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Episode 418 Scott Adams: The Three Pillars of TDS

2019-02-16 | 🔗


  • A major news story was a fake news hoax…Charlottesville
  • The 3 Pillars of TDS – Whiteboard
    • 1. Charlottesville Hoax
    • 2. Russian Collusion Hoax
    • 3. “Crazy” President Hoax
  • A Presidential candidate said something supporting the KKK?
    • TDS…insane to believe that would ever happen
    • Obviously nuts, yet intelligent people continue to believe
  • David Duke recently announced his support for Rep Omar
    • Does that mean Omar supports the KKK? Obviously not
    • People CAN like things…for different reasons
  • How can people believe President Trump is an anti-semite?
    • Wouldn’t Israel have noticed if that was even possible?
    • NO Jewish leader in America believes it
    • The leader of Israel, PM Netanyahu…doesn’t believe it
    • President Trump’s Jewish family members…don’t believe it
  • Mike Cernovich and I were both called “far right” in a national story
    • We became part of the news
    • Notice that they DON’T report me saying…
      • …Charlottesville was a fake news hoax
    • Every major media outlet follows my Periscope broadcasts
    • Controversial and newsworthy to say Charlottesville Hoax
    • Won’t be reported, cause they’re invested in the hoax
  • Prediction: Independents are having their cake, and eating it too
    • BUT…in the 2020 election booth, accomplishments matter
    • Unaccomplished objectives possible, but he gives it his all
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