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Episode 401 Scott Adams: Proposal to End the Border Wall Impasse and Confession to Being my own Deep Fake

2019-02-03 | 🔗


  • Brain damage is a known, accepted, real possibility from football
    • Hard to enjoy watching, knowing that…who’s playing?
  • If our sports were invented today, would we design them the same?
  • Jussie Smollet story, is ANYBODY believing it?
  • Governor Northam “moonwalked” back his previous apology
    • His wife felt the need to tell him moonwalking not appropriate 
    • He’s been in blackface so often he isn’t sure it’s him in photo?
  • Michael Moore says AOC is now the leader of Democrat party
  • Democrat media goes after Tulsi Gabbard
  • President Trump can declare a national emergency now
    • He gave GOP and DEMS multiple chances for action
    • The GOP and DEMS have confirmed they’re worthless
    • The country is now primed to accept the pending EO
    • Pelosi lied and demonstrated she isn’t credible
  • Wall cost: Both sides agree the amount of money is trivial
    • If the cost is trivial…what diff does it make who pays?
  • Joe Rogin / Jack Dorsey “simultaneous sip” discussion
    • Twitter pivoted from its early customer base
    • Periscope not originally designed for podcasts

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palm up among them bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hum problem everybody not in here i know i'm late i'm in a different time known for a few days but it's time more coffee with scott adams no matter where i am no matter where you are drop what you're doing unless it's a baby if you're holding the baby don't drop it but otherwise just drop whatever you're doing and join me grab your cup your mug you're jealous youth grab your steiner container glass fill it with you favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the simultaneous sept oh i see some of you or drop it the tears of your enemies instead of coffee
that is an acceptable replacement it is so i came up with a plan and for ending this whole border wall problem you know you got the democrats saying also work and you've got public saying walls work and here's what i propose since we know the democrats love come located multivariate prediction models such as for climate change why don't we create a complex multivariate model or just have science do some studies to find out if walls work so why don't we commission some scientists to study the effectiveness of walls so for example they could run tests where you build a wall
and then you have some kind of let's say an animal or yeah let's say devil and you have that it'll run as hard as they can into the wall in the measure how many times it works how many this is the animal get past the wall by putting his head into it i'm not suggesting that the human beings at the border or animals total take the context i know you like to do that i'm just saying that you do animal tests before you do human trials so we should do some some testing with walls see if see if animals can get over walls first and if if wall stop animals then we can move on to the human the human trials where you build a wall and then you say hey do you want to go over this wall or maybe you'd like to take a different route so and then after so the studies that's not enough you need to do a complicated
multivariate model that predicts the sure the recreation and all of its impacts include economic and crime and and race relations and everything else you gotta put all in your model and you should predict there three years into the future because so there's nothing more believable then a complex multi a very good model that you can see the code that predicts something exactly eighty years in the future we know the democrats will believe that kind of thing so let's get busy on that let's turn it over the scientists and do some studies we've got to get the bottom of this do walls work from a scientific basis or are we all just using our anecdotal information and we don't really know if walls work so let's be the let's be the group that believes in science and study walls find out if walls actually stop
people from going where they wanted to go without that wall not getting a simultaneous up there that was asynchronous that was a synchronous zip and i hope you didn't mind super bowl yes i will now give you my super bowl prediction and before i give you my soup bowl prediction there just one piece of information i need can somebody who's playing i am vaguely aware that the patriots are in the separate super bowl are they playing against another team is there somebody else playing who is the other team see how long it takes somebody in the comments to tell me the paths are it seems
to be the patriots versus we don't remember which would be very predicted don't you think if you can't remember the rams ok the patriots versus the well as you know i i always like to pick winners based on whether the mascot how the mascots would do if they fought each other so here you have a patriot who obviously be armed with a with some kind of a long rifle probably with a musket and then you have the ram let scott viggle ram horns so the battle between a ram and a patriot it sort of depends how quickly the patriot to reload his musket because if if the page is the page you gets off one lucky shot well as in the patriot be the ram but if you miss is on the first shot
feeling the ram the ram kills the patriot wallace reload his musket so depends on accuracy now do the so do the patriots have an accurate quarterback well turns out they do turns out they do so i'm going to go with the patriots don't hate me for picking the obvious all right will gillette be in the ads no so i have to tell you that i've stopped paying attention to paul i don't know if all turn on the super bowl today or not maybe if i'm bored thank you so many read my book god's debris i liked
