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Episode 395 Scott Adams: Creepy Kamala, Healthcare, Manchin’s Brilliance, Climate Change

2019-01-29 | 🔗


  • The Howard Schultz advantage of…coffee!
  • People calling Kamala’s demeanor and laugh “creepy”
  • Kamala and Willie Brown’s past won’t hurt her candidacy
  • CNN and now MSNBC have both anointed Kamala
  • Universal healthcare has moved from nutty Bernie idea to inevitable
    • Can taxes be raised enough to cover the astronomical costs?
    • Can we lower costs enough to make it possible?
    • Startups are focusing on lower cost for high profit things
  • Did Kamala invoke the Charlottesville conspiracy theory?
  • Senator Manchin says turn this over to the engineers and experts
    • “SMART WALL” is a smart persuasive phrase
  • Climate change has BS on both sides of the topic
    • One side is correct, we don’t know which
    • The marketing of the science looks like a hoax
    • The marketing of the skeptics is mostly unconvincing
  • The “Research Well”, what happens when you reach a point where…
    • You don’t understand the claim being made
    • You can’t determine if the claim is true
    • Confirmation bias always wins in the end
      • Your original belief becomes your conclusion

NOTE: Broadcast glitch, sound is a bit muffled.

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buddy i hope you're getting your morning exercise or possibly just your cup of coffee or possibly you just come here too find out what the future looks like one and here you are grab your beverage put it in a mug a cup a glass i don't care if it's a stein a thermas or a chalice put your favorite beverage in there i like coffee and try me for the simultaneous sip it's now speaking of coffee do you know what howard schultz biggest political advantages came i guess what is howard was the fact starbucks
considering running for president as an independent what is his biggest advantage the answer is corfu i will be the only person to tell you this but i think you know it's true carly because you watch these periscopes and you have noticed that i have intentionally used the association with coffee which people like to make them think ah coffee coffee with scott adams i like coffee maybe i like him too so there's the crossover effect our our impressions of one thing can can believe over to anything that's associated and the powers association could be transferred i do that intentionally and you know it i told you that so it's not a secret and it still works
a lot of people tell me how addicted they are to coffee with scott adams then a lot of that is just the coffee and the association it's not so watch what i'm doing it it it makes it positive so howard schultz has this enormous persuasion advantage because when thank you and yes thank you coffee and what coffee does to makes you feel good it's a really big advantage now is it enough is it enough of an advantage that he can win the presidency i don't think so i think the teams r2 set in their ways people just don't like to change teams and as others seven years were smarter have pointed out there really are no such thing as independence their own people who say their independence but then always vote the same way so
there's no real such thing as some group of people who who really wish somebody else would run in the middle it's not a thing but if you haven't seen my tweet of the heckler who well to howard schultz in an event recently you have to play it somewhere where nobody is listening because there's a there's a bad word in there but it's the it's the funniest heckler it's the best heckler you've ever seen let's talk about come on harris have you noticed so she has a creepy laugh as everybody knows that i saw two people independently without seeing each other's comment respond to her demeanor as creepy it was one comment was that her laugh was creepy
and then another one just something about her demeanor was creepy and here's one of the things that i've tried to teach you about assigning nicknames people i'm trying to come up with clever nicknames for her you know as if they're inventing their own kill shots here's the trick that everybody gets wrong yeah people are trying to use something about the name to make use clever with a name like cold cibola or something about her thing with willie brown none of those are effective the reason they're not effective is that they're just sort of surface lee comparisons the sound interesting with her name there's nothing that connects is just sort of surfacing so what you want to look for is something that people already believe about the candidate right
i'm not gonna have to say that twice because it's so important you have to start with what people are already feeling if don't start with that it doesn't matter what the nickname is so the reason crooked hillary worked because you already had that feeling that there was something there you didn't know what it was she hasn't been she hasn't been proud your friend anything but it felt like there's something crooked there and people i felt that so when that nickname was assigned to fit same with low energy jeb when as soon as you heard lowenergy low energy you thought to yourself he does look l'energie it just fit the person so if a schitt gonna have to change my here we go power source
