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Episode 349 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Economy and End of Wars

2018-12-25 | 🔗


  • Stock market is sinking…why?
    • Democrats taking control of the house?
    • Fed raising rate in middle of a trade war with China?
    • Fake news driving market fears?
  • Laundry list counter-strategy
    • What’s your number one reason, your strongest argument?
    • Debunk the “best” reason…then stop
  • Saudi Arabia commits to protect the Kurds
  • President Trump might end 5 wars in his first term
    • 1. Yemen
    • 2. North Korea
    • 3. Syria
    • 4. Afganistan
    • 5. Iran support for bad actors reined in
  • As long as employment numbers are good…everything is fine
    • Employment is the most predictive variable
  • When did LOL become an argument or reason?
  • Potential “kill shot” for Chuck Schumer…
    • Hey Chuck, stop making it personal
    • Deny Trump a win, regardless of border security needs?
  • PROPOSAL: Add a word to the forbidden word list
    • Let’s add “Nazi” to the list of socially banned words
    • “Nazi” is a deeply offensive thing to call white people
    • We should consider this a second socially banned “N-word”
  • 40% of world was in “extreme poverty” in Reagan’s day
    • Today, extreme poverty is only 9%
  • Why are we enemies with Russia?
    • Are we just used to being enemies with each other?
    • Why do the US and Russia perpetually poke each other?
    • Is it just business/economic competition?

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Mmhm Mmhm boom mmhm, hey Merry Christmas, everybody merry Christmas. Merry hello, Thailand, a strap myself in here good morning good morning. You know it's time for it's time for Merry Christmas, but it's also time for the simultaneous ip. Where is Snickers USA? Ask there. She is loyal dog waiting for me, she's wondering who I'm talking too.
back, so I've got a new microphone plugged in we'll see if that makes any difference see if it stops coming off, like you did yesterday, Sir, I hope you also the clip of President Trump talking to a seven year old from the oval office about Santa Claus and the President s the seven year old on the phone. So it is still Brit believe in Santa Claus, because a seven, it's kind of marginal, it's sort of the funniest things ever all right. So here are a couple of good news items. A lot of people are worried about the economy because of the stock market and saw a tweet from David Packman,
who is a he's sort of the year, Rachel Maddow male version on the left, and he was he was talking he. He asked this question. He said at what point do we start blaming the president's bad decisions for the the, stock market going down now he didn't give any specific reasons. So I said What would be your number one thing he did wrong. That was Economic mistake and David Packman did not offer a reason for that. Just some generic Answer an so other people in the tweet were saying: yeah give us an example. What's the worst decision he's made this causing the stock market to go down
so some people said well, obviously, it's he ran up the debt to which I and other people say that didn't just happen. The stock market is only just going down now. Everybody knew that, was going up, so it couldn't be that and then other people said well it's obviously this government shutdown, to which I say the government, should That's the most trivial economic thing you could ever imagine completely unimportant. It's not that other people say the other people say that the It's about that he's blaming the FED and talking about firing, the FED chief to which I say if the FED had not raised interest rates. Would we be having a problem with tariffs and trade wars right now, because the terror
In the trade wars have been going on for months, while the economy was doing great. And I would argue that the situation with the trade wars better than several bat, Mexico and Canada and S, Korea, if they've all signed on and try looks like it's at least moving in the right direction So why would the trade wars, because the stock market to suddenly go down when the situation with the trade wars has going from It's really scary. We don't know if anybody will agree to the current situation, which is pretty much all the smart people think it's going to get worse, so does that make the stock market go down if things went from scarier
far less scary and moving in the right direction on trade anyway, not really the only thing that changed there was a big change and it happened recently which coincided with the stock market. Actually, two changes, one was one was Democrats. Taking the house right, that's new and the other is interest rates. The FED that's new. Now when, when the president criticizes the FED, I have to agree the. the FED could have waited until at least the China Trade deal got worked out. I don't think it would have made that much difference if they waited six months. So it does look like a giant FED mistake now, but I'm going to add some uncut ristic humility to that comment, because I'm not sure that any economist
