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Episode 433 Scott Adams: Cohen, North Korea, and Coffee

2019-02-28 | 🔗


  • Press claimed North Korea deal would be to distract from Cohen
    • The press, enemy of the people, made a deal impossible
    • Press influence is malign…or malignant
    • ANY deal would have been MSM-framed as a coverup failure
  • Chairman Kim is going home with improving relations
    • Time is on President Trump’s side
    • Walking away early…but politely, respectfully
  • Michael Cohen testimony, hours and hours of claims
    • Reporters don’t understand finance
  • Cohen was hired and worked 10 years for citizen Trump
    • There wasn’t ANY evidence President Trump was racist…
    • …till Charlottesville? Does that sound likely?
  • President has been painted as hands-off, doesn’t read key reports,
    • How can  lead us? NO clue what’s happening!
    • Therefore, Dems claimed…we MUST impeach!
  • NOW he’s being painted as 100% hands-on, knows everything
    • He is aware of every single meeting, involved, aware of ALL!
    • Therefore, Dems claim…we MUST impeach!
  • President Trump kept his options open, during the campaign…
    • …like any smart, experienced business person

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bom bom bom bom bom bom pom pom pom pom i'm bob pump pump on hey there red bell and the rest of you come on in take a chair unless you're working out i know some of you are in the gym or or taking a rather than the speech right now yes and you too should pay attention because today is a very newsy day it's so newsy you might need extra coffee luckily you came to the right place because this is breakfast and now this is coffee with scott adams i forgot who i was there for a moment or where so what i was doing that's how much news there is join me now left your cup here your challenge your stein and join me for the simultaneous up
soon we got a lot of news let's talk about it in reverse order let's talk about north korea first so unless you've been live under a rock for the last four or five hours uh you know that the president has decided to end early the talks with north korea and leave with nothing new no new agreements is it a horrible failure a mark on his legacy at a confirmation that he was who is never the right person for the job is it that well let's talk about it let's talk about the context the situation here is what we know we put this back a little bit
that's better so we are watching the cohen testimony and what was the news saying all day yesterday about the juxtaposition of north korea andy cohen testimony the news was the news was reporting it as if trump needed desk only to have something happened in north korea uh two competence date for all the badness that was happening with go i will talk about going in a moment but under those conditions should trump have made a deal nope nope now the only deal that trump could have made under that backdrop of the news saying you're just trying to do this to distract because that was the setup
no deal was possible in fact making pretty good deal would have been a failure because eh thing that we did that was we give you a little you give us a little any kind of thing that looked like a deal we're both sides gave something would have been called a huge failure that never would have happened if colin hadn't been testifying the president desperately needed to make a deal that he didn't need to make and so the press the enemy of the people made it impossible to reach a deal they had any kind of give and take now i don't know if a deal was possible anyway so so it made no difference at all it wasn't really a wise thing to do to make a deal under those conditions unless the deal was
so one sided that even critics couldn't complain but knew that wasn't going to happen nobody said is this going to go over there kim will give him everything trump will give him nothing and that will be the deal nobody said that so without that possibility the president only had a lose lose scenario he could not make a deal or he could make any kind of a deal that had a little give and take on both sides which would be framed as a failure because everybody would say you gave a little my god you had your foot on their neck they sanctions were on why did you give them anything a terrible idea you lost and it's only because you were trying to compensate for calling so the us press in this example very clearly the enemy of the people created
situation where the president couldn't do his job to protect the people that's that really happened and so we're not talking about fun and games anymore just you know we're not talking about they the news got factor over there a little bias now we're at we talking about them destroying the planet now as it come to that but you can see the potential that there are in fact this is so malign line is that the word i keep hearing on tv lately i never think that's the right word but when i hear it i say that's a good word maybe i'll use that simply their influences so in the line sounds like you should be malignant but i hear people who sound more saying that word so maybe that's maybe that's right use don't take my word for that all right secondly president
this is more context president trump wrote a book about walking away from deals that are not as good as what you want i a lot of people say it's wrong word i thought it was the wrong word too but i keep saying seeing smart people saying malign instead of malignant alright well we'll figure that out later anyway president trump is literally famous for and this is brand he says it often i walk away from a deal that's not good enough so should we have been surprised that he walked away from the deal no what would have been surprising making a deal now making a deal would be the surprising part has he has time on his side that's that's
sleeper addictive development whoever has time on their side in other words the kroger negotiating position tends to walk away because they know the other side needs it more than they do and right now well so long as n korea seems to be we think intent are not ramping up their testing time is on our side trump has turned a potential enemy into a friend sort of and friends are not dangerous friends with some nukes they're not testing just not as lee davis and they need us far more than we need them because the the president has done a tremendous job i think in painting this alternate universe where north korea becomes a powerhouse economic entity so here's the story that i haven't seen yet in the news have you
