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Episode 431 Scott Adams: Update on War With the Enemy of the People

2019-02-26 | 🔗


  • The main difference between Antifa and the neo-Nazi’s marching in Charlottesville…is which members of the Trump family, each side wants to kill.
  • CNN fake news Chris Cuomo STILL pushing Charlottesville Hoax
  • Belief in the Charlottesville Hoax, requires you to believe President Trump agrees with people who want to kill members of his family.
  • Belief in the Charlottesville Hoax, requires you to explain Israel’s love and support for President Trump.
  • Being respectful and personal, very complimentary while being tough in negotiations is President Trumps style.

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hey everybody commanding here gather around grab mug grab your challenge your stein grab your glass grab you thermos what time it is it's time for coffee was got items we are ready to enjoy the simultaneous ship for those of you who are nimble a finger and ready for this raise you're jealous and join me for the simultaneous up good stuff so i note that there is a group of her child protestors who are protesting i guess they're going to mitch mcdonalds
some protesting and you know that they already protested with that i am feinstein that didn't work there are also well for them and so the question i ask myself is of the democrats decided to use children to make their argument now i don't want to make the obvious joke that heiresses twenty nine and she's got a young and that might explain lot book does strike me as curious that they don't grants are literally sending children to make their arguments children they can make their arguments with adults theory
the need to open now there was a whole areas but possibly shocking paul that we just saw go round do david axelrod sunday pour out and i tweet in which the priorities of the country were rank of course stuff with the economy in healthcare and stuff we're up toward the top but way down at the bottom of the list of priorities second from the bottom was climate change after all this was said and done about climate change its set them it's at the very bottom of the list of priorities now i wouldn't make too much out of that does it doesn't mean it's no problem just means people of rank and low and that could be an artifact of the fact that
for the country thinks is literally a nothing so if you don't any of those items on the list there people say or a big problem and half of the country said well it doesn't even exist as a problem would right at the bottom so for example if half of the country didn't care about quality then no matter how much half of the other have cared about it it would still be at the bottom does have the country doesn't care about law so big the bottom of the priorities is not an indication that the public it doesn't care about it that's that's a false interpretation in my opinion it's a he is an indication that half of the country doesn't even think it exists as a problem and half of the country these a rough numbers you know maybe as thirty percent maybe as forty percent
baby is fifty percent and then another big chunk of the country thinks it's the worst problem in the world but since the poor question presumably did not capture the list the degree of caring meaning that have half the countryside irrelevant and half the countries as the biggest problem in the universe we're gonna get rather does not much of a problem because half the people sent wasn't anything that was a little bit misleading pablo but interesting to see where it works so we're watching to see it in and the anti travers in general open what i call the portal to fake news hell and thus
the form of primarily michael gowan he sort of these sort of the first and deepen and of the portal to fake news hell when they have to they have to work hard to come up with something because the president's got such a strong hand this week first of all whenever the whenever the president goes overseas good things seem to happen at least in terms of the public opinion of his competency the girls so the fact that these overseas at all is positive for the president because it always is the fact that china has the fact that china is starting to talk about meeting marilla go because everybody's expecting things do turned into an agreement is sent ass thickly good
this president can you imagine anything more mind adding to the anti jumpers than if we don't know this is gonna happened yet some getting out of myself but i do predict that will happen what will the antitrust per se if trump comes up with a pretty good and i would even say great if it comes up with a pretty good improvement on our trade agreements with china and lets say it includes a lot of the intellectual property stuff now nobody would expect to china not to try to cheat and stuff goes out the real world but if we have an agreement that scare some some teeth in it says if you do she d say this will happen we might have something really good coming out of this don't know too early to say but dispose it happens what would i do that
people who are user crazy maniac it will show that his approach is the best we ve ever seen and by his approach i'm gonna described with this way being respectful and personal life years of countries that are in some ways antagonistic to us some way is sometimes enemies sometimes just competitors but he's he's respectful and personal and very kind one country to the leader at the same time he acts tough as possible in the negotiations that formula is probably going to be the formula that forever is considered the standard assuming things go well with china and then i'm also been assumed the things go well in north korea because i think they are now