really knows what the FED should or should not be doing with a six month. Precision, Yes, we understand. in general, when they should raise race in in general when they should lower them. But I don't There's anybody who is so accurate about what the FED should or should not do, that they can get things right within a six month. You should have gone six months earlier, six months later. Clearly the FED could have waited. and I would have been the smart thing to do because the trade negotiation, Should have been putting as a similar kind of damper on the economy as the increase in interest rates, so we could have waited for that and then see if we need the extra interest rates. So here's my point you're going to see what I call
laundry list, persuasion- and I read about this in my new book- loser- think which will be out in many months from now. But the idea is that if somebody said Oh, it's obvious. Why I'm and you're wrong, and here. The laundry list of reasons. So there's a laundry list of reasons why the economy's or the stock market's going down it's it's because of the arguing about the FED? It's because yeah, not the FED itself, arguing against the FED. Is the trade deals? It's the shutting the government Etcetera, and so what I do when I am presented with a laundry list. is. I have a persuasion trick, which I tried to great success with David Pakman. It goes like this. What you do is you say on your laundry list? What is your strongest point? Because if I
the your strongest point, would you agree? You should rethink all of your points on your list, That are less important and less persuasive than the one I just debunked. So I had the only one I want to hear is your top reason. It turns out very few people can give you one reason, because they they realize that their arguments going to fall apart. So they'll still just give you the laundry list again, but if you can get them to give you one reason. They'll watch their own argument and fall apart. So if they had said, for example, well, it's the trade war. Obviously that's what's causing the stock market to go crazy, I would say well why didn't make the stock mark? Go crazy three months ago, when things were even worse in terms of trade, trade war, things are better now, It's heading in the right direction. Now we should go up so
If that's your number one reason, then you don't need to talk about numbers two and three and four 'cause you've taken out the top one. Thank you for the reminder. It is very much time for the simultaneous sip and now join me. If you will. Uh that could have been warmer but still delicious hello first day on periscope. Do we live in a one variable world? Well, if you're talking about my technique of debunking the top priority, uh that has not has nothing to do with living in the one variable world. It has to do with the fact that if you can't identify Even one big reason you don't really need to listen to the rest of them.
Now doing a doing a specific response, each thing on the list doesn't work very well, because people just keep adding things so list. You need to stop with the top one just say your top level. Your top reason and watch me to bunk it. And once I've done. That, then just understand that your other reasons are less good than the one I just debunked. Hey you got a win big win for Christmas. Congratulations did anybody else, get the win! Vaguely for Christmas, I hope you feel free to now I between didn't last night, about the President's tweet in which she said the Saudi Arabia. Yeah had stepped up to pay. Some amount of money must be a large amount. Uh, oh good! I'm glad some of you gave my book or got my book
The president tweeted, the Saudi Arabia, was going to pay probably a lot to help reconstruct Syria. Now. Remember when I told you that the president had leverage over Saudi Arabia, because he was the only defender. This will leverage looks like babe quickly. The president said: ok, Arabia did a terrible thing, but if we support them, they're going to owe us a favor, and so he supported them, and so they owed us a favor. It looks like it's. A pretty expensive one to and so I treated that within the president's first four years he. He has a non zero chance. I don't know what the odds are, but it's definitely non zero. Of getting the United States out of or ending.
Five wars in four years now, of course, this made trump critics go crazy, because the idea that Trump could end- or at least but the United States out of five wars and for years it just make your brain explode if you're a critic. But here are the five and let me tell you if this I was unreasonable number one, Yemen, we put pressure on Saudi Arabia and IRAN, IRAN, Dan proxy war and sure enough. Yemen just had some peace talks and agreed to a ceasefire. That's one again we don't know that any of these will go all the way to a good completion. My statement is there's a non zero chance and actually a pretty good chance that the president will solve or get us out of five wars in
for years. So Yemen is number one. Looking good. Two is N Korea, technically at a state of war and absolutely looks safer because they're playing nice with South Korea, other tearing down the border structures are building a railroad to connect them and- and we can wait a few years to get rid of their networks because we're no longer threatened they're not going to threaten us when things are going in the right direction, so North Korea, then you've got Syria were pulling out that doesn't end the conflict in Syria, but does put a period on the US involvement where it looks like we're drawing on forces in Afghanistan and apparently the Taliban is willing to talk and negotiate with.