is that all of the van and i forgot about the bay and that yes so maybe i'll be a more advantage to the patriots what was i talking about the those football so i lost interest in football and it wasn't for me it wasn't because of the protests over the anthem from the start i said the anthem protests were offensive but they were meant to be that so they were effective sense that they got her attention i don't think it's been effective in making anything changed but we got our attention i why i stopped watching football it's hard to support something that we know at this point
that we know for sure is damaging braves and apparently pretty much every professional player and you know i think you in high school and college players they all of this seems to be they'll have measurable measurable brain death which and i don't know how i can support that so now when i watch football as sort of all i see i just the brain damage so i can't i can't enjoy as a sport anymore because it shouldn't be happening by the way i think all of our sports are completely broken can you imagine what the sports would look like if we invented them today and let me tell you how
some of the sports are broken when basketball was invented did anybody contemplate that there would be people who are seven foot seven foot six playing basketball probably not probably nobody figured it would be the l one person would be three feet taller than the other person so the first thing you do to fix basketball say that you can only play with in your height range right 'cause we have president for that because we have women sports and men ports and there's a reason because the manner physic a stronger and it wouldn't be good competition if you have them in the same to you in the same same competition but why is it fair that a five foot eight person you can play basketball against a seven point seven point six person that doesn't seem fair so the first
use the basketball should be limited by height you know maybe within like a four inch range you just always have to play people your height tennis is completely broken because of the serve have you ever tried to watch tennis lately it used to be my favorite game but then there back is kept getting better and better so the technology of the rackets and kept improving to the point where if you have a good enough for a cat and your racket is strung that's right the other player can barely had the ball back so if you got rid of the serve tennis this could be fun again does this serve just ruins everything it makes everything boring the first service almost always i don't and it's it's boring to watch then a baseball baseball's got a problem because it's sort of a long attention span kind of a game need to do something to make baseball more interesting
shorter or more action or something going on there and then soccer how easy would it be to fix soccer the biggest problem is soccer is or isn't on the scoring right so all you do is make the goals bigger so soccer you should make the goals bigger and maybe get rid of all sides because that just makes everything less fun do not touch baseball do not somebody says yeah i think you probably baseball is held up to the best of all the sports that someone is still makes a little bit of sense the most talked about golf biggest problem with golf if you're a new player is that all of the clubs are all different length so even if you're really good at one club that doesn't make you go the other club and do you know why the clubs are different lengths you know why if you put 'em
on the ground you know one of them would be longer than the other no good reason that parent lee there's no good reason there's really no compelling reason that your clubs can't all be the same length and in fact there's the story of somebody who had custom clubs they were all the same length and work great so i think i probably won't go get back into golf unless you can get rid of the people who are in front of you and behind you 'cause they ruin it i hate it
other people behind me and well a lot of lot of the clubs are the lot of the clubs are different shape yeah there should be maybe maybe two clubs something something like a wedge in something like a potter that's all you need um i'm on vacation and i have not had enough time to watch host yet i said i was but that's on the top of my list then i'll talk about it after we watch it so uh that's going to say something i don't really say um what is everybody's prediction on this small at the story smaller or is it smaller or smaller the actor who claims to have been attacked
bye people wearing maga is anybody believing that story i would say the credibility of that story approaches zero but i wasn't there you know we cannot say with certainty who it happened in a place where we weren't there and there were no video cameras capturing anything uh but i would say if i had to bet on it maybe there is a batting i doubt you could have a betting pool on this but if you had the bad on it you would definitely bad it didn't happen the birth is weird is that they put a rope around his neck i mean none of it really makes sense just don't doesn't make sense and then apparently
governor northam somebody said he he walked back his apology well i don't think that's exactly the way to say it i think it would be it would be more accurate to say he moonwalked it back is use the use that yet to use that of the north room moon walk back his apology just before i turn this on i watch the video clip of somebody asking him to moonwalk and his wife his wife his wife says inappropriate situation the best part about it was nordstrom's wife has so little so little respect for his judgment as usual us to tell him not to she fell she did
to tell don't moonwalk he knows him best so if if she thought he might moonwalk the fact that his wife's ladybug by just like give me that get out from behind the lectures from the store mood walking the best thing ever and then i think it's even better because apparently he's not he's not entirely sure how many times he's been uses is dressed up in blackface
apparently this happens so many it's happened enough he wasn't sure if that picture was him now here's my opinion although i do believe it would have been inappropriate for him to moonwalk uh wouldn't it be fair to say he's he's so toast that i kind of want to see it i personally i would like to see him now because he might he might as well it was all the conversation right you might as well at least because if the mood walks that's all we're going to be talking about if you could give me a video of the governor
