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Episode 384 Scott Adams: The Covington Kids, Kamala Harris and Fake News in General

2019-01-21 | 🔗


  • The 48 Hour Rule
    • If someone makes a mistake, and atones for it in the form of a sincere apology, you should accept the apology even if you can’t forgive the person…and move on.
  • Reasons given for not accepting my apology
  • Attack vector on the Covington kids is now shifting
    • Bad behavior at the event (by the children) didn’t exist
    • Left claims: MAGA hats are a known racist symbol
    • Left now looking for bad behavior by the children in the past
  • Jake Tapper interview with Kristen Gillibrand
    • Clearly, CNN has decided Kristen won’t be the candidate
    • A clear pattern is developing, CNN is anointing Kamala
  • How candidates are selected in America (Whiteboard)
    • A few billionaires decide who the candidates will be
    • The media cements those candidates for the public
    • The public then has the ILLUSION of choosing candidates
  • “You should have researched it”…The dumbest statement

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but the bump amendment on bonbon joanne here you are so fast as always the rest of you come on in here michael mustang girl like a duke had enough that's your name bela driftwood rock good to see you probably gonna be a lot of traffic this morning because people like to see me to see me being wrong that's always one all so let's catch up everybody you are clearly aware by now the vast majority of you watching this that i like many people were fooled by video that cnn ran up the covington catholic school
boys and the story of course you although the story was it looked like the boys were the bad guys but when you see the full video you can see that however bad the boys were they were the best people at that event everybody else was terrible but there are also adults so you're gonna have to put a higher stand but on the adults so we all know that i had an original view that was mistaken because of the selective anything of the video i have apologize unreservedly in public sarah now here's what's interesting i being the author of the forty eight hour rule which goes like this that if somebody says something that's a mistake or they need to take back
you should always give them forty eight hours to correct or apologize and if they do and it's a reasonably competent looks sincere you should accept it and you should move on because as the standard we would all want to be accountable to you i certainly understand if somebody says i can never forgive you for the rest of my life i understand emotionally why you think that but as a society should we not agree that if somebody makes a real mistake like we all do we all do it's a universal trait of humans we make mistakes and then they they atone for it in the sense that they apologize incorrect shouldn't we please accept and move on cause you don't want to live in a world where you don't do that
want to live in a world where people don't accept apologies you really when it would be a terrible world so as as these simulation were fate would determine i as the author of the forty eight hour rule found myself right in the middle of needing to use that rule sorry my cat is getting ready to accost near say i so blue would like say hi alright i made my apology on social media now i got a ton push back from people on the right saying a number of things which i would like to criticise them for right now eventually i had to tweet that i was going to start blocking anyone
who could not accept my apology because i don't want to live in a world with people like that the worst people in the story of the people who didn't except my apology seems like a big statement right sounds like em i'm just making it all about me but whether with me or somebody else does matter who's only apology apologizing got a story whether there was a alleged bad behaviour from our right racism we're forbear to terrible things but i'll tell you if you can't live in a world where somebody could make the very understandable mistake if he can live in that world and then
all guys you just the whole society breaks down if you can accept our standard so i would say that some of the worst behaviour we seen other people could accept the apologies here's some things they said in defence of their opinion that they could not accept apologies one was there i'm an idiot for believing in the years the important word anything on sea on cnn so and some people said wait a minute you criticised in almost every day true and therefore how can you be so dumb though you believe them in everything they say here's my answer i did not believe cnn i believe my own eyes if cnn had said i have a secret source the says some kids did so bad things i would say maybe not better wait up
but if i see a video with my own eyes really believing cnn because i think they got fooled by the same video i'd like to see the chain of custody of the video but i have a suspicion that they may have been fooled as well in other words is the video that was the problem factor was on cnn so anybody who tells me that believe a video you see on any network is believing the network well that's kind of a stretch i believe my own eyes which were wrong right i believe what was clearly in front of me and obvious and it was wrong now the most people in this argument have said to me scott
you should have known to do your own research and dig deeper into this that's a dumb opinion some of these opinions a matter of opinion in a matter of priority matter of philosophy etc but there are other opinions that are just plain dumb we live in a world where we're bombarded with situations it is not practical to do deep deep analysis on every situation another thing you know i'm making hundreds of decisions today i'm not gonna do deep analysis alone neither you there's nobody who apply your people trying to apply a stir to me that literally no human has ever used for their life or ever could is not even possible to do deep analysis