so have you seen them people refer to her as creepy without being prompted in i think it matches my own sense when i watch her laugh she's not a comfortable laugher have you notice that her her laugh is i sort of adam sink a little bit like like it's a nervous or a creepy laugh i don't know exactly but but by coincidence creep he works well with come on so creepy come if yeah sure that catch on and i don't know that it will come would be a lot stronger than the ones that are just sort of write me so i was saying cruella deville door that doesn't
and the reason that the cruella stuff doesn't work is he's out there selling health care for all and and help singapore and then is compatible with her brand as a democrat so the krewella doesn't really strike me as you know what i i feel about her when i see her you know when i wanna hear her talk she's talking about helping people are you i disagree with the mechanism to help people but that's why she talk talking about and i don't think she doesn't want to help people like you know her inner soul do you think that say i don't really want to help the poor just going to say that they get elected well i mean war politicians so they're going to save more than they might believe but basically anybody who runs for president wants to help people right i don't think we get it candidates who just
absolutely don't care about people that's not really a thing so so i think that was a dead end creepy feels unfair it's not supposed to feel fair is it is it fairness an objective not really now let me tell you what answer doesn't work i'm hearing seeing a lot of people on social media say that the implication is that talking about her dating willie brown notable politician from california who has admitted that he helped her get position things and helped her career people are saying that that's going to work against her i just don't see it i just so we'll see it working against her even a little bit and here's why it's two thousand and nineteen
nobody cares about that stuff and and the main charge that willie brown helped her career he had admits and i imagine she would admit it too so nothing hidden and as long as there's nothing hidden and let's only nineteen and you've got a present welcome was maybe not not your role model for a the interaction i just don't see that it matters this week it just bothers me when i see it's because i think you're wasting your energy on that attack just let that go by the way i've been consistent all the way from the kennedy through bill clinton through donald trump now through kamala harris i'm just not to say any of that stuff that they do in their personal life is my business it is not important
we're not really hiring role models right we didn't do it for this and we're not going to for the maximum you may have seen that morning joe has at least joe anyway has endorsed come all harris and you know that there's the rachel maddow has also give put through her weight we had to come and now cnn did a town hall with her to put her at the top of the pack so that the two main entities that matter in terms of assigning us our opinions laughter everson msnbc and cnn and they have clearly chosen comala now the reason that they would choose are as they think she's the strongest most credible candidate and i think that's probably true
same thing i said and she's speaking too early now i don't think so i think she's clearing out the field i think she's playing she's doing sort of donald trump which is she's trying to absorb all the energycap early and just start everybody else would energean she's doing it really well somebody saying did she it will be bound or have an affair my answer to that did date will be down or having affair still doesn't matter i don't care what word you put on it you can't make me care you can't make the country willie brown called it dating good enough for maine i don't care and i don't think you should care either but you're welcome to care whatever you like no
come outside in her town hall with cnn few things number one she said she wanted some kind of universal healthcare have you noticed we're saying he was married well well would i guess i can't leave this point willie brown was married is also reported as recently as this week that willie brown was known for showing up at events public events with his wife and his girlfriend so willie brown was known publicly for showing up at public events at the same time with his wife on the left and his our server girlfriend on the right and everybody knew it so whatever ever will rebound situation was with his wife you making a lot of assumptions to
you know that there was a problem here 'cause i i think there was right i think that willie brown had a problem i don't think his wife the problem with any particular thing he did it seems that get something worked out right so so if assuming that it was a the problem that was number one mostly willis to deal with and again i don't care alright let's talk about universal healthcare my point about re universal healthcare is that now you've heard it so many times you've heard it from burning in aoc and lots of other democrats you've heard it from now come all correct me if i'm wrong the idea of universal healthcare moved from any idea that only barely could have because it's all the will never be able to pay for it to
something closer to inevitable am i wrong now i'm talking about the persuasion and the way we think about it i'm talking about a normal evolution of starts out as being crazy talk and then just becomes normal right remember when president trump announced it was crazy talk that there could be a president trump just crazy absolutely crazy yeah that would become president and then it became normal overtime if feels today but the idea of universal healthcare somebody says you're losing me stop thinking that i'm telling you my opinion on universal health care i'm talking about the public and how the public is responding to it try to stay with maine alright you guys are some of you are so welcome to your teams
