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Episode 404 Scott Adams: The SOTU, President’s Schedule, Healthcare, Conspiracy Theories

2019-02-05 | 🔗


  • SOTU guests…Didn’t the SOTU used to be a national rally?
  • Doctors are now on the Interface App by WhenHub
    • Easy 2nd opinions, prescriptions for some things
    • A way to reduce healthcare costs?
  • Q people are still around? Q is still a thing?
  • Climate change current thinking update

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump uncle bump bump bump bump bump bump everybody so you better round i know i'm coming to you at an unusual time what is worth it oh it's so worth it come in here an we will enjoy the simultaneous sip you might like it in a cup in a mug you might like it in the style of jealous the thermas but whatever it is fill it with your favorite favorite liquid and my choices coffee and join me for the simultaneous ip oh good seven so yesterday there was this big story about the president's schedule so without talking about the obvious question question
just how the hell the somebody get a copy of the president's schedule and then leak that was supposed to be getting it is easy part but leaking of this the outrageous part and yes i am reading your comments and then the big story was that c fifty percent of it was on scheduled and therefore therefore maybe he's not working so hard i didn't really land that it in terms of a criticism of this president did did that even leave a dent because even that this latest tell all book from who whoever was the go for i can't remember his name which is which is funny but you know the reasons behind the scenes booker
about trump in which trump called the writer a gopher and barely knew him even that guy said the one thing you can't doubt this that this president was a workhorse he always working working hard so what you do critics are kind of willing to say he's a hard worker and all that others full time just means we don't know what he was doing that's different from une scheduled i the whole thing was ridiculous it sort of turned in to have you notice the entire presidency is turned into a dilbert comic am i the only one noticing that all right let let me give you give me some examples of why this is a dilbert
normally when people are talking about the president's performance are they talking about stuff like what time he comes to work how he schedules his time and whether or not he's a good boss to his employees have you ever heard any of that about any other president for every other president you talk about the policies and international relations stuff but with trump it's totally become a dilbert comic and if you look at the things that they're complaining about him now the complaints are every employee bitching about their ceo if you if you were to take the best ceo in the world and who knows who that is
yes jeff bass sir tim cook or yeah so whoever you think is the best ceo in the world and and let's say let's say there's a general agreement that this person is an amazing amazing co don't you think i can find out a lot of employees who think that we think that that employee is hello do you think i can fall out of the place we think that boss is not working hard enough making all the wrong decisions not i made my fortune by noting that everybody thinks that about their boss so as long as they're turning politics into a dilbert comic
i'm not too worried about this president alright let's talk about the state of the union 'cause this could be fun i've probably never looked forward to a state of the union more than this one because there's just a lot going on now one of the things that's going on uh the funniest thing is going on is that both sides are trying to invite guests who simply by their existence tell the story now they'll tell a story about the guest as well but there's something about their situation or about them personally that fat is important ann uh
so president trump has invited a kid is a kid whose last name is trump who's been getting bullied in school and yeah josh would drop and i'm thinking this is the funniest thing i've ever because somehow the president managed to invite somebody to the state of the union that was as much about trump trump's about the other person so somehow we made it about himself by in the funniest possible way so that's not a criticism it's just a funny observation that everybody else bringing somebody who had a hard time for one reason or another and this poor call joshua trump
is having a real hard time i'm sure that part is real but the fact that it's still about trump because just it's just so i don't know just couldn't be more perfect um adult son twitter or bullying him that's terrific so the democrats have got their own but then things around lineup of people who had serious problems so here's the net of that wasn't the state of the union where we used to talk about the good news am i one of the state of the union used to be all about things that are working well right used to be hey look at all these things that the countries doing in the country is doing great and now that the vibe
has changed all this bad news it's like the big bad news festival oh yeah well you brought some people who are having a hard time look at the people we brought there really i haven't heard back so there's that element of it the other element of course is all the wall stuff but there's there's another thing shaping up here that i think is going to happen i think what the president is going to do is take this opening two try to bring the temperature down on race and racial division fitness divisiveness i can never never know which way that goes i think he's going to say this is the perfect time to talk about what he's doing for african americans what he's doing for you know every ethnic group because he's had a full week of democrats getting getting