before you form an opinion on everything and just everything here's what does make sense that sometimes the evidence is so clear that you're pretty sure you don't have to do any research somebody suddenly turn that into research is done if you think i said researchers dumb you're yeah i gather the dublin in this conversation in saying that in the real world doing research on every fact that is presented to you is not possible it's not practical nobody does it you don't do it i don't do it nobody does it you'd be you pick your shots so if somebody says i've got this anonymous source and they say something that doesn't sell right you well there's a situation maybe you want to wait wait for a little more information little did die but if you see
do something with your own eyes and it was obvious to you that there could be no other explanation jumping to a conclusion could be wrong as as an example so i jumped to a conclusion that was wrong but that's not stupid that's just being fooled right there's no such thing as somebody who is so clever that they can recognize all fake news the moment
that's not a thing and to all of you people who climbed onto my twitter feed today to tell me that you can tell fake news just by looking at it a year all blocked right you're you're just not part of the productive conversation nobody can tell fake news just by looking at it you think you can because you ve been right a number of times but it's easy to be right to calling fake news fake news do you know how just call it all fake news you can be right so often that all feel like your magic hey i was right five times when he called out see at an unfair news because the other news told me it was wrong you're not me you're not part of stop apology block anybody who criticise me on the apology guess block
because i don't want to live in a world with people like you and i want to have any i don't want to have any interaction with somebody who can accept a legitimate apology there are certainly illegitimate apologies but mine clearly is not that nobody is nobody has suggested that insincere about it now some people have said that i must report i should do more i've gotta you fund the lawyers for the children because i was part of getting it wrong i need to hunt down the actual people in the video and apologize to them and their families in person now i don't that's not a standard it you want anybody to adhere to people say
stuff in public on social media all day long and the best they should do is to correct that one is wrong now in my case let me check the traffic on this site pins my apology and get a lot of air traffic will see how many people saw the apology versus the original incorrect opinion came so the the replay of the apology and this is just the periscope because i also add i think i got something like ten thousand re tweets on the tweet without the video ten thousand retreats we as my record i think it's the most retweeted i've been mental one other but so the most
tension i've ever gotten for a tweet or maybe second most all time was the correction apology so it's the ten to one impact compared to the error and then the replay the pinned replay of the appeal she has a hundred and eighty one thousand views typically ogier closer to two eighteen thousand views for a typical video down the one from yesterday that i don't remember what the numbers were but is pretty close to that so i've got a ten to one impact of the apology correction compared to the rest where nobody in the story
more than i am to correct nobody is doing more than i am at least in terms of ratio attend to one apology to error you can't be that tend to one i would say at some point you have to say you ve done love i'm not gonna track these people down i'm not gonna go to their house ensured in their life and say i made a mistake i fixed it on social media but i have to talk to you in person they don't give up i don't give a damn about my opinion they probably do care about social media which i've done why can do to fix an what is reasonable to do you think the story is over now you got some surprises coming i happened to be privy to some information there perhaps you have not yet see
and i would love to tell you where i got this but because it was a private conversation i'm not going to i will tell you that i had a aside conversation with a prominent anti jumper who showed me let's say another side of the story that is shocking right so there's more to the story there's absolutely jawdropping shock i'll bet none of you have seen it yeah you're gonna probably see it today i assume you're gonna see some stuff that you didn't know was covered i'll give you a preview one is that the the sure whether these kids did something bad at the event will probably may be minimized in favour of other bad things they ve done
let me give you a sample of some of the other bad things they ve done as told to me by someone who watching one or the other movies right and it's a prominent person number one this again is not my opinions on presenting someone else's opinion number one the hats are known racist symbol so wearing the hats if nothing else happened where megahertz was a known racist symbol might as well there than wearing kkk robes again now i believe and tell you the other movies building now i thought about that my thought this i have not given enough credit to the democrats four persuasion our know how i miss this exactly but have you ever seen a situation where a political party successfully
successfully refrained someone else's political although as a racist symbol let me think about one of the great persuasion plays of all time is to take the super successful hat logo thing which i think i'm pretty sure i'm society will look at one of the greatest political persuasion place of all time was the red the red hats for our trump just a huge success but the left has successfully started to identify it as a racist symbol now in lhasa is races symbol and say that they have actually succeeded in this so what our side is so obviously to them erases symbol