they even mentioning the topic if you go about about i can't listen to this anymore i can't listen all out listen to the point right here's the point i believe the public has been softened up the point where the thought of universal healthcare has really this boiled down to come we afford it in some way the answer is now at the point at this point but i think it has gone from fringe to something closer to mainstream so that's important because if you're worrying about it coming i think it's inevitable i think that the public it sort of evolving too we got to get there one way or another now to reiterate my personal view is that i think you can't have a great country without healthcare for everybody that's my view
i also have no idea how we could possibly get there by raising taxes you there's not enough money to make it happen i do think we should make it a national objective to figure out how to get there to figure out how to do it without raising taxes and i think we could through innovation i think we can get there through changing regulations and rules maybe change the laws maybe make things more competitive maybe focus more on innovation maybe maybe play some things but the goal would be to get a more competitive situation in which the market can do its thing and lower the price if you lower the price enough then maybe you can start talking about more people having it so if you get two things right academy is just screaming which it is now
unemployment is very low which it is now so that that helps a lot of people yeah healthcare right there and then you've got focus on bringing that cost down at least for the the things that where that's possible okay more about that at some point but there's just all kinds of stuff happening where the startups are the higher margin parts of healthcare so then healthcare there are things which are hugely profitable and a lot of right so looking at those things and say well i'm going to take a piece out of that by like in the mri this cheaper the ekg this cheaper etc so we should see something along those lines i'd like to see the republicans package their healthcare i won't call the proposal but a preference you know packages it and sell it better as competition is to get us there or not texas
i'm going to give a shout out to obama ex president obama that's something that was one of the smartest things you'll ever see call that when it happened and i felt it in a few times but i like to remind you of it president obama said in public so is not me reading his mind he said this directly that obama care the bad plan but it would i'm paraphrasing but he said it would essentially get the country a little bit of pregnant on healthcare and once that happened there would be no turning back so in other words president obama said directly obamacare there's a bad plan he said that he that is a bad plan but
almost certainly will get the country moving in the direction where they have to fix it and they'll fix it you're covering more people because it's a you just go backwards it's one of those things where no politician could say and to give people you were less healthcare you it's just political suicide so here's a shadow for based energy and persuasion perspective it was a brilliant play he called his shot and then he hit it 'cause we're in it right now right obama called he he called the fed seems going to hit this over and over he hit it over and everybody called him a failure because the he said was a bad plan and what was it god plan and you of course under attack but the national conversation is
exactly where he told us he was gonna put it which is where all talking about this this topic so he's moving that he moved the net so consciousness he did intentionally he told us he was doing it and then it right in front of our eyes you know you can you can hate his policies you can you can everything else about him i'm not going to defend you know his i didn't anything like that but i'm not one point of political strategic persuasive talent he talent you can take that another thing that camilla talked about unhurt on hall i didn't see it all but she repeated the the actually theory hopes that the president said at the show spell tragedy that the neo nazis were fighting people
now she send a lot of other things and it wasn't it was not jake tapper's job to fact check her in real time but it's very disappointing that he let her say that which is so demo tripoli untrue because what he said verifying people on both sides he was obviously talking about both sides of the statue question of which they are fine people of both sides the news illegitimately were created against there is in which they claim but the president united states had said the neo nazis were fine people that didn't and when he was asked to clarify he made sure we knew him very clear language that he did so i started off with a conspiracy theory that
cnn is allowing to to live and i have to say i'm disappointed in that because i just don't think that the yes served by letting that conspiracy theory passes fact and it wasn't so easily just debunked alright let's talk about joe manchin senator joe manchin west virginia who are have dubbed the smartest to in the country why because two days ago on i guess it was meet the press he said what i think all the senators should be saying at this point let's turn this borders a question over to the expo an engineer x spurts an engineers those are the magic words