moonwalking doing a michael jackson tribute i think about this the first thing we would happen is the first thing you have to do is you would see that he's probably a fan right suppose suppose he moonwalk i'm just going to put this out here just for fun supposing moon walked and we get that on video and of course it would be it would be the headline it would it would be all you saw in television news channels could not stop running that defeat moon walks but here's the thing if he moon walks really well and maybe yes some of the moves you know other me michael jackson moves if he could pull off if north room could pull off ten seconds of credible of michael jackson imitation and also sells to us that he was a genuine fan let's say
let's say he has an old i don't know an old record of michael jackson let's say produces a thriller album from nineteen eighty four or something whenever thriller came out and would that change what you thought about that old photo because if he could actually moonwalk and he was and we can verify that he was a huge michael jackson fan doesn't that make you feel different about the costume now i'm not going to say favorite was ever a good idea and i'm not going to say that
you wouldn't be offended but it would definitely check it would change your opinion because if you're dressing let me think about the the entire not the entire but a big part of a big part of why people are so angry with them is that we assume his internal thoughts were as as let's say as bad as what we saw so in other words we're looking at the video you know looking at a picture of him dressed as a pearly michael jackson or something and and we're thinking oh my god big old racist he's making fun of michael jackson but if he could actually moon moon dance get moonwalk and he actually had some michael jackson moves and he had an old thriller album just pick one and he could
move that he was a huge michael jackson fan it kind of different doesn't it doesn't look good and if he could demonstrate he was like a super fan of michael jackson now i can say that would save his career because i don't think that could be done but he has nothing to lose at this week he has nothing to lose at this point and as far as that nickname we had the nickname he could explain by saying that's what other people call them ann it wasn't his nickname nothing you know if could prove he never called himself that and then it just makes his friends look like racist 'cause that was the nickname for him i'm not saying any of that would be good enough to save his career i'm just
say it would be hilarious and we couldn't stop watching yeah he's you jumped assuming he was the michael jackson look like i think that was the question wasn't i'm not predicting any that should happen but it would be hilarious how do you get a nickname like oman somebody is asking me unless you're a racist symbol you once were michael jackson costume and your friends are racist if the people who gave him the nickname were racist that would explain it the
the other possibility is he like to hunt now i have if i say this but where i grew up where i grew up if somebody use that nickname it actually wouldn't have been a racist nickname i hate to even say this because it's going to look like you know i'm defending him so let me say as clearly possible i am not defending northram i'm just giving you some context where i grew up in upstate new york sure eating raccoons was a fairly common thing and we called it the hunting and people use the c o n word to talk about raccoons so where i grew up if you had that nickname it would more likely it would
likely refer to some hunting situation or the fact that you one shot one in some famous situation or something like that and i'm not i'm not in the least suggesting that that explains north of situation i'm just saying that if you're if you're asking yourself how else can it be by the way one of the things i write about in my upcoming book loser is if your argument is based on you can't imagine any other explanation you have a weak argument doesn't matter what the situation is if if you saying the only thing i can imagine to explain variables is just this one thing probably is a failure of imagination so if you know i just gave you an example of how you could
you could easily imagine that it was a hug doing related nickname or it was given to by other people and it was not a nickname he embraced so those are two explanations that you probably did not occur to you and i'm not saying that they explain the situation at all i'm just saying that you have to be careful you have to be careful you assume you know the explanation for things remember covington catholic school situation what was my what did i do wrong in interpreting that it show video as being the kids surrounding the native american guy well what i did wrong is what is that i could not imagine there was an alternative explanation now it turns out the alternative explanation is selective editing which should have should have been right in the top of my mind but i couldn't look at that picture
and imagine how that could have been selectively edited my imagination was not big enough to incorporate any other possibility then what i was seeing was exactly what what was happening so somebody just offered a third explanation for for his nickname again not saying that this it's likely but that if he was wearing a raccoon skin hat like davy crockett uh for any reason the seedbed of the play or somebody had one as a joke or something you could imagine him getting connected i'll tell you that my college nickname was based on a sweatshirt i wore once
so i had a nickname for four years in college that was my primary name people didn't even use my foot regular first name they called maine the letter w so for four years my college friends called may w because one day i wore a sweatshirt that a big letter w on it for the town that i went to school so could he have worn a hat one time and that could cause him a nickname for the rest of his school days yes because that's exactly what happened to me i will one shirt one time and i got a nickname that lasted before for years