use of terrible things in the whole virginia governor story could not be more perfect in terms of its timing so if he's smart he'll take the opportunity that democrats are being or being accused of all the things that he's been accused of and he'll he'll take the high ground and then try to make something out of that and that i think that's what's coming and that will be that will probably be the right play all right how many of you noticed that i correctly predicted the winner of the super bowl pretty impressive right well i am about a billion other people predicted the winner but the only reason i mentioned it is it for years i've been predicting the winners of the super bowl based on their mascots fighting it out and it is surprisingly it is surprisingly predictive so i predicted
a patriot with a musket to could kill a ram and sure enough muskets when somebody says all right i think today see then called the president racist repeat in the it's sort of all they got now and this is falling apart in front of their eyes if you haven't seen a twenty third i did this morning watcher tweet of bill paul today who's down in saint louis or was down in saint louis looking at the blight so to see the actual footage i just i just tweeted that right before i got here and you can see what urban america has turned into it's just you know house after house with nobody in it run down there and those are things that bills taking on with the city and
you'll hear more about that lot more about that coming up um any update on middle east peace predictions well it feels like it's been quiet over there hasn't been kind of quiet so maybe that's good news i still feel like there's something big brewing for the middle east so maybe something this year rand paul is mad we rand paul used to be the one who is leading the charge to get us out of these places and i have to admit the arguments on both sides or fairly compelling because one side says all kinds of countries all over the world where we could put troops and it might help the population but is that our job to help every country that needs help
and when you hear that you say well that good point we haven't helped afghanistan and there are lots of other countries we can help why did we pick this one country and then the the opposite argument is that there's something special about these middle east countries and and that having a presence there is what helps us be down terrorism they're both pretty strong arguments usually it'll say that but in this case they're both pretty strong now the other the other thing the other thing was happening of course is it if the president doesn't make a big deal about healthcare he's missing is missing a big chance the big thing that the democrats have working against
the president is this universal health care called medicare for all apparently it's pretty popular and so he's got to say that they're doing something they have some kind of answer to that some kind of republican type of situation um this would be a good time to tell you that this periscope is brought to you by my please app interface by one hub where we have added some doctors if you if you open the app let me show you how easy it is the app is free if you open it up you can say find an expert click that you can just type in doctor doctor and then a bunch of doctors will show up you can
scroll through and you can see them and right now there are some there's an orthopedic surgeon we've signed up twenty doctors from a platform called encore so later today you'll see them appear live and i believe some of them can also take a schedule so you can schedule some of the experts now we didn't use to be able to do that the point is that if you did not have health care and you wanted fifteen minutes or half an hour of of medical advice you could get it now instantly through your app and you would just pay by credit card the way you would pay for anything so have i signed up to virginia governor that's a funny question
and the answer is no can they prescribe yes so if the doctor you choose is licensed in your state and it would say so in the if you read their bio it would tell you where their license they can but it's legal yes and they can prescribe medicines that exception i think is opioids they're not gonna do any opioids without seeing you in person but for general stuff yeah if you're if the license for your state and i think the first set of doctors we're just putting on trial set the first seven doctors cover about twenty five different states so check their bio to make sure that there is just a state you you care about now and so he said viagra i assume so um adderall is always more of a controlled substance i'm not the expert on this stuff but i would think that
something like adderall probably could not be prescribed over without seeing somebody in person but i'm not positive about that uh and then as far as ordering blood tests that we need to have to ask the doctors about right have you signed up the lawyers the other lawyers on their old time and right now the we've got a chicken and egg thing going which is it's easy to get experts as long as there are people that call them but we need both colors and experts so the more of you up the more successful beep so if you want to bring down the cost of health care and make an option for people who don't have it if you support this platform simply by signing up for telling other people about it you would be be helping bring bring down the cost of healthcare and making it more universal and then
some of you might want to use it for a second opinion which is probably what i use it for myself how many times have you gone to you doctor your doctor says do actually why and you just want to get a second opinion but it's when convenient to find and uh doctor and go there so you can just call it the app and say my doctor says this does that sound reasonable get a second opinion for reasonable price yes i'm up even if you don't actually use it because the more more nrg gets the morse item so we have the more likely you're going to think about
