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Episode 346 Scott Adams: How to Support My Periscopes Without Patreon and Fix the Whole World Too

2018-12-22 | 🔗


  • How to support my Periscopes (and YouTube videos, podcasts)

I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a “boss” somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I’m trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that.

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bom bom bom bom pom pom pom everybody this will be a one subject to periscope by popular demand as you might know there's been some drama with the teacher yonhap that's the where people make donations to creators such as myself i'm listed on that app and you probably heard the story of sargon of akon he was a a let's say a conservative who got kicked off of john for something he said a while ago on a completely different platforms now the backstory is that the thing he said that sounded defensive deeply offensive if you heard it out of comes
next if you understood it in context you would know that he was awkwardly trying to make a point against racists but if he here data context it seems the opposite it sounds like he's using some bad language and he got kicked of number of people said hey so that's no fair you can't be kicked off a platform for thing you said on an entirely different platform which by the way if you heard in gin concept if you are into didn't if you heard it in context wouldn't even sound that bad i see one of you saying that sargon is actual really a liberal and that wouldn't surprise me at all but anyway whatever he is that doesn't matter
what matters is you get kicked off a page on in that caused about a thirty percent drop i think last i looked on my pager on income because the people who would use patron on left the platform so they could no longer support other people including me now people said scott you should support free speech on the big platforms and you should get off a patris on an my first instinct was i've got a lot of things to disavow i'm sort of exhausted from disavowing things but i gave us some thought and a lot of people twisted my arm an i appreciate actually and they said find out a way that we can support you without patriotism and i'm going to tell you how to do that and at the same time fix the whole darn world even kidding you might actually be able to fix
the whole darn world so in my special case i have a start up called when hub that in that created a crypto currency that is a what school utility token meaning that it's something that's this useful within the app the app is called interface by when hub it allows you to contact experts of any kind for a live video call right away now big news on the app is we've been a little silent on it lately because we added major upgrade which just launched in the major upgrade was that you could schedule the experts so big problem with the first version is that people would get on they look for an expert but the expert wasn't there when they needed them so we just change that and added a scheduling option
if the expert allows the scheduling they have to activate it but if it's a loud then they can you can see their schedule that you can schedule so that's a new upgrade i hope you'll check it out it's called interface by when hub and it's available in stores now now how would that change the world well it would change the world by for example in this is just a small example some of the experts were bringing on and we don't have many yet but we're bringing on a bunch will be doctors so there's telemedicine trends this happening and when people you can get to a doctor on an app for a reasonable price then the whole health insurance thing starts to change because doctor visits are a real big part of that now it's not the whole solution healthcare but imagine imagine a world where your doctor is just as far away as your hand and you've got a live video call and you can show him that suspicious mole and you can talk through stuff
suppose you just wanted a second opinion let's say you've got health care and you like it but you do i'd like to get another opinion it's inexpensive to get another opinion this way you just pick up your phone and say here's the deal now that's not the only type of app the the allows any kind of expert some of the experts were talking too but haven't signed up yet would be experts in government grant right so let's say you're in an inner city and you want a government grant for your small business how do you get one
how do you do it how do you write a grant it's very hard but if we had our experts available on the app people would just say oh just ask an expert and they could walk you through it and then your small business could get past the biggest obstacle to getting funding that's appropriate for your situation now there are grants of all kinds from the government including and here's the fun part there's a huge bunch of technology grants not technology huge amount of money that's available from the government if i've got a medical related startups people don't know how to write those grand stone had to find them though i don't know how to get him so just imagine that it would easy to get government grants for something that important you know something that's critical to the now imagine the all of those things that you can't find on the internet suddenly become
global to you at a reasonable price there's a lot of stuff you care google because google will give you too many responses work for this version it doesn't quite answer your question and you can't you can't hire a personal expert for every little question so we're going to fill in that gap between what google can't do and what hiring an actual expert to just work for you would be too expensive so if you need an expert for a ten minute call or whatever you decide there it is alright so that's what the app is and the big changes that we've released it with the scheduling feature i hope you all download it and try it but let's get back to patris on because the app comes with a crypto currency that's just one of the ways you can pay your experts you can just pay them with a credit card like any other any other app but you have the option of
