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Episode 427 Scott Adams: Putting the Phoney Debate Over “Socialism” in Context For the First Time

2019-02-22 | 🔗


  • The debate over socialism between Bernie, AOC and the GOP
    • What’s wrong with socialism…besides lack of incentive?
    • UK and Canada have socialized medical care, why not us?

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deep deep do you off the phone i'm from hey everybody this will be a short and very special white board presentation in which i'm going to put socialism and the debate over socialism in the united states in context probably from the first time you've ever seen it now what inspired me to do this is that watching the so called debate over socialism let's say as expressed by bernie sanders and aoc and others verse is the standard trump republican conservative view of capitalism and it's making me crazy because i'm watching two people besides who think they're in a conversation but or not so an illusion of a debate
but it's an illusion because we're not even really talking about the same things that somebody says hey we took economics to alright here's what i'm watching so if you got socialism in this bubble and capitalism on the other we the capitalism gives us great stuff like you know what we associated anyway with democracy freedom high standards of living of course you can go too far with your capitalism into into fashion nobody wants literally nobody is in favor of that over here in socialism we worry that historically and associated with dictators and economic collapse in venezuela in genocide and and and hitler and everything else but in the middle here is we've got a little bit of capitalism a little bit of socialism and that's where i would say that the ok with national health insurance canada with math national health
rinse and then anything bernie talks about sort of bird sanders is talking about it it's probably some version of social and here's what i'm noticing if you if you talk to the people who love capitalism and dislike socialism tell me what's wrong with socialism people will say social this bad because dictate economic collapse genocide and of course a lot has to do with a lack of incentive right the big advantage of capitalism is incentive if have a capitalist system people are incentive to work hard if you take away their incentive so steve devolve fairly quickly into a bad situation not necessarily a dictator but a bad situation but here's the thing the uk and canada still have incentive i think they do
i think if you grew up in canada you know fact check on this if there any canadians out there if you thank you in canada if you in canada you feel you have an incentive to go to work of course you do because if the only thing you have is free healthcare or let's let's the sweeten the pot if all you have is free healthcare and let's say you've got free college suggesting these are good ideas right now i'm just talking about the concepts if you had those things would you still have an incentive to go work i think he would as evidenced by the fact that the cat it has a functional economy as does the uk so when i see the people over here saying no bernie you can't have what you want because turn it into this that's not a sensible argument because we have
examples of people who have for birdie wants us to have and they're not falling apart but here's the problem why is it that the uk canada can have those things and you we seem to think we can't afford it here here's why as we have a huge military if the united states not have an enormous military could the ok in canada have what they have probably not because if we didn't have a huge military they would have to have one or they may have already been conquered or in a war with somebody else so because we've put a priority on military spending i suspect that that allows some of the free riders to give free healthcare so it's not really ever and apples and oranges conversation
the only reason that they can do what birdie wants is because we spend so much on the military now if they were to do what president trump suggests let's say the nato folks if they were to substantially increase their spending so that we could least drawdown spending over time there that might suffer a little bit ours might be able to give us some of the things that they enjoy now there's force the issue of whether any of this is then what we have that's a separate issue but in terms of why they can have these things and we can't it's probably because the military and r solitaire is so large that we can protect them and they become a little bit of free riders now i tweeted around a quart of mine from earlier which is the belief that cap
some can get you what socialism wants faster than socialism can get it so socialism the bad kind where you've just given you got rid of your we got really are capitalism and you've got a top down centralized system i'm going get you what you want just wanting it isn't going to get you what you want either you need to create a lot of money and they need a lot of ingenuity and you probably we need something that's closer to mark cuban approaching it which is to look at as sort of like an engineer and to say how can you have a capitalist system they can get you as close as possible to inexpensive universal healthcare how can you get as close as possible to having some kind of low cost or free college for people who want to when they don't without getting into this left area that you don't want to be
of course nobody wants to be over here and fascism so all i wanted to add to this conversation is when the people who are in favor of capitalism and are opposed to this when i can you explain why you're opposed to it they can't now they say things and people will say a lot of different arguments but there's something missing it's as if the people who are dead set on this side and dead set that this is all bad don't really know why now could see that i'm also leaving stuff out and so i'm going to put it to the public because i have no sense of embarrassment like normal people i might be totally wrong about some major elements i might be leaving some major thought out of this but you'll tell me i'm sure you'll tell me what i'm leaving you the arguments that don't work are that if you give people
personal healthcare and let's say free college you turn into a dictatorship what that doesn't even make sense dude it it turned into a dictatorship yeah did the u k into a dictatorship because they have universal healthcare well there's no connect paint issue there the other argument here is that is going to be economic collapse in genocide but we have plenty of examples where that's clearly not happening so i'm not supporting socialism i'm page solidly a capitalist solidly a capitalist don't my taxes to go up don't want to be transferring money you don't want to be rewarding people for not working i don't want any of that but i also don't want to hear arguments that don't have any acting tissue whatsoever so if you can't explain to me why there are countries that are thrive
