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Episode 403 Scott Adams: The Border “Emergency” and the SOTU, Climate Bubbles, and Hoaxed

2019-02-04 | 🔗


  • The 1st wall committee meeting, DIDN’T include experts?
  • How common is it to declare a “National Emergency”?
  • Did you know we currently have 35 active National Emergencies? 
  • Declare a National Emergency, Mr. President
    • Congress is unable to accept the advise of experts
  • Dumb statements:
    • Next President could tear down a wall, but not sensors!
    • All you need is a ladder to get over a wall!
  • CNN (this week) breaks their 3 year tradition…
    • …of daily Trump racist stories.
    • Thanks Governor Northam!
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but i'm from from from from from from i'm not on mon bon bon family hey everybody come on in here gather around it's time for a not my regular time he was got adams i'm scott adams by the way people are still getting mad at me for for speaking of myself in the third person people have not figured out this scott adams talks about himself in the first person because scott adams knows they're talking scott adams in the third person bothers some people and that's why scott adams does it and partly because uh well mostly i guess you're a ten so if it bothers you a little bit that's why i do it just enough to make you pay attention
all right and since you're all here and you're also smart and good looking today not to mention kind and generous i would like to share with you the simultaneous up it starts when you grab your mug your cup your starting your chalice your thermos your container you fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for this i you said oh yeah so in case you missed it yesterday i did a video review of the documentary hoaxed which can find on video i'd be collected to tell people where to get it so in some ways it was the most in common movie review of all time 'cause typically you should tell people how they can watch movie if you're going to review it
so if you go to vimeo you can buy it for ten dollars and it is worth every penny as i was saying yesterday i'll just give you the the quick view view of it today because i reviewed it in detail in my last periscope but the last last ten or fifteen minutes are so mind blowing that make sure that you're not disturbed when you watch the last part of the movie you you want to be alone with the movie ori be outside listening to the last part of it with my phone in my pocket and i was outside on the beach and that the combination of of looking out at the landscape and at the same time listening to the conclusion of the movie was sort of breathtaking it was incredible so if you can watch the last fifteen minutes in some kind of
stimulating environments where other people are bothering you make sure you do that so it's it's a masterpiece i was blown away by now totally worth ten dollars trust me on this they're very few moved movies that give you they give you a lasting feeling where you walk into the movie and it doesn't leave you it just stays with you in it you know the old joke is it becomes a part of you this actually becomes a part of you because i can't see it and on see it actually it can rewire your thinking that's what happened to maine right let's talk about let's talk about the super bowl for just one minute alright i sort of kind of watched the super bowl wasn't that interested the best part of the super bowl
was president trump being interviewed into the day before the day of the super bowl and saying that he wouldn't be wouldn't be necessarily thrilled if his own son played football because they the obviously because the dangers they had injuries and i thought that is exactly why people like this president the on on super bowl sunday or the day before he's willing to go out and say i'm not sure i would even let my kid play that game now he did save hum that is his son wanted to play here grudgingly let him but you would encourage him to do it and i thought that was that insanely i don't just honest um is
i'm not going to be answering questions about microphone which is personal life you can you can google that our hero hi let's talk about the border now as you know we have this incredibly great timing where the where the border committee which apparently is completely worthless is meeting at the same time tomorrow they'll be the state of the union highly anticipated and trumpet in his usual way is teasing that the he's teasing that the state of the union will be exciting have you ever heard that before as any as any president ever told you that is
not going to tell you what the state of the union is going to be all about because it's going to be exciting you have to admit that that's funny alright it's absolutely hilarious that he's playing the media like an audience use converted them from some kind of a what i guess we used it was some kind of neutral third party watchdog kind of kind of a thing turn him into movie critics yeah or an audience so plus it part of the audience so of course he's going to be talking about border funding he's signal living with a wink and a nod that some kind of urgency declaration some unilateral action will be announced
and has not announced at least clearly signaled that is coming so that will be exciting senator shelby said on cnn yesterday jake tapper tweeted this around and i retweeted that he says the experts on border security are coming to testify at whatever is the next meeting of this working group to which i say yes brian i am and why to which to which i say why are they just bring the experts in to talk to him are you telling me that the first the first major meeting of all the politicians to talk about how to handle border security didn't have the experts what what the hell was the point of that beating
