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Episode 389 Scott Adams: The Future of Online Education with VR, Apps and Hollywood Teams

2019-01-24 | 🔗


  • Online learning works, the future is here (Whiteboard)
    • A Socialist vision of education, but with decreased cost
    • Learning can be tailored to how different people learn
  • VR learning possibilities include historical event immersion

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bump bump bump bump bump on everybody i'm back for a little special coffee with scott adams in which i'm going to talk about the future of online education way more interesting than you think it's going to be so reserve your judgment this is going to be a little more interesting than you think alright first thing i want to say is i've been saying for a long time that i'm left of bernie and people say i don't believe that how could you be for all those socialist things and the trick is that like most people i don't know how to pay for those things
but at least i admit i'd love to have universal healthcare i don't really know how to pay for it i'd love to have free universal education including college and any kind of vocational training but it's hard to pay for so what i'm going to talk about is how to get to a world where we all have free far better way better training and at a cost that's essentially free or approach is free right and i'm going to tell you some trends that you're going to see coming that there will drive us the first thing i'm going to talk about is my own companies app called interface by owen hunt that you see it written right here if you wanted to search for it in the app stores and with it you can talk to any kind of expert and you could take a class so if you could find an expert to want to train you one on one or two year was set up you can do within the app so i wanted to test
online learning myself and so i've been taking drum lessons for last few last few months trying
figure out what i can learn about the whole concept of online learning can you learn from talking to somebody on the screen here's what i learned it works really really well and here's why because i'm paying for by the hour and because i can take the instructor i want and i can schedule it whenever i want and i can cancel it you know as long as i give some notice i can cancel it if something comes up i've completely solve the when do you do it problem by making it happen when i want secondly because it's a one on one thing i don't follow the script of a of an instructor i found the drum instructor who would answer my questions and go through things in roughly the order that my brain needs a process so i took something that would have been impossible for me to learn in the standard
instructor shows up your house and you know if they need you know you've got somebody here has also takes a little extra time to work in here you can't really cancel because our traveling over there and then they don't teach you the way you want so be able to get it legs actually the way you want yes you should and so i've had a good experience with that let me tell you some other things which are happening in the world of online
trade other things that's wrong with online trading the way it is at the moment is that is usually just filming an instructor teaching just as if you were in the class that's the worst way to use online training is you don't get the benefit of the human interaction and it's just as boring but inevitably people are gonna start performing teams were instead of just filming an instructor maybe somebody crease the content perhaps someone else does the visuals the you know the c gi the the graphics that go with it perhaps they hire an actor to be the teacher because the actors just real good on screen somebody you don't mind watching for a long time you might prefer seeing a female i might prefer seeing a male you might
first see somebody at different ages different ethnicity you could pick the type of instruct you wanted in the content would be created by a team like hollywood can you imagine for example is movies were made by one person suppose the only way movie ever got made was one person if they would all be terrible movies it's because of the tv and certainly education will move in this direction in a it's it's a
the other thing you don't have it in regular education is the addiction technology so you know the social media is addicting you know the online gaming is addictive part of the reason or z do them on your own pace in your own time and then they reward you with a for a variety of rewards which we understand very well what if you could learn at any rate you wanted and you could pick a style of learning that work for you and you can build the addiction into it so you could do it slowly quickly and great that was right for you because it's online and they build the addiction into it so let's say you're trying to solve a game by learning enough enough spanish language say to solve some puzzles you would probably learn them quicker if you were getting immediate rewards within the game context
all right i also have a u r o vr system if i was doing this without my microphone i also have a vr system that i've been test and to see what is the experience of using in vr what i found was oh my god when you're using vr actually have the experience of being there in person even so it's obvious that you're not there in person so you look at things that are really just renderings and you know the renderings you know they're not real it's so impact on your mind that you actually act as though they're real went to the edge of a ledge in our thing with your vr goggles on and i could make myself walk over the edge of the ledge even though i could take my my goggles off and see that i'm on my own floor
there's no danger and i'll put the goggles back on and i couldn't even force my my leg to go forward my brain was still saying no that's a ledge let's allege i'm looking right at it so the experience of being in a vr immersive environment is complete really transformative to how you learn i did a program within the in which i did a tour in the hindenburg the same airship that burned up so you can actually go inside it and walk around and all the places that only the crew could go you can actually experience exactly what it would feel like to be on the actual hindenburg and looking through the group waters in the and where the well it doesn't work you can look at the table and see what's on the table unbelievable right imagine that technology except you're learning history the uk
we plopped right in the middle of the history should be in the middle of a war you could be put in a village you know they could plop you and civilizations all over the world incredible so as soon as this stuff reaches reaches another level you know learning will be fun and easy smartphones of course makes body have access to it so the the how much does a spartan how do you get there will learn be solved by technology the other advantage you have online learning is you can sample it very quickly you're not getting what you want you just stop and find another source so as long as there's enough competition you can sample lindsey that's not for me and get out that's hard to do if you sign up for a class in college the other thing you can see is that if you have ai and lots of data mining you can