i did not give that nickname to myself it was a sign by other people as a claims officer for w bush you traitor who is a traitor what going to talk about anything new today well it's funny you should ask because august i am sorry i just bought the wrong person so the blocking on here i just blocks of medicine person who's wondering whether go blah if you try to block them as as they're moving sometimes you have the wrong person so i'll see if i can block first letter book title is loser thank we'll be out in october no somebody asked if i'm going to cover the new a new topics today
here's the problem there's no new news today there's nothing there's nothing in the news i just checked it just check cnn and fox news and there's literally no new news now that might be because it's the super bowl today yeah it might be because i thought you wanted it might be it might be because the news is all positive for trump trump has had the spectacular week but you're not gonna see that on the left and the right seems to have some the resisting some stuff to trump interview tonight leaking i don't know about that i did not watch the president's interview the mobile phone
yeah i think i saw on fox news that michael moore was saying that aoc is really the leader of the democrats i think there's some truth to that she's not the only leader there's definitely some truth to that so yesterday somebody sent me some what i would call fake video at is fake in the sense that it was a an edited an edited summary i guess or just selectively edited let's say clip of of nancy plus and the clip was so that you can see all of her miss speaking so everywhere where she struck hold for a word or she paused to find them word or she had to stop and correct yourself i saw
put it together so if you saw it all together it looked like she had some kind of fairly serious mental problem and it was really convincing it was also fake news because if i'm sure if you had seen all of those mistakes spread out over the course of a long public spontaneous public key events that lasted a long time there were quite a few times where she had to you go for a word and struggle and they wouldn't look nearly the same
you saw them in their original context spread out but when you see a little put together they tell us they felt they tell a troubling story they did the same thing for trump yeah it's just a good trick all it does is put all your mistakes together and my sticking with the schultz prediction which part of the shelves prediction is that he would not ultimately run for president and the answer is yes i'm sticking to that if schultz rugs for president it will be a serious blow to starbucks coffee business because we know the democrats are not going to like schultz and the democrats are the party of boycotts now it could be that people are so
addicted to coffee that there's there's nothing they can do to stop drinking it lands spend twenty three million on the foot bridge for the superbowl but it won't open because of security well i don't know about that story i'm just reading here you think shows will win winning as a third party would be an amazing thing but i don't see it happening somebody says republicans don't boycott they do but not as effectively apparently the service says they wish they had my brain well
that would be a bloody operation and probably the transplant would not work might have to wait a few years for that so notice nbc taking down tulsi gabbert so this is an article and anti tulsi gabbert article nbc news and i thought myself isn't nbc news the one everybody says is owned by the cia you know and we did we just find out that the cia is backing kamal harris by the fact that nbc news just one after tulsi gabbard cvs solutions i saw it on the nbc i saw them bc article
r g b production what what would you like me to protect are you asking me to predict or death that would not be that would not be cool service asked me to predict whether are riskier respirator against is alive yes she's definitely alive the the the oz of a supreme court just dying without the news getting out yeah zero it's zero no
i'm guessing she's not in very good shape but we kind of we kind of knew that somebody says her taxidermist says she's fine that's pretty funny is cruel but it's funny so hum let me ask you this let's talk about the prediction from the wall and for the emergency situation it seems to me that president trump has said that able for an emergency declaration the would have seen extreme a month ago but now it's going to look like he's taking action because the government is just not being
useful so wouldn't you say let let me say this i think the strongest play for the president is not to say well here's here's the best way to frame if he goes for the emergency declaration for the wall which i think is close to guarantee that this point if he had tried to do an emergency declaration a few months ago it would have been just a huge uproar and it would be that it would have been a big problem politically in every other way it i think the system would have taken some strain on that but now that the president has acted reasonably and he is he's allowed the democrats
negotiations with the government open and now that they've they've clearly demonstrated that they're not they're not credible players this is a big deal because until we actually witnessed the democrats trying to negotiate and not being even serious about it you could have imagined that maybe they could have so until they until they filled right in front of us it was easy to imagine well maybe if they maybe if they'd have some meetings i can work this out but now you don't have to wonder because the prez will give them enough rope to hang themselves uh he actually he actually baited them or they bathe themselves i don't know i don't know if it was clever plan or just work out this way but because he gave them room to negotiate and he let them fail spectacularly in public and he
