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Episode 405 Scott Adams: The State of the Union

2019-02-06 | 🔗


  • Dems and the media have turned “border security” into “racism”
    • Strategic move, but traps them…we still need border security
  • Second chances, prison reform and the First Step Act
  • Van Jones is correct, about President Trump and immigrant crime
    • It comes across as racist, need to tweak the message
  • Do illegal immigrants report crimes against them?
    • How could we possibly know the true crime rate?
  • CNN knows that Charlottesville was fake news, guaranteed
    • At least some of their hosts still are still pushing that hoax
  • Probably fake news that Trump Organization hired illegals
    • Almost certainly, they confirmed ID of job applicants
  • The Costa Rica strategy, good, well planned economy
    • Great resorts and jobs for people in tourism
    • (not a joke) Waiters in Costa Rica went to college for that
    • Their economy is focused on technology and tourism
  • Jussie Smollet’s story…95% likely it was fabricated
  • Stacie Abrams and the Democrat SOTU rebuttal
    • …I remember absolutely nothing about what she said
  • AOC had a bad night
    • She seemed petty and small
    • But we’re still talking about her, so she wins in that regard
  • Will America become a socialist country?

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but i'm bum bum pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom joanne you're always fast first one hello everybody come on in here it's time for a coffee with scott adams i will be your host scott adams and i will have coffee and i think you should have some two or the beverage of your choice i think it's time raise your cup your mug your glass your your chalice your thermos put your favorite beverage in there i like coffee and join me for for the silent oh yeah that's good stuff so how many of you watch the state of the union last night you probably at least seen clips from it and move
important question you have is how to go did he gain anything they lose anything i will ramble about that in no particular order number one presentation i thought he was lacking in at least at the beginning of the state of the union but he may have been trying to just play it serious so it's the just dial down his energy to to stop scaring people so i thought in terms of presentation like a little energy in terms of content i don't think he made much news some of the things he said are being fact checked etc one of the things he said apparently went off script to say this he said he wanted
more immigrants not fewer and people said that can't be true because he's done a bunch of things to limit legal immigration as well but i'm not sure that fact checking passes muster because it seems to me that you have to get your your legal system up and run bring in your marriage system and everything before you turn up the volume so i i think the fact checkers were wrong on this and i saw an article in reasonreason dot com that did not reasonable for the first time and the idea was that he's done a number of things to restrict legal immigration so it's not true that he wants more people coming in legal well i would argue that we don't have a merit only
we don't have a merit system in place and correct me if i'm wrong but the whole the whole trump philos today is that if you have a merit system bring as you want the there's no limit on volume or at least it's not a low limit but you would bring in lots of people if you had a system to make sure you were getting the people most productive now that one of the fact checkers said is that immigrants both legal and illegal are good for the economy on net and this seems to be like one of those climate change situations without doing a deep dive on the question of whether illegal immigration is good or bad for the country let me tell you how it would go i would i would make a claim
somebody say here's my link shows you the immigration is bad for the country the let's say the economy and then somebody else would say that's a bad study here's my link showing that it's excellent for the and on and on until eventually somebody would say something that i couldn't check or didn't understand or both so it's almost impossible to even know the question you know the answer to that is simple question does immigration help or hurt the country now of course the most annoying and stupidest thing that happens on the question of immigration is that one side talks in absolute numbers and the other side talks in percent and while they're not even having the same conversation there accusing the other one of being wrong well the very first thing you need to do in order to
use the other side of being wrong is to be on the same topic one of you is talking in the number of people at another is talking percentages and the context here is the percentage of crime so apparently there's a probably good data probably good day to this as that the immigrant community both legal and illegal and i i think it's true if it let them individually but it's always a little murky when they report that data have a lower crime rates then the rest of the country lower crime rate than the rest of the country and uh that's sort of the cnn msnbc argument that it must be racist to keep them out for crime reasons because that doesn't track with weather
