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Episode 400 Scott Adams: Northam, Russia, Spartacus

2019-02-02 | 🔗


  • How’s your week been Governor Northam?  2 rules apply.
    • 48 Hour Rule: Clarify and/or sincerely apologize
    • 20 Year Rule: Current behavior can redeem prior bad behavior
  • It’s a 35 year old story, was he racist…and now he isn’t?
    • Within the last 20 years, who is he, what are his actions?
  • Our laws agree, we have the right to become better people
    • Prisoners serve their time, are released and get second chance
  • Has Northam been a race baiter and promoted lies like Charlottesville?
    • If so…and it’s within the last 20 years, he’s gotta go
  • “Offensive” and “racist” aren’t necessarily the same thing
    • Unintentionally, a person can say or do offensive things
  • CNN chyron identifies Dem Governor Northam as a Republican
    • Did chyron creator do it intentionally?
    • Did the chyron person’s mental bias assume racist = “R”?
  • Has President Trump EVER had a better week?
    • Great job numbers report
    • Northam story is Christmas every day for President Trump
    • Abortion painted in the worst possible way
    • Chuck Schumer staffer got a “me too”
    • INF treaty pullout, being tough on Russian treaty cheating
    • CNN caught in chyron fake news
    • Dems looking racist as they defend Northam
    • Don Jr. phone calls proven innocent
    • Venezuela and socialism branded worst possible way
    • Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Vice all had layoffs
  • Cory Booker always looks surprised
    • Wide-eyed surprised expression is persuasion technique
    • Trying to persuade people of something you don’t believe

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pumpman bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey is anybody around coming to you a little bit later than normal because i'm in a different time zone and i can't get up that early still dark where i am hey everybody yes i'm i'm traveling so this week will be a a a pleasant and i will be a little later than normal are you having wine and switzerland well why don't you raise your glass of wine for those of you who are not alcoholics in the united states raise your coffee mug your glass sphere thermosphere container
stein your chalice fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous did you see the news that there was hawaiian airlines hawaiian airlines plane that took off from la for maui and had to turn back three times that ok i was on a hawaiian airline and the san francisco to bowie so of the two planes that were going to maui from to two places on the west coast one of them did not do well i was on the other one so i got lucky this time all right miss somebody's asking me about the jack dorsey interview you on joe rogan and somebody else said he met
the simultaneous up but i don't know anything about that i i haven't i haven't seen that clip well i'll look for that i look i was like to catch up on i joe rogan let's talk about north of shall we has anybody ever had a worse week and governor northam i shouldn't be laughing about it i should not be laughing about it but it's so bad the i can't stop laughing at how bad it is but i swear to god even if this story was about me you thank god it doesn't but even if i had a week that was that bad i think i've even i would laugh at it it's so absurdly ridiculously bad i mean starts out with being accused of wanting to
real live babies after birth now if nothing else had happened in his life except being accused of wanting to kill babies after birth he'd sort of be that guy forever so what is the only way that you can get that reputation and push down a little bit the only way you could make people stop thinking about your reputation as a baby killer is just to have somebody pick up a photo when you were twenty five of either in blackface or in in a kkk outfits we don't know which one now let's put all this in context there are of course many layers of this story so on the political level is toast right there is no realistic way that he has a future in politics now
i assume you'll be driven out of office because if he's not the best thing in the world for republicans there is nothing better you could do for a president trump or for trump's re election there's nothing to democrats could do that would be better than keeping the sky this job it would be the ultimate so i'm expecting president trump to say what you just keep it there let's give him a pass but of course it's politics and so there there's no forgiveness and politics if you're on the other side so on a on a social level and uh local level there's not much to say about it because he's he's toasted as you could get but let's talk about it on the persuasion level and remember when we talk about the persuasion level
i'm letting you make your own moral and ethical judgments right so so don't don't don't imagine that you're seeing my ethical or moral opinions here i'm just talking about what's persuasive and what is not if you have been him and you got caught with that photo did he handle it well well his approach was to take full responsibility and i kind of like the fact that he didn't clarify which which which one he was he did not clarify whether he was the the person pictured in black face or the picture persons of the picture the person pictured in the kkk hood i actually thought it was smart of him to not say there's a difference because
if you try to make any distinction between well with this one wasn't as bad as that one that would just be far worse so oh he's now saying he wasn't either he says doesn't believe it was him but he apologized for well maybe that's the better play what would what is the only thing that could be worse than being pictured either in blackface or the kkk uniform while you're sitting governor only thing worse there's two is to admit it with you and then later say no i definitely would have done those things so i took responsibility but turns out it was sure somebody else bigger racist now even though he also had uh a racist sounding nickname