was there any reason at all have that meeting without any experts of it i don't think so so here's how the president can declare emergency and make it and make it so easy to sell you know 'cause he's gotta sell that idea to his base mostly will buy it but also to the rest of the country who doesn't want to see some kind of a dictatorship taking form now the news has done a good job of prepping people because we've maybe could be only one side of the news is doing a good job but many of you know how many executive orders or let's say emergency declarations there have been
do any of you know how typical it is for these emergency declarations it turns out yeah i think five thousand four hundred and fifty something so they've been over fifty of them and and there and some of them i think i think maybe even a majority of them are still in there's still technically happening right so yeah thirty current emergencies i was looking for so there are at least thirty of 'em are thirty five or something that are still in effect that's the word i was looking for is still in effect so the first thing that the public needed to know is that this whole emergency declaration thing this pretty teen stuff so it has the word emergency in it so it makes you think it's it's unusual but we will all be educated by the time of the state of the union
that these emergency things are quite typical let's drink to that are you ready i'm sorry oh yeah so so the think of this in terms the setting the table if the president had declared an emergency emergency declaration or whatever if he done that three weeks ago a month ago the country wouldn't be ready because they have not been educated on how typical is how many of them we already have in place and how comma the situations are another words you know emergencies hello and to the world emergence they're not all yeah protect the homeland from the media attack kind of emergencies the pretty typical so now we've all been soften up right so the public can no longer say my god that's an extra
everything you're doing mister president because it's not turns out it's fairly ordinary the second thing that we have that we didn't have a month ago is that we get to watch how defective congresses so we get to watch this team of people working for three weeks and inevitably they're going to come up with no agreement right we already know that in advance so we get to watch their incompetence right in front of us with the spotlight on it usually usually their incompetence is more of a concept it's like well congress didn't get something done but now because it's a three week working group where we know who's in the group know roughly speaking we know
they're talking about we know when they're meeting suddenly it's real this is a real group of young people on both sides getting together and trying to do something and we're gonna watch them fail inevitably right in front of us so so at the end of this process the president is going to be able to say clearly hey i funded the government i gave the democrats what i wanted which is debates without the government being funded an you can see right in front of you that nothing productive came out of it so now that i've tried every other way i'm going to try the remaining way which as it turns out is a fairly typical thing to do 'cause again there have been fifty four of these crises thirty some
in effect and you didn't even know about them they're so ordinary so that the condition is please set now apparently there's some rumblings about daca and path to citizenship and etc so he may sweeten the pot with some of that stuff to make it harder for the democrats to say no but here's the kill shot here's the kill shot be ready for it if the president says something like i'm going to say right now he's going to get everything he wants maybe not as much money as quick
but he's going to get physical borders and it goes like this if he says in the state in the union i'm going to declare an emergency because congress doesn't seem to be able to take the recommendation of experts say i'll say it again i'm going to declare a state of emergency because congress doesn't seem to be able to do the simple step of taking the advice of security experts on a on vital interest of the united states are border security if he says hey i need a border wall so i'm just going to do i'm going to do this emergency declaration it's going to look like usurping power it's going to look like he is he's trying to game the system it's going to look a little dictator ish
the other side anyway so it's going to be framed wrong if he says well you guys tried now i'm just going to do my own thing that would be you can still probably get away with that but it wouldn't be optimal optimal would be i'm going to declare a state of emergency because congress on this topic doesn't work you watched it yourself you know i give them time and you watched it with your own eyes you saw the reporting from both sides that they can't they can't do this simple task
and so the emergency is congress is broken on this topic and the emergency is that congress is not taking the advice of experts in here i'm assuming that the experts come up with with some have a plan that includes some physical borders now who gets mad about that if he frames it as it's an emergency because they're not following the experts recommendations i think everybody just goes out ok because the other thing that's happening at the same time is this conversation about climate change so i don't know if you've seen hello how important it is that climate change and the way we talk about it not not the issue itself but the way we talk about climate is going to change how we think about and talk about the board