see this in the news kim hello came all the way to vietnam i went home with nothing think about that kim came all the way to vietnam and went home to his starving country that is you know it this is crumbling by the minute one assumes there and they're not going in a positive direction are they i mean i don't know but i would think that every day is worse than the day before so yeah he came all the way here on training spend all this money in fact how much do you think it cost kim just to come here to come to
vietnam it was probably really expensive how much money did n korea have sitting around for stuff like that probably not a lot it probably took a big bite out of kims budget just to show up in vietnam with all his security and everything else uh so i don't think i i haven't seen in reporting on this but even though kim is a you know a dictator with full control of his country i have to think that when he returns empty handed to a starving country his regime is less stable would you agree with that because what didn't happen
and this is the other smart part of what trump is doing here what didn't happen is that they left as enemies they didn't leave his enemies they left has better friends then before the meeting and trump is doing this in a fairly genius way and that he's for the just haven't seen this done before i'm no historian i haven't seen it done is that he's treating the individual as a separate decision from from the politics and from the you know the the countries and he's made it very clear that he has an affectionate personal relationship with leader so can kim go back and say damn you united states damn you evil trump i'm going to i'm going to start testing those nukes right away well that would make sense that would be the worst thing he could do wouldn't it so
somehow now somehow in a smart way i guess president trump has created a situation where time is on our side because we've already inverted an enemy into somewhat of a friend and they continue not testing which would be the smart thing for them to do is to continue not testing if they had done that if they continue not testing we just wait we know take will take a little bite out of it every once in awhile just keep doing things in that direction and here's the other after that puts time on trump side well there is there is big level the goshen asians between the leaders fact check me on this but i believe this is true the north and south korean
are having continuous low level engagements in other words there we're doing smaller things to increase maybe travel and convert asian and and just communication north and south let me ask you this how long can the kim regime remain if communication improves with south korea not law not long right when the north koreans get a legitimate taste of what's happening in south korea the regime will fall so again hi who is on trump's side as long as he's keeps kim as a friend as long as he's holding out a legitimate and i think it's believable because it's true believable carrot meaning economic development the end of hostilities keeps you know kim
stays in power presumably nobody's talking about it leaving power it puts trump completely in the driver seat here it's just that it's going to take and he doesn't need to hurry there's no reason for trump to hurry he has no reason in fact hurrying would have been the worst thing that trump could have done because any kind of deal would have been would have been reported as a failure because of that was the was the context it was a setup so that any in the trump did with a negotiated given take would be painted as a failure because i was desperate to get the deal he was desperate so by walking away early but politely this is a polite walk away right but it's a walkway it's polite it's respectful it maintains friends it puts time on our side between the in for
shin flow between south and north korea that is essentially a ticking time bomb for kim he can't allow communication and i don't think you can stop at this point 'cause as long as there are people in the north and the s were talking and they know each other stuff's going to happen you know communication is going to get through so uh should we be upset that no deal was reached i'll tell you what if i hate that i hate that phrase i'll tell you what one of the things that trump could easily have given because it's easy to take it back is signing some kind of an end to the war and even that doesn't sound like it was likely to have happened or close so
it looks like that whole end of the war thing even we didn't even want to give that i was speculating that that would be the easiest thing to do the easiest thing to do would be to sign a piece of paper that says that the war's over it's it's the end of the war because that wouldn't really change anything that would require us to remove our troops it wouldn't require them to denuclearize but it would change the context and i thought you could at least give kim that because you can always take it back and trump didn't even given that that's some pretty tough negotiating there alright let's talk about color so in the morning i saw jeffrey toobin describe co instead
testimony as i think he used the word earthquake earthquake and by that afternoon i saw jake tapper use a different word i tried to remember it maybe somebody here so it but by the afternoon the jeffrey toobin this description of it as an earthquake had been down headed it to something closer to an inconvenience i forget what well word jake used it wasn't inconvenience but it was alarming or something like that or is there something like alarming now earthquake that's pretty big alarming that sort of everything so i think that there was a sort of a a creeping realization they all of these things is sounded big when you actually burrow down onto any one of them they sort of disappeared into the dust let me tell you my experience