so you can't even wear the half and i was thinking man imagine if could republicans ever do that to the other side that is some seriously powerful persuasion so forget about what's going to ride or what should happen just tell me about the skill of it very impressive you after you have to admit that if the other team can make you not even use your own logo they ve done a good job of persuasion not a good job of being good people but the job of persuasion so you'll see that argument that the hassle owner bad here's another one and here's one you're not going to like cuz i'm going to agree with the critic here all right now this is not different from those things i've been telling you forever here's a criticism actually a pretty good one why are minors because of the boys role minors or under eighteen
why are minor boy is giving us other opinion about about what adult women should do with their bodies because it was in the context of the the right to life march now now i'll be careful i'm not taking size on the debate i'm not taking you sires pro abortion pro life i'm not taking site i'm making a simple statement about who should be talking about the issue and one of the criticisms is why is a bus load of sixteen year old less guiche boy why is telling adult women what to do with their bodies and i heard that i thought ok ok i'm taken an arm again except that criticism that's a pretty good criticism
pretty good criticism no matter which side you are on on the other thing now my personal opinion on abortion which i think most of you have heard is that my personal opinion okay this isn't what you should do i'm not so sure what any of you should do i'm saying my personal opinion is that i personally should i have an opinion on abortion rights because i'm a man and i think that we get a more credible outcome if we were obviously completely capable and more skin in the game make the decision then just tell us what you want right if you're in back it if you're not in as majority should be majority decision if you got in i'll just stay out of it
so my version my version of how an adult male should should play this personally i think i dont add anything to the conversation and if all i'm gonna do is interfere with a conversation i say stay up now if you tell me that a minor i dont care of them there is male or female if you we then a minor should be telling adult women what to do with their bodies i say that's a foul we don't have minors informing adults what to do other bodies period i think that's something all of us should agree on even if you agree with that we agree with the the miners who were marching if he even if you're totally on their side minors should not be influencing adults on what to do
their bodies that's a red line right there that is a solid that's a wall that's a red line so when i heard this what i heard that criticism i said to myself ok i mean i mean on that that's one thing and i would go further and say that the adults who allowed children to protest or what adult women should do with their bodies had had a bunch of men young men do that this just wrong it's the wrong look so that was where there are before those they're probably you haven't seen yet that are about the same school and these sports teams of these same schools that to me are clearly take photos so when i look at them i say those are real right
and i'm not even going to describe what they are because they are so obviously not real but there will certainly be persuasive to the people who say that these kids are bad didn't general independent of whatever happened that day there are two photos of them allegedly involved in the worst behavior you you can ever imagine they do appear to be fake now you may start seeing them on social media i doubt you ever see them i'd be amazed if you see them on unlike regular news because her so obviously fake but in the two movie world other people are seeing some pictures there would make the school but not necessarily these specific kids and nothing about that day but would like to make the kids at their school
boys look like a really bad human beings i'm not having say what's pictures are because one of them is so fake it is laughable i'll tell you that one of the pictures is clearly vague shows an adult in the scene as if he wouldn't matt as if you wouldn't mind the behaviour is a sort of stamina again and that then really happen there's no way there everett ever was happy that picture is the way it's being described because the adult the adult there wouldn't just be standing like it was no big deal and the second one is a type of picture together not explain what's in the picture because its it it seems more obviously fake than possibly real it's a type of picture we ve seen faked before so there are other sakes that are just like this now i'm not going to say
that is impossible the sunday there will be a nigerian prince whose june email and says hey i've you know you could make a lot money if you help me get my money out of nigeria so for ever single nigerian prince has been a scam you i think you'll know what i'm talking about the famous nigerian emails but ass not to say that sunday there won't be a real nigerian email i'm just saying really really unlikely and likewise with these pictures that focuses on the left are probably going to see today true but is really really unlikely because it falls into a category of things which are almost always fake so here's the bottom line if you think the people who are doug into a position are just going to change their minds you don't really live in the real world
unusual for people to change their minds you saw me correct my opinion but there's no big deal because i corrected in a direction that the corrected i wanted them not to be guilty so you know i was i was spring loaded to want the kids not to be monsters but my first impression was that they did bad stuff the corrected impression was i saw that the contacts that wasn't what i thought that's the hence the apology but people are gonna kind to see what they want to see i saw what i wanted to see and corrected to that position