because they have a lower crime rate than the rest of the country now some people are saying that's not true but let's say it is true just to follow my point to its logical conclusion my house is in a region of the country where i have a very low crime rate so i live in a neighborhood with low crime rate should i leave my doors unlocked because when i get robbed which is guaranteed even in my low crime rate area if i leave the garage open somebody will steal from the garage pretty much every time or at least if you if you left your garage door open for six months in a row overnight the odds are getting robbed her basically one hundred percent even in my neighborhood
so should i leave my door unlocked or even open when i go to sleep because i live in in the area that has a lower crime rate than other places does that make sense because when i manage security for my home i only care if there crime yes or no the only thing i care about the only thing i care about i'm glad figured out the trick for blocking the critics one down i i don't really care what the rate is when i'm trying to not get killed i only care that i could get killed yes or no so on this count the critics of the president are just not
they don't seem like a credible players closer they're avoiding his topic they're not refuting so if cnn and msnbc want to say the president is wrong or to refute his points they should not be talking about the crime rate unless they also leave their doors unlocked at night under the theory that they live in low crime neighborhoods so why would you protect yourself against a lower than average risk of crime and the answer is of course you would you would always you would you would he would always do that alright so let's see here's some other takeaways i was watching van van jones on cnn talk about how the way the president talks about immigration is racist and in part because he talks about the crime in the danger
and when you do that it leaves the impression that is racist and we've we've kind of created that we've come full circle in this weird kind of inter version of what's going on with immigration and i feel like this is what's happened i think the president was saying aggressive things about closing the border for last three years and because the democrats have talked themselves into that being a racist position they're sort of cornered because they've been saying is racist to control the and now when it comes down to this the nothing bolts it's harder than
say well no we disagree with the experts and so they they've got a kinda like border security but at the same time they can't like the president's solutions that include some barriers so here's here's where i think it's more i think their argument and they don't quite you say it is specifically as i'm going to but i believe this is actually a a fair representation of the argument i think the argument is that they like border security now talking about the mainstream democrats they like border security but because of the way the president has talked about it the the way he is worded things it has it has changed a border barrier into a racist symbol so in other words
they might like a border barriers efficiency they might like border security they might agree that certain types of places need certain types barriers they might agree on all of the details the engineering and the security security concerns of the border but in their minds the president is trance formed a wall that would have been a good solution before into a racist symbol and they don't want the country to be presenting races symbols and they don't want to be associated with it and they don't think you should either and so here's the question the next question would would democrats believe that the wall was a racist symbol except for the persuasion of their own candidates and the media doesn't
the same to you that the media and the democrats are what turned a border security into a racist i don't believe there was any time that the president said walls are totally racist give us more races walls i'm pretty sure there's nothing the president said about the barrier that turned it into a racist object one hundred percent of that persuasion came from his critics so it was the cnn the msnbc the hillary clinton's etc who turned that into a racist symbol so they're complaining now that they can't build thing they want because they themselves or at least their side has turned their own best solution into a racist symbol am i wrong i'll say that again faster
democrats are complaining that they can't build any wall like things because they are racist but there are also the that made that happen no point at which the president said give me a racist wall that all came from their side all so there's that now of course we've got the two movies on one screen element to this which is i'm saying i'm saying supporters saying my god it's the best speech he's ever written he became president today he nailed it he sure going to get it real can you go and look at the other side they're saying of course the direct opposite of that
somebody saying yes you were wrong thank you for the detail yes you are all all right the funniest thing that happened well there are a few funny things one is that uh the women who came to the state of the union wearing the all white they all said one big block or most of them did and so they were very visible and it was one of the big stories of the night president trump managed to turn this big group of women dressed in white who i think it was kind of approach was it was the all white celebrating the games of women or was or protest i don't know i don't know exactly what it was supposed to be but i'll tell you what