and that makes joe mention the smartest senator in the country smartest politician in the country 'cause he went on television and said the words that can solve the problem cousin all the politicians release i'm making engineering decisions which is what they both been trying to do president trump trying to sell a political solution and in so doing he simplified to the point where he became the engineer right he simplified it the point where he was defining what a wall looks like and how much of it there is that's really engineering work persuasion it worked well up to a point it should get down to getting in the room and trying to actually come up with a budget trying to come up with a specific idea which is what the the working team is doing you have to defer to the action and the engineers now i also like some somebody
me here in the comments i love the phrase smart wall 'cause if you think about it thus far better than my solution i had suggested long ago that instead of calling it friends or wall you're call it once and then everybody wins but leads like the ugly word in yet catch on but that the two were smart wall thank there doesn't because he doesn't want a smart wall who has wall in there so you can say well i got a wall it's a smart one and who's going to say that an electronic defense mechanism isn't a smart wall now ok yes so you want to get both sides the ability to say they got what they wanted weather like they wanted different things but they never really did size always wanted
smart engineering solution like the border more secure both sides want that and calling you a small wall is pretty well pretty good way to get there 'cause those words are you know there they're good words smart in wall both good words they work well together they they're catchy i think it's a good so joe manchin smartest senator in the country right now when i wanted to give you an example of what i've been talking about for cool topics in general but i'm going to use climate change as my example now if you've been watching me for awhile you know that i've been doing kind of a deep dive on climate science versus the skeptics i'm trying to figure out who has the address the here or to see if i can do something like my
i would research and get to the bottom of it but here's what i've discovered now my opinion on climate science is always subject to change so i've sort of evolved here's my bottom line based on everything learn about climate science number one what size are dealing with bs so it was easy for you to take any side and say i'm a skeptic or i'm a believer and then you'd say to support my side i get a point all of the ds happening on the other side it turns it's really easy because both sides have a really big chunk of complete ridiculous claims now one of the size is also right i don't know which one
has the right answer then our let's or let's say trying to market their views with things that are so transparently ridiculous that they do come off as hoax is right so applying the science the way it's marketed now not talking about the science i'm talking about what is marketed to the public looks like a hoax to me it's just complete bs and i'll talk about that specifically skeptics who are trying to market essentially the view that none of this climate science is real there very pretty you know they're pretty unconvincing most of the time now again there are lots of and skeptics so i'm not so that they're are all equal in their in their or their best players here's my take
the science of climate science if you can't just the the chemistry in the physics feels like that could be pretty solid that's not a final answer but if you were there to believe the consensus of scientists on the scientific the stuff that we've known since the 1800s we know that c two can cause i the basics of it that's probably a solid i could change my mind someday but so far that feels solid here's what's not solid in order for the the scientist to sell their vision of a dangerous warming world there's these models the models sms and i'm not talking about climate science in general not talking the science of it i'm just talking about the models are such
his parent lee ridiculous that it makes the science look fake as well but probably this is a preliminary opinion i could change this later preliminary it's probably well meaning scientists who in general have the right idea but they don't know how to sell it to the public and so they thought well we put in these models and we show them what's going to happen and we calculate what's going to happen at eighty years now we've marketing hat on our science and we i think the marketing part to the public 'cause they don't understand the science will keep it simple will just draw a picture little hockey stick here right unfortunate the marketing of it is so ridiculous and and so unconvincing and there have been predict
is that were way off etcetera that it's not credible to the public or at least to a big part of the public let there are many skeptics saying ridiculous things such as the climate scientist i forgot to include the sun okay when you hear people say i think the scientists in the world who are spending the climate for the effects of the sudden that's not credible i don't really need to dig too deep to find out but that didn't happen but here's my if you're if you're trying to do your own your own research on it or any other complicated topic is here the well that you're going to fall into you'll start at the top with a skeptical claim disclaimer the again as my example but this would apply to gun control and lots of other complicated topics