that doesn't make me a hero because i corrected to where i can one to be somebody just said where's the simultaneous up excellent question simultaneous coming up grab mug your cup you're jealous your container you thermos your glass your shot glass fill it with a favorite liquid i like coffee enjoy me from the simultaneous are
let's talk about kemal heiress who announced now before i do i'm gonna give you some context served while airs and now she's running for president no big surprise but now the fun begins so yesterday i tweeted rounder jake tapir a clip from jake tapir interviewing kirsten gila brand hope on pronouncing i write so she is also a kennedy for present i think she's announced but in any event we all know she's running and yes she was more conservative in the past and j cover said to her you ve got the president's border wall plan racist and then he said
why wouldn't your own opinions be racist since in two thousand and six i believe you you agreed with the funding border security so why is it racist when the president does it but it's not racist when you did exactly the same thing and that was cnn and jake tapir asking exactly the right question now and it was shocking to see actually cushy sputtered and finance written and you watched her presidential ambitions just sizzle in front of you so cnn clearly is not backing kirsten gill around and what i predicted was that you would watch cnn and nancy ellen alone everybody on the anti cheapside that you'd watch them start picking off the weak candidates
the left because they don't wanna have real messy situation they need to get their top candidate whoever they want up to the top and clear out the weak field as quickly as possible so they're not cannibalize each other i have predicted sense for at least the last six months have been predicting that cabal harris would be the likely eventual candidate it seems to me the cnn agrees because if you if you watch the coverage of kemal a watch how is more positive and watch how all the candidates who are not kemal harris get criticized by the pundits and i think you you see a very clear pattern start to develop so this is a prediction see we haven't gone far enough for me to say that is already happening but i will say it
i'm not already wrong meaning that they have go on while harris they ve been nice to her in their coverage and they have definitely been not nice to other competitors so tells he gathered and kirsten jellyband have gotten the tougher treatment so yourself you need to understand about the world and about how candidates are selected this is the actual way happens people don't i understand this there are some u handful of influential mostly billionaires media mogul types who decide who the candidates you're gonna be typically trump was the total exe
to the rule because he was the billionaire there's only one tromp any broke all the rules and sarah but the typical whether the world works is that a small group of people decide who is who they can fund basically who is it that would be worthy of their money in their attention they decide and then the the media that they control gets on board and then they brainwash the voters and then the voters have the illusion that they have been selected a candidate but the voters the only information the voters have comes from the their chosen media and their chosen media is pretty much following you're not necessarily a specific memo what is it starts to become clear to everybody in a variety of ways who their their team was right so
i can say that there is a meeting where there's a memo that comes out and they all read the memo ago ok we're all getting behind this is that what i am saying is that in essence very few people decide who the candidate there will be the media will cement that view in the public and then the public will have the illusion the illusion that they chose the candidate none that's true and the way you can know that this is the case is that if you imagine all the different ways that story could be told in and then you talk to any of the candle was there any the voters were let's say on the left those voting well all mimic exactly what they heard in their preferred media
if you just grab somebody on the street was let's say three months before election day or let or even three months before the primaries if you talk to any voter and say why do you like acts they will tell you something they heard and help me or something there in their friendly media they will not tell you something you ve never heard right there just doesn't happen and that's your tell that they're getting their story from from essentially brainwashing i just want a circle back to this thought for the people who are our chastising me for being wrong my initial view about the kids because the video that i saw
it is not wrong to believe your own eyes most of the time most of the time it's the best he have you know if you actually directly or even on video observe an event it could be wrong and often is and this is the perfect example of that but you don't have a more direct way to know reality there is no better way to do it then see it that would be wrong to as we saw so don't don't be the people who say why would you believe your own eyes now that's what we do so i will commit to you as well as a number of people have said got it just make sure you never make this mistake again the mistake being watching a video
believing what i saw the video i wanna guarantee to you i will make that mistake again i guarantee every one of you wash in this will make that mistake i believe what you see over and over again in your life you don't have the option of not there's no option of not believing what you see you you can just leave a story about somebody to talk to somebody you can just believe somebody spend you can just leave a document the document could be for you can just believe a lot but the one you're going to probably give food by every time is a picture or a video those are just two influential it's really hard for this really hard for anybody not to be fooled by that and i am certainly not going to commit to you that i will never be fooled by