i listen to the bombshells all morning and then i drove to the gym as i was driving to the gym i was trying to remember in my mind i was trying to remember and i listened i listened closely to all of the testimony and there was like one clay after another these are bad claims and as driving way i tried to ram of them in my head you know what are the worst most dangerous claims and what and what are the you know less dangerous once and here's a i i couldn't remember any but they they have all become background noise it is seems like there were so many claims and the credit of the of each claim was so low and the mental processing i had to do to sort hold any one of those week names in my head was so great that my angel said well
let me borrow a line from family guy and so so i'm i'm paraphrasing a joke from family guy where i'm watching co and talk for hours just our hours of talking hours and hours cohen is making these horrible accusations about the president and at the end of all those accusations this was my reaction i don't know about any of that that's the family guy line i don't know about any of that meaning none of it none of it is sticky alright let me give you some examples you've got the the earthquake hum that cohen was part of a money laundering scheme to you know to cheat on
somehow do something illegal with campaign finance to write a check to the porn star anything god that's bad ad campaign finance violation that's bad some kind of you financial crime and then you two people who are smarter say worst case scenario that's a fine obama did two and by the way it's not illegal it is literally not illegal to do any of that stuff so the whole context we're talking about you know this this payment porn star we some we sometimes think past the sale the sale is is it illegal spend money on things that would help your campaign but at the same time they're the things you probably would have done anyway because they have a personal use and this clearly does have a personal you
obviously he wanted to keep this quiet so the first one the biggest claim i thought was going to be that money laundering pornstar payoff thing but if you drill down a little bit it's not even a crime but if you drill down further and even if you could imagine it was a crime it's a fine that's it that's a fine it's business as usual let's take another one of the bomb it's a bombshell that colin allegedly heard a speaker phone conversation between trump and roger stone about wikipedia going to release some stuff the bombshell this is at the smoking gun now we know that the president was talking with stone about wiki leaks and their connected to russia is russia russia
finally and then you drill down a little bit and you find out that wikileaks had tweeting the release of these documents for a long time and that roger stone is actually just full of and he doesn't know anything and here's the best part i was watching michael tracy on tucker carlson last night and michael tracey pointed out that the odds that rogers wrote roger stone allowed himself to be honest your phone was about zero and the as the president trump would take a call with roger stone on a speakerphone phone basically zero now i suppose anything's possible but the story just sort of falls apart first of all there's one witness second
all he and his the least little colin is literally famous as being the most most undependable witness of all time i think he lied four times during his testimony before he goes to jail for lying to me is the most ridiculous ridiculously week accusation so first of all it was public information because we keep peace was like working with he was saying second walls the owner is a famous fabulous does i say or exaggerator or maybe he lies on occasion cohen is the other biggest liar so basic it's just this dead of liars something that wasn't even a problem because it was public information anyway so the week youth wikipedia thing sounds important then just disappears when you start you start pulling apart here's another one the there's a story about the
trump uses foundation is sort of a shell that was at the foundation to yeah bid on a painting for some charity and so that in the the scheme is so he would he would bid there will be a bigger bid for his painting than anybody else is it would come at the end but he was just trumps on money and he was using a using somebody to just be a stand in for himself basically so you could have the biggest bid for his own painting now if this were somebody else if this were not trump maybe that would mean something to me but the fact that it's trump it's kind of why he does for a living right he a marketing person who is all about his brand in the image the trump property image
and so he pulled a move that is frankly hilarious and i'm i have to admit i am influenced by the fact that it's funny it's very funny that he would run a scheme to make sure that his painting was the people paid the most as part of his larger is larger effort to maine in his brand as the of the biggest and the best personally personally here's my reaction to it well that's funny it's funny and it's got a smart because how it should have worked you know if you were going to tell me that this would come back and bite him in the ass when he's president i would say about maybe then that's a bad idea but on the scope of crimes if you were to like make a list of the worst crimes in the world like you know genocide or something at the top i need to go down
it's a murdering one person you know stealing beating somebody up you know sex crimes property crimes then there's traffic crimes and their speeding somewhere somewhere at about the the one millionth crime would be pretending that somebody else paid too much for your painting now i can imagine there's a technical crime there but it's the smallest crime i've ever heard of and it's hilarious it's hilarious would you be disappointed if donald trump did not find a way to pay the dues for somebody to pay the most where is painting i'd be a little disappointed if he didn't do that