your question because the entire argument about climate from the let's say the climate scientists majority the whole thing is hey we're the experts you would be it would be the biggest city in the world if you don't follow advice from experts that's pretty much the argument because nobody is asking nobody is asking the president to understand the science as some kind of deep scientific level nobody's asking that there asking him to follow the expert recommendation at the same time the democrats are probably going to be trapped in a corner in which whatever they decide to do is going to at least look like it's going to look like going against the experts that's how i expect this little this will turn out and
if they do that they will be refusing their own climate argument which is you have to listen to experts because we're not experts so i think they have a trap themselves and i think the president can skillfully paint this as nothing but obstructionism and the
emergency is that the government doesn't work for the specific thing now if he says the government doesn't work in general that's that would be a huge mistake is that looks like a dictator ready to take over but if he says we've got this great government it does so many great things but in this where a specific area i think you could all see public that the government didn't work and apparently it's the wrong tool for the job congress anyway is wrong tool for the job because it got too politicized and it became too much about me personally if president trump says that the the conversation but the border is totally messed up and can't be fixed because it became about his personality everybody watching that was going to say yeah that's kind of true
both sides you can say it is sort of about you personally that would be the point you can say and for this specific reason we're just going to go with the experts and the only way we can do that is apparently if i order it as an emergency and we just follow the experts so i think at this point the president has a clear path to building more wall and when i say more wall i mean probably just in the populated areas and probably some kind of steel steel structure 'cause i think that's what the experts will recommend now here's an interesting thing um i was reading yesterday that one of the technologies that has been at least consider is laying fiber optic cable and using them as sensors so apparently if you just take a fiber optic cable
the same kind of cable that you would you would lay if you're if you're going to create a communication link so nothing special to it is literally just the fiber optic cable and whatever kind of author it comes in they just laid under the sand and they can detect when a person or an automobile or an animal has walked across it 'cause apparently the nature of fiber optics i didn't know this before the nature of the fiber optic cable as that it can detect pressure and somehow they can calculate exactly where along the length of it the pressure happened and how much that was sort of a vehicle goes over it they can tell versus a rabbit goes over verses of a person so you can as something like a tenth of the cost of other solutions they can just run a bunch of cable shovel some sand on top of it and they can tell who's was crossing now let me
let me counter the objections of all the people on twitter who keep yelling at me like i'm an idiot and they say ho ho ho scott will get it we've we've got to get i have to ask my my co host commands my co host dale would like to explain to you why electronic by electronic fencing doesn't work ok whole whole whole scott don't you understand if there's no fence they will just walk right by oh you sensed it your sensors sense tip as they walk right by that helps lock how does that help us how does that help us that you sensed it why don't you want to start it it's not enough to sense it if you just sense that they entered the country that's great scott oh that's great that you sense that didn't stop it
and same let me explain how this works the reason that you need physical structures in urban areas is that if somebody gets over it or it gets over it they can disappear into the city so the biggest factor about whether you use a physical border are you use sensors is whether there's a population area nearby if there's population area as soon as somebody gets passed the border they disappear can't be found but if you're in a big empty area and somebody
trips to censor they've got miles and miles and miles to go before they can they can hide before they can get to a population so in those areas that are empty and of which is you know miles and miles many miles of the border is just empty land the sensors good enough because it's hard to cross in those areas this is what physically hard to get there compared to let's say a road it's physically hard to get there and if they do get there they're going to be moving slowly because they're not necessarily in a vehicle they might be on foot and they've got to go for miles and they're going to be exposed so border security just comes over and says that looks like five people just cross
reporter send a truck over so sensors alone don't help its sensors plus human border security within an easy driving distance so when people say this part of the border will be sensors what they don't say but is assumed is it sensors plus another humans to go and pick them up of some of the trips to censor because of easy to find there's no population to to fade into so if you would like to be a smart a smart part