but if you've already signed up the more likely it will use it even if even if you didn't think you were going to use it i remember doctors are just one type of expert so any kind of expert can sign up it's called interface by one hub and it's in both of the app stores and also now uh if you search for interface by went up we also have a web so you can do it on your your laptop as well or you're in the device are they allowed to sell my data well one of does not sell your data but you have to in it's been to bring you in the person you're talking to what happens with your information the yeah just just google interface by when have and to the web page a couple so some of you
we've seen hoaxed by now and yes i did have a had a significant part of it but there are a number of people in it any new projects i just got my my first draft of my upcoming book uh i got we got the first comments from my publisher there is nothing better than the first comments if they're good so my apologies publisher says the first draft is quote fantastic so there's no better feeling than writing an entire book and you don't know you don't know how other people are going to respond to it and then you send it into your publisher and your publisher says it's fantastic it will sell a ton of 'em is what she told me so that's good
would i advise howard schultz for two hundred thousand a month that's a good question but for one billion dollars i will advise democrats how to win one billion dollars nobody is going to pay that so don't worry what do i think of hawk newsome's appearance in host i thought i thought it was powerful
i don't want to say more about it because people will watch it i don't wanna give anything away but the that whole part was very interesting where did the money come from which money tell a blog peterson on twitter for sporting gmo and monsanto what's your take that's a scientific question and i don't know if i have anything to add to it uh if the science if the science looks good i'd be in favor of the science says it's sketchy than i would but i'm no expert on that i don't have any opinion everyone is worried they'll offer you one billion if they do
you know for being one billion it would be the smartest investment they ever made they wouldn't have to do anything else or you work for one billion you can buy the dilbert property you can only deliver if you own the rights to deliver forever for one billion dollars somebody says of a sell out no worry nobody's gonna pay the price level solar what i sell to a saudi prince well i don't think the saudi princes gonna buy dilbert so i don't have to worry about that can you upload your podcasters spotify i hadn't thought about that we'll see then switch from quality hillary if she runs i don't think so i think they're done with hillary because they don't
she could win again would be my guess what animal would be you be if you were a cartoon character i'll be dauber of course the thoughts about north korea well i think north korea is looking good a and i think it's gonna be a long slow bringing together of north and south korea i heard i heard what i thought was the dumbest comment that i've heard lately on cnn from an expert i won't mention the expert but it was a ex cia guy i believe so an expert in all things yeah for in a mostly foreign and he said that if trump starts pulling out of all these countries pulling or
rotary area that if he eventually pulls out of south korea now listen to this he said if we pull out of south korea and us troops you said n korea would be in in seoul by the afternoon does that sound like a professional with a professional opinion i mean seriously do you think if we pulled the us military the south korea today the north korea would immediately attack south korea that's maybe the worst opinion i've ever seen on television to honestly see going to be embarrassed should be embarrassed that they let that guys say that unchallenged and by the way nobody said you think n korea would immediately commit suicide by attacking s korea or somebody might he said
are you saying the only reason that the kim family doesn't commit suicide 'cause it would be suicide for the kim family for sure is that the us militaries down here does that make sense there's nobody here who thinks that even makes a little sense today the yes south korea has plenty of weapons and it wouldn't take us long to get back over there the one thing that would happen for sure is that kim jong un would be killed if if north korea south korea no matter what happened the kim family would be killed there's no doubt about that so i don't think there's any chance that that would happen that said
word we're not going to pull out of south korea anytime soon so i'm not going to worry about it do you think kim values human life i think he values is out can you explain the bitcoin password issue yeah so there was a big exchange where the the only read the important passwords died and so everybody lost all their i lost access to all their money on that exchange so that was pretty bad the only thing you need to know about bitcoin and crypto currencies is that if you lose your password roughly speaking let's just call it passwords if you lose your password you lost your money there's nothing that can change that uh
brooklyn new york dea going after trump that sounds like can we talk about invite a guest i did that last night just for a test so i can actually invited guest here into a split screen last night i didn't think it was working the way i thought it was supposed to work