turned into president trump actually managed to use them as a prop so he used them as a prop and made them stand up and cheer uhm let me address something here because too many of you were commenting on it many people have cleverly noted that dressing in all white reminds them of the cake ok we should mention that democrats were the party of kkk a million years ago i have no interest in that argument i have zero interest in inflating the democrats with the kkk i don't want to be part of it i'm not gonna laugh at it i'm not going to i'm not going to i'm not going to retweet it and i don't encourage you to do it yeah i know you're having fun and you're kind of giving back what's been given to you and all that but i just don't care what people
you know fifty years ago were doing i don't care what dead people were doing fifty years ago even if they were called democrats it's a complete waste of your enerji it's a terrible attack it doesn't move anything forward and it's not as funny as it should be so that's my opinion on that so you don't need to ask me about that anymore let's talk about so the president did not make any news talking about any emergency declarations but that's probably good because it's you know it's not time to make that decision yet so it would not have been useful uh it would not have been useful to make him some announcement about emergency declaration now the president's overall term seemed very inclusive he did
thirty did a great job on the african american outreach the new didn't seem like he did a tremendous job on directly going against the any charges of antis semitism which i think he's is bullet proof on that but even though they still attack them is kind of bullet proof on the pro israel stuff but i thought he did great job talking about second chances and prison reform showcasing some of the people who had their lives around and i think that this is a test message of the night to me the best message in the night was the alice jones and the gentleman i don't remember his name but the first person relate released under the first act plan
and what he emphasized was that these people who had you know made a serious effort to become productive citizens and we're being rewarded for this that's a tremendous message i love the second second chance i love the forgetting the i love the rewarding people worked hard and try to make a difference so i thought that was all a plus and when he called out the success of women i thought he seemed sincere and you know celebrated with them success so in terms of how he did on on the racism charge and the anti women charge the stuff he usually gets thank did really well except except this is a big excel
i'm going to agree with van jones on one thing he does leave himself open to criticism when he talks about crime coming across the border now i'm sure on the persuasion level it works so i don't have any doubt that scaring people about crime works well for his base but it has such a big downside and the downside is it makes it vulnerable to being interpreted as being racist and it's as big as pro so if if i were advising him i would look too much his message about crime coming across the border either do one of two things you you either just
tone down the way you talk about it or you go directly at the criticism the direct criticism is that the immigrants have a lower crime rate i would love to see him embrace that i love him you know if i were advising him i would say you need to say in public if that's true by the way you know obviously has to be two in order to say it but if it's true the immigrant communities bring less crime i think you should say that say that directly and then make his argument because his argument is that if you're dead you don't care what the rate was right that's the argument he
praise immigrants and he can pray is there a low rate of crime if it's true and i'm still i'm gonna give you an argument whether and might not be true but i think he needs to say you know i'm not here to protect the percentage of people you know my job is for and is not to make sure that you have a better rate of survival it's to make sure you survive i'm not trying to make sure that a lower percentage of people got killed i'm trying to make sure nobody gets so i think he can win that but he has to go at it directly or just stay out that field cuz every time he walks on the field i feel like he's playing for a tie and playing for a tie it just doesn't get you anywhere i get you exactly where we are he's playing for a tie it doesn't feel like he's playing for the win all right here's the argument here's the argument for why it
not be true the we're going to have a lower crime rate i do believe that the people who come in here for high level jobs the people who come in here legally and the people who have college educations if you told me they have a lower level of crime i would say that makes sense of course because if you looked at any college educated the people they would have lower crime rates so if you throwing in all of the hi only skilled people who come in here to work in silicon valley and all that all the other highly skilled people have been as immigrants i would totally i could easily and that they would have a lower crime rate and i would like have more of them but if you're talking specifically about the the illegal immigrants now apparently
statistics that even that group as a lower crime rate here's the problem with believing that statistic most crimes happen to your own in group in other words yeah here somebody is adami it's less reported because correct me if i'm wrong but most most most black over victims of crime it comes from the people that live with which is other black it's probably true that white people commit more crimes against white people probably true that hispanics crave more crimes against hispanics etc etc 'cause you crimes against the people who are nearby and if you're part of an illegal immigrant community you probably spend a lot more time with people in the same same boat now