video of an event that's not a thing i will be fooled will be followed by a video of events in the future i will be guaranteed no when i find out i'll try to correct it that's all i can comment that's it somebody says get the facts right let's follow your brilliant your brilliant believe that you should do your research and get the facts let's let's just show you how brilliant you are saying that turns around this later there's nothing on there i thought so all of you geniuses who piled on today and said i should follow this let me show you what that looks like so here's the initial story and then there is the smart people the smart
over giving comments and they do their own research and they get to the truth so these brilliant people are saying why did you stop with the original story when all smart people know you need to do a little deeper dive you must get more facts you must research to get to the truth people say that are the dumbest people in the story these are the dumb people and there's no other way to save unfortunately when i you but these dumb people here's why how do you know when you done half of the people who researched and got to the truth how do they know their done with the research how many times have you
people go down the research well and they say ok i guess i'm done i've got everything i've done all the research on how do you know you're done if you will old here how do you know this was in full you you have no way to know you have no way to know what say you're looking into climate science clover science i'm calling like a well here's a little bucket on your well if if you get the story on climate science that's the surface people say i'm not gonna believe all the scientists say i'll go down look at the sceptics arrive sceptic tells me the story is wrong now i've done my research on brilliant no you haven't because if you show the sceptics argument to the scientists the scientists will tell you why this
so now you dont right you saw the story you listen to the sceptics than does the scientists told you why the original story was right you're done right now because the sceptics will look at what the scientists said the sceptical say now scientist and then he showed that the scientists and the scientists will say now i was right the first time you hear the things you ve forgotten to infinity that's turtles all the way down i'm sure you will reach a place right about here where there's something you don't understand cause you're not a climber science eventually this argument will be an infinite perpetual falling into things you don't understand until you get to appoint i tell you i'm saying comments that are making my head spam
eventually you get away where you can check it or you don't even understand so the dumbest opinion is that you should have researched it ok that's always the opinion anybody who says you got it wrong because you didn't research enough that's the dumbest opinion because you can't research these things you never know when you're done there's no way to know you're done can be done so don't ask me to do the impossible especially when you especially when you ve never done it yourself i obviously here so how did you learn to think that way also good question and it is
answered in my new book loser think which i just handed in my first draft you're comparing science to self explanatory video no i have a chapter on people say stuff like that though i'm not comparing them they are two examples that is different than comparing there are the other problem is what i call the failure of imagination so when will i the original video the day that i incorrectly assumptions about the reason that i got fooled was a fair here of imagination i failed to imagine that was in any other way to interpret it
then when the new information came out i said oh ok this is the new information but i'm making the same mistake again with the clarification am i not because having seen the clarification i said to myself well imagine anything that would change my opinion now that i've seen the clarification that's exactly what i said when i saw the first story exactly the same mental problem i said i care how this could be wrong and then when it was wrong i said i can't imagine how this new thing would be wrong but i could and if anything that i heard from my source on the left today is true it would
we changed the story but i wouldn't know if it was true service turtles all the way down soon somebody says the video did not show the kids doing anything wrong but i saw that i saw them doing something wrong it was an interpretation that was incorrect so when you say the video doesn't show it you're failing to understand the basic the basic nature of human beings that we can look at exactly the same thing and have done opinions and it doesn't necessarily been one of us is done it doesn't is not down to look at the same situation and have different internal patients that's just a normal way of all mines so you can say that the north
why humans are as is done that would make sense you should always look for multiple sources that's done here is why not the fact that you should look for multiple sources the problem is there will always be maybe more sources you never know when you're done it's impossible to know when you have researched enough either maybe exceptions that for sometimes now and elsie stories about allegations about the native american veteran and people are doing math and saying well he couldn't have really been in vietnam when he said because it is his age etc say i would not only asking us for them you who say we
do your own research and keep looking down do you believe the people who say that the native american is not the veteran he claims today do you believe that because you first learn to use a veteran and then people did a bunch of research and they have evidence they believe shows that he lied about being a veteran are you dont have you done research are you done because don't you think there's a little more research after that cause i'll think you're but about a lot of people think you're done that's the illusion the illusion is the u only do your research until you find something you already were likely to believe this is the best ok this is the best way to set in reality people will do the research only deeply as they have you the interest in the talent