still seeing people on social media saying to me scott you idiot you idiot can't you see that the president has accomplish nothing in north korea and that's a real that's a real world had shaker but movement because how could you watch the news for the past year two years and conclude that the president has accomplished nothing with north korea now you can certainly say there's a lot more to go you could certainly say has not reached the standard that we hope it will get to very reasonable things to say in fact most people would agree but to say that literally nothing good as happened that is not the less not part of the saying world
and here's how i like to describe it what the president did was he removed the reason for nuclear war with north korea heat the reason why the reason i was ever risk is that north korea was pretty sure we won to attack them at any minute do you think that they believe that now nope do they do you believe that north korea thinks that their nuclear weapons are now a strategic asset or now is strategic liability what do you think is the mental process of kim jargon and i don't know or else matters in terms of decision making but less ages can do you think he sees his own nukes as an asset because he's not a war with everybody what what what do you use them for the president's being nice
is offering economic development we have no border disputes south korea's is ok with em china's ok with an exam we who would go to war with north korea nobody nobody so at the moment kim's nukes are sort of a bargaining chip but there also its biggest liability is the thing that is making him least the same least likely to stay in his job because we ve offered something much better than having nukes and i think the president as all that version of reality in a way that kid can look at it and say yeah he's met with me twice i look in his eyes we get along great i don't think he means to kill me if you spend enough time in a room with somebody you could probably detect whether they plan to kill you like literally kill you and i think that if you spend enough
was trump and here jim get along they have some laughs they figure out what to do about economic development they agree that they need to get to de nuclear radiation near the details may not matter so much in the short run in the long run they matter of course i think i think it's the biggest accomplishment maybe any leader has ever as ever achieved somebody said that nixon going to china might be the same level of accomplishment but i dont know if we were on the brink of nuclear war with china maybe some historians can correct me on that it seems to me that taking somebody from the brink of nuclear war to a body can we talk about nuclear development is the biggest accomplishment of any
i dont know that anybody's ever done anything that clever and that good that you could you could specifically say was the president action right i don't think anybody to saying well the president was in charge but other things happened and other people were doing things and there were other forces that made the good thing happen i'll take it by saying that i think people are saying that his exact personality at his that strategy with north korea turned a nuclear holocaust into any economic opportunity nobody's ever done anything like that before its the enormous and i would think that
on a very long path to do not having a nuclear risk whatever that looks like a loving the fact that bernie sanders is getting a lot of heat for apparently used a lot of private jets when he was helping hillary clinton campaign so because he was busy flying commercial is not really effective so in order to make all the this the stops that hillary clinton wandered of him he requested and got private jet service but of course that works against his works against is
green climate change can survive so it's getting lucky for that now on a realistic level i'm really not the guy who's gonna say the him taking that a leader taking private jet is ever a bad idea i am of the opinion the rational opinion that if your leader is the one who has the biggest leverage in terms of how things go they should they private planes and their time is worth more than other people's time ages care compare with the leader does too to what near the population as a whole should do so that's that's crazy but it works against germany and the funniest part was one of burmese ex campaign people said that the the clinton supporters of the clear campaign people were we're just huge assholes they said there all ass a
they're just like terrible people for letting this story about the jet request get out so you may have seen that the jewel pollack retweeted where they were some inflammatory language chris cuomo is little bit he did i think last night in which he played a clip of the president's saying out of context that he pleaded clips as if the president who called the protest the neo nazis in childless will find people now of course as fake news he did not call the the neo nazis fine people but see then reports that way what is one of course he was speaking about was the turf
people on both sides of the confederate statue issue more generally now i'm against confederates statues or not on his side on that point but nonetheless is be reported in a fake news way and the so let me let me call out for you some more dog that isn't marking so remember was better we here i said i'm going to say in public loudly and clearly that these charlottesville report that the press they said the neo nazis were fine people i just say it's fake news and a hoax i guess say it loudly and publicly and watch none of the outlets that normally cover me he's gonna cover it now can you