if you are an illegal immigrant and you commit lesser crime of violence or was a rape here which is violence uh against another member of an immigrant community will the victim reported and i would think not wouldn't you so if our official statistics are the illegal immigrants have lower crime rates i just have to ask do they feel comfortable porting crimes 'cause if most crimes happen to your in group in other words you do the crime against the peace nearby who are a lot like you in a lot of ways i just don't know we know how could we possibly know the crime rate
so one thing the president could say is point that out you could say just because the crime is committed against their own their own population that doesn't mean we can forgive it and i think you could separate the legal immigrants and say we want lots more of that because we do uh and then the illegal immigrants are report does having low crime but ask yourself if they would report a crime sure he doesn't even have to make it as a statement you just have to look at the cameras they ask yourself do illegal immigrants report crimes against themselves and your common sense if such a thing exists i questioned whether common sense
but let's just say that you would immediately conclude that no of course they don't of course they don't report crimes at the same rate as everybody else why would they would be ridiculous all right uh so i think the president has that one area that you can improve a lot but here's the interesting thing it's probably his biggest weakness not counting healthcare i feel as though the argument about the president being racist against african americans is sort of shrinking isn't it ask yourself this when was the last time president trump was accused of being racist against
specifically specifically against african americans i think the answer is well thirty years ago there was that thing but i don't think as president there's any charge that he's done anything except being helpful and you know the prison reform thing being a good example so here's the charge of his quote racism seems to have been is now focused on illegal immigration and this wall so he's managed to take this big big problem hey he's a big old racist is managed to sora shrink it you know it's like shrink shrink shrink shrink shrink now people are not completely
people are not completely talked out of it but i would say in terms of a focus is shrinking and shrinking is focused on this border stuff so if he if he makes a better argument on the border stuff that sounds practical he's got he's got a good shot at reelection yeah the charlottesville a hoax is still prevalent for those of you don't know the president said they were fine people on both sides of the statute question which the media turned into hate he just said white supremacists are fine people which she did not say and so most of what the president is being attacked for in terms of racism i would say a percentage on it but i would say sixty percent of what people think about the president's racial views are based on the shelves full hoax
which we still see on cnn which is despicable let me say this directly cnn knows cnn knows that the charlottesville stuff is fake news they know that right i guarantee it don't ask me how i know but i'm not guessing they know it's fake news and they let their pump
say it with a check here no i don't know how many of the host still saying maybe dog levin i haven't i don't know but i don't believe all of the hussein all right yeah the central park five thing was also a hoax if you if you dig into the details you find out that the president ran a full page ad against crime it was it was a full page ad about crime and that people said he must be talking about the central park five which you probably was inspired by that but he didn't talk about and that turned into a lot more now we did talk about him in interviews and stuff and they thought they were guilty of thinking p
you are guilty when the police also think they're guilty not exactly not exactly the biggest crime in the world yeah you didn't mention race in the article the everybody is calling him a racist there was nothing about it was about crime all right do you know the charlottesville hoax happen before the vehicle attack not that it matters i mean i know why you're saying that but even regardless of the timing of it it was obvious he was talking about the statue debate he wasn't siding with white supremacists that's just a bat crazy no interesting there's also the story about the trump properties higher
bring illegal immigrants now i think their story is probably fake news here's why i think it's probably fake news i would be very surprised if the trump organization in any part of the world in the united states let's just talk about the united states i'd be very surprised if any trump organization hired illegal immigrants without checking id right so if somebody has documentation and and it looks good to you that's a little different from saying you hired illegal immigrants that's more like higher people the way everybody else in the world hires people and some of them were illegal immigrants so i think it's fake news the way it's reported that would that would be my guess yeah yeah if somebody is fake ideas