which i'm not even going say i'm here which started with a c uh you also but given all that yeah given his nickname it was also a new year yearbook it would be hard to imagine it wasn't him or at least he wasn't part of a group who talk to the active this way right so if we could ignore for a moment the question of whether it was him let's assume that it was what would be the best defense if you were him so he took the apology route and we're going to talk about the forty eight hour rule and the twenty year old have here would have been the better defense and again i'm not defending him 'cause he's toast right there's just no way he comes back from any of this but we're just talking about personal
asian and what would be effective he missed i think an obvious play what kind of costumes do you wear on halloween but let's see if you can get there before i finish the thought what kind of costumes do people wear on halloween services is indefensible it's a indefensible on a political level no doubt about it and on the social level it's indefensible but what's the best thing he could have done right here is the answer halloween is when you dress up as a monster how wayne is a day that everybody agrees you dress up as a monster meaning that the card
next was that it was the most monstrous thing that they could think of and as is often the case people people sometimes go as there's so if you were i heard the guys who had the lion the tiger siegfried and roy mauled after and whichever one it was wire i think was roy who got attacked and eventually died from the tiger wounds well i went to a party with no i go to a party but i saw a costume of something who shall remain nameless wearing a siegfried and roy costume where they went as a pair no actually i think you just want is really and it was the most offensive horrible thing and it was too soon but that was kind of the point
right so all we need is a bunch of people trying to dress up in the scariest you know worst customs so the smartest play and i'm not saying it's true i'm not saying that's what he was thinking i'm not defending him he is is definitely toast no matter what it's it's offensive no matter what you say but his better defense would of them stop making excuses i under block anybody who says apologist were making excuses because i've soak clearly demonstrated that that's not what i'm doing right if you can't get that simple point i'm going to block you just because you haven't passed the you haven't passed the listening test all right so uhm
keep in mind that he's being accused of wearing the most offensive costume you maybe probably the most offensive thing possibly do i don't know how you could top that his best defense would be to say that's why i did it it was the most monstrous thing an thirty five years ago we were all idiots and we didn't realize how we do really so bad but time is going by i've become smarter and i certainly will you know wouldn't do that today i'm embarrassed that i did it then but you have to understand the context is that i did it because it was so awful that was the joke now this is now
tell me with that defense have been better or worse than what he did 'cause what he did ended his career by taking responsibility for it all right it doesn't really matter so there's no somebody somebody but he wouldn't be able to explain his actually he could because of his nickname came about because of his nickname trimmed about because of the cost then that would be a nickname assigned by other people faced on the costume so it would be an offensive racist nickname but it wouldn't be what he gave himself there would be it would be a nickname people assigned to him based on his offensive costume all right
so i'll say again just for those coming in late but nobody can defend his choice he was an adult in the did possibly the most offensive thing you could possibly do by today's standards and it should have been thunder them but it wasn't meaning that people are people are just worse people back thirty five years ago pretty much all of us so now let's talk about the forty eight hour rule and the twenty year old these are two things which i've concocted to try to make the world a better place and let's see if it it is in this case so the forty eight hour rule says that if you clarify something or apologize in forty eight hours and it's a a believable clarification and it looks like it's sincere apology whichever is whichever is appropriate that we accept it and that we don't try to read peoples minds like oh you
hey you apologize but i think in your you mean something different somebody this is what they meant you should not say yeah the clarification makes perfect sense but i think in your mind you're thinking thinking something else so it's a it's not a world you want to live in we don't accept apologies right so let's see if that applies to his case now in the case of the abortion situation in the case the abortion situation i thought the forty eight hour rule was was applicable meaning that he said something that he totally mangled video we also offer even if you see it in his full context it's still mangled but to me anyway it was obvious he did not mean killing
live babies just because you were upset about it which is the way it was interpreted he did clarify and i want to be very careful the he's he clarified it from killing live babies just 'cause you feel bad he said we don't mean that bye was a discussion about late term abortion so you can still hate them if you want to hate him for being in favor of late term abortions for any reason you know that's that's a separate conversation but in terms of whether he was clear he was not and then he clarified and i think it would be appropriate to say ok i accept the clarification as i did you can still hit the pool but at least we now understand what he was trying to say and for those of you who haven't caught up yet the what
i meant to say or mentors readings ratings mine an accurate description of the bill would have said that the only case that you can talk about aborting the baby in late term is when the mother's life or bodily injury where the steak so if he'd said it that way you would still hate it because most of you don't like late term abortions but at least it would be accurate so the in reported part the most misreported part was the the mental health of the mother and people said are you kidding if the baby is born alive you going to look at the babies there's mental health and say she would she would have bad mental health if you keep it alive are you kidding me that's the most
