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Episode 378 Scott Adams: Pelosi’s SOTU Strategic Blunder

2019-01-17 | 🔗


  • Nancy Pelosi’s SOTU strategic blunder

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hope obviousness main twice in one day twice but this is just going to be a single topic it's a story and it's fun so i wanted to get in on here and share it as soon as we get one thousand people will jump into it you have fresh coffee well then join me for the second simultaneous sip of the day grab your beverage let's go yeah that's cold coffee a simultaneous hip seems like a much better idea until i taste it all right so the news story is this nancy pelosi has suggested that the president of the united states is no longer are welcome i would say to give the state the union to the house the typical way it's done she claims
there are disingenuously that there's a security issue because maybe this is security won't be paid and therefore they would have bad security of course that's not true because the security professionals are not going to let the president of the united states get killed because because their paycheck was late i think you need a little bit of trust that at that level of professional by the time your chosen to protect the president of the united states you're a little you're you're a little beyond the well you know what let's let and i today i didn't get paid i don't think that's going to happen but that's not my point i'll let the pundits make the obvious points here's my point just think of the
duration here the state of the union the way it is typically done and the way dancing closely says she doesn't want it done is the most boring presentation in the world i think we all agree with that right many of us will watch it because as president but really is the most boring setting the most boring controlled prompter reading situation you could ever have and it's not really even the good visually as you can see half of the people acting you know like they don't like it so half the people aren't even going to be clap so this isn't this is really the worst situation for this president now here's the fun part apparently the white house has not directly addressed this this lack of invitation now rand paul is said hey bring it over to the senate but the senate would just
another boring place to do it and it would be sort of feeling like you gave in to nancy pelosi all right your he she got what she wanted and you still have a boring state of the union nobody wins although i appreciate the rand like always he always has the best for the most you know fresh's ideas a lot of different stuff so i continue to be impressed that he seems more solution oriented than politically oriented by here's here's what i wanted to get on here and have a laugh with you about this president the most entertaining president of all time even if you don't like him and i agree with that right here is the most theatrical the most performance oriented
the most show must go on the most you know maybe the attention the most interesting just the most entertainment oriented president of all time and everybody would agree with that right both sides would agree with this point and they just allowed him to be free they just they just release the cracking he is the most entertaining person in the world who is own he stopped in his energy in value by the context of the state of the union and now he's free now i don't know how this will turn out but i want to at least suggest that if the way hello yes be right now
i had a good do something but i just to suggest that they is the president to make this an entertaining event which will be the best state of the union of all times now i don't know that he'll go that way but they've they've the buffaloes his place is huge strategic blunder in which she gets to go from a boring thing to maybe the best thing that ever happened that's all i need to say today that would think it's hilarious and i will talk to you later
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