them die on the sword of we're going to ignore the experts in the engineers which is what he did right so when the negotiations fail and it's obvious that there's no chance that they could succeed at this point when they fail the present was going to say we talked to the experts we talked to the engineer and they said unequivocally hopefully and no doubt about it that in these specific areas you need some wall the the democrats failed to listen to the experts failed to listen to the engineers and now because they are useless they are useless i'm going to make a decision for the american people within my authority as commander in chief and at this point it's going to go down
you know it'll always good at a little hard but at this point it can the country is primed to accept it if you're a democrat you cannot look at this situation and tell yourself that your side played it fairly you cannot look at this issue as a democrat and say yeah the democrats were really negotiating in good faith for this wall stuff that never happened even even their own side knows that they played it politically instead of playing it for the benefit of the country that is no longer in question or it won't be when they finally give up with this stupid committee stuff yeah and you can always say well that's always been the case the democrats have always been obstructionist but because the way we got here that the closing the government policies demand if we open the government they could everybody could play nice with
each other and then it didn't happen so we saw essentially closely being not a not incredible participant in the in the effort to fix things so i think the president has total clearance now to do what he needs to do you can you can always tell when the the democrats are are losing what what is it what is it the democrats say whenever it looks like they're going to lose hard that when it comes to border security because at this point you can kind of already project forward you you know the committee won't work nothing will come out of that you know that the president's not going to close the government again because that didn't work last time
and you know that he will do the emergency declaration because it's it's the only rational path that will be left to him and of course the will to so so those things we can predict with with clarity but if you if you hear the democrats say it is they start talking about he said mexico would pay for it then you know they've lossed it all they have left is the part of the campaign promise that was more really is more joke and marketing than it was serious at least in the direct way if their arguing that the indirect they we're getting money from mexico is not the same as a direct way well they will be technically correct but they will be dealing with trivialities if that's all they have left that's not a strong play so
every time i see somebody say oh yeah but what about he said mexico would pay for it oh once you've gotten to the point where everyone agrees that the dollar amounts are trivial it kind of doesn't matter who pays for it at that point doesn't yeah because nobody is saying five point seven billion will break the bank no nobody is saying that the united states can't afford five point seven billion dollars nobody saying so if you've already admitted that he isn't really a problem taking that to the next level and say ok there are two things we know sure the amount of money is totally trivial and you said mexico would pay for it what about mexico paying for it that is the weakest attack
you'll ever see so the more they're talking about mexico not paying for it the more you should celebrate if you want to wall all right yeah there was a story about a ram admitting that they were cheating on there in reaching uranium to see that i'm not sure that that's a confirm story but so i think and i can talk about it because i don't i don't think that's sufficiently confirmed do do do do so i did go and watch the video clip of joe rogan and jack dorsey we're talking about they're talking about this they were talking about coffee with scott adams and the simultaneous set and that brings up an interesting point if you take a startup to venture capitalist
or any kind of people or experience funders you you say here's my startup here's i want to do if you do that the the experts will always say the same thing they'll say who is your specific customer and if you say everybody's my customer i'm i'm markings to basically everybody you can't get funded so that's that's one of those you're personal truths them start ups that if you say your customers everyone you can't get funding because they need a specific customers so they can judge whether you can go get that specific customer but look at facebook what it what is facebook's specific customer
it's everybody right who and they didn't even start out with that thought they started out trying to meet some girls in college right so they started out with a specific customer but that didn't make any difference because it ended up their customer was everyone and then speaking of the joe rogan broadcast with the interviewing jack dorsey the history of twitter is this started as something completely different it was some kind of limited message service but the public decided they liked it form that evolved to what you're saying now the modern twitter and so twitter didn't have a specific customer that lasted they had a specific use case
but i had nothing to do with very little to do with what twitter became and who is twitter for who's the customer for twitter well kind of everyone right and then on the broadcast they were talking about periscope periscope was originally imagined as its original form where you just turn it on and it's a live broadcast from wherever you are but as jack was describing on joe rogan that people like me started using it for podcasts which it's not an original it wasn't an apple and that was originally assumed and because people started using it for that by the way i'm using it is more like a podcast and so because people started using it like that they started adding features to satisfy