only an awful thing i've ever heard and of course it wasn't true nobody ever contemplated that the mother's mental state effect whether the baby lived or died that's not in the bill nobody ever compliment come to play that what the language the main people think that was that that i finally saw the actual language somebody's yelling it's true in all caps now here's here's what you got fooled by the people in all caps feeling it's true it's true the mother's mental state no that's fake news the real the real bill if you read it talks about mental damage so if there's a situation where completing the normal term in normal birth could lead to the
other having brain damage we're not talking about being upset we're not talking about you know some bipolar thing we're talking about actual brain damage was the was the considerate it that was a consideration as to whether an abortion was on the table or not so if the doctor said if you carry the this baby to term you could be dead the or the mom could have permanent brain damage then bill would allow the mother and the doctor together to make a decision about basically who lives or dies the a decision about the mother is more protected from danger or the the baby is more protected so again i'm not giving you enough opinion on it nobody nobody here is comfortable would late term abortions under any under any circumstances i'm sure so it he clarified you can still
for what he wanted to do but over him for the things you imagined you know that most of you got to then by the fake news and by the way i i checked the fox news site fox news is now correctly reporting i'm not gonna say was incorrect before but let's say there were a lot of personalities on fox news who had slightly different takes on the story at the moment to what looks to be for fox news official take is that the governor was unclear and that some conservative commentators they don't name names but you probably know what the mall and they said some conservative commentators interpreted it as being worst case scenario as i just described so fox news has admitted
that we don't know exactly what he meant but he he didn't say it clearly and then he created his own problem so if you're hearing it from fox news andrew hearing or from cnn that he spoke unclearly that's a pretty good pretty good indication that it was in clarity that was the problem and then secondarily once he said it clearly a lot of people still have a problem with it and that's why i got defeated all right now you've got that going for you and i would say in that case forty eight hour rule for clarifications applied if he'd never done anything else bad i would have said you know you can i him for his policies but don't hate him for one unclear statement that would be kind of harsh the twenty year rule
is another rule that i suggest which is that if somebody did something bad and especially somebody in public office so this would apply to everybody but more so it's people in public if there's something they did more than twenty years ago you should discount and depending on how big it was and how far away it is you probably should discount it too close to zero those of you who are familiar with economics and financial forecasting you know there's something called a discount rate when you're predicting the future and you say
what's a dollar worth in today's money if i have to wait ten years to get it if you have to wait ten years to get a dollar it's worth zero dollars and fifty cents if you have to wait twenty years to get a dollar is worth about zero dollars and twenty five cents that not really but i'm using gross generalities here and and the point is that you should know discount distant things the way you would the way you would value current things the problem is when we look at northam's story about the black face and the kkk custom our brains bring that to the present so at the same time you are logically and rationally saying to yourself of that thing happened thirty
years ago your brain is seeing it now and and the now makes much somebody still back on bring that much and so the watch your comments so people started to flip out the such a triggering triggering a topic but wait till i get to my the final conclusion here before or you decide you hate it so we're processing it like it's new news because it's new to us so the level of offensiveness is a little higher than it would be if you had known all along that happened thirty five years ago the next night consideration is how old was he and twenty five is definitely too old to give him the pass for being a kid right i think we all agree
twenty five is not that's literally the age at which you know science says your brain is finally mature right even at twenty one i would feel different about it because the between the twenty one year old and a twenty five year old it's actually pretty big that could be a pretty big difference now here's the other thing one hundred percent of us who are old enough to be in this age range so let me just speak for the older and this will be true for younger people as well anybody in my age or older used to be worse people period used to be worse people everything was different thirty five years ago the things which were mildly acceptable now are the by mildly acceptable i suppose you could just say you know not many people complained which is different than being acceptable
and thirty five years ago people were worse people if the governor if the governor is telling the truth and who knows what the chances of that are but if the governor is telling the truth then we used to be a racist i mean using his own word 'cause he said he did something racist so i guess that would be fair but that is not now and here's the interesting question here and i have not gotten to the conclusion here yet but here's the interesting question if it's true that he used to be that guy no more racist nor unaccepting more everything if used to be that guy but he not now should you in or should you praise him