this event in the border security conversation don't say sensors don't work because a good part of the israeli border wall that we know works just great is low fence and sensors you could walk right up to the you could walk up to the israeli border security and just you know sort of pushed down the fence and just step over it i mean it's literally that small of offense but they all have sensors on them and if you trip that sensor you will very you are very quickly meet some israeli security forces you wish you had met right so it works in israel where where there's big border areas with lots of room on both sides um uh yes god is ignoring that huge problem what am i ignoring
but enough humans can be overwhelmed yes but if a caravan comes then the caravan presumably overwhelm the number of human border security but here again we could detect the caravan we know noah caravans coming days before it gets here so even then you can move human humans there then say well what if they have a bunch of am surprise you and they all run for the border at the same time well if that more than once then you build a wall so all of this is is interest all of this is oh no wonder i keep blocking the wrong people all right so i just a little test where i very clearly tapped the right person to the block them
and then before i confirmed i read you know who it was i was blocking it was a different person so actually blocking putting my finger right on the person i want to block actually blocks the wrong person i didn't realize that until just now which would explain why it blocks of any of the wrong people so if i've accidentally blocked any of your friends sorry we're talking about distractions and stuff well all of your little exceptions like oh some people use a clever distraction and block those are all true but remember it's a process right if we put the solution and somebody finds a way around it in that area while you improve that area that you're not going
it's not like a one and done situation it's a it's a continuous whack a mole situation forever all right so i don't know i told you but apparently there's a new version of periscope coming for an upgrade that will include split screen
if any of you heard that currently there's and eventually fairly soon i think i'll be able to do a split screen on periscope and that's going to be fun i told you that already all right never mind to to to did i hear back from tucker somebody asked me i don't remember why you're asking me that i hear so joe rogan
is giving up he's getting a lot of grief for his interview with jack dorsey and the people are saying that he didn't go hard enough that jack on the question of of banning or of or blocking conservatives and again the ngos had to respond to that or felt the need to i'm not sure i'm not sure that there's anything he could have done that would have gotten different answers i i watch i watch enough of that to feel like you did ask the right questions and that the answers have something to do with the algorithm and he looking at human behavior not just the tweet itself but a pattern of behavior etc
but yeah it would be it would be fun to see the follow up questions so i'll agree that more could have more could have been asked on that topic um their views sensors on the border since the 80s which means they work right we wouldn't be talking about them now if they weren't using sensors already one of the dumbest i hate to say this but there's some things where people maybe don't they're not informed and there are some situations where smart people can disagree but there are some things that are just flat out dumb and so i don't know how to talk about them with
properly labeling them and i'll give you example one of the examples is people say they prefer a wall because if the administration changes sometime in the future it's much harder to take down a wall than it is to take down sensors so people say now wall will be more permanent just because it's harder to change your mind later if you don't want the wall to which i say arm that's not a smart that's not smart at all because if the administration of the future decides to it's ridiculous if an administration of the future decides that they don't want to enforce the wall to wall becomes irrelevant that same day you don't have to take it down you just have to stop enforcing the border there's a million ways to get around the wall over a wall go through the go through the open border you know you're talking about a scenario
in which the government of the united states decides to not enforce its border if if that ever happens there are a million ways to get over and around a wall because there won't be any humans picking up the people who were going around it so and then here's the other bad argument and the bad argument is that all you need is a ladder to get over a wall all you need is a ladder to get over a wall well in the technical level on a technical level that's true a ladder big enough latter could get over a wall but have you seen have you seen the immigrants they literally come with nothing but a backpack who's got a backpack that will carry a thirty foot ladder and don't you need to you need one on each side right so you need two hundred and thirty foot ladders that you have to
how carey with you without detection and even if it worked as soon as you put it up you know somebody's going to the ladder and take it and then you need another another thirty foot ladder so it seems to me that the latter concept it's technically possible but it would be so impractical like who is the view of the only ways it the only way it could work is if the you know the kind these have a permanent ladder there that they just put up they put up just when people come and then quickly take it down and cover it with dirt or something but the thing is that the places where there are walls wait for it wait for it the places where there are walls and those would be the which is that a ladder it could get over a wall 'cause you don't need a ladder if there is no wall are the populated areas if