this sort of what we expect them to do sparta while i can frankly but i'm different then there was a story about collusion do you remember collusion oh i remember collusion it was so long ago back in the days when people imagined that michael cohen would know the inside stuff and if there any collusion there michael cohen would know it who is on the inside what did michael cohen say about the collusion didn't see any so the biggest story out of this is that the collusion thing continued to fall apart that should have been the main takeaway but because the nature of the press they have to they have to make these little stories sound like they're bigger the big story
as the guy who is the closest to the inner workings of the of the thing not only here's the best part even if you imagine that michael cohen may not have had all the information he tells us story of the president who was his longtime confidant i mean they shared more secrets than anybody right the probably was no one who shared dangerous secrets with the president more than calling and cullen apparently says the president told him on a number of times it was no collusion so the collusion thing fell apart my favorite one is that hit the the president was accused of inflating his net worth and then decreasing his net worth for other purposes now i would let me put this to you how many people out there have a for
financial background and when you heard that that charge that the president sometimes inflates is values and sometimes sometimes takes the low number if you have a financial background what was your first impression to that now this is only for the people who have a genuine financial experience normal normal if you don't have a financial background you would say oh my god that's the way reporting this sounds like it's a huge financial crimes let me give you an example now i'm not i'm not fully informed here so my example might be inaccurate but it'll give you an of what i'm talking about so take example as a general point
so i might have some of the details of my actual example wrong but here's the general point so we have a golf course they he valued differently i think at one point you valued at fifty million dollars and for for other purposes i think for property tax he valued at like five million or something very low so one was like fifty million and was like five million so it's reported as financial crime right because it can't be true that something is worth fifty million but also true that is worth five million they can't both be true right would somebody with some financial education explained to the rest of the people here why those both can be true you know they both can be true right there's nothing wrong with that here's why if you're paying proper
tax you're paying tax on the value of the land and the building that my seven five million dollars or at least you could make a case for it being five million dollars if you're talking about the value of the business let's say the business is profitable you would say well it's making so much money that it's worth i wouldn't sell this business for less than fifty million now that may be inflated but not cecily illegally inflated in other words you can use optimism to value things you use the value of the brand somebody said so even if the cash flow is not that high somebody can say yeah golf course at the trump name on it and and you know we knew it was designed by the of trump people etcetera so
so my example might be bad 'cause i may not have the details of this particular thing but my point is that when you're talking to forbes about your net worth inflating it is just sort of normal 'cause you want to you want to make your brand look good so you want to look like you're high on the list but that's not illegal saying that your property is worth only what the building and the land could sell for is not a legal that's actually just the way it's done right saying that your business might worth a lot more than other people think it's worth based on its cash flow is normal that's not a crime so i think what you're going to find is that i was looking at the article and cnn and they i'm saying it's very confusing 'cause we know this and this and the value this at this time and this is this type it's all very confusing it is all very confusing if you have no background in finance
if you do have a background in business with a background in finance you would know that the most normal situation in the world is that the same thing or what you think is the same thing could be valued at wildly different numbers depending on the purpose is it for property tax is if for selling your business is for being on the forbes list those are all different valuations and should be or at least could be alright so the the net worth exaggerating things sounds like it's a big deal right to drill down and there's just nothing there now i could be wrong but on the surface it looks
like simply a case where reporters don't understand finance so it looks like it's a bigger deal than it is then was michael cohen said that the trip the president was a racist no i didn't watch every minute and i think there was some point where he was was he ever accused of something specific do it because i think i missed that it's not on the news did cohen point out to anything specific that only he knew there was evidence of that claim because i didn't see it so you can inform me on that but so cohen claimed that the president's comments about charlottesville we're evidence that the president was a racist here's what's wrong with that correct me
wrong but cohen is a jewish name isn't it well i know that parts right so michael cohen a close confidant of the confidante of the president who is jewish for ten years hired by the president despite what other people say are his lack of qualifications work with the president for ten years and never noticed that the president was anti semitic until charlottesville
is that the weakest claim you've ever heard in your life if colin had not been jewish then i would say to myself i guess maybe you just wouldn't notice or you know maybe that was the final straw or something but code is jewish the the shell is phil marchers were anti semitic are you telling me the code works for trump for ten years and didn't notice didn't notice until the end and that was based on if i'm fake news for anybody who's new here the charlottesville a hoax is that cnn and other people report that trump said that there were fine people on both sides that of course was not referring two antifa on one side 'cause they weren't find people and he was not referring to the racists were marching with tiki torches because they were not find people he was talking about the fact that the event was about statues