better wait until they reach the point that they already agreed to another words are looking for a confirmation of their opinion they're not looking for research it feels like we do research but you're not about having a twenty four hour rule of law company here's so i agree with the twenty four hour rule except when you can see it with your own eyes if you see with your own eyes do you really need to wait you don t we need to wait a week if you video illicit use video of was it now gibson say you some video no gibson being stopped by police and saying a bunch of aunties other things i think he was accused of that so i wasn't there policies over the aren't we
you need to wait what would you need to do your research to find out their somebody's video let's say if you saw on video something that clearly was somebody saying a bunch of racist stuff do you need to wait now you don't you don't need a resource that he saw with your own eyes now i thought that i saw one of those situations with my own eyes and it was clear and obvious and i was wrong that's why i apologise but it is not wise to always wait twenty four hours if you there's nothing to wait for so you have to use a little judgment we now live in such a case the world their wedding twenty four hours always makes sense now i think this was a good cautionary tale because a sort of the sort of gives you a sense of how wrong you can be about things you think you're right so i think my
own opinion about what is you're an obvious and incontrovertible has been now permanently adjusted so one of the questions people ask me is what are you going to do different differently next time and i would say it's not so much what i'm going to do differently next time and what have i learned from this but rather my filter has been perm will you reset so as skeptical as i have always been and i'm deeply on the skeptical side even i wasn't skeptical enough so so i took my skepticism which was probably an eight point five out of ten and i just said that's not enough being skeptical at a level of eight point five and a ten still wasn't enough i need to dial that up a little more maybe nine hundred and forty five so
here's my answer i will never commit that you should wait on every story for twenty four hours khazars some stories that just are so obvious that you can convince yourself that waiting excited efforts but i'm definitely gonna be a lot more discriminating about how often i say you don't have to wait and that just shown to a very small number there was a small member before but now it's now ass can be minuscule so i have changed that's the change i can commit to so the change i commit to is that i will adjust my own sense of how certain can be even what i've seen it with my own eyes that's the newport even when i've seen it with my own eyes i won't i will automatically
i believe that now but that doesn't mean there are still things that are just so clear there's nothing to say about them some who says you think you are a god you're meet like all of us did i just say something that made me sound like i thought i was god failure you watching it's an entire video talking about my mistakes and my inability to see the future and somebody said well you call yourself god like feels like exactly the opposite of what was going on here somebody said i made the mistake of thinking there trumps enemies were acting in good faith no no i did not make that mistake there was no point that i trusted cnn in the least as a mental process
i believe my own eyes i look the video and it didn't matter where it came from why wouldn't matter where it came from we my own eyes and i was deceived that's not me believing cnn giving cnn is when they have a secret source i believe that but i'm looking at the video i don't care who gave it to me if it's if as if it seems that clear i'm going to be fooled again in the future probably but i'll definitely try to tighten my shelter all right if you were on the sanctimonious side today what does sanctimonious mean
let me see if i make sure i know what does sanctimonious means i mean i know what it means and contacts but i want to make sure i the rights definition because i don't want to say i'm not being sick until i know exactly what is it make you shall be morally superior to other people oh now i'm not doing it has i've done spoken to my moral superiority i don't think so i don't you think that's a topic as it as i have i talked about morality it'll work i think everything i've talked about is a practical a practical thing meaning when do you believe things when you don't what's a good system for society including excepting mistakes in accepting
something accepting employees that's not a moral opinion it's not a moral opinion that you should accept apologies it's a practical up in it what it's it's a system that makes society work more efficiently so if you interpret anything i said as being a moral superiority i've not even talking about morality in any way at all i pretty pretty maybe in tone but certainly i'm telling you systems that i think work better than others
systems and one of them is don't believe that research does what you think it does i definitely impression that you scolded the teens parents in which context i think there are two different context she must be talking about i would not take scold necessarily has as a description when i did do due to the world you like somebody says i'm claiming superiority because i apologized what was what was the alternative
so that is the alternative that i'd be a better person if i didn't apologize people are really strong opinions on this whole topic about the kids i think i think it was sort of a perfect storm in which it took every if you think about it the the story with the kids took every emotional thing and put it into one story first of all it was about minors i swear anything about children has more more impact second of all racism had had different raises its head something about antigay stuff and we had it had every