that market so in other words here again periscope started with a certain asian market in mind but they listen to the audience and they moved where the audience wanted it to go same with i'm pretty sure you could just go down the list that you could find company after company that started as one thing and became something else you know who is googles customer everyone who is who is the apple's customer well it's everyone who has money right 'cause they their projects is a little higher end the comp mission is basically everyone so i'm trying to i'm trying to square these two things list let's take dilbert for example delivered to started out as just being a comic for people who have the same sense
humor as i did which turned out to be a small audience but the audience told maine anyway i like it when he's doing workplace stuff so so because the audience told me i moved over to a workplace comic and then a succeed so what i observe and by the way we've got a we've got a feature change on my interface by one hub app that's out now it when you see the future change you can see this effect so we're adding new features i'll tell you about it when we release it i think in a week or so that is completely dependent on what customers wanted and ask for and it's a completely different application in addition to the things that it already does so you can see that there are two ways to get where you
i want to get one is to have a specific customer who really chase that customer and that's the way you can get funding more easilly but once you're chasing a specific customer you end up listening to the audience and then adjusting your product in a variety of different ways until it becomes a different product and the audience tells you what that is so the wisdom of people who fund startups is almost directly opposite of how we observe the world to work an i've never quite square those two things how they can be oh somebody said their daughter went on there as a script doctor that's a good use so the
the doctor is somebody who looks at his script that's been written let's say for a movie or tv show and they know how to fix it from a raw form into something that's punching him good that would be a perfect use for the app actually ok i'm just going to tell you what the feature is very rarely that i tell you wonder if my partners will get mad at me if i tell you i'm just going to tell you we're adding a donate button so in other words if you sign up for the interface by one hub app and you have approach there you won't need to be live another if you don't have to be available for a call and people can still donate team so if you are a let's say a conservative list and you don't want to be on patris on or you don't want to be on it let's say defunded on other platforms
i have one more option so it would be one way to make sure people could donate to you with no friction i think it would take thirty seconds or well not thirty seconds but it might take you a full sixty seconds to add your profile to the interface by when hub app and then you just tell people to go search for your name and hit the button and they can they can donate to you now why did we add this feature in and it's not out yet so you have to wait i'll tell you when it's out would be maybe a week or so it's been i believe it's been tested and already submitted to the app stores but the reason we added it is because largely people on periscope ask before so you're actually seeing
you see how these platforms interact so because i'm on periscope i get lots of comments you see them going by and a quite a few of you who commented here and in other ways that people reach me a lot of people said the same thing they said hey why don't you add away i'm here app that people couldn't donate to artists who are being different the platform and i'm other sites or just want another way even if you're not the platform just one another way that people can get can donate and so we had it now if you talk to me a year from now am i going to tell you that weird for now i'm i going to tell you that that's the big
use the app maybe i don't know might be but it would be based on what the audience ask for can i be a parent expert on one of the yes you can you can you can be a parent experts and you can set your price no superbowl ad for the sap yeah those are pretty pricey you can hear a lot more about the up in the next week or two weekends of exciting things be besides that that's just one of the things happening but the whole there's a whole bunch of really important things happening it'll tell you about the stats on what different experts are charging i do
i believe we know i don't think we capture that it would be easy to capture we have the raw data so we could but i don't think that's on the dashboard that we i we look at our data but it's easy for you to just scroll through it you can see you you can scroll through the experts so you can see the prices somebody saying will i allow alex jones so here's the thing there were an open platform like a telephone call or like a facetime call or any other communication tool so i'm
or there are things people could do that would cause them to get kicked off but we probably would not kick him but anyone off for doing something on other platforms but we'll see i mean i'm sure there's yeah you never want to say never there are certainly things that could get you kicked off of any platform and i think we'd all agree on some of them um somebody coming in here with the anti semitic stuff i can never tell the stuff like that i can never tell yeah i can never tell how serious it is or how troll like it is scary the way all right
yeah i'm not going to say who's in or out but if you're not bothering me they're probably going to be fine would you like to see my view for those of you who can't be here i don't take a look so you see that island over there the entire island is owned by
larry ellison's oracle founder so he bought the entire island four three now that's just a long nevada the weather's been terrible but all right back to me sorry it's disappointing you have to look at me well i think that's all i have to say today yeah i will keep you informed of new new events and i'll talk to you all later
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