somebody used to be bad and they've worked their whole life to you know kind of become a other person to be useful do we discount that do do you i want to punish somebody for being a turd more than twenty years ago i did i don't think you want to live in that world now remember we're we're in the context of um who your comments are funny we're in the context of we just saw bipartisan legislation pass on prison reform now the big thing that both sides agreed on with prison reform is that enough is enough in terms of paying for your crime and that you can have a crime that's too big alright you can have a crime i'm sorry you have a punishment that's that's too big into law
for the for what the crime was part of the prison reform thing was to to create let's say a national attitude if you will the bad people can be redeemed or that people have done bad things could be redeemed through good work in the future so you did commit the crime you paid paid a lot of time in jail and now you're going to work hard and learn a skill so that you can get a and be useful so prison reform we have decided that what you did twenty years ago roughly speaking and we're going to discount it if you've been good since then in other words if you've been a good prisoner and you learn to scale and you haven't done anything in prison that would suggest you're slipping backwards society is said it's a better world it's a better world if we allow people to and
move so if you take the standard that both democrats and republicans embraced that it's a better world if you let people approve improve should they be inclined to do that you should just give them that freedom the freedom to get better let's say let's call it the freedom to become a better person and i think twenty years is generous because if i looked at things which i've said or done let's say thirty five years ago i sure as hell wouldn't support them i sure as hell wouldn't say that i would like to be judged in my current would you if you're sixty years old would you want to be judged by your twenty five year old self i would never want that standard to be something that we accept as a good standard so
so let me give you my bottom line he ready for the bottom line on the forty eight hour rule i accept his clarification i think he he was misinterpreted but it was his own fault because he said it so i'm clearly maybe he didn't even read the bill you look like wasn't informed about it or something but whatever the problem was that was his problem he corrected it i accept it even if i don't like the bill itself which is a separate question on the picture of him in either black face or the cake ok the twenty year rule normally i would i would say let's get over it normally i would say twenty years thirty five years
i would i would give him the same grace that i gave hillary clinton the same grace that i gave president trump which is if something happened back then let's let's move on 'cause that's not who they are right now but but there's kind of a special case in this case and i've only seen this on social media so maybe some of you can confirm it is it true the northern has accused there there we go we see it in the comments is it true that his accused his opponents of being racist now i believe that's true right he is a democrat so he probably has has he accused president trump of being a racist but he has and if he has he has not apologize for it he is not clarified it and it was not twenty years ago so because
he is double down on his his own past meaning if you like a racist in his own words it's not even my interpretation his own words he acted like it racist and he's calling other people racist today uh i'm just going to yeah i'm just going to say that that guy's gotta go i would say i think he even brought up the charlottesville hoax by the way some of you don't know that charlottesville was a hoax because it still reported on then like it really happened and really happened what i mean by that i'm not talking about the violence of course that really happened and there were actual neo nazi white supremus is that all really happened the part that's the fake news
is that when the president said they were both there were fine people on both sides of the statue question the confederate statue question as and then all of a sudden he said hey the president just said the white supremacists are fine people which of course is not what he said and then yeah in short time later he he clarified it say of course he didn't mean that nobody nobody is saying good things about the white supremacists so so if it's true and i believe it is the north on there has been a race an and the and the race baiting he's done it was based on lies then i say he cannot be forgiven so i pass judgment on governor northam and i thought watch me for awhile right you've been watching me well you know that i'm going to give i'm going a pass to any
buddy who is sincerely improved and become a better person but if he's used racial politics and apparently he has he's not a better person he is now a better person and he does not get it does not get my he is not blessed by main so i assume he's toast and i surprised that the longer he stays in office the better it is for republicans because it if the democrats can't police their own side to that level they've the lot to answer for now i would like to make a distinction that you might not like yeah it is raining like crazy right now that's what you hear i see in the news that people often conflate
racism with being offensive i think it would be useful to distinguish between the two because if you take the the north and photos it doesn't matter which one he was the black face character or the kkk austin whichever one it was we would all agree it's offensive right there's no question about that that if you say something is offensive that's usually an observation so you could just hey bob are you offended by this bob says yes i am that's it you just observe that is offensive so what do you say that those pictures are offensive that's just a fact people are but if you call it racist you were making in the sun