think of any other major story the someone is prominent as i am one of the most prominent person in the world but you you ve observed that if i say something controversial it's definitely in the news if i say something that gives me a little bit off the off the path its news every time it's not lose everywhere but there is always some liberal leaning publication little say this idea the saying x i predicted then i would say the most outrageous thing you can possibly say which is a major story was fake news and a hoax and that i can back it up in its obvious that it's a hoax and that there would be no news coverage and he watched it right did you not observe there literally no one touched my comment no one and on the left who believes that the shell is for hope
israel no no one even mentioned it is like it didn't happen coincidence it's not a coincidence it's not a coincidence at all and if you think about the unlikely us of that protection it was very unlikely that i could say something that sanely radical and get no coverage on whatsoever and i told you why they can't government now doubling down joel has now commented on it and i think you might be writing something about it but again he is a prominent person in the political world bright bar it as a prominent publication and when he says in public the chris cuomo is lying line he called me do you think they chris coma will respond
no normally what would happen if somebody reports news and someone else prominent calls him out and says your literally a liar what be the normal response of the person who is being called a liar they would respond right now you do not get to see it
so i predict that you will not see something like a real response and the other might be like a brush back or something but i'll think chris cuomo can respond in anyway because if he does is gonna bring attention to the accusation and the accusation is so much stronger than the fake news that europe that he's not gonna be able to survive even the conversation and when i say surviving in terms of his interpretation of the world so watch so watch for the dog that doesn't embark watch how loudly and often
we can say the obvious statement that the charlottesville reporting is fake news and a hoax and the most dangerous thing that's ever happened in this country in my opinion so dangerous in fact that i was wondering if there could be a class action suit against cnn now i'm very much against class action suits the lawsuits i just think it's a it's a horrible world to live in you know i don't want to get in any and so therefore i typically reason suing anybody i've never saw anybody by the way in my whole life i never saw anybody i don't think you i've never really does because i just don't like the whole world don't like it happened to me don't like it happened other people i d like to be involved in lawsuits there's just almost always a better way to handle this stuff but from a legal perspective i would
did you see how dangerous it is to go outside wearing a trump hat you just stay kind of aid pro sure and again or anything you see no dangerous that you seen how can affect your career you see now can affect your safety now what's the biggest cause of lack of safety while i would say unambiguously the biggest cause is the shouts will hoax because it's not it doesnt live alone there are lots of accusations against the president for every manner a thing but all the most of them are a little bit thin so for example would say well what about when he announced here know she was running and he said that mexicans or reverse the murderers why even the people who are worried about that
certainly understand that that was hyperbole and that he did not mean that the women and children come across the border were also rapist yeah no reasonable person could look at that statement and assume that he thought they were all races and nobody assumes that that was the one time he didn't use hyperbole if somebody uses hyperbole all the time and that's the most ordinary explanation for what happened during that during his announcement was a little more i probably he made the he made the risk of people coming across the borders
and a little higher than you ve heard it before normal hyperbole so when you see stuff like that it's not enough it's not enough to create these the bubble of fear and in just the the crazy stuff that the anti jumpers i'm thinking it's the charlottesville hoax that's that's the king of all the hopes it's the one that people think this one we don't have to wonder about because we heard it in his own words that's what people think about the showers folks they believe they heard something racist there was contemporary meaning parent and in his own words and unambiguous this time those other things you could see the argument you say
maybe i'm taking the seller context but with charlie swilled people said this one seems just too obvious it's his own words is being reported everywhere as his own words how can i be wrong that's what makes it a hoax because it was out of context it was a hoax and it's the big one is the mother of all hoaxes the shallows charlottesville hoax is the mother of the smaller hoax it's the mother of the covington ten hoax it's the mother of all hoaxes and is the one that is the most resistant to any kind of reason just i just said a back and forth with somebody here on twitter and i wish i could maybe i can find it because i wanted to show you what happens when you exposed someone who believes in the show