the claim that you understand let's say the claim is the ice is melting so therefore the plan is still warm and you save yourself i understand that i under in that if the earth is going warm the ice would melt and then the to say we're measuring the ice and smelting i get that that's a of solid persuasive and then you go to the skeptic the skeptic says no they measure that all wrong then is that wrong i heard that wrong and here's why and then you read the skeptical argument ego that's pretty convincing here's here here here's nasa's nasa information says that it's there's more is gaining the los and you say gosh i don't know what those scientists were saying and then you go back to the site and they say no the script we're looking in the wrong place and then you go back to the skeptics and they say
we were looking in the wrong place here's my leg and you go back to the scientists and they say yes that's a lie but you left out this other link that shows we keep going down the well from claimed to skeptic to clean to skeptic and at every level hello best thing to read is persuasive until here's the fun part until you go down the well far enough there's somebody there's something you either care check because you just don't have the resources or you don't understand and let me give you my best example so so i was arguing on twitter the other day and i was going down going down the well from claim to skeptically and i want to read you something somebody who knows a lot more about this than i do set i didn't tell you who said it 'cause it doesn't matter if it's a or a scientist so after i got
down the well i think okay i'm fine we getting somewhere now i'm going to be able to make my own decisions based my great research i really know what's going on and then i get this the puzzle and ice age theory is how to get a powerful hunt killing your glaciation cycle when main orbital cycles are forty one kill years obliquity and twenty three kilometers precession with a hundred kilometers eccentricity cycle week the idea building on all 1980s isn't nineteen problem you got that right the clear everything up so you would probably confuse before but now i cleared everything up this is every debate on climate science
it's also every debate on everything else complicated you let's get to the point when you go down in the well of claimed skeptic claims skeptic claims skeptic you always get to this something you could not possibly understand or something you can't check such as somebody change some data and you're like well did they how would i know the same thing happens let's take gun control you start with like a simple gun control claim uh country doesn't the guns and they have low cried and you see yourself very convincing there is a country that has gun control if you people have guns and they have low crime very convincing and then the skeptics no here's why they have logan gun and there's nothing to do with gun control and then
the claim goes back in and again you go down the well until somebody says something that you can't check or you don't understand now what happens when you can't check and you don't understand you get out of the well at whatever level agreed with where you started in other words confirmation bias so so they the illusion i thought you're doing your own research until reaching a wise opinion that you have determined on your own through your goods good thinking of good research not i'm like that is happening nothing like that is happening instead you're just ping pong back and forth between the arguments until there's something you don't understand and then you go back up to the level you did understand you go well glaciers are melting i guess that's it here's a pic
look at that polar bear i understand that i see a polar bear i know how to i know the polar bear is right so you should release on your confidence that done your own research and you understand climate change okay let me let say who is the most wrong and the climate change argument if you argument is that claim change absolutely is not a problem inherent ten percent sure that there's some wrong with your mind you haven't done a good job if you think it's probably not a problem well you might be thinking accurately and you might be right likewise if you think it's definitely going to destroy the world the climate there's something wrong with you right
i think it's one hundred percent chance that the climate i've got it right and their predictions are right and things are going to go in the worst position you think that's one hundred percent true something wrong with the way you think if you think it's probably true well you might be right and you might be a good thinker so people who are doing a good job of thinking about it in terms of probably or i'm leaning in this direction so far this is what i think to or maybe we to be sure but we should we should hedge there's people you want to listen to anybody who says it's definitely not a problem and it's all huh every bit of it they're not credible players likewise the people who say several science there's nothing else to say and here's the important part and we can