about the inner thoughts of the people involved which is not in evidence you can make the assumption but it would be it would only be that it would be your assumption so if you look at those pictures it is very clear that the people who were in the black face and the kkk custom unless unless the guy the kkk custom was a black guy by the way somebody suggested that the the funniest ending to this whole thing would be to find out that the guy in the kkk costume was actually a black classmate now if that ever came out it would be the funniest west of this of all times because then we'd say oh okay that's okay is and you know they're both in on it and that's why the two of them were pictured because they came as a as a pair of offensive you know and a context things i don't think that's the case but it would be a interesting twist to it
anyway my point is that there's no question that what he did was offensive but if you take it to the next level and say that it was a racist that's more of an inner thought situation which is not in evidence because it's entirely possible that he was a twenty five year old in a place where he didn't think that he would run into anybody who would be offended you'd be wrong probably but maybe thought he wasn't even going to offend anybody and they would just take it as the joke that he mentioned today yes and he may not have had a racial over to thought now you could argue that not knowing how offensive that is is racist by itself but that's that's kind of that you gotta to stretch a little bit so here's my point
weather is this situation others we should always make that distinction between things which are offensive which is a delete rule when you see this somebody is actually offended versus racism which talks about their inner thoughts which often are not in not in evidence so i think that's we should always have that caution say offensive and racist don't always have to be together those could be separate things and nobody in the world is dumb is dumb enough to say that in public except maine alright well to the fifth yeah your you never get away with parsons the stuff we talked about the nickname and as i said earlier in all likely in all likelihood that
nickname was assigned to him another words it's very unlikely that he came up that nickname for himself i nickname in college for four years that wasn't there it was somebody the scientific name to me and that was my name for four years yes if you say and in all caps and yell at me it's not really helping the process here so for the if you would like to yell nickname at me in all caps because why this is one we talked about it why are you yelling at me like it's proving a new point it does not tell you his internal thought process it tells you what other people assigned to him that's what nicknames are people don't make up their own nicknames in college that ends up
more often than not it's assigned to you it's not something that you come up with so i'm going to block this person who said that i'm defending racists so if came in late everybody who says in acura leave that i'm defending him defending racist they all get blocked and it's because you're not listening because i'm so really telling you that's not what's happening here the l the other funnies part of the story is that cnn chiron the little message that goes across the bottom of the screen in which they they labeled as the governor was apologizing the labeled him a republican now
now many of you are asking ok did cnn do that intentionally did they intentionally mislabel him as a republican because he was being blamed of racism and it would be funny thing so here's my speculation on that the odds that they did that intentionally mean there's somebody made a conscious decision say oh label republican and by the time we apologize nobody nobody will notice the correction many of you are saying yes i will tell you based on my many years in the media that the answer is almost certainly no if you made me bad on it i'd give you i'll probably ten to one hundred to one odds against say being intentional
yeah the odds of cnn would do that intentionally or basically zero here's why because the odds of being caught or one hundred percent you see somebody doing something wrong in which they are is being quoted that thing they would have known before they did it they would have known the odds of being caught are one hundred percent you don't do that right nobody's going to make that mistake and not nobody's going to do that intentionally and act like they think they're not going to get caught so let us compare two possible that number one is that the way where did the chiron had a bias that if somebody's apologizing for racism probably republican
by and large by a far away and i'm not even close the odds are that that was actually a mistake based on some internal bias about who are for the races or not compare that to but he intentionally put that there and thought that that that that would good for cnn or good for the world or somehow they wouldn't get fired for it and none of that makes sense right nobody would consciously make that decision it would be that that i remember on the guy who tells you uh the guy who tells you the whenever there's a situation where there's a big upside benefit and it's illegal or immoral and you can't get caught that that's going to happen every time
so wherever you see a situation where somebody thought they wouldn't get caught and there was a big upside potential you always bet the people are going to do bad things that what is the case where there's very small upside is the like a you we rich over this it's uh a small crime with a small benefit even if you they did it intentionally the benefit is so small but the risk enormous embarrassment and that is not even risk is guaranteed the enormous embarrassment is just caring there's no way it wasn't going to happen so in that's you can reliably say it was an accident i know you don't like to come here and see me defend cnn but do you have to i think you have to be a little bit