every interesting thing you could ever have of somebody wanted me to let me give you an update on my hot water heater if it's only make sense for those of you who have heard the whole story so i'll just zip through it i had this long sequence of bad coincidences where everything kept breaking as soon as one thing was fix another broken so i did get my water heater fixed after it seemed impossible i am so took an entire day knows is finished at night the moment it was fixed and those of you heard my story about the simulation will understand this the moment my water fleet filter was fixed something unrelated which is the warm floors manifold which
puts warm water under the floor to warn the house completely unrelated different piece of equipment not physically attached to the water heater except by a hoses a completely different piece of equipment popped league as the plumber was standing there fixing the other thing so the simulation part of it was the weird set of coincidences that when one thing was fixed at the exact moment it was fixed another thing on and on and on and that that trend has continued and after the water heater was vexed completely unrelated a leak popped with
known cause on an unrelated piece of equipment ten feet away because simulation i can't explain it but it's been weird somebody says you ve been that i've been seeming different lately i don't know about that i think i think i'm different depending on the story wouldn't you say there are some stories adam i am more skin in the game so yesterday for example you have to understand that weird my life is my life is a sort of not like not like other people and one of them is that most of you just watch the news about the other covington
and you may be made some comments on social media and that was wrongly involvement i made comments about the same story all of you were commenting on except i became part of the story so i think the daily collar and bright barton at least one other major blog ran stories about me because of this story in the story was that some people were apologizing for getting wrong the first time so when i comment on stuff i'm not just commenting i actually become the story simply by the commenting yet depending on what to come and so there are there are stories which i have skin in the game and i'm sure that shows differently then when i'm just talk
about something that i'm not really a part of did the repairman lie not nothing worth think the plumbers actually did everything that i wanted them to do they just head and the same number of bad coincidences that could not have been anything they were doing this was a bit personal it was personal it was personal because i was part of the story that's what i'm saying i was my girlfriend christina she's great
we're great rebar yelled at me no bright bar was just telling the story about some people apologizing there there were descriptive they were not putting an opinion on it and in my case your mistake help turn it around well let me ask you do you think they're my apology and my my clean reversal of opinions do you think it changed the story
the important way i mean everything everything's part of the story but do you think that my involvement actually change the nature of the story and some national way because i don't see that i dont see might i dont see my involvement being part of really changing the story i think i'm just part of it could be you analyze the future better than now that's a great question so somebody said and my better at predicting
future then i am at interpreting what i'm looking at in the moment such as that video never thought about that question i would just say that everybody is bad at interpreting the presents and it work we're sort of universally all bad at that but sometimes people are better at predicting the future your apology
simple i dont know there's no way to know that my guess is that the other people poligized probably would have ended up there the the fact that maybe i was really in that process i don't think it was really influential maybe but i don't see clear evidence that somebody's asking if ruth better against burg is deceased the answer is now the answer is no people use me to analyze the now
well you should use as many sources as you can stand but remember you can ever researches enough with all respect you should listen to your audience more really here here's the thing the bothered me the most maybe i haven't said this is clearly the people who said they were positive it was a fake from the moment they sought not credible voices in this because if all you did is disbelieve everything the other side says that doesn't make you a genius let me say it again if use if you reflexively disbelieve everything the other team is saying that doesn't make you the smart one in the conversation that that makes you the day
one in the conversation the if you're not looking at every situation as freshly as you can and as objectively as you can you dont you not really in a strong position to criticise me if and i can't tell you how people criticise me yesterday and today for not believing that the other team is a rope is wrong a hundred percent of the time they're not wrong on two percent of the time and you do know that they think your team is wrong hundred percent of the time so if your belief is that the other team all their facts wrong all the reporting is wrong on a per cent of the time you're not part of the thinking the thinking population you you're you're just a bumper sticker with the spine
media bumper sticker where the central nervous system if all yours a bumper sticker and you're coming to criticise me for having an independent opinion you don't have much you now standing on solid ground i am somebody says it's a patter it's not a hundred percent pattern if you were to actually take the news let's see then reports and actually make it what's true and what isn't most of it would be true i know you don't want to hear that now their interpretation of the news often would be indifferent from what you would call true but if they report the somebody quit if their report that there's a war if they report the something blew up the report