predict what will happen and it's dire i don't need to listen to that either the two extremes are not they're just not credible the problem all the people are the ones you want to listen to yeah and what else is happening anything else happen the food is a to your some of you just wanted to talk about guns now i just mentioned guns and and everybody goes crazy your best podcast were about the economics of climate yeah will be more than that in my book loser thank venezuela that is so was kind of interesting because
on one hand we don't want to go in and over some other country it's the last thing we need on the other hand we well sort of cat cat not i mean we almost have to have direct involvement with venezuela so i think that's going to happen it's good the question of whether we can make it look like we do going to heavy handedly will watch the state of the union with you i think i might be traveling that day so i don't know but it might send postponed bars confirmation boring uh oh you hear something really interesting that will
change the world something that will change the world periscope is working on a split screen version and the words i will be able to as i understand it very soon do these periscopes and have a guest so i'll be able to have a guest expert that i can interview on periscope from a different location now yeah yeah if you think if you think that i've been influential on anything up to this point did you see what i can do with a split screen that's going to be some fun as well you know 'cause that i can get the climate scientists in the climate skeptic arden and ask him questions and it's going to be fun you will learn some stuff yeah i've done it i've done the split
song it with like another device but the quality is low so it's really a different situation all right you may have noticed that if you're watching cnn last night you saw that united healthcare a i guess their insurance healthcare company they a way that you can talk to your doctor with a video call so but let me within their network to do that my my start up interface by win abesa name of the app interface by wet huh you can just search for that on the app stores as a product in work will be adding some doctors very soon i've been a big announcement about that coming up just waiting for some details to get wrapped but we will be providing you some a variety of doctors who are licensed in individual states and i'll make big deal about that and this is
what i was talking about the technology lowering the cost of healthcare if you had the interface app once we get our doctors the down there were doing that right now but if you had that and you want talk to a doctor for a reasonable price for a single doctor visit or even just a second opinion you could do that without insurance you just pay as you go and then maybe insurance for the big stuff and you're going to be much better shape than if you didn't have health care because the doctor be in india so the doctors are we're loading are putting on there will be licensed for him to original states and multiple states in many cases so if the doctors in india that's going to be sure between the doctor and you whether or not
you're happy with their certification we are platform so it will not be our job to vet any of the experts uh to answer your question so we wouldn't a doctor in india from giving advice somewhere else we're not going to stop 'cause we're like the phone company if somebody makes a phone call it's not our business what they're talking about uh but that's going to make a big difference will it be covered by obamacare not not that i know so the idea is that you can get a doctor for a low cost a reasonable price anytime you want and you don't have to be part of a network yes they can prescribe yes they can
right so the doctors will be bringing an will be able to prescribe and that's a big deal right yeah they can write they can write prescriptions how do we know their doctors are they will all be part of a network of vetted them so i'll give you more information on that when we're ready and we're almost ready so the the group of doctors were bringing on our part of an organization in which you can't be part of the organization unless unless you have the credentials when will this be up i'm still waiting for the final word i hope in the next few days we've done almost everything we need to do just a couple things move left and soon as those are done i'll make a big deal about it no such thing as a reasonable price when it comes to healthcare well i guess it's directional you can certainly become more reasonable
i'll give you the details of the names and everything else when we're ready to go i don't want to i don't want to aim too early uh when will we have a eye doctors kind of already have any eye doctors don't how many of you have diagnosed correctly a problem by looking it up google let me ask this question this is good some of you know i had a always problem years ago and died i at six this will be using google wow and i couldn't diagnose it with regular doctors had to do a google search a google alert that eventually kept up yeah so all yes so you could argue that webmd and google searches a sort of a i already you it's it's not a either way we usually think of it but
certainly is organized intelligently and useful and many of us have become our own doctors are yeah getting the prescription was the problem and so that's one of the things that will be so imagine if you will you do your own research your pretty sure you have a diagnosis but you just need a doc to confirm and if it's right to write a prescription pull up your phone damn there's a doctor you got your prescription all right that's enough for now and i will talk to you all later bye for now
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