put up a ladder in a pot related area and by the way they could probably put video secure in those areas as well somebody to see the latter pretty quickly the latter isn't going to stay there very long so it's impractical to transport a new pair of thirty foot ladders to a border of this is hard to do and and if you did it wouldn't stay there long and then the question of tunnels apparently even though the smuggler's i'm sorry the the drug cartels apparently the cartels are also not using tunnels as much anymore because it's not economical by the time you build this big tunnel it's big it's expensive it takes a long time it's just easier
it is a fishing boat according to the el chapo trial that's what they're thinking uh you go to the store and buy two letters you have to kerry two hundred and thirty foot ladder two border area where there's and there's no population on the other side an no video watching it you can do it but that amount of friction would substantially reduce the number of people who could do it um put a rope on the other side well zero one of the you one of the weird aspects of making it hard to get over the wall is
that you only get the people who are who are in good physical health uh which would be a top user agent razor's edge it wouldn't be hard to thwart the top all you have to do is take a carpet so just throw a carpet over the top go from ladder to carpet the roper letter to all the can be done and not and i would care the the somewhere somebody is doing just that stuff but not many people can do it did i see gavin mcginnis lawsuit against the splc so i've heard of such a thing apparently gavin mcginnis is suing the southern poverty law center which will be interesting so we'll be watching that and i assume i don't know the details of that but i assume it's because they
they have labeled him in a way which he would say is it appropriate hi the won't stop people from catapulting into america that's a funny comment all right we don't have much else going on right now right oh here's what's going on we've been watching for what three straight years for every single day there's an article on the home page of cnn saying that president trump is a racist is that not true is it not true that basically every single day cnn has a top page news suggesting that the president is racist for one reason or another have you notice that stop this week
we love not talk about that so much so it turns out that governor northram has so badly damaged the democrat brand that it looks like it's changed the coverage because today if you made a comment about the trump administration being racist it would be a possible to make that comment without somebody singing so as long as n and stays in the news and he is the the current pinata the president gets sort of a pass because i don't want to drag him in and and have those relatively
weaker claims try to stand up to this this north of that so that will be interesting at the same time that the russia collusion thing seems to be sort of falling apart no one of the things i don't believe is that muller is getting ready to wrap things up do any of you believe that that doesn't feel true to me it does not feel true to me the molar is ready to wrap things up unless unless wrapped things up means in the next six months if you told me he was gonna be done in six months then i might say yeah he's wrapping things up it be done in six months but
i don't see any way that's going to happen next week or it's not going to happen in the next thirty days is it i just don't see that happening i feel like we would have far more signaling that that was going to happen uh pretty woman say trump is a racist yeah i mean you can't stop the pundits so the pundits are still going to say what the pundits say but when cnn decides what of all the news there is what articles and what things to put on their front page that's an editorial decision but the pundits are gonna say with the pundits say yeah so age you would occur actor ag he says it's going to wrap up soon but haven't we heard that before to me
it doesn't mean anything there is a list of celebrities and news people who are apparently are being sued for slandering the covington kids an i have mixed feelings about that i gotta say uh i gotta say i have mixed feelings i will show you i'll show you my view in a minute now the first thing that happened when i saw the list of the fifty or so people who are being targeted for lawsuits the first thing i did was look for my name i want to see if my name was on the list it isn't now
maybe the maybe the reason my name isn't on the list because i immediately as soon as the the news was corrected i i quickly yeah clarified and apologize uh i wonder if that would be enough you know if if alyssa milano or kathy griffin said okay were fooled by we were by the news coverage it looked like some different than what it was so we we clarifier in we would that be enough to get them off of the the lawsuit somebody says there's a there's a website called dot com that must be for i'm guessing
as for donations for people wanna defend gather mcginnis in this lawsuit or help him in this lawsuit against the southern poverty law center the lawyer did say that on a policy that a retraction or an apology would do well us that seems fair of of of of you only wanted a retraction until they accepted when tokens let's talk about my app so i'm going to do a special special periscope on this but the interface by one hub about we've we've added some doctors now and
some of the doctors are international but other doctors practice in the united states and their license for particular states and they can even write prescriptions if they're licensed in your state they can write a prescription not for opioids but for other stuff spell it please i think you're asking me to spell the name of the app it's called interface i n t e r f a c e interface by one hub if you search for that on the app stores it'll come up
