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Episode 348-1 Scott Adams: #RacistGoogle

2018-12-24 | 🔗


  • #RacistGoogle the two top articles on me are two old hit pieces
  • Both articles are top on Google, not on Duck Duck Go
  • Neither article is current or has any reason to be top hits

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boo boo the phone
yes that is the beautiful piano work of christina bashin you should all check it out you can see that my twitter feed and you can see about herbs and it's quite entertaining you're gonna like it so good morning happy christmas eve will you join me for the simultaneous up grab your cup you moan you're tankard yours dying your beverage container lifted to your lips and join me
for the simultaneous up that's good stuff well i hope you've all done your shop and i've got a little bit of rapping to do can i add my podcast to spotify maybe i'll see about that so those of you have been following my saga of racist google hashtag races google who insists on showing when somebody searches for maine one of the top search images is a photoshopped image of maine in uh in a nazi outfit now i've been trying to get google to remove at and it doesn't seem to get removed now here's the interesting part as many of you have tweeted to maine scott scott
don't you understand how seo works the more you talk about that picture the more people are going to click on it and the higher it will go in the ranking yes people i do understand how that works and thanks for thinking i didn't understand that but here's the interesting part there are a couple things that i have not talked about that i've been watching if you google if you google my name in the google search engine you will get among the top page results two of the most negative articles ever written about me both of them are actually just hit pieces one from bloomberg which is literally just a hit piece
basically politically motivated and another one from the atlantic again just to hit now what happens i've not talked about those two pieces right since i've been talking about google being racist and marking before bad search results i have not mentioned those two articles but those two articles are tored the top on google and they are nonexistent on duckduckgo and bing so big and duckduckgo don't even show those near the top now if you say to maine oh scott you're being paranoid because because google just has an algorithm they're not they're not targeting you
but wouldn't duckduckgo's algorithm be pretty similar wooden bings algorithm be pretty similar i think so so so the most negative article you can find on bing at least among the top searches is one in which they there's a forbes article that calls me evil and i thought oh ok i guess i'm wrong because even bing has a negative article and i click on the article with headline literally calling the evil and i read it and it calls me a genius so it's actually a positive
article with a little bit of negativity 'cause they're not crazy about trump but in terms of what they said about maine totally positive so can you tell me there's any chance that this is accidental does anyone think that google surface is the two biggest just obvious hit pieces and the other search engines just don't see them because they're not that important and neither of them are that current it seems a little bit coincidental doesn't it now it would have been a who called me a holocaust denier lot of people online have called me that but obviously i'm not
so today i switched over officially to duck duck go so i'm off of google as a search engine i might not be able to avoid it entirely but in terms of my primary search engine i'm off now if you wonder how to do that all you have to do is search for duck duck go in if you go to other pages there's a a link to add but your chrome browser and it's all just seamless you just click it and then that's your default that's your default search engin now i don't think any of you should be on their racist erase the search engin
do you so i wouldn't use google unless you feel like you identify with the races all right
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