but it turns out that on your end you can see the split screen so you can see the video on my end i could hear i could hear audio and i can see myself but there's probably something i could have pressed to change what i was saying so i haven't quite haven't quite mastered it but will will start having some guests on here probably when i get back please create a central list of books movies podcast interviews you recommend i might do that someday somebody said i could only hear audio that's funny cuz i did hear from somebody who could see a split screen so i guess i have to now a number of you are saying it's only audio but why did somebody actually see a split screen if somebody saw it ok
now i guess i don't know well i heard it from a reliable source that it was a split screen on your side but most of you were telling me that that is not the case in the well i wasn't lied to cuz it was somebody i know okay well i guess i have to figure that out i will do that can you do a split screen with mike cernovich
post yeah i believe i will try to do that but i want to make sure that somebody said i saw an overlay i saw a talking boxes only heard audio maybe if it's portrait versus landscape i was going uh alright will test will do some more testing on that so other people are saying they saw split screen i wonder if it was the orientation on your screen sure if you click the static logo that came on
what would happen alright well will play with that that's boring to talk about it what else is happening so we did the state of the union we did the trump schedule and there's some pick some story about james brown's death i'll probably will bring on some climate people let's talk about qi made a comment about the q conspiracy and actually tweeted an article in which key was just called the conspiracy conspiracy theory and once again all the q people attack me for being stupid now i didn't know there were any q people left and
so it's kind of blown away that there's so many people who are that resistant to seeing the obvious i don't yeah there's some there's some conspiracy theories where even i say well maybe you know for example the conspiracy theory that there were other gunman who shot kennedy now i think that's probably not true you know if i had to bet on it i would bet that the story is fairly close to the story that we've been to single shooter but i also say to myself well maybe you know it's not it's not impossible that there was more to this story but when i hear things about chem trails and the q conspiracy
did not have that feeling to maine to me it's just pretty obvious that those are those are made up yeah i thought i thought the q people had just gone away but uhm so part of the story was that the q who is being boosted by the russian trolls so the russians had accurately identified the queue thing as as a disruptive was a news and they were boasting and some more people are getting in on the fake news so i'm not seeing any q supporters here so far but on twitter they came after me and i and i kept thinking i thought they were
no queue people left i haven't heard about it q drop in a long time didn't jack pasaba can in in in i in ginger mclean didn't didn't we do a good enough job killing that conspiracy theory yeah that's what i said music used often there somebody still willing to to say that they believe that it's kind of amazing can i get to judith curry i might try to do that because she would be exactly the right person to talk to i'm going to do an update on my current understanding of climate so as you know i've been doing a deep dive and i think i think i'm at a point where i can give you an update
about what seems real and he was bs my my general overview is it both the skeptics and the climate science community have so much bs that neither then look real and in other words both arguments look fraudulent because so much of their arguments on both sides are obviously fraudulent so there's no side which has been accurate an honest and scientific that apparently that didn't happen both sides have some large amount of total bs but one of those sides is right
so even though they both have large dollops of bs which is the part we can recognize one of them is right either it's a problem or it's not and i'll give you my current thinking on that i have a new question for those of you who are sort of following this i saw a claim that if you had just eighteen temperature buoys it would be as good as having honda or even thousands of billions measuring the temperature all over the oceans and the the reason is that eighteen this enough to be representative and somebody did the math and compared it and found out that that would be the case now if it's that you can get a reliable enough the is enough
but if you can get a reliable enough measurement of the ocean from just eighteen buoys but we actually have far more than that would change my mind about whether we're not we can even measure measure the temperature of the ocean if we can't measure the temperature of the ocean i'm not willing to say that we know what's going on but if it's true that just any well placed sample of eighteen buoys would actually track the ocean temperature pretty well that would change my mind and whether or not we have a handle on this and one of you see all the time is look at the satellites dammit the satellite temperature measurements are the accurate
here's what i know about that so far satellite temperature is available only been measured since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine when they started the technology and it only measures the atmosphere so satellite can't tell you the temperature below the the water and so i say to myself since ninety percent of the earth's heat is in the ocean how helpful is it to be able to only measure the air is that's the ten percent now if the theory is that measuring the air is actually all you need to do then i like to hear that so that's a gap in my knowledge is there anybody who claims that measuring just the atmosphere and not direct measuring the ocean obviously there's interplay there but not