yes so it's so we are part of the telemedicine thank you for putting in a tax there so i'll tell you a little bit more about that maybe later today all right mister sure the so that's what i'm looking at today twenty nice to look at i have to say
it has been actually it's been raining the whole time we've been here so i think today's the person on rainy day cation therapy i don't know what that is as some of the the montage should you donate to roger stone's defense well i think that's up to you all right i'm just looking at your
comments here yeah i'm in hawaii maui more an aoc i talked about that yeah roger moore says aoc is the future of the democrats uh what telemedicine app so my my startups app is called the interface by when hub and we have a number of experts on there but we just started signing up doctors so we have a number of doctors on there and we're trying to add more if you support the app you'll part of supporting bring down healthcare costs and increasing the options so if you like to be part of that that's one way to do it i talked about hoechst already all right i'm definitely not going to take the road to hana that's a long can people paying an expert who is offline oh yes so one of the upgrades that we did
i have in the initial release is that you can schedule experts so they have to make their schedule available but when the expert wants to be available at a certain time they can now schedule that time and you can schedule it through the app and then you both both just show up and have your call um am i going to hang out with any celebrities know i mean not intentionally so one of the things that's one of the things that happened since i started doing periscope is
and they'll get recognized in airports and in public where i never used to so almost everywhere i go now take me into the crowd and say hey simultaneous up yeah christina's a celebrity so this is also here to see her tried to use interface for an a i x hello there usually are a a i experts i've seen a number of them on how do you become an expert on the app you just have to call yourself an expert at something and just sign up you just put in your all you have to do is put in your profile and you can be an expert at literally anything that you think people pay for and you don't even have to charge you could be next for for free if you want
are there is a web interface yeah we do now have a laptop web interface for interface by when 1hub so you don't have to use the app you can just just google interface by hub you google it and you'll find the webpage that's brand new so thank you for reminding me and then i is that the upcoming version we don't have it in this version but probably a week or so will have a donate button so that if there any conservatives don't want to be on page or they don't want
on one of the other donation sites if they've been kicked off a special they get the they can use the in interface app and get donations that way dirty talk about jack dorsey yes we did do i like people saying hi to me in public it depends on the situation you know if i'm if i'm at dinner you know enjoying my dinner that would not the optimal but if they just say hi on the way by that's fine too you know if somebody just recognizes to be as they're walking by and they say hi then i do like that and if somebody sees me in the airport as is often the case these days then of course
i i never i never bothered by in person the only issue it whether i was doing something else if i'm not doing something else that matters i enjoy it what kind of dreams do i have want to sleep at night i almost never dreamed of but weirdly i had a dream yesterday i had a dream that i was falling asleep have a good dream i literally had a dream about falling asleep and dreaming it was usual stream i've ever had because you smoke pot somebody says could be will you draw dilbert as long as you can well you know i was thinking about this the other day if i could sell the entire dilbert brand forever just all the rights to dilbert
past and presents before a billion dollars i would quit tomorrow but i don't think anybody is going to pay a billion dollars for it but if they did it's for sale so it's a limit let me let me announce official anybody who pays a billion dollars for the rights to dover is for sale but i would expect that to happen services all think about it do you ever get to meet me in person well it's hard to say all right when tokens you can still buy them if you go to figure that
interface dot when held dot com and owning when toe tokens is not an investment doesn't qualify as an investment but none the less if the app is successful the value of the the tokens should go up that's with the design they're designed to go up with the demand for them goes up so if you again if you can i guess what is the the very best time to buy them probably right now probably right now you can also buy them on exchanges ellie dot com you can buy did you see there was an article that apparently it's possible to embed a
iris in your dna that would would take over the crisper machines another you can put software in your dna and it can affect a machine that's measuring your dna and like a like a software virus yeah who knew that was possible somebody says bs i have i have to i have to say i'm with you on the bs on that because the story by itself does not look like that could be yet people call bs on that i think i'm going to agree with the bs people
if you know even a little bit about software it feels like there's an air gap there it just doesn't seem like that's possible all right fleetwoods is great yeah i fina fleetwoods a few times alright that's enough for now i will talk to you later bye for now
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