in crypto currency that is called the weapon w h yeah and it's already been issued the app is all up and running and the the crypto currency is trading on two exchanges and i'll tell you about moments now let me let me walk you through it because it sounds complicated but i've made it really easy for you all so on you have the option of continuing to do that 'cause for the in the short run i'm going to in the short run i'll still be there also screen screenshot the white board as well but here's the here's the url you can go and use your same credit card
by the window kits that directly benefits me and here's the best part it cuts out all the middle by there there's nobody taking a cut except the credit card company of course so if you go to this link is just by day but remember the dot there's a dot here by one token dot com sign up put in your credit card and you and you're going to have some when tokens as much as you want so you can buy as many when tokens as you want right so some people told me my video froze and there was a of video there for a second so let me just reiterate the interface by one hub app is out don't it now has a scheduling feature so you can schedule one to talk to your experts if you wanted to the one or to in maybe for these periscopes but you don't want to use patrion because you've got a problem with it for whatever reason you can do it
go into one bite out one token dot com by as many tokens as you like or as few and here's the cool thing if you in sends me this way if you can send me this way first of all it will help the startup and the start up has tremendous potential for everything from telemedicine to getting government grants to finding technical information to any kind of mentor so the the benefit to society for the app it's fairly tremendous in terms of the part but here's the best part if you were to support me unpatriotic you give your money and that's it just give him money and you hope that that's part of what incense me to make more of the periscopes but if you will suddenly by buying the wind tokens there is a non zero chance that they will become worth more then you paid
you could actually end up with more money than you gave me now i'm going to be as honest as sybil this is not an investment crypto is not an investment but it is true that the value of crypto can up and down so you have a non zero chance that it can become real money now if you buy your tokens at this url which is as easy as putting in your credit card then to actually have access to them all you have to do is love the app it's of the apple store in the google store and make sure this is important use the same sign in for buying the tokens as you use for signing up app and then that will download automatically your tokens into the app and you're done you don't need to you don't need to understand wallets or
that now if that's all you want to do your done but if a lot of you do it the view of each window can will go up because their design to have a limited permanent quantity so it's by design if a lot of people want them and buy them for any reason yeah if a lot of people buy them to support me then the value goes up if a lot of people go to the exchange and by them than the value goes up if if the app were breaking is successful the value will go up now because it's a start up because there's crypto involves just know
most times that doesn't happen but if you're trying to decide what are the odds that would happen in this case here are a few things to look for number one most crypto currencies or that the so called ico summer national initial offerings of these crypto products for the most part they're based on just an idea for creating a company so if you bought crypto currency is based on a white paper of just an idea you have a much lower chance that they will ever become worth something then if you bought them from a company that's up and running such as our app so we're up and running and that's by far the biggest hurdle for for any cryptocurrency ever having value now the other thing you alone look for is is your cryptocurrency listed on an exchange because until it is
nobody can really buy them and trade them for real money so that's a big big big deal if you're trying to figure out good crypto investment not investments but good go from bad crypto you want company that exists and then this is actually hard bar to cross but we crossed it recently which is to get on to exchange is one of them is called la token dot com another is goin pulls data out so both of them carry the weapon which means that you can exchange for ether or other other crypto such as one if you wanted to turn that into actual money you would need another another exchange so you take your crypto's let's say you turned it into ether you took your when you turned it into ether and then we went to this place and by the way you don't need to do any of this you don't know to do any of this if
we want to do is support be the same way you're supporting me on patreon just put in your the here and you're done that's all you have to do but if you're an expert and you think you might want to make money on this all right i cleverly didn't talk while it was frozen up so i think we're good to go again anyway i was just gonna say that there's an ex for path if you already know how crypto wallets work you can actually by these same when cheaper by buying them on the market so you don't have to go through when help at all if you already know how to do when the hub and i'm sorry if you already know how to do crypto wallets and you're comfortable with exchanging things you're all set just go to one of these exchanges and buy it and it'll be it'll be cheaper than if you bought it