rackley measuring the ocean if somebody can tell me that that's totally good enough then that would be important because the satellites tell you one story that might be a little different from the the bullies etcetera i'm seeing in all caps the dumbest comment about climate all right here's one thing i found out for sure and if if it's the last thing i do i'm gonna to make sure that nobody ever types a comment to me in all caps it's the sun it's the sun
they forgot to measure the sun let me tell you why that is the worst most uninformed comment on climate and it goes like this do you think all the climate scientists in the world when they were trying to figure out the heat of the planet do you think all of those scientists forgot to include the sun that's what people think a huge part of the skeptical community believes and my mind just goes blah blah blah blah blah i hear this they literally believe that the best site
just in the world on the on the question of climate and warmth forgot to measure the impact of the sudden now of course we're talking about you know that that the intensity of the sun the sun spots of the sun cycles and all that but please dear god if you don't believe anything else i ever tell you the climate scientist did not forget the sun that would be the dumbest opinion in in the whole conversation everybody who says they forgot the sun should not be able to talk in public anymore their friends should just stop them their friend should say bob
when we talk about clinton signs if you mention the song again as if it hasn't been thought of and nobody checked at you can't talk anymore you can you you're not allowed to speak anymore if you think the sun has been forgotten by scientists that's not a thing and indeed the other big argument from the skeptics is that the temperature and the c two in the past don't line up in other words one was bring up on what's going down in the past do you know why they produce that graph because the skeptics for god the sun that's literally true so the reason that you see these graphs that are fake graphs of co2 and temperature not moving together is because those graphs made by the skeptics
did not include the changes that we understand about the sock it what you put those in there the lines actually match up so somebody said i wonder about the sun so so here's the other thing that people say some people are saying that the earth is cooled for the past two years so i asked this question on twitter just so i could get an answer and apparently the temperature has cooled substantially in the last two years if
you think that means anything it does not this not because in the few years of change means nothing because that's all the soon and then you the the climate scientists assume that the temperature goes up and down in different years but that the average is moving here's the other worst skeptical argument the worst skeptical argument besides they forgot the sun is that they used to call it non global warming but they had to change it to climate change because there were a lot of a lot of low temperatures to ha ha we caught them they had to change the name because their theory was so bad that it wasn't just warming sometimes i got cooler that's a terrible argument because it turns out and if you do a little fact checking it's been cold climate
change for as long as it's been global warming so scientists did not just come up with a new marketing term they've always been using that term and they have always understood that if you warmed one part of the world it would cause a ripple effect that might cause other places to be temporarily cooler but all that matters is the average all that matters is the average so that's that's the other just terrible that they changed the name of it change the name of it doesn't mean anything in all it really means is that you heard you with the new name more than i heard the old name after awhile but both names always existed so that's a terrible argument um the north pole shift
i think we're still trying to figure out how that all fits in verified the i b pc ports and come back with the fact bro i don't know what you're talking about but since you're an idiot i'm gonna ignore how's the climate change ranting polling well not everybody likes it so i save it for the end of my periscopes uh oh here's the other worst argument so the other worst argument is that climate change is a giant conspiracy that's meant to create a socialist world have you heard that one that that was sort of a chem trails q magic kind of belief and it's even backed up by
some i don't know some un dignitary saying exactly that so there are actually people on video saying they were doing this climate change thing too turn socialist but there's no frickin way that all of the scientists in the world are in on this globalist and that is ridiculous right i i i'm not i wouldn't be surprised at all if there are real people you are not scientists were in it for other reasons you know maybe they think it will make the world a better place because it makes us more so list or something yeah i believe they exist but there's no frickin way that the scientists were working in this field are all in on this conspiracy now then people say to me scott you don't understand we're not saying that all the scientists are in on the conspiracy were saying that the big people who control the money are the conspiracy ones