the president as you said he's gonna run if they report that kemal harris says she's going to run for president most of was here then says is true there interpretations of it of course on the up and how they are they put a spent on it of courses opinion but if your opinion is that a hundred percent was cnn says is untrue you you're not smart enough to talk on social media me you you ve missed the bar right you're honestly i hate to say you just not bright enough to say opinions and public you're just a euro bumper sticker with a central nervous system and he probably should join the smart people talking that sound arrogant and what was either word what
somebody call me earlier sanctimonious no second moaning ask us is not a moral opinion is an opinion about what works and what what what doesn't work as assuming that one of the new sources is a hundred percent wrong on presenting time that's not thinking which side is the site of love both it's definitely not true that one side is in favor of love and the other side is evil i'm pretty sure that's not the case somebody said i didn't say patterns were one hundred percent then why would you treat them like they're one hundred percent
patterns can you tell you maybe the odds but they certainly can't tell you what is your adding to the body of evidence the way people are held to a different standard should i care about that should i care that way people are held to a different standard i think it depends on the situation because for example adults are held to a different standard than minors
for example if there is a fight that breaks down the bar men are held to a different standard than when the alyssa a man and a woman got into a fist light i don't think they should be treated with the same standard because assuming that the man is larger creature in the story there are lots of situations where you should not old people to the same standard i think you have to look at each one you have to look at each situation distrust any sensational story we the little guy i think that's the lesson here i think we should narrowed the lesson i would narrow the lesson from the covington situation if if people are saying the lesson is you should distrust everything cnn says i feel like us the re lesson
i think the right less it video lies for more than you could imagine that's that's a good lesson does it wouldn't have mattered i'm pretty sure that if i had seen the same video on fox news or any other source my opinion would have been the same it wasn't it earns foxes will correct me if i'm wrong can can somebody inform me did the video that played on cnn there was just a small video of the interaction with the the native american guy and again have was that video also on fox news can somebody clarify that did fox news play this were similar video a scene and played there was just a tight clip of the interaction can somebody answer that cause out i assume they did
because it was the it was the video most people were poor talking about new a short so i dont think is it i don't think i would have had a different opinion if i'd seen than the different network i was basing them on being will be over the us that's lessen the lesson is video lies video will lie more aggressively every year because the technology will allow that to happen and will be more videos so whatever you thought of cnn that probably should stay the same but whatever you think of the power of videos
whether you see the video let me ask you this if use video on your favorite news fox news would you believe it if use of video on a new source you trusted let's say many of you might like drudge or fox news or something would you trusted because it because if you would because it was other sources you trust you have learned the lesson i don't think the less it is the independence of who as the video the video itself can be the lie and the people who publish it may not be aware of it because they might have been lied to buy the video just like you were so i wouldn't put the trust in the publishing platform i would i would say that the video is what you should question no matter who was presented
talk about how we can be doped up on emotions well i think everybody knows that story right which we can get such a rush from our opinions and emotions that actually just feels good and we're just chasing the high because wouldn't it be didn't didn't you feel a high when the story was very anti transport on day one but then you saw reverse in your opinion anyway a reverse completely didn't you feel a high most of you were transporters didn't do that feel like an actual like a good that's good that's what striving your decisions it's not your great brain this that's done a bunch of reasoning and came up to a union it's your emotions how can you see the race relations are hurt by cnn and yet they love because you
we're making mind reading the assumption that the evidence does not support the mind reading assumption is the cnn is intentionally slanting the news to be racist because their evil people i don't think that's in evidence the evidence is that it we what they're saying in believing what you're saying and trying to fight against what you believe is racism you could be writer you could be wrong but should not evil if you're fighting against evil as you see it and it's an evil that a lot of people would agree with you can be wrong but it would be hard to be evil in that case some people are making the duke lacrosse comparison i would say there is no comparison duke lacrosse was based on human testimony am i wrong
believing human testimony we already knew was a daisy proposition but believing video that you're watching with your own eyes a didn't know how lying video could be and now we ve been informed or filters and changed i did q lie i can talk about you we'll talk you later life
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