The government of Afghanistan, that's looking promising, so that's four, let's four wars that the president may be winding down or getting us out of, and then the fifth to say: is the whole mess with, a and wanting to destroy Israel and supporting the has ballooned and supporting Hamas, etc yeah Gaza. So, Sort of this perpetual, low state of war in the Middle EAST and it's starting to look like. again. Saudi Arabia is going to be a key player and bringing people to maybe recognize. Israel released work with them. Or maybe pull away some support from the Palestinian, whatever the less productive people there are,
And it's looking like everything shaping up for that to happen, so it's entirely possible that President Trump is a non zero chance. He will solve or pull us out of five wars in four years Now, if you're still worried about the economy, let me give you some calming words about the economy, and I realize that most of the most of the public are not economists they're, not investors. They don't have a good understanding of the stock market. He What you need to know, as long as employment is excellent, everything's, fine. I'll just say that again, as long as Employment is excellent, which it is everything is fine You don't need to worry about the changes in the stock market,
till you see something that looks like a long term trend. That's a change in the in the employment market. Somebody said it it's not just employment. I know it's not just employment, I'm telling you it's the most predictive variable, if you get that variable right, the odds, Everything else being good in the long run, a really really good. So employment is a lagging indicator. You're saying: well, It is true that the stock market is a leading indicator, but the other thing about the stock market is that it it bounces round based on headlines and headlines are
a noose, so we're seeing a world in which the stock market is, in the short term, largely controlled by fake news, be a worry about. The trade deal worry about the government. Shutting down worry is that the president is really crazy. You know all those things, but for the most part, as long as employment is good and profits are good, you don't have to worry about the stock market bouncing. I do not give financial advice. I will tell you that this is probably a rare buying opportunity I don't know where the bottom is? That's the hard part, but so again this is not financial advice but I just put a lot of money in the stock market. So personally I'm going in strong because you don't get
You don't get many situations where the market pulls back, ten percent or more so when it does, if you can afford it and you've got some extra cash. That's at least what do you think about it? It looks like the coins up right. The cornice started to make a small recovery each. Deficits up that is up yeah, here's the thing about government deficits and debt; We should worry about the direction of things, meaning that if the debt is getting perpetually worse, that probably is a problem at some point uh but uh. The current level of that is,
historically, not the highest. It's ever been, so we've had a higher death and we handled it quite well in a period of growing economic. You know goodness So we're not at a point where it's a problem right now. Somebody is mocking me for saying ten percent well but listen to what I said, you would be mocking the wrong thing. What I said was it's rare for the economy to go down ten percent or more So if you see a ten percent pullback, you should start to think in terms of looking for a a buying opportunity, but I can go down twenty percent twenty percent, so pretty bad pull back certainly could happen and by when,
token says, but before that were down twenty percent or so. But that's more to my point, that's, not a violation of my point. That's making my point stronger than I was making center the is the book at now. The bookshelf behind me is just mostly books that people gave me that I haven't read. Yeah, and I also don't worry about stock market corrections in general. As long as employment is good,
If you saw a housing, let's see, if you saw the mortgage collapse or unemployment, then you should get worried, but otherwise don't get worried, um, Let's about crypto, the main thing you need to know about crypto currencies is that the probable value of any crypto currency in the long run is zero because most crypto offerings will disappear. Bitcoin and some of the big ones are special cases and they may last forever, but you don't know what they'll be worth forever.