as for hawks when you when you show them the actual quotes and the context and then you tell them it's obvious that he wasn't talking about these neo nazis is being fine people what happens to somebody if you watch my twitter exchange that was this morning they would evolve into word salad and if the eu should see it just for entertainment and education purposes is it's on my twitter she this morning it somebody i was going back and forth with watch what happened to his last couple of tweets they actually don't even make sense there their words and they form something like a paragraph but there actually just nonsense and some dissolve you see it this is anybody on here who witness that i just look for a confirmation that here
did devolve word salad is when you have words in the sentence but they stop having meaning that they just fit together as words but they don't fit together with meaning as using using some people confirm now that he devolved into actual babel just babble now the babble is when you know you ve and by the way i'm not making this next part up when you get that kind of babel irrational words
of answer it means somebody has been pushed into cognitive dissonance as a trained hypnotist i've seen this many many times if you're new too it is shocking any might misinterpreted you might look at and say i must be just the troll and when you you got him with your logic is trying with every can maybe that's part of it but it is a classic signal for someone who's trying to get out of their mental prison but they can't they had a wall then they they just degenerate into words on so living let me give you an argument here
for my interpretation of the charlottesville situation versus the hoax interpretation my interpretation was at the president went on television and said that there are good people on both sides of the statue debate this makes perfect sense because he is actually said he's in favour keeping the statues and if any side was bad that was gonna be the side that you thought had a problem right to people who want to keep the statues i'm not in favour of keeping statues i think their offensive but that i'm just giving you that is background see no more unbiased but since he has been publicly in favour of statues you would think that he would say well they're good people on both sides of the statue question because
he is one of those people in his own mind he's a good person don't you think don't you think that the present thinks he's a good person don't you think that he thinks is his buddy uses advisers who also want to keep the statues the writers the people on the right you want to keep em don't you think that the present actually thinks there could be of course it is thus that we use the mind reading involve now the sermon obvious statement right nobody would really disagree with that so my interpretation is completely normal and consistent with everything we seen before and everything we saw after because he specifically condemned in the eu
season the raises when asked to clarify so the normal explanation is completely normal completely consistent with the past fits all the data completely consistent with is clarification later and everything is done since then now let's look at this hoax interpretation here is what you need to know here's what you need to believe is true in order to buy into the hall eggs that the president when a live tv and said races we're fine people you'd have to believe first of all that my more obvious and normal explanation is the wrong sir so right away your and shaking
right deserves a normal explanation that explains all the that all the data yeah you'd have to agree that you'd have to believe they decided against his own family law let me put it this way here's a quote for you if you if you wanna if you want to quote me later he hears the the poor quote i wrote a downside say it say it right the only difference between antifa and the neo nazis who were at so the only difference they are not the only reference let me say it again a big difference
between anti far and the neo nazis and charlottesville is which members of the trunk family they wanted to kill the big difference between anti far and neo nazis marching charlottesville is which members of the term family they wanted to kill now i would say that probably the anti far people would have loved to see bad things happening to the president and probably to your jared because is central to the administration whereas the neo nazis would be more about deporting vodka and jared and the president's grandchildren so where the neo nazis we also want to kill trumps grandchildren and to file would only want to kill trump himself and may be made
your vodka endured so the big difference between them is which members of the trump faintly they wanted to kill now see an end is reporting that the president said there were good people on both sides do you believe that the president of the united states one on television and said well here's to groups they want to kill different parts of my family one wants to kill me me and jared and maybe a vodka and then the others i was to kill does wanna kill me but definitely wants to kill your jared and my grandpa kids but i'm not sure about a volcanic ash is converted so here but in both cases both sides want to kill members of my family see you now is reporting that the president's other flying people in both of those groups deserves our reasonable