and they're the ones who are in something the politicians in scenting the scientists to do all the wrong things nobody understands bias more than i do well i'm sure people understand it more than i do but the point is i literally wrote a book on bias and of course monetary bias is close to the top bias here scott is incredibly naive i'll tell you can't really black people anymore because the the one you touch is not the one that gets blocked those who think a naive because i don't believe there's a global conspiracy about climate change you really need to check your conspiracy thinking uh eugene if you're believing in chem trails global conspiracy theories q these are
all ridiculous and i don't want to even spend too much time talking about them they are ridiculous on the surface you don't have to you don't have to dig down you have to do your own research on these these ones are just ridiculous somebody says you're destroying your argument lol alright there's not i can do for you if you're going to believe the conspiracy theory that is that outrageously crazy right i can't i can't change your mind if you're that far gone but one thing i'm sure of is that the scientists of the world are not making up science because there's some global conspiracy that's influencing them all in lockstep that's just not happening uh thoughts on helium three fusion energi technology well
i have a lot of thoughts on helium three fusion technology let me show you a little model i made now i don't have any thoughts on that the president said it's conspiracy well maybe he did but i don't know what's nc means it's a conspiracy did too so if i drag the list somebody is giving me some user interface steps oh i see alright yeah so if i drag the list i can stop it and i can block you yeah i'll probably uh it was a when i go somebody said they're getting leri married to an american lady today wish me luck that's
that will get me in trouble if i say anything about that here's a here's a comment in the old days i would have made a joke about it if somebody says
into an american lady today wish me luck and i thought not going to touch that i am not going to touch that way at all all right now it appears there we go to do i block with my middle finger i should he keeps saying it's not sure if he's trolling scott you're afraid you'll be kicked out of your globalist climate changers lodge any comments on i q debate yes i do i don't know which i q debate that you're talking about but i q comes up all the time and usually in some
racist sense you know should we should we be treating people differently because their their ethnicity has some kind of different iq situation here's what i have to say about that the dumbest thing about white supremacists is a white supremacist i believe that they the white supremacist get credit for something that people who are not them who also happened some some dna in common invented some stuff and i say to myself in a minute wait a minute just because you have some dna similarity with complete strangers who invented some great stuff that doesn't make you great that doesn't say anything about you you are completely disconnected you weigh supremacist
with anything that people who happen to also be white do you don't get credit for that so the whole idea that you can get credit for something that other people have done just because those other four share some kind of weird dna with you there's no there's no logic to that the dumbest thing i've ever heard and here's here's another one so and then other people say yeah but we have to you know the the white supremacist might say something like we have to control who comes into the country because if you let people come in from this country say the white supremacists you know you're you're going to bring people of lower iq to which i say how many people from any group are inventing the next iphone it doesn't matter how many how many people you have from any group
'cause ninety nine point nine percent of every group is not changing society they're not inventing the future they're not they're not the ones who have solved um anything you're not of any of any ethnicity ninety nine percent of them are not changing the world so what here's is the number of them so what is the number of our smartest people goes up it doesn't matter you know what ethnicity what gender doesn't matter if there another trans lgbtq none of that matters we just need a lot of 'em the more of them we have the smartest one percent the better we are doesn't matter what color they are is there somebody who happens to be white or happens to be male does something awesome that doesn't help me
that wasn't me i don't get the reward i don't get the bonus to somebody was not made of something cool it's it's it's sort of it's just a not a productive argument so there are things you can say about like you that you can find scientists to say yes this is true in some average sense but in the real world the only people change in the world of these few just on usual people and it's not me that's not you so you know treating each other by our ethnicity because there are some strangers doing something great somewhere else is just ridiculous nine sami says are you saying i q is not genetic
i didn't talk about that topic at all what i talked about is how it wasn't terribly important we think it matters but it but if it's only true in some weird you know average way matter if that were true or not it wouldn't shouldn't change what you're doing um i've never met a white supremacist have you literally not if a white supremacist is someone who thinks that white people are superior to all the other races i'm thinking now but i think that's true i believe i've never met one i've never met anybody who would that have been that is true
i'm not saying they don't exist so don't take me in a context i'm just saying personally never had a personal private conversation with somebody who had that opinion so i think that's all i have to say today and i may or may not join you for the state of the union i haven't decided yet i will i'll talk to you later bye
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