Some people having problem with my hat, it doesn't look christmasy enough when it gets pulled back there much better. Proof of Crypto is flat yeah. I think housing will will slow for sure, but it probably should in any anything, that's been hard for awhile and then slows for awhile. That's not the worst news in the world. The worse news is: if everything stays hot too long, then you're then you're in trouble. Good crypt, ob to democracy, voting system, one of the so many crypto questions today so how's that Trump,
have you noticed that the anti Trump have completely given up on reasons their use reasons anymore. They use sarcasm. Apparently, there's an entire segment, the segment of the population that leaves that lol. Is it an argument and it goes like this- I might say something like well. You know the FED's action was premature and the trade deals were actually baked into the stock market. So clearly, given the timing of things, it was the FED's action more than the trade deals that are affecting the current short term. Economic difference in the stock market, so I'll say something like this and here's my is usually the economic argument I get return.
lol, lol, Scott thinks the economy ok, lol, lol and seen When did LOL become an argument. If all you have left is sarcasm at correct me, if I'm wrong But aren't you watching the same phenomenon online? I'm pretty sure blue is behind me, I'm pretty sure we used to talk about real reasons: didn't we used to say things like well, the deficit is too high. Ok, that's the reason I can either say that's important or not important, I can say: Good deal with it or we're not going to deal with it, but it's a reason. I might disagree about its importance.
but it's a reason. Do you know it isn't a reason, lol, lol, Scott ha ha ha ha ha. Whole whole whole whole whole or your opinion, whole whole whole. I I think I need some kind of a linguistic kill shot for the people come in and think the that sarcasm is thinking, because I I actually think That yeah and the people coming in and saying lol you're such an idiot. I get that a lot on social media lol, an idiot. So Mexico pay for the wall. Lol is not an argument yeah and there are people.
The things that making a really good point by saying that Mexico has not yet paid for the wall. First of all, we don't know that they'll never pay for them all and give. Nobody is building the wall. It's a little to say who's paid for it, but. Is there anything less important to Republicans, is there. Anybody who voted for Trump, who voted based on the fact that Mexico would pay for the wall, and anybody who heard Maine talking about Trump for the last three years knows that paid for the wall is made you think past the sale, if you're talking about who paid for it, you're already accepting that there's going to be some kind of a wall, so the or paid for the Wall thing wow?
never real, and how do we know it's? It was never real because we have a recording of Trump saying it saying it to Mexico right, didn't Trump tell Mexico had to pay for the wall. Thing. Don't worry about that. I think he actually said that So if you can't distinguish between what is political talk and what is economic talk you shouldn't be in the conversation, I don't accept lies. I just told you literally the opposite of accepting it.
Comment here somebody said they asked their brother or their brother said they were waiting for Trump to be jailed, and then somebody asked him jailed for watt and the answer was quote everything and that's the laundry list tell for Trump Trump derangement syndrome. Ask him what's the strongest argument. Just one hey brother? What's the number one thing yeah, I think he's going to go to jail for just the best one and after you debunk say an would you agree if that was your best reason. The others are less good than the one showed to be ridiculous. Oh let's talk about Charlottesville. So in the news president Trump has signed a bill to make
to rename a post office in Charlottesville of all places it has to be Charlottesville but of all places by coincidence that surface will be named after is a captain Captain Khan, who is the war hero whose parents talked down against Trump at the democratic convention, so. So now so now the president is done literally The opposite of what people would have expected to do if he's, if he's anything like they thought he was yeah people are going to go lol, he's just trying to cover up his races past.
So have you noticed? I was watching Fox news yesterday. And have you noticed that pretty much everybody in the pundit class. Come around to my way of thinking. How many of you noticed that I don't know when I was when I first started saying this: was it a month ago or two months ago. Maybe you can fact check me on this. Remember I said that this whole fence slash wall, stuff, wouldn't get solved until both sides could say they got what they wanted. And now we're seeing this steel slapped barrier that you can't really tell if it's a wall or fence.
And you're seeing both sides say well, let's, let's call this deal slapped barrier and visit a wall is a defense. I don't know so. I think you're saying what I predicted would happen, which is that we would just get to the. the semantics of it? Now I told you before that the president has a kill shot here that he hasn't used. I don't know that he will not going to predict that he will, but the ultimate kill shot is to say: hey, Chuck, Schumer, let's not make this personal.