you don't have a reason not ira if they are otherwise good now i saw article certain article yesterday and i wish i could refer to where it came from but the essence of it was there's a prediction that the population of the earth will will plateau an start falling and when it starts falling it will fall forever and apparently there's some science thinking behind it part of the thinking is that as societies become
wealthier they tend to have a lower birth rate i suppose that's part of it but there's actually a thought that one of the biggest problems in the future is a lack of people that will run out of people especially young people so getting back to the immigration question i think the president can make it a big argument that the future of countries use how selective they are with immigration it might be a might be the number one thing that a country needs to do is to come let me let me say this sentence positive turns instead of negative it might be that the greatest competitive advantage any country will have in the future is how well they attract talent from other countries so if you imagine that we will increasingly be able to move from one country to another at least physically so if
is a clean distances and so much of a thing in the future you can usually figure out how to get from one place to another physically but because the the pool of qualified people might begin to shrink in the next thirty years there was be fewer people in the world fewer people being born people are going to be scrambling to get the good ones so if the president is successful in setting up a good let's say merit immigration system and he simultaneously successful in plugging the other holes and getting a nice efficient merit based system that's when you turn up the volume because i definitely agree with the thought that if we're in the more jesus from india more geniuses from asia more geniuses from africa more geniuses from europe
for radio more geniuses and at least people who were super qualified that's pretty good thing for the country there's the kid are you against left there's a question about jesus i'm not sure how that dovetails into what we're talking about i've also thought we might reach a future where the the pollution is so bad in other places that if you can go and location somewhere where there's not pollution that would be a big big draw you know i thought about going to china as a tourist and then i see the pictures of china
and i said to myself why would i ever be a tourist in china because the the atmospheres the a deadly at hello if i can't walk out with a face mask i'm sure not gonna go on any kind of a trip there now here's another trend that's important if robots start taking taking all the was manufacturing jobs and emmanuel for jobs and a lot of other jobs so if robot start taking human jobs what types of jobs are humans least likely to take my answer is jobs in the hospitality of field i'm on vacation right now and so i'm running into employees at the resorts you know all the time in i can't imagine it could be wrong about this i can't imagine a robot replacement for
all of the many people who work in customer service because it's the physical interaction it's the smile the sin knowing you've been hurt it's the that's the human touch those are all the things that make it work and robots will never built into that right well i won't say never at least robots for the next thirty years probably can't do that so it seems to me that the united states as a future my i want to do what i call the costa rica strategy if you don't know about costa rica and i have you noticed that when talking about all these immigrants were coming up from central america have you noticed that you don't hear costa rica you don't hear well you sure are a lot of costa rican's coming up through mexico and across the border is because costa rica if i will be i will pronounce it right was it coaster or costa rica
has a really good economy which is very well planned and here's what they do right in costa rica they built an economy around tourism and maybe some high tech i think but tourism is big thing the beauty of tourism is that it creates lots of jobs for people who don't have a of education so you go to costa rica and you get these great resorts of this great experience and your this this is true your waiter your wait are in costa rica went to college to be a waiter your bartender in costa rica went to college to be a bartender do you think the service costa rica is good it's really good that's really good 'cause they take that stuff seriously they said our economy is going to be touring
and you can't even be a waiter here unless you went away to college think about that think about how good their tourism is when can't even be a waiter without going to college for it and you feel it when you're here now they've rejected fossil fuels so costa rica apparently does have at least some some fossil fuels at least they have resources but they've decided as a country not to exploit them and that there it's a completely its degree this country in central america i think so they don't have a military they rely on the united states and they're in a good part of them no military very green they're not they're not explain the oil even though they could and they've turned tourism into a first class very successful business that's working very well
when i was in costa rican this was several years ago i would see these scary big trucks of i believe they were nicaraguans who are being trucked in costa rica because costa rica didn't have enough labor there let me was so good and they had such good jobs that they couldn't even get enough costa rican's to work the fields so costa rica nag roger had to ship in nicaraguans in these these scary trucks that were just like packed with people very in human in humane so i am my guess is that the united states is going to become sort of the tourist destination as the robot start taking our regular jobs and then everybody just works at the resort and you know they're they're in customer service but there's just a lot of it
