the last three years if you have correctly predicted a lot of stuff that i would say well you're probably a good predictor but if you have not accurately predicted anything for the three years and worried because what you predict will happen looks pretty bad maybe you should be less confident in your predictions here's a here's a truism about government and big business any time something happens that looks as enormous as a resignation of mattis that looks pretty enormous to you doesn't that seems like a big big deal a month from now well his
will be in office a month from now a year from now what are the odds that anybody's going to care that general mattis left and was replaced by a very capable general who was probably one of many very capable generals do you think you'll notice i don't know that you'll even notice one of the things that matters had working for him besides being terribly popular in the service is that he had a great reputation he fun to talk about and he very cool ball and all that stuff but i i don't know it's going to make that much difference of a year from now you probably won't know the difference uh the other thing you have to take into account is that everything seems more tense and more dangerous and more scary because it's almost christmas
tell me this is true or not every one of you is more stressed this week than normal true or false true or false you're all more stressed because of christmas and you've got twenty things to do instead of ten things to do right so when you're looking at this news story about madness you're taking that frame with you your you're you're you're already your hair is on fire before any news even happens and then look at something like mattis resigning and writing this negative letter to the president an and you say to yourself my yeah that's the end of the world what's going to happen blah blah blah blah keep in mind that in three weeks it won't feel like this and nothing will have changed and three weeks nothing will be different but it will feel completely different in three weeks
because the world didn't blow up and christmas is over and then we're just talk so who's replacing madison we figured out we're what we're going to do to protect the kurds or not you know that will have more visibility on that and three weeks this won't even feel like anything and keep in mind that the business model of the press is to make this seem like a big old bigger deal it is so you got the christmas stress on top of that you've got the press whose job it is to get you more scared than is necessary and on top of that you've got a president who's been pushed into a high this guy reward decision making mode where he can really get some stuff done if things go well every part of that is scary and then on top of that you put the you put the
stock market going nuts how much should you worry about the stock market going down what it whatever it's been ten percent or something should you worry about that probably not because the stock market is is reacting to all this all the stuff swirling around is reacting to uncertainty my guess is that we're entering one of the best buying periods that the stock market is ever seen now don't take my financial advice that would be crazy i'm not really good at financial advice so let me give you a dose of really earned humility in that regard don't buy
because i said it could be a good opportunity but the reasons that the stock markets are down matter the markets are down because of uncertainty there's uncertainty over trade there's uncertainty over now syria and there's uncertainty over the presidency because of all the stuff going on the trade trade negotiations will will resolve one way or the other so that uncertainty will go away siri we'll get better better look at that that will go away so most of what is our and certainly is because the news is giving us all excited but as long as jobs are good that's the thing you should look at if jobs still look good the economy almost always does well i don't know if there's any if there's a economic historian
here perhaps you can give me the rundown but has there ever been a time when jobs are great you know uh payment is really low and then everything went to hell is it you know you the first thing that's going to happen it is a loss of jobs if you don't see that i'm not worried about the stock market the stock market goes up and down on on the motion all right i'm let's talk about the weapons so did you notice that sarah sanders has change language about the wall so i tweeted this she said that it might be a wall or it might be a steel slats when the president announced did his little talk before the farm bill he said
yeah look if it makes the democrats feel any better we'll call it steel slats so if it's still slats is that a fence or is that a wall or is it one of prototypes that sort of steel slats up to a point and then so it's to get over there's a wall tour the top so remember my weirdly specific prediction prediction that i made is that the border security thing would get solved when when both sides could find a way that one could call it a wall and the other could call a defense and sure enough here it is steel slats some can call it a wall and some can call it a fence now that's not enough to get it through senate probably but i'll bet it come
closer than you think somebody says do you think somebody is paying maine to do these periscopes the answer is the people know i don't i don't take money from anybody who's an individual or powerful just from micro donations on patris on at the moment but will be looking to change that platform and if you give and if you give a super hearts here on periscope apparently that turns into money for maine so those are the ways that i make money this and then in addition to the extent that doing these periscopes helps me sell books i'm writing another book so my my financial interests are completely disclosed it's patris on donations it's super hearts and it allows me to
books of maybe do better you know selling them because i have this intention so that's my only financial incentive but beyond that i really like it i've said this before i don't think i do any of this periscope except that i like it yeah and if you like to buy a dilbert calendar as a guest that would be a great way to get more of this all right now tell me who else who else predicted that the solution to the border would be something that somebody could call a wall and somebody else could call offense i believe i'm the only one in the world am i wrong am i wrong the all of the language is starting to come together and both sides are saying well well
not a wall all the way but maybe we need a little bit of wall i'm not wrong we are in complete agreement they just needed to fix the language and it looks like they have but i doubt i don't know if the senate will i don't know if the senate will get this row now one of the reasons i like calling into weapons because it's a combination of wall plus fence but also if you're for wanna be illegal immigrant and you come up to that structure what's going to happen you are going to return from whence you came it's the wentz because you must return to whence you came once you see it um alright what else we got going on um i think that's mostly the news
sonic weapon well i'm still strongly in the position that these so called sonic weapon that allegedly affected the people in the in the embassy is that's not going to be weapon whenever we figure out what it was it won't be a weapon alright i think that's all i've got for now anybody have any questions there's a new deal yeah there's a deal with mexico so instead of releasing pull into the united states we release them into mexico so you know i've also wondered i can't
why the legal plus mostly legal why can't we charge a small fee to all legal insurance from south of the border do we do that already is there already some kind of a fee for just moving across the border i mean could we just put out a told put a toll booth on the border where people are coming through legally when's the tollbooth pay for the wall if you wait long enough a lot of people come through those roads alright how can i convince my wife that chem trails are fake well chem trails are tough as you can't prove a negative so it doesn't matter how many airplanes or jets you show are not gassing the public the people who in chemtrails can say yeah well the ones you checked but
those other secret top secret government planes spraying you with chem trails the chemtrail idea the is my mess who actually believe it i think my brain went into some kind of shock because the wc is one thing to see it online you know 'cause you see every crazy thing in the world on twitter but it's really shocking to see somebody in person say chem trails are real 'cause i'd look at them ago i can't give you a reason that's not real but that's not real there's there's such a small chance that the government is gassing us with chemtrails
that somehow you know we're not noticing except for the conspiracy theorists that would be truly amazing joe rogan debunked it well i don't know how you can debunk exactly because people they just say well you do you only checked the planes that did not have chem trails let's see other plans i yeah we talked about the drones all right scott do you predict the government will shut down yes i do i do predict the government will shut down and i will talk to you later
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