Let's do something for the american people. I know that you don't want me to get this wall because his personal as soon as you say, stop making a personal you have painted Schumer as and ineffective, useless political group who's not doing anything for the country except wasting your time I your money, so the president said: maybe we need somebody who can who can do the job of you know a senator. And maybe we don't need somebody who wants to make this personal at the expense of the american people is that's what happening right, Chuck Schumer is making this personal, it's not even political.
You remember. In the old days. You know the two sides would disagree, but it was political. It would be Republicans who didn't want Democrats to win. That would be Democrats who didn't want Republicans to win, that was our normal situation, but this isn't that this is actually personal. This is Chuck Schumer not saying I don't worry, Republicans to win he's, not saying that he is saying. Pretty direct language. I don't want this One person president Trump to have a victory. It's personal, it's not even political! So they were both being political. You could see how their own side would support them. It's like oh yeah. It is political, of course, were fighting politically. That's the game, we're all fighting politically, but as soon as you take it to the personal,
You're no longer a credible, you you've you've, given up all of your credibility, so I think Trump has that it has that imho in his clip he hasn't used at, but it feels like feels like at that one could come out. Yeah given given that Schumer and the Democrats of all talked about border security, given the The steel slat barrier is not exactly offense, it's not exactly a wall and it shouldn't be a problem for anybody. I think it's just personal and the president can point that out and it would be devastating. Alright here ran, ran, Paul became uh.
a lot more interesting lately on twitter. If you have, if you're not checking out Rampaul and twitter this week, you're missing a good show he's gone full trump in his humor and his and his approach. Yeah there's a Kevin Spacey story and a video clip that I don't even want to watch Is it my imagination or did Kevin Spacey transform from you know One of the national treasures greatest actors ever I want to see him in anything he's in too just so creepy. I don't even look at him anymore. and it has nothing to do with being gay because I think everybody knew he was gay uh. So this has nothing to do with gay there's, just
something about the whole situation? That's just so creepy that it's hard. it's hard to want to see him in anything these days, Chris Rock okay. What's the Chris Rock story, oh, didn't Chris Rock say that he wouldn't be bothered if his wife friends used the Edward, I suppose it depends on what context they were using it in, but uh And then people are mad at him. I like to suggest the following many of you know that I have been as much as I like free speech. I've said strongly and for a long time that when African Americans want to ban one word, just
one. The n word: that's not a lot to ask. And so, even though you know larger scale, I support free speech and there but his ability to speak freely. It's just not a lot to ask interest warm deeply deeply offensive word. You know it On a human level forget about the law forget about forget about, you know, well forget about the law right forget about the constitution for a minute. Just on. Level. We can give him that one thing right: it's it's not a lot to ask it's respecting Zachary! It's a sign of respect. Now I hear the argument this as of you're asking too much, and why are you telling. What words I can and got it cannot use. I hear all that
understand the larger issue, but on a human level, were human beings can't we give him that, in our Are we so small that we can't give one word that has such a historically damaging effect, but- thing that I agree so strongly that that word should be not used in public. There's a separate question about whether you get kicked off. Platform blah whether it's legal, those are separate questions. I would like to propose. Another band word. So, while I completely agree the black people should be able to sort of socially ban. The n word I would like to add another n word nazi.
to me it seems that if anybody calls well, especially if somebody who's not a a- White male, if someone who is not a white male. Calls me a Nazi. They've largely done something. That's well At least in the same range using the n word against a black person, because it could be worse than Hitler, what could be worse than nazis I have some german heritage right. Maybe twenty percent or something whatever the percentages um but I'm an adult white man being being called a Nazi, that's not fundamentally different from calling able I personally in, and so I completely support.