with some of these socialist elements within a capitalist framework if you can't explain it you need to work harder yeah you need to go back and figure out what is my argument and let me challenge you right now in the comments in the comments tell me what is wrong with socialism slippery slope in my new book coming up i talked about the slippery slope being a more of a mental problem than a real a real problem that is that we imagine that everything that's heading in some direction will keep going that direction forever but in the real world there are always counter forces so anything it goes too far eventually this is a reaction then it stabilizes so the slippery slope is now an actual argument it's a fear but it's not a logical argument
because just because you don't know what would stops a trend from happening doesn't suggest it will keep happening because there's always a counter force that pops up i'm we defend canada that's true so that was the argument that i just made that because the us has a big military presence countries have a little bit of a socialist element to them within the capitalist contacts have an advantage and they don't have to have as big a military it's based on force and coercion is it so the people who are forced and coerced in india and england are they complaining the we don't have to wonder what happens can we just look at the country's doing it
somebody says i'm losing confidence in you all right then i will ban you forever your block i allow arguments i allow facts l allow any kind of disagreement so any kind of disagreement you want to offer i'm open to it if it comes with a reason but but if i hear but for the but when i see here is so here's another one the just says you're an idiot if the if the best you can do is insult me personally then you're banned forever all if you have a reason i'm open to it because honestly i think there's there's something missing in my analysis it feels like it but i'm open to finding out what that is trump as a counterforce
well there plenty of counter forces alright so notice in the comments a complete lack of argument against socialism there is an explanation why we don't have it has to do with our military protecting everybody else that's not an argument against socialism that's just i think there's a reason they can have it and we can't now scott you need to read more history wrong absolutely wrong not need to read more history because that comment suggests and again i won't read your mind but it strongly suggest that you're give hey socialism do listen to these things he's making that argument if the uk in canada devolve into do genocide and dictatorships i'm going to say to you whoa you're right now
universal healthcare turn canada into some kind of a genocidal dictator situation but as long is canada's doing okay that argument doesn't doesn't work where does universal basic income fall on the graph you never personal basic income would probably be just to the left of this line and it's not further into the line where you just paying people for nothing is that the only people who are going to want this universal basic income should it ever become a law or people who are not the and you want to hire anyway the people we aren't going to help your workplace and you either let them die or you find some way to take care of them now many of them would have mental problems and physical problems and and real reasons that they can't work so i'm not recommending you be i i'm not
ending socialism not recommending universal health care or free college i'm just talking about the concepts here alright canada and the uk are going bankrupt now that would be a fact they could be checked i don't know so many this is why are the caravans headed to venezuela because arguing this which is not the conversation so anybody who says socialism is bad because venezuela venezuela is over here bernie is not suggesting let's have a dictatorship it was dictatorship and nationalizing the main source as of income the that as well it was a not so his corruption their and nationalizing businesses there's nobody recommending any of that stuff and if they do that would be those of the bad ideas but
if you're arguing venezuela you're not in the conversation you're not part of the conversa 'cause literally nobody in the united states is suggesting that we become a dictator nationalize our biggest businesses and institute massive corruption nobody sees us that all right the number one argument the against socialism is freedom terrible argument terrible argument yeah so the people over here we love capitalism will say even if you get into this range you've given a freedom because you're being taxed maybe involuntarily and you're told you can't have the health care you want to you being forced to do stuff terrible argument because you already live in a country in which you are forced to do all manner of things
i mean you have to drive a certain way you got to get a license for this of tax for that you got to get approved for the she got to get a certified for that we have very little real freedom we have a very very restricted freedom already were just used to it right i pretty much guarantee you that if we have universal healthcare a few years people would complain about how they're forced to have this and they'd rather have something else ten years later it would just be what we do and we wouldn't even notice so the the freedom argument is very weak because it imagines that were already free and will be giving something up and the truth is we're not even close to free we have some freedoms but we're not even close to free you know we're restricted in just about every field of human human endeavor
try parking wherever you want see how that works out for you there is no more health insurance companies now you could thank you there dumb ways to do this and there are smart ways to do and that's a good argument they parasite are tech development that may be true uh sweden's another example somebody saying some he says i don't think you know what socialism is really i'm going to delete you for saying i don't know what socialism is 'cause that is not a comment that's the comment about maine driving is very different than freedom of health choice well duh
i guess that's what makes it analogy well in this case is something sample i wouldn't say it's an analogy it's an example many limited freedoms so i wouldn't call it an per percent yeah nobody's arguing that healthcare is better in canada i would certainly not make that argument all right all i needed to add for today i see what your responses work and i will talk to you later
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