there were fine people on both sides of the general question about statues and yes there were other people there besides antifa and the racist with torches and the next thing you say if you hate trump is well let me i've been waiting to do this one oh so why were they marching with the races are you telling me that non racist who march with racist is that we take scott no dale no one's ever said that i'm not saying there marching with i'm just saying there were there all right so the charlottesville thing once again plays on and then see and then once again a let's ago by as if its fact which is why you can call cnn the enemy of the people all right uh then there was the i saw
it was c some question about insurance and she asked her question and then i don't really see any of that in the news did you so i don't know what she was talking about with property values and insurance so i think that was another case of you use different valuations for things based on what your purpose is whether it's insurance whether it's forbes list center that's seems like nothing but i'll tell you what was the most interesting thing about this if you watch the go and testimony he said that the president speaks three languages did you catch that a lot of people are saying say that president trump is not that smart but i didn't know that he spoke three languages so he speaks english yeah so that that would be used the president's primary language but as
co explained with the charlottesville thing the president also speaks a secret coded racist dog whistle at the same time he speak english but on top of that cohen told us that he speaks in gangster code so he's got three languages going on he's got his normal english language he's got the racist dog whistle he's got sort of a gangster code and he can do them all at the same time and i'd like to give you an example of that so if for example you were to hear the the president talk about n korea if you only knew about the one language it would sound like well we've i did too the north korea talks and we didn't get think we wanted but will keep talking with them so that it would sound like just the english language but now you have to
have to layer on the the whistle so so that's like this well we got got a good we didn't get a good result in north north korea say so now you got some english but you've got the whistle that's in there but then the gangster code is more of a clicking sound the other would sound so like this you're going to have the english on top of the races whistle on top of the gangster clicking sound and it was a like a what we've decided click click and our conversations in north click click click on korea we're very hope to search click click click hopeful other things will go better in the future now those are the three languages that are confirmed
so we know the president can speak three languages simultaneously there are just travelling on different frequencies as i as i give that example the one that maybe i'm the only one who knows when i with the president and i really shouldn't tell you this but i'm going to tell you this when i met with the president we talked privately and he admitted to maine and i'm going to tell you that you know that sonic weapon that was injuring the diplomats in the cuban embassy it wasn't a sonic weapon the president speaks four languages that's right english racist dog whistle gangster code sonic weapon
the president is responsible for that damage to the cuban cuban victims so i think that's what we learned the president speaks four languages simultaneously is a lot smarter than we thought he's possibly an alien possibly daily somebody peter noone is seven says apologists much and that gets you the block the word apologists get you blocked automatically on my periscopes because it's not it's not like apologises is the worst like insult or criticism it's just that is empty you can lead disagree with what i say i'm always open to that
but to simply label main instead of to talk about the point that's an instant block all right um now on tuesday next week will talk to doctor shiva about um will talk to doctor shave about climate change and you're not going to want to miss that but let's see with a little time left was there anything i missed no let me just check with you was there an anything that cohen said the made any difference to anything except that it showed the collusion is even less likely than we thought before did i miss anything with the cow testimony because it feels like it's all nothing the
are your there's the other one of the claims that the up some of the congresspeople made and it's a claim that michael cohen made is that the trump approves and is aware of every important meeting in not only the trump organization but in the campaign how little experience with the world do you have to have to think that's true let you know if you're an experienced business person and you've had any experience in a big organization that could be a government it could be a large corporation any kind of lord get large organ haitian i am watching these politicians and i'm watching call and say that the president absolutely positively honda percent new whenever there was a meeting
at the same time that the president is disengaged and doesn't read defense reports or whatever he supposed to be reading are you telling me that the people that you've been painting as a hands off and a touch your barely paying attention to his job simultaneously knows every meeting that happens in the trump organization as well as every important meeting maybe not every meeting but every port meeting in in the campaign that feels exactly like the opposite of true in fact if you said to me scott i'd like to make about with you i will bet that i was in trouble proves of and knows a hundred percent of all meet