possessed her like something he thought i don't think so in order to believe the show this phil ochs you would have to believe that the president consciously went on television and a thought to himself i think i'll say some good things about the racist marching with tiki torches that is a reasonable does that sound even a little bit reason now and even if you believe that then you have to believe the second part the next day when he was asked to clarify he unambiguously clarified that he disavowed completely completely disappear how's the racism neo nazis so now you'd have to believe if you're gonna buy into the council hopes that this was the one time
the one time that we know of maybe you can think of another but i think the one time the trump changed his opinion because it was unpopular how often happen do you believe that this precedent if he really help those views the people imagined he held you think you wouldn't say that a second time do you tat he would back to offer that that's not the president you're watching the president you're watching doesn't give a flying f what do you think of his opinion if he said at once he would say it again if you said something they sounded ambiguous and then he clarified it to be completely consists
with everything he's ever sat on the topic completely consistent though should mean something in order to believe the charlottesville hawks you would have to also believe that he was sending a secret dog whistle by completely disavowing that group now what kind of a secret dog whistle do you send when the the ambiguous statement the others an ambiguous statement and then clarifies and clarifies it as clearly as possible that he completely disavowed the racist and the neo nazis decided to whistle cassettes like a really bad dog whistle
you hear shares let let an example if i wanted to dog whistle my approval of you would i call you ugly and stupid so if i said bob is ugly and stupid would you say to yourself there's that secret dog whistle i think he's in love with bob reggie imbibed alone go earlier does he just call them ugly and stupid where's this dog whistle that we keep hearing them then so you have to think about in order to believe the charles folks you'd have to i also believe that israel didn't notice that they didn't notice
or somehow that they didn't mind that the president of the united states was backing the anti semites marching in china so do you think israel would give him a pass on that if it were true do they gives real believes cnn port do you think netanyahu sees cuomo saying watching your reporting that the president praised the people were marching with enticing public statements using netanyahu watch that macedonia that's real news not chance there isn t the slightest chance the israel thinks that news true is israel stupid no evidence of that does it does israel have a really fine tuned sensor for detecting anti semitism i think they do i think that
had some practice and if they don't see it who do you trust other question of is something anti semitic do you trust is real or cnn one of them is credible on that question you would have to also believe if you believed in the showers folks you'd have to believe that these sixty million tromp supporters are okay with it you'd have to leave the sixty million people would be ok in this country with a sitting president
praising white supremacist marching saying anti semitic things sixty million of them who somehow didn't notice this now if you told me a million people believed it in a hoax i'd say a million people believe anything but sixty million and you can find probably anybody in our group who believes you actually called the races fine people sixty billion none other noticed none other noticed right to say
so that's my point now having completely demolished the idea that the president called the charlottesville nazis fine people do you think this will become a story nope out i will be completely ignored and they will just wait a minute wait a few weeks and then no reported again like its fact but way for this if you see any kind of response i would even say that cause there's no chestnut yours any kind of response but if he does he response it would be worth salad so that's my protection protection as you either see no response
you'll see one that is word salad in other words it just that'll be words a fit together but they know that i'm quite mean anything see less north korea flame story yesterday vanished after you said it i remember what that was say something bad right next to it and get in trouble us that's an interesting technique somebody suggesting that a pair of my statements about these charlottesville hoax with something that's just so horrible they have to cover
oh yes we're gonna see some more michael cohen statements that who knows you know anonymous unnamed sources are saying they know what michael microphones gonna say to congress michael cohen is literally famous before being an incompetent liar who will say what every necessary to add two further his interests so it's gonna be interesting does he almost certainly is gonna come up with some damaging stuff about jump and it's gonna be so not believable and it makes me wonder especially in the context of the
our thing in the coming to think i wonder if cnn is just gonna get the rascal river reporting i guess everybody s report it is it'll be public and it'll be news but it's gotta be an uncomfortable situation because i think they're gonna know that is not credible but added they treated in the context of the fake news lately i that's all i get safe now and i'll talk to you later
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