The banning of the n word when it's used in anyway, even if you're using it as a joke. I just think it's a terrible, to use it in any way? But likewise, while I believe that adult white men should be able to use the word I do, think anybody else should be allowed to use it as a description of another adult white male. I think it's just that and I think it should be considered the new Edward. This should be the The n word that's sort of the the analog on the other side. Then we both have a work. Then then, I think I think that feels a little more balanced. Doesn't it to say that. the I won't use the n word against anybody else and don't I don't
and I don't want anybody using the n word against me- and I think that people should be kicked off of social platforms either way. In other words, if you're kicking somebody else awful form for using one of the n words. I think people should get kicked off for using the other n word they see in the same range to me now, if you're saying to yourself ho ho you snow flakes how in the world could you equate these two things? One is a call back to slavery. to the other one. Is you being part of the patriarchy? and you know the people who have everything: that's not the same! Well, here's my opinion Apparently, you have not been called the Nazi very much I have do you think that black people, would be bothered by the n word: people rarely use it.
It just never came up, do you think that black people would care ' I was just like some weird historical world that never got used against them didn't have much, but they care It's because of the meaning it's developed by the way it's been used likewise, the other end word the see word, is used against people who Actually have no. No, no love for nothing, and it does affect your life. So to a large extent, I've had to shut down most of my public appearances and a lot of my social life because of that inward there are so many people who have accused me of being literally used the word Nazi that
It has changed the quality of my life, so, let's so play fair and there are now two in words, and I think we should treat them. Similarly, all right. Somebody says I think, you're overreacting to words. but whoever thinks that I'm over reacting to words must think that physical pain matters and psychological pain and and how can operate in society. Doesn't matter, that's ridiculous, because psychological pain is every bit as bad as physical pain.
One came from a position of power, they are not equivalent Scott, you fuck, you sorry just slipped out. When people are calling me a nazi and telling me, I can't leave the house because it's ok to punch a Nazi, I'm not coming from a position of power, I'm coming, from a position of people who are literally planning violence against me. you can make your little your little point about how they're not exactly the same Scott there now exactly the same, so I know they're not exactly the same. That's what makes it analogy if they were Play the same, I wouldn't be talking about him 'cause, they are exactly the same. It's the point, the whole
Point is that using the word is damaging, it's there's no place for it in society, and so Those of you who would make that small point that all their different, their it's there's a small difference, yeah there's a small difference, of course, a small difference. It isn't the important difference, though I'm it's funny. I was really trying not to swear on Christmas, but yeah. Sorry hope that helps the kids were listening. Somebody says they are different lol. Maybe maybe you missed. have you notice that it's impossible to tell the difference between sarcasm and a real opinions now so I'm
In the comments go by, and I actually can't tell what is Opinion what is sarcasm so somebody said that there's two completely different lol and I'm thinking. Is that a joke because they the saying that would be stupid or are they just stupid and actually saying that I actually can't I swear to God, I can't tell I have no idea whether that was a part that would then is a real comment or actually just somebody being stupid. I'm going to say it was a joke, let's, let's, let's Let's agree that it was a joke. Scott. Have you ever read Mein Kampf. I have not.
I'm not sure that reading Mein Kampf would be useful just because of the language problem, um. Curious about mine about the use of the n word in music well I agree with the thought that black folks sort of want Take the power under the inward by using it themselves, and I get all that- and I think there's something to that, but um. I think is ruined music, it wouldn't you say that the the n word has ruined popular music.
Because if you listen to modern, hip, hop rap song- and I don't know exactly where hip hop ends and rap begins. Does anybody know what the exact definition of those are by the way, all turn on alternative weather songs are all here at and it's so obvious to Maine that the artist is for saying those words into the song so that they can. That kind of an artist and it's so contrived now that it just feels on. Do you the same feeling whenever I hear the n word used in the song by let's say, a black artist who was just using it in the typical musical way, all I can think is all here's somebody who is not good at music that my first thought is they're not good at what they do, because they corny hackneyed overused.