reasonable about what you assume people will do in these situations and it would not be reasonable but they did that and felt into did that intentionally it was six six awful did they correct yes so i just this morning i watched a i watched the video of it and at the end of the video they run a big full page correction this says that the chiron was wrong on that so they do have the correction now i know what you're going to say you can say but nobody sees the correction they only see the original thing may you be right about that but all the the maybe in this in this particular case there's probably going to be more attention to the correction just because of the the weirdness of the situation all right
they are not embarrassed well i can't imagine yeah again we can't read their minds but how would anybody not be embarrassed by that do i have a place in hawaii i do not but i am in the same place i've been before but if someone heard the story only once that is correct it's not a defense of the bias yeah the bias of course i'm not defending i'm just saying that's the more rational explanation all right now the same time so let's put this in place
local context so if you're a president trump this whole northam story is the best thing that you could have ever been given like it's it's christmas every day that we're talking about this so that's amazing for the present secondly i guess chuck schumer's one of his higher end staffers just got need to so you got issue were staffer got me to you got this north thing that's got both racism and late term abortion and that which is just your own politically our full stuff and and then you've got the you russia situation will were pulling
i have some missile treaty now think about all the things that people say about trump and look perfectly all this fits into his his his view of the world you've got the cnn court in what looks like fake news with that republican democrat thing on the car on if he cut abortion painted in its worst possible you know look you've got democrats being not only looking racist themselves talk about north of but then a lot of people are going to be in the to be in the position of defending my cpos and then you've got the missile thing where with canceled this deal with russia and we're acting tough on russian
an the the don junior situation where there was this mysterious phone call that they thought was to the president has now been shown not to be about anything about the president so pretty much everything is going right for the president this week mostly by accident yes i am at the montage good guess ann so i don't i don't think the president had a better week oh and in venezuela right so as we watch venezuela collapse socialism so socialism is being branded as worst possible we're here we're seeing we're also see massive layoffs at the huffington post buzzfeed i think vice to so i don't think has the president ever had a better week can anybody
think of a better week with president ever had bella sophia cory booker so cory booker has announced as everybody expected um and here's my take on cory booker houston he doesn't have i don't know what it is there's something unsettling about him and it could be his eyes his eyes are too wide or something he looks like he's surprised all the time and one of the things i've been looking for is if you see people trying to convince you on television of things they don't believe themselves look at how their eyes go a person who is trying to persuade you of something they themselves don't believe they have those eyes so these are the
where some where somebody will say i was trying to convince you that um of work trying to think something that's so outrageous that it's not true but that's hard in this world let's say i was trying to convince you we should cut taxes on bold people and i'd be like yeah we should definitely cut taxes on bald people and look for this in the future look for when somebody convince you or something that's pretty out there look how their eyes go they go they get big i haven't decided if that's if there's anything scientific to that so this is just anecdotal i've been noticing this for years uh and could be a coincidence but but look for that i don't think cory booker has the weight he doesn't there's something about him and i can't put my finger on it that's
lacking a level of gravity or gravitas or seriousness or something i can't really put my eyes out or can't put my eyes i can't put my finger on it but i don't think he's got a chance now as the president said um now i want to ask you a question for those even been watching my periscopes for awhile did anybody confidently predict that call harris would be the democrat choice before i did have you seen anybody who who has been saying 'cause i'll tell you i think i've been saying this in spring so maybe the eight months or so i've been saying that she would be the democratic choice
have you seen anybody else at least in the fund a class who called her that early i'm just wondering well yes citizens did but have you seen anybody in the professional class who called her early 'cause i'm sure they have done just don't know um i will tell you i probably shouldn't tell you this i can tell you something i'm not supposed to tell you are you ready so for those of you with it to the end of the periscope you get you get the thing that i'm not supposed to say you know that i met with president trump in august and and we chatted about a number of things and of course i can't tell you what the subject of the conversations were nothing important wasn't wasn't anything that would change your opinion about anything but
i will tell you that i've made a prediction to him personally and i told him that kamala harris would be the person to worry about and that she had the best chance of being the nominee so that's how early i was calling it bill maher somebody said if you have a date for when bill maher called it that would be cool somebody saying this will peak too soon maybe so i'd like to see a like to see some dates as to when bill maher called it and so we can compare all right hugh hewitt's been saying for a year if anybody has any dates on those i'd like to compare it but i think it's going to be another so
duration where i was i was in early okay that's all i have to say and i'm going to go do something else and i'll talk to you later
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