from us in the long run those will end up being the same you know the prices will converge but because there's not much trading at the moment there's a difference place but you don't have to do any of this you know i have to do any of the experts stuff you could simply buy your tokens sign up with the app and it will just magically appear along with some other tokens that we give you for free just for signing up as long as you use the same sign in for buying as signing up for the app uh so yeah hardware wallets were for a crip does in general yeah so you can get a hardware wallet that works yeah i've never seen my feed freeze like this before either so this is new i don't know what that's about anyway so the bottom line is this
want to help the world by helping this app succeed and i do think it's that important because if you can fill in that that expert gap the most people need but don't have access to that's going to make a big difference in the world it would certainly make a difference in healthcare and that's going to happen fairly quickly and if you wanted to do something that was helping me as a creator but you were doing something that might make you money it might again this is not investment advice and crypto's are not investments the greatest likelihood for any crypto is that you never make money
that will always be the greatest likelihood of any crypto but in the context of supporting me as a creator it's a perfect solution all right so that is the whole story what kind of token is when it's a utility token and we just got an opinion from expensive lawyer that it qualifies as a utility token and by the way if you follow crypto stuff yes i think it's the r c twenty is correct and it's built on the ethereum platform yes i am not one hundred percent owner of when hub my partners and co founders are also co owners
but i'm the primary funder of it so anything that you anything that you do to buy when tokens benefits me directly 'cause that's less money i have to put into the company and patriot and doesn't take a cut um and my closing my patriotic here's what i'm going to do i don't want to commit to closing it because there's still a lot of people who want to use it and i don't see it good reason to take their option away but if this works out better meaning there are enough people who go this path then i would close it but i don't want to give you a level of you know how much this has to be before i close the other thing but it would be my intention if this worked out really well i would definitely close my patris on account and so if you want to help that happen you can now here's the other beauty of this
spreading the word of this app telling you friends over christmas or whatever you can make your tokens worth more so the more people you get to do this the more people you get to use the app by the way in either one they both work the more likely your tokens will actually sunday become worth more than you bought them for so for those who are confused maybe came in late i'm going to simplify it to the point where it's not confusing and all this if you were if you were sending me money through patrie but you don't to do that anymore because your mad at patrion for freedom of speech reasons you can go to this url
with your credit card just sign in and it will say do you want to buy these crypto currencies you just say yes and follow the directions very simple just like buying anything else it's just a product and then go to your your store for your apple apps or your google apps and download interface by when make sure use use the same sign on in both cases and the token she bought will appear in the app you won't need to get a separate wallet you don't need to the exchange it's nothing you just need a credit card and the u r l you're good to go now the other thing is if if you buy these tokens you can use them for a lot of the experts on the app so some of the experts accept both cash anwen tokens so
you automatically have an asset you can use the moment you buy them and patrion doesn't give you that can they be gifted all crypto can be gifted but to gift it you would first have to go to an exchange and probably turn it into a more common crypto you might want to do that i'm not positive that's necessary but you might want to do that so yes you could alright that is all for now uh i think we have a paypal link on there for now let me tell you
do we have a paypal link i'll answer that question while you're here yes so we do it you could also pay by meta mask which is a a wallet type so credit card or paypal or meta mask any of those will work was this helpful i'll just ask you that before i leave was this helpful this is not direct pay to scott but also benefits the other token holders well it benefits all the token holders yes but it it it is a direct benefit to maine because every dollar we through tokens funds the company and that's a dollar i don't have to put into the company so it is one for one one dollar you put through here does actually give me exactly one dollar worth of benefit with no nothing but the credit card fee taken
so what's the ticker takers when w h e n and it is a utility to okay the company is called when hub and the after school interface bio when hub signing up now your flow chart is a bit off i think it's close enough for people to get what they need so that's my response to the patrons situation i hope it's a win win win for all of you and i would certainly like to see the window tokens be worth more in the future and i'll be working toward that and by the way i might i haven't decided this but i might schedule myself on my app to be available to say merry christmas to any big fans so i'm christmas day if i have time i think i will i'm going to make myself available on the app
for anybody who's saying that a father who's a big fan of dilbert and i'll just come on for five minutes and say merry christmas so you base basically here you can you can buy me on christmas uh so i'm not positive will do that but i think i will an i will oh and thank you for those who have already signed up i see somebody already signed up and bought some tokens i hope that works out for you as well and have a terrific rest of the day
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