Completely unnecessary gratuitous word in there. I similar standards for movies, if I see movie where the good were a good guy is or good woman is tied to a chair tortured. I immediately turn off the and I'll never watch the rest of it. So I have this rule. That is the writers, are so bad. They have to have a where somebody is tide to a chair to be tortured, I'm out 'cause, there's nothing else. I'm going to like if you're writing is that bad that you have to have that scene? I know Here's another way to tell bad writing and you'll see it. Usually, I think it's I forget, which month of the year you'll see it. But if you watch tv sitcoms especially, they have teams of writers and they'll, say: okay, this
so here's the ride- and you know the script- will be yours to rise. So there there's different writers working on different scripts for tv shows, there's a way you can tell it's going to be a bad script, and you'll see this during the non sweeps weeks, so there we where they don't measure viewership and then their weeks whenever He knows they are measuring good writers work on the weeks that are being measured. And then they use the new writers or the battle writers on those weeks? nobody's going to be measuring how well they showed it. as bad writers have a towel and really obvious and it drives me crazy. Bad writers make jokes about food, so if you turn on the sitcom and it's a whole bunch of well, not
hungry you're, not that hungry? Maybe you haven't seen my cheesecake, oh a cheesecake, I'm so hungry now, but any any punchline or reference to food. in a in a comedy. Is your signal as soon as you hear you can just turn it off, because good writers. Don't make food jokes now Coffee is a little different, because coffee has a you know like a
Until impact on you- and you know it's it's part of the culture and stuff so making fun coffee or even when, when Homer Simpson makes fun of donuts, that's not necessarily bad writing, because they're sort of special cases with donuts and coffee and stuff up for jokes as well. Yes, if you see of fart jokes, you can pretty much turn it off. Yes, the soup. Nazi, of course, was not about the food it was about the Nazi, which is you found a way to tie all my themes together, foods, food and Nazis, uh.
Yeah, we jokes are kinda weak too. Aren't they yeah but You noticing that lot of tv shows movies are shown. Marijuana is just a normal part of culture now, so it's a little different amber is making fun of a joke from Dilbert Sirius. I I can tell you
that I tried to get that the take that joke and they're for the very reason that but you're pointing out- and I did not succeed- yeah hello, a lot of a letter writing if it's for tv shows or movies is tends to be a a group group ever I did not write that now. I'm not even talk about it. It was so bad sign of good writing. A sign of good writing. Well,. uh that's a little harder, but good writing usually is more complicated. Bad writing is about the stuff. That's happening to your body.
I'm putting food in my mouth there's a coming out of my bottom. So that's that's bad ready. Good writing is about people's thoughts. so, if you see writing that's about somebody's selfishness and they're they're bad character, qualities, that's usually good. Writing thoughts on indictments, that's a big question that would have to be more specific. Jim Gaffigan is Larius and he does talk about food like hot pockets, but here's what Jim Gaffigan does right. That makes it work when he talks about It's not really a food joke. What Gaffigan makes a joke it's about himself, so when people joke about their flaws, that can be good.
when the joke is about the food and sort of a normal way that anybody would react to food. Like I like chocolate cake, that's not good! Writing. But when Gaffigan doesn't he talks about his his weakness for it? His urges Being overweight, you know, that's a whole different deal. A grateful joke, I remember seeing on the an early episode of Roseanne. So before I got a reboot it and before I get rebooted again, Dan Connor was talking about how
how they deal with us at Denver. Roseanne was talking about how they deal with their problems. They say they. They have problems, they just eat until they covered up or something which was cut in anyway. It was funny over the way they said it. Who would you consider among the greatest comics? You know that changes based on humor humor is very different over time. If you will, if you listen to Steve Martin, if you Listen to like the early Steve Martin Standup, where he was a wild and crazy guy and he had the arrow in his head and stuff well He was doing them in the day that it was brand new. It was a
This thing I've ever seen in my life, but if you watch it now, it's it's incredibly lame, because what what we think of as humor evolves all the time. so George Carlin, I would say, probably did better than most people as staying current. His. His early stuff was completely different than his later stuff and he was current in both cases. So he probably is one of the best yeah Norm, Macdonald, always great Dave, Chappelle, Great Eddie, Murphy. No, was never have to be careful here. 'cause? I make a big deal about saying that comedy is subjective