you can imagine that as you're taking tests and as you're working through your online courses that employers perhaps could fight now that you're good at whatever it is that they need and they i find that out just by your test scores and how you're developing online and then they could approach you and say i know you're only in your second year of what might take three or four years now you're killing it you should have a relationship you could actually be doing your job search milt einius with your classes without any extra effort because you meeting data by taking tests etc that will tell employers if you're the kind of person that they might someday want i think we'll see the certification degrees for online classes that are from just of this college put some classes on there and now you got a degree from this college but it's not as good as the real one i think you're going to people like warren buffett i just use it but this example name to say
you took this following group of classes and you did did well in it i would definitely hire you and so if somebody say udacity does it i think what you are almost celebrity endorsements to to give them some when i say celebrity i mean successful businesspeople billionaire type endorsements the kind of people would take seriously if bill gates said taking the this set of course is made you able i wouldn't but i would certainly think about getting the bill gates your nba or whatever it's going to be call all right with these changes which i think you would agree are pretty much guaranteed to happen i don't know how quickly i don't know how long it will take but if you imagine that the government with without building a new department or anything simply got behind this concept and just
pushing the he put in a little attention on vr companies may be encouraging kind the standardization if that's useful it would be great has all of these courses built in small modules so that you could module and if you don't like that teacher you could just pick up the same course just with a different feature without even getting out of the larger class you can just which teachers in the middle because all the modules fit together in some kind of standardized way depending on the course so i think we're going to get to the point where online learning is now worse than in person learning but i think it's guaranteed is going to cross it guaranteed and when it process it almost might also start approaching zero cost because whoever is the best team put together let's say the very best
in geometry or whatever it is or play repairing engines whoever this is the best team that does that they're going to be able to sell their course all over the entire world so be a dollar per class because they have a hundred billion customers for class it would be the most profitable thing anybody ever did but this is this market is to develop and it will so this this little prediction is brought to you by my company's app interface bye pornhub you can sign on to be a an expert or a teacher on anything right now the app is one to one it's a video call for any expert to talk to any anybody wants to talk to him and the expert sets the price any price they want if you would like to support this kind of thing and if you'd like to support these periscopes one way you could do it is
going to interface dot onehub dot com where you can buy the when tokens that's a cryptocurrency that we created to work within so you can pay your experts in crypto if they accept that or regular credit card cash so we have both both options so i'll get rid of that role and uh so those of you who are unhappy with patriotic and and they were treating some of their talent in my case if you want to encourage the app to work if you want to encourage in a very small way any of this to work and you want to move this world forward of being able to get your in online and a variety of forms owning some of these tokens would do it now i want to be very careful in
all of these are not investments and you do have an an equity position the company when you own these cryptocurrencies but nonetheless it is true that if the if the app is successful the do you have the tokens goes up so this is one of the very a few cases where leading to an artist has at least some chance that you end up getting your money back and more so peterson was asking for a competitor name of patriotic so this would only work for people who sign up to be experts on the app and then then people could contact them and my case because i'm a co founder of the company it helps me a great deal to help fund the company forward if people by the tokens and you can buy them for any amount is whatever you want any amount you feel comfortable with
and they changed their if they're being trained on a couple of exchanges right now coin pull stuff i and la token dot com two places you can trade them now and we're adding other exchanges as we go so that's the future of education i think it is completely realistic to have what whatever well a socialist vision of education doesn't require your taxes to go up meaning that ology if it's for stirred in the right way and we don't have any unnecessary regulation stopping at inevitable direction is it online will will pass in person vacation in terms of effectiveness and it's going to pass out hard at some point it won't even be close that at some point the idea of standing in front of a human in a classroom
all that one human drones on in the average way that this is the most average to get the most people but doesn't work for any in particular exactly doesn't work at these are ideal way the in person method is definitely going to go away so we can get to almost free education and universal that's very doable maybe something like this in the field of medical costs as well and i'll talk about that separately i will give you a little hint we're bringing on a number of doctors who will be is added and you know they'll they'll have their backgrounds will be checked so you don't have to worry about that and they will be license for specific states in the united states and if you don't have healthcare and you need a doctor you'll be able to pick up the interface app i'll tell you more about this in the next week or so
and have a live conversation with the doctor and just pay as you go so they'll so it will be much cheap isn't having insurance would be one of the many ways in which the cost of healthcare could go down so i say again i'm the burning because i want universal healthcare and i walked free education but i think the way you get there is by making sure that your technology is on and that you understand that there's somewhere to get and now i think we all understand that and maybe we can get out of our own way and let the technology bring us to that point where we do have much cheaper healthcare and at least approaching free and that we have essentially universal education for everybody and there's all nobody who can't be helped by universal education so
that's the lesson if anybody wants to get some when tokens which would help a lot for my start up and you know maybe they would go up in value but they're not investment go to interface that when hub dot com and i hope you do and that's all for now
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