by the way i used to work at a resort for years going through college and high school i work at a resort and it's a good lifestyle the being an employee at a resort is a good lifestyle uh even at lower pay so all so just looking at your comments as anything else going on that's about it right isn't their standard of living pretty low in cost weekend not as low as nicaragua it's all relative all i think rbg has nothing to say about her that's a wait and see agency there's nothing left to say about n and you want to know more about my home coffee maker
it's a meal a m i l m i e l d but it's an old one so you you should look into the new ones jussie smollett all right smollett his story well being attacked by the people in mega hats we don't know for sure what happened but if i had to put a percentage on it i'd say ninety five percent fabricant meeting there's a ninety five percent chance that the jussie smollett story is not true now i'm not sure it's not true because that would be a hundred per well i'd say based on what we've seen and heard ninety five percent unlikely to be true stacey abrams i watch to stacey abrams reply here's what i remember of it nothing
there was absolutely nothing about stacey abrams reply that was interesting or memorable i'm going to say this next thing very carefully i'm not even sure if i can i don't know if there's a way to say this without without it being horribly taken in context is ruining my life let's say let's say this stacey abrams is no barack obama and she's no oprah did that does that help me at all to that protect me you know how the camera loves oprah i have the camera loves obama and even if you don't like their politics and even if you don't like him personally
i certainly agree that obama and oprah have charisma through the roof right they can old they can hold your attention they can hold the screen they can really they can really hold you stacey abrams doesn't have that so yeah that's as carefully as i can say it she does not have the thing that makes me want to watch more of here you can be mean in the comments and i'm not sure i would disagree with where you're going with this but and she's in the world of television she's a tough sale and i'm be as kind as possible while also being objective right objectively speaking i just do
you know if television is or medium i'm just going to say that media that's an interesting term i don't think there's anything else to talk about is there time for another sip of coffee well then i will just remind you that if you want healthcare costs to go down i want to help people who don't have health care my startups app interface by one of
is now adding doctors so we have doctors you can call in the app and get a video call on demand and if they're licensed in your state and many of them are they can even write prescriptions and so you can get a second opinion or talk to a doctor about let's say it's something person you could talk to a doctor right away and you don't have to embarrass yourself to your regular doctor and if you want to get second opinion which i find i often do there be a quick way to get one in ten minutes you can have a doctor on the phone in here getting a second opinion so please go to interface by when hub at the app store and download it it's free just in case
now you might have a situation where there's somebody you know we need some medical care and isn't willing to go get it in that case you might also want to refer to a doctor and be it to be able to help your friend or family member alright let's talk about aoc ok it was a bad night for aoc do we i agree that it was a bad night for aoc now i can say that i've been saying she has lots of good nights and in fact we're still talking about
so if we're talking about her arguably it's a good night but i thought she looked petty and small or for her reactions so she seemed petty and small but we're also talking about her so so i guess you wins again bitter beer face is that a thing what about bernie why do i avoid venezuela well what is there to say about venezuela i'm not do i have anything to add to venezuela isn't actually just to the news coverage the place is a mess socialism doesn't work and
i did like when the president said will never be a socialist country yeah thanks for priming me there prompting me i don't know that he's right because if i had to predict i would predict that we will become a socialist country you don't want to hear that dear here's my prediction the united states will become a socialist country when robots come because once the but you're doing all the hard stuff it won't make sense to have normal normal jobs and and normal so you'll always have some billionaires alone everything but i think that for a large percentage of the population in fifty years you're not right away normal jobs will be rare and probably
you have a job that'll be enough to get healthcare and housing and all that all right bernie space agency you happy it must be to must be tough to be a democrat in that room because you have to have that unhappy face the whole i'm even when he saying things you should be cheering about alright that's enough for now i'm going to go do something else i will show you the view but it's still dark here i'll talk to you later
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