so if I say I don't like somebody's comedy, that doesn't mean it's not great. This means I don't like it. Eddie Murphy to me has never been funny because he he goes for the easy stuff. You know, gay jokes, F, F bombs, it's the just to just to obvious stuff. Yeah bill burst funny. Seinfeld, of course, hold Iris Richard Pryor, I never thought was funny. I don't know. Because I didn't watch Richard Pryor when he was. You know current. maybe if I'd seen it in the day it was even funnier at the time. but I never never left that uh. Louis CK is sometimes hilarious, but his body
SAM Kinison was hard to watch for Maine Chris Rock, probably one of the one of the top standups of all time. Yeah. I put him in the top, certainly at the top five of all time, Kevin Hart's Great George Carlin was amazing. Jim Jim, Jim Jefferies is an interesting case. Jim Jefferies is very talented, but the content that he talks about. Well, let me put it this way. He is not likable So Jim Jefferies looks like somebody who is very talented at his job, but probably. The biggest asshole in the world in real life and it just sort of comes through his performance. I don't know that that's true, but that's the vibe I get, and when I get there
By that he's a terrible person in real life, it's just hard to enjoy yeah Foxworthy in his again in his day he was hilarious. I haven't seen him lately. Joan Rivers was great in her time, uh. Greg Heroldo didn't see him that much Amy Schumer was great. I hear bill. Murray is always funny all right. Uh yeah, Joe Rogan, is whole areas and current. That does the other thing that Joe Rogan does well. He stays you know his humor stays current all right. Well, you don't need my opinion about every comedian in the world that will be the most boring port periscope of all time, all right, so it's
Christmas. We should end on something positive. Don't you think, let's send an something positive, um, I just saw a tweet from I guess: it's human Chris DOT Org the. said that during Reagan's day, something like four? percent of the world was in extreme poverty. Forty percent of the world was in extreme poverty in Reagan's era. Today, closer to nine percent, we went from forty percent extreme power, three to nine and there's reason to believe that by twenty thirty I think, is that extreme poverty will be eliminated, actually eliminate. That's the most amazing accomplishment the world is ever seen, but because I have
What kind of slowly you don't get! You know a moment to celebrate that. So that's good! The other thing is Jobs are great, we're winding down wars. At the moment we have. We have nobody pointing a nuke at us, at least in anchor and. almost everything is trending in the right direction. Yes, it's a good, it's a gold. Zero, no Yemen is trending in the right direction as well, because they just had a ceasefire agreement. Now and you're gonna to assume that there will be agreements and then
Breaking agreements- and you know it's going to be stopping and starting, but the the process of of de conflicting has begun. It just won't be easy and I won't be fast all right, so I'm going to Russia is always a potential threat. People say: can anybody tell me why we need to be enemies with Russia? I just don't get it. What is there going on? Between Us and Russia even need to be enemies is the natural thing there it's easy to understand. Why were natural enemy was say, Al Qaeda or ISIS goes their belief system is so opposite but only one can win. You know you can't really coexist with that belief system. But Russia.
they don't really have a reason to be our enemy. We don't have a reason to be their enemy except we're just used to it. It feels like just inertia. Doesn't it doesn't it feel like? Well, you know, they always focused, so they always will so we better poke them and then they're thinking, hey People here so we should poke back. I just don't really get. What the purposes yeah. Now some people saying that Russia an expansionist country, and they want to go there trying to gobble up their neighbors and stuff. if you look into it a little bit deeper, it looks kind of defensive from point of view. In other words, Russian wants a certain amount of. roll over its neighbors for purely defensive reasons, now? Why do they need to worry about defense because of NATO? Because of us? It feels like it's all psychological at this point.
You know, there's so many problems that are real but the Russia problem? who is real, but it's based on psychology alone. There's no no natural reason. We need to be enemies with it all right. Do you think they really want to recreate the USSR when they know didn't work? The first time pipeline and I think they want security. National security. and I'm not entirely sure, what's the big deal, if they had a pipeline, a I hear us talking about. No rush can have you know, Walmart Airport and they can't have contiguous land to make a pipeline, and I'm thinking is it just business? Is it just because we
compete with them? That's why they can't have a pipeline. Is there anybody else were preventing from having a pipeline What is the moral? What's the moral case for preventing someone from having a pipeline? You know we need to think a little deeper than this anyway uh. That's all. I have to say and merry Christmas to all.