things that happened under his organizations i would take that bet really quickly i would give you pretty long odds the meetings happen that are important that do not again not get approved by president trump all right so that part was funny yeah just look your comments now are you also surprised that we've gotten this far owen the other the other the other accusation about trump is that he didn't expect to win the presidency and he was negotiating for his russian building deal you know in case he lossed and then he would do that deal
to which i say which part of that is not just business well why should he not keep his options open what how is that bad it might have been bad if you decided to go ahead with the project after becoming president but yeah the fact that he kept that option open and then i i think is accused of lying to the press about it not a crime not a crime or although said that he revealed more in his vault than cones testimony oh good i'm glad that i'm glad that geraldo is on that analogy
and then the yeah and then the code reports that that the president said that don junior had you know the worst judge me in the world now does that sound true do you believe that the president meydan junior the head of his empire at the same time they think she has the worst judgment of anyone in the world do you think that's even lee true that doesn't even seem like in the universe of true like that at a you know if you look at the you the prominent role the don junior played throughout the in and after the election etc if there's anything you can say for sure that's that the president has justin don junior and i would say that so obvious that it's laughable that anybody would say the opposite now
that doesn't mean that the president didn't argue with you know some specific decision so you can also guarantee that the president and don junior have had periods at which you know they very much disagreed on how to do something so if you tell me that the president made a sweeping generalization at that time maybe but this clearly is not true as a general statement that that the president doesn't have confidence and don junior i think that's that's as obvious as anything could be but yeah the last several years of ups vision don brought in michael cohen the president hired michael cohen an worked with him for years and he hired him after he did a good job on a few projects
so you didn't hire him without seeing his work first did you ever disagree with your dad not that much actually i had one of the worst thoughts i don't know if i can even say this that maybe it's the end of the periscope but i gotta but anyway i would only say this because cohen is such a horrible person let me really is a bad person oh should i say this i'm going to get in trouble if i say this i'm going to say it anyway because we're just having coffee right so cohen's wife
who has to endure her all the humiliation of this situation and all of the risk all the emotional turmoil then her husband going to go to jail for three years and then she may have heard for the first time from matt gaetz that her husband has girlfriends or has girlfriends that's the bad news right so the bad news and nobody can be happy about that is that his marriage fell apart and the family are all victims i so there's nothing funny about that his family are victims so i'm not making light of that however however i'm just going to say this as a statement of what i think is a fact you can do with it what you will cohen's wife is now the dateable woman
in whatever city she's in new york city she might be the most eligible kind of single woman ever because there a lot of it going be a lot of people who are going to see her as having a little extra going on and while little extra i mean that you know they i like her in general just because she's attractive person but they're going to like the fact that michael cohen doesn't like it and so he has transformed completely accidentally he is transform his wife who under any normal circumstances is you know actually when looked at a picture of her because i needed to get a mental picture of my head so she's an attractive woman and her datability it just went through the roof in in this weird
way that nobody would want it to happen right so she's a victim no doubt about that of all this as well as the the kids for sure but she became really datable really really dateable and we'll see how that works out you didn't defend alex jones when he was censored you know i'm not the guy
is going to defend people for saying things that i don't agree with so some people just have to defend themselves go and will make money from this maybe yeah i think i didn't darrell scott yeah and i think reverend scott said that in a tweet or something that the co and had tried very hard to get a job in the administration so we got the outed as a as a liar with
there's nothing worse than being called a liar by minister yeah if you ever get called a liar you better hope it's not a man of the cloth i'm not sure if that is a man of the cloth is that just a catholic term i don't know how that works but you don't want to be accused of a liar by somebody who literally is teaching the bible why did he plead to campaign finance charges well it may be that he was forced into that it's not unusual for people to to plead to things that they might not this been convicted for so that's not unusual so if you're if you did a big crime but they're going to give do some lenience on that 'cause maybe you were helping them in other ways
it wouldn't be that unusual to plead guilty to a thing you didn't actually technically do so i think that's a real thing or at least a lesser crime that's a little bit off point let's put it that way yes i hear you saying you want me to talk to victor david hanson i hear your message i haven't quite decided how many guests i'm going to have on here but he would be a great one he would be true this than than lanny davis so he's apparently doing s without pay that's so transparently fraudulent maybe not in the legal sense but it's so obvious that davis is not doing this for free in one way or another if you know what i mean right
it may be that nobody's writing about a check per se but is not doing it for free i don't think that's happening all right i think we have a he was also this topic and i will talk to you all later
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