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Episode 415 Scott Adams: Omar Versus Trump, Manafort, Spartacus

2019-02-14 | 🔗


  • Manafort lied, CNN headline calls that a bombshell?
  • Amy Klobuchar calls the AOC New Green Deal “aspirational”
  • Cory Booker beginning to understand phrase, “The Party of Women”
    • Cory says he will “look to women first” for a VP
    • Men need not apply unless all women are unqualified
  • Kamala Harris tax rate statement not getting fact-checked by CNN
  • Jake Tapper’s unfair, mean-spirited coverage of President Trump
    • Jake and CNN believe the President is anti-Semitic…
    • …and Israel hasn’t noticed? How can they believe that?
  • TDS requires two pillars of belief that are obvious hoaxes
    1. Charlottesville hoax
    2. Russia collusion hoax (involving President Trump)
  • Human ego maintenance requires TDS victims cling to the 2 pillars
    • Accepting the 2 pillars as hoaxes…
    • …would be too large of a blow to their ego
  • The human brain protects ego at any cost to maintain self-image
    • TDS symptoms, regardless of how obvious…
    • …can’t be seen and understood, by the victims of TDS

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